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SPECIAL MIDWEEK JEWELRY FLASH SALE - Modern and Vintage Jewelry at True Wholesale Prices

(1399 Lots)
by NextGen Estates
  • May 14, 2019, 7:45 AM EST Live Auction
  • Punta Gorda, FL, US
  • Phone: 941-347-7688
  • Email: NextGen Estates
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    Auction Description for NextGen Estates: SPECIAL MIDWEEK JEWELRY FLASH SALE - Modern and Vintage Jewelry at True Wholesale Prices

    Conditions of Sale

    NextGen Estates is a family owned, fourth generation business that we envision continuing generations into the future (although my 9 year old twins would currently like to be a ninja and knight respectively). As such, our reputation and the continued satisfaction of our customers is paramount to us. We understand that without the trust you have in our company, we cannot be successful. That is why while most of our competitors have 25 pages of legal disclaimers written by a team of attorneys, we will just say this:
    1) We take great pains to authenticate and validate every item up for bid and take a lot of pride in that work. The founder of our company has over 40 years experience in the jewelry, art, collectible, and antique business. That being said, we are not omnipotent. If we made a mistake, just let us know and we will make every effort we can to make it right. That's just the way we do things.
    2) We ship all of our jewelry in jewelry boxes. We know that when we receive jewelry, we like it in boxes. We assume you feel the same.
    2) We sell everything "as is". If there is a defect in a piece, we will highlight it in both the description and the picture if possible. The last thing we want is to sell you something and then you not be satisfied because it is not what you expected. Please feel free to ask us for clarification prior to the auction if you have any questions regarding the condition or construction of any item.
    3) We don't use overly inflated "low" and "high" auction estimates to pump up our prices. Instead, we look to see what retail locations are selling our items for and use those prices for estimates. We are just able to purchase our products for significantly below these prices and pass the savings to you. Those buying channels are what differentiates us from our competitors.
    4) If you are the highest bidder for an auction piece, congratulations! It took us a lot of time and effort to find that piece and buy it at a price we think is really attractive. All we ask in return is that you pay for it promptly. We think that is a pretty fair trade.
    5) We love buying jewelry and collectibles at unheard of pricing. It is what gets us excited about coming to work in the morning. Photography, not so much. So while some of our competitors spend a lot of time making their jewelry appear to float in air, we choose to work on buying new pieces for you to enjoy. So if you would like to see additional photos or detail on a piece, just shoot us an email and we would be happy to send you additional photos. We will leave the levitating to David Blaine.
    6) On occasion, we may place a bid on an item in our auction on behalf of phone bidders, if the bids placed do not meet our reserve requirements, or for any other reason.
    7) We add a buyers premium of 18.5% to each winning bid (in addition to the 5% fee assessed by invaluable). Even with this premium, we think you will agree that you simply cannot find these fine items at at a lower price anywhere. If you can, let us know because we would be a buyer as well.
    That's all we've got - I'm glad that commercial law class I took 15 years ago finally paid off. See you at the auction!

    For your security, we process all of our credit cards through Paypal so you feel confident in that your personal information is as secure as possible. We never see your credit card information. Through Paypal, we accept Paypal transfer, American Express, Visa, Mastercard, and Discover card. We also will accept personal checks, wire transfers, and money orders but that may delay your shipping until we verify funds.
    Shipping & Handling Terms
    Shipping within the United States is completed via US Postal Service or FedEx (which ever is less expensive) with tracking and insurance unless specifically requested by the buyer. For shipping outside of the US, we will use primarily FedEx or USPS, depending on the value of the item and the destination country. All high value packages will require a signature upon delivery. In addition to the actual cost of the shipping and insurance, we do add a nominal per item handling fee. The more items you order, the less the per item handling fee would be.
    Buyers Premium
    There will be an 18.5% buyers premium added to the hammer price of each item (in addition to the 5% premium assessed by invaluable).
    Sales Tax
    There will be a 7.0% sales tax for items shipped to a Florida Address. Disney can't pay for everything in the Sunshine State.
    Through our pictures and descriptions, we try and give our customers the best possible feel for the condition of our items. If you need more information, just send us an email and we would be more than happy to provide anything else to ensure that you are a confident buyer. Everything is sold "as is".
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Estimate: $16,500 - $24,750
Description: In 14k White Gold. Contains a GIA certified 1.2ct Very High Quality Round Brilliant Diamond, F color/VS2 clarity/Tripple Excellent Cut/Polish/Symetry...
Realized: $0
Estimate: $5,500 - $8,250
Description: In 14K white gold, diamonds have a ton of life and sparkle and are H color, I1 clarity. 1/2 inch long. With friction backs. 2.2g
Realized: $0
Estimate: $4,125 - $6,187
Description: In 18k white gold. Ring contains a stunning 0.70 carat Pear shaped diamond with SI-1 clarity and I color with lots of sparkle. 3.8g
Realized: $0
Estimate: $1,474 - $2,211
Description: In Platinum. Engraved Diamond Pattern Wedding Band that offers a great matte finish. 7mm wide. 10.8g Size 7
Realized: $0
Estimate: $1,650 - $2,475
Description: In Platinum. 5mm wide. 12.1g Size 9
Realized: $0
Estimate: $539 - $808
Description: These fantastic and unique Heart shaped hoops earrings are 14k Italian white gold. Measurements are approximately 3/4" x 1/2". 6.8g
Realized: $0
Estimate: $1,045 - $1,567
Description: In 14k yellow gold. The ring contains a 6mm x 4mm high quality natural ruby that weighs 1/2 carat and 4 round Rubies that weigh 1/4 ct TW. The rubies...
Realized: $0
Estimate: $3,278 - $4,917
Description: This gorgeous 0.80 carat diamond ring is set in a 14k yellow gold modern band. The high quality brilliant cut diamond is SI2 clarity and H color and ...
Realized: $0
Estimate: $1,078 - $1,617
Description: Great Scott Kay Platinum 5mm band style ring with beaded edge. Size 9 1/2 10.8g
Realized: $0
Estimate: $297 - $445
Description: In 14k Yellow and White Gold. 6mm wide. Size 6. 4.5g
Realized: $0
Estimate: $385 - $577
Description: The band is 6mm wide. Size 10. 5.7g
Realized: $0
Estimate: $7,700 - $11,550
Description: In 14k Yellow and white gold. There is a beautiful combination of high quality brilliant round and baguette diamonds in a spiral pattern on this brac...
Realized: $0
Estimate: $2,530 - $3,795
Description: In 14k Yellow, White, and Rose Gold. The high quality AAA London Blue Topaz measures 14mmx10mm oval and is approx. 6 carats with an exceptional deep ...
Realized: $0
Estimate: $13,860 - $20,790
Description: In platinum. Center Diamond is Very High Quality Round Brilliant, 1.1 ct, VVS clarity, G color, excellent cut with lots of sparkle and brilliance. Al...
Realized: $0
Estimate: $506 - $759
Description: In 14k White and Yellow gold. Hand engraved with leaves/beautiful nature pattern. Band is 10mm wide in front, tapers to 5mm wide in back of ring. Siz...
Realized: $0
Estimate: $176 - $264
Description: 14k Yellow gold. 1.25 inches. 2.3g
Realized: $0
Estimate: $1,155 - $1,732
Description: In 14k yellow and white gold. 6 3/4 inches. Contains 1.5ct TW of high quality baguette diamonds, G color/SI clarity. 11.2g
Realized: $0
Estimate: $1,925 - $2,887
Description: In 14K yellow gold. Contains a 1/2 ct High Quality Round Brilliant Diamond, SI-1 clarity, G color. Diamond has great sparkle and is completely eye cl...
Realized: $0
Estimate: $1,870 - $2,805
Description: In 18k Yellow Gold. Contains twelve .05ct very high quality diamonds (.6 ct TW), VVS clarity/F color. Also contains nine 2mm high quality sapphires w...
Realized: $0
Estimate: $1,265 - $1,897
Description: In 14K white gold. Center diamond is an old European cut high quality 1/3 ct. diamond, VS clarity/H color. The 11 other diamonds are .17 ct. total we...
Realized: $0
Estimate: $1,375 - $2,062
Description: In 14K yellow and white gold. The center diamond is a high quality round brilliant .35 ct, G color/VS clarity. There are six .03 ct side stones that ...
Realized: $0
Estimate: $5,720 - $8,580
Description: In 14K white gold. The center stone is a high quality .7 ct round brilliant diamond, F color/ SI-2 clarity. The two side diamonds are .4 ct each, als...
Realized: $0
Estimate: $2,860 - $4,290
Description: In 14K yellow gold. Contains six .20ct and ten .10ct high quality round brilliant diamonds. The diamonds are VS/H color. Size 9 3/4 5.7g
Realized: $0
Estimate: $2,860 - $4,290
Description: 14K white gold. Contains a high quality 1/2 ct and two 1/4 ct princess cut diamonds, G color/SI clarity. Diamonds are very "white" and are completely...
Realized: $0
Estimate: $440 - $660
Description: In 14K white gold, contains a .05ct high quality round brilliant diamond that is VS clarity, G color. Size 7 5.3g
Realized: $0
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