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Charlotte Lemke Estate - Jewelry, Furniture & More

Mon Jun 17 - 06:00PM

N27541 Locomotive Lane, Arcadia, WI Click to Map

Hansen Auction Group

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Phone: 7152654656

License: 225

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Garden King Cultivator; Rally 20" Push Mower; Greenworks 10A Electric Snow Shovel; Vintage Steamer Chest; Cloth Recliner; Sentry Safe and Heater. Plus Coleman Powermate Portable Generator, Jorgensen Miter Set, Cordless Drill and Sander, Suncast Plastic Tool Shed and Much More!

Date: Tuesday, June 11th 
Time: 10:00am-2:00pm
Address: N27541 Locomotive Lane, Arcadia, WI 54612


Assortment of Tupperware
Miscellaneous Tupperware
Contents of Shelf
Assortment of Kitchen Utensils and Containers
Assortment of Light Bulbs and Tupperware
Blenders, Food Dehydrator, and More
Assortment of Pans, Coffee Makers, and More
Steam Iron, Cookware Sets, and Serving Trays
Contents of Shelf
Assortment of Mixing Bowls, Carving Sets, and Knives
Assortment of Knives, Totes, and More
Assortment of Crock Pots, Blender, Coffee Maker, and More
Instant Pot, Waffle Maker, and More
Contents of Shelf
Contents of Shelf
Ice Cream Makers, Toaster Ovens, Food Dehydrators, and More
KitchenAid Blender, Pizza Maker, Food Dehydrator, and More
Pizza Stone, Light Bulbs, Toaster Oven, and More
Chef's Pot Plus, Electric Percolator, Deep Fryer, and More
Coffee Maker, Steel Storage Racks,  VCR, and More
Assortment of Bakeware
Bakeware, Silverware, and More
Pots and Pans, Tupperware, and More
Food Saver, Glassware, Cast Iron Pans, and More
(2) Plastic Shelving Units
(3) Plastic Shelving Units
Coffee Table and Chair
Cloth Recliner
Contents of Shelf
Assortment of Baskets and Bags
Assortment of Cleaning and Beauty Products
Display Hutch
Card Table and (4) Folding Chairs
Wood Dining Table with (4) Chairs and (2) Leaves
(2) Counter Height Chairs
(2) Decorative Storage Boxes
Tupperware, Plant Stand, and Storage Containers
Battery Assortment and More
Assortment of Baskets and Storage Containers
(2) Jewelry Armoire
Kitchen Glassware, Vases, and More
Coffee Pot, EZ Grabbers, and More
Assortment of Kitchen Glassware, Diapers, and More
Assortment of Costume Jewelry
Kenmore Chest Freezer
Assortment of Napkins, Paper Towels, and Tissues
Wood and Cloth Chair
Assortment of Greeting Cards
Miscellaneous Office Supplies
Wash Stand with Marble Top
Wood Desk
(2) Shelves
Large Assortment of DVD's, CD's, and VHS Tapes
Large Assortment of Books
Lift Chair, Metal Filing Cabinet, and DVD Storage
Contents of Closet
Canning Supplies
Large Assortment of Canning Jars
Large Assortment of Canning Jars
Canning Supplies
Canning Supplies
Canning Supplies
Contents of Closet
Miscellaneous Health and Beauty Products
Contents of Room
Contents of Room
Contents of Closet
Wood Dresser
Assortment of Fabrics and Clothes
Extensive Collection of Sewing Supplies
Collection of Sewing Supplies
Sewing Table with Thread Holder
Assortment of Crafting Supplies
Miscellaneous Cleaning Supplies
Contents of Closet
Large Assortment of Decorations, Picture, and More
Assortment of Pictures and Frames
(5) Lamps
Collection of Decorations and More
32" TV, (2) Radios, and Metal Lamp
Large Assortment of Sewing and Craft Items
Large Assortment of Kitchen Items and More
Miscellaneous Totes with Extra Lids
Wood Desk and Decorative Plant Stand
Large Assortment of Household Items
Large Assortment of Tables
Wash Stand, Ottoman, and Small Table
Large Assortment of Wall Hangings and Curtain Rods
Large Assortment of Rugs
Large Assortment of Wood Baskets
Hamilton Beach Roaster Oven and Clever Mop
Large Assortment of Dishes and Mugs
(2) LED Lamps, Brooms, and More
Large Assortment of Christmas Decor
LED Floor Lamp, Women's Shoes, and More
Large Assortment of Halloween Décor
Assortment of Cabinets and Table
Large Assortment of Craft and Sewing Supplies
(3) DVD and (1) CD Storage
Plastic Shelving Unit, Rug, Metal Storage Containers, and More
Assortment of Christmas Decorations
Assortment of Christmas Decorations
Assortment of Household Items
Assortment of Christmas Decorations
Wood Table, (3) Chairs, and More
Assortment of Chairs and End Table
Assortment of Tables and Small Dresser
Slant Boards, Wood Shelving Units, and TV Trays
Contents of Shelf
Contents of Shelves
Large Assortment of Toilet Paper
Elna Sewing Table
(6) Bags of Fiberglass Insulation
Singer Sewing Machine, Wood Table, and More
Wood Dresser
Vintage Complete Chest
Shop Vac, Mops, and Buckets
Contents of Desk
(7) Bags of Water Softener Pellets
Pride Victory Mobility Scooter
Steamer Trunk
Assortment of Wood Flooring and Cabinet
Contents of Shelf
Contents of Shelf
(6) Fuel Cans
Heater and Fans
Heater and Fans
(3) Oil Filled Heaters
Sentry Safe and Heater
(4) Table Fans
Table Top Grill and Fan
Table Top Grill and Fan
Tile Flooring, Grill, and Fan
(4) Box Fans
Collection of (6) Fans
Bench Grinder, Heater, and Fans
6" Bench Grinder and Fans
Toro Cordless Blower and Gas String Trimmer
Metal Park Bench
Contents of Corner
Sprayers, Air Pumps, and Luggage Carts
Exercisers, Canes, Walkers, and More
Table and Plant Stand
(2) Kids Travel Suit Cases
Assortment of Christmas Decorations and Avon Collectives
Coleman Powermate Portable Generator
(4) Plastic Step Stools
Assortment of Plastic Bags and More
Assortment of Tarps and Bungie Cords
Assortment of Yarn and Buttons
Assortment of Curtains
Miscellaneous Hand Tools
Miscellaneous Hand Tools
Miscellaneous Hand Tools
Tree Starting Kits, Tomato Planters, and More
Miscellaneous Plastic Totes and Covers
Lawn and Leaf Bags, Electrical Cords, and More
(2) Plastic Toolboxes
Assortment of Painting Supplies
Suncast Hose Reel with Hose
(2) Shop-Vacs
Feather Lite Weed Eater, (2) Mops, and (2) Leaf Blowers
Luxor Metal Organizer
(4) Radios
Assortments of Window Insulators
Assortment of Clothesline Supplies
Miscellaneous Gloves
Miscellaneous Tools
Miscellaneous Tools
Screw Drivers, Clamps, Hammers, and More
Wrenches, Pliers, Hammers, and More
(3) Piece Pliers Set, Wrenches, and More
Assortment of Buckets
Saw Combo Kit, Hammers, Screw Driver, and More
(2) Screw Driver Sets, Hammers, Shop Lights, and More
Road Master Red Wagon
Oreck Car Vacuum, Stain Carpet Cleaner, and More
Work Light, Lighters, and More
Metal Pot, Lamp Shades, and More
Solar Lights, Light Bulbs, and More
Assortment of Car Cleaning Supplies
Igloo Cooler
Assortment of Hand Tools
Remington Portable Pet Shelter and Metal Chairs
(2) Weed Trimmers
Assortment of Hand Saws
Assortment of Hand Saws
Jorgensen Miter Set
Miter Box and Craft Table
Tool Box and Tools
Tool Box and Tools
Cordless Drill and Sander
Booster Jump Packs
Sander, Staple Gun, and Jigsaw
(2) Sontax Folding Clamp Workbenches
Stanley Shop Vac and Car Vacuum
Cut-Out Saw & Stapler Kit
Levels and Aluminum Square
Jump Pack and Tools
Contents of Shelf, Power Tools, and More
Assortment of (5) Storage Bins
3 Cube Stackable Organizers
(2) Large Metal 3 Drawer Cabinets
Wood Bakers Rack Style Unit
Contents of Shelves, Assorted Paint, and More
Outdoor Clothes Dryer, Baskets, and More
Shop Vac and Tool Holders
(4) TV Trays and Wall Hanging
Contents of Shelf, Drills, and Seat Cushions
Cabinet and Contents
(5) Shelf Unit
Metal Shelving Unit
Metal Shelving Unit
Metal Shelving Unit
Metal Shelving Unit
Wood Work Bench
Contents of Corner, File Cabinet, and More
Assortment of Shovels, Rakes, and Lawn Fence
Assortment of Brooms, Shovels, and Rakes
Assortment of Planting Pots and Bird Houses
Miscellaneous Plastic Tool Holders, Totes, and Shelf
Assortment of Footstools and Hose Reel
Wood Table, Chair, and Crate
Assortment of Snow Shovels
Pair of Automotive Ramps
Miscellaneous Snow Shovels and Rake
Assortment of Brooms, Mop, and Rakes
Miscellaneous Lawn Tools, Wire, and More
Assortment of Brooms, Mops, and Squeegee
Miscellaneous Brooms, Mops, and Rake
Suncast Plastic Tool Shed
Assortment of Lawn Tools, Sprinklers, and More
Lawn Cart and Large Planting Pots
Wood Planter and (2) Lawn Decorations
Assortment of Planting Pots, Play Sand, and More
Assortment of Plastic Totes
Assortment of Garden Tools, Sprinklers, and Sprayers
(2) Plastic Saw Horses and a 6' Step Ladder
Assortment of Planting Trays and Down Spout Extender
Assortment of Flower Pots and Lawn Ornaments
(2) Wooden Saw Horses and Sheet of OSB
(2) 5 Gallon Gas Cans
(3) Plastic Seeders
Earthquake MC 43 Mini Cultivator
Garden King Cultivator
Yard Machine Cultivator
Rally 20" Push Mower
Plastic Yard Wagon
Lawn Cart
Murray 20" Push Mower
Greenworks 10A Electric Snow Shovel
Brinly Pull Behind Seeder
(2) Plastic Garbage Cans, Hose Reel, and Patio Bricks
(3) Plastic Storage Containers and Miscellaneous Planting Pots
(3) Grills and Plastic Buckets
Wood Bench, Metal Plant Stand, and Patio Chair
Patio Table, Wood Bench, and More
Suncast Plastic Tool Shed
Chain-link Gates and Wood Pallet Flooring
Assortment of Trash Cans, Stake Posts, Pallets, and More
Miscellaneous 4x4's and Potting Mix
Miscellaneous Lawn Ornaments
Miscellaneous Lawn Ornaments
Assortment of Lawn Decorations
Milk Jug and Wood Wishing Well
Assortment of Lawn Decorations
Rocking Chair, Wooden Stands, and More
Lawn Decorations
Miscellaneous Lawn Decorations
Assortment of Lawn Decorations
Wood Decorative Chair
Sunbeam Microwave and Oster Convection Oven
Wood Werner 8' Ladder
Lasko Foot Storage Step Stool
Vintage Steamer Chest
(3) Chairs and Plant Stand
(5) Chairs and Wood Table
Vintage Wooden Wash Table
(2) Swivel Bar Stool
Assortment of Wood Plant Stands and Kids Dressers
Wood Pantry Cabinet
(2) Book Shelves
Wood Table
(3) Drawer Dresser with Topper
(4) Shelf Book Shelf
Assortment of Totes
Wood Hall Tree
(4) Drawer Dresser
(5) Drawer Dresser
Oak Dresser with Mirror
Craftsman Portable Work Bench
(2) Tables or Plant Stands
(2) Tables and Mirror
(3) Dining Room Chairs
(2) Stands and Collapsible Table
(5) Plant Stands
(3) Benches
Nesting Tables, Shelf, and Bench
Wood Chest and Shelf
(2) Plant Stands and Flower Bed
(2) Benches and Shelf
(4) Wood Dining Chairs
(2) Wood Dining Chairs
(4) Chairs
(4) Chairs
(4) Wood Dining Chairs
Plant Stands, Small Cabinet
(2) Tables and Plant Stand
Wood Rocker
Adirondack Rocking Chair
Wood Drop Leaf Table
(4) Drawer Dresser with Mirror
Metal and Wood Dining Table
Wood Dining Table
Table and (4) Chairs
Picnic Table and Seats
Wooden Rocker
School Desk and Chair
(2) Matching Book Shelves
(2) Dressers (4) Drawers Each
Sitting Bench and End Table
Sewing Machine Stand and Small Cabinet
(4) Drawer Dresser and Folding Table
Assortment of Kid's toys
File Cabinet and Wicker Basket
Breakfast Table and (2) Stools
Lawn Chairs and Hose Reel
Collection of Lawn Ornaments
Lamps, Flower Stands, and Bird House
Greenhouse, Bakers Rack, Garment Racks
(2) Stor A Way Saw Horses
Ironing Board, Mini Blinds, VHS Storage Cabinets
Armoire, Pantry, CD Holder, Bath Seat, and More
Blinds, Welded Wire, Shutters, Clothes Line
Collection of Wall hangings
Welded Wire, Edging, and Floor Coverings
(4) Shelf Unit
Seed Starter, Outdoor Lighting, Sprinklers
Plastic Shelving Unit
Traps, Edging, Drop Clothes and More
Plastic Shelving Unit
Eureka Vacuum, (3) Clothes Racks, Mops, and More
Plastic Shelving Unit
Wood Dresser
(5) Plastic Water Containers
Sentry Survivor Fire-Safe Deposit Box NO: C-018938
Cosco (3) Step Ladder
Vintage Trike
World's Greatest Multi-Use Ladder System
(3) 5 Gallon Pails of Windshield Fluid
Plastic Shelving Unit
WD-40, Lubricant, Oil, and More
Plastic Shelving Unit
Laundry Detergent, Bleach, and More
Plastic Shelving Unit
Interior Paint and Primer
Plastic Shelving Unit
Variety of Stains and More
Plastic Shelving Unit
Various Paint and Gloss
Various Shampoos
Plastic Shelving Unit
(3) Plastic Garden Waterers, Household Cleaner, and More
(4) Fill Valve Kits, Odor Cleaner, and More
Wood Cane, Knives, Bags, and More
Miscellaneous Cleaners and More
Various Bug Spray, Includes Shelving Unit
Plastic Shelving Unit
Miracle Grow, Ammonia Cleaner, and More
Insect Killer, Weed and Grass Killer, and More
Weed and Bug Killer
Various Weed Killers
Various Weed Killers
Plastic Shelving Unit
Collection of Bleach
Various Paints and Primers
Multi Purpose Spray Paint and Rust-Oleum
Miscellaneous Spray Paint
Plastic Shelving Unit
Multi Purpose Cleaner, Bleach, and More
Assortment of Cleaners
Collection of Laundry Supplies
Collection of Laundry Supplies
Plastic Shelving Unit
Collection of Laundry Supplies
Collection of Laundry Supplies
Collection of Fabric Softener
Collection of Laundry Scents
Assortment of Windshield Wipers
Collection of Rubbermaid Fasttrack
Plastic Shelving Unit
Plastic Shelving Unit
Assortment of Odor Controls
Collection of Cleaners
Collection of Soaps and Deck Wash
Collection of Soaps and Sanitizers
Assortment of Vinegar and Deck Wash
Assortment of Vinegar
Assortment of Household Cleaners
Assortment of Automotive Cleaners
Plastic Shelving Unit
Plastic Shelving Unit
Assortment of Automotive Chemicals
Assortment of Automotive Cleaners
Assortment of Automotive Oils
Assortment of Automotive Lubes and Grease
Collection of Caulk
Assortment of Automotive Cleaning Products
Assortment of Automotive Cleaning Products
Assortment of Automotive Cleaning Products
Lawn Ornaments, Tarps, Rugs, and More
Wood Cabinet with Contents
Contents of Bench
Wood Work Bench
Assortment of Lawn Ornaments
Assortment of Christmas Lawn Ornaments
Assortment of Fall Decorations
Assortment of Lawn Decorations
Miscellaneous Drapes, Plastic Covers, Head Phones, and More
Miscellaneous Lawn Decorations
8' Hydrotherm Base Board Heating Element
Wood Raised Flower Bed
Wood Raised Flower Bed

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