HARAND, IRENE. (1900-1975). An Austrian Roman Catholic who founded the anti-Nazi Harand Movement in 1933. TLS. (“Irene Harand”). 1p. 4to. Jamaica, NY, November 10, 1964. To Dr. Albert Friedberg, a collector of Philatelic Judaica and the first president of the Cleveland chapter of the Society of Israel Philatelists (S.I.P.).

“Your kind letter of October 22nd came into my hands at a time when I was not quite well. It was just one of the bothering colds.

I read and reread your letter several times, I almost felt I know you personally; your fine kindness and the honor you bestowed on me is too much.

Today is the 26th anniversary of this unbelievable inhumane day of Nov. 10th, 1938, when Hitler’s hords [sic.] in Germany and Austria founded up thousands and thousands of perfectly innocent and decent human beings to throw them into concentration camps; the only “crime” of these humans was, that they were born as Jews…and the whole world looked on… some all to mild protests were forthcoming and nothing more. There has been never a time, when a quite ordinary man or woman was honored because he or she was not a “Raubmmoerder” [someone who commits murder in the act of robbery]. I thank you and all of your friends for spending a whole evening plus a half of the night to listen to Eric Lind’s lecture about a group of people who dared to follow a call of human decency, an idea nearly as old as the human race itself. I myself was only carrying this flag, -- without the followers no one would have noticed.

I want to preserve all the remaining labels in my possession for the Scholarship-Award, but for this time only, I will make the exception and enclose for you, your friends and schools the enclosed labels [not present]…”

Harand, a fearless leader who risked her life defending Jews and denouncing Hitler, began her courageous efforts in 1933, the year Hitler was elected chancellor of Germany, making her one of the first Austrians to declare her opposition to the Nazis. In response to Hitler’s immensely popular autobiography, Mein Kampf (My Struggle), Harand wrote Sein Kampf – Antwort an Hitler von Irene Harand (His Struggle – the Answer to Hitler from Irene Harand). At the time of Germany’s invasion of Austria in 1938, Harand was lecturing in London, an occasion that saved her life, as the Nazis had posted a reward of 100,000 Reichsmarks for her capture. In 1969 the nation of Israel awarded her the honorary title of “Righteous Among the Nations.”

“Kristallnacht” was the Nazi instigated pogrom against the Jews of Germany and occupied territories that led to the arrest and deportation 30,000 Jewish men to concentration camps. Eric Lind, mentioned in our letter, was a prominent collector whose wide-ranging interests included Jewish numismatics, philately and holocaust material. His collection is in New York’s Center for Jewish History.

Harand has crossed out her printed address in Manhattan, and written in her new address Jamaica, Queens. With the original envelope and in fine condition. Scarce. [indexhistory] [indexJudaica]

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