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  • John J Audubon (1785 -1851) Bein Great

    John J Audubon (1785 -1851) Bein Great

  • Russian Gilt Silver and gold cigarillo

    Russian Gilt Silver and gold cigarillo

  • Faberge' guilloché enamel jeweled

    Faberge' guilloché enamel jeweled

  • Indian Trade Bead and Silver Gorget

    Indian Trade Bead and Silver Gorget

Lot: 1 - John J Audubon (1785 -1851) Bein Great Footed Hawk

Title: Great footed Hawk, FALCO PEREGRINUS, full sheet John James Audubon (1785 - 1851) J. Bein Edition Double-Elephant folio size chromolithograph. From the Julius Bien edition of Audubon’s Birds of America, New York: 1858-1860. No. 12-2 printed at the upper left and plate 20 printed at upper right, Image measures approx. 23 3/8" x 36 3/8" on approx. 26 ½” x 39 ½” paper in a vintage burlwood frame behind glass that measures 33.5" x 46.5". Appears to be in excellent condition for it's age with a small corner tear bottom left (pictured) Provenance: From The Personal Collection of NYC Fashion and Advertising photographer Neal Barr

Lot: 2 - Russian Gilt Silver and gold cigarillo case

Property from a Private California Collection highly embossed with floral scrolling and intricate designs, curved settings for a small cigarillo sized cigar, gilt silver interior and monogrammed in gold in two places. Elaborate embossed designed using multiple jewelry techniques including niello. Hallmarked inside panel in Cyrillic measures approx. 3.3" x 2.7" x 1"

Lot: 3 - Faberge' guilloché enamel jeweled cigarette case

Property from a Private California Collection A Fabergé jeweled varicolor gold-mounted guilloché enamel and gilt silver cigarette case by workmaster Henrik Wigström, St Petersburg, 1908-1917. Mounted designs set with a miniature painting, diamonds, emerald and rubies. The wavy Guilloche' enamel starts red/pink and flows into a light green with a gold mounted two headed eagle (of the state) and a miniature portrait of a Russian Cathedral (church) framed with mine cut diamonds. St. Petersburg Faberge' mark, Wigström makers mark 88 Standard mark, Includes a period Faberge Case.

Lot: 4 - Indian Trade Bead and Silver Gorget Hudson Bay

Indian Fur Trade Silver Gorget with Bear Clan Motif 71/8" x 4 1/4" with 1/75" half moon crescents etching with crosses and stars, along with porcupine, jingle bobs and 4" x4" iron stag horns with wool red and gray cloth dangles. The Gorget Measures approx. 7 1/8" x 4 1/4" with 1.75" half moon dangles and 4" x 4" stage horns with 1" dangles

Lot: 5 - Joe de Young etching - The Trapper

signed and numbered in the margin 21/50 measures 4 7/8" x 3 3/8" nicely framed behind glass 12 3/4" x 10 3/4"

Lot: 6 - Earle Eric Heikka (1910-1941) Original Bronze

Title: 'When Guns Were Slow' Inscribed rear base: 3/35 E. E. Heika 1937; front base: Powell Foundry measures approx. 18.25" x 17.25" x 9" Purchased new at the his gallery by current owner Santa Barbara, California

Lot: 7 - Cassius Clay Autographed photo - Liston Knockout

- Right after match with Sonny Liston measures 20.5" x 16.5" Full color 16 x 20" Cassius Clay in the ring with Bundini Brown after he won his first heavyweight title against Sonny Liston on February 25, 1964 in Miami. Autographed Cassius Clay in gold in the 1990's.

Lot: 8 - Edward Bohlin Western leather and silver vest

Vintage Edward Bohlin Black leather and Bohlin Sterling Silver Concho Vest decorated front and back with Bohlin silver diamonds, squares and rosettes 20" from top to bottom on back 10" for arm holes, 16" across top of back can be worn by man

Lot: 9 - Sophia Loren 1991 photograph by Neal Barr

Title: It's the only pair you'll ever need" Sophia Loren (she was 56 in this photo) AD outtake for Zylowear shot in 1990, Mexico Campaign 1991 - signed by Barr and mounted inkjet printed photograph measures approx. 23" x 16.5" from Barr's personal collection

Lot: 10 - The Outlaws Frank and Jesse James Tintype

A True Keepsake of the brothers mounted in a gutta percha closing case with brass mat, Frank is holding on to a firearm while Jesse is cross legged sitting. Image measures approx. 3.5" x 2.5" case measures approx. 5" x 4" Provenance: Private Museum Collection, originally from The Donald Sanders Collection

Lot: 10A - Ace Powell oil on canvas - Beaver pond

measures 10" x 14" - Nicely framed 18.5" x 22.5"

Lot: 11 - After C.M. Russell Bronze Indian bust

Solid Bronze, well cast measures 5.5" x 4"

Lot: 12 - Howard R. Butler oil on board Canyon river Zion

"Mountain of the Sun Canyon, Zion Utah" with handwritten artist card verso, signed bottom left - landscape measures 14" x 20"

Lot: 13 - Mayan Green Stone Carved Relief

A 6" x 4 1/8" green stone relief with remnants of green pigment that raise up over the relief under microscope, two bow-drilled holes top corners, and additional drilled holes probably for gemstones. Depicts a seated figure holding a snake with rattle

Lot: 13A - Mayan Jade Carved Head of a Rain God

Southern Mexico - Western Guatemala 200-900 AD Jade, Mayan. "A magnificent representation of rain god Tlaloc or possibly Chaac This emerald green jade head presents an elongated head with large oval eyes and pupils indicated by a groove long pendulous nose, evincing fans indicated by core drilling and protruding tongue and wears large ear ornaments. It's back is slightly hollowed and left unpolished in contrast to the clean and highly polished surface. Some mineral or stucco deposits remain." Measures 15.5 x 12 cm or 6 tall" x 4.75" wide. Includes 1970 letter from Hasso von Winning and a 1970 Bill of Sale

Lot: 14 - Olmec Ceremonial 'Hummingbird' Metate Bowl

Tenochtitlán 1200–900 BC gray stone (probably basalt) ceremonial metate that shows traces of rouge pigment or decoration measures 13.25 " x 7" x 6". The unusual surface curves up on each end, and designed to withhold ceremonial material if agitated. Provenance: Sold at the Sy Owens Auction Gallery San Francisco in 1967 to the current owner's father Includes bill of sale from 1967

Lot: 15 - A Maya Stone Carved Profile of a face

Shows extreme age, the stone is light for it's size measures approx. 9" x 6" x 2" and depicts the profile of a man's face with a large bow drilled hole in the head that can hang or be used as a handle. Functions well in the hand possible a ball game or ceremonial hand held piece.

Lot: 16 - Outstanding Antique Wrought iron fireplace screen

from a Montecito Estate, features two pieces each with a standing griffon and elaborate bonnet, self standing measures approx. 49" x 67"

Lot: 17 - 1891 Rambler Bicycles Advertising Poster

Large Format Italian Advertising Poster for Rambler Bicycles by Gormully & Jeffery MFG Co. Chicago U.S.A. - Artist: BERNARD SACCAGGI, Size: 62" x 41" or approx. 102.2 x 157.2 cm, Reads: "Rambler Bicycler rappresentante esclusivo per l' Italia V. Croizat * 11.13 via Gioberti * Torino" - Condition: Cond B Slight tears at some folds and corners, Printer: Lit. Doyen di L. Simondetti, Torino, Reference: Ref: Menegazzi-I, 219 professionally framed behind acrylic Provenance: From the personal Collection of Fashion photographer Neal Barr

Lot: 18 - French Fap' Anis - Large format 1930's Poster

1920-30's advertising poster 'Fap' Anis' Aperitif poster by Delval 1920's France "Celui des Connaiseurs" features a women in a huge yellow and orange skirt with a large black fan against a blue and orange landscape. Measures 65" x 49" minor water damage bottom from the collection of fashion photographer Neal Barr - Note: "The story of Fap'Anis is steeped in history and intrigue. Credited as the first alcohol beverage in the history of alcoholic beverages to be a triumph based solely on its marketing material, Fap'Anis was conceived by Delval, a collective of intellectuals inspired by Proust's early 20th century parodies. Delval had no intention of creating the drink and proceeded to produce a distinctive poster as well as a series of advertisements for Parisian film theatres voiced by actors with arch bourgeoisie accents and littered with the stereotypical contemptful thieving poor. The parody of class structure inherent in the advertisements were lost on the bourgeoisie and by 1932, the clamour for the drink drove Delval to turn to Distillateurs Les Fils d'Auguste Peureux who created a fortified liqueur infused with secret herbs and a hint of anise. Upon its release in 1933, Fap'anis was an instant success with the bourgeoisie, a remarkable feat given that it was well over a month before the first review of the drink appeared in Le Figaro (from which the wealthy generally took their consumption queues following its purchase in 1922 by perfume millionaire François Coty). Despite the advertisements containing disdainful depictions of the lower classes, especially in those starring the Fap'Anis swilling feather wearing bourgeoisie heroine Clotilde, the fortified liqueur became one of the most sought after drinks by the proletariat who realizing they would never climb in status could nonetheless drink like the bourgeoisie if they were prepared to part with 4 1/2 months' average salary for a bottle." Giovanni Portell Provenance: from the personal collection of N.Y.C. Fashion Photographer Neal Barr

Lot: 19 - Neal Barr Wellsboro Glass Negative Girl with "Dog"

A Large format high resolution 30.75" x 20.5" photographic print (Giclee') derived from an antique Negative from "THE WELLSBORO GLASS NEGATIVE COLLECTION 1890-1917" curated and owned by Fashion Photographer Neal Barr. This and 1200 negatives were hand picked and he "personally enlarge(d) what he considered the best of the images by use of a light diffusion enlarger purchased expressly for the task. The 5x7 glass negatives were enlarged as 14x17 and 16x20 prints and were made permanently rendered as archival selenium toned everlasting gelatin silver prints. Since Barr’s enlarger only accommodated the 5x7 negatives, contact selenium toned prints were made from the larger glass plates. These prints have since been scanned and rendered as digital files. This painstaking task was to take many years to complete and is a document presented in a new unique way preserving a way of life that has forever vanished." This image, highlighted on Barr's portfolio section titled: CHILDREN AND PETS - features Nicely framed and mounted behind glass in a gilt and bird's eye frame 42.5" x 31" Provenance: From the collection of Neal Barr

Lot: 21 - Rare Navajo Pictorial 'Sand Painting' Weaving

Wool weaving with an overlapping hourglass shaped cross with Greek key curled corners connected to feathers facing out. Each corner of the horizontal cross have zig zag black and white flowers or electric-streaks, Sawtooth orange and black border, the inner arrow shapes are also sawtooth in four different colors, the outline of the crosses are stepped, and the inner design in red and black evokes a stormy inner heart. This rare sand painting image is not something that can be found online or in past auction records, a true unique Dine' vision measures approx. 45" x 41"

Lot: 21A - Old pawn silver beaded necklaces - 2

one with pendant insert turquoise

Lot: 21B - Silver 5 stone Turquoise necklace

Silver 5 stone Turquoise necklace

Lot: 22 - Old Pawn Navajo Turquoise Nugget Necklace

Eight elongated silver beads necklace measures 20"

Lot: 23 - Navajo Chief's Blanket circa 1930-40

With natural, dark brown/black, red and indigo colors, third Phase Design measures 60" x 72" 1930-1940's

Lot: 24 - Early Navajo Weaving circa 1900

Natural Homespun Ground with black, orange, red colors measures approx. 62" x 75" Excellent condition

Lot: 25 - Bill Kirkham signed Silver and Coral Bracelet

1 heart shape 2 - stone Bill Kirkham signed Silver and Coral Bracelet measures 2.5" x 2" x 25" and weighs approx. 90.9 grams

Lot: 26 - Native Blue Lapis Lazuli silver bracelet

Old pawn bracelet

Lot: 27 - Navajo Watch Band with Vintage Douglas Watch

Vintage Navajo Silver and Turquoise watchband with vintage 1950-60's Douglas WT (World Time) Skin Diver Watcher with luminescent numbers and notches. Bezel reads the time zones of different cities

Lot: 28 - Navajo Turquoise & Coral Squash Blossom Necklace

Sterling turquoise coral necklace with 12 finely executed squash blossoms designed with rope twist border, bell shape blossom with coral top and turquoise bottom, handmade sterling silver beads the necklace measures 23" with a 2.5" x 3" Naja

Lot: 28A - Navajo Silver & Turquoise Bracelet

Native Art bracelet with large tear drop shape turquoise measures approx. 4.5" x 2"

Lot: 29 - 14kt Gold Custom Lion ring with Rubies

Ruby eyes and mouth weighs 26.5 gms - ring size 6.5

Lot: 30 - 18kt white gold channel set Ruby & diamond ring

stamped 750 with maker's mark - 2ct rubies and .75 diam weighs 8.9 gms ring size 7

Lot: 31 - Very large faceted pear shape Amethyst pendant

117.66 Carat Heart Shaped 50x47x16mm faceted Amethyst with 14kt gold setting app 8gms total weight - multi faceted front and back, with an antique .375 gold chain and 14kt gold clasp

Lot: 32 - Vhernier Milano Sculptural 18kt Gold Cocktail Ring

Italian Moderne Vhernier Milano Sculptural Cocktail Ring in 18kt Yellow Gold with a Modern cabochon cut Sardinian Coral Center stone approx 20cts & Translucent Quartz gemstone doublet, includes replacement appraisal from march 2024, from Silverhorn Santa Barbara, ring size 6.5, weights 14.6 grams Hallmarked Vhernier and 750

Lot: 33 - Estate 14K Yellow Gold Amethyst & Seed Pearl Ring

Property from a Private California Collection Estate 14K Yellow Gold Amethyst & Seed Pearl Ring with a Faceted Oval Cut approx. 12.64 ct Amethyst measures approx. 19x14x9 mm, set in a 14kt gold snowburst seed pearl setting with each arm containing three or four seed pearls. 10.3grams total weight Includes vintage Harwin Jewelry co. Santa Barbara Ring box (Harwin opened in 1944) size 5 1/4

Lot: 34 - Spanish 4pc. Sapphire brooch earrings & ring

Antique Spanish Pink Sapphire white and yellow gold and diamond four piece Brooch, Ring and Earring set with Deco filigree design, mine cut diamonds and electronically tested pink sapphires approx. 4mm square cut faceted pink sapphires, the brooch is 5.5 grams ring 2.4 grams and earrings 4 grams Property from a Private California Collection in original vintage case

Lot: 35 - 14kt gold Ryrie-Birks Oval Amethyst brooch

Art Deco 1920's Large Oval Faceted Amethyst Brooch from the famed Toronto-Based jewelers Ryrie-Birks with a fancy two band ropetwist and dentil bezel - Hallmarked 14kt and Ryrie

Lot: 36 - 19th c. Rose Gold Oval seed pearl brooch

With a large cabochon cut Garnet or Ruby with a center gold star that contains seven mine cut diamonds and 20 seed pearls, circa 1850-1880 also known as a Mourning Pin.

Lot: 37 - Antique Gold, Silver Seed Pearl Portrait Brooch

Outstanding French Miniature portrait of a lady encircled with gold filigree and very nice opalescent seed pears on a silver back measures approx 1.6" x 1.25"

Lot: 38 - Vintage 14kt Gold Smokey Topaz and diamond ring

Vintage Estate piece with an oval cut faceted 10ct topaz center stone in a 14kt Gold two arm setting mounted with approx. 0.5ct diamond shoulders Size 7 ring 7.7grams total weight, hallmarked 14kt and has a makers mark TG

Lot: 39 - Multi-Gemstone Diamond, Sapphire & Ruby 3pc set

Property from a Private California Collection. Royal Multi-gemstone caged rope twisted 14kt gold design ring with matching earrings, - Electronically tested Diamonds, Rubies, Sapphires...Ring is 20.6 grams earrings 19.8 grams

Lot: 40 - Karl Faberge' Demantoid Garnet & Diamond Ring

Property from a Private California Collection. The Demantoid Cushion cut Garnet is approx. 2.89 carats size 6, one of the rarest gems is the world, they were mined in the Ural Mountains in Russia and become extremely scarce. The light green faceted stone has been successfully electronically tested. The ring is Marked 56 Zolotnik (58% gold/ 14kt) with Yakov Lyapunov Assayers Mark and the Karl Faberge Initials KF. The Rose Gold and diamond setting with approximately 70 Mine cut diamonds that test off the chart (high density), the design starts as three rows separated by V shaped shoulders and the outer band extend to the corners of the Demantoid with two prong fingers at each corner. The V Shaped shoulders background is blackened with a gold Niello technique to provide contrast. At any angle the design is aesthetically pleasing and a testament to the Masterful Faberge' designers. Includes original Karl Faberge' Moscow Ring Box. 'Demantoid was discovered in Russia in the early 19th century. In 1854, the noted mineralogist Nils Gustaf Nordenskiöld identified this gem as a variety of andradite garnet. These stones had such exceptional brilliance and dispersion or "fire" that they inspired Nordenskiöld to name demantoid after its "diamond-like" appearance...Demantoid was a popular gemstone during the Belle Époque period (1890-1915), especially in Art Nouveau jewelry. The Russian Czars particularly favored this gem.'

Lot: 41 - A Faberge' Silver Ceremonial Cup

Marked Faberge' under an Imperial Warrant, Maker's mark of Julius Rappoport, St Petersburg, 1899-1903, 88 silver standard mark, gold wash inside of the handled and footed vessel. Basket-weave motif with applies rope-twist accents and a double dentil rim. Provenance: The lifetime collection of Artin Beverly Hills, to current owner measures approx. 7 1/2" long x 3 1/4 tall x 4 1/2" diameter 2 1/2" foot diameter

Lot: 42 - Russian silver-gilt cloisonné enamel kovsh & tray

Property from a private California Collection. A silver-gilt and shaded cloisonné enamel miniature Kovsh 34.8 grams with a 2nd Kokoshnik Mark 1908-1926, Moscow Delta (Triangle) city mark, 84 Silver Standard and a hand hammered and scalloped PR. 1000 Silver Mark Russian Enamel Soviet USSR Trinket Dish / Salt 39.9 grams 2 pcs

Lot: 43 - Le Vian wrist watch Colored diamonds & stainless

LeVian watch featuring a Chocolate and White Diamond 'Eye' Motif bezel on in Stainless Steel with a Satin Strap set very limited run numbered 097/500 - recently serviced case measures approx. 55x30mm

Lot: 44 - 14kt Gold Sapphire & diamond ring

Classic 70's ring - 3ct sapphire and .25ct diamond hallmarked 14kt with maker marks size 7 6.2 grams total

Lot: 45 - Antique Channel set Sapphire & Diamond ring

ca 1930's - Yellow Gold 2ct Sapphire and .50ct single cut round faceted diamonds weighs 5.3gms tw Ring Size 5

Lot: 46 - 14kt yellow gold & diamond ring

approx. .75 -1.00 carats total weigh diamonds with a .30 center stone size 7

Lot: 47 - International Sterling Flatware Set "Brocade"

50pcs. International Sterling Brocade pattern, Service for eight - 8 fords, 8 sm. forks, 8 Soup Spoons, 9 Small Spoons, 8 knives, 3 small knives and additional sterling pieces. Approx 1352 grams Sterling,

Lot: 48 - 19 cen. Waterbury mantle clock " Fox and the Hare"

antique cast iron in a Black Forest motif From The Personal Collection of NYC Fashion and Advertising photographer Neal Barr

Lot: 49 - Andy Warhol Books, Ephemera, Acetates & Negatives

Sylvia Miles (Midnight Cowboy) Autographed 8x10 with Warhol dedication (to Cunty) and signature verso, signed by both Miles and Warhol, a Collection of approx. 35 Andy Warhol Acetates, Proof sheets and original negatives of Photos of Warhol and Miles, Tickets to Warhol's retrospective 2002 at MOCA, Postcards, US Stamps, Three books (David Bourdon, Pat Hackett and Honnef Taschen) and much more

Lot: 50 - Collection of Rick Griffin Memorabilia and Posters

Pacific Vibration Movie Poster + Memorabilia, book

Lot: 51 - 1915 Gauche "The SS Chutha" by CG

SS Chutha river English Channel bottom left, signed CG 1915 bottom right measures 16"x 24" in a vintage frame 21.5" x 29" Provenance: from the collection of Fashion Photographer Neal Barr

Lot: 52 - Evel Knievel photograph by Michael Salisbury

renowned photographer and brander image size 10" x 7" frame 21" x 18"

Lot: 53 - A Vintage Alberto Vargas 1935 Lithograph

Title: "Call me up anytime" 1935 Pin-up is framed behind glass and measures 40.25" x 27.25" Provenance: The personal collection of Fashion Photographer Neal Barr New York & California

Lot: 53A - Zoe Mozert (1907-1993) illustration

1920's Illustration - this artist most famous for pin up art

Lot: 53B - French 1921 Bon Ton illustrations - 4

#10, #2, #5 and #6

Lot: 54 - Vintage 1932 Lucky Strike cigarette poster

by Howard Chandler Christie 1932 "forever and ever...It's toasted" Depicting a debonair gentleman blowing smoke rings in the direction of a lovely focusing on her fingers, as the last smoke ring forms into an engagement ring. Professional wood and acrylic frame measures approx. 33.5" x 24.25" Provenance: from the personal collection of N.Y.C. Fashion Photographer Neal Barr

Lot: 55 - D. H Wendel calendar ca 1932

framed From The Personal Collection of NYC Fashion and Advertising photographer Neal Barr

Lot: 56 - Harper Bizarre 1967 Cover Print by Neal Barr

An original large format Ink Jet Print (Giclee') after the 1967 Harpers cover, executed by Barr, featuring model Astrid Schiller, mounted on an aluminum back. The piece illustrates the Original Color Image from the Double Fold-Out Cover. Model-Astrid Shiller. Art Director-Ruth Ansel & Bea Feitler. Dress by BURKE-AMEY, Hat by HALSTON at BERGDORF GOODMAN Also this image by Barr was on exhibition at the Annenberg Space for Photography Los Angeles and can be found on their website. Exhibited at the Ventura County Museum Neal Barr show. Provenance: From the personal collection of Fashion Photographer Neal Barr's - image measures 31" x 46" Aluminum frame 35" x 50" Provenance: From The Personal Collection of NYC Fashion and Advertising photographer Neal Barr

Lot: 57 - Yakima Canutt signed Western poster

Depicts the famous 'John Wayne' Stagecoach (1939) Stunt when he leaps onto galloping horses and, while being shot at by Wayne's Ringo Kid . Yakima Canutt was the Stunt Man, and gained fame for the sequence. Signed lower right measures 24" x 16" and 29.5" x 23.5" in the frame

Lot: 58 - Yakima Canutt signed World Champion Cowboy poster

This Vintage Word Champion Cowboy 1917, 1919, 1920, 1923 Poster features snapshots of Yakima in a number of competitions and movie shots that are named in the outer margin and is signed bottom right. Nicely framed it measures 24" x 16" and 29.5" x 23.5" in the frame

Lot: 59 - 5pcs - Boots, lighter, 2 bucking horses

5 Western collectable the Boots measure 5.5" x 6"

Lot: 60 - Antique Probin London SXS Percussion Shotgun

10 gauge Antique Shotgun Nice Walnut hand checkered forestock and pistol grip, engraved on each side with Probin marked sideplates. Middle top of the sxs barrels marked Probin London Stub Twist the barrels are 31" and is very good condition, a slight crack can be seen near the breach. This 10 gauge hung with the current owner's family for more than 50 years Antique.

Lot: 61 - Glock Model 20 10mm Pistol #VN755

5" barrel in excellent condition no magazine

Lot: 62 - Walther PPK 7.65mm Pistol #853365

German Made curio & relic vintage .32 ACP Pistol with magazine, 3" jeweled barrel brown Gutta Percha grips

Lot: 63 - Walther PPK 7.65mm Pistol #276869K

German Made curio & relic vintage .32 ACP Pistol, vintage holster, no magazine, 3" barrel White Grips

Lot: 64 - Antique Nickel plated National cash register

A852 Model 47 1/4 Size Number Serial 513636

Lot: 65 - Walther P88 9mm Pistol # 7947

German Made 9mm Pistol with two magazines, 4" barrel original box and papers Imported by Interarms

Lot: 66 - Smith & Wesson Mod 29-3 .44 Magnum Revolver

4" Barrel serial # 84464, Factory Nickel, checkered Smith Walnut grips, adjustable rear sight

Lot: 67 - Lord & Lady Cased Colt Deringer Set

Cased set of two Brass and blued .22 short caliber derringers Serial #8683LDP and 8634LDP 2.5" barrels mint condition

Lot: 68 - WWII Beretta Brevettata V.T. 1944 7.65 No. 563572

Model of 1935 - 1944 dated Model 1935 Beretta Pistol in 7.65 caliber curio & relic with two magazines 3.25" barrel

Lot: 69 - Smith & Wesson 22A-1 Target Pistol #UDR5602

7" target barrel caliber 22 long rifle in excellent condition with four magazines original box and papers. The pistol is brand new, looks to still have the plastic protector in the barrel, unused new 22A that is no longer made

Lot: 70 - Remington 1911 R1 45ACP Pistol #RHN28962A

Remington 1911 R1 Enhanced - Very nice grips, serrations in front and back of slide, skeleton trigger and hammer, fiber optic front sight, nicely serrated, vertically adjustable rear sight. In excellent condition in original case with two magazines

Lot: 71 - Colt Montana 100 Year 1864-1964 Single Action Army

Cased Colt Montana Territory Centennial/Statehood Diamond Jubilee Commemorative Single Action Army Revolver - Manufactured in 1964. Standard markings and features. Includes a commemorative case. Excellent overall, Like-New in the box with faint evidence of cocking on the cylinder. Retains 99% blue, casehardened, and gold finishes, the ejector rod housing an attractive plum color, and a very light cylinder drag line. Mechanically excellent. Case is very fine Curio & Relic assignment

Lot: 72 - Vintage Smith & Wesson .38 CTG Tip Up

.38 CTG Blue with black gutta percha grips, 3.25" barrel #231815

Lot: 73 - Winchester Model 5 Gallery Gun .22 Caliber Rifle

Takedown model 5 original vintage condition, action is good, peep sight 20" barrel serial # 594357 E

Lot: 74 - Remington Model 12 Gallery Gun #725231

Takedown model with a 23" octagon barrel, nearly antique professionally blued action is excellent

Lot: 75 - Browning BL-22 Lever Action .22 Brownell Scope

Grade I Bl-22 Is in excellent condition made in Japan Serial # 71B65313 20" barrel

Lot: 75A - Marlin 1894 Lever Action .44 Magnum Rifle w/ Scope

Redfield Scope in excellent condition Serial #27008908 20" barrel

Lot: 76 - Antique Large Format Saloon Painting Nude

Displayed the current owners Great Grandfathers' saloon in Goldfield Nevada in the early 1900's measures 80" x 57" depicts a nude with blue ribbon shoes

Lot: 77 - Antique Large Format Saloon Painting Muse

Displayed the current owners Great Grandfathers' saloon in Goldfield Nevada in the early 1900's measures 80" x 57" depicts an ideal woman in a flower bed modeled after some of the cigar box art of the time

Lot: 78 - An Antique French H Mouton Wall Clock

Inlaid mother of pearl bezel forming floral patterns marked La Patisse Antique French Oeuil de boeuf wall clock with gilt painted bands alternating with black around the case, includes key and pendulum. The Oeuil de beouf often occurs as the eye over the archway, ans symbolizes wisdom. Measures approx 24" x 19" x 5"

Lot: 79 - Charles Wysocki "Love Bird" oil on board

Oil on Board measures 24.25" x 24" Exhibited at the Triton Museum of Art San Jose, land written artist card verso Provenance: Private Upper Ojai Collection

Lot: 79A - Yoshiro Ikeda (1947 - 2014) - Bulbous Vessel Form

Ceramic Free Form Vessel measures 9.5" x 8 diameter incised bottom Yoshiro Ikeda 1978 Provenance: Acquired directly from the Artist by Lola Rae Long, Potter, former assistant to Beatrice Wood Upper Ojai, California

Lot: 80 - Michael Dvortcak nocturnal landscape/seascape

oil on canvas measures 30" x 24" - 1999 signed verso

Lot: 81 - Hiro Yamagata "Dolphins" embossed serigraph

signed and numbered in the margin 151/295, on thick wove paper, measures 24" x 24 image 30" x 30" paper size, matted on cardboard back

Lot: 82 - Lear Birds of Europe, Lanner Falcon Lithograph

Lear Birds of Europe, Pl. 20 Lanner Falcon Original hand-colored lithograph circa 1832 – 1837 measures approx. 21.75" x 15f" in a matted frame behind glass 29" x 22" - Provenance: The personal collection Neal Barr author and fashion photographer

Lot: 82A - Golden Eagle 'Aquila Chrysaetos' Gould lithograph

Hand colored lithograph Marked J. Wolf and HC Richter del et lith Milvus Regalis Walter Imp Image 20" x 13.5" paper size 21.5" x 14.25"

Lot: 82B - Great horned Owl ' Bubo Maximus' Gould engraving

Hand colored lithograph Marked J. Wolf and HC Richter del et lith Milvus Regalis Walter Imp Image 20" x 13.5" paper size 21.5" x 14.25"

Lot: 83 - Pair Antique Francisco Goya etchings - Don Quixote

Depicting Sancho with Burros from Alexander Dumas Don Quixote measuring 12" x 15 3/8" and 21 1/4" x 25" frame each"

Lot: 84 - 6 McKenney & Hall Lithographs of Native Chiefs

Early American Hand colored lithographs (Etchings ) on paper framed. these appear to be original McKenney & Hall lithographs from History of the Indian Tribes of North America, 3 vols., Philadelphia, circa 1836 - 1844. They are all framed behind glass and appear to have been slightly cut down when framing. They are approx. 19" x 13" to 15" x 12" cut down from the original 20" x 14.5 sheets. Lithographer - J. T. Bowen Lithography Company, active 1834 - 1844 -Publisher Daniel Rice and James G. Clark Publication Thomas L. McKenney and James Hall's History of the Indian Tribes of North America, 3 vols., Philadelphia, 1837 - 1844 including: Tah-col-o-quoit, Okee-Maakee-Quid, a Chippeway Chief, Oche-Finceco, Chittee Yoholo, OPOTHLE YOHOLO, Wat-che-mon-ne. Provenance: from the personal collection of Fashion photographer Neal Barr

Lot: 85 - Antique Chinese Chess set

The hand carved pieces range from 1.75" x 3.75" tall and fit nicely in the velvet slots inside of the standard antique size wood chess board.

Lot: 86 - Early Tin & Daguerreotype collection of 26 Images

Victorian frame in shadow box the central picture of a young man is marked 707 Broadway NY, the address of famed photographer Mora (b. 1849). aka Jose Maria Mora. who was known to capture photos of the rich and famous. Provenance: From The Personal Collection of NYC Fashion and Advertising photographer Neal Barr

Lot: 86A - Collection of Antique Tin & Daguerreotype - app 13

4" to 2" oval tin types, 7.5" x 6.5" oval, 5.57" x 9" frame from the collection of Fashion Photographer Neal Barr

Lot: 86B - Kit Carson Rare Double Plate Tin Type ca.1860

Hand colored Attributed to Kit Carson Portrait Tin Type Circa 1860, a huge double plate in original antique frame. Verso the original label reads "Electrograph Portrait" - These large format Tin Types were a luxury purchase at the time few could afford frame 21" x 18"

Lot: 87 - Rolex 40 mm Submariner Stainless men's watch

Black Face, estate watch one owner perfect dial and running condition circa 1983 model 16800 submariner date tritium full set wristwatch

Lot: 87A - Rolex Oster Perpetual Date Just Men's Chronograph

Rolex Datejust 1601 Steel & 14K Yellow Gold 36mm - Jubilee Two tone Bracelet Champagne Face Model 1601 Serial #2337232 Includes Rolex Box MFG 1970

Lot: 88 - Ladies18kt Gold 9.39 ct Yellow Diamond Bracelet

Ladies 18kt White Gold bracelet with 23 Fancy Cushion Modified Brilliant Cut NATURAL Yellow diamonds 6.67 carats total approx. 2.72 ctw round cut diamonds for a total of 9.39 carats of diamonds, 21.9 grams total weight. Includes AIGL Retail Replacement of $48,657.00

Lot: 88A - Taxco sterling & onyx bracelet & pair earrings

Onyx and sterling Mid-Century Mexico Design Taxco

Lot: 89 - Baltic Amber snake pendant with vintage necklace

A Vintage 27" bar linked necklace connects to a Baltic Amber 2.25" x 1.5" Snake pendant

Lot: 90 - Baroque Bronze Opera Length South Sea Pearls

South Sea 34" 13-16 mm Baroque Pearls with an amazing Rainbow Bronze iridescent hue

Lot: 90A - 18kt Gold Breguet Sapphire & Diam "Wave" ring

Breguet Singed and Marked No. 1268 and 750 (18kt gold) Sapphire & Diamond ring size 7.25

Lot: 90B - 14kt Gold Cushion Cut Diamond ring

0.78 carat diamond center stone plus 0.75 carats diamonds

Lot: 91 - Rare Gruen Two-Tone stainless watch

includes original box, Marked 293-2115, Japanese Movement, Stainless 25mm crystal, 35mm to crown

Lot: 91A - Movado 'Museum' Two-Tone Watch

81 G1 1897 Serial 5667228 Unisex 2000-2010 Stainless Steel Two-Tone Watch - Elegant Movado Black Face with Gold Marker, quartz with movement ETA 955.012 Swiss - Bi-tone strap, size 14 cm Sapphire crystal. Case, 36 mm

Lot: 92 - Antique Sterling & Mother of pearl baby rattle

Antique Birmingham England 1773-1924 Sterling City Hallmarks, QW Makers mark Mother of pearl handle Sterling Bear with bells measures approx. 6.52" tall with loop

Lot: 94 - Carved 2-Door Spanish style cabinet

highly carved two door cabinet with pulls, and six highly carved Spanish vignettes with swirling crosses, measures 42" x 32" x 22"

Lot: 95 - Monterey step back cupboard

measures 65" t 37.5" w and 16" deep

Lot: 95A - Monterey Style Handpainted Mirror

Handpainted Green with iron straps and floral painted motif top with a nice iron surrounded shelf - measures 33.75" x 32" x 4" deep

Lot: 96 - Vintage Monterey Sideboard

Marked Monterey Verso, Iron straps three drawers with double doors measures 73" x 20" x 34.5"

Lot: 96A - Anita Ko Designer Diamond Necklace

Pear shape diamond pendant, gold chain in original box

Lot: 97 - Spanish Colonial Santa Fe Blanket Chest w/ drawer

Tip up top, carved inset repeating diamonds, with bottom drawer and carved legs

Lot: 98 - Custom Cabinet

Custom Cabinet

Lot: 100 - Upright 'Puritone' Tiger Oak Victrola

Puritone by W.W. Kimball Co. Chicago, very nice tiger oak construction

Lot: 101 - American oak carved library table

early 20th cent American finely figured Oak with Doric toped tapered legs, and applied scrolling front measures 39.75" x 31.5" x 20.25"

Lot: 104 - Remington 1100 SD Engraved 12 ga Shotgun

Skeet 'D' grade (Tournament Grade) Remington Model 1100 SD engraved and figured 12 gauge shotgun, flamed and figured walnut stock with double lined shaped areas where the checkered wood carved areas are figured. 98%, shows little to no use, nickel accents are still bright, MFG approx 1974, high polished blue finish , engraved receiver 26" skeet barrel

Lot: 105 - Remington model 1100 SD Engraved 20ga Shotgun

Skeet 'D' grade (Tournament Grade) Remington Model 1100Sd engraved and figured 20 gauge shotgun, flamed and figured walnut stock with double lined shaped areas where the checkered wood carved areas are figured. 98%, doesn't look like it's seen much use MFG approx 1974, high polished blue, engraved receiver 26" skeet barrel

Lot: 106 - Pre-64 Winchester model 70 Bolt Action -270Win

Serial # 262864 MFG 1953, Buckhorn rear and Barrel front sight, checkered pistol grip stock and checkered front stock, shows age use and some wear, but action is good 26" bbl

Lot: 107 - Austro-Hungarian Dagger. Silver enamel .gold

WWI -WWII Austro-Hungarian naval dagger with scabbard measures 15.5", 11 blade. White celluloid handle with twisted brass wire wrapping. Brass rope knot designed pummel. Brass crossguard with naval designs with an gem enameled Austro-Hungarian coat of arms. Sharp etched blade with Austrian designs with a gold mounted coat of arms and naval anchor. Also customized 1921 engraved blade naming the owner 'Sereghi Imre' Provenance: Lifetime WWII Collection Ventura County California

Lot: 108 - WWII Austro-Hungarian Air Force Dagger Eagle Guard

Original Hungarian WWII Model 1932 Royal Hungarian Air Force Officer Dagger with Scabbard Eagle's head pommel, ribbed black bakelite grip, and brass crossguard. The Eagle on the cross guard is gold signifying an officer. The hilt has a scabbard release button on the opposite side from the great wing guard. Provenance: Lifetime WWII Collection Ventura County California

Lot: 109 - Rare Pre WWII Austro-Hungarian Royal Navy Dagger

A Royal Navy Doctors dagger with a gold inlaid Caduceus and coat of arms on the highly engraved 11" blade, measures 15.5", Black celluloid handle with twisted brass wire wrapping, fancy embossed pummel, Silver over Brass crossguard. Provenance: Lifetime WWII Collection Ventura County California

Lot: 109A - Smith & Wesson Stainless M620 .357Mag Revolver

Model 620 Serial # CJN2916 5312. 4" Stainless Steel barrel with adjustable rear sights, factory pachmeyer style Smith & Wesson grips, 4" semi-lug barrel 7 round capacity, Transfer bar safety, Red ramp front sight Adjustable target rear sight, Rubber grips, Stainless steel finish, Medium frame, 9-1/2" overall length, 37.9 oz., original case papers and lock. Must be registered here or shipped to your FFL

Lot: 110 - Vintage Colt Single Action Frontier Scout 22

with two .22 Magnum cylinders, missing cylinder pin, currently non firing includes two piece holster 4.75" barrel

Lot: 111 - Vintage Daisy Boy Scouts Pellet Pistol

in original Boy Scouts of America case, includes BB's Shoots with CO 2 very collectible 6: barrel

Lot: 112 - German WWII Luftwaffe Aviator Helmet Goggles +

Luftwaffe pilot's Hood, lined with lambs wool inside, Rare flyer goggles, Luftwaffe Flieger Kopfnaube Aviator Hood that comes fully correct and intact with communication setup: attached throat microphone (gutta percha) and headphones with bakelite four pin connected back, and Luftwaffe compass. Provenance: Lifetime WWII Collection Ventura County California

Lot: 113 - German WWII Army Helmet

Restored Waffen Helmet with good headliner and correct numbers: (pictured (3/ 4522) Provenance: Lifetime WWII Collection Ventura County California

Lot: 114 - Ruger model 10-22 Target Rifle w scope

Serial 246-22087 Like - New condition with Scope and bipod and Ruger's upgraded trigger and 'hand hammered (target) 20" barrel"

Lot: 115 - Universal US carbine 30 cal Rifle #26801

First Generation Serial Number 26801 with a 18" barrel, stock in good condition, action is god

Lot: 116 - Ruger Ranch Rifle with BSA scope

Serial # 580-30713 Ruger Ranch Rifle (Mini-14) .223 Caliber Semi-Auto Rifle with BSA Sweet 17 3-12 X 48 Scope and sling - lightweight synthetic black stock 19" stainless barrel

Lot: 117 - Antique American Gun Co SXS small bore 410 Shotgun

Dual hammer and trigger side by side 26" barrels, old checkered stock, forestock is beat, action is good serial 0679 - very early serial number pre 1898 may be chambered in "44 shot" or .410

Lot: 118 - French 5 pc Louis XVI Style walnut dining set

highly carved skirt with fluted leg and arrow feet, includes 4 chairs

Lot: 119 - Baldwin (Howard) Walnut Baby Grand Piano w/ bench

6' Baby Grand Piano and Bench. - previously owned by American Actor, Director and Producer Gary Sinise, who told us "Captain Dan learned to play piano on this piano." Sinise's concerts with the 'Captain Dan Band' have raised millions for U.S. Veterans.

Lot: 120 - Art Modern Design 4 pc. Bedroom set

"Vanessa" Bedroom Set Sable and Sand finish with silver hardware includes the V-1000 Queen headboard, footboard, Made in Canada, features matching v-4200 night stands with square shape handles, bed, with Italian bowed wood frame mattress support, low designed dresser Purchased at Horizon fine Furniture Los Angeles, Ca

Lot: 121 - Antique Chinese Cabinet

made from the lightweight Asian cedar or elm features three storage areas and includes three drawers with brass butterfly pulls Provenance: Montecito California Estate 40.5 x 72" H x 21" d

Lot: 122 - Antique Chinese Mahogany chair

39" x 24" x 19"

Lot: 123 - Chinese Ebonized Cabinets with applied hard-stone

applied hard-stone figures and scenes

Lot: 123A - Chinese black lacquer globular temple vase

Wood Carved 32" x 20" ebonized and gold painted design with children

Lot: 124 - Highly carved" Meeks"? Victorian 19th cent chair

American ca 1860's

Lot: 125 - 6 Victorian Balloon back chairs with red seats

highly carved backs with curved legs and restored red upholstery SET OF 6

Lot: 125A - Engraved Sig Sauer P229-40 B 40cal pistol

Very Rare Stainless slide custom Engraved Sig Sauer Custom Engraved Two Tone Stainless & Blue with Walnut grips and gold furniture, trigger and release buttons. 4" barrel Serial AM37894. The Slide is marked Stainless and appears to be factory original. MFG 2005

Lot: 125B - Smith & Wesson Model 19-5 .357 magnum

4" blue barrel, walnut checkered grips, excellent overall condition, needs to be cleaned, minor rust on the hammer that should clean up. Serial ADR3589 and 53536

Lot: 127 - FN Browning Arms Co. Belgian A5 Semi-Auto Shotgun

shows age and history, receiver marked fabrique Nationale D'Armas De Guerre Herstal Belgique Browning's patient depose, checkered pistol and foregrip, approx 75% or less blue remaining serial number 66326 very early serial number MFG on Browning's First order of 10,000 to FN 1903-1939

Lot: 128 - Mossberg 500 ATP 12 Gauge Riot Shotgun

Made in the USA Mossberg 500ATP (A=12 gauge, T=Tactical P= Police) Walnut Stock, 18" barrel riot gun Serial # H836914

Lot: 129 - Remington Model 14 Pump Action Rifle 30 Rem

Rare and collectible “Nook & Cranny” Remington Model 14 Slide-Action Rifle Serial 108950 -30-30 Caliber - 22" Barrel, peep sight in goo to fair condition with approx. 70% or less blue MFG 1929 Curio & Relic

Lot: 130 - Remington Model-17 20 gauge take-down shotgun

Serial #11834 BO early bottom ejector model with a blue 32" barrel, leather butt guard, Full choke blue on barrel is very good, losses on the receiver MFG 1921-1941" Probably from the 1920's. from Remington: John M. Browning began developmental work on a new pump-action shotgun in 1913, and had filed for patent protection in late November of that year. Eventually he was issued U.S. Patent #1,143,170 on June 15, 1915, and he granted manufacturing rights to the Remington Arms and Ammunition Company. By then, Remington was gearing up for the war effort, and it would be another six years until the company was ready to produce and market their first 20 gauge, pump shotgun–the Model 17. (pictured advertisement not included) It was another famous Remington inventor, John D. Pedersen, who, in 1919, made refinements to Browning’s basic Model 17 design, and much later, Remington’s G.H. Garrison would make further design improvements to this shotgun. The Model 17 is a pump-action, hammerless, underloading, tubular-magazine, bottom-ejecting, take-down shotgun which chambers both 2½” and 2¾” 20 gauge shotshells. Remington’s Model 17A Standard Grade shotgun was announced on January 3, 1921–initially selling for $60.92, although the price dropped to $52.50 the following year. The shotgun was lightweight, tipping the scales at just 5lbs/12 oz.

Lot: 131 - Tom Sanders( Two) Wildlife Duck Etchings

Title: Canada Geese #1 signed in the margin two flying geese measuring 7.75" and 8" x 9.75" 2 pieces

Lot: 132 - Civil War Starr Arms Company Breech Loading Rifle

This is a Civil War used example of one of approximately 20,600 percussion carbines produced by Starr Arms Company of Yonkers, New York circa 1862 to 1865. This carbine is a 54 caliber percussion, single shot with a falling block breech mechanism. The lock is marked "STARR ARMS CO. / YONKERS, N.Y." The Starr carbine was a breechloading single-shot rifle used by the United States Army. Designed in 1858, the Starr was primarily used by cavalry soldiers. 54 percussion.

Lot: 133 - In government tests of the Starr carbine, it rated higher than the better known Sharps carbines. The Starr carbine was issued primarily to Union cavalry troops in Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri and New York. RI

In government tests of the Starr carbine, it rated higher than the better known Sharps carbines. The Starr carbine was issued primarily to Union cavalry troops in Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri and New York. RI

Lot: 134 - Harpers Ferry US Model 1836 Percussion Rifle

Very unusual early and historic breech loading percussion rifle with folding bayonet. Single Shot Marked JH Hall US 1839. 23" barrel from Rock Island: Gauge: 64 percussion, Barrel: 23 inch round, Finish: Brown, Stock: walnut, Class: " Antique

Lot: 135 - Remington antique "Havana" 1889 Carbine

Model 1836 Hall breech loading carbine that was manufactured by the U.S. Armory at Harper's Ferry, Virginia, between 1837 and 1840. The Harper's Ferry Armory made 2,020 Model 1836 Hall carbines between 1837 and 1840 this is a Type II, and just over 1000 were Mfg.; most of these carbines were intended for issue to the U.S. 2nd Dragoon regiment. The Model 1836 carbine has a distinctive 22 inch sliding angular bayonet located in a V-shaped groove below the smooth bore barrel. Model 1836 carbines utilized some components from the Hall Model 1819 Flintlock rifles including the breechblock with high fence rifle trigger guard that is not drilled for a sling swivel and off-set rear sight. The rifle has two pin-fastened iron barrel bands, a spur-shaped breech lever, and sling ring that consists of an eye-bolt, which passes entirely through the stock and is secured by a spanner nut on the right side of the stock wrist. The breechblock has a brown metal finish, the bayonet also; the barrel, buttplate and furniture have a brown finish. The stock is oil-finished black walnut. The top of the breechblock is stamped " J.H. Hall/ US 1939

Lot: 135A - Two Vintage Hopi Kachina Dolls

8" Crow Mother and a 7" Long nose female with feathers, both cottonwood root, pigment and feathers

Lot: 136 - 19th c. Hopi Broad head Kachina

“Wuyak-kuita” Kachina (Widehead or Broad head) late 19th to early 20th Century, Hopi culture; Arizona Cottonwood root, pigment, and horse hair, painted cloth belt with horns and Hesh coloring measures 11.25" tall

Lot: 136A - Early Hopi Kachina doll

9" 'Grandmother" Female polychrome Kachina, late 19th to 20th Century, Hopi culture; Arizona Cottonwood root, pigment, and feathers which extend to 11" .

Lot: 136B - Three Early Hopi Kachina Dolls

Early to mid 20th century Hopi peoples, Arizona cottonwood root, feathers, pigment, yarn, fur, red horsehair on the Eagle figure they measure 8.5" x 8" and 7.5"

Lot: 137 - Collection Native Arrowheads Points Presentation

Presented framed behind glass

Lot: 138 - An Early Yei Be Chai Kachina Doll

Navajo Yei Be Chai Doll in polychrome colors measures 12.5" the doll style is a recreation of the earliest style of Hopi Kachina dolls, which were given to children in order for them to learn about Kachina ceremonies and figures. Signed bottom Yei be Chai Navajo, 20th Century, wood is a lightweight cedar or pine pigment

Lot: 139 - Sterling Indian Souvenir Spoons

11 Sterling Spoons with Native Motifs

Lot: 139A - Antique Polychrome Painted Native 3-Piece Desk Set

Native American motif marked 8014 at bottom measures approx 9" x 7" x 4.5"

Lot: 140 - Dorothy Flack lithograph ca 1929

Spring in Autumn measures 18.5" x 18.5" Provenance: The personal collection of Fashion Photographer Neal Barr

Lot: 141 - Peregrine Falcon Falco Perregrinus Gould engraving

Hand colored lithograph Marked J. Wolf and HC Richter del et lith Milvus Regalis Walter & Cohen, Imp Image 20" x 13.5" paper size 21.5" x 14.25"

Lot: 142 - Red tail Hawk 'Milvus Regalis' Gould engraving

Hand colored lithograph Marked J. Wolf and HC Richter del et lith Milvus Regalis Walter Imp Image 20" x 13.5" paper size 21.5" x 14.25"

Lot: 143 - Inca Ceremonial Vessel with Jaguar Handle

Ceremonial Inca Vessel with Jaguar handle. INCA (1438-1533) polychrome painted high fire glaze portraying multiple geometric motifs measures approx 5" x 5"

Lot: 144 - Inca Ceremonial Vessel

Ceremonial Inca or Possibly Nazca Vessel with painted heart INCA (1438-1533) polychrome painted high fire glaze portraying multiple geometric motifs and a seated man measures approx 6" x 4"

Lot: 145 - Nariño Pre-Colombian figure 300 bc to 300 ad

Terra cotta Bell like figure d measures 8 3/4" x 3" 300 bc to 300 ad

Lot: 146 - Fine Colima Incised Earthenware Vessel

100 BC- 250 AD Protoclassic measures 6" wide x 5" tall

Lot: 146A - Nariño Pre-Columbian Glazed bowl

Bowl with a ring shaped base the Nariño region straddles the border between Ecuador and Colombia measures 8' x 4.5" excellent condition

Lot: 147 - Chupícuaro, Mexico, Late Preclassic period bowl

Chupícuaro, Mexico, Late Preclassic period (500 – 0 B.C.E.) Bowl, original paint, no restoration Brickyard location find, now underwater 4 1/2" wide x 5 1/2" tall

Lot: 148 - Nayarit Earthenware Figure of a kneeling woman

Nayarit Culture Seated female figure ca. 300 BCE-300 CE Tall earthenware figure - app 13.5" tall 8" wide and 6.5" deep

Lot: 150 - Olmec Leopard Skin Jasper Stone Carved Hunchback

A 9.5" x 3" Leopard Skin Jasper Stone Carved Standing Hunchback with bow drilled eyes mouth and ears. The piece freely stands and the stone is striking

Lot: 151 - Three Early Trade Bead Necklaces

Circa 1870 Dutch 'Salmon' beads from the Columbia river, plus Yellow, red and green rainbow Dutch Beads, Log River circa 1870, and a necklace with large cobalt blue beads. Provenance: the TJ Lindgren Native American Collection

Lot: 152 - Turquoise large pendant & nugget necklace

contains 28 large nuggets with large pendant measures 21"

Lot: 153 - Navajo Sterling 3 stone agate & jasper bracelet

3- stone bracelet with agate or jasper landscape polished stones with engraved crosses

Lot: 154 - 2 Navajo Sterling turquoise & coral rings

2 pcs size 6.5 and 5.75 both are Navajo

Lot: 155 - Jose Anton Taxco Inlaid Malachite Silver necklace

Pre 1948 Jose Anton Mexican Deco - Taxco silver "Azur - Malachite" inlaid warrior pendant necklace. Created in the early 1940's this sterling silver and azur malachite "mozaico Azteca" inlaid pendant necklace signed by "Taxco" Artist and maestro Jose Anton. The Warrior pendant also has an eagle. An example of Mexican Deco "archeological" style jewelry. 18" 2 5/8" pendant. Hallmarked : ANTON PLATA .925 (sterling) Mexico

Lot: 156 - Six Puka Shell Necklaces

approx. 14-17" length, six beaded necklaces

Lot: 156A - Mesoamerican Terra Cota clay and stone beads

finely crafted terra cotta beads, cylinder greenstone beads, round greenstone and more

Lot: 157 - Collection of Native Trade Shells Presentation

Collection of Native Trade Shells Presentation

Lot: 158 - Large Native Am. grinding stone & mano

Volcanic rock Metate with Mano - 2 pc measures

Lot: 159 - Native Am. grinding stone & mano

Metate with Mano - 2 pc measures

Lot: 160 - Native Am. grinding stone & mano

Metate with Mano - 2 pc measures

Lot: 161 - Native Am. grinding stone & mano

Metate with Mano - 2 pc measures

Lot: 162 - Cao Yong Signed lithograph " Freedom"

These were sold to benefit "The Bravest Fund and the North Jersey Media Group disaster fund" for our First Responders frame measures approx. 48" x 36" and is personally signed and dedicated by the artist

Lot: 163 - Pair of antique Terra Cota polychrome lamp bases

collectable "Black Americana" art

Lot: 164 - Sepik River Papua New Guinea mask

Vintage mask with polychrome paint and cowrie shell eyes measures approx. 16" x 10"

Lot: 165 - Vintage Java Polychrome Demon Mask

Original polychrome painted mask with fangs

Lot: 167 - Sandy Koufax photograph by Neal Barr

Large Format Image (Ink Jet, printed by the artist) displayed in the Neal Barr Ventura County Museum Showcase 2018. Sandy Koufax age 28. Sports Illustrated cover shoot 1963. He is in the Baseball Hall of Fame

Lot: 168 - Jack Nicklaus Golf Legend photograph by Neal Barr

Niclaus age 33 displayed in the Ventura County 2018 Showcase of Neal Barr's Photography in 2018 From The Personal Collection of NYC Fashion and Advertising photographer Neal Barr

Lot: 169 - George Rouault (1871-1958) Oil on Paper Painting

measures approx. 12" x 9.5" (image 10.5" x 8") Nicely framed behind glass

Lot: 169A - George Rouault (1871-1958) oil on board

measures approx. 10.25" x 7.25" visible in a vintage 16.5" x 13.5" frame

Lot: 170 - Arte Sacre Religious Oil on Canvas Painting

Jesus, Mary Joseph, the Lord and angels (Familia Segrada) measures approx. 26.25" x 20.25"

Lot: 171 - Neal Barr Large Format 1920's Fashion Photograph

Title: "Fahrner" Large format High Definition Ink Jet Photograph by Neal Barr of "A Recording of Vintage Fashion." (from his book) 1928 - Crystal Pendant Earrings and necklace. 1923 - Evening cape by Mariano Fortuny (1871-1949) Black Velvet Stenciled with a god and silver 16th century motif and ridged with a muted green and yellow brocade cordon that also serves as a tie closing at the neck. Underneath a black pleated fortuny Delphose gown. A 1903 necklace with hand carved horn pendant supported by a black silk cord. 1929 - Deco design sterling silver necklace incorporating square cut turquoise and a large smokey quartz. Pendant earrings of similar fabrication. Designed by Fahrner of Germany. Provenance: Directly from the Artist Neal Barr

Lot: 172 - Antique Saruk Runner

Antique Saruk Runner

Lot: 173 - Antique Saruk Rug

Persian wool woven rug

Lot: 174 - Semi-Antique Persian Rug 12' x 15'

Red ground with olive and wheat borders Wool pile Persian hand knotted rug in excellent condition rug -

Lot: 175 - Isfahan Persian Rug Mint Condition

measures approx. 10' ' x 13' 10" Geometric Motashan Kashan garden design with weeping willow motif in corners

Lot: 176 - Antique Mir Saruk Rug

All over pattern measures approx. 9' x 16" some loses

Lot: 177 - 1967 Harpers Bazaar Cover Poster by Neal Barr

Vintage Archival Poster from the creator of the 1967 Harpers Bazaar magazine cover by Photographer Neal Barr. The poster features model Astrid Schiller. Also this image by Barr was on exhibition at the Annenberg Space for Photography Los Angeles and can be found on their website. Framed behind glass measures approx. 40.5" x 30.5" Provenance: From the personal collection of Fashion Photographer Neal Barr's

Lot: 179 - Panoramic photo of Miss California 1926

Restored Photographic print from the original by Photographer Neal Barr

Lot: 180 - 14kt gold 'Blue Nile' 2 ct Diamond Eternity Ring

14kt gold 'Blue Nile' 2 ct Diamond Eternity Ring

Lot: 181 - 18kt Gold Burma ruby and baguette diamond ring

18kt Gold Burma ruby and baguette diamond ring

Lot: 182 - 14kt Art Deco sapphire and diamond ring

1.5 ct center and .8 ct Sapphire

Lot: 183 - 14kt gold Yellow Sapphire and Diamond ring

.5 ct center, 2.5ct yellow sapphire

Lot: 184 - Corum Trapeze Diamond Women's Timepiece

Corum Trapeze Diamond Bezel, Mother of Pearl face Women's Swiss Watch 36 mm

Lot: 185 - White gold 2.8ct diamond pendant

diamond S2 clarity H-1 color

Lot: 186 - 18kt Gold Emerald and diamond necklace

2.5 carats of diamonds and approx 3.5 carats emeralds total

Lot: 187 - 14kt Gold and 5.0 ctw diamond bracelet

Approximately 5+ ctw diamonds total

Lot: 188 - Outstanding 10.99 Carat Ceylon Sapphire Ring

Sri Lanka/Ceylon untreated natural 10.99 carat Sapphire with American Gemological Laboratory Sapphire Report that indicates the stone is a Blue Modified Mixed Cut Oval 10.99 carat Natural Corundum Sapphire that measures 14.38 x 9.12 x 9.11 mm with no evidence of heat enhancement

Lot: 189 - Rare Hysek Kalysta 'Exotic Tale' Ladies wristwatch

Very Rare: "Kalysta, Hysek’s first collection of precious mechanical watches, is the fruit of a pure aesthetic vision Bearing in mind that women are more sensitive to creative touches than to mechanical sophistication, Hysek has thought first and foremost in terms of emotion. The resulting collection embodies this innovative flair: its name means “the fairest”. from the Hysek website. REFERENCE: KA3926R92, MOVEMENT TYPE: Self-winding mechanical, MATERIALS: Rose gold DIMENSIONS: Diam 39mm, W 11mm STRAP: Alligator BUCKLE: Steel

Lot: 190 - Franc Vila Red Carbon Automatic Chronograph

Rare color way, includes original box

Lot: 191 - Ulysse Nardin Limited Ed. Qatar 2022 Wrist Watch

Reference NO. 8163-175LE-2A-QAT1 Case No. 9/22 Like new in original box

Lot: 192 - 14kt Gold Ruby & Diamond ring

1.5 ct rubies

Lot: 193 - South Seas "Maxima" pearl necklace Trilliant diam

trilliant brilliant diamond clasp over 1 carat

Lot: 194 - 18kt Gold Pearl & diamond Mikimoto necklace signed

18kt Gold Pearl & diamond Mikimoto necklace signed Mikimoto, marked 750 White gold with necklace

Lot: 195 - 18kt Gold Marquise Cut Diamond Mikimoto Necklace

18kt Gold & diamond Mikimoto necklace with six marquise cut, two round brilliant cut and a central pear cut diamonds signed Mikimoto

Lot: 196 - Green Jade Bangle Bracelet - AAA grade

Jade bracelet Bangle- AAA grade 3" diameter in wood case from Jade World

Lot: 197 - 14kt Gold custom Sapphire and Diamond ring

.75 ct size 6

Lot: 198 - Pair Piaget Sapphire and diamond earrings

Pair Piaget Sapphire and diamond earrings

Lot: 199 - Collection of 5 Silver American Eagle dollars

.999 Silver One slabbed MS69 all appear uncirculated - 5pcs

Lot: 200 - 21 Ben Franklin and Liberty silver coins

2 Walking Liberties and 19 Ben Franklin's (90% silver)

Lot: 201 - 12 Morgan silver dollars

12 pcs silver coins

Lot: 202 - Collection of Cased Basketball Cards Kobe & Jordan

four cards--KOBE BRYANT 2K16 1998-99 Upper Deck SP Authentic NBA2K LAKERS, 1998 Topps #77 Michael Jordan sealed case , Michael Jordan 1992 Skybox #11 Chicago Bulls USA Basketball NBA Barcelona USA , Michael Jordan SGC graded Card 1989 Collector Card Hoops #21 Last Dance 30 30 86, 155

Lot: 203 - Collection of Cased & Graded Baseball Cards (4)

Includes Hank Aaron 1962 All Star Topps #394 PSA graded NM 7and sealed card, Lou Gehrig Benched After 2,130 Games 1961 Topps PSA slabbed and graded EX-Mt+ 6.5, 1980 Topps Rickey Henderson Rookie Card Mint slabbed #482, Mike Trout Los Angeles Angels 2012 Topps Heritage #20 200 50, 80, 20-250

Lot: 204 - French St. Etienne MLE 1866-74 Rifle #29061

Manufacture De Amas St. Etienne (MAS) Model 80 11mm 1866-74 dated 1876, with numerous proof marks throughout. Brass bands and trigger guard, 20" Blue round barrel, blue is very good nearly 90%+, stock is brightly polished and has correct leather sling, action is excellent, bent down bolt lever, well maintained and oiled Matching serial numbers on stock and receiver dated 1876 (Antique)

Lot: 205 - French MLE16 rifle - WWI-WWII 8mm Carbine

Serial # 66431 marked on the left of the receiver and S83547 on the triggerguard, nicely polished and lacquer stock, blue is approx 75% + with many losses to steel as seen in images, 18" carbine barrel, brass band, leather sling, elevator rear sight. Curio and Relic Must Register here $60, or can be shipped to FFL of your choice

Lot: 206 - Antique Leather Rifle Scabbard

tooled leather brass buttons 33" tall

Lot: 207 - Savage model 23AA .22 Cal. Rifle #1149178

Savage Sportster .22 caliber bolt action rifle with magazine, walnut stock, AKA Savage Sportster Model 1933 NRA

Lot: 208 - Western Field 550CD 20ga shotgun

"26" C-lect Choke Made in the USA" 26" barrel vintage 1960's shotgun by Western Field (Mossberg) Must register here for $60 or shipped to your FFL

Lot: 210 - Vintage Marlin Glenfield model 60 .22 Rifle

22" barrel Serial #27343717, good vintage condition, tube fed .22 caliber semi auto rifle

Lot: 211 - Isidore Jules Bonheur Bronze Racehorse sculpture

Isidore-Jules Bonheur (French, 1827-1901), "Le Grand Jockey" Patinated Bronze Jockey on Horseback - very large piece measures approx. 40" x 36" x 10" Marked Bonheur 1850 on the base

Lot: 212 - Art Garber oil on canvas - Cowboy on horse

Title: Cowboy with Hereford's signed and dated 1981 bottom left measures 20" x 24" in a custom 28" x 32" western frame

Lot: 213 - Art Garber oil on canvas ca 1981 Native Image

Depicting a Native potter teaching a child signed lower left measures 24" x 20" - frame 32.5" x 27.5"

Lot: 215 - Tom Sanders oil on board Painting of Pheasants

Pheasants flying signed lower left measures 11" x 14" in a custom 16.75" x 19.5" frame

Lot: 217 - Amos Beaver (Cheyenne) Oil on Canvas Indian dancer

Amos Beaver (1952 - 2017, Cheyenne) Clinton Oklahoma measures 18" x 24" oil on canvas in a 30" x 24" frame

Lot: 218 - 'The Young Chief Uncas' by Stanley framed Giclee

Title: 'The Young Chief Uncas' by John Mix Stanley framed Giclee on canvas board measures 23" x 19" Image size in a very nice 31" x 26" Frame

Lot: 219 - 3 Karl Bodmer Native Framed Giclee on Canvas

Classic Native Prints by Karl Bodmer 'Dog with travois', "Winter Village of the Manitaries," and "Bison-Dance of the Mandan Indians" Bright colored and textured Giclee prints, nicely framed behind glass they measure 22" x 25.5"

Lot: 220 - Mata Ortiz Tavo Silveira earthenware vessel

Award winning colored pottery Mata Ortiz artist Octavio Silveira black tan and red colored earthenware vase 7" tall and 7" wide

Lot: 221 - Mata Ortiz Julio Ledezma ceramic pot - black, red

7" diam and 4.5" h

Lot: 222 - Hopi Earthenware Hanging bowl

polychrome painted black, red with red 11" diameter x 3.5" high

Lot: 223 - Lupita Martinez Lupita Martinez San Ildefonso Pot

3.5" tall Blackware pottery polished pot with repeating feathers by the noted Black on Black Pueblo Potter, who married Anselmo Martinez the nephew of Maria and Julian Martinez

Lot: 224 - Hopi Kachina by Tony M Espinoza

Marked on the base: Suy ang - Ep -Hoya - Left Handed Hunter 18" Kachina 20th Century, Hopi culture; Arizona Cottonwood root, pigment, feather, fur, leather, nice concho gauntlet

Lot: 225 - Vintage Wide head Kachina

“Wuyak-kuita” Kachina - 17" to top feather, wood stands approx. 13" x 8" but extends to 11" wide with feathers, 20th Century, Hopi culture; Arizona Cottonwood root, pigment, feather, fur, leather, yarn, reeds signed bottom D Kots Hote + Vila 'wide head'

Lot: 225A - Native wooden carved statue - Rabbit

measures 14.5" x 2"

Lot: 226 - NW Coast Stone Carved Totem Pole

Argillite Stone carved 7 1/18" carved three figure totem, the middle figure is two headed with an eagle at top Haidas carved

Lot: 227 - Two Vintage Hopi Kachina Dolls

10 Mudhead with rattle and feathers extends to 11" with feathers and shell on head, and a 10" bird with feathers signed bottom Kayash B Lango 20th c. cottonwood root, pigment, leather, beads shell applied beads and conchos, and feathers

Lot: 228 - Carol Vigil Jemez wedding ceramic pot

red and tan - 6" tall x 4" wide Carol Vigil Jemez Pueblo Native potter, carved and polished wedding vase with bird signed bottom Jemez 85

Lot: 229 - NW Coast wood plane in the shape of an Eagle

very old piece with carved cedar handle with eagle motif and tarred twine bands that hold a sharpened iron blade measures approx 9.5" x 4" x 1.75" wide

Lot: 230 - 2 Northwest Coast paddles

14" long

Lot: 231 - Acoma Pottery Jar Red Black and White

Signed Yolie possibly Yolanda Trujillo excellent crafted black and white on redware piece. Signed bottom measures 4.5" x 6.5"

Lot: 232 - 3 Native Turquoise rings & 2 sets earrings

native made inlaid rings and earrings

Lot: 233 - 5 Pair of Native sterling earrings

The silver beaded earrings each have two handmade oblong beds, upside down jingle bobs and coral ends. Plus four other great earrings

Lot: 234 - Max Kerlow - Woman grinding corn - 3pc

Blackware pottery -polychrome painted repeating diamond patterns, Woman with grinder and mano grinding corn - three pieces measure 26" x 13" x 5" when assembled signed bottom of foot Max Kerlow

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