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B and S Equipment Summer Consignment Auction

Sat Jun 15 - 08:00AM

100 Industrial Parkway, Gallatin MO, MO Click to Map

B and S Equipment Auctions

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OFFICE -660-663-3363
Shay Esbeck-660-605-0839
Justin Harlow 660-605-2346

Monday -Friday 8 to 5

Small items must be the lot by Monday Prior to auction
All large equipment related items must be to the lot by Wednesday Prior to auction -No later than 5:00 pm




JD 9560R, SS, 4x4, 6142hrs, F&R duals, weights, CHA, 3RR

JD 8630, 5044hrs, 4x4, duals, CHA, 1000, 3RR, 3PT

JD 8400, 5475hrs, MFWD, duals, new tires, 1000, 4RR, 3PT w/QH

JD 8400, 10745hrs, MFWD, duals, 1000, 3RR, 3PT w/QH

JD 8320, 8238hrs, MFWD, duals, weights, 4RR, 1000, 3PT

JD 7700, JD 740 LDR, Grapple, MFWD, CHA, 3RR, Int.pto, 3PT

JD 7610, JD740 LDR, Grapple, MFWD, CHA, 3 RR, Int.pto, 3PT

JD 7420, JD H340 LDR, 8506hrs, MFWD, 3RR, Int.pto, 3PT, CHA, LHR

JD 7420, 7613hrs, MFWD, Int.pto, 3RR, 3PT

JD 7320, JD 741LDR, 6022hrs, MFWD, R.Wts, 3RR, Int.pto, 3PT, CHA, LHR 

JD 7230, 1623hrs, MFWD, CHA, 3RR, Int.pto, 3PT w/QH

JD 7220, JD H340 LDR, 4400hrs, MFWD, CHA, 2RR, Int.pto, 3PT

JD 6430, JD 563 LDR, 3417, MFWD, CHA, 3RR, Int.pto, 3PT

JD 6420, JD 640 LDR, 4890hrs, MFWD, CHA, 3RR, Int.pto, 3PT

JD 6410, JD 620 LDR, 3817hrs, 2WD, CHA, 2RR, Int.pto, 3PT

JD 6330, LDR ready, 3666hrs, 2WD, CHA, 2RR, Int.pto, 3PT

JD 6320, JD 620 LDR, 1320hrs, 2WD, CHA, 2RR, Int.pto, 3PT

JD 6300, JD 640 LDR, 8210 hrs, MFWD, CHA, 2RR, Int.pto, 3PT

JD 4960, MFWD, Duals, CHA, PS trans, 3 RR, 3PT

JD 4955, 2wd, CHA, 9497hrs, PS trans, 3RR, 3PT w/QH

JD 4955, 7188hrs, MFWD, CHA, PS trans, weights, 3RR, 1000, 3PT

JD 4755, 2wd, 10173hrs, CHA, PS trans, weights, 1000, 3RR, 3PT w/QH

JD 4040, 2wd, CHA, PS trans, Int.pto, 2 RR, 3PT w/QH

JD 5075E, 512 LDR, 253hrs, 2wd, OS, 1RR, 540, 3PT 

JD 5400, 520 LDR, 1260hrs, OS, 2wd, 2RR, 540, 3PT

JD 3025E, JD LDR, 207hrs, OS, MFWD, hydro, 540, 3PT w/QH

JD 3025E, JD LDR, 50hrs, OS, MFWD, hydro, 540, 3PT

JD 2940, Wstndrf LDR, 9316hrs, MFWD, CHA, 2 RR, Int.pto, 3PT

JD 2440, JD 146 LDR, 4402hrs, OS, 2RR, 540, 3PT

JD 2150, JD143 LDR, OS w/canopy, 2wd, 1RR, 540, 3PT

JD 790, 450hrs, LDR ready, 540, 3PT

JD 770, LDR, 780hrs, MFWD, belly mower, 540, 3PT


CIH Steiger 385 Quad Trac, 5355hrs, 4x4, CHA, 4RR

CIH Maxxum 115, L750 LDR, 6103hrs, MFWD, CHA, 2RR, Int.pto, 3PT, LHR

CIH JX95, TA26 LDR, 1933hrs, MFWD, CHA, 2RR, Int.pto, 3PT

CIH JX95, CIH LDR, 1537hrs, MFWD, CHA, 2RR, 540, 3PT

McCormick MTX135, Q770 LDR, 5425hrs, MFWD, CHA, R. Wts, 3RR, Int.pto, 3PT

McCormick MCX105, L750 LDR, MFWD, 3rr, 3PT, dual pto, CHA, LHR 

IH 1066, turbo, OS, 540/1000. 3[t. 2rr. Torque delete

IH 966, 5885hrs, diesel, WF, OS, Int.pto, 3PT, all original!

IH 706, 5971hrs, diesel, NF, OS, Int.pto, 2PT

IH 656, 7742hrs, gas, WF, OS, 1rr, 540, 2PT

IH 460, Wstndrf LDR, gas, 1rr, 540, 2PT

IH 240, 2wd, OS, 540

Case 1370, 6419hrs, duals, CHA, 2RR, 1000, 3PT w/QH


Massey Ferguson 5445, LDR, 1898hrs, 2wd, CHA, Int.pto, 2RR, 3PT

Challenger CH35, 5100hrs, new tracks, CHA, 4RR, 1000, 3PT

Massey Harris Pony, restored


’15 NH T8.410, 2873hrs, CHA, MFWD, F/R.duals, auto steer, 5rr, 1000, 3PT QH

’17 NH T8.320, 3374hrs, CHA, MFWD, R.duals, auto steer, 4rr, F/R Wts. 3PT QH

NH TS6.110, 3800hrs, MFWD, Tiger Mower, CHA, 2RR

Ford 7710, Wstndrf LDR, MFWD, 6221hrs, 2RR, 3PT

Ford 6710, 2WD, CHA, 5412, 2RR, 3PT

Ford 5000, diesel, OS, WF, 2rr, 540

’77 Ford 3600, 2988hrs, diesel

Ford 1183, 325hrs, MFWD, 540, 3pt

Ford 8N, 540, 3pt


Kubota M5-111, LA1854 LDR, MFWD, OS, 8541hrs, 2RR, 540, 3PT

Kubota M7950, BH LDR, 3440hrs, 2wd, 2RR, 540, 3PT

Kubota L4701, LA765 LDR, 192hrs, MFWD, OS, 540, 3PT QH

Kubota L3560, LDR, 338hrs, MFWD, CHA, 1RR, 540, 3PT


Allis Chalmers 7060, 2wd, 1000, 3RR, 3PT

Allis Chalmers 190, 3258hrs, Gas, 2wd, OS, 2 RR, 540, 3PT

Deutz Allis 9190, MFWD, rear duals, F.wts, 3RR, 1000, 3PT, 6384hrs

Mahindra 26XL, LDR, 305hrs, MFWD, Hydro, OS, 540, 3PT

Mahindra 3840PST, LDR, 179hrs, MFWD, OS, 540, Backhoe

Zetor 9540, LDR, MFWD, CHA, 540, 2 RR, 3PT

’11 Versatile 280. 3591hrs, MFWD, super steer, F/R duals, CHA, 1000, 4rr, 3pt

Tractor Loaders

 Bush Hog 3226, QT. Bucket, Brackets

JD 145 Loader

JD H340 Loader, Bucket

Westendorf TA29, Mounts. Bucket

Westendorf TA185, Mounts, Bucket

Westendorf TA700, Grapple, Mounts, Bucket

Dual Loader, Mounts, Bucket

Farmhand Loader, HD w/bucket



Kubota SVL95-2S, 1427hrs, CHA, HQA, Tooth bucket

Bobcat T650, 2758hrs, CHA, aux hyd, hand/foot,

Case TV380, 1252hrs, pre-def, CHA, aux hyd, HQA, 2spd

Case TV450, 3478hrs, CHA, aux hyd, HF, HQA, 2spd

Case TV370B, 3455hrs, CHA, aux hyd, HQA, 2spd

Case TV370B, 2989hrs, CHA, aux hdy, HQA, 2spd

Deere 250, OS, aux hyd, 4554hrs

Deere 325G, aux Hyd. HQA, 2531 hrs, 2spd, CHA 

Deere 325G, aux hyd, HQA, 2623hrs,

NH LT185.B, CHA, HQA, ft controls, 1680hrs

NH L218, OS, aux hyd, hand controls, 1325hrs

Gehl 190, OS, hand controls, 2950hrs

Gehl 6640E, OS, hand controls, 1036hrs


Case 580M Backhoe, CHA, 2WD, extend-a-hoe, 4846hrs

Case 580C Backhoe, cab heat, 4057hrs

Case 580C Backhoe, cab heat, 3447hrs

Case 580D Backhoe, OS, 2wd, 2681hrs

Case 570LXT Skip Loader, OS, 3PT, 2871hrs

Case 570MXT Skip Loader, OS, 3PT

JCB 3CX Backhoe, 4wd, 


Deere 244J, CHA, Forks & bucket, 5833hrs

’91 Cat D5H, XL UC, 3000 on OH, CHA


Cat 306CR, CHA, Hyd thumb, QA, only 88.5hrs

Bobcat E85, CHA, hyd thumb, QA, 1325hrs

Hyundai Robex 60-CR-9, CHA, hyd thumb, 3422hrs


Skytrac 1054 telehandler, cab w/heat, good rubber, 6969hrs, work ready

NH LM5060 telehandler, 2491hrs, CHA, HQA

Genie GTH5519 Telehandler, 821hrs, OS

Liftall H-100 Forklift


Holmes 40T Dump Wagon 

’24 FP700 dirt scraper, unused, hyd eject, 7 yard


JD S670, CHA, 2wd, bin ext, pre def, 4837hrs, clean

JD S670, CHA, 4wd, bin ext, duals, 2421/1575hrs

JD 7720, 2wd, 3060hrs

Gleaner A86, duals, 4wd, good rub, 2800hrs


(2) JD 920 Platform 

JD 608C Corn Head, 8R30”

JD 612C Corn Head, 12R30”

(3) JD 643 corn heads

Massey Ferguson 9250 draper, 35ft, SCH

Case 1015 Pickup Head, 6 Belt 


PK MFG, HD, dolly wheels, 2 axle

Woodworth 25ft, dolly wheels

Unverferth HT25, low use


’09 JD 7750 Chopper, PRWD, 2326hrs, exc. Rubber, hyd spout

JD 3950 chopper, 2R corn head

NH 770 chopper, 6ft PU head


Kinze 3660, 16/31, 30in, NT, air DP

Kinze 3660, 16/31, 30in, bulk fill, air DP, PTO pump

Kinze 3650, 16/31, 30in, NT, liquid fert,

Kinze 3650, 12/23, 30in, NT, liquid fert,

Kinze 3500, 8/15, 30in, seed firmers, box ext

Kinze 2200, 16R, 30in, front fold, NT

Kinze 2000 Planter 6/11, no till, box extensions, 

Kinze PT6, 6/11, 30in, NT

’19 JD 1725, 16R, 30in, stack-fold, air DP, trash whips, 8700 acres

JD 1770 Con, 16R, 30in, NT, big boxes, 2PT

JD 1750, 8R, 30in, NT, liquid fert, Poly boxes

JD 7200, 4R, trash whips

JD 7000, 4R

JD 494A, 4R

JD 2R, 30in, 3PT

JD 7000, 2R, 30in, 3PT


Tye Stubble Drill, 10’, no till, rear harrow

’16 JD 455, 35ft, 7.5in spacing, exc. openers

CIH SDX, 30ft, air drill, cart

CIH 30ft air drill, 2280 cart

IH 510 drill, 13ft, DD, grass seed

CIH 5500, SB special, 30ft

Great Plains SS3010NT, 30ft, grass seed, No Till

Great Plains SS13, 13ft, grass seed

Great Plains SS30, 30ft

6’ 3PT drill, DD,


Great Plains Velocity HS2100

West Valley 2220 3pt Disk, notched blades

West Valley 2224X Disk, 10’, unused, notched blades

JD 630 Disk, 26’

JD 220 Disk, 18’, center fold

JD 220 Disk, 20’, center fold

JD 637 Disk, 13’7” excellent blades

JD 220 Disk, 20’, center fold, good blades

JD 2730 Disc Ripper, 14’ rolling baskets

Landoll 7510 Disk, rear rolling baskets, Low Use!

Landoll 2430-1124 disk ripper, 24ft, low use

IH 490 Disk, 20’, Good Blades

IH 490 Disk, 21’

IH HD plow disk, notched blades, 12ft

White Disk, 21’, Good Blades


JD 960 Cultivator, rear harrow

JD 960 Field Cult, 28’

JD 940 cultivator

JD 1100 Cultivator, 3pt, rear harrow

Kongskilde 12ft Mulch Finisher, w/Rolling baskets

JD 680 Chisel, 24’, good shape

CIH Tigermate II Field Cult, 45’, walking tandems, rear harrow

CIH 4800 Cultivator, 28ft, rear harrow


West Valley 10VPT Aerator, unused

Landoll To-The-Max 7130 30ft

IH 183 hyd fold Row Cultivator

IH 184 4 Row Cultivator

IA F12 PT Box Blade

IA F06 PT Box Blade


JD 4720, 90ft booms, guidance ready, BB Display, 3496hrs

Bestway 1000gal, 60ft booms, hyd pump

Spra-Coupe 7660 Sprayer, 1800hrs, 90’ booms

60 Gal. Pull Type ATV Sprayer, booms/wand

Hardi 500gal, 45ft booms, PTO pump

Hardi 800 Gal. Sprayer, 50’ booms, PTO Pump,

Top Air 600gal, tandem axle

Top Air TA800 Sprayer, 800 Gal, 60’ booms, PTO pump

DUAL 600 Manure Spreader, tandem axle, 540

Blu-Jet Land Runner Applicator, 17 knife, ground drive

Pat Laffey Estate

Total Estate Liquidation

JD 4430 w/Wstndf LDR, CHA, 2RR, INT PTO, 3PT

Ford 6600 w/LDR, OS, 2RR, 540, 3PT

JD MX10 brush cutter

(2) JD 620 Gators

(2) 16ft Car trailers

(2) Semi van trailers

NH664 baler

JD 640 rake

-Tractors have been sitting, in non-running condition-

JD 7520 4x4

JD 4630

JD 4620

JD 4020

(8) Farmall F-20 tractors, some w/steel wheels

Several vehicles

Many other miscellaneous farm items!


Bush Hog 12720 Batwing, 20’, 1000

JD CX20 Batwing, 20’, 1000

JD CX15 Batwing, 15’, 1000

JD 717 brush cutter, 7’, 540

Land Pride RCR1884 Brush Cutter, 84”, 3PT, 540

Land Pride RCR1248 Brush Cutter, 3PT

King Kutter Brush Cutter, 5’, 3pt, 540

(3) West Valley M07 Brush Cutter, 7’ 3pt, 540

Bush Hog 287 Brush Cutter, 7’, 3pt



Case IH 8465 baler, 540 

Case IH 8460, twine, kicker, gathering wheels

Case IH RBX561. Net, 1000

Case IH RBX562, twine, 540

IH 430 Square Baler

Hesston 560 Baler, Gathering wheels, 540

Hesston 856A, twine, kicker, 540

Hesston 565T, twine, 540

JD 560M, net, kicker, 11.900 bales

JD 530, Twine, Gathering Wheels, Clean!

JD 566, net, twine, gathering wheels

JD 566, net, twine

JD 556 Baler, 540

JD 560M, net, kicker, 7285 bales

JD 566, net, twine, kicker, 19K bales

’17 Vermeer 605N, net, kicker 12K bales

Vermeer 504M Classic, Gathering Wheels, net, Clean!

Vermeer 605M Baler, net, twine, kicker

Vermeer 605H baler, twine

NH 634 Baler, twine, 540

NH 664 Baler, net, 540

NH 850 chain baler

NH 286 square baler

Hesston 565A baler, twine, net, gathering wheels

Bale Handling

H&S Linewrap bale wrapper, low use

Hoelscher SS bale grapple

Hoelscher bale accumulator

Pull-type bale thrower

Bale Bandit bale bander

Hay Mowers

MF 1363 Razor Bar Disc Mower, 540 

Hesston 8200 swather, 3655hrs

Bush Hog GHM900 disc mower, 3PY

CIH 1300 sickle mower, 7’ bar, 540

NH 499 Moco, Rubber Rollers, 540 


Rhino PT207 2 basket tedder, unused

Enoagricola 2 Basket Tedder, 540 

NH 216 Twin Rake, HYD

NH HT154 Rake, Hi-Cap, 12 wheel

NH 258 rake, dolly wheel

JD 670 rake, dolly wheel

JD 640 rake, dolly wheel

Vermeer R23 hyd. rake

Vermeer R2800 rake, kicker wheel, walking tandems, Nice!

Frontier 8 Wheel rake

Porter Farms Hay Equipment Liquidation


Vermeer R2800 rake

Vermeer 605M baler, 8K bales

Kuhn GMD802 disc mower


Schuler 125 BF feed wagon

Highline 712 processor

Ranch Hand processor

Kelly Ryan TMR, twin screw, scales

Grain-o-vator feed wagon

Farmhand auger wagon, galv. box

JD 68 auger wagon

Kuhn Knight Vertical Maxx VT156 

NH 353 mixer, long auger

IH 950 mixer, 540, extra screens

Artsway PM30 mixer

Artsway 425C mixer

Henke roller mill

3T portable bulk bin

(2) portable creep feeder with cages

Seed Tenders/Grain Handling 

Friesen 220, EZ haul trailer, gas engine

Bulk Express 110 seed tender, gas engine

Convey All BT240 seed tender 

GT FC2080 Roto Cleaner 

Akron GTX3230 grain baller

Loftness GLsystem10 grain bag unloader

JD C381 Seeder 3pt 


(2) Kinze 1100 grain carts, scales, tarp, good rub, joystick controls

J&M Grainstorm 1050, hyd spout, tarp, good rub

J&M Grainstorm 1000, tarp, good rub


’09 Mack single axle semi, air ride, 10spd, 625xxxmiles

’65 IH 1100 1/2Ton, 2wd, net tires, clean and original

’15 Volvo Semi, 643112miles, 10spd, twin screw, new injectors

’11 IH 8600 semi, 749796miles, 10spd, twin screw

’11 Freightliner Cascadia, DD13, 10 spd, 700K miles

’14 Mac 613. MP8, 18 spd, 100K miles on overhaul

’97 IH 4700 service truck, 160,xxx original miles, air ride, crew cab

’93 IH 4900 dump truck, snow plow

’99 Dodge 3500, diesel, flatbed, 5spd, 128,xxx miles

Military 2 ½ Ton truck w/water jet pump on bed

’20 Big Tex flatbed, GN, 28+5, 8K axles, low use

’01 Wilson hopper DWH4000 Hopper trailer, tarp

’12 Cornhusker grain hopper, 41ft, 102” wide, tarp

Rawhide livestock trailer, GN, 20ft

18ft enclosed trailer, ladder rack

4x6 Utility trailer, new floor, title

(2) Stoltzfus HD 40ft bale trailers

‘ 62 Chevy C60 spreader truck, clean, New Leader bed

’64 Ford F750 spreader truck, clean, Henderson bed, tag axle


’21 JD Z740, ZT, 67hrs, HD 60”

JD F912 mower, 2433hrs, gas, 61”

JD Z830A mower, 925hrs, 72”

Kubota ZD21 Zero Turn, diesel, 995hrs, 60”

(5) JD 652E Stand On Zero Turn, 1500-2000hrs

(8) JD 652R Stand On Zero Turn, 1000-1800hrs

Can-am Defender, 6x6, cab, 272hrs, clean

Polaris 900XP, 4x4, Soft cab, 1559hrs

eXmark 30” Stand on Aerator, 201hrs


Bradco Pasture harrow, 24ft

Corbin Steel cattle chute, portable, palp cage, nice!

Powder River cattle chute, like new

NH 145 manure spreader, clean

HD John Deere dozer blade, off of JD 4640

BMB Hydraulic Blade, 3PT, 8’

Land Pride RB1672 Blade, 3PT, 6’

Rhino BR Blade 3PT, 7’ 

JD 45 Blade, 3pt

Little Beaver pull type post auger

King Kutter 4’ Tiller, 3pt, 540

Land Pride RTR1258 Tiller, 3pt

IA 12F HD box blade

Bear Cat 72854 Wood Chipper, 3pt

(2) Whisper Chipper Pull Behind Wood Chipper, Ford Engine, 9729hrs

Ground Force HD 3PT, Post Auger

3200gal Poly tank, with mounts







Trenchers, Augers, Brush Cutters,

HD Grapple Buckets, Brooms, Breakers

HD Pallet Forks, HD Buckets, HD Tree Pullers

HD Bale Spears

(4) Expandable Modular Buildings

(6) 40’ Shipping Containers, Single

Trip, 5 Door

Electric Vehicle

Wrought Iron Fencing

Ride on Skid Steers

1T Mini Excavators

Mini Wheel Loaders

Remote Control Mowers

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