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  • 4 Drawer Cherry cottagechest

    4 Drawer Cherry cottagechest

  • Oak lamp table

    Oak lamp table

  • Empire mahg chest, ca 1950

    Empire mahg chest, ca 1950

  • <ahog inlay dresser

    <ahog inlay dresser

  • Side hinge mahog chest

    Side hinge mahog chest

  • French Prov. king bed

    French Prov. king bed

  • Nice steamer trunk

    Nice steamer trunk

  • Oak wall telephone

    Oak wall telephone

  • Teak elephants

    Teak elephants

  • Antique metal tub

    Antique metal tub

  • Photo of lady in previous tub

    Photo of lady in previous tub

  • Vintage Schlitz sign/ clock

    Vintage Schlitz sign/ clock

  • Oak writing desk

    Oak writing desk

  • OPen view of desk

    OPen view of desk

  • Goddinger goblets

    Goddinger goblets

  • Irish crystal

    Irish crystal

  • Ladu Di dolls

    Ladu Di dolls

  • Lady Di plates

    Lady Di plates

  • Sterling silver

    Sterling silver

  • Sterling silver

    Sterling silver

  • Hummels


  • Waterford clock

    Waterford clock

  • BREYER Bulls

    BREYER Bulls

  • Fenton Epergne

    Fenton Epergne

  • Walnut bed

    Walnut bed

  • Utility sink

    Utility sink

  • Spa towel steamers

    Spa towel steamers

  • Oak whiskey barrel

    Oak whiskey barrel

  • Vintage Coke Uniforms

    Vintage Coke Uniforms

  • Coke items

    Coke items

  • Kicker speakers & subwoofers

    Kicker speakers & subwoofers

  • Vintage coffee grinder

    Vintage coffee grinder

  • Vintage Coke & Gas uniforms

    Vintage Coke & Gas uniforms

  • 1995 Polaris 750cc

    1995 Polaris 750cc

  • Runs good!

    Runs good!

  • Blowup outdoor slide

    Blowup outdoor slide