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  • Coca-Cola


  • Vintage Poster

    Vintage Poster

  • Christmas 1955 Poster

    Christmas 1955 Poster

  • French Advertising Poster

    French Advertising Poster

  • Schuco


  • Matchbox


  • Lionel Trains

    Lionel Trains

  • American Flyer

    American Flyer

  • Hubley


  • Schwinn


  • 1966 Corvette Sting Ray brochure

    1966 Corvette Sting Ray brochure

  • AMC Brochure

    AMC Brochure

  • Corvair


  • Morris Automotive Brochure

    Morris Automotive Brochure

  • Mustang


  • Volkswagen


  • Beetle


  • 1966 Chevelle Brochure

    1966 Chevelle Brochure

  • Oh Henry! Laffalot Mask

    Oh Henry! Laffalot Mask

  • Hires Advertising

    Hires Advertising

  • Coca-Cola Advertising

    Coca-Cola Advertising

  • Tobacco Horse Racing

    Tobacco Horse Racing

  • Allen & Ginter Cigarettes

    Allen & Ginter Cigarettes

  • Schwinn Bicycles

    Schwinn Bicycles

  • Heinz Pickle die-cuts

    Heinz Pickle die-cuts

  • Lucky Strike Bridge Counters

    Lucky Strike Bridge Counters

  • Early Carriage Catalog

    Early Carriage Catalog

  • Granite ware catalog

    Granite ware catalog

  • Early Tool catalog

    Early Tool catalog

  • Illustration Art - Corcoran

    Illustration Art - Corcoran

  • Baltimore Colts Illustration Art

    Baltimore Colts Illustration Art

  • Auction Poster

    Auction Poster

  • Illustration for Advertising Thermometer

    Illustration for Advertising Thermometer

  • Illustration for Uneeda Biscuit

    Illustration for Uneeda Biscuit

  • Antique Magician Poster

    Antique Magician Poster

  • B&O Railroad Schedules

    B&O Railroad Schedules

  • Lindbergh Dinner

    Lindbergh Dinner

  • Wanamaker's Catalogs

    Wanamaker's Catalogs

  • 1939 Worlds Fair

    1939 Worlds Fair

  • Western Auto Christmas

    Western Auto Christmas

  • Firestone Sales Brochure

    Firestone Sales Brochure

  • Greyhound die-cut luggage tag

    Greyhound die-cut luggage tag

  • Vintage Firestone Brochure

    Vintage Firestone Brochure

  • Advertising Illustration Art

    Advertising Illustration Art

  • Metalcraft toys

    Metalcraft toys

  • Seed Catalogs

    Seed Catalogs

  • Rockwell Kent Illus.

    Rockwell Kent Illus.

  • Jim Hartzell cartoon

    Jim Hartzell cartoon

  • Early Ethnographic Map

    Early Ethnographic Map

  • Muhammad Ali

    Muhammad Ali

  • Early Boxing Magazine

    Early Boxing Magazine

  • Mickey and the Beanstalk

    Mickey and the Beanstalk

  • Disney


  •  French Bicycle Poster

    French Bicycle Poster

  • Kools Cigartte Ad

    Kools Cigartte Ad

  • Early Indian Motorcycles

    Early Indian Motorcycles

  • Illustration Art - Blue Ridge Bus Line

    Illustration Art - Blue Ridge Bus Line

  • Illustration Art - Boeing & Capital

    Illustration Art - Boeing & Capital