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  • early corner cupboard

    early corner cupboard

  • early fancy display cabinet

    early fancy display cabinet

  • variety of clocks

    variety of clocks

  • lots of pictures

    lots of pictures

  • & artwork

    & artwork

  • many hooked rugs

    many hooked rugs

  • vintage dresses

    vintage dresses

  • cups & saucers

    cups & saucers

  • tea sets

    tea sets

  • awesome lighting selection

    awesome lighting selection

  • early dinnerware

    early dinnerware

  • photo albums

    photo albums

  • asst pottery

    asst pottery

  • early dated handleless jug

    early dated handleless jug

  • nice stoneware

    nice stoneware

  • double sided sign

    double sided sign

  • assorted vintage kitchenware

    assorted vintage kitchenware

  • vintage toys

    vintage toys

  • asst agateware

    asst agateware

  • vintage kerosene cans

    vintage kerosene cans

  • large horn

    large horn

  • dated swords

    dated swords

  • lots of textiles

    lots of textiles

  • vintage baby carriage

    vintage baby carriage

  • early child's sleigh

    early child's sleigh

  • high blanket chest

    high blanket chest

  • early tall case clock

    early tall case clock

  • rosettes


  • several garden items

    several garden items

  • cuff links & tie tacks

    cuff links & tie tacks

  • asst. jewelry

    asst. jewelry

  • more toys

    more toys

  • awesome carved cane

    awesome carved cane

  • bugle & buggy lights

    bugle & buggy lights

  • oil paintings

    oil paintings

  • early baseball silks

    early baseball silks

  • political silks

    political silks

  • Victorian silks

    Victorian silks

  • Indian chief silks

    Indian chief silks

  • vintage glove selection

    vintage glove selection

  • & hoisery

    & hoisery

  • more vintage clothing

    more vintage clothing

  • good condition hat variety

    good condition hat variety

  • ladies hankies

    ladies hankies

  • military shirts

    military shirts

  • more textiles

    more textiles

  • quilts


  • patches


  • dated coverlet

    dated coverlet

  • wool blanket

    wool blanket

  • early taufscheins

    early taufscheins

  • buttons & marbles

    buttons & marbles

  • German books

    German books

  • more asst. glassware

    more asst. glassware

  • small corner cabinet

    small corner cabinet

  • splayed leg tables

    splayed leg tables

  • massive desk w/dog head pulls

    massive desk w/dog head pulls

  • early leaded door

    early leaded door

  • primitive gate

    primitive gate

  • straw bench

    straw bench

  • lots of children's books

    lots of children's books

  • small wood stove

    small wood stove

  • large C.I. flower urn

    large C.I. flower urn

  • metal table bbase

    metal table bbase

  • ornate stand w/vasoline glass bowl

    ornate stand w/vasoline glass bowl

  • Bright & Co. Reading

    Bright & Co. Reading

  • fancy cook stove

    fancy cook stove