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  • Roseville Pottery

    Roseville Pottery

  • Kock Bros. Mt. Vernon Eggs

    Kock Bros. Mt. Vernon Eggs

  • MCM motion elec. FP insert

    MCM motion elec. FP insert

  • McCoy Cookie Jar

    McCoy Cookie Jar

  • Roseville Pottery

    Roseville Pottery

  • Lenox roosters & chickens

    Lenox roosters & chickens

  • Metlox Chic on nest

    Metlox Chic on nest

  • Costume jewelry

    Costume jewelry

  • Log Jewelry Box

    Log Jewelry Box

  • Jewelry box open

    Jewelry box open

  • Singer Featherweight sewing machine

    Singer Featherweight sewing machine

  • chalkware


  • Rowe Pottery

    Rowe Pottery

  • thermometer


  • Doctor bag

    Doctor bag

  • MCM fans

    MCM fans

  • Vornado


  • 45 records

    45 records

  • Farm owners manuals

    Farm owners manuals

  • Farm magazines

    Farm magazines

  • Road Maps

    Road Maps

  • Automotive advertising

    Automotive advertising

  • Child rocker

    Child rocker

  • vintage games

    vintage games

  • photo equipment

    photo equipment

  • Brass beam scale

    Brass beam scale

  • Milk can

    Milk can

  • corner wall shelf

    corner wall shelf

  • Gas to Elec. + Mission Lamps

    Gas to Elec. + Mission Lamps

  • Oil & Elec. Lamps

    Oil & Elec. Lamps

  • Oil lamps

    Oil lamps

  • enamelware


  • refridgerator glass

    refridgerator glass

  • wooden sleigh

    wooden sleigh

  • Premier coffee grinder

    Premier coffee grinder

  • Schlitz pitcher/glasses

    Schlitz pitcher/glasses

  • Milk bottles

    Milk bottles

  • tool chest -long

    tool chest -long

  • Atlas-Richland Co

    Atlas-Richland Co

  • Richland County

    Richland County

  • Rock County

    Rock County

  • Rock co

    Rock co

  • Richland Co

    Richland Co

  • Jefferson co

    Jefferson co

  • G. I. Joe collection

    G. I. Joe collection

  • fireplace tools

    fireplace tools

  • glass arrowhead display

    glass arrowhead display

  • Galena pottery

    Galena pottery

  • Rosemaled Tray

    Rosemaled Tray

  • Oak Easel+WI River Photo

    Oak Easel+WI River Photo

  • Bound magazines hardcover

    Bound magazines hardcover

  • Black Americana and misc.

    Black Americana and misc.

  • Sheet Music

    Sheet Music

  • Misc books

    Misc books

  • Childrens


  • Military


  • Catholic Church books

    Catholic Church books