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  • Percival Smith Hill

    Percival Smith Hill

  • Browning Sweet 16

    Browning Sweet 16

  • Hackney Kid Car

    Hackney Kid Car

  • Bobcat Zero turn

    Bobcat Zero turn

  • Cider Mill

    Cider Mill

  • K.Y. Drill Company

    K.Y. Drill Company

  • Redwing Tea Pot

    Redwing Tea Pot

  • Fenton Lamp Artist signed

    Fenton Lamp Artist signed

  • Cole Chrome Red Pottery Pitcher

    Cole Chrome Red Pottery Pitcher

  • Browns Mule Tobacco Cutter

    Browns Mule Tobacco Cutter

  • Southern Railway Lantern

    Southern Railway Lantern

  • Salesman Sample Turning Plow

    Salesman Sample Turning Plow

  • International  Thermometer

    International Thermometer

  • Seth Thomas Clock

    Seth Thomas Clock

  • Primitive Punch Tin Pie Safe

    Primitive Punch Tin Pie Safe

  • Wood Railroad Shipping Box

    Wood Railroad Shipping Box

  • Ansonia Clock

    Ansonia Clock

  • Rowe Pottery

    Rowe Pottery

  • Bull Durham Advertising

    Bull Durham Advertising

  • Glascock Stove

    Glascock Stove

  • 25 Gallon Stew Pot

    25 Gallon Stew Pot

  • Glass Paper Weight

    Glass Paper Weight

  • Cherry Corner Cupboard

    Cherry Corner Cupboard