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Author:  George Graffius [ Mon Jun 18, 2018 1:52 pm ]
Post subject:  New Software...

A couple years ago I published the source code for a dataengine for auctioneers/auctionhouses that I developed for a member auctioneer/house in VA.

I had since moved away from the location, but stay in close contact and they have a new IT guy who moved it to linux (way le$$ expen$ive) and came up with a way to ship it as a set of fault tolerant nodes...for low, reasonable cost. He secured from me permission to distribute my code (same GPL agreement) and will be marketing soon.

BUT, bored one night, I looked at the software offerings that stores are using (some auctioneers have their own stores as well) and can come up with a multi vendor sales database using a variation on the same engine.

Just spitballing, would anyone with in house IT skill (to set up the web servers and transaction server (MYSQL) be willing to beta test it?

As always, my offerings would fall under the GPL, meaning, in essence, but not exactly: free to you.

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