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Gas Pumps

Advertising & Americana

Vintage Advertising

Lance, Toms, Gordon's Jars

Snap On Tool boxes

Bel Air Chevrolet Snap On Toolbox

1938 Wurlitzer 61 Jukebox

1939 Coca Cola Salesman Sample

Restored Gas Pumps

Wurlitzer 1400 Jukebox

8ft Porcelain Coca Cola Fountain

Close up

Gilbarco gas pump

Coca Cola Round Thermometer

Snap-on toolbox

with lights

with outlets

close up lights in tool box

1951 New old stock signs

Wood Telephone booth

Gulf Restored Visible Pump

1947 Pepsi Cola Bakelite Radio

Radio Dial on top

Shell Restored Gas Pump

Bowling neon/ rotating ball

Gas boy Restored pump

36" porcelain Coca Cola

2 sided Pennzoil

Other side

1940's Coca Cola Cooler Radio

Road maps display on stand

Close up

24" porcelain Coca Cola button

2 porcelain signs in one ring

Other sign on back side

English wood sail boat

close up

close up

close up

Pegasus light up sign

NOS Large Mason's sign

Iron antique stools

Close up

Original Sinclair Ethyl gas globe

Missing back lens

Stained glass window

1920's Coca Cola turtle sign

Country Store Counter

Sinclair Dino globe

other side

Large Dr. Swett's Pilgrim sign

1958 Auto-Lite Battery clock

Cavalier Coca Cola Machine

Beatles tray

Dog n Suds Pam clock 1960's

Runs & lights

Bottom of clock

Porcelain Coca Cola buttons

Traffic Light

Lance Rack Sign

Unused New condition

With cover

Mint condition

Great graphics

close up of front

Front View All Original Salesman Sample

bottom side

NOS 1938 Coke Thermometer

early 1900's shoe trade thermometer

bottom side

Coca Cola Pam clock

Coca Cola stadium carrier

original opener

1920 Coca Cola pocket mirror

Porcelain palm push

1931 Coca Cola tin sign

NOS Dr Pepper In/Out signs

Pick up 12 Coca Cola pilaster sign

1928 Coca Cola Calender

1931 Coca Cola Calender

1935 Coca Cola Calender

1937 Coca Cola Calender

1939 Coca Cola Calender

1940 Coca Cola Calender

1941 Coca Cola Calender

1942 Coca Cola Calender

1945 Coca Cola Calender

1946 Coca Cola Calender

1948 Coca Cola Calender

1950 Coca Cola Calender

1951 Coca Cola Calender

1952 Coca Cola Calendar

1954 calendar Coke

1957 Calendar Coke

1959 Calendar Coke

1949 cardboard sign framed

Frostie menu board

2 sided Auman's metal sign

Other side

Large I.B.C Root Beer sign

Bottom of sign

Early framed Hires sign large

Drink Kreemo metal sign

Bottom of sign

Smith's White Root Beer jar

Full viewing

Hires light up sign

2nd view

Rochester Root Beer cardboard sign

NOS Pennsylvania Dutch barrel sign

2nd view

Raser's Root Beer framed sign

Barq's flange sign scarce color

Other side

Buckeye Root Beer reverse painted glass

Rare early Dr Swett's artist proof

Close up

Dr. Sterns mirror w/box

NOS Dad's Root Beer thermometer

Original box for thermometer

Early Root Beer stoneware coffee mug

Richardson Root Beer Barrel

Other side

Front side

Tin Mason's Root Beer sign

NOS Hires Root Beer door push

Early Dr. Swett's curved metal sign

Howel's Root Beer flange sign

Other side

Pop's Root Beer metal sign

Mason's Root Beer thermometer

High Rock Root Beer tin sign

Old Colony Root Beer aluminum sign

Mr. Root Beer thermometer

NOS Buckeye Root Beer sign

Mason's Root Beer syrup bucket

2 sided Barq's sign with bracket

Other side

Bottom of sign

Hires flange sign

Other side

Root beer cone waxed cardboard

Barq's Root Beer fan

Other side

1923 Menlo Root Beer easelback sign

Date on easelback sign

Back view

Large embossed Hires sign

Large self framed Barq's sign

Old clothing store shirt showcase

Front side of display showcase

Chevrolet light up sign

Wood phonebooth

Phonebooth light & fan

With working phone

Seat & self

Wood pedestal checker board

1950's Texaco pump decal

Reed & Barton sterling silver set

Close up

Close up

Close up

Close up

Rockabilly Auction Company

Rotating comb display


Reproduction Porcelain sign

Reproduction other side

Reproduction porcelain sign

Reproduction other side

NOS Chesterfield

Orange Crush window sign

New porcelain Life door push

Coca Cola plastic machine sign

Coca Cola tin machine sign

Coca Cola tin machine sign

Coca Cola tin machine sign

Masonite sign

Tin cigar sign early

Quiky window sign

Porcelain Fire-Chief Texaco sign

Porcelain Sky-Chief Texaco sign

2 NOS 1951 Quaker State signs

New porcelain signs

New or Reproduction porcelain signs

dated 2003-04 nice newer signs

Coca Cola hand truck

1939 World's Fair sign stand

2 sided McCulloch sign

2 sided porcelain Standard sign

Compass Kay Display Coca Cola

back side

1914 metal Coca Cola sign

tip trays

large Holland metal milk carton sign

large truck sign paper

large paper truck sign

New signs

light up Marlboro

embossed Mission Orange

Rare original Hershey's Cardboard sign

1994 reproduction