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Guns, Ammo, Knives, Mounts, Decoys

Sat Jun 22 - 09:00AM

643 Kriner Road, Chambersburg, PA Click to Map

Gateway Gallery Auction Inc.

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Public Auction Live & Stream Live Online Bidding

Guns, Ammo, Knives, Clothing, Mounts and Nice Selection of Decoys

Will sell from local Estate at Gateway Gallery Auction- 643 Kriner Road, Chambersburg, Pa 17202 on:

Saturday, June 22 at 9 AM

For live online bidding, go to our website and click the BID ONLINE link at the top of the page (**Note: NO SHIPPING on guns, you MUST pick them up) 

GUNS (No Shipping): (48)) guns including long guns and pistols PLUS (3) gun safes. Complete list of firearms below

HUNTING ACCESSORIES: Assorted clothing; Buck & Browning knives and others; ammo boxes; pistol case; game calls; assorted gun parts; scopes; rifle targets; camping supplies and more.

AMMO: Large amount of ammo including 7.62/39; 5.56mm; 45s; 9mm; .32 auto; .22; .223 rem; 40 S&W; .300; .380 auto; .357 mag; .243 and more;

MOUNTS: Bear head; bobcat; wild boar head; white tail head and others.

DUCK DECOYS: Approx. (60) lots of decoys including E. Aromet baldpate wigeon; Ron Fisher red head canvas back; Freedman dark feather mallard; Susquehanna Flats canvas back – Charles Jobes (2000); red head canvas back drake – Gary Lowenthal; open water decoy – Pepple (1950); K. Johnson canvas back hen (1994); Chris T. Sprague (1948); more vintage and other modern decoys not cataloged.

AUCTIONEER’S NOTE: Will begin sale with hunting accessories at 9 AM followed by ammo with decoys mixed in at 11 AM. Guns will be sold at 12:30 PM. Complete listing of guns and decoys on our website. No charge for gun paperwork. All guns must be picked up at Gateway Gallery Auction. Absolutely no shipping on guns. Please note start time at 9 AM.

Preview Friday, June 21 from 3-5 p.m.

TERMS: Cash. Visa/MC/Discover accepted. 15% buyer’s premium discounted to 10% for cash or approved check for in house bidders & online bidders using our website. Statements made day of sale take precedence. Gateway Gallery Auction, Inc is a licensed FFL holder. All gun paperwork will be done onsite. No charge for gun paperwork. All guns must be picked up at Gateway Gallery Auction, 643 Kriner Road, Chambersburg, PA. No shipping on guns. 

Gun Catalog (NO SHIPPING)

1g    LG: Winchester Model 70 bolt-action, .270, Classic Super Grade, Nikon Laser IRT Waterproof, S/N: G384758

2g    LG: Mossberg 500ATP, 12 ga., shotgun, pump-action, rifled barrel 24", Nikon Slug Hunter BDG200 3-9, sling, has camo tape, S/N: H903855

3g    LG: Winchester Model 88, .243 Win, lever-action, Red Field 2x7 scope, checkering with oak leaves and acorns, sling mounts, S/N: H246081

4g    LG: Winchester Model 88, .308, lever-action, checkering on stock, sling mounts, S/N: 99395

5g    LG: Ruger Ranch Rifle, .223, Leopold 3x9 variable -x2, with sling, S/N: 581-82026

6g    LG: Ruger Model 10/22, carbine, .22LR, bi-pod, sling, laser max, stainless steel barrel, Bushnell 3x9 scope, S/N: 237-20843

7g    NR: Daisy Powerline 880, .177/bb, rifled barrel

8g    LG: Remington Model 582, .22 SLLR, bolt-action, Bushnell 3x9 waterproof, sling, S/N: 1109512

9g    LG: Marlin Model 782, .22WMR, bolt-action, with clip, Bushnell Sport View 3x9, sling, checkering on stock, S/N: 20715547

10g LG: Marlin Model 9, 9MM, sling, with clip, Weaver Marksman scope, S/N: 05566404

11g  LG: Remington Nylon 66, 22LR, S/N: 2256244

12g LG: Winchester Model 88, .308, lever-action, with clip, sling mounts, S/N: 225367A

13g LG: KBI Inc Russian SKS-45, 7.62 x39, sling, bayonet, 4x28 scope, S/N: RL001328

14g LG: Mossberg 500AB, 12 ga., pump-action, retractable stock, sling, ammo sleeves, S/N: D57171

15g LG: Winchester Model 70, 300 H&H Magnum, bolt-action, sling mounts, checkered stock, Pro Hunter 2x7x32 scope, S/N: 182128

16g LG: ROMARM/CUGIR Romania CAI Georgia, VT, 7.62 x 39, sling, Target Sports Tactical 6x32 P4Sniper, with rails, S/N: EV1569

17g LG: Mossberg 500A, 12 ga., pump-action, sling, flashlight, ammo sleeves, S/N: K950739

18g LG: Gamo Whisper Velocity 1200, .177 pellet, Gamo scope 3x9

19g LG: Ruger Ranch Rifle, .223, sling, bi-pod, laser, stainless steel barrel, composite stock, Yukon NVRS Gen. 1 2x5x50 (S/N: 006348441), S/N: 196-09610

20g HG: Ruger SP101, 5-shot revolver, .357 Magnum, Stainless Steel, laser grips, S/N: 571-49876, 3" barrel

21g HG: Kimber Micro 9, 9mm pistol, laser grip, S/N: PB0048932, 3" barrel

22g HG: S&W Model 5903TSW 9 Tactical, 9mm pistol, laser grip, flashlight, S/N: BDJ3503, 3.75" barrel

23g HG: S&W Model 4506-1, 45 AUTO pistol, S/N: VAF1982, 4.75" barrel

24g HG: S&W Model CS40, 40 S&W pistol, holster, S/N: EKY7760, 3" barrel

25g HG: Jennings J-22, .22LR pistol, Bryco Arms, with holster, S/N: 663437, 2.5" barrel

26g HG: Baretta Model 30-32 tomcat, 32 auto pistol, S/N: DAA096743, laser grips, holster, 2.5" barrel

27g HG: Taurus Titanium, 5-shot revolver, laser grips, 38 special, 2" barrel, w/holster, S/N: SJ83648

28g HG: Remington Model 1911 R1, 45 auto pistol, S/N: RH19006A, checkered hand grips, 5" barrel

29g HG: Baretta, 7.65 cal., model 81 pistol, S/N: D66968W, holster, 3.5" barrel

30g HG: Taurus Model 941, ultra light, 22 magnum, 8-shot revolver, S/N: FT30690, laser grips, holster, 2" barrel

31g HG: Taurus Model PT740, 40 cal pistol, S/N: SDW60397, holster, laser grips, 3" barrel

32g HG: FN Herstal, S/N: 75C30116, 9mm pistol, 4.5" barrel

33g HG: CDM Prod. Inc, NY, model CDM, 22 cal short, 6-shot revolver, S/N: 276747, 2.5" barrel

34g HG: Ruger Model LCP, 380 auto pistol, S/N: 374-63700, laser grips, holster, 2.75" barrel

35g HG: Baretta Model 21A, 22 LR pistol, S/N: DAA453311, laser grips, holster, 2.5" barrel

36g HG: S&W Model CS45, 45 auto pistol, S/N: EKW4477, holster, 3" barrel

37g HG: Taurus, 357 magnum, 7-shot revolver, S/N: KU302155, 6" barrel

38g HG: Ruger Model LCR, 22 cal, 6-shot revolver, S/N: 548-49723, revolver, laser grips, holster, 2" barrel

39g HG: Taurus, 22LR, 9-shot revolver, S/N: KJ92833, laser grips, holster, 4" barrel

40g HG: Baretta Model 84F, 380 auto/9 short pistol, S/N: E32205Y, holster, 3.75" barrel

41g HG: North American Arms, 22 magnum, 5-shot revolver, S/N: W38042, soft case, 1" barrel

42g HG: S&W Model CS9, 9mm pistol, S/N: EKZ3736, holster, 3" barrel

43g HG: Taurus, 22 magnum, 8-shot revolver, S/N: NF36429, laser grips, 4" barrel

44g HG: Colt Mark 4, series 80, gold cup national match, 45 auto pistol, S/N: SNO4744, laser grips, 4.75" barrel

45g HG: Ruger 22/45, 22LR pistol, S/N: 220-46255, in hard case, has books, 2 clips, lock, 5.5" barrel

46g NR: 12 ga. Barrel 2/34-3" shell

47g NR: 12 ga. Barrel, 28" modified choke, 2 3/4-3"

48g NR: 12 ga. Barrel, wrapped in camo tape 

49g  HG: Iver Johnson Arms & Cycle Works, .32 cal., revolver, 6” barrel, #20456

50g HG: Iver Johnson Arms & Cycle Works, .32 cal., revolver, 6” barrel, #14812

51g LG: Marlin, model 989 M2, .22 cal., rifle, NSN 


Decoy Catalog

1d     Susquehanna Flats Canvasback: hand carved, hand painted, has weight & ring, signed Charles Jobes, 2000, wood

2d     Dark Feathered Freedman Mallard Drake: signed & stamped, wood, glass eyes, carved

3d     Chubby Canvasback /Red Head: glass eyes, signed Ron Fisher, Marshalltown, IA, hand carved, wood

4d     Mallard Duck: hand carved, glass eyes, signed Rebecca, 1984

5d     Snow Goose: glass eyes, branded RLC, multiple stray shot marks, solid body, straight tail, head on dowel, has hook for weight, very light weight, 18.5" x 7.5" x 11"

6d     Canvas Covered: eyes missing, some tears on head, tail part is missing, dull color, cork in sides

7d     Bald Pate Wigeon: hand carved, E. Aronet, nice stain, glass eyes, 11" x 5" x 5", wood

8d     Mallard Drake: Mississippi River Valley, wooden, large glass eyes, crenesh black, 14" long

9d     Primitive Swimming Mallard Duck: painted eyes, metal loop, w/string, 2 metal straps on bottom, black green feathers side, 12" x 4.5", hand carved, brown w/tan beak

10d   Canvasback Drake: hand carved, glass eyes, signed R. Jong, 1985, wood

11d   Folk Art Decoy: hand carved, no eyes, most paint worn off, weight on bottom & cleaf & sinker on line, 14" x 4" x 5", estimated late 1800s to early 1900s

12d   Canvasback: glass eyes, wood, hand carved, Dave Leitem, Butler, PA, 2005

13d   Canvasback: glass eyes, wood, hand carved, by Dennis Finden, 2014

14d   Pintail Duck: hand carved, beautiful detail, glass eyes, Jeff Tarrant, signed, wood

15d   Red Head Duck: nice finish tone, hand carved, E. Aronet, glass eyes, 11" x 5" x 6"

16d   Hooded Merganser Hen: wooden, hand carved, glass eyes, T.J. Heyer, 1984

17d   Early Decoy: glass eyes, head loose on dowel, paint lose, eyelet, lead weight, platform bottom, carved, some shot holes, tail wear

18d   Female Wood Duck: painted hand carved, glass eyes, nice detail, signed J. Pettijohn, 1980, small/minor piece of tail damaged

19d   Red Head Canvasback Drake: glass eyes, wood, signed G. Lowenthal, #463

20d   Duck Decoy: hand painted, hand carved, metal eyes, wood, signed Billy Gambill

21d   Blue Bill Drake: 1940s, head loose, appears to be original paint, metal eyes

22d   Black/White Cork Duck: string attached, head & base wood, estimated early 1900s

23d   Wood Carved Decoy: metal eyes, coot lightweight, eyelet

24d   Black/White Duck: glass eyes, some beak damage, metal eyelet, lead weight on bottom, wood

25d   Bull Drake Canvasback: 64 year old, open water decoy, 1950, solid cedar, imprint Peppel, glass eyes

26d   Vintage Painted Wooden Duck: glass eyes, hand carved, 16.25" x 5" x 6.5"

27d   Black/White Decoy: carved, Lake Erie region, glass eyes, screws & ring on bottom, back slants up, unusual beak, 13.5" x 5.5"

28d   Black/White Grey Bill: glass eyes, hand carved, signed Jim Reynolds, wood, 12" x 6" x 4.75"

29d   Drake Wood Duck: hand carved, glass eyes, 6.5" x 5.5", to correct life size

30d   Blue Bell Hen: working decoy, unusual weight, glass eyes, wood, carved, circa 1930s, 13" x 5"x 8"

31d   American Wigeon: glass eyes, carved, signed Charles T. Sprague, 1948, indicates wood

32d   Canvasback Decoy: glass eyes, carved, signed Bob Thau, 1989, some slight damage

33d   Hooded Merganser: glass eyes, carved, signed Dennis Finden, 2014

34d   (2) Antique Canvas & Cork Drake & Hen: both glass eyes, nice condition

35d   Michigan Bob Tail Drake: head loose, weight bottom w/staple hook, eyes broken out, some cracking in wood

36d   Northern Pintail: glass eyes, wood, carved, signed Jeff Tarrant, 2013

37d   Mallard: glass eyes, nicely detailed, signed E. Aronet, 15" x 7" x 8"

38d   Blue Bill Duck: vintage, carved by Paul Gibson, 1950s, working decoy, split in neck, split beak bottom, ring w/staple & weight on bottom, some shot holes

39d   Decoy: glass eyes, fiber mache w/staple & hook leader

40d   Loon: vintage, hand carved, glass eyes, wood, 18.5"

41d   Wooden Duck: hand carved, signed A. Blackman, NJ, 15th Anniversary 1967, 18" long

42d   Female Wigeon: glass eyes, wood carved, signed Chris T. Sprague, 1948, imprint CTS

43d   Northern Pintail: glass eyes, wood, carved, signed Gary Ganek

44d   Loon: glass eyes, hand carved by Louis F. Skillman, 1989, wood

45d   Canvasback: glass eyes, carved, signed Russell Fish, imprint FISH, 2001

46d   Mallard Hen: wood, vintage, carved, glass eyes, orange beak, w/keel & swivel, weight, nice hen

47d   Stained Decoy: wood, hand carved, signed A. Blackman, eyes carved, 18" x 6" x 7"

48d   Blue Wing Teal: glass eyes, tail damage, metal feet, signed Vergie Hodge & Chas. Moore

49d   Ruddy Duck: glass eyes, wood, carved, signed C. Burkley CB, screw w/leather loop

50d   Canvasback Hen: glass eyes, signed K. Johnson '94, 9" x 4", plastic

51d   Mallard Drake: small, muted tones, glass eyes, wood, signed Richard Connolly, 1984

52d   Green Wing Teal: carved, wood, signed G.C. Sheakley #5, 1987

53d   Stoney Point Mallard Hen: wooden, glass eyes, carved, signed Raymond Hornick, very nice

54d   Hand Carved Decoy: glass eyes, signed Clyde Hargraves & stamped, nice finish

55d   Mallard Drake: carved, glass eyes, signed Gene Malin, 1986, wood

56d   Canada Goose: glass eyes, hand carved, fowler, signed under beak, wood

57d   Carved Decoy: glass eyes, signed Jeff Tarront, wood

58d   (2) Duck Set: wood carved, damaged beak, missing one glass eye, paint lose, has eyelet; metal eyes, spike holding head on, cracking in wood, has staple

59d   Duck Decoy: wood, glass eyes, lead plate, head shows cracking at neck

60d   Duck Decoy: wood, glass eyes, lead weight, head is loose on dowel

61d   (2) Duck Decoys: eyelet, lead weight, missing head; metal eyes, shot holes, cracks in wood

62d   Duck Decoy: wood, glass eyes, nice finish, hand carved, signed but can't make out name

63d   Duck Decoy: "Old Bill", glass eyes, head loose on dowel, 8 shot holes, hand painted, split all the way back on left side, early, survived 1940 blizzard in Minnesota (most decoys burned for heat)

64d   Mallard Duck: hand carved, solid wood, hand painted, glass eyes, not signed

65d   Loon Decoy: hand carved, hand painted, glass eyes, not signed

66d   Canada Geese: wood, hand painted, glass eyes, John J. Madison Co., on wood base

67d   Mallard Duck: solid wood, glass eyes, signed LMR 81

68d   Female Mallard Duck: hand carved, hand painted, glass eyes, signed but can't make it out

69d   Mallard Duck: solid wood, painted, wood eyes, Creations by Cranford

70d   Blue Winged Teal: hand carved, hand painted, Herters 1893 stamped on bottom, brown breast

71d   Mallard Duck: hand painted, glass eyes, smaller size, not signed

72d   Green Winged Teal: hand painted, carved eyes, signed G.C. Sheakley #6 87

73d   Duck Decoy: solid wood, carved, glass eyes, Seattle Washington, 1950s

74d   Ruffed Grouse Carving: on natural wood base, hand painted, glass eyes

75d   Loon Decoy: hand painted, signed Carol Willey, small decoy

76d   Mallard Duck: hand carved, hand painted, carved & painted eyes, 12" L x 5" W x 6" H

77d   Duck Decoy: carved, hand painted, carved eyes, stamped on bottom CAZ, #10, weight on bottom, leather loop on bottom, multiple shot marks

78d   Redhead Drake: hand carved, hand painted, horseshoe weight, signed (can't make out), 2014

79d   Duck Decoy: solid wood, carved, signed Napo Flores

80d   Duck Decoy: solid wood, glass eyes, stamped Country Lures by Emporium of Maine

81d   Gadwell Drake: balsawood body, sugar pine head, hand painted, glass eyes, made by Dennis Finden 



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