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Tiny size ( 2" D ) banded onyx ( calcite ) gemstone display bowl. Hand-carved & polished in Pakistan, holding 5 small desert rose selenite formations. * Banded Agate, often called the “earth rainbow”,& is a healing stone for body, mind && spirit. It can increase concentration, honesty & memory. Banded Agate also protects the wearer from psychic attack, thereby preventing negative energy from harming you. * Desert Rose is a unique, natural crystal formation, a combination of water, wind & sand, also referred to as the Sand Rose, Selenite Rose or Gypsum Rose. Found in dry, desert regions, each one is said to contain a unique spirit guardian. They have traditionally been used as talismans for protection, overcoming phobias & to help boost self-confidence.

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by Connoisseur Online
December 11, 2021 2:00 PM EST
Rome, GA, US

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