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  • Vintage Diecast

    Vintage Diecast

  • Coca Cola

    Coca Cola

  • Coca Cola

    Coca Cola

  • Scales


  • Signed Art

    Signed Art

  • Camel Stool

    Camel Stool

  • Camel Seat Embossed

    Camel Seat Embossed

  • Spinning wheel

    Spinning wheel

  • Charlie McCarthy Doll

    Charlie McCarthy Doll

  • Stained Glass Lamp

    Stained Glass Lamp

  • Coke Phone

    Coke Phone

  • Coke lamp

    Coke lamp

  • MANY Compotes/Candy Dishes

    MANY Compotes/Candy Dishes

  • Spinning wheel

    Spinning wheel

  • Cookie Jars

    Cookie Jars

  • Stained Glass Lamps

    Stained Glass Lamps

  • John Deere GALORE!

    John Deere GALORE!

  • Mickey Mouse Phones

    Mickey Mouse Phones

  • Train Set

    Train Set

  • 3 Stooges Automaton

    3 Stooges Automaton

  • Musical lighted church

    Musical lighted church

  • Budweiser


  • Diecast Planes

    Diecast Planes

  • Black Americana

    Black Americana

  • Tobacco


  • Dog Run

    Dog Run

  • Compotes


  • (lamp not for bid)

    (lamp not for bid)

  • Leather Face Novelty

    Leather Face Novelty

  • Childrens books

    Childrens books