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  • Anvil


  • Chevy Grill

    Chevy Grill

  • Farm Primitives

    Farm Primitives

  • Anvil


  • Doctors Buggy

    Doctors Buggy

  • Wooden Wagon

    Wooden Wagon

  • Wooden Wheels

    Wooden Wheels

  • Butcher  Kettle

    Butcher Kettle

  • Primitives


  • Crock Jar

    Crock Jar

  • Antique Auto Clock

    Antique Auto Clock

  • Syrup Jug

    Syrup Jug

  • Small Irons

    Small Irons

  • Graniteware


  • Advertising Can

    Advertising Can

  • Butter Print

    Butter Print

  • Bank


  • Great Barber Pole

    Great Barber Pole

  • Copper Apple Butter Kettle

    Copper Apple Butter Kettle

  • Toy,runs on fuel

    Toy,runs on fuel

  • Horse Statue

    Horse Statue

  • Early Hanging Pie Safe

    Early Hanging Pie Safe

  • Construction Image

    Construction Image

  • Pie Safe Interior

    Pie Safe Interior

  • Early Fish Gig

    Early Fish Gig

  • Mustard Step back Cupboard

    Mustard Step back Cupboard