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Certified Fine Jewelry - Factory Outlet Price!!!

(1992 Lots)
by 3 Kings Auction
  • October 29, 2014, 6:00 AM PST Timed Auction
  • Los Angeles, CA, US
  • Phone: 213-453-9959
  • Email: 3 Kings Auction
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    Auction Description for 3 Kings Auction: Certified Fine Jewelry - Factory Outlet Price!!!

    Conditions of Sale

    Winners will be notified after the auction ends and once all bids have been processed to determine the winner for each lot

    As used herein the term "bid price" means the price at which a lot is knocked down to the purchaser and the term "purchase price" means the aggregate of
    (a) the bid price,
    (c) California state or local sales tax.
    (d) Shipping & Handling cost

    All sales are final, no lots are sold on approval; placing a bid is a legally binding obligation. There are no returns or exchanges. All lots are sold as is, where is, with all the faults, imperfections, omissions and errors in the written description, estimates, appraisals, graphics and photography. 3 KINGS AUCTION is not responsible for any errors or omissions in the description, graphics or photography provided or in the bidding software. Due diligence to verify the condition and description of a lot is the sole responsibility of the Bidder prior to placing any bid. Returns may only be made with the advance written authorization of 3 KINGS AUCTION and are in 3 KINGS AUCTION's sole discretion to approve. To request a return you must provide a written request fully explaining the basis for the return no later than 4 days after your receipt of the lot. Under no circumstances will any amounts other than the winning bid amount be refunded. A restocking charge of 20% of the full invoice amount may apply in 3 KINGS AUCTION 's sole discretion. Any allowed returns must be received in exactly the same condition as when originally shipped to Buyer, or they will be returned to buyer at Buyer's cost. Any unauthorized returns will be refused. DELIVERY REFUSAL OF ITEMS SHIPPED BY 3 KINGS AUCTION TO THE BIDDER CONSTITUTES AN UNAUTHORIZED RETURN IN DIRECT VIOLATION OF THESE GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS.

    Payment of the winning bid amount, buyer's premium and shipping/handling charges will be made at the time the auction is reconciled and invoiced (email) by 3 KINGS AUCTION , using the credit card on file for the Bidder. In the event that no credit card is on file, the Bidder will be directed to 3 KINGS AUCTION's credit card payment website and also provided with instructions for payment by wire, cashier's check or money order. All credit card payments are due at the time the auction is invoiced by 3 KINGS AUCTION. All other payments are required to be received by the 4th day's mail delivery following the invoice being sent by email. In consideration of 3 KINGS AUCTION's approval of the application of the Bidder to bid in 3 KINGS AUCTION's auction, Bidder hereby authorizes 3 Kings Auction Inc. to charge the credit card currently or previously on file provided by Bidder as specified herein. A $50 handling fee will be assessed for each declined credit card transaction and Bidder agrees to such charge. Requests for other payment arrangements will only be considered prior to the opening of bidding in any auction.
    We provide handling, packing and shipping services solely as a convenience for our Bidders. Because Bidders most often opt for these services, we include an ESTIMATED AMOUNT in the auction invoice.

    We ship primarily by USPS priority mail within a commercially reasonable time following credit of the Bidders payment to our account. On average, a Bidder may expect to receive their items within 4 weeks following their payment. The actual cost of shipping, insurance, registry and confirmation services is charged to the Bidder, as well as a packing/handling fee not to exceed $3 per item, to defray the cost of labor involved. Large, heavy, fragile or otherwise unusual items will incur additional charges. Under special circumstances, 3 KINGS AUCTION may ship items using USPS Express Mail, private carriers or pack and ship enterprises, the cost of which shall be charged to the Bidder. 3 KINGS AUCTION will not entertain shipment using lower classes of mail due to the increased risk of loss. Requests earlier shipment or special handling may be accommodated on a limited basis at GOLDINI JEWELERS sole discretion and may incur additional handling charges. All costs charged to a Bidder's original invoice are estimates and GOLDINI JEWELERS reserves the right to charge additional amounts if such estimates are exceeded and Bidder hereby agrees to such additional amounts. 3 KINGS AUCTION may, at its sole discretion, combine the shipment of items from multiple auctions over a 7-day period to reduce shipping costs.

    All US domestic shipments are insured at the total bid amount contained in the shipment (other add-on charges are not covered by insurance). The estimated cost of insurance is included in the Bidder's invoice.

    Shipments to Hawaii, Alaska, US Territories and Foreign Countries - Shipping and handling charges to these locations are higher and often require registry or express mail. Insurance coverage to foreign locations may also be limited by the shipping carriers. 3 KINGS AUCTION will ship items to foreign locations using the same classes of mail and additional postal services that it uses to ship to US locations, to the extent that such services are available, and, insurance coverage may be limited or unavailable. IT IS THE FOREIGN BIDDER'S OBLIGATION TO BE AWARE OF AND INSTRUCT 3 KINGS AUCTION REGARDING ANY ALTERNATIVE SHIPPING ARRANGEMENTS WHICH MAY BE DESIRED TO INCREASE INSURANCE COVERAGE. 3 KINGS AUCTION will not be liable for any shortfall of insurance either on foreign shipments or on the non-coverage of additional invoice charges exceeding bid amounts.

    Foreign Bidders are solely responsible for the compliance with all export and import requirements of the items they purchase, both out of the US and into their country of delivery. To the extent that 3 KINGS AUCTION is required to assist foreign Bidders in these matters, the labor cost incurred in by 3 KINGS AUCTION will be billed at $30 per hour.

    Storage fees of $5 per day per item will apply to all items held for any Bidder after the normal shipment date due to circumstances existing at the Bidder's delivery location.

    Our responsibility for damage to or loss of any lot ends once it has been turned over to the USPS, or other shipping enterprise for delivery and/or packing. By bidding, the winning Bidder agrees that any and all claims for loss or damage to the lot will be handled solely through the insurance claims process or the carrier and acknowledges that insurance may be subject to deductibles or other limitations which are not the responsibility of 3 KINGS AUCTION.

    No items will be shipped to any Bidder for any particular auction until all charges for the auction have been paid in full and all funds have cleared. Even if paid in full, no items will be shipped to any Bidder for any particular auction if the Bidder has any balances with 3 KINGS AUCTION from other auctions which are not in compliance with the provisions of PAYMENT above, until such balances are paid in full and all funds have cleared. 3 KINGS AUCTION may, at it's sole discretion, require any Bidder to return a signed sales receipt prior to shipping.
    Buyer's Premium
    A Buyer's premium amounting to 18% of the winning bid amount will be added to the purchase price of each lot plus 3% fee. The winning bidders acknowledge and agree to pay a total of 18% premium on top of the winning bid price.
    Appraisal & Estimates
    High and low estimates are provided solely for comparison purposes and G makes no warranties of any kind relating to them.

    Any appraisals or evaluations provided are solely for the convenience of the Bidder and 3 KINGS AUCTION makes no warranties of any kind relating to them. Appraisals may include valuations which reflect the full, highest retail price of the item in a specific geographic region, the item's insurance replacement value, or both. No price estimate or appraisal value should be considered to represent the investment or resale value of the item. Such values are to be solely based on the due diligence evaluation of the Bidder absent any estimate or appraisal value presented.

    In the event that an item is listed as having an "Appraisal Estimate", this represents 3 KINGS AUCTION in-house estimate of what the item would appraise for. Actual appraisal of the item is the responsibility of the Bidder.
    CA Sales Tax
    California residents must pay 9.99% sales tax
    For any further questions about the above terms please call us at 213-689-9004 or visit our webpage at

    The Placing of a bid shall constitute acceptance of the preceding terms and conditions.
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Estimate: $3,700 - $7,400
Description: 14K White Gold 1.16ctw Diamond Ring **|**|** 14K White Gold 1.16ctw Diamond Ring --- 55 Diamonds @1.16CT --- Metal: 14K White Gold --- SKU#230546 ***...
Realized: $0
Estimate: $300 - $600
Description: Natural 152.69ctw Uncut Tiger's Eye Stone Pendant **|**|** Tumbled Golden Tiger's eye Wrapped with Sterling Silver Wire size: 39.65x21.53mm; color: G...
Realized: $0
Estimate: $1,200 - $2,700
Description: Aqua Marine 4.50ctw Earring 14kt White Gold **|**|** Mainstone: Aqua Marine ; Total CTW: 4.50 ; Shape: Oval ; Gem Size: 10x8mm ; Metal / Purity: 14kt...
Realized: $0
Estimate: $11,900 - $16,660
Description: Lady Cartier 18K Gold Tank Francais Watch **|**|** Lady Cartier 18K Gold & Stainless Steel Tank Francais Watch. Off-White Roman Numeral Dial. Stainle...
Realized: $0
Estimate: $600 - $800
Description: Pure Gold 16 14kt Italian Gold-Yellow 1.4mm 8 Sided Box Chain Gauge:24 4.3gr **|**|** Chain Size: 16 ; Metal Purity: 14kt ; Brand: Italian ; Metal: G...
Realized: $0
Estimate: $2,350 - $3,290
Description: Poland 1925 20 Zlotych Gold Boleslaw NGC MS-64 **|**|**
Realized: $0
Estimate: $800 - $1,000
Description: Citrine 0.85ctw Ring 14kt White Gold **|**|** Mainstone: Citrine ; Total CTW: 0.85 ; Shape: Oval ; Gem Size: 7x5mm ; Metal / Purity: 14kt White Gold ...
Realized: $0
Estimate: $100 - $200
Description: Natural Turquoise 124.38ctw Loose Small Gemstone Lot of 5 **|**|** Charm Blue Green Turquoise Random Freeform Loose Stones Designer Jewelry Supplies....
Realized: $0
Estimate: $1,500 - $3,000
Description: 14K White Gold 4.46ctw Citrine & Diamond Ring **|**|** 14K White Gold 4.46ctw Citrine & Diamond Ring --- 16 Diamonds @0.11CT --- 1 Citrine @4.35CT --...
Realized: $0
Estimate: $1,700 - $2,300
Description: $5 Liberty Almost Uncirculated Early Gold Bullion **|**|**
Realized: $0
Estimate: $21,250 - $29,750
Description: Round 1.50 Carat Brilliant Diamond K VS1 **|**|** Round 1.50 Carat Brilliant Diamond K VS1**Cert.**GIA ;
Realized: $0
Estimate: $700 - $900
Description: BAGUETTE LINK 30 2.0mm 16in. 5.2 grs 14kt 3tone Gold **|**|**
Realized: $0
Estimate: $4,300 - $8,500
Description: 18K White Gold 5.91ctw Topaz & Diamond Pendant **|**|** 18K White Gold 5.91ctw Topaz & Diamond Pendant --- 87 Diamonds @1.01CT --- 1 Topaz @4.9CT ---...
Realized: $0
Estimate: $250 - $350
Description: Mix Loose Gemstone Faceted Ruby Corrundum **|**|** One Lot of Mix Ruby Corrundum Faceted Gemstone total weight 23.16ctw ;
Realized: $0
Estimate: $5,480 - $7,670
Description: Cushion 0.70 Carat Brilliant Diamond E VS1 **|**|** Cushion 0.70 Carat Brilliant Diamond E VS1**Cert.**GIA ;
Realized: $0
Estimate: $4,350 - $6,090
Description: 2008-W 1/2 oz Gold Buffalo MS-69 PCGS **|**|** Year: 2008 ; Mint Mark: MS-69 ; Grade: W - West Point ; Denomination: $25 ;
Realized: $0
Estimate: $400 - $500
Description: Pure Gold 16 14kt Italian Gold-Yellow or White 0.9mm Rd. Snake Chain Gauge:022 2.7gr **|**|** Chain Size: 16 ; Metal Purity: 14kt ; Brand: Italian ; ...
Realized: $0
Estimate: $80 - $110
Description: Black Multi-Cord Leather Necklace - 16 in. **|**|** Denomination: 10 ;
Realized: $0
Estimate: $100 - $200
Description: Natural Simple Green Jade 38.96ctw Band Ring Lot of 3 **|**|** Approx 4-5mm Thick Simple Green Band Jade Ring Size 8. Smooth in texture and comfortab...
Realized: $0
Estimate: $1,700 - $3,400
Description: 18K White Gold 1.81ctw Citrine & Diamond Ring **|**|** 18K White Gold 1.81ctw Citrine & Diamond Ring --- 20 Diamonds @0.35CT --- 1 Citrine @1.46CT --...
Realized: $0
Estimate: $100 - $200
Description: Vintage Design Gemtone Earring 8.76g Silver Turkish Jewelry Design **|**|** 8.76g Vintage Design Gemstone Earring - Turkish Jewelry ;
Realized: $0
Estimate: $800 - $2,000
Description: Ruby 4.50ctw Earring 14kt White Gold **|**|** Mainstone: Ruby ; Total CTW: 4.50 ; Shape: Round ; Gem Size: 8mm ; Metal / Purity: 14kt White Gold ;
Realized: $0
Estimate: $11,500 - $15,100
Description: 55.70 Ctw Natural Blue Topaz & Diamond Necklace 10kt **|**|** 55.70 ctw Natural Blue Topaz & Diamond Necklace 10kt White Gold Diamond Count: 20pcs@.6...
Realized: $0
Estimate: $300 - $600
Realized: $0
Estimate: $2,830 - $3,960
Description: 2008 1/2 oz Gold American Eagle MS-70 NGC **|**|** Year: 2008 ; Mint Mark: MS-70 ; Denomination: $25 ;
Realized: $0
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