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Antiques, Paintings, Sterling, and More!!!

Sat Jul 13 - 10:00AM

801 NW 2nd Street, Richmond, IN Click to Map

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  • 1800s Lost Illusions Oil Painting

    1800s Lost Illusions Oil Painting

  • Southern Estate Couple Oil Paintings

    Southern Estate Couple Oil Paintings

  • Frederic Remington Bronze Statue

    Frederic Remington Bronze Statue

  • Sterling Silver Serving and Flatware

    Sterling Silver Serving and Flatware

Antiques, Paintings, Sterling,

and More!!!

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Auction Starts July 13th @ 10am EST

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        1 AMF Batwing Tricycle
        2 Antique Pedal Tractor
        3 Pawan Wooden Brick Mold
        4 Carl S. Akey, INC. Cast Iron Cow Boot Cleaner
        5 Charlie the Bartender mechanical Smoking Robot Toy
        6 Lunar One By Olympia pair Lollipop Lamps
        7 4 tier 15 Drawer Index Card / Apothecary Cabinet
        8 Indian Statue w/ extras, damaged in back Headress
        9 North-Star Refrigerator Co Chattanooga
       10 4pc Collector's Cherry Thomasville Furniture Co.
       11 Trooper Thanatopsis Frederic Remington Statue
       12 Early American Empire Vanity Mirror Leaves Acorn
       13 Hoosier Shotgun Cabinet
       14 Antique Carpenters Tool Box
       15 Short Corner Shelf Cabinet Desk Antique
       16 Dress Mold Seamstress Dress maker
       17 Antique Wicker Baby Stroller
       18 Antique Floor Lamp
       19 Sleigh Bed
       20 Antique Columbia Bicycle Tank Schwinn Seat
       21 Antique Table
       22 Santa Maria Ship Lamp
       23 Metal on Stone Sculpture
       24 Hand Painted Lamp
       25 Oriental Brass Lamp
       26 Indian? Blanket Rug
       27 Indian? Blanket Rug     X3
       28 Indian? Blanket Rug
       29 Indian? Blanket Rug
       30 Indian? Blanket Rug
       31 Floral Rug
       32 Milkglass Canister
       33 Milk Glass Footed Bowl
       34 Bullhead Lidded Jar
       35 Iridescent Carnival Cheese Plate
       36 Carnival Leaves Flowers Ruffled Carnival Bowl
       37 Amethyst Glass Bird Votive
       38 Antique Silver Plated Etched Cruet Condiment Set
       39 SilverCrest Heart Handled Candle Holder
       40 Late 1800's Oil Painting "Lost Illusions"
       41 Southern Estate Husband and Wife portraits
       42 Antique Oil Painting Portrait of Older Lady Matron
       43 O.G. Jenks Portrait Oil Painting Gentleman 1886
       44 Elizabeth H. Pryor Portrait 1939 Gentleman
       45 Antique Oil Painting Portrait Lady
       46 John Elwood Bundy Oil Painting on Canvas
       47 Harry R. Townsend Winter Scene Oil Painting
       48 Harry R. Townsend Oil Painting
       49 Harry R. Townsend Oil Painting
       50 Harry R. Townsend Oil Painting
       51 Harry R. Townsend Oil Painting
       52 Harry R. Townsend Oil Painting
       52a Harry R. Townsend Oil Painting
       53 Crystal Perfume
       54 Antique Glass Perfume Bottle
       56 Imperial Brown Slag Glass Owl Creamer
       57 Orange Slag Glass Toothpick Holder
       58 Vogue Merc Co Akro Agate Slag Glass Horn of Plenty
       59 Large Ornate Sterling Silver Serving Ladle
       60 Ornate 6pc Rogers A1 Spoon Set
       61 9pc Sterling Spoon Set Ornate Flower Design
       62 Orrin Draver Winter Scene Oil Painting Local Art
       63 A Sensational Shell Sterling Serving Spoon
       64 Imperial Orange Carnival Footed Vase
       65 Carnival Bowl "S" Smith?
       66 Norman Rockwell "Christmas Dancers" LE Figurine
       67 Norman Rockwell First Edition Figurine
       68 Pickle Castor no Holder for Tongs
       69 Opalescent Painted Orange Flower Bowl
       70 Libbey Large Footed Crystal Octagonal Bowl
       71 S. Kirk and Son Sterling Ornate Serving Spoon
       72 S. Kirk and Son Sterling Jam Knife
       73 Large Blue and White Vase
       74 Ruby Fluted Champagne Glasses X4
       75 Losol Ware Pitcher Thurman
       76 Gnome Bag and Pipe Metal Figure
       77 Murano? Art Glass Swan Paperweight
       78 Hand Made Genuine Hand Blown Red Crown Sitcker EOD
       79 Sterling Claw Sugar Tongs
       80 R. Wallace & Sons Stering Silver Ornate Spoon
       81 Sterling Silver Salt Cellar Spoon
       82 Sterling Silver "Alice" Spoon
       83 The Religious Herald. Richmond May 12th, 1864
       84 The Oxford Democrat Sept 9th 1964 News Paper
       85 The Religious Herald. Richmond Sept 15th 1862
       86 Antique Rocking Chair
       87 Cane Bottom Ladder Back Chair
       88 Antique Medical Gurney Hospital Morgue Funeral
       89 Antique Medical Gurney Hospital Morgue Funeral
       90 Antique Medical Gurney Hospital Morgue Funeral
       91 Antique Portrait photo
       92 Cast Aluminum Bell Nice Chime
       93 2 1/2 Quart Daisy Pyrex Casserole Dish with Lid
       94 Sterling Silver Turned Heart Spoons X 2
       95 John Harverd 1639 Veritas "Truth" Sterling Spoon
       96 Sterling Silver New York Harbor Statue of Liberty
       97 Sterling Silver "Niagra" Niagra Falls RD1902 Spoon
       98 Sterling Silver Indian Chief "Niagra" Spoon
       99 Sterling SIlver Spoon "Margrette"
      100 Sterling Super Ornate St. Louis Souvenir Spoon
      101 S.E. Ledman Sterling Silver Filigree Spoon
      102 Sterling Silver Spoon "Alice"
      103 Kentucky Silver Souvenir Spoon
      104 Goldenrod Harlequin by Reed & Barton Faeries
      105 Sterling Silver Dinglehopper
      106 Sterling Silver Daytona Fla. Spoon no emblem
      107 Alyce Gretian Woman Sterling Slver melon Spoon
      108 Sterling Silver New York Souvenir Spoon Ornate
      109 Columbus the discoveror Sterling Silver Spoon
      110 Sterling Silver Spoon Ornate Spoon
      111 Sterling Silver Caddy Spoon S. Kirk & Son
      112 Sterling Straw Ice Tea Scallop Spoon
      113 Sterling Silver Ornate Florar Sugar Sifter Spoon
      114 Sterling Silver Spoon X 3
      115 Militaria and Military Button Display Lot #1
      116 Military Button Display Lot #2
      117 Button Display Lot #3
      118 Antique Button Display Lot #4
      119 Militaria and Antique Button Display Lot #5
      120 Antique Military Buttons Roscoe Turmball D. Lot #6
      121 Antique Button Display Lot #7
      122 The Letter "P" Antique Buttons Display Lot #8
      123 Antique FD Cadet Button Display Lot #9
      124 NJ State P.B.A Champion Display Lot #10
      125 Antique Buttons Display Lot #11
      126 Zoo Keeper Badge Money Clip Coins Ring D#12
      127 Antique Button Display Lot #13
      128 Antique Buttons, Rings, Waltham Pocket Watch D #14
      129 Bone Scraper Medical? ?Civil War? Display Case #15
      130 Sterling Necklace Display Case #16
      131 Sterling 925 Jewelry Display Case #17
      132 Antique Button Display Lot #18
      133 Antique Buttons and Militaria Display Case #19
      134 Antique Buttons Display Case # 20
      135 Antique Buttons Display Case # 21
      136 Souvenir Souvenir Mustered Out Badge Display C #22
      137 Large Ammunition Round X 2
      138 Ammo X 5
      139 Grenade Drilled
      140 S. Kirk & Son Ornate Sterling Silver Serving Spoon
      141 Ornate Slotted Sterling Silver Spoon
      142 Super Ornate Sterling Silver spoon Large
      143 Sterling Silver Serving Ladles X3
      144 Sterling Silver Spoon
      145 S. Kirk and Son Sterling Silver Floral Spoon
      146 Sterling Silver Salt Cellar Spoon
      147 Sterling Silver Pastry Server
      148 Sterling Silver Handle Serving Pieces X2
      149 Glass Cake Stand
      150 Milkglass Hobnail Segmented Dish Relish
      151 Grapevine Milkglass Fruit Bowl
      152 Crystal Bowl
      153 20 pcs Unmarked Sterling/Coin Silver and plated
      154 Westmoreland Grape Vine Water Pitcher
      155 Pair of Crystal Bowls
      156 Celebrate Serving Dish Made in Germany
      157 Lidded Crystal Jar
      158 Hand painted Nippon Hat Pin Holder
      159 Cobalt Blue Lidded Hobnail Glass Slipper
      160 Imperial Cruet Stop Verde Pressed Glass w/ Tag
      161 Oneida Crystal Vase
      162 Imperial Clear Pressed Glass Cruet
      163 Wm Rogers Covered Dish Wellington 118
      164 Hand Blown Cranberry Creamer Pitcher Small
      165 Crystal Dish
      166 Crystal Dish
      167 Carnival Bowl
      168 Terrine Tureen stoke on trent c bros versailles
      169 Crystal Cake Plate Shannon Crystal
      170 Butterfly Bowls Ceralene A. raynaud Limoges X4
      171 Amethyst Glass Vase
      172 American Brilliance? Crystal Footed Bowl
      173 Karlsbad BBD Berry Bowl Set
      174 Limoges Haviland Purple Flower 4pc Plate Set
      175 Shannon Crystal Champagne Flutes X 5
      176 Antique Carpenters Tools Wood Plains, Threader etc
      177 C. Hattersley CIN-O Wood Plane
      178 Vera Wang Wedgwood Crystal Vase
      179 Miniature Crystal Vase
      180 HP roses Grape Vine West Moreland Lidded Compote
      181 Antique Clock Barometer Thermometer
      182 Pair Miniature Pith on Rice Paper Woman Painting
      183 Portuguese 1981 20 Reis Coin
      184 Antique Gold Gilt Metal Clock
      185 Chinese Import Made in China Brass Dragon Box
      186 W A Pickard Handpainted Germany Vase
      187 Carmen Germany Roses Pitcher
      188 First Edition two Volume John Adams Page Smith
      189 Cristal Vase
      190 Crystal Vase
      191 Etched Crystal Glass Pitcher
      192 Etched Crystal Glass Pitcher
      193 LE Smith Moon and Star Clear Pitcher w/ Tag!
      194 Washer Children Ceramic Pitcher
      195 O. Hammer Golfing Clown Oil Painting Spillman
      196 O. Hammer Painting Joey swings with Sad Clown
      197 John A. Ruthven Birds Wallace China Plates
      198 Paul Sawyier Print Boats Covered Bridge Extra
      199 Verlag und. Druck v.F. Silber, Berlin.
      200 "Fox Hunting"
      201 "Ruffian" Signed Print Celeste Susany
      202 "The Race Horse." 1880 Woodcut Print
      203 "Fox" Print
      204 W. Rothenstein Print Signed and Titled
      205 Ron Deane Local Artist Charcoal God's Beauty
      206 AR Switzerland Pressed Florals
      207 "Old Red Bank" signed Lionel Barrymore Print
      208 Dabney Crest Faithgul and Grateful Elephant
      209 Waller Crest hic est fructus virtutis
      210 "Native Dancer Brewer Jr. 54 Equi-Lith 1954
      211 HG Moon Miltonia Moreliana Print Gera, Reuss
      212 HG Moon Botany Biology Print
      213 Wallace Race Horse Print
      214 Man of War Engraving Harry M. Phillips Signed
      215 Double Decker Bus Unknown Media
      216 Italian Print David Ashley Chinese Series No. 2A&B
      217 Italian Print David Ashley Chinese Series No. 4A&B
      218 Emperor Painting
      219 High Mettled Racer Print
      220 Michelle Taylor Floral Still Life Oil Painting
      221 Pond/River Print
      222 Paul Sawier Numbered Print
      223 "Botherum" Limited Edition Woody Huston
      224 Paul Sawyier "Journey Home" Numbered Print
      225 Cedar Bird Botany Engraving R. Ravell Botany Print
      226 J Gould & HC Richter del et lith Fregilus Graculus
      227 Misc Sterling Cuff Flatware
      228 Sterling Butter Knives X11
      229 Gerzit W. Germany Punchbowl Set
      230 Boy on Pedal Car, Irish Cart
      231 "Introductions"
      232 "Two Little Sisters" Stoddard Oil Replica


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