Black Belt Auctions

Black Belt Auctions

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Priscilla Peters
3114 Limestone Rd
Suite 1A
Cochranville, PA 19330

Phone: 4847463200

We are a team of entrepreneurs, bringing a wealth of business acumen to the forefront of the auction industry. Let's meet the key players: Pri, the driving force behind our journey; Drew and Tracey, a dynamic husband-and-wife duo, foster parents, owners of Cope Construction, and all-around entrepreneurs. Pri's enduring relationship with the Copes spans over a decade.

Pri's competitive spirit has been a driving force throughout her life. From soccer, she learned skill and strategy; distance running instilled discipline; lacrosse taught teamwork, and martial arts imparted values like integrity, perseverance, confidence, work ethic, leadership, and the resilience to bounce back from setbacks. For the past eight years, Pri has dedicated herself to martial arts earning black belt rank in Goju and Senkotiros, while also simultaneously earning an MBA in Management, delving into e-commerce and gaining diverse experiences in the auction industry.

The vision for Black Belt Auctions was born from Pri's desire to create an auction house that pays attention to detail. She saw a profound connection between the core values of sports and martial arts and the principles that drive successful businesses. This passion, coupled with a familial legacy of excellence, ignited her determination to excel in every endeavor.

Joining forces with the Copes, renowned for their craftsmanship in the construction industry under the philosophy of 'COPE BUILT,' Pri found a kindred spirit. Their commitment to detail and unwavering service aligned perfectly with the vision for the Black Belt Auctions. This synergy inspired our mission to establish "Black Belt Style" in the auction world, seamlessly blending the values of martial arts, dedication, commitment, and excellence into our business ethos.

Together, we embark on an exhilarating journey. Our fusion of innovation and dedication paints a picture of our future in which we define a new era of auction excellence. Join us as we weave the essence of martial arts into every interaction, redefining what it means to embrace the auction world the Black Belt Style way.
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