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  • Vintage Desk Pens

    Vintage Desk Pens

  • Mont Blanc

    Mont Blanc

  • Conklin


  • S. T. Dupont

    S. T. Dupont

  • Pelikan


  • Sterling


  • Early Ink Bottles

    Early Ink Bottles

  • Mother of Pearl

    Mother of Pearl

  • salvaged from HMS Mauretania

    salvaged from HMS Mauretania

  • Heinz


  • pencil sets

    pencil sets

  • pencil novelties

    pencil novelties

  • new old stock

    new old stock

  • pencil boxes -Buck Rogers!

    pencil boxes -Buck Rogers!

  • Novelties & Give-Aways

    Novelties & Give-Aways

  • Advertising


  • Parker


  • Bullet Pencils

    Bullet Pencils

  • Seal, Opener, etc.

    Seal, Opener, etc.

  • Vintage Fabers

    Vintage Fabers

  • Disney


  • Tiffany Inkwell & Pen Tray

    Tiffany Inkwell & Pen Tray

  • Pelikan


  • Victorian Slide Pencils

    Victorian Slide Pencils

  • Mont Blanc

    Mont Blanc

  • Novelty & Advertising Pencils

    Novelty & Advertising Pencils

  • Gold Filled Pencils

    Gold Filled Pencils

  • Figural Inkwell

    Figural Inkwell

  • Yellow Ware Standish

    Yellow Ware Standish

  • Bronze Inkwell

    Bronze Inkwell

  • Bronze Bookends

    Bronze Bookends

  • Asian Wax Seal Set

    Asian Wax Seal Set

  • Early Lap Desk/Document Box

    Early Lap Desk/Document Box

  • Brass Arts & Crafts Set

    Brass Arts & Crafts Set

  • Sterling Mechanical Pencils

    Sterling Mechanical Pencils

  • Martz for Marshall Studios

    Martz for Marshall Studios

  • Champagne bucket form Inkwell

    Champagne bucket form Inkwell

  • Tiffany Pen Tray

    Tiffany Pen Tray

  • Marble Desk Accessories

    Marble Desk Accessories