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  • Jewelry, Some Sterling

    Jewelry, Some Sterling

  • Fashion Earrings

    Fashion Earrings

  • Famous Name Maker Watches

    Famous Name Maker Watches

  • Brooch & Stick Pin, Jewelry Collection

    Brooch & Stick Pin, Jewelry Collection

Lot: 1 - Jewelry, Some Sterling

Jewelry collection. Highlights include a sterling silver brooch & earring set, flowers, Christmas, and angel brooches. Lapel pins, necklaces, clips, and more!

Lot: 2 - Fashion Earrings

42 pairs of Fashion clip earrings, includes 1 amber pair, and pairs signed Liz Claiborne, Monet, Trifari, JMS (gold-filled), Napier, Avon, and Amco (gold-filled).

Lot: 3 - Famous Name Maker Watches

Watches. Eight (8) watches by Sheffield, Pugeot, Swap, Gruen (automatic), Hamilton Masterpiece, CG, Gruen Embassy, & Harvester on a silver-tone chain.

Lot: 4 - Brooch & Stick Pin, Jewelry Collection

Brooch & Stick Pin Collection. Designer names include AJMC, Avon, & Sarah Coventry (matching brooch & earrings). Two brooches marked Mexico Silver, flowers, a wreath, mother-of-pearl, a bee & butterfly brooch, a jack-o-lantern gold-tone necklace, and more.

Lot: 5 - Designer Butterfly Jewelry Collection

Gold-tone & Designer Butterfly Collection. Sixteen brooches, 2 stick pins, and a necklace, all featuring butterflies. Designers include Monet (3), Gerrys, Kauldland, Sarah Coventry, and more.

Lot: 6 - Sterling, Silvertone, & Designer Butterfly Jewelry

Sterling, Silvertone, & Designer Butterfly Jewelry. Sixteen brooches, a clip, and a pair of clip earrings, all butterflies! Designers include Sarah Coventry, Monet, Birds & Blooms, and JJ.

Lot: 7 - Butterfly Jewelry

Butterfly Jewelry Collection, includes 25 brooches and a bracelet. Several enamel and Cloisonne, lots of great color, one feathers on leather, and a colorful stretch bracelet.

Lot: 8 - Monet & Collectible Jewelry

Monet & Collectible Jewelry Collection. Twenty-one (21) pieces, including leopard skin jasper bracelet & earrings, 3 Monet pieces, pearl earrings, and a Milifiori necklace and earring set.

Lot: 9 - Jewelry & Collectibles

Two small silvertone jewelry boxes (marked Japan), children's flatware (11 pieces), a pocket watch chain, twelve (12) necklaces, and 2 pair clip earrings.

Lot: 10 - Fashion Jewelry Grouping

Fashion Jewelry - BLING! (24) pieces of shiny, silver & gold tone baubles, including necklaces, bracelets, keychains, and more.

Lot: 11 - Cocktail Ring Collection

Cocktail Ring Collection (26). Gemstones test in the range of tourmaline and aqua, as well as glass and faux pearls.

Lot: 12 - Collectible Jewelry

31 pieces of Collectible Jewelry. Brooches, pins, 3 pair clip earrings & 1 pr sterling silver pierced earrings, Rachel Arvio pewter brooch, Pandora bracelet, hair clips. Other designers include Chicos, Rosterling, & Trifari.

Lot: 13 - Collectible Floral Brooches

18 Brooches, mostly florals, and a matching purple flower brooch/earring set. Designer marks include Anne Klein, CA (gold-filled), Adderley, MFA, Orchid, Avon, & Boucher.

Lot: 14 - Figural Animal & Designer Brooches

Figural Animal & Designer Brooches. A nice 18 piece collection, with designs from Rachel Arvid, Carol Halmey, Miriam Haskell, Jomaz, Ciner, Vogue, and JJ.

Lot: 15 - Designer and Fashion Bracelet Collection

Bracelet Collection. 34 pieces of fashion jewelry, bangles and cuffs, in all tones (gold, silver, brass, stone, leather, beads, etc), and a variety of styles. Designers include Monet and Alex and Ani.

Lot: 16 - Semi-precious & Stone Jewelry

Semi-precious & Stone Jewelry. Gemstones test in the range of Nephrite (necklace), Jadeite (bracelet), citrine (necklace & earrings), jadeite pendant on sterling chain, tiger eye earrings.

Lot: 17 - Rhinestone & Marcasite Jewelry

Rhinestone & Marcasite Jewelry. 29 pieces total, including 1 necklace, 4 bracelets, 5 pr pierced earrings (1 is mismatched), 6 pr clip earrings, 1 pendant, and 2 pins.

Lot: 18 - Ladies Wristwatches, Some Designer, GF

Ladies Wristwatches. Six watches from makers Wittnauer (10K gold filled), Medana (Swiss), Neiman Marcus, Polcini, Bulova, and CT.

Lot: 18A - Russian Style Silver Brooches, Necklaces

Three Russian style scenic brooches in silver settings (likely Russian silver but unmarked), .800 silver ring, early large crystal rhinestone brooch (show in 5th photo, center was reattached), Lisner leaf brooch and others, Venetian, crystal and other necklaces.

Lot: 18B - Sterling Designer Necklace & Earrings

Sterling silver designer Suzanne Somers cz tennis necklace with sterling trillion cz earrings, new in box

Lot: 18C - Boucher Floral Carved Brooch & Earrings

Boucher Floral Brooch & Earrings, carved abacus pendant, clip-on carved earrings and an Asian figure.

Lot: 19 - Jewelry & Ladies Dresser items

A collection from a ladies dresser, including a vintage green belt, faux pearl & bead necklaces, 3 pair of clip earrings, pill boxes, small diamond & pearl earrings, Wedgwood pendant, a CZ ring, Bush '88 pins, and more.

Lot: 20 - Costume & Fashion Jewelry

Costume & Fashion Jewelry. Eight (8) pairs earrings, 1 set of necklace and earrings (marked Crystal jewelry), elephant earrings and trinket box, a matching ring, necklace, & earring set, and more.

Lot: 21 - Fashion Brooches

Fashion Brooches and Stick Pins, 35+. Gold and silver tone, flowers, Christmas, animals, and more.

Lot: 22 - Assortment of Costume Brooches & Pins (20)

Grouping of brooches and pins consisting of 20 items. Lot includes a Coro brand gold tone brooch, Coro faux cameo, Avon gold tone owl, Lisner gold tone brooch w/ green stones, and others. Condition is as seen in photography.

Lot: 23 - Silver Tone Grouping w/ Turquoise, Rhinestones

Silver tone jewelry including a turquoise silver tone statement necklace, rhinestone earrings, faux pearl + fluorescent stone silver tone necklace, silver tone feather pin and earring set, silver tone dolphin bracelet and more. Condition is as seen in photography.

Lot: 24 - Gold Tone Jewelry with Faux Pearl, Hairpin

various gold tone necklaces, earrings and bracelets along with two pieces of gold tone faux pearl. Also included is a colorful hairpin with colorful stones.

Lot: 25 - Gold-tone Costume Jewelry

Gold tone costume jewelry lot includes a gold tone rhinestone bracelet missing a stone, Avon faux pearl and gold tone bell earrings, gold tone + rhinestone cornucopia ring, multiple gold chains and necklaces, a gold tone bangle bracelet, and more. Condition is as seen in photography.

Lot: 26 - Gold-tone Jewelry Lot

Gold-tone jewelry including a gold-tone bracelet with clear stones, multiple pairs of gold-tone earrings, gold-tone chains, gold-tone with black stones, and more. Condition is as seen in photography.

Lot: 27 - Rhinestone, Silver-tone, Coro, Filigree & More

A mostly silver-tone grouping with a Coro pin (one stone missing), early Filigree pin with attempted repair, rhinestone and faux pearl silver tone necklaces, pendants depicting religious symbols, NFL, and more. Condition as seen in photography.

Lot: 28 - Silver-tone Costume Jewelry

Elephant pendant with missing pin in back, ring necklace, heavy bracelet, ring, two heart pendants, bracelet with unchecked stones, gift box pendant, Hong Kong pendant, charm bracelet , tie clip, earrings, Haltz and Goliad buck pin, Mizpah and more.

Lot: 29 - Twenty-Nine Pairs of Costume Earrings

29 pairs of costume jewelry earrings including silver-tone, rhinestone, gold-tone and more. All earrings are intact.

Lot: 30 - Silver-tone Costume Jewelry & Sterling Rosary

Sun Pendant with moon and star charms, lion pendant, cuff bracelet, 27 inch chain, multicolor bracelet, single earring with stones, neck, cross necklace with pendant, Bauplaise clip-on earrings, Sterling Silver Rosary marked 925, and more.

Lot: 31 - Silver-tone Necklaces, Pendants, Rhinestones

Lot consists of multiple silver-tone necklaces, some silver-tone pieces with rhinestones and other colorful stones/accents. Figural pendants, pendants of religious symbols (crosses), filigree style earrings, large statement necklace pendant, and more.

Lot: 32 - Gold-tone Costume Rings and Other Jewelry

Gold-tone Rings include Sigrid Olson size 8, bow tie ring with stones, green gemstone ring with surrounding stones, key ring , three rings locked together (two gold-tone & one silver-tone), and more. Other Jewelry includes "Customtime" watch, Belforte pocket watch, gold sun shaped pendant, gold-tone dog earrings, gold-tone money chain, necklace with earrings, and more as seen in photos.

Lot: 34 - Large Costume Jewelry Lot

A & Z multicolored bracelet, heart pendant, black onyx pendant, purple multi-colored bracelet, various beaded, Disney marked Mickey Mouse shaped gold tone pendant, various turquoise jewelry and much more, as seen in photos.

Lot: 35 - Collection of Pins and Brooches of Various Themes

gold-tone, sliver-tone, and other pins and brooches including a Sarah Coventry flower brooch, Monet gold-tone pin, Avon teapot pin, and more.

Lot: 36 - Colorful Rhinestone & Other Pins and Brooches

Pins and brooches with colorful rhinestones, aquatic themes, faux pearls, floral pins and more.

Lot: 37 - Gold-tone Jewelry

Collection of gold-tone jewelry including faux pearl, necklaces, bracelets and more. Condition as seen in photos.

Lot: 38 - Holiday & Other Pins, Brooches, Pendants

Collection of assorted holiday and other pins brooches and pendants, including one Sarah Coventry gold-tone pin, rhinestone pins, faux pearl and more.

Lot: 38A - Van Dell 14K GF Cameo Pendant Brooch

Signed Van Dell pendant brooch of a woman facing to the right within14K GF frame/setting.

Lot: 39 - Collectible Gold Tone Jewelry

40 pieces of gold tone jewelry with necklaces, bracelets, stick pins, pendants and more. Condition is as seen in photos.

Lot: 40 - Pins & Brooches w/ MicroMosaic

Assorted pins and brooches, including three gold-tone figural animal pins with colored glass eyes, a BSK gold-tone leaf brooch with rhinestones, large serpent pin, Capri leaf pin, rhinestone pins and pendant, an Italian blue floral micromosaic pin, and more. Condition is as seen in photos.

Lot: 41 - Assortment of 85+ Pins with Varying Themes

more than 85 pins of varying themes. Some advertising pins are present, such as Michelob, Ebay, American Airlines, Camel and more.

Lot: 42 - Soviet, Eastern Bloc, and Russian Fed. Pins/Medals

Collection of 50 pins and medals predominantly from the Soviet Union, Russian Federation, and eastern bloc (all with Cyrillic writing). Pins are mostly in good condition, as seen in photos.

Lot: 43 - NEED ALL PHOTO 50+ Soviet/Russian Medals/Pins

50+ Soviet and Russian pins (all in Cyrillic). Includes four medals, and many stick pins from various celebrations, anniversaries, etc. Condition is as seen in photos.

Lot: 44 - Vintage Circus Costume With Whip

Circus lion tamer costume with shaved beaver top hat, velvet sequined vest with paisley lining, magenta velvet tailcoat with sequins and salmon satin lining, white gloves, and hand crafted leather whip. Coat and vest are approx. men's med.

Lot: 50 - 8 Vintage/Antique Glass Bottles, Jars, Decanters

Eight Vintage and antique glass vessels and one more. Consists of an antique 23oz. liquor bottle (likely pre-prohibition), antique Zanol clear bottle, Hind's honey and almond cream bottle, vintage small jar reading "Waterman's" on bottom, a Kraft vintage glass bear jar, a vintage wine decanter, a small red glass fish bottle, and a small vessel reading "cape may bitters". Some bottles are dirty.

Lot: 51 - Stangl Yellow Spongeware (18 Pc)

18 pieces of Stangl yellow spongeware, including six dinner plates, six saucers, salt + pepper, a creamer, shaving cup, coffee pot, and an extra coffee pot. Spongeware in good condition, marked on bottom.

Lot: 52 - Framed Collectible Art (4 Pc)

Grouping of four framed collectible artworks, as seen in photography.

Lot: 53 - Sansui Reel-To-Reel Tape Deck

Sansui reel-to-reel tape deck model SD-5050 measuring 20" H x 16.5" W x 7.5" D. Machine is untested.

Lot: 54 - Pioneer PL-25 Hi-Auto Player Turntable

A Pioneer Hi-Auto player PL-25 in what seems to be great condition. No damage is visible on item, and tag with serial number is still present. Motor works flawlessly, turntable not tested for audio function.

Lot: 55 - Sony TC-580 Bi-Directional Recorder

A Sony TC-580 reel to reel bi-directional tape recorder. Appears to be in working condition and electronics light up when plugged in. Weighs approx. 41 pounds, so consideration for shipping costs is needed.

Lot: 56 - Onkyo TX-SV545 Audio Video Receiver

An Onkyo audio video receiver in apparent working condition. Item appears to have no damage. Item is heavy (25 lbs).

Lot: 57 - Energy Stereo Speakers (2 Pr)

2 pairs of Energy stereo speakers including a large pair of floor models measuring approx. 38.5" H x 9" W x 13" D and a pair of bookshelf /wall models approx. 13" H x 15" W x 7" D. All speakers tested for signal and operate. Not tested for performance.

Lot: 58 - Polk Audio Powered Subwoofer

Polk Audio powered subwoofer PSW-110 measuring approx. 14" H x 14" W x 14" D. Unit is untested.

Lot: 59 - Kenwood Stereo System With Speakers

Kenwood stereo system in cabinet with receiver, turntable, tuner, cassette deck, and 2 speakers JL-630W. Cabinet measures approx. 36" H x 18" W x 15" D, speakers approx. 26" H x 14" W x10.5" D. Unit tested and in working order. Small collection of albums included.

Lot: 60 - 26 Vintage Spiderman Comic Books

Twenty-six vintage Spiderman books, including Spiderman # 2, 5, 6, 9, 12, 15, 16, 19, 20, 29, 41, and 50. Also in grouping are Amazing Spiderman comics # 350, 370, and 376, Spiderman 2099 # 2, 3, 18, and Spiderwoman # 3. Conditions of comics are good, many remain in plastic.

Lot: 61 - 26 Vintage X-Men Comics (80s, 90s)

Twenty-six vintage X-Men comics including Uncanny X-Men # 27 Direct edition, # 17, X-Men Annual # 8 (1984), X-Force #19, and other vintage editions. Conditions of comics are good, many still in plastic.

Lot: 61B - 50 Vintage Dark Horse Comics

50 vintage Dark Horse comics with titles including: Madman Comics, Tales to Offend, The Mask Strikes Back, Starship Troopers: Insect Touch, Tarzan: The Rivers of Blood, Aliens, Propeller Man, Virus, Predator: Cold War and more. Most comics are in very good condition, as well as in plastic.

Lot: 62 - 10 Vintage DC + Others Comics (60s, 70s, 80s, 90s)

10 Vintage comics from DC and other brands consisting of D.C Our Army at War #254 (1973), Robin #1 (1993), Super Friends Special (1981), DC Superstars #9 (1976), Gun Fighters # 76, Death: The High Cost of Living (1993), Archie's Pal Jughead (1960), and Treasure Chest comics from 1968, 67, and 66.

Lot: 63 - 10 Vintage Comics (70s, 80s, Early 90s)

Ten vintage comics consisting of Godzilla #15 (1978), Ka-Zar # 3(1974) and # 17 (1976), ROM #39 (1983), World's Unknown #8 (1974), Daredevil #129 (1976), Batman #401 (1986) in collectors bag, ClanDestine #1 (1994), and Strange Tales #164 (1968).

Lot: 64 - 26 DC Comics from 80s, Early 90s

Twenty-six DC comics including Justice League of America, Legion of Superheroes, Blackhawk, Sundevils (80s), Icon, and more. Comics are in mostly good condition, many still in plastic.

Lot: 65 - 26 Vintage Comics from 70s, 80s, Earl. 90s

26 vintage comic books, including titles such as ROM (1981), Micronauts (1979, 83), Dakota North Investigates, Doom 2099, Marvel Handbook (1986, 87). Comics in mostly good condition, many still in plastic.

Lot: 65A - 1970s Topps Baseball Cards

Grouping of 20 cards from the 1970s, including cards from Dale Murphy, Gary Carter, Gary Gaetti, Larry Bowa, Andre Dawson and more.

Lot: 65B - 55 Image W.I.L.D.C.A.T.S Comics

55 Image W.I.L.D.C.A.T.S Comics with titles including: Covert Action Teams #1 #25 #20 #7 and more, Trilogy #1 Newsstand Cover (1993), Wildcats/X-Men Golden Age, The Silver Age, and 48 other comics. Most are in very good condition.

Lot: 66 - 26 Vintage and other D.C Batman Comics (80s-2000s)

Collection of 26 vintage and other Batman comics from July 93, Nov. 89, Sep. 90, Sep 93, August 93 and more. Many comics are in very good condition, still in plastic besides some seen in photography.

Lot: 67 - 26 Vintage + more D.C Comics (80s, 90s, 00s)

26 Vintage and contemporary D.C comics from the 80s, 90s, including two comics from 2000s. Titles: The Changing Man, Animal Man, Mrs. Tree Quarterly, Mrs. Tree Special, Time Masters, Wasteland, Fate, and more. Most comics are in plastic and in good condition.

Lot: 68 - 26 Vintage Marvel Comics

Twenty six vintage Marvel comics from 70s, 80s, 90s and some others. Prominent titles include Omega the Unknown May 2 1976, Alf, X-Men 2099, Hulk 2099, Ghost Rider, The Punisher and more.

Lot: 69 - 26 Vintage D.C Comics

Twenty six vintage D.C comics including some contemporaries. Prominent titles: The Changing Woman Oct. 1992 + Feb. 1993 + Sept. 1992, Damage, multiple Valor comics, Legionaires Apr. 93, Justice League of America Nov. 91, V for Vendetta, Hammer Locke, and more. Most comics are in plastic and in good condition.

Lot: 70 - Solingen 24K Gold Plated Flatware Set (73 Pc)

A Solingen 24K gold plated flatware set with 73 pieces. Solingen serial number: 09848. Set has never been used, and the set comes with factory case and paperwork.

Lot: 71 - 85 Vintage Foreign Gold Tone Stick/Hat Pins

advertising stick pins and others, all gold tone, and many in languages other than English. Many appear to be vintage, and more are enameled. From brands such as Saturn, Lipta, Dipra, Drupol and more.

Lot: 72 - 85 Vintage Foreign Gold Tone Stick/Hat Pins

85 vintage advertising and other gold tone stick pins, many are enameled. Many (if not all) appear to be foreign . From groups such as Lovena Praha, Stuko, Artis, Cil, Elektroinstala, and more.

Lot: 73 - 85 Vintage Foreign Hat Pins/Stick Pins

85 vintage foreign stick/hat pins, of mixed metals. Various European pins are present including companies, festivals etc. Some pins are enameled. Includes pins from brands such as Rasica, Solaris Sibenik, Iskra and more, along with commemorative and other pins.

Lot: 74 - Assorted Vintage Enameled & Other Pins

Assorted vintage pins (some enameled) from various organizations, causes, and more. Includes Freemason pins, location pins, and more.

Lot: 75 - Assorted Vintage Enameled & Other Pins

Assorted vintage enameled and non-enameled pins from various organizations. Pins include patriotic themes, advertising, camps, scout troops, fraternity and more.

Lot: 76 - Assorted Vintage Advertising Pins & Others

An assortment of Vintage pins, some enameled. Includes pins from brands such as Budweiser, Red Man Tobacco, Miller, Yugioh, Lowes, Exxon Mobil etc. Position (job) pins, NASA pin, and more.

Lot: 77 - Assorted Vintage Advertising Pins & Others

Collection of vintage pins (some enameled) including advertising pins for Coca-Cola, MLB, NFL, NBA, bowling etc. along with other pins.

Lot: 78 - Vintage Education Pins, Kuksulwon, and More

Vintage pins mostly in the theme of education, two Kuksulwon Korean pins (one enameled), gold tone pins and more.

Lot: 79 - Vintage Pins with Various Themes

Assortment of vintage pins of various themes, including states, Hard Rock Cafe, Alzheimers, and more.

Lot: 80 - Vintage Pins with Various Themes

Vintage Pins with Various Themes, including national flag pins, cancer awareness pins, medical organizations, and more. Some pins are enameled.

Lot: 81 - Vintage Pins with Various Themes

Assortment of vintage pins of various themes, including Hard Rock, environmental, location pins, and more. Some are enameled.

Lot: 82 - Vintage Pins, Mostly Holiday Themes

Assortment of vintage pins with holiday themes. Also included are gold tone pins, enameled pins, and more.

Lot: 83 - Angel & Other Pins

Pin include many angel or religious shaped pins. P.I.N.S Inc, South Carolina Educational, Chevrolet and much more.

Lot: 84 - Pins & Other Costume Jewelry

Pins include U.S. Army, Vietnam, Air Force, ROTC, Wisconsin Veteran of Foreign Wars and more.

Lot: 85 - Olympic Pins

Pins are for various countries and Olympic games. USA five ring pins, five Olympic bear figures, a United States and Canada Vancouver 2010 pin, some pins in other languages, and other Olympic themed pins.

Lot: 86 - Foreign Themed Pins

Foreign pins are mostly stick pins and appear to be in various different languages. GZL, Alhos, St Andrews and other pins. As seen in photography.

Lot: 87 - Pins & Beautiful Metal Cross

Pins include Georgia Police, Leopard, 40th Anniversary Mets, an Angel, Crown, 1984-86 Veteran of Foreign Wars and more. Metal cross as seen in photography.

Lot: 88 - Various Pins

Pins include a Charter Oak Chapter 88 in Hartford Connecticut pin, Helfer International Foundation many heart shaped pins, 1988 Department of Indiana American Legion Pin, and many more.

Lot: 89 - Various State Themed & Other Pins

Pins including a 12 State pin, Department of Missouri, California Masons, Wisconsin 1991 & 92 service pin, UFE Member pin, Texas Missouri Arizona Oklahoma Kansas pin, and more.

Lot: 90 - Rhinestone Pins, Brooches, Earrings & More

Rhinestone & other pins, brooches, earrings and bracelets. Includes a Krementz faux pearl pin, colored rhinestone brooches, and others.

Lot: 91 - Hattie Carnegie, Coro, & More Pins & Brooches

Collection of Gold-tone pins and brooches, including a Hattie Carnegie signed gold-tone brooch, Coro faux cameo brooch, Monet "Unforgettable" pin, Gerry's boat pin, "KC" marked flower pin and others.

Lot: 92 - Faux Pearl Grouping

Grouping of Faux pearl necklaces, bracelets, earrings and charm bracelets.

Lot: 93 - Vintage Pins & Brooches (Monet, Giovanni, PL)

Grouping of vintage gold-tone and silver-tone pins and brooches, including Monet dragonfly MOP pin, Giovanni silver-tone rose brooch, and others.

Lot: 94 - Rhinestones, Cuff Bracelets, Watch & Others

Anne Klein ladies silver and gold tone watch, rhinestone bracelet and necklace, silver tone pendants and stick pins, religious pendants, silver tone and rhinestone cuff bracelets and more.

Lot: 95 - Jadeite and 14K Gold Necklace

Necklace with jadeite beads (approx. 6mm) and 14K gold chain with small gold balls, measuring approx. 24" L.

Lot: 96 - 14K Gold Plate Vintage Jewelry and More

2 necklaces with cameo style pendant and black glass stones on 14K gold plated chains, matching set of bracelet and earrings with green engraved glass, bracelet with coral, turquoise, and sterling silver clasp, and more.

Lot: 97 - Sterling Silver Rings With Turquoise & MOP

4 unmarked sterling silver rings with turquoise and Mother-of-Pearl. Ring with large Mother-of-Pearl, marked "Western Germany".

Lot: 98 - Sterling Silver Jewelry

5 sterling silver rings with turquoise, pink jadeite, glass, plus a set of heart design earrings and necklace in box.

Lot: 99 - Sterling Silver Earrings and Necklace by Alpaca

Sterling silver jewelry by Alpaca including 5 pairs of earrings and 1 choker style necklace with turquoise, MOP, and other inlay.

Lot: 100 - Sterling Silver and Amber Jewelry

amber and sterling silver crucifix on chain measuring approx. 24" and amber pendants of oval and heart shapes.

Lot: 101 - Sterling Silver Bracelets by Dyadema and Others

3 sterling silver cuff bracelet with lapis (largest stone approx. .75" x .75") and 2 gold wash sterling silver cuff bracelets.

Lot: 102 - Sterling Silver Jewelry and Others

2 picture frame pins with sterling and 10K gold accents measuring approx. 1.125" H, necklace and earring set with floral motifs, unmarked clutch bracelet with inlay stones, and a pair of sterling silver and amethyst earrings.

Lot: 103 - Vintage Sterling Silver Michael Dawkins Bracelet

Vintage sterling silver bracelet with semi-precious stone accent by Michael Dawkins.

Lot: 104 - Sterling Silver Bracelet by Judith Ripka

Sterling silver bangle bracelet with amethyst accents by Judith Ripka. Bracelet has hinged access and measures approx. 6.125" in total length.

Lot: 105 - Sterling Silver Bracelet With Accent Stones

Sterling silver bracelet with semi-precious accent stones measuring approx. 8" L x .75" W. Clasp marked 925TH Thailand.

Lot: 106 - Collection of Vintage Brooches and Pins

pieces by Sarah Coventry, BSK, and others, with forms including rhinestones, holiday, bar pins, MOP, stick pins, and others (many unmarked).

Lot: 107 - Vintage Brooches and Pins

pieces by Star, Giovanni, and others with forms including rhinestones, mini porcelain portrait, cat, bar pin, floral, animal stick pins, and others.

Lot: 108 - Vintage Brooches and Pins

pieces of many styles including rhinestones, Halloween, Xmas, cat, bar pin, floral, mini mosaic, stick pins, large blue rhinestone and semi-precious loose stones, and others.

Lot: 109 - Vintage Brooches and Pins

pieces by Sarah Coventry and others in forms of Art Deco style, rhinestones, Xmas, bar pin, floral, scorpion, and others.

Lot: 110 - Designer Brooches by Trifari and Coro

2 gold tone brooches by Trifari and 1 by Coro with color glass accents and faux pearls.

Lot: 111 - Vintage Rhinestone Costume Jewelry

4 brooches of purple, green, yellow, and pink rhinestones and floral motif accents. Also includes 1 pair of clip earrings and a single clip earring.

Lot: 112 - Figural Rhinestone Brooches and Others

8 animal motif brooches (4 with chains) including a monkey (signed "Sung"), cheetah, chameleon, butterfly, snail, octopus, dragon, alligator, and 3 vintage floral motif brooches and others.

Lot: 113 - Vintage Earring Collection (32 pr)

3 pairs marked Miriam Haskell, Dorlan, and Astee, plus others in assorted forms including Cloisonne, Cameo style, faux pearl, opalite, rhinestones, and more in a variety of clip, screw back, post, and hook styles.

Lot: 114 - Vintage Earring Collection (29 pr)

pairs marked Lorenza, Cadoro, Napier, Liz Claiborne, Pell and others. Assorted forms including mini embroidery, carved natural material, cameo style, faux pearl, opalite, glass, Mother of Pearl, rhinestones, and more with a variety of clip, screw back, and post styles.

Lot: 115 - Vintage Earring Collection (32 pr)

pairs marked Vogue, Monet, Trifari, Lisner, and others. Assorted forms including one pair with sterling silver and jadeite, one with sterling, carved natural material, faux pearl, glass, rhinestones, and more, in a variety of clip, screw back, and post styles.

Lot: 116 - Fashion Earrings and More

24 pairs of earrings including some marked Alice, Weiss, and others, with assorted forms of rubies, gold fill, Mother of Pearl, Italian glass balls, glass, and more. Styles are a variety of clip, screw back, post, and hook. Collection also includes 1 necklace and 1 ring.

Lot: 117 - Fashion Earrings (27 pr)

some marked Monet, BBJ, Coro, and others with assorted forms of topaz, glass, faux pearls, brass, enamel, cameo style, and more, in a variety of clip, hook, and post styles.

Lot: 118 - Designer and Fashion Earrings (24 pr)

some marked Napier, Monet, Joni, Kenneth, Vogue and others with assorted designs, in a variety of clip, screw back, and post styles.

Lot: 119 - Fashion Earrings (32 pr)

some marked Monet, Liz Claiborne, Napier, Trifari and others with assorted forms of abalone, amber, faux pearls, glass, rhinestones, and others. Styles include a variety of clip, screw back, and post.

Lot: 120 - Coro Pigtails Celluloid Cowboy

Coro Pigtails celluloid cowboy measuring approx. 4.75" H. Original ring on left leg has been replaced with wire.

Lot: 121 - Fashion Earrings (33 pr)

some marked Lisner, USA, Judy Lee, Chicos, W. Germany, Marvella, and others with assorted forms of Mother of Pearl, faux pearls, glass, rhinestones, and others, in a variety of clip, screw back, hook and post styles.

Lot: 122 - Fashion Earrings and More

some marked Art, Beau Jewels, W. Germany, Boucher and others, with assorted forms of sea shell, faux pearls, glass, rhinestones, cameo style, and others, in both clip and screw back styles.

Lot: 123 - Fashion Earrings (15 pr) and More

some marked Sarah Coventry, Lisner, J.S., Napier and others with assorted forms of abalone, faux pearls, carved glass, rhinestones, and others. A variety of clip, screw back, hook, and post styles.

Lot: 124 - Fashion Earrings (34 pr)

enamel, faux pearls, glass, rhinestones, opalite, and others, in a variety of clip, screw back, hook, and post styles.

Lot: 125 - Fashion Designer Earrings (20 pr)

some marked Georgiou, Lisner, Weiss, Trifari, Carolee, and others with assorted forms of suede, faux pearls, colored glass, rhinestones, and others, in a variety of clip, screw back, and hook styles.

Lot: 126 - Designer Fashion Earrings (9 pr)

earrings marked Napier, Givenchy, Joan Rivers, Tulla Booth, Oscar De La Renta, and David Grau, and others with assorted forms of pink jadeite, faux pearls, colored glass, rhinestones, in clip and screw back styles.

Lot: 127 - Micro Mosaic, Rhinestone, and Krementz

Micro glass mosaic bracelet with floral motifs, 1 violet rhinestone bracelet with white accents, 1 yellow and white rhinestone bracelet with matching necklace measuring approx 16" L, and 1 floral gold tone brooch.

Lot: 128 - Bracelet Bangles (34)

7 Cloisonne (2 with clasps), 1 mosaic, and other assorted styles and colors.

Lot: 129 - Collectible Bracelets and More

12 bracelets including 1 marked Michael Kors, 2 silver tone with Mother-of-Pearl inlay, and other assorted link bracelets in cameo style, rhinestones, glass, and more. Collection also includes vintage Mickey Mouse watch (untested) with detached second hand.

Lot: 130 - Semi-Precious and Collectible Bracelets (16)

1 gold tone with 7 real pearls, 4 semi-precious scarabs, 2 charm bracelets, 1 gold tone with large tiger eye, and others.

Lot: 131 - Collectible Bracelets and Necklace

a matching bracelet and necklace set marked "Art" with gold tone Buddhas and green stone and faux pearl accents (chain measures approx 24" L), and other pieces marked Trifari, Lisner, and KC in assorted styles.

Lot: 132 - Swarovski Jewelry (3 pcs)

Golf motif necklace on chain measuring approx. 21" L with original box, silver tone clasp bracelet (with surface wear) with crystal accents, and a crystal encrusted swan logo pendant (missing one stone).

Lot: 133 - Fashion and Collectible Bracelets (13)

pieces marked Napier, Alpaca, Liz Claiborne, Thomas Kinkade, a small child-size red Bakelite bangle measuring approx. 2.25" Diam, a celluloid bangle with rhinestone accents, a Cloisonne hinged bangle, a silver tone with Mother-of-Pearl inlay, and others.

Lot: 134 - Vintage and Collectible Bracelets (23)

pieces with pearl, semi-precious stones, silver coins, abalone, rose quartz, and more in styles of commemorative, scarab, cameo style, and more.

Lot: 135 - Fashion Bracelets and Necklace

pieces marked AJC, Sarah Coventry, Monet, Hoffman, and others with semi-precious stones, butterfly wing, animal motif, floral, and an owl pendant and bracelet set with multi-color rhinestones, and more.

Lot: 136 - Collectible Bracelets and Rhinestone Jewelry

1 vintage rhinestone bracelet and 3 pairs of clip on earrings; 14 assorted fashion and costume bracelets with ornate, ladybug, Celtic, and other motifs.

Lot: 137 - Collectible Bracelets (16)

Assorted pieces include a pair of hinged snake bracelets with rhinestone accents, scrimshaw style, 3 matching clutches, 8 stretch, and others.

Lot: 138 - Fashion Bracelets and Necklace

Matching set of bracelet and necklace (approx. 16") by Monet, various gold and silver tone link bracelets, glass beaded, opalite, and others.

Lot: 139 - Collectible Fashion Bracelets (16)

pieces marked Napier (2), King Baby, Cookie Lee, and others in forms of sterling silver, real pearls, gold stone, 14K over sterling (1), and more. One piece has loss on clasp.

Lot: 140 - Collectible Fashion Bracelets (16)

Assorted collection of styles and themes including bangles, link, tennis, clasp, and others with turquoise and sterling silver (1), glass art beads, commemorative, faux pearls, sterling silver charms (1), carved natural material, and more.

Lot: 141 - Vintage Coro Jewelry

5 pieces of signed Coro including a fashion necklace measuring approx. 17.5", 3 patriotic brooches, and gold tone floral brooch.

Lot: 142 - Semi-Precious & Collectible (12 pcs)

Highlights include a set of a necklace, bracelet, and 2 pairs of earrings with nephrite jade and real pearls, tiger eye turtle pendant, jasper necklace, various gold tone pieces, and more.

Lot: 143 - Collectible Semi-Precious & Amber Necklace

Highlights include nephrite jade measuring approx. 18" with 8.25mm beads, turquoise / agate / jasper / fossil, amber tooth pendant with wood beads, tiger eye pendant, turquoise and coral chunk necklace with matching earrings, amethyst earrings, and more.

Lot: 144 - Semi-Precious and Other Necklaces

Highlights include an agate cross pendant, 2 nephrite jade and malachite necklaces, malachite bracelet, malachite necklace, and more.

Lot: 145 - Vintage Murano Glass & Rhinestone Necklaces & More

14 total pieces including a matching set of Murano green glass earrings and necklace (approx. 16.5"), floral and green rhinestone by Lisner, long salmon tone graduated glass beads, and more.

Lot: 146 - Vintage Miriam Haskell Necklace

Vintage signed Miriam Haskell necklace with faux pearls and crystal accents measuring approx. 24.5".

Lot: 147 - Bead and Costume Necklace Collection (13)

13 necklaces of various styles and forms with a coral and turquoise bead necklace measuring approx. 19", ruby / garnet hue style glass beaded multi chain, assorted costume necklaces, and more.

Lot: 148 - Gold Tone Necklaces and Other Jewelry

32 necklaces with a variety of chain styles, 7 bracelets, and 1 brooch with forms of topaz., faux pearls, rhinestones, cross pendants, cameo style pen, pressed flower, and many more.

Lot: 149 - Pearl, Costume, Jade & Designer Jewelry (16)

Signed Napier necklace, real pearl, nephrite jade pendant, CZ necklace, and more.

Lot: 150 - Turquoise, Semi-Precious Necklaces and More

5 necklaces with malachite (with matching earrings), turquoise (with matching bracelet), howlite, and Mother-of-Pearl, and a turquoise mosaic silver tone brooch.

Lot: 151 - Jasper and Ceramic 14K Necklace

Carved brown jasper and green ceramic bead necklace with 14K gold finding measuring approx. 23" L.

Lot: 152 - Pearl and Glass Necklaces

Featuring 12 necklaces including purple and white real pearl necklace (with 2 matching bracelets), art glass beads, one signed Carol Lee, Oneida S.S., turquoise chunk, and more.

Lot: 153 - Necklaces and Pendant Assortment

14 necklaces (some signed Monet and MI), featuring various styles and forms including MOP, rope chains, faux pearls, semi-precious style, and more; 2 pendants of jasper and hematite.

Lot: 154 - Collectible Necklaces and Pendants

Native themed howlite chunk cross necklace and earrings, 7 gold tone necklaces, nephrite jade beads necklace, 5 pendants, carved bone crab necklace, and more.

Lot: 155 - Arc Pearl Necklace

Arc faux pearl 3 strand necklace with gold over sterling chain and accompanying award letter.

Lot: 156 - Collectible Necklaces and More (16 pcs)

13 necklaces of various forms with nephrite jade, agate, MOP, gold tone, faux pearl, and more; a bracelet of topaz and zirconia, and 2 pendants. Some signed Monet, Roman, Park Lane, and Marvella.

Lot: 157 - Collectible Costume Necklaces

12 necklaces (2 by Napier) of assorted styles of gold tone, faux pearls, rhinestones, costume. Faux pearl necklace (Napier) has matching bracelet and earrings.

Lot: 158 - Costume, Turquoise, Bone, and Collectible Jewelry

3 sets of collectible jewelry of gold tone, silver tone wire, colored glass, and more; turquoise necklace, howlite bracelet, bone graduated bead necklace, and more.

Lot: 159 - Sterling Silver, Amber, Jade, and More (16 pcs)

signed pieces by Monet, Sarah Coventry, T&C Co., DF, DM, and others; necklaces include jade elephant, real amber choker, turquoise with geode slice, and more. Jade bracelet and 2 pendants of a crucifix and silver tone with purple rhinestones.

Lot: 160 - Vintage Cufflinks, Tie Bars, and Tie Tacks

25 assorted cufflink sets with some marked Swank, Sarah Coventry, Baer & Wilde, and others in varying forms of cameo style, Masonic, rhinestone, silver and gold tone, MOP, and more. 14 tie bars marked Mitutoyo, Hickok, Swank, Anson, and others in themes of Masonic, Western, and others. 1 unmarked silver money clip signed Alpaca with abalone inlay.

Lot: 161 - WWII German Medals and Stick Pins (10)

Collection of WWII German medals and pins including 1 medal measuring approx. 1.375" W x 1.75" H, 5 enamel and cloisonne pins, and 4 sticks pins of metal and cloisonne.

Lot: 162 - Antique and Vintage Gold Filled

Grover Cleveland and William Jennings Bryan Democratic convention watch fob and chain signed Hayward, watch chain with clip signed W.E.H. Co., resin cameo, antique baseball charm, and antique watch slider chain signed D&C measuring approx. 25" L.

Lot: 163 - Cameo GF Bracelet & More Goldtone Costume

Cameo GF bracelet includes 6 cameo charms. Charm bracelet with hospital beads made in Korea. Goldtone Sugarfix earrings with rough stone. Swank goldtone swank pen with ruler measurements on the back, Kenneth Lane ring goldtone necklace, marked goldtone bracelet with bright blue stones.

Lot: 164 - Antique Victorian Gold Filled Jewelry

Ten pieces of antique Victorian gold filled jewelry, consisting of a 9K rolled gold cameo bar brooch with matching earrings, one set of intaglio seal cufflinks, a dragon watch fob, another bar brooch, and three other brooches.

Lot: 165 - Antique & Vintage Watch Parts

Two Elgin pocket watches, an .800 silver pocket watch, one Medana wristwatch, one Diantus wristwatch, one Waltham wristwatch, a 10K gold-filled ladies Elgin, a 1918 service pin, a pocket watch key, two watch fobs, and one wristband.

Lot: 166 - Collectible Watches & Locket

Grouping consists of five items: A Seiko 5 wristwatch (runs), an Acqua wristwatch (runs), an Elgin pocketwatch that does not run (for parts), an Ingersoll Mickey Mouse watch (wound tight), and a fleur-de-lys locket.

Lot: 167 - Antique 14K Pocketwatch w/ Chains & Fob

An antique 1886 model Waltham American Watch Co. unmarked 14K gold pocketwatch. Case number is #170918, and movement number is #3717248. Watch has an inscription reading: "Nellie Battin April 27th, 1889". Watch is in pristine condition, almost unused. Watch runs very well. Also included in grouping are two pocket watch chains (one gold plated), and gold plated Knights of Columbus fob, 1920.

Lot: 168 - Collectible Lady's Wristwatches (7)

Seven collectible lady's wristwatches: A Bulova watch (L-7), a Tilmore, one 10K gold-filled Hamilton watch, a 17 jewel Louis watch, one 10K rolled gold Bulova watch, a 17 jewel Fairfax, and a Pulsar. None of the watches have been tested.

Lot: 169 - Elgin Pocket & Seiko Sportmatic Watches

A 10K gold filled Elgin pocket watch with case # 5386376, and movement # 24507801. Watch is running, hasn't been tested for accuracy. Also in grouping is a Seiko week/date automatic watch. Watch runs when on the move, stops when stopped.

Lot: 170 - New York Standard Watch Co 14K Pocket Watch

A New York Standard Watch Co. in 14K gold case. Case # is 236622, and movement is # 1029791 with safety pinions. The watch runs, but has not been tested for accuracy. Part of case cover slightly bent.

Lot: 171 - 70+ Vintage PA Postcards, Marlboro Zippo

70+ vintage postcards of PA destinations sites, places of interest such as Lincoln Highway, Millersville PA, Mechanicsburg PA, Union, and more. Postcards range in date from 1900 to 1950s. Also included in lot is a Marlboro Zippo lighter in original box and case.

Lot: 179 - Costume Jewelry, Several Gold Filled Pieces

Lot of costume jewelry including four pieces of 14K and 12K gold filled (three chains and a heart pendant). Also in grouping are two larger gold-tone chains, a gold-tone faux pearl chain, an Asian agate bead enameled necklace, and another necklace.

Lot: 180 - Costume Jewelry Grouping

A tray of costume jewelry with pins, brooches, necklaces, and earrings. Some standout items include a Carnelian chain necklace, a gold-tone necklace by Hallmark, Halloween themed jewelry, a pair of Monet earrings, Richelieu faux pearl earrings, and a pair of West German made earrings.

Lot: 181 - Tray of Vintage Chandelier Crystals

Tray of assorted crystals from a chandelier. Appear to be vintage.

Lot: 182 - Tray of Vintage Chandelier Crystals

Tray of assorted crystals from a chandelier. Appear to be vintage.

Lot: 183 - Tray of Vintage Chandelier Crystals

Tray of assorted crystals from a chandelier. Appear to be vintage.

Lot: 184 - Tray of Vintage Chandelier Crystals

Tray of assorted crystals from a chandelier. Appear to be vintage.

Lot: 185 - Tray of Vintage Chandelier Crystals

Tray of assorted crystals from a chandelier. Appear to be vintage.

Lot: 186 - 30 Cocktail Rings

30 Cocktail Rings, with a standout sapphire ring surrounded by glass stones. All rings have all stones intact.

Lot: 187 - 25 Cocktail Rings

Twenty-five (25) Cocktail Rings, with standouts including a pink quartz ring, a millefiori style art glass ring, and more.

Lot: 188 - 50 Cocktail Rings with Multi-Colored Stones

50 cocktail rings, mostly with stones testing for hardness of glass. Standouts in lot include a tiger's eye ring, large amethyst ring, a large pink ruby ring, and a millefiori style art glass ring. Standouts pictured in middle column.

Lot: 189 - 47 Cocktail Rings (Emerald, Nephrite, & More)

Cocktail rings of various colors and styles. All stones are intact (except one), and stones test for hardness of glass, besides three rings in the middle that test for emerald, nephrite, and tiger eye.

Lot: 190 - 36 Cocktail Rings

Thirty-six (36) cocktail rings with colorful polished stones. All stones tested matched hardness of glass. Rings are all intact with no missing stones.

Lot: 191 - 34 Cocktail Rings

Thirty-four (34) cocktail rings with multi-colored rhinestones, art glass, and one ring with multiple gems. Gemstones test for hardness in the range of garnet, tourmaline, amethyst, emerald, and others. Rings all intact, all stones in place.

Lot: 192 - 50 Semi-Precious Stones

50 semi-precious stones, including garnets, peridot, spinel, quartz, tanzanite, and more.

Lot: 193 - 50 Natural Polished Stones (Citrine, Serpentine)

50 natural stones, all seem to be polished. Stones consist of Citrine, Serpentine, chrysoprase, carnelian, quartz, and agate.

Lot: 194 - 50 Rhodonite/Various Jasper Stones

50 natural polished stones in individual cases. Lot includes a large number of Rhodonites, some sesame jasper, and dendritic jasper.

Lot: 195 - 50 Carnelian & Agate Stones

50 polished stones testing for hardness of Carnelian (orange) and agate (dark, clear).

Lot: 196 - Collection of 50 Semi Prec & other Stones (Lapis)

50 stones in individual packages, 24 of which test for hardness of lapis lazuli. Other 26 stones appear to be highly polished.

Lot: 197 - Grouping of 50 Semi-Precious/Natural Stones

colorful and semi precious stones including a container of stones testing for garnet, and many other polished stones. Many thought to be smoky quartz; red stones test for hardness of agate.

Lot: 198 - Collection of 50 Semi-Precious Stones

50 semi-precious stones, consisting of stones measuring for hardness of (left to right): Amethyst, one pink tanzanite, onyx, clear tanzanite, peridot, garnet, citrine, spinel, onyx, tanzanite, emerald and more.

Lot: 199 - Various Collectible Antiques

Lot consists of a color lithograph of a famous Native American measuring approx. 15" x 22", a 12" x 8" Bible box, a Japanese bamboo cane, a York, PA JD Weaver painted board (could be coat rack), and a painted milk glass decanter with a damaged stopper. Additionally, there is an antique salt-glazed stoneware inkwell in the grouping. Condition is as seen in photography.

Lot: 200 - Crosley Record Player

Crosley Table-Top Record Player, like new. In a maple finish box with hinged lid.

Lot: 200A - Antique Phila Inkwell & Swiss Desk Clock

Rare, unusual, antique 1930s American Theo. Alteneder & Sons of Philadelphia PA drafting inkwell. Measures approx 5.25" L x 3.5" H. Also includes an M Hof vintage brass and glass winding desktop clock with Swiss movement.

Lot: 201 - Silverplate & Stainless Flatware Sets

Silverplate & Stainless Flatware Sets. Holmes & Edwards Silverplate set in box, and Rogers Stainless Steel in silverware tray.

Lot: 201A - Harley Davidson & German Beer Steins

Four German beer steins, including one blue and white vintage Gerzit West Germany, Zinn-Galerie Albrecht Durer pewter, unmarked German tavern scene. Also, a large 1995 Harley Davidson stein celebrating the 1920s of Harley and made by Gerz, numbered 0505. Harley is largest at approx 10.5" H.

Lot: 202 - Copper Revereware & Chefware

Vintage Copper Revereware 8" saute pan and 8" pot with lid. Other copper pieces include a whisk, 3 small saucepans (1 with a lid), 2 small (5") saute or egg pans, an oblong au gratin pan, and a 10" frypan. Twelve pieces total.

Lot: 203 - Collectible & Vintage Christmas Decor

Collectible & Vintage Christmas Decor, includes a vintage tin, a box of 6 vintage glass balls, tree ornaments, and vintage Door Chimes that play Jingle Bells.

Lot: 203A - Antique Sterling & Key

Antique sterling including weighted sterling salt and pepper (some dents), sterling baby rattles (2) marked sterling (some dents on larger), tea strainer marked sterling. Also includes a large antique cast iron key (approx 5.5" L).

Lot: 204 - Antique Silverplate Set

Antique Silverplate Set - large collection of 18 pieces of silverplate. A large ornate tray (29" x 18"), teapots, pitcher, cream & sugar, salt & pepper, an ornate urn, and more.

Lot: 204A - Moreau Francaise Figural Lamp

Painted metal table lamp features boy and girl carrying garden tools . Marked L & F Moreau. Also has a stamp "Collection Francaise made in USA". 39 3/4" H and figure measures 20 1/2" H Special considerations for shipping must be made considering the size and weight.

Lot: 204B - French Gaudy Style Victorian Lamps

Lot of two French Gaudy style lamps. The largest measures approx 37" tall and the smallest approx 16" tall. The tallest lamp has a missing thumb. The top rings may have originally held tassels or crystals (not included).

Lot: 205 - Collection of Textiles

Collection of Textiles - contains a men's (size 40) Gould & Goodrich belt, ladies (size M) Lord & Taylor cashmere turtleneck, unmarked ivory & black scarf, set of tablecloth & placemats (marked Hand embroidery, made in China) 68" x 104", 2 Christian Dior men's shirts (15.5 x 33") mildly discolored, Hathaway short (men's 15), NWT Vineyard Vines polo shirt (size S), 2 pillowcases, and 3 pair leather gloves NWT.

Lot: 206 - Spode Heritage Pattern Dinnerware

Spode Heritage Pattern Dinnerware, 62 pieces. 13 dinner plates, 11 salad plates, 26 bread & butter plates, 3 cups, 4 saucers, 2 egg cups, 2 creamers, and a serving dish.

Lot: 207 - Spode Trade Winds Pattern Collection

Spode Trade Winds Pattern Fine Stone Collection, 100+ pieces. 12 dinner plates, 12 bread & butter plates, 12 salad plates, 12 large saucers, 12 lunch plates, 15 berry bowls, 5 cups, 2 small saucers, 16 medium saucers, 1 mug, sugar & creamer, 3 other bowls.

Lot: 208 - Nikko Ironstone Japan, service for 8

Nikko Ironstone Japan, service for 8, 68 pieces. 8 dinner plates, 8 salad plates, 8 soup bowls, 8 berry bowls, 8 cups, 8 saucers, cream & sugar, vegetable bowl, serving plate.

Lot: 209 - Limoges Collection

Various Limoges pieces, including 6 matching bread & butter plates, 2 additional bread & butter plates, a trinket box (adhesive marks on lid), an inkwell, and a NIB canister.

Lot: 210 - Dansk Dinnerware Collection

Dansk Dinnerware Collection, white with grapes pattern. 9 lunch plates, 5 dinner plates, 8 cereal bowls, 4 bread & butter plates, a square serving dish, a serving bowl, 2 cups, 1 saucer, 2 creamers, 1 round footed serving bowl, and 4 small custard bowls.

Lot: 211 - Beatrix Potter figurines

Beatrix Potter figurines, 4. Marked Royal Albert, England.

Lot: 212 - Spode Fine Stone Dinnerware

Spode Fine Stone Dinnerware, 24 pieces. Various patterns and pieces. 13 pieces of Fleur de Lis (8 dinner plates & 5 cups - seconds); 2 pieces from Blue Room Collection (Grasshopper & Flower Vase), a red pattern platter & 2 berry bowls, Jefferson Pattern (2 dinner plates - 1 monogrammed - and 2 others), and a blue pattern dinner plate & bread/butter plate.

Lot: 213 - Spode Imari Style plates and others

Spode Imari Style plates and others, 16 pieces total. 5 Imari style dinner plates, a Spode's Mansard dinner plate, and 10 other china and stone pieces.

Lot: 214 - Flatware Sets (3)

Lot includes 150+ pieces total. (3sets) One set is Oneida, one set is Retroneu stainless steel, and one set is Royal Pine stainless steel.

Lot: 215 - Large Group of Silk Neck Ties & More

Silk neckties (18), one wool Men's pea coat / peacoat and one cashmere Men's blazer size 46.

Lot: 216 - Vintage Sailing Ship Art & Marble Mortars

MCM/Brutalist style composite tall ship picture plaque, made by Vanathane. Approx. 31" x 23". 2 marble mortar & pestles, one chalkware Sacred Heart statue a Marble dedication sailboat, approx 19" tall, and a Geiger paperweight.

Lot: 217 - Antique Skeleton Keys

Approx. 100 keys including Skeleton Keys, Railroad key, & clock key.

Lot: 218 - Antique Keys

50+ keys, skeleton Keys, and clock keys.

Lot: 219 - Antique Buttons and Ladies Dresser Tools

4 antique Military buttons, 50+ modern military buttons, Military service bag of buttons, Art nouveau tools, celluloid, small pickle fork set, exercise pedometer, Military badges pins and more (18 pcs).

Lot: 220 - Spode China (3 Sets NIB)

Three sets of Spode China (NOS) consisting of a Spode Christmas 16 pc. starter set, and two boxes of six "Blue Room Collection" with figural designs.

Lot: 221 - Lenox China Winter Greetings (37 Pc)

Lenox "Winters Greetings" china including fourteen bread plates/saucers, eight salad plates, eight dinner plates, four serving bowls, one cake server, and two tea mugs. China in good condition with no visible damage as seen in photography.

Lot: 222 - Stangl Wild Rose Pottery (Partial Set)

A partial set of Stangl Wild Rose pottery dinnerware including 40 pieces. One skillet dish, four cups, four saucers, three coffee mugs, a salt, a large celery dish, a gravy boat, one serving platter (12.5"), three cereal bowls, five berry bowls, eight soup bowls, a canopy dish, a casserole dish, two serving bowls (12" + 10"), and four dinner plates. Pottery in good condition as seen in photos.

Lot: 223 - Jyoto Occupied Japan China Set (44 Pcs)

44 Pieces of Jyoto china made in Occupied Japan. China is in good condition as seen in photography, and includes five salad plates, five bread plates, six soup bowls, six berry bowls, six dinner plates, a serving bowl, cream & sugar, 6 cups and saucers, and a covered tureen. All pieces are in the same floral pattern.

Lot: 224 - Stangl Pottery Tulip & Thistle Partial Sets

32 pieces of Stangl pottery dinnerware of Tulip and Thistle patterns. With the Tulip pattern there are seven salad plates, six saucers, one sugar bowl, and six dinner plates. From the Thistle pattern, there are six cups, five berry bowls, and a creamer. Pottery is in good condition as seen in photography.

Lot: 225 - Lenox Tall Ship & Morven Plates (12 Pcs)

Lenox plates of two different patterns, Tall Ship and Morven. Of the Tall Ship pattern, there are nine 10.5" plates, and there are three 8.25" Morven plates. Pieces are in good condition as seen in photos.

Lot: 226 - Lenox Porcelain Wildflower Pattern (17 Pc)

Collection of Lenox porcelain in "Wildflower" pattern. Consists of five dinner plates, a large vase (approx. 12" high), five cups, four small saucers, one large saucer, and a floral bud vase.

Lot: 227 - Lenox China Lido & Hancock Patterns (32 Pcs)

Lenox China of two different patterns. In the Lido pattern, there are a bowl, two candlesticks, and a tall salt & pepper set. In the Hancock pattern, there is one candy dish. Pieces are in good condition as seen in photos.

Lot: 228 - Lenox Candlesticks & Compote (7 Pcs)

A Lenox grouping that includes a dolphin compote and a matching set of candlestick holders, along with four other Lenox candlestick holders. Condition of items is good, as seen in photos.

Lot: 229 - Large Vase with Goose Handles, Flower Theme

A large vase with gilded goose handles and intricate floral art. Vase measures approx. 24.5" high. No visible damage on vase; condition is as seen in photos.

Lot: 230 - Lenox Plates, Platters, Celery (5 Pcs)

Grouping of Lenox china including two large platters, a charger plate, and a celery dish. Condition is as seen in photos.

Lot: 231 - Antique & Vintage Crocks & Pottery (7Pcs)

Antique and vintage crocks and pottery with different glazes from various periods. Largest crock measures approx. 12" high with a 12" diameter. Conditions are good, as seen in photos.

Lot: 232 - Antique Leaded Crystal/Cut Glass

Grouping of leaded crystal and cut glass including a large bowl with approx. 8.25" diameter and 5.25" high, and a covered candy dish 15.25" in height with a 6" diameter. Condition of items is as seen in photos.

Lot: 234 - Chandelier Light Prisms

A selection of Chandelier Light Prisms in varying lengths.

Lot: 235 - Zippos for Yuengling inclu 170th Anniversary

Yuengling 170th Anniversary, by Zippo. Collection contains 2 lighters, a belt clip/knife, and a pocket rule.

Lot: 236 - Pocketknives, Corkscrews, & Lighters

Pocketknives, Corkscrews, & Lighters. Global Crossing multi-tool in case; Geiger & Norwood pocket knives/multi-tools in pouches, Ronson lighter, 3 folding corkscrews, and more.

Lot: 237 - Zippo Collection

Zippo Items, including 6 lighters (2 with pouches), and 2 key rings.

Lot: 237A - Vintage Stetson Black Velvet Hat

Vintage black velvet Royal Stetson by John B. Stetson Company. Interior circumference approx 21". Interior marked "The Vogue" W.L. Reid Winston Salem, NC. The interior satin has discoloration and loss as seen in photos. Includes box with no lid. Box has no lid and slight staining and loss on the interior. Circumference of hat interior is approximately 21 inches.

Lot: 238 - The American Revolution,1896, Illus. Books

The American Revolution, in two volumes, by John Fiske. 1896, illustrated edition.

Lot: 239 - Vintage Kitchen Collectibles w/ Spode

Miscellaneous collectibles, to include an interesting glass dish, Royal Worchester Spode Palissey lidded container and cups, Willow Hillchurch Pottery Staffordshire, small Countryware china vase, a signed Asian lidded cup, matte black cream & sugar, 2 signed stone duck sculptures, and others.

Lot: 240 - Vintage Americana, Kitchenware, Lantern

WagnerWare cast iron cornbread pans (2) - 1 is in excellent condition for its age; a square iron skillet, a tin/potmetal lantern, a red Dietz lantern, and 3 vintage bottles (1 with stopper).

Lot: 241 - Vintage Bookends, Deskset, Other Americana

Pair of eagle bookends, pair of tall ships bookends, old postal scale, small carved wooden box, medium size index/file card box, nice wood box with drawer (made in India), and other desk items.

Lot: 242 - Egyptian Hammered Damascene & Copperware

Total of 6 items includes: 1 charger approx 16.5", 4 bowls & plates (largest is approx. 10"), and 1 small tea ewer measuring approx 5" tall.

Lot: 243 - Crystal Stemware (12)

Crystal stemware includes: 6 wine glasses approx. 7" tall, and 6 water glasses 7 3/4" tall.

Lot: 244 - Landscape Oil Painting, Framed, Signed

Framed oil painting measuring approx.19.5" x 23.5". Artist signature appears to be "Caki" (somewhat illegible).

Lot: 245 - Riverscape Oil Painting & Floral print

Riverscape oil painting depicting a fishing village measuring approx. 24" x 20". Floral print by Lina Liy numbered 1250/2500. Signed by artist, and measures approx 14" x 22".

Lot: 246 - Louis Marx & Co. "Marx Merrymakers" Tin Litho Toy

Louis Marx & Co. authentic "Marx Merrymakers" mouse band with lithographed exterior, all parts present, circa 1930s. Toy runs and controls are working, with Louis Marx & Co. label on back of piano. Art Deco style, with band members in tuxedos. Fourth mouse is atop the piano, conducting the other mice. Piano measures approx. 5.5" high, 6.5" across, and 1.75" deep. Wear is present, consistent with age, as seen in photos.

Lot: 247 - Religious Print In Vintage Frame

Sepia tone print of "Jesus in the Temple" after Heinrich Hofmann in vintage wood frame with floral accents measuring approx. 25.5" W x 20.25" H. Print has some discoloration present.

Lot: 248 - Framed Prints of Lena Liu & Charles Colombo

Print of floral still life signed and numbered (1908/2500) by Lena Liu in frame measuring approx. 26.5" W x 24.5" H OD and winter landscape print of houses singed in print and hand signed and titled "Tenant House" by Charles Colombo in vintage frame (with loss) measuring approx. 25.5' W x 21.25" H OD.

Lot: 249 - Acrylic Cityscape and Signed W.A. Falkler Print

Acrylic cityscape in frame measuring approx. 31" W x 25" H OD. Painting has some paint loss and is signed with illegible signature. Also included is a print of winter scene watercolor signed (39/600) by W.A. Falkler in frame measuring approx. 27" W x 23" H OD.

Lot: 250 - Leslye Morgan Schneier Silkscreens (2)

2 multi-color silkscreen prints hand signed by Leslye Morgan Schneier including "The Dome" - artist's proof - '92 and "the Dome II" - 72/225 - '92. Both prints are on sheets measuring approx. 11" W x 15" H.

Lot: 251 - Gunnar Anderson (Am 1927-2022) Etchings

2 etchings by Gunnar Anderson (Am 1927-2022) - "Good Friends" signed and numbered 7/85 in frame (with minor wear) measuring approx. 12.35" W x 14.5" OD and "Sidelined" signed and numbered 24/79 in frame measuring approx. 10.5" W x 12" H OD.

Lot: 252 - Hand Colored Persian Book Illustration

Hand colored Persian art illustration on laid paper with visible art measuring approx. 6" W x 9" H in ornate gold tone frame with linen and gold tone matting measuring 14" W x 17.75" H. Painting has mid paint loss and linen mat has some discoloration.

Lot: 253 - Marcel Julien Baron (FR 1897-1956) Colored Etching

Blue toned and hand colored European cityscape hand signed LR by Marcel Julien Baron (FR 1897-1956); actual art measuring approx. 6.25" W x 8.25" H in frame approx. 13" W x 15.25" H OD. Print has some foxing and a puncture from the reverse.

Lot: 254 - Ferdinand Schmutzer Etchings and More

2 signed etchings by Ferdinand Schmutzer (AUT 1870-1928) - woman spinning wool with in plate signature and dated 1897 LL and hand signed LR with actual art measuring approx. 3.125" W x 3.875" H in frame (with milk wear) approx. 12" W x 14.75" H; child in grass with rabbits signed LR with actual art measuring approx. 6.5" W x 5" H in frame approx. 13.75" W x 13" H. Collection also includes etching "Little Dancers" by Maret Maiste signed LR and numbered 4/25 LL with actual art measuring approx. 6" W x 6" H in frame approx. 13.5" W x16.5" H OD.

Lot: 255 - Inocente Izurar Artist Signed Pop Art Print

Print of 3-eyed bunny signed and dedicated by artist Inocente Izurar in yellow frame measuring approx. 16.25" x 16.25" OD.

Lot: 256 - Original Portrait and Landscape Watercolors (2)

Watercolor portrait of man by Mike Brothers and signed LC in frame measuring approx. 20.25" W x 26.25" H and includes reference photo attached to reverse. Pairing also includes watercolor of covered bridge by Lonelle Harris (artist info on reverse) in frame measuring approx. 21" W x 17" H.

Lot: 257 - Original Watercolors and More

2 signed watercolor and ink illustrations on board by Florence Nelson Amies dated '80 measuring approx. 8" x 10"; panoramic watercolor of maple leaves signed Emily Westrick in mate measuring approx. 20" W x 10.5" H; framed pastel design motif by Joette Conley-Trombi with information about artist on reverse.

Lot: 258 - C. G. Covert Watercolor, 2 Other Signed Art Works

watercolor of rabbits eating signed C.G. Covert LL in frame measuring approx. 14.5" W x 10" H, graphite of cow laying in field signed (illegible) - actual art measuring approx. 5.5" W x 4.5" H in large mat with wear and discoloration, and ink painting of fish signed (illegible) LR - visible art measuring approx. 7.5" W x 5.5" H in large mat with wear and discoloration.

Lot: 259 - Signed Original Figural and Study Drawings

Graphite drawing of seated man signed (illegible) and dated '42 UR with actual art measuring approx. 8" W x 5.25" H in frame with linen matting approx. 18.5" x 17.25" H; 2 signed "WD." graphite hand studies by same artist in similar frame and matting measuring approx. 10" W x 17.25" H. Frames have minor wear.

Lot: 260 - Thomas Hart Benton Books/Ephemera, Sova Posters

Thomas Hart Benton publications including "Thomas Hart Benton - A Life" 2012 and TIME magazine - Dec. 24, 1934, exhibition pamphlets, and articles. Collection also includes 2 Virgil Sova signed exhibition posters and 1 cowboy artists poster.

Lot: 261 - Tiger Maple Antique Mirrors (2)

Pair of tiger maple veneer framed mirrors of similar style. Larger mirror measures approx. 21" W x 30" H and each piece has some wear and loss on wood and glass.

Lot: 262 - Ed Challenger Bronze Hippo Sculpture

Solid bronze hippo signed in mold "Challenger '87" and etched "Challenger 11/300" under signature. Measures approx. 7" L x 3" H.

Lot: 263 - Vintage Chinese Hand Carved Hardwood Statues

A pair of vintage Chinese hand carved hardwood statues depicting a boy and girl, with some glass decoration and gilding. Statues measure approx. 10" high, 12" long each. Some loss is present on pair.

Lot: 264 - Dollhouse Furniture, Balcony Scene

Dollhouse furniture and a dollhouse balcony scene depicting men in robes. Furniture consists of what is thought to be a scrapbooking desktop organizer, a chair with box, a pillow with no stuffing, and a miniature picture frame.

Lot: 265 - Dollhouse Furniture Grouping

dollhouse furniture consisting of a wood advertising cabinet (signed on bottom), a chest of drawers, three cabinets two with display cases, four chairs, a hall table, and a broken wooden sink. Chairs, hall table and one display cabinet appear to have been casted.

Lot: 266 - Dollhouse Outdoor Furniture Set + Table

A Dollhouse furniture cast outdoor furniture set, with sofa measuring approx. 5.5 " long, 2.75" high. Set is in good condition and consists of three pieces. Also in grouping is a table with tablecloth, decoration and food.

Lot: 267 - Dollhouse Cookware & Kitchen Accessories

Grouping of dollhouse cookware and accessories including multiple pieces of mini Mexican red pottery cookware, a cutting board with recipe book, fish shaped + regular metal pans, three porcelain goose teapots with tops, beer steins, and more.

Lot: 268 - Dollhouse Candlestick Holders, Coal Hod, More

Tray lot of dollhouse accessories and more, including cadlestick holders made from various materials, a miniature coal hod, and more.

Lot: 269 - Vint. Block & Tackle Pulley Lamp, other Wood Items

A vintage block and tackle wooden ship pulley lamp (no shade), along with other wood items such as a vintage wooden shoe tree, small wooden pinch bowl, an Indian hand carved vintage textile stamp, two green painted wooden wedges, and a tribal totem style statue.

Lot: 270 - 15+ Vint. Records w/ Louis Arm., Ray Charles, etc.

15+ vintage records, including some standouts such as Louis and the Angels by Decca records, country gentlemen Henry Mancini, Louis Armstrong plays W.C Handy by Columbia, a two record Ray Charles set, and more. Records are not guaranteed to play, most are in original sleeves.

Lot: 296 - Sony, Canon Cameras & Accessories

Cameras & Accessories, all new or gently used. Twelve (12) pieces, including Sony Cyber-shot DSC-WX9 in original box, Canon PowerShot SX610HS in original box, 10" Spider Tripod, battery pack, travel charger, cases, & more.

Lot: 297 - Rambo First Blood II Knife

Rambo First Blood Part II Knife, new, in sheath.

Lot: 298 - Survival Knifes, Hunting Knifes, Swiss Army

Pakistani hunting knife measuring 8" blade, two united SS survival knifes with sheaths , and a Swiss army knife.

Lot: 299 - Decorative Pinata Bat, Ukulele (strings broken)

A decorative Mexican pinata bat, along with a ukulele with all but two strings broken. Some wear on top of bat, ukulele in good condition. Bat measures approx. 13.5", ukulele about 23.5" high.

Lot: 300 - Military Vehicle Parts

Five Military Vehicle Parts - 3 speedometers (2 marked SW 501-C and another SW 503-C) and 2 blackout headlights (one green, one black)

Lot: 301 - Vintage Militaria Collection

Vintage Militaria Collection, 9 items. Mess kit, US Army Magnetic Compass with pouch, 78th Division Key Fob/opener, 1960s Skin Diver's Log Book, 3 Thompson Machine Gun clips, an Insignia Pin, an emergency signaling mirror, and a deck of US Army Service Clubs playing cards.

Lot: 301A - Prussian Model 1889 Infantry Officer's Sword

A Prussian model 1889 infantry officers sword, with a single edge approx. 30" long blade. Hilt is gilt brass and was casted decoratively. A hinged guard is present, also casted decoratively. Grip is a smoother material than other model 1889s, and includes a leather strap inside guard for securing sword. Included with sword is original hilt, which is missing at least one band on top. Decorative casting includes a Prussian eagle on pommel, another on hinged guard, and a crown seal on handle.

Lot: 302 - Vintage Militaria, Pins, Medals & Recipient Photos

The military medals, pins and photographs of Major James Freda of the U.S Army who served during World War II. Included in the lot are four medals for participation in various campaigns and a bronze star. In addition, there is European currency, three pins, Freda's leather nametag, and two photographs of the Major himself.

Lot: 302A - Vintage Militaria

Vintage Militaria Collection. Lot includes 10 First Aid kits, an M-16 rifle manual, and 10 assorted hats & caps (7 army green and camo caps, 1 cap with faux fur, and 2 US Army officer visors caps).

Lot: 303 - US Army Air Forces Memorabilia

US Army Air Forces Memorabilia. Framed Banner reading Aircraft Warning Service Volunteer Observer. Yellow gold and red on a silver field.

Lot: 304 - Vintage Military & Ephemera

Grouping of Vintage military items and ephemera, including a pewter goblet labeled "Freda", four photos of military men from various conflicts, pamphlets including one on the "Rolling W" called Rolling Ahead! In addition, there are two corporal patches, four officer candidate patches, a 16th Infantry patch, a Camp Carson War Dept. picture ID for a woman, and a Rolling W 89th Infantry European theatre patch.

Lot: 304A - 22.LR, 357 Mag. .32 Special Live rounds + More

35 22 long rifle bullets (live) along with 25 .357 hollow point rounds (live). 31 .38 special live rounds, 12 .45 ACP rounds, 7 .32 S&W blank rounds, and more. AMMUNITION MUST BE PICKED UP IN PERSON AS OUR SHIPPER WILL NOT HANDLE.

Lot: 305 - Vintage Lone Ranger 45 Records & Ashtrays

Grouping of vintage 45 records from The Adventures of the Lone Ranger Decca Album 9-263 with all four included, and an assortment of other records. Also included are two tiki style elephant mugs, along with vintage ashtrays, as seen in photos.

Lot: 306 - Pair of Brass Bookends Reminiscent of The Thinker

A pair of brass bookends measuring 7.25" high, originating from 1928. Bookends are Art Deco style and in good condition.

Lot: 307 - Nixon Campaign Memorabilia Grouping

A lot of Nixon campaign memorabilia, including pins depicting both Nixon and the first lady, clickers, holographic pins, matchbooks, etc.

Lot: 308 - Collectible Die Cast Vehicles (14)

Die cast vehicles including a police vehicle, Thunderbird, Pepsi van, and more.

Lot: 309 - 100+ Nixon Pins and Campaign Items and More

Over one hundred Nixon political pins, clickers, other items. Lot is in as seen condition.

Lot: 310 - Franco Prussian & Spanish American Belt Buckles

Two antique military belt buckles. The first is a German/Prussian belt buckle depicting a crown, with words "Gott Mit Uns" or "God is with Us" from the Franco Prussian War era, design dates back to 1870s. Second buckle is a U.S Navy belt buckle dated to the Spanish American War. Buckle depicts a gold eagle clutching an anchor.

Lot: 311 - WWII German Insignia, Pins & Badges

8 vintage German medals, insignias, and pins.

Lot: 312 - WWII German Insignia, Pins & Badges

WWII German Insignia, Pins & Badges include 12pcs, as seen in photos.

Lot: 312A - Roll of Honor Vintage/Semi-Antique Plaque

A vintage/semi antique "Roll of Honor" plaque on stone or metal with black background. Many names are listed on plaque, one with a star. Commissioned by Frankfurt Distilleries Inc. Has four screw holes for mounting.

Lot: 313 - Vintage Military Insignia Patches

(38) various insignia military patches.

Lot: 313A - 12 Yank Magazines 1944, V. Army Airborne Coat

Thirteen Yank magazines from 1944 of various issues throughout the year, and a vintage (70s) army Airborne uniform coat. Condition of magazines vary, one magazine is missing its cover.

Lot: 314 - Antique & Vintage Fire Fighter Collectibles

60+ buttons, 3 pinback badges, 1 belt buckle, tie bar, bolo, clips whistles, and pins.

Lot: 315 - Antique Buttons & Buckles

40+ buttons, some glass and bakelite, one South Carolina military button, and 11 buckles (some Bakelite).

Lot: 316 - Lincoln Head US One Cent Coin Books

One cent US coin collecting books, partially completed, covering the period of 1909 - 1975). There are 8 books, all mostly completed. Missing some coins, as shown in photos.

Lot: 317 - US Mint Silver Proof Sets

3 proof sets, One set of 2006 state Quarter set, One 2002 silver proof set, One 2003 silver proof set.

Lot: 318 - US Mint Proof Sets (6)

(6) US mint proof sets total including, (2) 2001, (2) 2002, (1) 2005, (1) 2001 Quarters.

Lot: 319 - US Washington Silver Quarters

42 Silver Quarters of which 16 are loose Quarters of various dates and 26 Quarters are in dated coin books; as seen in photos.

Lot: 320 - Collectible Nickels & Dimes

5 coin collecting books featuring 3 Jefferson Nickel books containing 71 Nickels, One book containing 14 Buffalo Nickels, One Book containing 58 Silver Roosevelt dimes; as seen in photos

Lot: 321 - US Uncirculated Coins

2 rolls of (2006) Nickel and 2 rolls of (2006) state Quarters, 2 Eisenhower dollars, and 168 unsearched wheat Pennies.

Lot: 322 - US Silver Eisenhower Dimes

50 US Eisenhower dimes dated from the 1950s & 1960s.

Lot: 324 - US Silver Quarters from 40s, 50s & 60s

(29) US silver Quarters: (6) from the 1940s, (9) from the 1950s, and (14) from the 1960s.

Lot: 325 - US 1964 Silver Kennedy Half Dollars

20 US silver Kennedy half dollars, all dated 1964. One is uncirculated in a plastic cover.

Lot: 326 - US Silver Half Dollars

17 US half dollars featuring; 12 Kennedy half Dollars (High content silver 1966- 1968) and 5 Franklin half dollars (one is uncirculated 1963).

Lot: 327 - US Mercury Dimes, Indian Heads & Nickels

52 coins featuring 12 Mercury Dimes from the 30s and 40s, 11 Indian Head Pennies of various dates, 15 V Nickels various dates, 8 Indian Head Nickels from the 20s & 30s, and 6 Jefferson Nickels from the 40s.

Lot: 328 - US Silver Halves & Eisenhower Dollars

21 coins featuring: 16 Eisenhower dollars from the 1970s, Standing Liberty half dollar dated 1945, Barber half dollar, Seated Liberty half dollar dated 1878, one seated Liberty Quarter dated 1877, and one silver US 3 cent coin dated 1853.

Lot: 329 - US Silver Morgan & Peace Dollars

6 US silver dollars include 5 Morgans and one Peace dollar.

Lot: 329A - Coin Collecting Manuals / Encyclopedias (4)

4 coin collecting manuals or books.

Lot: 330 - Early Vintage Automotive Parts

Large Lot of Early Vintage Automotive Parts. More than 100 pieces, most in boxes, including bulbs, valves, switches, cotter pins, ignition coil, blades, wheel cylinder, flares, Lionel connecting ties, and more.

Lot: 331 - Antique & Vintage Automotive Parts

Antique & Vintage Automotive Parts Collection. Set of new Perfect Circle piston rings 4862.040, National Hubcap (blue), Model T window defroster, Willson safety spectacles in box, Welsh goggles, auto certificate holder, 1964 PA Dealer tag, and more.

Lot: 332 - Antique & Vintage Automotive Tools

Collection of Antique & Vintage Automotive Tools. Piston Ring Compressor Tool, Flaring Tool, Craftsman 43381 adjustable wrench, Tie Plug punch, Link Fix chain repair tool, Sears wire cutter, torque wrench, Ammco Ridge Reamer, V-belt gauge, battery post cleaner, and more.

Lot: 333 - Vintage & Antique Tooling Stamps

Antique & Vintage Tooling Stamps and accessories, including a letter stamp set, a number stamp set, 3 sharpening stones, 1 new Putnam 13/32 mill bit, a drill index, a pan of buffing & polishing, a brass brush, and a reamer file.

Lot: 334 - Vintage Model Sailboat with Stand

Vintage Sailboat model is approx. 38" High, 31" wide. includes stand with brass tag that reads 1895 Cup Racer.

Lot: 334A - Vintage Model Sailboat w/ Blue Hull

Vintage Sailboat Model in blue paint, with silver painted keel and rudder (rudder is not attached, no pin). Boat measures approx 42.5" high, 34" long, 7" deep. One window missing in cabin. All masts present with fletchings intact.

Lot: 335 - Antique Framed Wallace Nutting Prints (2)

Antique Framed Wallace Nutting prints, "The Maple Sugar Closet" 1909 ( 22.5" X 18.5") and "Blossoms at the Bend" (30.5" X 26.5").

Lot: 336 - Vintage Umbrella Stand & Stained Glass

Vintage brass umbrella stand (18"H). Framed stained glass panel, approx 21" x 21". Also includes 3 canes, (2 are adjustable).

Lot: 337 - Vintage Magnifying, Measuring, and More

2 magnifiers (larger with leather case measuring approx. 2.25" diam), pocket level, 2 vintage tape measures, rivet punch, and 2 brass locks.

Lot: 338 - Antique and Vintage Banks

Antique safe bank with key measuring approx. 3.25" H x 2.5" W 2.25 D, antique house bank, Pennsylvania Trust Company of Reading, PA bank, vintage New York Life bank, and vintage H.S. Badcock paperweight on wood stand.

Lot: 339 - Antique Royal Doulton Urn Vases

Pair of dark blue Royal Doulton Slater vases with gold tone, baby blue, and white floral motif measuring approx. 10" H.

Lot: 340 - Antique Barbershop Shaving Station

Antique Barbershop Shaving Station measuring approx.30.5" x 9.5". Lot includes 5 accessories include shaving mug, strapping leather and more.

Lot: 341 - Vintage Depression Glass & Italian Pottery

Vintage depression glass & Italian pottery. Green frosted lidded dish (Westmoreland Uranium Glass). Italian lidded conch candy bowel. Candy bowel marked TG on bottom.

Lot: 342 - Fitz + Floyd Classics Seashell Pattern (7pc.)

Fitz + Floyd Classics Seashell Pattern including four bread plates measuring approx. 9.5" diameter, One salad plate, One salt pepper set with chipped salt, and One large covered bowl measuring 14.5" x 11" (fleabite chip on handle).

Lot: 343 - Fitz + Floyd Seasonal Platters+ V. Boch

Fitz + Floyd Seasonal Platters including an autumn platter with approx. 13" diameter. Christmas platter (16" x 11") and a thanksgiving platter (17.5" x 13.5"). Also in grouping Villeroy + Boch Christmas pattern (three mugs one sugar bowl). Condition is as seen in photograpy.

Lot: 344 - Fitz + Floyd Seashell Bowls (9pc)

Fitz + Floyd Seashell Bowls include seven pasta bowls Approx.10" diameter and Two nautilus bowls Approx. 8" diameter.

Lot: 345 - Vintage Sewing and Spool Cabinet

Vintage Sewing and Spool Cabinet including key and two pairs of sheers. Cabinet measures (30" x 7")

Lot: 346 - Vintage Radio, Binoculars + More

Binoculars "Silver" brand, another pair of "Vomega" binoculars in original case. Crosley WWII commemorative radio, Antique dresser box (9.5" x 6") with no key. Untested brass desk clock.

Lot: 347 - Vintage 1970s/80s LIFE Magazines (25)

Twenty five vintage LIFE magazines from mostly 70s & 80s.

Lot: 348 - Vintage 1970s/80s LIFE Magazines (25)

Twenty Five Vintage LIFE Magazines from mostly 70s & 80s.

Lot: 349 - Vintage 1970s/80s LIFE Magazines (25)

Twenty Five Vintage LIFE Magazines mostly from 70s & 80s.

Lot: 350 - Twenty Five Vintage LIFE Magazines

Twenty Five Vintage LIFE Magazines mostly from 70s & 80s

Lot: 351 - Twenty Five Vintage LIFE Magazines

Twenty Five Vintage LIFE Magazines mostly from 70s & 80s.

Lot: 352 - Twenty Five Vintage LIFE Magazines

Twenty Five Vintage LIFE Magazines mostly 70s & 80s

Lot: 353 - Twenty Five Vintage LIFE Magazines

Twenty Five Vintage LIFE Magazines mostly 70s & 80s

Lot: 354 - History of The Second Dragoons circa.1908

History of The Second Dragoons "Royal Scots Greys" circa.1908. Book was printed in London, 190. Book is in fair condition as seen in photography. Measures approx. 12" x 9" hard cover.

Lot: 355 - Antique Regimental British History Books

Antique regimental British history books. grouping consist of Volume one and two, The Early History of the Coldstream Guards, A maps book of the Coldstream guards 1914 - 1918, and The Coldstream Guards 1885-1914. books are in fair condition, all books have Oxford seal.

Lot: 356 - British/Scottish Regimental History Books (6)

Volume one and two of " A History of the Uniforms of the British Army"(1940),"History of the Foot Guards"(1927),"Historical Records of the 57th Regiment of Foot" (1878), Memoirs of the Tenth Royal Hussars(1891), and The Tenth P.W.O. Royal Hussars & the Essex Yeomanry during the European war (1920)

Lot: 356A - Chinese Shoushan Stamp

Carved Chinese Shoushan stone stamp depicting scholar in a mountain landscape measuring approx 4” H. Stamping surface approx 1 ¾” x 1 ¾.” Includes cloth-covered storage case measuring approx.2 ¼” H x 7 ½” W x 3” D. Some loss to interior and exterior of case.

Lot: 357 - Vintage/ Contemp. Moriage Style Jap. Vase

Morioge style Japanese vase, Likely vintage, minimal wear on foot, Signed on bottom, Vase has high amount of relief and measures approx. 14" high.

Lot: 358 - Antique George Washington Embr. Table Runner

Antique George Washington embroidered table runner. Commemorates George Washington's election in March, 1789 and our independence. in good condition measures approx. 19.5" x 37".

Lot: 359 - Vintage York City Celebration Hanging Banner

Vintage York City celebration hanging banner measuring 107" x 30". Minor wear, tears and stains on several locations.

Lot: 360 - Zen Boy Statue

Cherubic faux concrete Zen boy statue playing a wind instrument. measures approx. 16" tall.

Lot: 360A - Vintage Fireplace Set (Fender, Andirons, Tools)

A vintage/semi antique set of fireplace equipment, including a ball and claw brass fender with relief, a set of three fireplace tools with dome tops, and a pair of andirons.

Lot: 361 - Antique Hunting Engravings Circa.1823

Four antique hand tinted engravings by Wolstenholme(engraved by T. Sutherland). Depicts shooting and hunting scenes. measuring approx. 15.5" x 13". Items are well framed.

Lot: 362 - Fifteen Vintage LOOK Magazines

Fifteen Vintage LOOK magazines from 70s & 80s.

Lot: 363 - Vintage LIFE Magazines (25)

Vintage LIFE Magazines (25) All magazines are from (1960).

Lot: 364 - Vintage 1960s LIFE Magazines (25)

25 Vintage LIFE Magazines from the 1960's

Lot: 365 - Silverplate + Reed & Barton Flatware Box

Silverplate + Reed & Barton Flatware Box. Includes salad set with Bloodstone handle ends.

Lot: 366 - Ladies Watches (6)

Ladies Watches (6). Designer named watches are Seiko, Genevex, Pulsar, Peugeot ,Suzann Summers, Adrienne.

Lot: 367 - Multicolored Pearl Necklace, Stones & Buttons

Multicolored Pearl Necklace, semi precious stones, antique buttons and gold tone brooch with earring.

Lot: 368 - Fashion Earrings (40) + Pairs

Fashion Earrings (40) + Pairs includes one with real pears.

Lot: 369 - Gold Tone Fashion Earrings

40 pairs Gold tone fashion earrings include designs from Christian Dior, Yves St. Laurent, Sassygirlz, Radiance, Trifari, Joan Rivers.

Lot: 370 - Jewelry, Token & Souvenir Box

Jewelry, NJ Token, Aztec souvenir box and more.

Lot: 371 - Faux Pearl Necklace & Bracelets

22 pairs Faux pearl necklaces & bracelets. Includes string of Mallorca pearls in original box with paper, string of Deauville pearls with original tag.

Lot: 372 - Collectible Necklaces

17 collectible necklaces including, faux pearl, stone, gold tone, wood, acrylic and more.

Lot: 373 - Stefan Martin & Yuri Dojc Artwork

Framed Yuri Dojc photo art is approx 26" x 26". Stefan Martin signed artist proof print, image size is 8 3/4 x 10 3/4.

Lot: 374 - Porsche Calendar, Lewandowski Book & Koni Sign

Porsche Calendar with commemorative coin calendar measures23' x 22' (minor curling on corners) Porsche 959 Art & Car book by Jurgen Lewandowski with commemorative coin. Koni advertising sign is approx 15 3/4 x 19 3/4.

Lot: 375 - Adult Nude Photography Book (6)

Artist Photography Books. Names: Lucien Clergue, Jeff Dunas, Michel Morreau, Andre De Dienes. all books are in good condition with original dust jackets.

Lot: 376 - Adult Nude Photography Books (5)

5 books artist names include Helmut Newton, Judy Dater, Jack Welpott, Bradley Smith. 2 books of collections of photos. All books are in good condition with dust jackets. Adult photography.

Lot: 377 - Adult Nude Photography Books (5)

Adult nude photography books include 5 books by, J. Frederick Smith, Auther Goldsmith, Olivia De Beraroinis. Pictorial history of strip tease, Masterpieces of erotic photography (multi Artist compilation). all in good condition with original dust jackets.

Lot: 378 - Adult Nude Photography Books (6)

Adult nude photography books (6) include artist,3 books by Peter Barry, 2 by John Hedgecoe, and 1 Jeff Dunas. All books are in good condition with original dust jackets

Lot: 379 - Erotic Instruction Reference Books (5)

5 Adult erotic instruction reference books include, 2 erotic manuals, 2 sexercise, 1 Anatomy book, all in good condition.

Lot: 380 - Vintage Adult Nude Photo Collection

90 Vintage Adult nude photos include professional photographers collection of nude photos and calling cards.

Lot: 381 - Adult Photo Calling Card Collection

Nude / adult photo calling cards collection . Professional Photographers photos (44) pictures.

Lot: 382 - Playboy Erotic Paperback Pop & Art

Adult magazines. 1980s Playboys (4), including the famous Madonna nude issue. 1997 Fox magazine, one MMA Pop Art book, (2) Erotic Nurses paper backs

Lot: 393 - Vintage Hot rod and Drag Magazines

19 Hot Rod magazines from the 1970s and 1 Drag Racing magazine from the 1970s.

Lot: 394 - Boy's Motorcycle Jacket & 1930s Yearbooks

Boy's size 14 motorcycle jacket with assorted patches and 4 1930s yearbooks of "The Dial" from Reisterstown, MD.

Lot: 395 - Vintage Children's Records - 45s

A very cool collection of Vintage Children's Records - 45s - 20+ records. Everything from Roy Rogers to The Nutcracker Suite to Tuby the Tuba, Walt Disney, Uncle Wiggily, and of course Peter and the Wolf.

Lot: 396 - 1950s records - 45s

1950s records - 45s, 39 records, all with sleeves. Featuring various artists, such as The Everly Brothers, Ricky Nelson, The Coasters, Marty Robbins, Glenn Miller, Perry Como, and many more.

Lot: 397 - 1950s records - 45s

1950s records - 45s - 35 in total, most with sleeves. Includes artists Chubby Checker, Ricky Nelson, Paul Anka, The Crickets, Little Anthony, The Platters, Chuck Berry, Buddy Holly, The Coasters, and many others.

Lot: 398 - Elvis records - 45s

RCA Victor Elvis records - 45s - 11 total, 9 with sleeves. Includes hits like Love Me Tender, Don't Be Cruel, My Baby Left Me, Loving You, Teddy Bear, and more.

Lot: 399 - Elvis records - 45s

RCA Victor Elvis records - 45s - a total of 8 records, with sleeves. Hits like Love Me Tender, Blue Suede Shoes, Heartbreak Hotel, Lonesome Cowboy, and many more!

Lot: 400 - Collectible 1/18 scale Die Cast Cars

1/18 scale Die Cast Cars with Display Case. One display case and 7 cars: 1955 & 57 Bel Airs, 1961 Corvette, 1957 Nomad, Texaco truck, 1936 pickup truck, and a Ford GT90.

Lot: 401 - Collectible 1/8 scale Die Cast Cars

1/8 scale Die Cast Cars (8) and a Coca Cola truck. Cars include a 49 Mercury, 58 Cadillac, 48 Tucker, 48 Chrysler Town & Country, 35 Duesenberg, and 3 Anson Classics, all in boxes.

Lot: 401A - Collectible 1/8 Scale Die Cast Vehicles (11)

Eleven die cast vehicles (no boxes) at 1/8 scale. Brands include Buick, Mercedes, and other brands.

Lot: 402 - Collectible 1/8 scale Die Cast Cars

1/8 scale Die Cast Cars (6). Models are in boxes, and include a '32 Cadillac, '57 Ford Fairlane. '39 Lincoln Zephyr, '57 Thunderbird, '57 Plymouth Fury, and a silver 1936 Pontiac Deluxe.

Lot: 403 - Collectible 1/8 scale Die Cast Cars & others

Five (5) Collectible 1/8 scale Die Cast Cars, including a 1972 Chevelle, a 2000 Mustang Cobra, a 2001 Corvette, a VW "New" Beetle, and a PT Cruiser, in boxes. Also includes a '96 Lincoln Limo, a '65 Mustang, and a utility truck of various scales.

Lot: 404 - Collectible 1/8 scale Die Cast Cars

1/8 scale Die Cast Cars (5). In boxes, a '96 Dodge Viper, a Ferrari, a Lamborghini, a Corvette Mako Shark, and a VW "New" Beetle.

Lot: 405 - Collectible 1/8 scale Die Cast Cars

1/8 scale Die Cast Cars. Includes a display box and seven (7) cars: a Chrysler 300, a '37 Ford Convertible, a '31 Ford Model A, a '69 Dodge Superbee, a '35 Auburn, a pink Crown Victoria, and a Plymouth Prowler. All cars have a sticker on them, 2 have small trim damage, and some boxes are mismatched.

Lot: 406 - Die Cast & Radio Controlled Vehicles

Die Cast, Bank, & RC Vehicles - 5 items. A Texaco Model T Delivery Truck in Tin in original box, a Radio Shack radio-controlled buggy in box, an RC Ferrari, a "Rev' & Race" Prowler, and a die-cast 1958 Corvette.

Lot: 407 - Colnago Bicycle Road Race Shoes

Colnago Bicycle Road Race Shoes, brand new, Italian made, EU size 41, (mens US 8).

Lot: 408 - Vintage Dinky Toys With Boxes

Vintage Dinky toy # 32c, 450, (Esso oil trucks) with original boxes both in good condition. Loose diecast vehicles include 3 military vehicles and one Connaught Racing Car.

Lot: 409 - Vintage Dinky Military Toys

Toys # 692, 676, 670,622, with original boxes( 2 have torn flaps on end)

Lot: 410 - Vintage Lionel & TootsieToys

Lionel - Caboose & Tauker TootsieToy - Fire engine & convertible Cadillac, Wood P51 Fighter, Tin pull dredge claw.

Lot: 411 - Vintage Dinky Military Toys

Toys# 651, 551 (both with original boxes) Loose- diecast Jeep Howitzer, 2 transports with men & 2 transport trailers.

Lot: 412 - Vintage Dinky Toys w/ Boxes

Toys # 571, 921, 771. All good condition w/ boxes

Lot: 413 - Carl Zeiss HD Conquest Binoculars

High quality Carl Zeiss HD Conquest ,15" x 45" t binoculars with case.

Lot: 414 - Collectable Marbles, Tins & Pennants

This collectable lot includes, 5 shooter marbles, 11 foreign coins, 2 skeleton keys, 7 tins, 2 antique wood finials, 5 Collage pennants, patches & cap. deck of playing cards, Vivitar cameras lens, dog tag necklace.

Lot: 415 - Sterling Silver & Military Collectibles

this collectibles grouping includes; Sterling calendar frame, Sterling "United We Stand" pin, 20 Military bar pins, 9 Military pins, U.S.M.C pennant and more.

Lot: 416 - Vintage Political / Presidential Collectibles

50 plus items including, Nixon buttons, pins and political items. Christie Whitman political buttons, Hubert Humphrey photo, J.F.K. photo, Gerald Ford bumper stickers & 1959 Washington Senator baseball program.

Lot: 417 - International Postage Stamp Albums (3)

Three partially completed albums (all approx 35% complete). some pages have mildew on edges. most stamps are good. 180 U.S 10 cent stamps.

Lot: 418 - U.S. Stamp Sheets

105 Elvis Stamps on sheets (29 cents), 50 flag stamps (4 cents) 50 Lincoln stamps (1cent) Frank Lloyd Wright stamp 9 (2 cents) $34.95 Face value unused stamps.

Lot: 419 - Antique Stereo Viewer With Cards

Keystone School Stereoscope viewer with 67 cards featuring Black americana, American and foreign views, scenic images of tourist attraction, comic series, cards Jesus's crucifixion series and more.

Lot: 420 - Costume Jewelry & Collectable Watches

50+ pieces including religious jewelry, Bracelets wrist watches, coins, rings, Gem stones, and more. Watch maker names include,: Speidel Tissote, Timex, Collezio, Ruomuros, Hmi and Style.

Lot: 421 - Costume Jewelry & Collectable Watches

35+ items featuring : Bracelets, Necklaces, Tokens, Coins, Cufflinks and more. Watch maker names include; All Craft, Timex, Montoi, Advance.

Lot: 422 - Vintage Bakelite Dresser Handles

Lot include 10 Amber Bakelite dresser handles.

Lot: 423 - Vintage Dresser Boxes & Cologne

This 8 piece lot features 5 bottles of cologne and 3 dresser boxes. One box is hand crafted Incolay stone, Two boxes of cologne are full and unopened. Special consideration for shipping and pickup.

Lot: 424 - Vintage Firearms Accessories

9 items featuring (4) A.K Magazines, a pair of pistol grips, 2 rifle tools, one recoil buffer and a leather strap.

Lot: 425 - Vintage Crocks Pans & Knives

lot Includes antique one gallon crock, Knife block with 8 knives and one sharpening steel, Made by Chicago Cutlery. One aluminum pot and one aluminum frying pan.

Lot: 426 - Mid Century Modern Glassware

Gold leaf glass set of 17 pieces, cocktail shaker, 3 nested Pyrex measuring cups, set of 3 nested woodland casserole Pyrex dishes.

Lot: 427 - Collectable Plates

25 pieces of Porcelain China and Glassware. Features maker names; Limoges, Villerroy + Boch,

Lot: 428 - Mid Century Modern Glass & Collectable Pottery

Lot includes 4 pieces of MCM art glass, Largest item is approx 30" tall vase and includes a Murano basket. Mexican pottery vases(3), and Mexican pottery bank, one pottery Monk mug, and a Galileo Ball Glass thermometer.

Lot: 429 - Lighting, Poker Chips, Needle Point Art

5 items including; student desk lamp, a stained glass peacock lamp, painted golfer table lamp is approx. 33" tall painted and signed S. Hunt dose not include shade and a Framed Needle point bird art. Approx 10" x 12" and a new set of poker chips in case.

Lot: 430 - Tribal & Collectible Pipes & Accessories

Tribal & Collectible Pipes & Accessories. 12 pieces. Seven pipes ranging from 3 1/2" (on a cord) - 26" long, a wooden tribal smoking tube, and 3 other parts.

Lot: 431 - Vintage Equestrian + Dog Grouping

An equestrian and dog grouping including a large yellow pottery horse measuring approx. 11.5" high, an equestrian framed sketch, dog and horse bookends, and more. Condition is as seen in photography.

Lot: 432 - Collectable Pins, Tokens & Fraternal

90+ pieces featuring, Pins, tokens, fraternal items and more as seen in photography.

Lot: 433 - Collectible, Pins Tokens, Fraternal

60+ pieces featuring, Pins, tokens, fraternal items, Hard Rock Cafe and more as seen in photography.

Lot: 434 - Vintage International Coins

100+ vintage coins for around the globe.

Lot: 435 - Vintage International Coins

100+ vintage coins for around the globe.

Lot: 436 - Vintage International Coins

100+ international coins.

Lot: 437 - Vintage International Currency

40 international notes and bills.

Lot: 438 - Vintage International Currency

35 international notes and bills.

Lot: 439 - Collectible US Coins

200+ Wheat Pennies, 8 Indian Head pennies, one Indian Head nickel, 12 V nickel and one Quarter dated 1871.

Lot: 440 - Collectable Coins & Tokens

75+ pieces including, presidential commemorative tokens, Military service tokens, Olympic tokens and more.

Lot: 441 - Vintage Soviet Military Medal Collection

11 medals, Three have serial numbers on backside. Submarine medal has detached fastener. Some also marked Mokba, CCCP.

Lot: 442 - Vintage Badges, Medals & Pinbacks

27 pieces including badges German medals, U.S medals, tokens, fobs, pinback buttons and more.

Lot: 443 - Antique & Vintage Military Buttons

150+ antique and vintage military buttons.

Lot: 444 - Vintage Boy Scout Patches & Patch Handbook

55 patches and 1 lodge patch handbook.

Lot: 445 - Antique & Vintage Collectible Marbles

225+ antique and vintage marbles. Various ages, colors, conditions.

Lot: 446 - Antique & Vintage Collectable Marbles

225+ antique and vintage marbles. Various ages, colors, conditions.

Lot: 447 - Vintage & Antique Marbles & Shooters

31 shooters and 100+ marbles, including 1 Agate and 1 Clay marble.

Lot: 447A - Vintage Collectable Shooter Marbles

85 shooter marbles

Lot: 448 - Collectible and Vintage Marbles

225+ Vintage Marbles. Various sizes, colors, ages and conditions.

Lot: 449 - Collectible & Vintage Marbles

225+ Vintage Marbles. Various sizes, colors, ages and conditions.

Lot: 450 - Collectible & Vintage Marbles

225+ Vintage Marbles. Various sizes, colors, ages and conditions.

Lot: 450A - 44 Vintage/Semi-Antique Pewee Marbles

Grouping of vintage and semi-antique pewee marbles with various colors and styles. Marbles in good condition, may need cleaned.

Lot: 451 - Collectible & Vintage Marbles

225+ Vintage Marbles. Various sizes, colors, ages and conditions.

Lot: 452 - Collectible & Vintage Marbles

225+ Vintage Marbles. Various sizes, colors, ages and conditions.

Lot: 453 - Collectible & Vintage Marbles

225+ Vintage Marbles. Various sizes, colors, ages and conditions.

Lot: 454 - Collectible & Vintage Marbles

225+ Vintage Marbles. Various sizes, colors, ages and conditions.

Lot: 455 - Collectible & Vintage Marbles

225+ Vintage Marbles. Various sizes, colors, ages and conditions.

Lot: 455A - Antique & Vintage Marbles

Marble grouping consists of six Latticino swirl marbles, five vintage shooter marbles, and 32 other vintage marbles. Marbles are in varying condition.

Lot: 456 - Collectible & Vintage Marbles

Vintage Marbles, including 30+ shooters and 100+ marbles, Various sizes, colors, ages and conditions.

Lot: 457 - Collectible & Vintage Marbles

225+ Vintage Marbles. Various sizes, colors, ages and conditions.

Lot: 458 - Collectible & Vintage Marbles

225+ Vintage Marbles. Various sizes, colors, ages and conditions.

Lot: 459 - Collectible & Vintage Marbles

225+ Vintage Marbles. Various sizes, colors, ages and conditions.

Lot: 460 - Collectible & Vintage Marbles

225+ Vintage Marbles. Various sizes, colors, ages and conditions.

Lot: 461 - Collectible & Vintage Marbles

225+ Vintage Marbles. Various sizes, colors, ages and conditions.

Lot: 461A - Collectible & Vintage Marbles

225+ Vintage Marbles. Various sizes, colors, ages and conditions.

Lot: 462 - Collectible & Vintage Marbles

225+ Vintage Marbles. Various sizes, colors, ages and conditions.

Lot: 462A - Collectible & Vintage Marbles

225+ Vintage Marbles. Various sizes, colors, ages and conditions.

Lot: 463 - US Postage Stamp Sheets

new US postage stamp sheets with over $70 value.

Lot: 464 - US Postage Stamp Sheets

US postage stamp sheets and booklets with over $58 value.

Lot: 465 - US Postage Stamps

US postage stamps with a $50+ face value.

Lot: 466 - US Postage Stamps

US postage stamps with a $100+ face value.

Lot: 467 - US Postage Stamps

US postage stamps with a $110+ face value.

Lot: 468 - Vintage Postcards, Churches, Buildings & More

200+ vintage postcards, most in sleeves.

Lot: 469 - Vintage Canadian Postcards

75+ Canadian Postcards, featuring ,buildings, destinations, vacation sites and more.

Lot: 470 - Vintage Postcards, Churches, Buildings & More

75+ vintage postcards, most in sleeves.

Lot: 471 - Vintage Post Cards & Tin Types

approx. 50 post cards mostly South Central Pennsylvania destinations, 6 antique tin types, one antique cabinet card, two cereal premium cards, 100+ antique canceled stamps in envelopes.

Lot: 472 - Vintage HO Cars

7 HO scale items featuring; 6 HO cars and one HO car body. (4 cars come with plastic display cases). Cars untested for running.

Lot: 473 - Vintage Matchbox Car Boxes

17 original Matchbox Car boxes, most are in good condition, some have damaged flaps, no cars are included in this lot.

Lot: 474 - Vintage Toy Wrist Watches

16 toy wrist watches on display card, Display card is torn on bottom as see in photos.

Lot: 475 - Vintage Mickey Mouse & Collectable Watches

13 watches including; 5 Mickey Mouse watches, one Lionel watch and 7 more watches. Maker names include; Elgin, Bulova, Anne Kline, Caravelle and Lorus.

Lot: 476 - Vintage Nintendo Poke'mon Balls

5 Nintendo Poke'mon balls from the 1990s, all containing original contents, character names are; Pikachu, Mewtwo, Charzard, Jiggly Puff and Togepi. Sheet of Burger King 9 card set.

Lot: 477 - Vintage Cutco Knives

6 Cutco knives and spatulas including; French Chief knife, small boning knife, small serrated knife, one carving knife and two spatulas.

Lot: 478 - Vintage Jewelry Boxes

7 Vintage jewelry boxes in various shapes and sizes as seen in photos.

Lot: 479 - Vintage Jewelry Boxes

7 Vintage jewelry boxes in various shapes and sizes as seen in photos.

Lot: 480 - Vintage Micro Mosaic, Compacts & Boxes

10 items including; 2 Micro mosaic pill boxes, 2 vintage 5th avenue compacts, one compact mirror, one Limoge chest, two brass pill boxes, one Evens cigarette case with lighter, clock and red Sta-neet adjustable razor comb.

Lot: 481 - Antique & Vintage Stick Pins

18 collectible stick pins featuring; 12 antique and 6 vintage stick pins. One stick pin is a skull of carved bone, all other pins gems are glass.

Lot: 482 - Gold Filled Victorian Jewelry

5 pieces of Victorian gold filled jewelry including; 3 lockets, one cameo stickpin, one crucifix necklace. this lot also includes a 1958 Atomium pendant from the Worlds Fair.

Lot: 483 - Vintage Jewelry & Trinket

40+ pieces of collectible jewelry, trinkets and more.

Lot: 484 - Single Fashion Earrings

100+ single earrings ideal for craft making or single use.

Lot: 485 - Antique Steampunk Swivel Chair

An adjustable height mechanical drawing table chair with curved Oak seat and back rest. Chair is in good working condition.

Lot: 486 - Antique Patent Medicine Bottles

Antique Patent Medicine Bottles. An "Angeline" Jos. Schumaker and Co. Rheumatism bottle, and a smaller Opium bottle.

Lot: 487 - Wedgwood Fallow Deer LustreWare (Set for 6)

English marked Etruria England Wedgwood Fallow Deer LustreWare / Brown Luster, gold trim. Set consists of six 10" dinner plates, six 6 1/4" bread plates, 6 cups, and 6 saucers. 24 pieces.

Lot: 490 - Antique Wooden and Copper Collectibles

Antique Wooden Collectibles. Collection consists of 2 Hamilton Printer's Trays, Simplex Brand No. 6 Vintage Copper Posser Washing Dolly Plunger Style, a Juggling Pin, and a Tool Carrier Tray. Tool Tray measures approx 20"W x 8"D x 8"H (including handle).

Lot: 491 - Antique Art Nouveau, Cornucopias, 1883 Book & More

Antique Art Nouveau Silverplate Footed Bowl, marked Homan Mfg, 2 glass-painted Cornucopia Vases, an 1883 Autograph Book in Original Box, Porcelain Bowl marked Bavaria, a hand-painted Limoges box, a small red Buddha marked China, and a snuff bottle (without stopper)

Lot: 492 - Vintage Fortune Magazine, Tin Litho & Models

Vintage 1936 Fortune Magazine, Christmas Edition, in near mint condition; a Tin Litho watering can, 2 York County Landmark Clock Models, & 3 Die-Cast toy cars.

Lot: 493 - Delft Kitchen Tools

Delft Kitchen Utensils. A Rolling Pin and a Painted Rack with 3 Hanging Kitchen Tools.

Lot: 494 - Vintage Delft Canisters

Vintage Delft Canister Collection, consisting of 1 large Delft Lidded Ginger Jar Crock (with small rim chip on lid), 1 salt cellar, 1 vinegar bottle, 1 oatmeal jar, 1 cinnamon jar, and 1 allspice jar.

Lot: 495 - Artisan Made Rag Rug

Artisan Made Rag Rug, crafted by York PA artist Phyllis Koster, and measuring 37" x 24".

Lot: 496 - Boehm, Capodimonte, Aynsley, & more

Boehm, Capodimonte, Aynsley, & more. Boehm Rabbit figurine, Capodiamonte old salt mug, 2 Aynsley Tudor Bone China sets, cardinal pitcher (unmarked), and Susan Winget cardinal bowl.

Lot: 497 - Capitol-Flown Flag & Barometer

US Capitol-Flown Flag (21" long) in case, & Barometer, 21" H, marked "Genuine Mahogany."

Lot: 498 - Antique Decorated Bed Warmer

Antique Bird & Moon Decorated Copper Bed Warmer

Lot: 499 - Antique Revere Copper Wash Boiler

Antique Copper Wash Boiler, marked Revere. Overall dimensions approx 27"W x 17"H x 13"D.

Lot: 500 - Pennsylvania Fossils

Pennsylvania Fossils. Nine (9) pieces, all found in PA.

Lot: 501 - Pennsylvania Fossils

Pennsylvania Fossils - (23) pieces, with a Common Fossils of PA booklet.

Lot: 502 - Artifacts, Minerals, & Fossils

Artifacts, Minerals, & Fossils - 17 pieces.

Lot: 503 - Vintage Russian Troika Tapestry, Framed

Oversized vintage Russian Troika Tapestry, depicting hunters and wolves. Probably from first half 20th Century, in wood frame, measures 32"x70" OD.

Lot: 504 - Depression Era Glass Stemware Collection

Depression Era Glass Stemware Collection. Set includes 4 martini glasses, 7 wine glasses, and 3 champagne flutes.

Lot: 505 - Antique Fishmonger's Painted Ice Bucket

Antique Fishmonger's Painted Ice Bucket. 1910 English polychrome paint over black japanned oak with handle. Approx 10"H x 9"Diam, with slight lean.

Lot: 506 - Antique Brass Fire Extinguisher

Antique Brass Fire Extinguisher, marked Foamite-Childs Corp, Utica , NY. measures approx 24.5"H x 7"Diam.

Lot: 507 - Antique Brass Belgian Fireman's Helmet

Antique Brass Belgian Fireman's Helmet. Nineteenth C, with original leather liner. Helmet has some dents, consistent with age.

Lot: 508 - Antique Perko Marine Signal Lantern

Antique Perko (Perkins Marine) Signal Lantern and a Brass Maritime Horn (approx 13.5"H).

Lot: 509 - Antique Brass & Sterling Accessories

Antique Brass & Sterling Accessories. Revere Copper & Brass Products paperweight, two Brass Whistles (one is marked "City Police or Fire" with dent), WWI (1914) compass (broken ring) in pouch, and a sterling handled bell.

Lot: 510 - Antique Boxing Ring Bell

Antique Boxing Ring Bell mounted on wood. Wood base measures 12"H x 7"W x 3"D. No pull chain but can ring it without.

Lot: 511 - Antique Torches & Canister

Antique Brass Torches & Canister. One brass piece is inscribed "C R Yohn." Copper canister is marked "Rumidor".

Lot: 512 - Antique Brass Collectibles

Antique Brass Collection, consisting of an antique brass inkwell with glass insert, a ruby glass inkwell with brass cap, an antique brass tobacco box, paper fasteners tin with brass cap, a brass Imperium Britannicum Coronation Box dated 1914, an antique brass bell (9" H), and an Illinois Watch Co tin (1907 patent mark).

Lot: 513 - Antique Copper Collectibles

Antique Copper Collection, consisting of 2 oil cans, a flashlight, a smaller pocket flashlight, an alcohol burner, and a letter opener.

Lot: 514 - Antique and Vintage Brass Collectibles

Antique and vintage brass collection consisting of 2 small fire extinguishers, a brass pump mason jar, a brass front spring scale, a brass pump cylinder, bronze/brass valve, 2 brass spray nozzles, and a fire hose connector.

Lot: 515 - Antique Sleigh Bells

Antique Sleigh Bells. Two brown leather straps of 3 bells each, measuring approx 16"L x 4" W.

Lot: 516 - Antique Tools & Name Plates

Antique Tools & Name Plates. Collection includes an antique pulley, an antique lock, an antique plumb bob, 2 Porcelain enameled name plates, and a Brass erection plate.

Lot: 517 - Art Deco Perfume Bottles & Similar Lamp

Art Deco Crystal Perfume Bottles with tops - 5, one with a small chip in lip & Art Deco Dresser Lamp

Lot: 518 - Antique Middle Eastern Tinned Copper Tray

Antique Middle Eastern Tinned Copper Round Tray with hook to hang, measuring approx 29"Diam.

Lot: 519 - Vintage Stained Glass Lamp & Plant Stand

Vintage Hanging Stained Glass Lamp with 3 shades, approx 15"x15". Black Wrought Iron Plant Stand, approx 28" tall.

Lot: 520 - Child's French Bergere Chairs (2)

Set of 2 Child's French Bergere-style Chairs. Painted wood construction, with caned seat and back, and seat cushions. Loss to paint, as shown in photos. Caning is in good condition.

Lot: 521 - MCM Calla Lily Table Lamp

Mid Century Modern / vintage Calla Lily Table Lamp, with 3 lamps. Brass finish base, unmarked, with white shades. Measures approx 25"H to top of highest shade.

Lot: 522 - Two antique-style ottomans/footstools

Two antique-style ottomans/footstools, both with upholstered tops (one embroidered). Larger measures 14"Hx20"Wx16=5"D. Smaller made by Deluxing.

Lot: 523 - Capadiamonte Putti Centerpiece

Capadiamonte Putti Centerpiece, measuring approx 18"Hx16"Wx7"D.

Lot: 524 - Composite Stonehenge Style Face

Composite stone-finish Stonehenge style head, hollow, cracked on side at bottom, as seen in photos. Approx 12" H and 8" W.

Lot: 525 - Two Contemporary Jewelry Chests

Two Contemporary Jewelry Chests. One with oak finish, measuring 43"Hx20"Wx15.5"D. Smaller with cherry finish, missing hanging door pull at front.

Lot: 526 - Antique Mission Oak Chairs (2)

Antique Mission Oak Chairs (2) - child's desk chairs, measuring 28"H.

Lot: 527 - Epergne with Cherub

Epergne with Cherub, measures approx 18"H x 12"D. Stone base, figural metal cherub stem, glass with gold edging.

Lot: 528 - MCM Sarama Hanging Lamp

MCM Sarama Hanging Lamp, with 4 lamps and a brushed brass finish. Measures approx 18"H x20"Diam.

Lot: 529 - Seven Stemmed Cut Glass Wine Glasses

Seven Stemmed Cut Glass Wine Glasses, in 2 sizes, with gilded floral and basket design. Some loss to gilding, as seen in photos.

Lot: 531 - Modern Steel Wall Art

Set of 2 modern steel wall hangings, measuring approx 28"Wx20"Hx3"D. Surface scratches.

Lot: 532 - Wolsey Wood Easel

Mid Century Modern / vintage Easel with Wolsey label, in dark wood, measuring approx 6' tall.

Lot: 533 - MCM SP-200 Sansui Speakers (pair)

A pair of MCM Sansui Speakers labeled SP-200 3 Way 5 Speakers, measuring 25.5"Hx15"x12.5". Tested and working.

Lot: 534 - Vintage Wig Stand

Vintage Table Top Mount (clamp on) Wig Stand

Lot: 535 - MCM Sport Kings Tumbler Set

Mid Century Modern / vintage Sport Kings Tumbler Set of 8. Several have minor gold flash wear.

Lot: 536 - MCM Lucite Sculpture Falling Dominos

Mid Century Modern / vintage Lucite Sculpture, Falling Dominos, by "Reggie". Measures approx 33"x5"x6"H.

Lot: 537 - Asian Vases

Two Asian Vases, Chinoiserie style, measuring approx 16"H.

Lot: 538 - MCM Chrome Floor Lamp

Mid Century Modern / vintage Floor Lamp, stands 46"H.

Lot: 539 - Composite Mannequins (2)

Two mannequin forms. One measures 32"H and has damage as seen in photos. The other is 28"H and is headless. A Torso and a Torso with Head.

Lot: 540 - MCM Exotic Wood Tableware

Mid Century Modern / vintage Exotic Wood Tableware, 3 pieces: a lidded bucket (15.5"H), a flower pot (8.5"H), and an 8"H bud vase.

Lot: 541 - MCM Crisscross Scissor Lamp

Mid Century Modern / vintage Crisscross Scissor Lamp, measures 20"H when fully extended.

Lot: 542 - MCM Exotic Wood Tray & Bowls

Mid Century Modern / vintage Exotic Wood Tray & Bowls. Tray measures 23"x9". Largest of 4 bowls measures 13"W.

Lot: 543 - Wayne Smith Artisan Stoneware Bud Vase

MCM Stoneware Artisan Bud Vase, in tumbled ball form, signed "Wayne Smith", and measuring 11" tall.

Lot: 544 - MCM slatted bench

MCM slatted bench of exotic wood (possibly teak), measuring 59.5"L x 17.5" W x 16"H. Bench shows some wear, as shown in pictures.

Lot: 545 - MCM Style Hanging Lamp

Mid Century Modern / vintage-style Intertek 15" diam woven jute basketry hanging ball lamp with white insert.

Lot: 546 - Chrome 3 Headed Floor Lamp

Mid Century Modern / vintage / MCM-style floor lamp, with 3 swing arm lamps. Tallest lamp setting is 70". Age unknown.

Lot: 547 - 2 Asian style lamps

1 is a sage green jar-style with blue, 19"H x 11.5"D, and the other is green with multi, depicting Samurai warriors, measuring 30"H.

Lot: 548 - 2 MCM lamps

MCM lamps; 1 is cast metal, 28" tall, and the other is crackle glass, 23" tall. No shades.

Lot: 549 - MCM Hanging Lamps (2)

Two Mid Century Modern / vintage Hanging Lamps, 1 in a brass-tone leaf pattern, and 1 an oxidized birdcage design.

Lot: 550 - Collectible Brooches (11)

11 mostly Vintage Brooches, including those marked Gerrys and India, featuring a bird, cameo, flowers, Christmas, and more.

Lot: 551 - Floral & Collectible Brooches (15)

mostly Vintage Brooches, 15 total, including a leopard, flowers, heart, a butterfly, and more. Signed pieces include Monet, Crown Trifari (2), and Sarah Coventry.

Lot: 552 - Collectible & Semi-precious Brooches (23)

23 mostly Vintage Brooches, including signed pieces by Napier, Marvello, Alpaca, & Krementz. Gemstones and styles include Amethyst, Abalone, MCM, Goldstone, MicroMosaic, Rhinestone, and Sterling w/ Cornelian.

Lot: 553 - Collectible Brooches & Jewelry

A Collectible of 24 Brooches, 4 stick pins, and a mirror. Signed names include K&K Pewter, Trifari, KJL, and Alpaca. Brooches include a jelly belly mouse, turtles, a white strawberry, a rhinestone banjo, birds, flowers, and more,

Lot: 554 - Collectible & Alpine Brooches

19 Brooches with 2 pairs of matching earrings. Include 3 Alpine Bone Ivory brooches, Sarah Coventry, floral, dragonfly, angel, and many more.

Lot: 555 - Collectible Brooches (16)

16 Collectible, mostly Vintage, Brooches from Monet, Napier, Liz Claiborne, and others. Includes a unique giraffe brooch, as well as flowers, Christmas, a tiny purse, and more.

Lot: 556 - Collectible & Vintage Brooches

Eighteen (18) pieces with Napier, Sarah Coventry, Richlieu, Gerrys, Trifari, and others. Also includes 1 stick pin and 1 pair of earrings. Subjects include Christmas, hummingbird, cats, dragonfly, elephant, and more.

Lot: 557 - Collectible Brooches (21)

Vintage Brooches, signed Trifari, Austria, Coalport, Avon, and others. Subjects include floral, rhinestone, animals, an anchor, and more.

Lot: 558 - Floral & Animal Brooches, Some Designer

Floral & Animal Brooches (20) and 1 pair of matching earrings. Makers include Sarah Coventry, Star, Alpaca, and others. Subjects include hummingbird, parrot, ladybug, jaguar, florals, bows, and more.

Lot: 559 - Designer Brooches & Stick Pins

Brooches (18) & Stick Pins (9). Some designer names, including Liz Claiborne, Coro, Trifari, Corel, and ART. Subjects include floral, dove, Christmas, cameos, and more.

Lot: 560 - Vintage and Collectible Brooches (29)

Vintage and Collectible Brooches. Subjects include roadrunner, dragonflies, hummingbird, Cameos, floral, and more. Designer markings include Kirk's Folly, Avon, JJ, Star, Roman, Spain. Twenty-nine (29) pieces.

Lot: 561 - Vintage Hattie Carnegie Brooches

3 Hattie Carnegie brooches and 1 CastleCliff. These are beautiful larger gold-tone pieces.

Lot: 562 - Vintage Rhinestone Brooches & Earrings

Vintage Rhinestone Brooches (5) & Earrings (5 pair). Designers include Lisner, Weiss, Beaujewel (2).

Lot: 563 - Vintage & Collectible Floral Brooches (12)

Vintage & Collectible Floral Brooches (12). Signed pieces by Trifari, Lisner, Sarah Coventry, INW, and CoroCraft.

Lot: 564 - Designer & Collectible Brooches (4)

Designer & Collectible Brooches. Four larger gold-tone brooches, signed VM, Weiss, Bauer, & Linda Dano.

Lot: 565 - Vintage Brooches & Earrings

Vintage Brooches (7), Earrings (2), and a Malachite Mineral (1). Some are signed: R I Graziano, Yvonne, Weiss, Avon, and INC.

Lot: 566 - Vintage & Collectible Brooches

Vintage & Collectible Brooches (25), Pendant (1), and Earrings (1 pair). Some signed: Weiss, JJ, Crown. Featuring holiday, western artisan, animal, floral, and more.

Lot: 567 - Jomaz Pearl Brooch

Jomaz Leaf Brooch with Real Pearl.

Lot: 568 - Vintage Collectible Brooches, Clips, & Earrings

Vintage Collectible Brooches (11), Clips (2), & Earrings (1 pair). Scrimshaw reindeer brooch is signed W Wallum, and 1 piece is signed ART.

Lot: 569 - Vintage Collectible Brooches & Earrings

Vintage Collectible Brooches (12) & Earrings (1pair). 1 piece is marked JJ, and subjects include floral, butterfly, pirates, and more.

Lot: 570 - LizTech Brooches

3 LizTech Brooches, signed & numbered.

Lot: 571 - Cameo & Collectible Brooches

Cameo & Collectible Brooches, including 3 cameos, and pieces signed Avon & Mamselle. 4 stick pins and 24 brooches, with subjects including flowers, animal, birds, and more.

Lot: 572 - Figural Brooches & Necklace

Brooches (16), Stick pin, & Necklace. Some signed Dodds and FranGous. Subjects include floral, peacock, patriotic pooch, jester, and more.

Lot: 573 - Joan Rivers & Collectible Flower Brooches

Joan Rivers Sunflower brooch & earring set; Collectible Flower Brooches (3), unsigned.

Lot: 574 - Vintage Brooches & Rings

Collection of 22 pieces, including 14 brooches, 6 rings, 1 pendant, and 1 pair earrings. Maker's marks include Avon, Weiss, Alpaca, JBK, and others, and a few are marked gold filled (GF).

Lot: 575 - Five Sterling Rings w/ Different Seated Stones

Five sterling silver rings, with seated stones of gaspeite, malachite, black onyx, and other stones. Gaspeite, onyx and malachite rings are size 9, others are size 7, and 7.5.

Lot: 576 - Four Sterling Silver Bracelets

Grouping of four sterling silver bracelets. A black enamel glass sterling bracelet with what looks to be Chinese characters in between links, an Italian sterling silver bracelet with some colored goldtone, a Mexican sterling fish bracelet, and a sterling silver cuff bracelet.

Lot: 577 - Sterling Silver Rhinestone Pin + Earrings & More

Sterling silver and glass rhinestone pin + earrings set labelled "BM Co. Sterling", an additional pair of sterling earrings, and two sterling silver pendants. Second pendant is a memorial pendant and opens on a hinge.

Lot: 580 - Pink Sterling Silver Jewelry Grouping

Grouping of pink marked sterling silver jewelry including chains, bracelets, and earrings. Weight of entire lot is approx. 50 grams. Jewelry all intact, in good condition.

Lot: 581 - Sterling Silver Religious Necklaces, Pendants

Grouping of sterling silver and beaded necklaces along with one religious pendant of Holy Mary.

Lot: 582 - Sterling Silver Chains + More Sterling

Grouping of five sterling silver chains with pendants, and in addition a pair of sterling earrings, a bead necklace with sterling clasp, and a sterling lizard brooch with rhinestones down back (mark is worn down). Pendants include hearts, heart locket, a cross with green stone and more.

Lot: 583 - Two Sterling Chains w/ Pendants + 2 Ster. Pendants

Two sterling silver chains, with a Malachite stone pendant and what seems to be a blue enamel sterling pendant. Other Pendants include a rough citrine pendant with garnet atop it, and another sterling glass pendant.

Lot: 584 - Six Sterling Silver Pendants, Abalone Pendant

Six sterling silver marked pendants. One pendant is above an authentic pearl, one with a black stone (hardness above that of glass), a blue lace agate sterling pendant, one red enamel pendant and two others with no stones. Lastly, there is a silvertone Abalone pendant marked with "C" on its underside.

Lot: 585 - 4 .925 Marked Pendants, 1 Abalone, MOP Pendant

Four sterling marked pendants with colorful stones, one with a central Chalcedony stone and a garnet above it, one with an agate stone, one with lapis around a central flower, and one with clear bubbled glass. Silvertone pendant includes Abalone and mother of pearl seated above and below each other.

Lot: 586 - Sterling Silver Pendants

Four sterling silver pendants with natural stones, some testing slightly above hardness of glass. One turquoise and garnet eye pendant , one with turquoise like and onyx like stones, and two others.

Lot: 587 - Five Sterling Silver Rings

Five sterling silver rings with different colored stones. Standout ring one with a turquoise center stone. Other rings have stones that test for hardness of quartz, spinel, or glass.

Lot: 588 - London 1901 Sterling Souvenir Spoon

An English sterling souvenir spoon depicting a throne atop the handle. Marks on back of spoon are consistent with being made in 1901 in London at the beginning of the reign of Edward VII. Spoon is slightly tarnished, original case has sustained some damage. Spoon's weight is approx. 60.4 grams.

Lot: 589 - Sterling/10K Gold Ring, Dental Gold & more

A 1943 Geneva college class ring marked "Sterling and 1/4 10K" weighing approx. 9.2 grams, antique dental gold in original cylinder (16K?), TPA honor roll wristwatch, a Thomasville stone service pin with 14K gold top and diamond, and a pipe stone Scotty Dog bowl.

Lot: 590 - Sterling Necklaces, Earrings, Pins & Bracelets

Grouping of sterling silver jewelry consisting of two crystal/art glass sterling necklaces, a bead necklace with both sterling and turquoise beads, a sterling and blue stone necklace, two sterling bracelets (one with tiger eye), and a matching set of three sterling pins and a pair of sterling earrings.

Lot: 591 - Sterling Agate Lapis Necklace, Sterling Pendant

A sterling silver necklace with a lapis and blue lace agate pendant, along with a colorful sterling pendant. Necklace is approx. 24" long end to end, and entire lot (with stones) weighs approx. 60.1 grams.

Lot: 592 - Sterling Silver Earring Grouping (5 Pairs)

Sterling silver earring grouping including a KC brand sterling pair of earrings with turquoise, a sterling silver goldtone pair of earrings with lapis, a Mexican sterling silver pair of earrings, and another two sterling pairs.

Lot: 593 - Sterling Earrings w/ Pearl, other Nat. Stones

Sterling silver pearl studs in jewelry box, a turquoise sterling pair of earrings, sterling statement earrings with multi-colored polished glass, and sterling malachite earrings. All earrings have intact stones.

Lot: 594 - Four Sterling Figural & Collectible Rings

Four sterling figural and collectible rings, including a snake ring eating its own tail, a dragon ring doing the same, a cat ring with black stones, and a large medallion sterling ring depicting a bird.

Lot: 595 - Four Sterling Rings w/ Semi Prec. & other Stones

Four Sterling rings with different stones. One turquoise ring, a figural face ring with a top sapphire, and two other rings with non-precious stones.

Lot: 596 - Two Sterling Bracelets w/ Pearls, Turquoise

Two sterling silver bracelets, one adorned with six pearls of different sizes and the other with a large central turquoise flanked by high relief leaves. A relief is present on the outside of turquoise bracelet. Both bracelets weigh approx. 48.5 grams.

Lot: 597 - Sterling & Chunk Amethyst Bead Necklace + Pendant

A sterling and chunk amethyst bead necklace measuring approx. 21" long end to end. With necklace is an amethyst and sterling chunky pendant..

Lot: 598 - Sterling Necklaces, Cross Pendants

A nine piece lot of sterling silver with eight necklaces+pendants, and an extra pendant. Many pendants are religious in nature, and have rhinestones, other colored stones. Weighs approx. 43.5 grams with all items in lot.

Lot: 599 - Sterling Necklace w/ Turquoise, MOP

sterling jewelry, including an Israeli beaded mother of pearl necklace, a pair of mother of pearl earrings, and a MOP pin. Additionally, two turquoise beaded necklaces, and a pair of turquoise feather earrings.

Lot: 600 - Assorted Sterling Silver Jewelry (9 pcs)

3 marked sterling necklaces with MOP and CZ pendants, 2 marked sterling pendants of rose gold over sterling and sterling, 3 pairs of marked sterling earrings with coral style, onyx style, and rhinestones, and 1 pair of unmarked gold tone earrings.

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