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  • Estate Auction: Sat. May 5 @ 3pm

    Estate Auction: Sat. May 5 @ 3pm

  • Country Farm Contents

    Country Farm Contents

  • Full House Estate

    Full House Estate

  • Dating to the 1800's

    Dating to the 1800's

  • Moved to Old Red Barn

    Moved to Old Red Barn

  • Harriman State Park Camp

    Harriman State Park Camp





  • Moving Day

    Moving Day

  • Getting Ready for

    Getting Ready for

  • the Auction - May 5 @ 3pm

    the Auction - May 5 @ 3pm

  • Andrew Gunderson, 1888-1964

    Andrew Gunderson, 1888-1964

  • This Auction Features

    This Auction Features

  • a Nice Selection of

    a Nice Selection of

  • Original Art Including

    Original Art Including

  • Water Colors,

    Water Colors,

  • Oil Paintings,

    Oil Paintings,

  • Mixed Media many

    Mixed Media many

  • are Artist Signed.

    are Artist Signed.

  • Johnny Yazzie, Taos Art

    Johnny Yazzie, Taos Art

  • Large Selection of

    Large Selection of

  • Victorian Furniture

    Victorian Furniture

  • Oak Furniture

    Oak Furniture

  • Victorian Hall Seat

    Victorian Hall Seat

  • Victorian What Not

    Victorian What Not

  • Etegere from 1890's

    Etegere from 1890's

  • Vintage Safe w Combination

    Vintage Safe w Combination

  • Craftsman Mower

    Craftsman Mower

  • 25 Gallon Crock

    25 Gallon Crock

  • Hubley


  • Unsigned Art Pottery

    Unsigned Art Pottery

  • Car Battery Tank

    Car Battery Tank

  • Double Side Clock

    Double Side Clock

  • Ribbed Wood Canoe

    Ribbed Wood Canoe

  • US Mail Box, US Post Office

    US Mail Box, US Post Office

  • Hundreds of Chairs

    Hundreds of Chairs

  • Antique Mail Pouch

    Antique Mail Pouch

  • Great Leaded Windows

    Great Leaded Windows

  • Flat Oak File, Ca 1900

    Flat Oak File, Ca 1900

  • Collection of 30

    Collection of 30

  • Antique glass Slides

    Antique glass Slides

  • Sold as a Lot

    Sold as a Lot

  • Ride-on, Battery Op

    Ride-on, Battery Op

  • Ride-on, Pedal Car

    Ride-on, Pedal Car



  • Park Benches

    Park Benches

  • Sold in Pairs

    Sold in Pairs

  • Bronze Andirons

    Bronze Andirons

  • Stainless Steel

    Stainless Steel

  • Commercial Kitchen

    Commercial Kitchen

  • Utility Carts

    Utility Carts

  • 2 Benches Flip into

    2 Benches Flip into

  • Picnic Table

    Picnic Table

  • Knoll Tulip Chairs

    Knoll Tulip Chairs

  • Knoll Tulip Chairs

    Knoll Tulip Chairs

  • Aspen 12 String Guitar

    Aspen 12 String Guitar

  • Stainless Party Set

    Stainless Party Set

  • Stainless Set of 3

    Stainless Set of 3

  • Ice Tea

    Ice Tea

  • Cecilware Coffee Urn

    Cecilware Coffee Urn

  • Knoll Tulip Chairs

    Knoll Tulip Chairs

  • Pump Vacuum

    Pump Vacuum

  • Pump Extinguisher

    Pump Extinguisher

  • Child's Hitchcock Chair

    Child's Hitchcock Chair

  • Several Hardware Lots

    Several Hardware Lots

  • 1st Row Boat

    1st Row Boat

  • Sold with Oars

    Sold with Oars

  • Vintage NY License Plates

    Vintage NY License Plates

  • Antique Plates

    Antique Plates

  • 2nd Row Boat

    2nd Row Boat

  • Sold with Oars

    Sold with Oars

  • Re-enactment Swords

    Re-enactment Swords

  • Sold in Sets of 5

    Sold in Sets of 5

  • Life Vests, 6 per Lot

    Life Vests, 6 per Lot

  • Meyers Row Boat, 3rd

    Meyers Row Boat, 3rd

  • Sold with Oars

    Sold with Oars

  • Baldwin, Lott Bros

    Baldwin, Lott Bros

  • Fenwick Feralite

    Fenwick Feralite

  • Lot of 5 Rods

    Lot of 5 Rods

  • Fenwick Feralite

    Fenwick Feralite

  • NYC Phone Booth

    NYC Phone Booth

  • Antique Oak Bed

    Antique Oak Bed

  • 1890's Dresser

    1890's Dresser

  • W/C by Martha Calaway

    W/C by Martha Calaway

  • Large 30" 'Daybreak' by

    Large 30" 'Daybreak' by

  • Maxfield Parrish

    Maxfield Parrish

  • Spencer Newman

    Spencer Newman

  • Collection Glass Salts

    Collection Glass Salts

  • Val St. Lambert in

    Val St. Lambert in

  • Three Sizes

    Three Sizes

  • Collection of Cinebar

    Collection of Cinebar

  • Carved & Laquered

    Carved & Laquered

  • Local Year Books..More Soon

    Local Year Books..More Soon

  • Carol Moskowitz, #1

    Carol Moskowitz, #1

  • Carol Moskowitz #2

    Carol Moskowitz #2

  • Roseville, As is.

    Roseville, As is.

  • American Indian

    American Indian

  • Minton Center Bowl

    Minton Center Bowl

  • Imari Bowl

    Imari Bowl

  • MCM Stoneware

    MCM Stoneware

  • Persian Dagger

    Persian Dagger

  • Afro Cuba Drum

    Afro Cuba Drum

  • Alaska Carved Falcon

    Alaska Carved Falcon

  • Austrian Bronze Ink Well

    Austrian Bronze Ink Well

  • Ceremonial Candlesticks

    Ceremonial Candlesticks

  • Heishi Necklace

    Heishi Necklace

  • Heishi, Native American

    Heishi, Native American

  • Tramp Art Box

    Tramp Art Box

  • Wedgwood Queensware

    Wedgwood Queensware

  • Vintage Sheet Music

    Vintage Sheet Music

  • FDC Album, Challenger

    FDC Album, Challenger

  • Cut Squares Album

    Cut Squares Album

  • Westminster Chime

    Westminster Chime

  • Laquered Box, Japan

    Laquered Box, Japan

  • 1950's Coca Cola Cel

    1950's Coca Cola Cel

  • Chinese Painting on Wood.

    Chinese Painting on Wood.

  • Vintage Kendall Oil Can

    Vintage Kendall Oil Can

  • 3 Trolling Motors

    3 Trolling Motors

  • 5 Good Lots of

    5 Good Lots of

  • Fishing Tackle and

    Fishing Tackle and

  • Reels


  • Jorgensen Wood Clamps

    Jorgensen Wood Clamps

  • Pump Fire Extinguisher

    Pump Fire Extinguisher

  • Lot of Extinguishers

    Lot of Extinguishers

  • 2 Ton Jack

    2 Ton Jack

  • 3 Patio Umbrellas

    3 Patio Umbrellas

  • Bushnell Scope

    Bushnell Scope

  • Lanterns, Battery Op

    Lanterns, Battery Op

  • Elkhart M2 Flute

    Elkhart M2 Flute

  • Large 'Deutschland'

    Large 'Deutschland'

  • in New York Harbor

    in New York Harbor

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  • Original 'Mutt & Jeff'

    Original 'Mutt & Jeff'

  • Cartoon Cel.

    Cartoon Cel.

  • Prang Print in

    Prang Print in

  • Embossed Surround.

    Embossed Surround.

  • Toyonobu Wood Block

    Toyonobu Wood Block

  • Oil Painting

    Oil Painting

  • 'Women at Prayer'

    'Women at Prayer'

  • Circa 1840.

    Circa 1840.

  • Hudson River School

    Hudson River School

  • Thomas Chambers Attribution.

    Thomas Chambers Attribution.

  • Hokusai Wood Block

    Hokusai Wood Block

  • Beckman Engraving, 1794.

    Beckman Engraving, 1794.

  • Sterling Knives

    Sterling Knives

  • Gorham


  • 2 Lots of Vintage Puzzles

    2 Lots of Vintage Puzzles

  • Several Lots of Tools.

    Several Lots of Tools.

  • Playground Swings

    Playground Swings

  • More Soon

    More Soon

  • Icon Painted on Wood.

    Icon Painted on Wood.

  • Bronze 'Captive' Statue.

    Bronze 'Captive' Statue.

  • Lot of Howard Pierce Porcelains.

    Lot of Howard Pierce Porcelains.

  • Hudson River School

    Hudson River School

  • O/C Landscape

    O/C Landscape

  • Sculpture 'After Picasso'

    Sculpture 'After Picasso'

  • African Wood Sculpture.

    African Wood Sculpture.

  • Mixed Media

    Mixed Media

  • Mixed Media

    Mixed Media

  • Book Illustration.

    Book Illustration.

  • Early Egyptian Jar

    Early Egyptian Jar

  • More Soon

    More Soon



  • @ 3 pm

    @ 3 pm