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  • Carved Sec/hutch

    Carved Sec/hutch

  • Antq. wood high chair

    Antq. wood high chair

  • Drop front sec.

    Drop front sec.

  • Wishbone dresser

    Wishbone dresser

  • Parlor table & TV

    Parlor table & TV

  • Trundle bed

    Trundle bed

  • King Bed

    King Bed

  • Nite stand

    Nite stand

  • Amoire


  • German Collectible Doll

    German Collectible Doll

  • Mirrored dresser

    Mirrored dresser

  • Port. TV

    Port. TV

  • Deco. print

    Deco. print

  • Fireside bench

    Fireside bench

  • Lots of Xmas deco

    Lots of Xmas deco

  • Chest freezer

    Chest freezer

  • Elec. Roaster &misc.

    Elec. Roaster &misc.

  • Shop vac

    Shop vac

  • Wash board

    Wash board

  • Framed fruit picture

    Framed fruit picture

  • Dresser & misc.

    Dresser & misc.

  • Metal swing & lawn furniture

    Metal swing & lawn furniture

  • Blk. lacquer rocker

    Blk. lacquer rocker

  • Park bench and lawn cushions

    Park bench and lawn cushions

  • table saw

    table saw

  • Horse hames

    Horse hames

  • weed eater & push mower

    weed eater & push mower

  • Lard press

    Lard press

  • Massage chair

    Massage chair

  • Exercise equipment

    Exercise equipment

  • Elec. air compressor

    Elec. air compressor

  • Drop front desk

    Drop front desk

  • Repo. wood stove

    Repo. wood stove

  • Planer


  • Scroll saw

    Scroll saw

  • Grinder


  • Circular saw

    Circular saw

  • Colemen lantern

    Colemen lantern

  • car ramps

    car ramps

  • wheel barrow

    wheel barrow

  • Elec. hand tools

    Elec. hand tools

  • Craftsman tool cabinet

    Craftsman tool cabinet

  • Nuts & bolts bins

    Nuts & bolts bins

  • Old Beer tray

    Old Beer tray

  • Patio set

    Patio set

  • Racing adv. items

    Racing adv. items

  • Racing adv. item

    Racing adv. item

  • Ice tongs

    Ice tongs

  • Knowels plates

    Knowels plates

  • Lg. flat screen TV

    Lg. flat screen TV

  • Music component in Kenwood cabinet

    Music component in Kenwood cabinet

  • Computer


  • Printer


  • Computer desk

    Computer desk

  • Homer Laughlin China

    Homer Laughlin China

  • Sterling spoons

    Sterling spoons

  • Sq. Oak occ. table

    Sq. Oak occ. table

  • Mission style Buffet

    Mission style Buffet

  • marble top table

    marble top table

  • 1 of 4 Dining chairs

    1 of 4 Dining chairs

  • 1 of 6 Oak side chairs

    1 of 6 Oak side chairs

  • Rd. Oak dining table

    Rd. Oak dining table

  • Oak parlor table

    Oak parlor table

  • Pattern back bar stool

    Pattern back bar stool

  • Pyrex bowls

    Pyrex bowls

  • Guardianware cookware

    Guardianware cookware

  • Guardian cookware

    Guardian cookware

  • Wm. Rodgers S.P. flatware

    Wm. Rodgers S.P. flatware

  • pntd. smoke stand

    pntd. smoke stand

  • wood iron board & chair

    wood iron board & chair

  • Vintage coat

    Vintage coat

  • Vintage coat

    Vintage coat

  • Roman style chair

    Roman style chair

  • Wood framed mirror

    Wood framed mirror

  • Sq. Oak parlor table

    Sq. Oak parlor table

  • 3 cushion sofa

    3 cushion sofa

  • Checker top table

    Checker top table

  • Oak Buffet

    Oak Buffet

  • Glassware


  • Glassware


  • Sterling candlesticks

    Sterling candlesticks

  • Silver top pitcher

    Silver top pitcher

  • Imari vase

    Imari vase

  • Opalescence vase

    Opalescence vase

  • Dutch blue pitcher

    Dutch blue pitcher

  • compote


  • Dutch blue pc.

    Dutch blue pc.

  • Linens


  • Older glassware

    Older glassware

  • Ruby pieces

    Ruby pieces

  • Tea set

    Tea set

  • Cups & saucer collection

    Cups & saucer collection

  • Bubble frame picture

    Bubble frame picture

  • 1 of 2 Pattern back side chairs

    1 of 2 Pattern back side chairs

  • Precious moments & Collector dolls

    Precious moments & Collector dolls

  • Collector dolls

    Collector dolls

  • Collector dolls

    Collector dolls

  • Tilt top table

    Tilt top table

  • 50's velvour chair

    50's velvour chair