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  •  Fantastic store display case

    Fantastic store display case

  •  Metal Champion spark plug sign

    Metal Champion spark plug sign

  •  Hickory bar stools

    Hickory bar stools

  •  Hickory rockers and stools

    Hickory rockers and stools

  •  Swank 1 gallon

    Swank 1 gallon

  •  Decorated stoneware

    Decorated stoneware

  •  Fantastic Doll

    Fantastic Doll

  • Numbers on dolls neck

    Numbers on dolls neck

  •  Donahue stoneware

    Donahue stoneware

  •  Birds on box

    Birds on box

  •  Folkart box with birds

    Folkart box with birds

  •  Cast iron skillets

    Cast iron skillets

  •  Davidsville feed store scoop

    Davidsville feed store scoop

  • Striper crocks

    Striper crocks

  • Toys


  • Copper lined bar cabinet

    Copper lined bar cabinet

  •  Wicker rockers

    Wicker rockers

  •  Old bottles

    Old bottles

  •  Somerset advertising boxes

    Somerset advertising boxes

  •  Sewing machine

    Sewing machine

  •  Car thermostat

    Car thermostat

  •  Champion spark plugs

    Champion spark plugs

  •  Glassware and China

    Glassware and China

  •  Mining photograph

    Mining photograph