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PRESIDENTS, OF THE UNITED STATES. A stunning, folio-sized volume with gilt page edges and marbleized paper endpapers bound in blue cloth and quarter leather with examples of every president of the United States as described below, preceded by their individual portraits. The important signatures have been scanned and are available for viewing on this site; please contact us if you wish to see images of the other presidents’ signatures.

1) George Washington. CS. “G. Washington.” 1p. 32mo. A very good example written on a portion of a military discharge dated June 7, 1783. A light spot over the letter “G” with some minor tearing along the lower edge.
2) John Adams. ADS. 1p. Oblong 16mo. “April 1, 1807. Balanced the above account. John Adams.” Removed from a larger document and in fine condition.
3) Thomas Jefferson. CS. “Th. Jefferson.” 1p. 32mo. In fine condition.
4) James Madison. CS. “James Madison.” 1p. 12mo. Washington, February 25, 1814. Written on part of a printed check from the Bank of Columbia. Small spot affects part of Madison’s first name.
5) James Monroe. ADS. “Let them be appointed, James Monroe.” 1p. 32mo. N.p., N.d. Slight smudge over Monroe’s first name.
6) John Quincy Adams. CS. “John Quincy Adams, Quincy.” 1p. 32mo. N.p., N.d. A clean example mounted to a larger sheet.
7) Andrew Jackson. CS. “1829, Andrew Jackson.” 1p. Oblong 32mo. N.p. 1829. Bold signature, probably taken from a letter.
8) Martin van Buren. Partial ADS. “M. van Buren. Barlborough Hall, Jany, 6th, 1832. Envoy Extraordinary & Minister Plenipotentiary from the U. States to the Court of St. James. Title added by request.” 1p. Oblong 16mo. Barlborough Hall, January 6, 1832.
9) William Henry Harrison. Manuscript DS. “Wm. H. Harrison, A.D.C.” 1p. Oblong 12mo. Greenville, March 4, 1795. A full document ordering 6 gills of whiskey, while serving with General “Mad” Anthony Wayne.
10) John Tyler. CS. “J. Tyler.” 1p. 64mo. N.p., N.d. Written on a slip of paper.
11) James K. Polk. CS. “James K. Polk.” Written on a small piece of vellum, likely clipped from a military document. N.p. (Washington), August 7, 1846.
12) Zachary Taylor. CS. “Z. Taylor.” 1p. 64mo. N.p., N.d. Written on a slip of paper.
13) Millard Fillmore. CS. “Free, M. Fillmore.” 1p. 64mo. N.p., N.d. His frank written on a small piece of paper removed from an envelope.
14) Franklin Pierce. CS. “Very Respectfully, yr. friend & Servt., Franklin Pierce.” 1p. 32mo. N.p., N.d. Written on a small piece of paper removed from a letter.
15) James Buchanan. CS. “Free James Buchanan.” 1p. 64mo. N.p., N.d. His Frank written on a small piece of paper removed from an envelope.
16) Abraham Lincoln. CS. “Abraham Lincoln.” 1p. 32mo. N.p., N.d. A mint, full signature, likely penned as president.
17) Andrew Johnson. CS. “Andrew Johnson.” 1p. 32mo. N.p., N.d. Full signature on a piece of paper.
18) U. S. Grant. CS. “U.S. Grant.” 1p. 32mo. N.p., N.d. Full, bold signature on a small card.
19) Rutherford B. Hayes. CS. “R.B. Hayes, Fremont, O.” 1p. 32mo. Fremont, N.d. Signature on a brownish piece of paper.
20) James A. Garfield. Signature. “J.A. Garfield, Hiram, Postage Co., Ohio, March 20, 1875.” 1p. 12mo. Hiram, March 20, 1875. Written on a pre-printed autograph form.
21) Chester A. Arthur. CS. “C. A. Arthur.” 1p. 12mo. N.p., N.d. A signature removed from a secretarially written letter.
22) Grover Cleveland. CS. “Grover Cleveland, Jan 17, 1897.” 1p 32mo. (Washington), January 17, 1897. Written on a trimmed Executive Mansion card.
23) Benjamin Harrison. CS. “Benj. Harrison, Inda.” 1p. 32mo. N.p., N.d. Signed on a card.
24) William J. McKinley. CS. “Wm. McKinley.” 1p. 32mo. N.p., N.d. Signature on a sheet of paper dated December 1896 in an unidentified hand.
25) Theodore Roosevelt. CS. “T. Roosevelt.” 1p. 32mo. N.p., N.d. Signature on a small card.
26) William H. Taft. CS. “Wm. H. Taft.” 1p. 12mo. N.p., N.d. Signature on a sheet of paper.
27) Woodrow Wilson. DS. “Woodrow Wilson.” 1p. 8vo. (Princeton, June 1904). Wilson has penned his name along with seven other professors on a card indicating the classes G.P. Lyons attended. Unusual.
28) Warren G. Harding. CS. “W.G. Harding.” 1p. Oblong 32mo. N.p., November 1914. Signature on a fragment of a printed document.
29) Calvin Coolidge. CS. “Calvin Coolidge.” 1. Oblong 12mo. N.p., N.d. Coolidge has signed his name beneath his typed name on a small card.’’
30) Herbert Hoover. CS. “Herbert Hoover.” 1p. Oblong 16mo. N.p., N.d. His signature on a card from New York City’s Waldorf Astoria Towers.
31) Franklin D. Roosevelt. CS. “Franklin D. Roosevelt.” 1p. Oblong 16mo. N.p., N.d. His signature on a blue card.
32) Harry Truman. CS. “Harry Truman, 5-25-67.” 1p. Oblong 12mo N.p., May 25, 1967. His signature on a printed card sending thanks for wishes celebrating his 83rd birthday.
33) Dwight D. Eisenhower. Signature. “Dwight D. Eisenhower.” 1p. Oblong 8vo. N.p., N.d. His signature beneath a typed text, probably removed from a letter: “I have your recent letter inclosing a copy of your brief on Puerto Rico. Thank you very much for sending me this interesting and timely document. The strategic importance of Puerto Rico is fully recognized by the War Department and I assure you that your study will be given full consideration.” [indexhistory]

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