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  • Nice Brick Home 3 Bd. 2 Ba.

    Nice Brick Home 3 Bd. 2 Ba.

  • Simplicity 48" cut

    Simplicity 48" cut

  • Allis Chalmers 410

    Allis Chalmers 410

  • Mac Tools

    Mac Tools

  • Winchester - Browning

    Winchester - Browning

  • Vintage Ammo

    Vintage Ammo

  • John Wayne Ammo

    John Wayne Ammo

  • Sheridan 5mm Pellet Rifle

    Sheridan 5mm Pellet Rifle

  • Vintage Fly Reel

    Vintage Fly Reel

  • Vintage Penn Fishing Reel

    Vintage Penn Fishing Reel

  • Over 300 Pcs of Jadite

    Over 300 Pcs of Jadite

  • Lots of Fire King

    Lots of Fire King

  • Over 200 Pieces

    Over 200 Pieces

  • Rare Fire King

    Rare Fire King

  • Fire King Jadite

    Fire King Jadite

  • Lots of NC Pottery

    Lots of NC Pottery

  • Sunset Mountain Pottery

    Sunset Mountain Pottery

  • Vintage Barbie Dolls

    Vintage Barbie Dolls

  • Winston Salem Cannon

    Winston Salem Cannon

  • Vintage Marbles

    Vintage Marbles

  • IH International Dump Truck

    IH International Dump Truck

  • Tobacco Tins

    Tobacco Tins

  • Hundreds of Boxes Full

    Hundreds of Boxes Full

  • Carnival Glass

    Carnival Glass

  • Salem, NC Flax Wheel 1836

    Salem, NC Flax Wheel 1836

  • Leight 1836 Salem, NC

    Leight 1836 Salem, NC

  • Tom's Peanut Jars

    Tom's Peanut Jars

  • Fuse Rack

    Fuse Rack

  • Fiesta Ware

    Fiesta Ware

  • RJR Camel Cigarette Holder

    RJR Camel Cigarette Holder

  • RJ Reynolds Doral

    RJ Reynolds Doral

  • RJR Tobacco

    RJR Tobacco

  • Hanes Brand Flatware

    Hanes Brand Flatware

  • Conan Comic Books

    Conan Comic Books

  • Cash Family

    Cash Family

  • Roseville Pottery

    Roseville Pottery

  • Lead Figurines

    Lead Figurines

  • Winston Salem Plate

    Winston Salem Plate

  • Blue Ridge Plates

    Blue Ridge Plates

  • Hummels


  • Watt Pottery

    Watt Pottery

  • Wild Turkey

    Wild Turkey

  • GGO Decanters

    GGO Decanters

  • Huge Amount of Jewelry

    Huge Amount of Jewelry