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  • Firestone Cruiser bicycle

    Firestone Cruiser bicycle

  • John Deere 80 lawn cart

    John Deere 80 lawn cart

  • buckets


  • Agri-Fab lawn sweeper

    Agri-Fab lawn sweeper

  • Craftsman broadcast spreader

    Craftsman broadcast spreader

  • lawn items

    lawn items

  • bike rack

    bike rack

  • horse tack

    horse tack

  • pitch forks

    pitch forks

  • wheelbarrows


  • picnic table frame

    picnic table frame

  • stacking lawn chairs

    stacking lawn chairs

  • utility gates

    utility gates

  • fence posts

    fence posts

  • concrete blocks

    concrete blocks

  • camper ladder

    camper ladder

  • F150 tube steps

    F150 tube steps

  • ladders


  • Lifetime picnic table

    Lifetime picnic table

  • storage cabinet

    storage cabinet

  • storage cabinet

    storage cabinet

  • Kenmore refrigerator

    Kenmore refrigerator

  • Kenmore refrigerator inside

    Kenmore refrigerator inside

  • Amana refrigerator

    Amana refrigerator

  • Amana refrigerator inside

    Amana refrigerator inside

  • ladies golf clubs

    ladies golf clubs

  • air compressor

    air compressor

  • hand tools

    hand tools

  • floor jack & power puller

    floor jack & power puller

  • lighted raindeer

    lighted raindeer

  • plastic blow molds

    plastic blow molds

  • Schwinn bicycle

    Schwinn bicycle

  • Little Giant ladder

    Little Giant ladder

  • EZ- up tent

    EZ- up tent

  • weed trimmers

    weed trimmers

  • bench grinder

    bench grinder

  • Homelite 14" chainsaw

    Homelite 14" chainsaw

  • tobacco tin

    tobacco tin

  • power tools

    power tools

  • commercial malt mixer

    commercial malt mixer

  • bug zappers

    bug zappers

  • commerical grinder

    commerical grinder

  • hitches


  • ice cream syrup dispensers

    ice cream syrup dispensers

  • blue canning jars

    blue canning jars

  • blue canning jars

    blue canning jars

  • Pepsi crates & egg baskets

    Pepsi crates & egg baskets

  • wooden washboard

    wooden washboard

  • glassware


  • Zephyr 9 transistor radio

    Zephyr 9 transistor radio

  • china


  • china


  • corner curio cabinet

    corner curio cabinet

  • english boots

    english boots

  • spurs


  • western boots

    western boots

  • english boots

    english boots

  • crocks & jugs

    crocks & jugs

  • horse clock

    horse clock

  • mantle clock

    mantle clock

  • flat screen monitors

    flat screen monitors

  • TV


  • office desk

    office desk

  • Kenmore air purifier

    Kenmore air purifier

  • corner curio cabinet w/ curved glass

    corner curio cabinet w/ curved glass

  • Lazy-Boy recliners

    Lazy-Boy recliners

  • collectibles


  • nut grinders

    nut grinders

  • golden harvest dinnerware

    golden harvest dinnerware

  • quilt


  • horse picture

    horse picture

  • dolls


  • Nancy Nurse doll

    Nancy Nurse doll

  • quilt


  • quilt


  • quilt


  • paper cutter

    paper cutter

  • dresser


  • cabinet


  • Wait's cough syrup

    Wait's cough syrup

  • primitive items

    primitive items

  • kitchen items

    kitchen items

  • kitchen items

    kitchen items

  • collector plates

    collector plates

  • Plano shelving units

    Plano shelving units

  • Amana chest freezer

    Amana chest freezer

  • leather trunk

    leather trunk

  • fern stand

    fern stand

  • glasses


  • saddle stand

    saddle stand

  • brass bed full size

    brass bed full size

  • match collection

    match collection

  • stamp collection

    stamp collection

  • stamps


  • Hereford saddle

    Hereford saddle

  • Lane cedar chest

    Lane cedar chest

  • full size bed

    full size bed

  • model trucks

    model trucks

  • diecast banks

    diecast banks

  • John Deere toys

    John Deere toys

  • Ertl tractors

    Ertl tractors

  • fancy hats

    fancy hats

  • music plates

    music plates

  • back side of music plates

    back side of music plates

  • oil lamps

    oil lamps

  • commercial rack

    commercial rack

  • metal cabinet

    metal cabinet

  • meat slicer

    meat slicer

  • square yard stick

    square yard stick

  • recliner


  • Amana rocker w/ foot stool

    Amana rocker w/ foot stool

  • rear projection TV

    rear projection TV

  • wooden rocker

    wooden rocker

  • couch


  • exercise bike

    exercise bike

  • exercising ski machine

    exercising ski machine

  • metal plant hangers

    metal plant hangers

  • Dairy Queen collectibles

    Dairy Queen collectibles

  • leather sofa

    leather sofa

  • leather couch

    leather couch