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  • cone mandrels

    cone mandrels

  • tong vises

    tong vises

  • Fisher chain vises

    Fisher chain vises

  • headers


  • 502# Swedish anvil

    502# Swedish anvil

  • miniature anvils

    miniature anvils

  • 5th foot hornless anvil

    5th foot hornless anvil

  • sawmaker's anvil 382#

    sawmaker's anvil 382#

  • sawmakers hammers

    sawmakers hammers

  • large bellow

    large bellow

  • beam drill press

    beam drill press

  • large post drill

    large post drill

  • Trenton anvil

    Trenton anvil

  • dated stomp anvil 17xx?

    dated stomp anvil 17xx?

  • hornless anvil

    hornless anvil

  • Swedish anvil

    Swedish anvil

  • Fisher sawmakers anvil

    Fisher sawmakers anvil

  • stomp anvil w/broken horn

    stomp anvil w/broken horn

  • throatless anvil

    throatless anvil

  • Cooper anvils

    Cooper anvils

  • Fisher chainmakers anvil

    Fisher chainmakers anvil

  • hornless anvil

    hornless anvil

  • West anvil

    West anvil

  • Arm & Hammer anvil

    Arm & Hammer anvil

  • swaging anvil

    swaging anvil

  • Wilkinson anvil

    Wilkinson anvil

  • all Fisher anvils

    all Fisher anvils

  • Fisher anvil

    Fisher anvil

  • Farrier's ironworker

    Farrier's ironworker

  • 4 ft. finger brake

    4 ft. finger brake

  • Roper Whitney

    Roper Whitney

  • hydraulic foot vise

    hydraulic foot vise

  • cast iron forge

    cast iron forge

  • home made bench vises

    home made bench vises

  • swage blocks

    swage blocks

  • forge blower

    forge blower

  • large tire bender

    large tire bender

  • cast iron large forge

    cast iron large forge

  • rounding hammers

    rounding hammers

  • many mini swage blocks

    many mini swage blocks

  • ratchet forge

    ratchet forge

  • betty lamp swage

    betty lamp swage

  • tinners plate

    tinners plate

  • Pexto


  • carriage makers anvil

    carriage makers anvil

  • tinner's tools

    tinner's tools

  • 2 ft. Pexto brake

    2 ft. Pexto brake

  • many leg vises

    many leg vises

  • many tongs

    many tongs

  • tong vises

    tong vises

  • throatless cutter

    throatless cutter

  • foot vise

    foot vise

  • greenfield & green river headers

    greenfield & green river headers

  • ironworker


  • large ironworker

    large ironworker

  • Emmert 3 head jaw vise

    Emmert 3 head jaw vise

  • blower


  • 4 ft metal work lathe

    4 ft metal work lathe

  • stump anvils

    stump anvils

  • small cast iron forge

    small cast iron forge

  • combination iron worker tools

    combination iron worker tools

  • handy man forge

    handy man forge

  • small cast iron forge

    small cast iron forge

  • Pexto slip rolls

    Pexto slip rolls

  • Car-mate 9950 lb trailer

    Car-mate 9950 lb trailer

  • electric brakes

    electric brakes