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  • Vintage Oak Ice Box (Nice)

    Vintage Oak Ice Box (Nice)

  • WalnutKitchen Clock

    WalnutKitchen Clock

  • Depression Glassware

    Depression Glassware

  • 1 of 4 Vintage Quilts

    1 of 4 Vintage Quilts

  • Sm Lamp Table

    Sm Lamp Table

  • Excellent Oak Ice Box

    Excellent Oak Ice Box

  • W/ Original Tag/Plate

    W/ Original Tag/Plate

  • Top View

    Top View

  • Interior View

    Interior View

  • Lamp Table

    Lamp Table

  • Nice Roos Cedar Chest

    Nice Roos Cedar Chest

  • Same


  • Open View

    Open View

  • Vintage Melamine Mixing Bowls

    Vintage Melamine Mixing Bowls

  • Fire King & Corning

    Fire King & Corning

  • More Corning Ware

    More Corning Ware

  • Kenmore Washer

    Kenmore Washer

  • Same


  • Same


  • Elec Dryer

    Elec Dryer

  • Dog Kennel

    Dog Kennel

  • Large Dog Kennel

    Large Dog Kennel

  • Troy Trimmer

    Troy Trimmer

  • Same


  • Troy Gas Leaf Blower

    Troy Gas Leaf Blower

  • Corning Ware Burner

    Corning Ware Burner

  • Same


  • Corning Knives

    Corning Knives

  • Vintage Iron Lamp

    Vintage Iron Lamp

  • Base View

    Base View

  • Sterling Shakers

    Sterling Shakers

  • Sterling


  • Carnival Glass Wall Pocket

    Carnival Glass Wall Pocket

  • Cookbooks


  • Lots of Costume Jewelry

    Lots of Costume Jewelry

  • More


  • Last Minute Addition

    Last Minute Addition

  • Near New Samsung Side by Side

    Near New Samsung Side by Side

  • Open View

    Open View

  • Same


  • Same