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  •  Corner cupboard w/ rat tail hinges

    Corner cupboard w/ rat tail hinges

  •  10 plate stove

    10 plate stove

  •  Early Windsor chair

    Early Windsor chair

  •  Early rope bed

    Early rope bed

  • Ice chest  in original paint

    Ice chest in original paint

  •  Shirley temple item

    Shirley temple item

  •  Duck decoy

    Duck decoy

  •  Family scale

    Family scale

  •  Americana decorations

    Americana decorations

  •  Collecting books

    Collecting books

  •  Screened pie safe

    Screened pie safe

  •  1700s corner cupboard

    1700s corner cupboard

  • Rat tail hinges

    Rat tail hinges

  •  Raised panel doors

    Raised panel doors

  •  Metal cabinet

    Metal cabinet

  •  Civil war print

    Civil war print

  •  Holiday decor

    Holiday decor

  •  Americana


  • Dolls


  •  Dolls


  •  Framed prints

    Framed prints

  •  Artwork


  •  Repro candle box

    Repro candle box

  •  Funnel


  •  Tumbleweed pottery

    Tumbleweed pottery

  •  Rag dolls

    Rag dolls

  •  Ceramic trees

    Ceramic trees

  •  Santa Claus

    Santa Claus

  •  Welcome signs

    Welcome signs

  •  Military tester

    Military tester

  •  Ceramic gingerbread houses

    Ceramic gingerbread houses

  •  Christmas ornaments

    Christmas ornaments

  •  Lift top stand

    Lift top stand

  •  Santa face

    Santa face

  •  Christmas trees

    Christmas trees

  •  Children’s books

    Children’s books

  •  Fisher-Price toys

    Fisher-Price toys

  • Hen on the nest

    Hen on the nest