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Presenting a beautifully curated collection of items. Notably featuring multiple furniture and pottery items from the acclaimed workshop of David T Smith. Also featured are beautiful original paintings, 18th and 19th-century colored lithographs, Mid-Century Modern pieces, and sterling silver sets.


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All Sales Are Final All Property Is Offered As Is - Loading assistance will not be available please bring help with you for large items - Primary local pickup of items will be open on 6/6/24 and 6/7/24 from 12pm-6pm if the buyer cannot come to the pick up they may contact the auction firm to arrange an alternate time/date. All items must be removed by 6/30/24 -Shipping arrangements for delicate and large items must be made by the buyer using their own 3rd party shipper. The auction firm may offer in-house shipping on select items. Terms & Conditions of Sale All property offered and sold ("property") by Tyler Dawson ("Dawson") shall be offered and sold on the terms and conditions set forth below which constitutes the complete statement of the terms and conditions on which all property is offered for sale. By bidding at the auction, whether present in person or by agent, by written bid, telephone, internet, or other means, the buyer agrees to be bound by these terms and conditions. AGENCY: Unless otherwise indicated, all Property will be offered by Dawson as agent for the Consignor. RIGHT TO MODIFY: Dawson reserves the right to vary the terms of sale and any such variance shall become part of these Conditions of Sale. AS-IS: Buyer acknowledges that they had the right to make a full inspection of all Property prior to sale to determine the condition, size, repair or restoration of any Property. Therefore, all property is sold "AS-IS". Dawson is acting solely as an auction broker, and unless otherwise stated, does not own the Property offered for sale and has made no independent investigation of the Property. Dawson makes no warranty of title, merchantability, or fitness for a particular purpose, or any other warranty or representation regarding the description, genuineness, attribution, provenance, or condition to the Property of any kind or nature with respect to the Property. WITHDRAWAL: Dawson in his sole and exclusive discretion, reserves the right to withdraw any Property, at any time, before the fall of the hammer. AUCTION FIRM'S DISCRETION: Unless otherwise announced by the Auction Firm at the time of sale, all bids are per lot as numbered in the printed catalog. Auction Firm reserves the right to determine any and all matters regarding the order, precedence or appropriate increment of bids or the constitution of lots. If the Auction Firm determines that any opening or later bid or any advance bid is not commensurate with the value of the Property offered, he may reject the same and withdraw the Property from sale. AUCTION FIRM AS ARBITER: The highest bidder acknowledged by the Auction Firm shall be the buyer. The Auction Firm has the right to reject any bid, to advance the bidding at his absolute discretion, and in the event of any dispute between bidders, the Auction Firm shall have the sole and final discretion either to determine the successful bidder or to re-offer and resell the article in dispute. If any dispute arises after the sale, Dawson's sale record shall be conclusive in all respects. TRANSFER OF TITLE: Upon the fall of the hammer, title to any offered lot or article will immediately pass to the highest bidder as determined in the exclusive discretion of the Auction Firm, subject to compliance by the buyer with these Conditions of Sale. Buyer thereupon assumes full risk and responsibility of the property sold, agrees to sign any requested confirmation of purchase, and agrees to pay the full price, plus Buyer's Premium, therefore or such part, upon such terms as Dawson may require. PAYMENT AND STORAGE: Any cost associated with receiving payment will be charged to the buyer, including PayPal fees, credit card processing fees, or wire transfer fees. No lot may be removed from Dawson's premises until the buyer has paid in full the purchase price therefore including Buyer's Premium or has satisfied such terms that Dawson, in its sole discretion, shall require. Subject to the foregoing, all Property shall be paid for and removed by the buyer at his/her expense within ten (10) days of the sale and, if not so removed, may be sold by Dawson, or sent by Dawson to a public warehouse, at the sole risk and charge of the buyer(s), and Dawson may prohibit the buyer from participating, directly or indirectly, as a bidder or buyer in any future sale or sales. In addition to other remedies available to Dawson by law, Dawson reserves the right to impose a late charge of 1.5% per month of the total purchase price on any balance remaining ten (10) days after the day of sale. If Property is not removed by the buyer within ten (10) days, a handling charge of 1% of the total purchase price per month from the tenth day after the sale until removal by the buyer shall be payable to Dawson by the buyer; Dawson shall charge 1.5% of the total purchase price per month for any property not so removed within 60 days after the sale. Dawson will not be responsible for any loss, damage, theft, or otherwise responsible for any goods left in Dawson's possession after ten (10) days. If the foregoing conditions or any applicable provisions of law are not complied with, in addition to other remedies available to Dawson and the Consignor (including without limitation the right to hold the buyer(s) liable for the bid price) Dawson, at its option, may either cancel the sale, retaining as liquidated damages all payments made by the buyer(s) or resell the property. In such event, the buyer(s) shall remain liable for any deficiency in the original purchase price and will also be responsible for all costs, including warehousing, the expense of the ultimate sale, and Dawson's commission at its regular rates together with all related and incidental charges, including legal fees. Payment is a precondition to removal. Payment shall be by cash, credit card, PayPal, Venmo, certified check or similar bank draft, or any other method approved by Dawson. Checks will not be deemed to constitute payment until cleared. Any exceptions must be made upon Dawson's written approval of credit prior to the sale. In addition, a defaulting buyer will be deemed to have granted and assigned to Dawson, a continuing security interest of first priority in any property or money of, or owing to such buyer in Dawson's possession, and Dawson may retain and apply such property or money as collateral security for the obligations due to Dawson. Dawson shall have all of the rights accorded a secured party under the Pennsylvania Uniform Commercial Code. RESERVES: Unless the sale is advertised and announced as "without reserve", each lot is offered subject to a reserve and Dawson may implement such reserves by bidding through its representatives on behalf of the Consignors. In certain instances, the Consignor may pay less than the standard commission rate where Dawson or its representative is a successful bidder on behalf of the Consignor. Where the Consignor is indebted to Dawson, Dawson may have an interest in the offered lots and the proceeds therefrom, other than the broker's Commissions, and all sales are subject to any such interest. ABSENTEE BIDDING: No "buy" bids shall be accepted at any time for any purpose. Any pre-sale bids must be submitted in writing to Dawson prior to commencement of the offer of the first lot of any sale. Dawson's copy of any such bid shall conclusively be deemed to be the sole evidence of same, and while Dawson accepts these bids for the convenience of bidders not present at the auction, Dawson shall not be responsible for the failure to execute, or, to execute properly, any pre-sale bid. BUYER'S PREMIUM: A Buyer's Premium will be added to the successful bid price and is payable by the buyer as part of the total purchase price. The Buyer's Premium shall be announced at the auction, in the printed and online catalogs, and in all published ads. Dawson reserves the right to modify Buyer's Premiums up to and including the day of auction. TAXES: Unless exempted by law from the payment thereof, the buyer will be required to pay any and all federal excise tax and any state and/or local sales taxes, including where deliveries are to be made outside the state where a sale is conducted, which may be subject to a corresponding or compensating tax in another state. SHIPPING: Dawson may, as a service to the buyer, arrange to have the purchased property posted and shipped at the buyer's expense. Dawson is not responsible for any acts or omissions in packing or shipping of purchased lots whether or not such carrier is recommended by Dawson. Packing and handling of purchased lots is at the responsibility of the buyer and is at the entire risk of the buyer. LIABILITY: In no event shall any liability of Dawson to the buyer exceed the purchase price actually paid. MODIFICATION AND WAIVER: No claimed modification or amendment of this Agreement on the part of any party shall be deemed extant, enforceable, or provable unless it is in writing that has been signed by the parties to this Agreement. No course of dealing and no delay or omission on the part of Dawson in exercising any right under this Agreement shall operate as a waiver of such right or any other right and waiver on any one or more occasions shall not be construed as a bar to or waiver of any right or remedy of Dawson on any future occasion. GOVERNING LAW: These Conditions of Sale and the buyer's, the Consignor's, and Dawson's rights under these Conditions of Sale shall be governed by, construed and enforced in accordance with the laws of the state of Ohio and the Consignor and Buyer agree to the exclusive jurisdiction of the nearest appropriate judicial venue to Dublin, Ohio. Ty Dawson Online Sales LLC dba Buckeye Downsizing Services is a licensed auction firm by the Ohio Department of Agriculture and is bonded in favor of the State of Ohio. An aggrieved person may initiate a claim against the auction recovery fund created in Section 4707.25 of the Revised Code as a result of the licensee's actions. Ohio Department of Agriculture 8995 E. Main Street, Bldg. 1 Reynoldsburg, OH 43068

If you have not contacted Buckeye Downsizing Services to arrange payment within 1 day of the time that invoice is sent, we will charge the credit card you used to register for the auction for the amount of your invoice. 

LotNum Title Description
123 Vintage Murray 'Tee-Bird' Pedal Car Vintage Tee bird pedal car in fair condition with wear to the finish
34 David T Smith Round Dining Table David T Smith round dining table with natural stained top and balck painted base, featuring turned legs. Good condition with wear, scratches, and signs of use to the finish
33 David T Smith Tall Case Clock Grandfather clock by David T Smith. Features a hand painted clock face. Includes key, crank, weights and pendulum. in good condition, untested. 
139 Pottery Barn 'Evelyn' Indoor/outdoor Chandelier Features wood beaded accents. In good condition
140 Stickley China Cabinet Two-piece China cabinet by Stickley furniture in very good condition with some scratches to the top of the lower portion. Glass shelving not shown but included
28 Antique Handmade Quilt 19th Century Quilt. In very good condition with some discoloration consistent with age.
141 Antique Handmade Quilt Antique HandmadeQuilt in fair condition with some fading and discoloration
29 Antique Handmade Quilt Antique HandmadeQuilt in good condition with some discoloration consistent with age and use


LotNum Title Description
122 Antique Lead Winged Bird Garden Statue Believed to be an antique lead garden statue. VERY heavy for it's size (7lbs 6 ounces). Signs of wear to finish, her beak is intact but a bit smooshed. 
49 Battle of Gettysburg Framed Artifacts Nicely framed tribute to Gettysburg. Fought July 1-3rd, 1863 during the American Civil War, Generals Robert E. Lee and General George G. Meade faced off. Including with prints of the Generals, are real battlefield artifacts. There is a diagram on verso descripting the buckle, pipe, button and other artfacts. Great collector piece.
116 Vintage Primitive Corn Husk Duck With Painted Wood Head Vintage, possibly antique. Corn husk duck with paintd wooden head. Good condition for age and use.
124 Wooden Duck from Ecuador Vintage carved wooden duck with turned head. Flat, marked on bottom Quito- Ecuador. Wear to finish consistent with age. See photos for details. 
126 Toleware Bread Tray Pennsylvania Toleware, painted bread tray. A sticker on bottom says this is from Pennsylvania. Signs of wear to finish consistent with age and use. 
129 Vintage Union Pacific Wall Mounted Tin Box Vintage metal box, stamped Union Pacific. Designed to be wall mounted. 
125 Vintage Beehive Glass Fly Trap Vintage glass beehive fly trap, with ripped glass shape and metal hanger. Appears to be in good used condition for age.
121 Vintage Brass Candlesticks Vintage, possibly antique, brass candlesticks. Signs of wear to finnish consistent with age and use.
117 c. 1825 Wooden Snuff Box With Twisting Locking There is a note with this that says it is an octagonal walnut snuff box c. 1825. The end twists to lock or unlock and open the box. Research suggests this may be a tradesman sample due to the small size. 
127 Antique Glass Baby Bottle/Nurser Oval shaped glass baby bottle with flat bottom. Our Baby's Nurser is part of the glass mold. Good condition for age, no chips noted.
50 Framed Lithograph of Massachusettes Guard c. 1889 Nicely framed lithograph. Printed in the bottom left is M.E.Smith 1889. Finish wear to frame, appears to be in good used condition.
118 Small Hand-Painted Red Ware Pottery Vase Smaller hand-painted red ware pottery vase. Signs of crazing present. Small chips noted on handle, rim and base. See photos for details.
119 1932 Small Wood Turned Trinket Box With Handmade Drawing and Paint Small handmade trinket box. Dated in pencil on the bottom June 15th 1932. The lid depicts a farmhouse with trees. Signs of wear to finish consistent with age and use.
138 Vintage Wooden Box With Inlay Beautiful vintage wood box with inlay design. Minor wear to finish. See photos. 
112 Antique Victorian Walnut Mantel Clock Similar pieces are attributed to Charles P. Adams. Antique Victorian mantel clock. Key and small wrench present. Clock is untested. Signs of wear to finish consistent with age and use. 
128 Ortenberg Germany Marked Stoneware Pitcher Stoneware pitcher with blue accents. Marked Ortenberg. Appears to be in good used condition with no condition issues to note. Artist marked on bottom.
103 Inuit Polar Bear Ceramic Bear Inuit ceramic polar bear. Marked Kathy Anderson on bottom. Real leather and feathers on top. 
105 2 Canadian Inuit Carved Figures The smaller figure is carved from stone. Marked Thorn, Made in Canada. 4.25 tall x 2.5 x 2.5. The taller figure is carved in soapstone and marked on bottom A. Wolf Original. Handmade in Canada. 
24 Vintage Artwork of Field Marshall Prince Swartzenburgh Vintage artwork, hand-colored. Features a war horse and is titled Field Marshal Prince Swartzenburgh. In the bottom left it says Meyron Del. The bottom right says Page 448. There is some discoloration to the piece. See photos for details. 
104 Glazed Pink Stoneware Crock Handmade piece. Pink color with signs of crazing. It appears the lip has had a previous repair. Some glazing missing, particularly around the decoration. Just under 12 tall. Signs of wear to finish, interior and bottom consistent with use.
46 German Baptism Certificate 1835 Written in German, this hand-colored and framed Baptism certificate is dated 1835. The paper is framed in a wood frame. You can see the paper does have spots of wear, discoloration and some bending associated with age and use before framing. See photos for details.
48 1852 Levassseur Map of Dep. Of Jura, France Hand-colored map by Victor Jules Levasseur (1800-1870), French cartographer and geographer. There is a short textural history of the regions depicted on both the left and right sides of the map. Published in the 1852 edition of the Atlas National de la France Illustree. Finish wear to frame.
47 c. 1889 Signed Lithograph of Duck Hunting Framed and matted lithograph of two men duck hunting. Artist pencil signed in bottom right corner, dated 1889. It appears that there is some discoloration to the matting under the glass. Finish wear to frame. See photos for details.
44 Hand-Colored 19th Century Lithograph Hand-colored lithograph from the 19th Century. Features ment in period clothing overlooking a seaside tropical city with red roofs. Signs of wear to the frame, older piece. See photos for details.
45 Antique Lithograph 1773 New York Marine Society Published by Artist: Valentine's Manual/Hayward G DT ( - 1869 ) New York ; issued in: New York ; ca: 1773; - David T (Thomas) Valentine (1801 - 1869) served as the Clerk of the Common Council of New York City. He edited and published a series of New York City almanacs and fact books entitled Manual of the Corporation Of The City of New York Valentine's Manual as it came to be called included facts about the City of New York city council information city history and reported on the progress of public works such as Central Park The production of this annual manual was the responsibility of the Clerk of the City of New York a position held at different times by D Valentine and by Joseph Shannon who also produced a similar manual Valentine used his manual to, 1801.
110 Vintage Hand-Painted Turned Wood Cannister with Lid Hand-painted turned wood canister with lid. Looks to be in good used condition for age. 
97 Mid-Century Modern Sewex Rainbow Wood Product Trash Can Fantastic for your MCM style! Made in the 1960's, this teak waste basket is marked on the bottom Sewex, Made in Sweden. Made in Sweden for Rainbow Wood Products Int.. Signs of wear to the interior consistent with use, but appears to be in good structural condition. Signs of wear to finish. Great piece! See photos.
31 Royal Danish International Sterling Flatware Set Sterling silver flatware set by Royal Danish International Sterling. Weight in troy ounces is 59.35 ozt or in 1,847.24 grams. Weight does not include the dinner knives. Appear to be in good used condition.
30 Royal Danish International Sterling Flatware Set #2 Another great set of Royal Danish Sterling Flatware. 
85 Roseville Pottery Tan Magnolia Cornucopia Marked Roseville U.S.A. 182-5. Stands about 5.5 tall. Appears to be in good used condition with minimal wear to finish near the bottom. No chips noted. See photos for details.
83 Roseville Pottery Green Bittersweet Cornucopia #822 in 8 Roseville Pottery cornucopia in green. Some signs of crazing to finish on the underside of the foot and minimally throughout the piece. Likely 1940's time period. Marked 822 8.
86 Antique Bronze Asian Elephant With Rider Similar pieces are attributed to Kronheim & Oldenbusch Company and manufactured 1895-1929. Unmarked. Heavy piece, not solid and not magnetic. There are several spots of wear to finish (on side, front leg, spear) but otherwise appears to be in good to very good condition for age. 
115 Emmanuel Villanis (1858-1914) Bronze Sculpture of Female Slave Heavy bronze sculpture marked E. Villanis of a slave girl, her hands in chains, seated on a bench. She is missing an earring. Patina consistent with age. See photos for details.
130 Mid-20th Century Wicker Rattan Elephant Table With Removeable Tray Research online suggests this may be from Italy or France. This lovely elephant is well-made and is in very good used condition for age. The top tray is removable. Due to the fragile nature of this item, the Buyer will need to arrange for 3rd-party shipping. A $20 handling fee will be added.
134 Limited Edition Gene Gray (1937-2018) 1969 Wildcat (Lynx rufus) Signed Print Limited edition Gene Gray offset lithograph. Artist pencil signed and dated 9/23/69. COA and artist biography on verso. This large print features a heavy rustic wood frame and non-glare glass. This piece was sold at auction for $520 in 2012 per the attached auction paperwork. See photos for details.
135 Antique Tiffany & Company Olympia Sterling Spoon With Original Case Antique Tiffany & Company sterling spoon with original box. Pat. 1878. Depiction on the spoon features a stag hunt scene. 1.65 troy ounces or 51.49 grams. Comes with original Tiffany & Co. antique spoon case. There is a stick on the bottom with handwritten 1915 and initials.
136 Dutch Blue and White Hand-Painted Royal Delft Tobacco Jar Royal Delft hand-painted tobacco jar with lid. Beautiful blue and white floral pattern. Certificate of Authenticity is present. There is a minor imperfection on the underside of the bottom of the jar. Please see photos. Lovely, collectible piece.
87 Antique Chinese Carved Hongmu Statue of Liu Hai Gorgeous piece! Beautiful dark wood (hongmu style) wood statue of Liu Hai (one of 8 immortals). Featuring his three-legged toad friend (money toad) looking at him adoringly. Two-piece sculpture that sits on the beautifuly carved base. Some cracks/splits in the wood consistent with age and medium. Liu Hai is missing the small white of one of his eyes. Likely late 19th Century. 
89 Chinese Suzhou Spun Silk Cranes Marked Suzhou (hand-embroidery creatd around the city of Suzhou, Jiangsu, China). This art form has been around for over 2,000 years. Beautiful carved red wood base. Vintage, possibly antique. Depicts two white cranes with black and red accents in flight from a tree. Lovely piece. Minor wear to the stand and frame consistent with age and use. Overall very good condition for age.
96 Vintage Ceramic Woven Lamp With Cherubs Interesting ceramic lamp with woven ceramic web, painted floral details with gold accents. Some wear to the gold finish, typical of these pieces. No major condition issues noted aside from some wear to finish in some areas. Tested and works! No shade included. 
102 Antique Horse Yoke Mirror Antique horse yoke with mirror. The yoke itself is well worn and in antique condition. The mirror looks to be in very good condition. Signs of wear consistent with use as a horse yoke. 
106 Hollywood Regency Crystal Lamp Opulent and luxurious Hollywood Regency style lamp. Quality made. Metal and crystal accents. One of the oval crystals is missing and one of the longer rectangular crystals is present but damaged. Otherwise the lamp works and is in good condition for it's vintage age. Buyer must arrange for 3rd party shipping of this item (we can provide recommendations upon request). A handling fee of $20 will also be included.
107 c.1912 Belleek Willet Antique Floral Prestige Vase Beautiful example of Belleek Willet. Produced in New Jersey 1879-1914. This antique vase is in very good condition for age. Some wear to the gold finish consistent with age. But otherwise no chips or cracks noted. This is a large, beautiful piece of art.
113 Mid-Century Modern Teardrop Brown and Gold Table Lamp Pair Pair of MCM table lamps. Brown and gold speckled finish, brass bottoms. Beautiful pair that are tested and working, without condition notes to add. Great pieces! Original shades present. *Buyer must arrange for 3rd party shipping at their expense. A $20 handling fee will also be added.
114 Czech Ruby Etched Glass Table Lamp Beautiful glass ruby lamp with grape motiff. No condition issues noted, tested and working. Shade included but are not part of the item measurements. Buyer must arrange for 3rd party shipping. A $15 handling fee will also be included.
1 David T. Smith Windsor Chairs Set of 6 Windsor chairs made by David T. Smith. Black finish, signs of wear to finish consistent with use on backs of chairs, seats, and legs. Marks and wear to finish. Marked on bottom David T. Smith. Please see photos for details. Seat height is 17.
2 Antique Wood Chest Wood trunk, second half 19th Century. No maker's marks noted. Hardware has been replaced and is contemporary. Marks and wear to finish consistent with age and use. Please see photos for details.
3 David T. Smith Wash Stand Fantastic David T. Smith wash stand. Very good used condition with minor signs of wear to finish. Interior is in excellent condition. 
4 David T. Smith Pewter Cupboard David T. Smith wood Pewter Cupboard. Red wash color. Appears to be in good used condition with some marks to finish, wear to doors, and more. 
5 David T. Smith Wood Liberty Sign Wonderful, large, David T. Smith wood sign that says Liberty. Distressed finish as designed. Please check the measurements.
6 Art Deco Waterfall Vanity First half 20th Century, Art Deco waterfall style vanity with matching chair. Bakelite drawer handle pulls and bakelight fastener holding the mirror to the frame. There is a small piece of wood missing where the mirror attaches to the bottom. The vanity seat detaches and has signs of wear to finish. The mirror does have one black mark to the finish. Some wear to top finish, marks associated with age. Overall it is in good to very good condition for age. Matches lots 7 and 8
7 Art Deco Waterfall Dresser First half 20th Century, Art Deco waterfall dresser.Bakelite drawer handle pulls and bakelight fastener holding the mirror to the frame. There is a small piece of wood missing where the mirror attaches to the bottom. Matches lots 6 and 9
8 Art Deco Headboard Full Size First half 20th Century, Art Deco Headboard Matches lots 6 and 7
9 Live Edge Dining Room Table Stunning live edge dining room table. Beautiful solid slab of Acacia wood with metal leg base. Purchased at Trove Furniture in Upper Arlington, Ohio. Includes an additional 2 leafs that go on either end to extend the length. Appears to be in very good used condition with minor wear and scratches to finish.
10 David T. Smith Console Table David T. Smith console table. Signs of wear to finish, round marks and some distressing to finish consistent with use and style. 
14 Antique Milk Safe Fantastic antique milk safe with red wash finish. Appears to all be original. Signs of wear to finish and marks consistent with use and age. There has been a repair to the left screen and there are 2 additional holes in the screen. There is faint painting of roses and planters still remaining to the screen. Beautiful collectible piece.
15 Antique Pie Safe Antique pie safe with beautiful stamped tin panes. Please see photos of the finish, marks to finish, split in the leg. Appears to be in good shape overall for age and use. There are two holes that have been drilled in the back for electronic cords.
20 David T. Smith Coffee Table David T. Smith coffee table with glass top. Distressed finish, signs of crazing to finish. Good overall condition, sturdy. The glass must be manually lifted up to reach the interior, the top is not on a hinge.
25 David T. Smith Dry Sink Beautiful dry sink by David T. Smith. Curly maple, appears to be in very good used condition. 
27 David T. Smith Wall Shelf David T. Smith wall shelf with knobs for hanging. Appears to be in very good used condition with minor wear. Please see photos for details.
35 David T. Smith Step Back China Hutch David T. Smith step back China hutch. Intentional distressing, candle burn marks and more consistent with his style. 
16 Turtle Creek Pottery- David T. Smith -Tall Pottery Vase David T. Smith tall redware jug/vase. Chips noted on handles that appear intentional for the design. Marked and signed on bottom, original price tag is present for $125. 
52 Turtle Creek Pottery- David T. Smith - Pottery Vase Great piece of David T. Smith pottery. Original price tag for $75 is still on the bottom. Artist signed and dated. Beautiful red color with yellow and green plant depicted. Some wear noted to rim, as per the style. See photos for details.
17 Turtle Creek Pottery by David T. Smith Tall Bowl Turtle Creek Pottery by David T. Smith tall bowl/vase. Artist marked on bototm. Signs of crazing and wear throughout as designed for the piece. Original price tag is still present for $65.
19 Turtle Creek Pottery by David T. Smith Vase Taller redware David T. Smith pottery vase. 1886 and the name Laura are part of the design.
62 Turtle Creek Pottery by David T. Smith 1864 Bird Vase Painted bird and the date 1864. There are some chips to the finish on the 8. Price tag on the bottom says $55.
53 W.E. Porter Art Glass Paperweight Trio Signed and dated, vintage W.E. Porter art glass paperweights. The largest is approximately 2.75 tall and bottom diameter is about 2.75 as well. Appear to be in good used condition, see photos for details.
54 Kerry Glass Art Glass Paperweight Beautiful art glass paperweight with orange-red and white swirls. Stickers on both sides indicate this is Kerry Glass from Ireland. 
63 Turtle Creek Pottery by David T. Smith Handled Vase Tall brown glazed pitcher from David T. Smith's Turtle Creek Pottery. Marked Lead Glaze Not For Food on bottom. Price sticker present for $105.
55 W.E. Porter Art Glass Paperweights- Set of 4 Set of 4 beautiful W.E. Porter marked art glass paperweights. Featuring one with red, white and blue swirls (1978) , another with mottled colors (1980), one with blue strips , and one with purplish hues (1980). The tallest is the mottled glass paperweight that stands approximately 3. 
65 Turtle Creek Pottery by David T. Smith Tall Vase David T. Smith tall vase. Not for food use, lead glaze. Original price $135. 
64 Turtle Creek Pottery by David T. Smith Green Glazed Vase Not for food use. Green crazed finish. Price tag of $135 is present on the bottom. Small chip to the glas on the interior rim.
56 W.E. Porter Art Glass Paperweights- Set of 4 Another great lot of vintage W.E. Porter art glass paperweights. Signed and dated on bottoms. The largest is just under 3 tall x 2.75 wide.
57 Unsigned Art Glass Paperweights Pair of unsigned art glass paperweights. The largest is irridescent orange with white swirls, the other is clear with blue red and purple stripes. See photos for details.
59 J. Ulrich Signed Art Glass Paperweight Art glass paperweight with blue and black blocks inside the glass. Signed J. Ulrich 1983. Approximately 2.25 tall and 2.5 wide.
58 Levay Marked Art Glass Paperweight Lovely art glass paperweight, marked Levay on bottom. Irridescent matte finish. Measurements are approximately 2.25 tall x 3 wide.
60 Mark Matthews Signed Art Glass Paperweight Gorgeous blue and black swirled art glass paperweight, signed Mark Matthews 1985 on the bottom. 
18 Turtle Creek Pottery by David T. Smith Plates Collection of David T. Smith redware plates. Artist signed on the back. The largest plate is 7.5 diameter. The heart is 5.25 at the widest. Also includes 2 smaller decorated plates as well. Signs of crazing to finish as designed. See photos for details. 4 plates total.
66 Pair of Pottery Pieces The bundt cake dish is from Turtle Creek Pottery by David T. Smith, marked on bottom. Not for food use. Price tag is $51. The pie plate is not marked, has signs of crazing to finish. Some chips to finish. See photos for details.
67 Christmas Redware Plates from Turtle Creek by David T. Smith Great collection of Christmas themed redware plates. Please note, these are for decoration only as the glaze used contains lead. 6 plates total, the largest diameter is 11.5.
70 3 USA Themed Plates from Turtle Creek Pottery by David T. Smith Group of 3 plates with USA theme. Some chips noted. See photos for details.
68 4 Plates from Turtle Creek by David T. Smith The largest is 12 diameter. Redware plates with black and yellow wave pattern. Signed on back, not for food use. See photos.
71 5 Pottery Plates from Turtle Creek Pottery by David T. Smith Collection of David T. smith redware plates. Some chips noted to finish. Artist signatures on backs, original price stickers and more. 
69 7 Dishes from Turtle Creek Pottery by David T. Smith The smaller sunflower bowl says Today I spotted a fairy looking in the window at me. Great collection of plates and a bowl, most with a flower theme. Some chips to finish noted but overall in good to very good condition. See photos for details.
72 Green Spongeware Pottery Grouping Heaven & Earth Creations green spongeware mugs and 6 dinner plates. All appear in excellent used condition. The largest piece is the bowl and is signed by a pottery artist. Please see photos.
74 3 Redware Plates from Turtle Creek Pottery by David T. Smith Trio of redware plates by David T. Smith's Turtle Creek Pottery. Some chips noted. See photos for details.
73 David T. Smith Workshop Sheraton Sign David T. Smith handmade wood sign that says Sheraton. Original price tag for $70 is on back. See photos for details.
76 Steiff Teddy Bears- Bride and Groom Steiff Bride and Groom bears in their original packaging. Appear to be in excellent condition. See photos for details.
75 LGB Lehmann The Big Train #4066 Lehmann-Gross-Bahn The Big Train with original box. Appears to be in excellent used condition. Logging car #4066.
77 Coca-Cola Branded Model Train #4291 Cocca-Cola branded model train #4291 with original box. Appears to be in excellent condition. 1992. See photos.
78 LGB Toy Train Berlin Potsdam 1988 Train Car Complete in original box L.G.B. Berlin Potsdam 1988 toy train car. 150 Jahre Preussische Eisenbahn. Excellent used condition, see photos.
80 Lionel Toy Train- 1688 Engine with Tender Lionel toy train engine and tender. Signs of wear to finish consistent with age and use. #1688. No whistle. See photos for details.
79 LGB Lehmann The Big Train #4076 D 02 Complete in original box L.G.B. toy tra50in. Model number #4076 D 02. A.T.S.F. 4976 coal car.
88 Eickholt Glass Paperweight- Double Jellyfish Beautiful glass paperweight with double jellyfish, marked Eickholt 1984. No condition issues to note.
99 Vintage 1980's Patrick Nagel Seriograph Tower Graphics From the 1980's. Stylish 80's glam girl seriograph. At the bottom in print it says Tower Graphics Sacramento California. Great quality piece! Wear to frame.
100 Vintage 1980's Patrick Nagel Seriograph From His Exhibition Patrick Nagel vintage seriograph from his Exhibition in Santa Monica. Framed. Appears to be in good used condition.
101 Vintage 1980's Patrick Nagel Seriograph Printed signature in the bottom right corner. Patrick Nagel vintage 1980's.
61 Rare Lladro Romantic Gesture Porcelain Sculpture Beautiful vintage Lladro Romantic Gesture sculpture. Limited edition, N. 76/2000. Marked on bottom, Décor P. Peres. Marked 6453 on bottom. Daisa 1997 is in the blue stamp. Comes with original box, no condition issues noted.
81 Fenton Custard Glass Hand-Painted Bird Custard glass- does glow under a UV light. Fenton sticker is present. Long-tail bird, hand-painted. Lovely!
82 Fenton Satin Ruffled Compote with Hand-Painted Flowers Hand-painted flowers on ruffled Fenton compote. Black marks to bottom pedestal verso (not viewable unless turned over). No chips noted. Small area of tape reside on inside, but that should come off when cleaned properly. See photos for details.
84 Flow Blue Salt Cellar Ceramic Crock Flow blue, ceramic cellar/crock marked SALT with stenciled leaf pattern. Signs of wear to finish consistent with age and use. Able to be hung up on a wall. See photos for details.
109 1953 Travel Singer Sewing Machine Singer Sewing Machine, travel edition! Appears to be complete with attachments. Powers on and appears to work, although we did not try to sew with it. Signs of wear to finish consistent with age and use. The box has signs of wear inside and out but is sturdy.Box of attachments is marked 160809 and handwritten 1953 on it. AJ225010 is on the bottom of the sewing machine.
98 Vintage Stone Cheese Wedges Vintage stone cheese wedges. Possibly Italian marble. These could potentially be used as candleholders if you would like as well. Both do have chips to the finish. The larger piece has veins in the stone and is approximately 4.5 tall x 5 long x 3 deep. Smaller wedge has large chip to the edge. May be made from alabaster? See photos to determine stone type.
111 Vintage Fenton Panda and Duckling Figurines Vintage Fenton glass figurines. A panda and hand-painted duckling. Appear to be in good used condition with minor marks to finish. Fenton stickers present on bottoms.
108 Italian Ceramic Wall Fountain  Italian ceramic wall fountaing in white, with green accents. Appears to be in good used condition. No major condition issues to note. 
90 c. 1870 Antique Yellow Ware Downspout  This piece (with the same chip it has present today) is featured on page 22 in the book Collector's Guide to Yellow Ware Book III. The description in the book says, This large, rectangular piece is a downspout, produced in Ohio, possibly Cincinnati, circa 1870. This clay would have a mix of yellow ware and stoneware for strength. Unique at this time. $550-650. There are two large chips to the front as pictured both here and in the book. Crazing present to glaze. Great piece of history. 
91 Antique Foot Warmer With Punched Tin Antique foot warmer, likely late 18th or early 19th Century. These were used in homes, sleighs and carriages. Antique painted finish (yellow), some chips to finish, crackles and more. Yellow color Heart shape decoration on each of the sides. Coal tray is present. Appears to be in good antique condition for age. 
93 Vintage Fenton Ebony Crest Ruffled Basket Great piece for collectors. Vintage Fenton ebony crest wave basket. White basket with black trim and and handle. No chips or condition issues.
94 Vintage Fenton Satin Custard Burmese Basket Collectible vintage Fenton Burmese satin custard glass (uranium oxide makes it glow) basket with ruffled pink edges. Unmarked. No condition issues noted aside from some dust and benefiting form a cleaning. 
95 Vintage Fenton Satin Custard Glass Hand-Painted Creamer Lovely vintage Fenton custard glass (uranium oxide makes it glow under a black light) creamer pitcher. Hand-painted floral details with some glitter to the finish. Signed on bottom by artist. 
92 Vintage Fenton Carnival Glass Praying Boy and Girl Glass Figurines Vintage Fenton carnival glass praying boy and girl figurines. Both stand about 4 tall. Appear to be in good used condition.
39 Beautiful Baker Furniture Lingerie Chest Beautiful maple Baker Furniture lingerie chest. Marked Baker Furniture inside the top drawer. There is finish wear and marks around the drawer pulls, please see photos for details. Some scuffs and scratches. Please see photos for details.
42 Original Painting- Barcode of Coca-Cola Large format original painting of a red barcode. When using an app to scan it comes up as Coca-Cola. One of a kind! Some scuffs along the edges of the piece.
43 Original Painting- Barcode of Johnnie Walker Black Large format original painting on canvas of a brownish-maroon color barcode. When scanned with an app it comes up as Johnnie Walker Black. One of a kind!
41 Original Painting- Barcode of Grey Goose Large format original painting of a blue barcode. When using an app to scan it, it comes up as Grey Goose Vodka. One of a kind!
40 Original Painting- Barcode of Starbucks Large format original painting ofa green barcode. When using an app to scan the barcode it comes up as a double shot of espresso from Starbucks. One of a kind! Black frame present.
21 Original Oil Painting of Confederate General and Soldiers Confederate battle flag is pictured in the background, along with what is likely a Confederate general. Soldiers marching towards cemetery crosses. Interesting piece. See photos for details. Artist signature bottom right.
22 Original Artwork of Winter Cabin Landscape Original framed artwork behind glass. Winter cabin scene with mountain and lake in the background. Signs of wear to the frame. See photos for details.
23 Original Oil Painting on Canvas on Board Original oil painting, the canvas has been stretched over board. Bright, bold colors, featuring a woman and primitive cabins. Artist signature bottom left. Please see photos.
132 Fracnes O'Connor (1921-2015) Original Oil Painting Original oil painting by award winning artist Frances O'Connor of Middletown, Ohio. Depicting woman dressed in period clothing, geese and a farm. There are two paint chips to the finish (top right corner) and a two white lines across the piece. Contemporary frame has crackled finish styling. See photos for details.
131 Impressionist Painting of Woman in Flower Garden Colorful original oil painting, impressionist style with imposto. Signed in bottom right corner. Beautiful colors throughout. Minor wear to frame.
51 Framed Oil on Canvas Original Painting of Cows with Barn Framed original oil painting, signed J. Aungst. Features a barn, black and white cows, and mountains in the background. Appears to be in good used condition with finish wear to frame, the canvas matting has some discoloration to the frame. See photos for details.
137 Paul R. Kolada (1917-1999) Original Watercolor Painting Original watercolor painting by Paul R. Kolada (1917-1999). Rustic framed painting depicting a log cabin in winter. Anti-glare glass, matted and framed. 
133 Original Painting by Otto Pohner 1957 Original painting by Otto Pohner 1957. Landscape featuring trees in spring, mountains and a cottage. Some crazing to finish and discoloration to finish, wear and marks to the white frame. 
38 Hand-Knotted Wool Rug- Pink and Cream Beautiful hand-knotted wool rug with pink and cream hues. Small area of trim missing on one end, smaller pink stain on edge and fringe in one area, otherwise appears to be in good used condition. Would benefit from a cleaning. See photos for details.
36 Hand-Knotted Wool Runner Cream, red and gold hues throughout this beautiful wool runner. Appears to be in good used condition, some minor fraying to both sides. See photos for details.
37 Vintage Hand-Knotted Persian Rug Beautiful long Persian runner with dark blue and red hues. The tag says this is from the Hamedan Province, style is Hossainabad, aged 4-50 years in 2023. 100% wool, authentic Persian. The fringe has been trimmed and it would benefit from cleaning. Appears to be in good used condition for age. See photos.
11 Vintage Persian Rug Persian rug with red, blue and pink hues. There is a tag present that states this is 40-50 years old as of 2023. 100% wool pile, marked authentic Persian. There are signs of wear and fading to the pile, the fringe has been trimmed. Size is 4'3 x 10'2. Origin is marked Khamseh.
13 Hand-Knotted Wool Rug from India Beautiful wool rug with dark blue, gold and red hues. The tag with this says this was made in India in 2023. 170 knots/1. 100% wool. Style is Ghom. Appears to be in good used condition with minor wear, would benefit from cleaning.
12 Pakistan Hand-Knotted Wool Rug Beautiful orange, blue and pink hues. The tag with this states it was made in Pakistan, is 100% wool and was brand new in November 2023. Size is 3'3 x 5'7.



LotNum Title Description
120 Vintage Cross Stitch Artwork Vintage, possibly antique, crossstitch artwork. The artwork featurs a man and woman in period clothing and the phrase: "True happiness is found in making others happy.". Signs of wear to frame.
103 Original Oil Painting by De Bastrim Marked on verso, "The Woodpath". Original oil painting featuring a pheasant and landscape scenery. There is wear to the wood frame, please see photos.
105 Curt Frankenstein (American 1920-2009) Etching "The Magical Bedchamber" Fantastic pencil signed and numbered etching of Curt Frankenstein's "The Magical Bedchamber". There is some discoloration to the artwork, water damage on verso to mat, an imperfection on the woman, and also a small tear near her leg. The etching is matted and framed without glass. There is wear to the frame and to the mat. 
142 Antique French Gilt Bronze and Sevres Candle Sconces (Electric) Beautiful pair of antique French gilt bronze sconces. The ability to hardwire these is possible, as electric has been added (likely the crystals as well- which would be easily removed if desired). The porcelain plates are marked on back "France" and the Sevres mark with letter "D". 
143 Antique 1902 Original Artwork on Board of Grecian Women Antique artwork featuring three Grecian women. The Acropolis is viewable in the background. Artist name and date of 1902 present in bottom left corner. Signs of wear to frame.
144 Small Antique Wood Box  Antique wood box with keyhole, key is not present. Signs of wear throughout, particularly to bottom. Lid is attached with one loose hinge. 
145 Lladro "Mayumi" 1449 Beautiful Lladro porcelain "Mayumi" #1449. Excellent used condition without defects noted. Comes with original box- box has tape marks, signs of wear and some missing finish. 
146 Lehmann-Gross-Bahn LGB The Big Train 20401 LGB The Big Train toy train set. Includes track, OW 4021, Chiquita Banana car, enginge. Appears to be in good used condition with original box present. G scale.
147 LGB Train Cars 4002, 4040 B, 4065 Trio of LGB train cars with original boxes. Includes: 4002, 4040 B, and 4065. All G scale. All appear to be in very good used condition.
148 Antique Metal Box with Seal Antique metal box with royal seal. Heavy signs of wear to finish consistent with age and use. See photos for details.
149 Antique Green Wood Utility Box Antique wooden box, painted green. Signs of wear to finish consistent with age and use. Utilitarian change.
150 Po Shun Leong (1941- present) Artisan Wood Jewelry Box Beautiful Po Shun Leong artist made jewelry box. 
151 Ancient Human Stone Artifacts From Red Rock Creek, Texas Nice set of ancient human stone tools and artifacts. Catalogued and encased. Features: discoidal choppers, general purpose tools, knife-craper, flake end scraper, quarry blank for spear, spear heads and more. See photos for details.
152 Antique Spice Grinder Antique spice grinder with handle. Appears to be in good used condition with wear consistent with age and use. 
153 Antique Wall Mounted Candlebox Antique wall mounted candlebox with drawer. 
154 Smaller Antique Treasure Chest Smaller antique chest, with key! Heavy signs of wear to finish consistent with age. Reminiscent of a salesman's sample. See photos for details.
155 LGB G Scale Pabst Milwaukee Train Car 4074 LGB G scale Pabst Milwaukee train car. Comes with original box.
156 LGB G Scale Train Track, Car hauler 4059, 1031 Prellbock and Handsignal 5030

Some track that does not have original box, all other pieces do come with original boxes. Untested but believed to be in good working order. 



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