Poulins Online Firearms Auction

by Poulin Antiques & Auctions
February 7, 2023 10:00 AM EST
Live Auction

695 Lots

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Poulin Antiques & Auctions

Location: Fairfield, ME, US

Phone: 207-453-2114


Accepted Forms of Payment: American Express, Discover, MasterCard, Money Order / Cashiers Check, Personal Check, Visa, Wire Transfer


SHIPPING: Please see Terms of Sale, Section 19, for shipping information.

Fantastic selection! Antique, Modern, Military & Sporting firearms! Edged weapons, shooting accessories, accoutrements & ammo.
Buyer's Premium
$0+: 20.5%
Bid Increments
From: To: Increments:
$0 $499 $25
$500 $999 $50
$1,000 $1,999 $100
$2,000 $4,999 $250
$5,000 $9,999 $500
$10,000 $19,999 $1,000
$20,000 $49,999 $2,500
$50,000 + $5,000

Conditions of Sale

Payment: All items are to be paid for in United States American Funds. We accept Cash, pre-approved checks, Visa, MC, American Express, Discover & wire transfers. All items must be paid for in full before being removed from our facility. All fees associated with the cost of a wire transfer or bank check are those of the purchaser.
Must have valid driver's license when paying by charge cards & checks.
Checks are to be pre-approved by auctioneer prior to the auction (at least 2 business days before auction, NOT the day of the auction). A letter of reference from your bank is recommended to those who have never done business with us before. The auctioneer reserves the right to hold merchandise purchased by checks that have not been pre- approved until we can see that the check has cleared the bank. It is our policy to hold merchandise on all first time buyers, due to our bank's recommendation of 10 days, until the check has cleared the bank. (This enables the check to clear the bank and if it does not, then it gives them the time to notify us via mail).
* There will be a $25 fee charged for all returned checks.

* Third party checks are not accepted.
Note: Delay in payment, means delay in shipment to you. Delay in shipment to you could mean you lose all possibility of a return, so please make a prompt payment. The speediest forms of payments are credit cards or bank checks. Personal or Business checks from first time buyers will hold the shipment up for 10 business days until checks have cleared the bank. This could jeopardize the warranties of the descriptions if the shipment exceeds 18 business days.
9A. Payment must be in the form of either Wire transfers or Checks (made out in United States funds). Credit cards are only accepted for the shipping process. All fees associated with the use of a wire transfer are the responsibility of the purchaser. This includes the $25 fee that Poulin Antiques & Auctions, Inc. is charged by their bank for the international wire transfer.
9B. A payment by wire transfer or bank check qualifies the purchaser for a 2.5% deduction on their Buyers Premium.
9C. All firearms (this includes all antiques, curios or modern firearms), plus edged weapons and any item that has a portion of an animal (ivory, etc..) must go through either an exporter or another FFL dealer that supplies this service. We, Poulin Antiques & Auctions, Inc., will not ship any of these items out of the country without the use of an exporter.

Buyer's Premium: 5. BUYERS PREMIUM OF 17.5% will be applied to all property sold to be paid by the buyer as part of the purchase price and is therefore subject to applicable state sales tax. A 2.5% discount will be given to those paying by Cash, Wire Transfer, Bank check or pre-approved check.
BIDDERS: These are internet bidding services that are provided by separate companies that hosts our auctions live. They charge us a significant fee to upload to their platforms. They charge 3% to the buyer who utilizes their services. This amount is added into your Buyers Premium on your invoice.

Taxes: 4. 5.5% SALES TAX must be charged to all successful bidders.
Maine residents who do not present a valid ANNUAL RESALE CERTIFICATE at the time of registration will have to pay the 5.5% sales tax. NO EXCEPTIONS.
Under Maine law, items to be shipped within Maine will have the tax applied.
If you reside in the state of Maine, but maintain an out of state tax number, you must pay sales tax. This is Maine law.
Out of State residents. If you are not a Maine resident, we require a copy of your sales tax certificate or an affidavit (proof of your business, such as business check or card, etc.). Due to the recent Supreme Court ruling, items shipped to some out of state residents may be charged sales tax, if your state requires our company to collect the recipient's state sales tax.

Shipping Terms: SHIPPING: Please see Terms of Sale, Section 19, for shipping information.

Firearms Condition Categories:: Extremely Fine: All original with 98% finish, or better, brilliant shiny bore, very crisp mechanics, shows most original finish on bolt face and loading gate, etc. Terminology may also include "As New", "Appears to be Unfired", etc.
Very Fine: All original with 94/95% to 98% finish or better, crisp mechanics, bright to brilliant bore with no rust or pitting may also include "Shows Very Little if Any Use".
Fine: All original with 90% to 94/95% finish or better, very fine to light surface rust or minor, scattered pinprick pitting tight functional mechanics, strong, bright bore with minor.
Very Good: Minor touch-up or very minor, small parts replaced with 80% to 90% finish, scattered minor, light rust or pitting slightly loose mechanics but functional, strong bore with some shine, light to moderate pitting.
Good: Minor touch-ups, visible small parts replaced with 60% to 80% finish, light or moderate rust or fine pitting, good and functional mechanics, strong rifling or smooth bore with moderate pitting.
Fair: Little to no original finish, minor or small major parts replaced, light to moderate pitting externally, functional mechanics, fair bore with heavy pitting but visibly rifling. Poor: No original finish, possibly some major parts replaced, loose but functional mechanics, active or heavy external rust, poor bore with heavy pitting and little or no rifling visible.
Relic: Heavy brown rust patina, broken or missing parts may or may not be functional.
Definitions of Mechanical Condition:
"Mechanics are crisp" means that the mechanical function of the firearm is nearly or exactly as it left the factory and functions perfectly.
"Mechanics are fine" means that the operation of the firearm is as it should be with no hitches or malfunctions to impede its proper use.
"Mechanics are functional" means almost the same thing but implies that they may be a little loose, worn and require careful handling.
"Mechanics need attention" means that there is something wrong that requires attention before the firearm can be effectively used.