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  • Carved stepback cabinet

    Carved stepback cabinet

  • Carved arm chair

    Carved arm chair

  • Rug


  • Large amethyst stone

    Large amethyst stone

  • Arm chair

    Arm chair

  • Large clock

    Large clock

  • Funky clock

    Funky clock

  • Bench w/ arms

    Bench w/ arms

  • Folding screen

    Folding screen

  • X-Large old trunk

    X-Large old trunk

  • Sofa


  • Unique round coffee table

    Unique round coffee table

  • Wall table

    Wall table

  • Tall tile top wall table

    Tall tile top wall table

  • Royal Jackson china

    Royal Jackson china

  • Churchill England dishes

    Churchill England dishes

  • Long bench

    Long bench

  • Desk


  • Cubby holes  in desk

    Cubby holes in desk

  • Leather chair

    Leather chair

  • Wormy Chestnut corner cabinet

    Wormy Chestnut corner cabinet

  • Primitive board top table

    Primitive board top table

  • Walnut corner cabinet

    Walnut corner cabinet

  • No Smoking sign

    No Smoking sign

  • Wall table w/ drws

    Wall table w/ drws

  • Mis straw

    Mis straw

  • Large metal stars

    Large metal stars

  • Primitive trunk

    Primitive trunk

  • Oriental cabinet

    Oriental cabinet

  • Mis furniture

    Mis furniture

  • Roadmaster bike

    Roadmaster bike

  • Marx pinball machine

    Marx pinball machine

  • Mahogany desk

    Mahogany desk

  • Mis


  • Night stand

    Night stand

  • Wagon wheel table

    Wagon wheel table

  • Weller double vase

    Weller double vase

  • 4 Post bed

    4 Post bed

  • Brass vases

    Brass vases

  • Hummels


  • French statues

    French statues

  • Flame veneer Chest

    Flame veneer Chest

  • Table lamps

    Table lamps

  • Hanging lights

    Hanging lights

  • Brass-linens


  • Mobile adv. can

    Mobile adv. can

  • Pottery


  • Keen Kutter meat grinder

    Keen Kutter meat grinder

  • Indian motorcycle jacket

    Indian motorcycle jacket

  • Hull art pottery

    Hull art pottery

  • Churns


  • Mis porcelain

    Mis porcelain

  • Gaudy Welsh

    Gaudy Welsh

  • Brass bird cage

    Brass bird cage

  • Old soldier picture

    Old soldier picture

  • Pocketwatch


  • Pocketwatch


  • Blue Ridge

    Blue Ridge

  • Occupied Japan

    Occupied Japan

  • Blue Ridge

    Blue Ridge

  • Blue Ridge

    Blue Ridge

  • Blue Ridge

    Blue Ridge

  • Country cabinet

    Country cabinet

  • Large door

    Large door

  • Deco chest

    Deco chest

  • Harp end tables

    Harp end tables

  • Nativity set

    Nativity set

  • Napkin rings

    Napkin rings

  • TV stand

    TV stand

  • Sterling


  • Blue ridge-mis

    Blue ridge-mis

  • Diamond rings

    Diamond rings

  • Diamond ring

    Diamond ring

  • Rings


  • Diamond rings

    Diamond rings

  • Butter dish

    Butter dish

  • Tunic


  • Winchester flashlights

    Winchester flashlights

  • Mis furniture

    Mis furniture

  • Moss rose

    Moss rose

  • Mis glass

    Mis glass

  • Taylor dishes

    Taylor dishes

  • Coins


  • Hanging shelf

    Hanging shelf

  • Mis box lots

    Mis box lots

  • BB Gun

    BB Gun

  • Mantle clocks

    Mantle clocks

  • Lobby card

    Lobby card

  • Pocket watch

    Pocket watch

  • Pocket waych

    Pocket waych

  • Pocket watch

    Pocket watch

  • Tall old door

    Tall old door

  • Rings


  • Mis


  • Comics mis

    Comics mis

  • Furniture


  • Kichen Aid mixer

    Kichen Aid mixer

  • Mis toys

    Mis toys