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Antique/Collectible Fishing Lures, Fishing Advertising, Decoys, Knives

(335 Lots)
by Redding Auction Service
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    Auction Description for Redding Auction Service: Antique/Collectible Fishing Lures, Fishing Advertising, Decoys, Knives
    Ed & Ida Salensky Estate: Ed was from Syracuse, NY.  He was a life member of the N.F.L.C.C.  He collected fishing & hunting collectibles for 50+ years.  This auction features a large selection of fishing items, duck decoys & Marbles Safety Axe Company items.  Ed Salensky & Bob Dorchester were able to purchase the William Miller’s Estate fishing items which were documented in the N.F.L.C.C. December 1992, Vol. 2, No. 2 magazine.  The article was written by Jerry Barrows.  After splitting the estate w/Bob Dorchester, Ed was later referred to as “The Miller’s Reversible Man”. We are fortunate to be able to offer this incredible collection of William Miller’s Prototypes of Reversible Minnows & Tango Types & Submarines!  The paint, the hardware & types of lures show the influences of the 1914-1916 lure designs of the Union Springs, NY area.  Although no patents have been found for the Miller’s Reversible Minnow, this collection features 2 Type I Minnows with “Pat. Pend.” marked under the heads.  The marks are impressed and painted over.  Lot #326A features extra parts of the Type I Reversible Minnows.  Two of the heads feature the same “Pat. Pend.” marks.  It has been a documented practice to mark products w/Pat. Pend. To keep others from replicating their designs.   Abbreviation Key: NOP-Name On Prop NNOP-No Name On Prop LT-Line Tie DLT-Double Line Tie GE-Glass Eyes NE-No Eyes PTE-Painted Tack Eyes PE-Painted Eyes NOL-Name On Lip NNOL-No Name On Lip OAL-Overall Length HPGMs-Hand Painted Gill Marks JEC-Jeweled End Caps CBH-Counter Balanced Handle LW-Level Wind NLW-Non Level Wind BW-Belly Weight R.P.-Repaint RH/WH-Red Head And White Finish

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Description: Penn Senator 12/0 reel with the harness loops
Current bid: $30 (2 bids)
Description: C.F. Orvis glass minnow trap with aluminum screw off lid, wire handle and harness
Starting bid: $10 (0 bids)
Description: Winchester 4pc casting rod in brown cloth bag, amber agate guides (partial decal with name remains)
Current bid: $10 (1 bid)
Description: Pepper jointed minnow, (probable repaint), 3 3/8 in length, NE, Jersey rig hooks
Starting bid: $10 (0 bids)
Description: Abbey & Imbrie Amawalk casting reel NLW. Double handled-dial click w brake in rims (both working) sculptured pillars
Starting bid: $10 (0 bids)
Description: Heddon 1941 catalogue (has note on cover) 1941 &42 war year catalog
Current bid: $10 (2 bids)
Description: Heddon Giant wooden Vamp with large glass eyes, perch finish w/ L-Rig hardware NOL, 6 ½ body length (several small chips, G)
Starting bid: $10 (0 bids)
Description: Early Kent Frog by Pflueger. Front prop is marked w a “R”, the back prop has a “L”. frog has glass eyes, large paint chip on
Current bid: $10 (1 bid)
Description: Pflueger 3 hook minnow, 2 ¾” body length. GE. Unsigned props. Never fail hardware, white with red & green spotted finish (G)
Starting bid: $10 (0 bids)
Description: Early Heddon #100 minnow. GE. W two belly weights, NNOP, green crackle back finish. HPGM, 2 ¾” in length cup rig hardware (VG++)
Current bid: $40 (2 bids)
Description: Heddon #150 minnow frog finish, GE, NOP, 1 Bw, L-Rig hardware. Some varnish flaking on belly-hook pointers on back VG-
Starting bid: $10 (0 bids)
Description: Heddon #150 minnow in green crackle back finish, GE, cup hardware, 1 BW,NOP, chipping on forehead with some hook pointers, 3 ¾” in length , point chi...
Starting bid: $10 (0 bids)
Description: Winchester No. 8116 casting line on wooden spool, 50 yards 24lb. test, both labels are punched
Current bid: $5 (1 bid)
Description: Double bladed J.H.Mann spinner, Syracuse NY, has the double hook, Glass beads & box swivel, The lower blade needs repair.
Starting bid: $10 (0 bids)
Description: Ka-Bar fly fisherman’s knife, has the metal tweezers in place, nice shape, no cracks or chips on the handle. Main blade is full
Starting bid: $10 (0 bids)
Description: Heddon #150 underwater minnow. Frog scale finish. GE, NOP, L-rig hardware, age cracks, re-varnished (F)
Current bid: $10 (1 bid)
Description: Heddon jointed vamp, w red head, gold flitter finish, 2 pc. flap rig. GE, signed on the belly, some varnish flaking. (VG-)
Starting bid: $10 (0 bids)
Description: Marbles automatic fish gaff. Nickel plated finish, stamped M.S.A. & Co. on the jaw. Has turn wood handle and canvas strap Has ‘Mann” filed into the c...
Current bid: $5 (1 bid)
Description: 1999 marbles belt ax. #9 Stamped on the head, “The Marble Plus Knife Club”, club ax limited edition of 360, (1999 on handle)
Starting bid: $10 (0 bids)
Description: Creek Chub Bait company dealer box. End label reads river scamp. Silver flash 4318, empty box w original bottom. Some added paint on one end- grease ...
Current bid: $40 (2 bids)
Current bid: $40 (2 bids)
Description: Pflueger fishing reel countertop display, all 12 clips are in place. Display has the metal sign on top, each panel is embrossed Pflueger. The display...
Current bid: $30 (2 bids)
Description: Pflueger die cut cardboard fishing tackle display. Original display w some damage on the bottom. Some small paper chips and Scratches in the center. ...
Current bid: $40 (3 bids)
Description: Victor duck decoy paper mache store display. Decoy has embroidered lettering on two sides
Current bid: $80 (8 bids)
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