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Mtrycycle-Vin. Electronics,Radios-Tractor-Guns-Eq.

Wed Jun 05 - 06:00PM

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Metzger Property Services

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Auctioneer ID#: 2004

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License: AU10200057

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2003 Yamaha Road Star Motorcycle - IH 806 Tractor - Hay & Farm Equipment - Firearms & Swords - Huge Qty. Ammo, Reloaders, & Reloading Supplies - Vintage Electronics & Radio Equipment - Tools - Chainsaws - RC Planes - Gun Books - Antiques - Household & More! 

Bid now through, Wednesday, June 5, 2024 - Lots begin closing at 6 pm            

Pickup for items will be the next day, Thursday, June 6, 2024 - in the afternoon. 

Located at Walkerton, IN 46574 - Exact Address to be on winning invoice  

10% Buyer's Premium Added to each winning invoice



1 2003 Yamaha Road Star Motorcycle, XV 1600 AS extra windshield, saddlebags, cover, passenger floor board/standard, helmet, Ran a little over a year ago, Needs battery, 44,589 miles, VIN# jyavp02e33a021851 - a $25 title fee will be added to the winning invoice

1a International Harvester 806 Tractor with Cab, 428 hrs., Gas, Fast hitch, 18.4-34 Rear Tires - PICK UP AT ALTERNATE LOCATION NEARBY IN WALKERTON

2 Glenfield model 25 .22 Rifle with Tasco 3x9x32 scope, serial 19783181 - rifle rest not included


3 Mossberg 500A 12ga pump action 20” barrel shot gun, serial k923866 - rifle rest not included


4 Smith &Wesson .38 Special 5-round Revolver, hammer thumb grib is damaged, operates as it should, serial  j164035

4a International planter 800 4 row wide - PICK UP AT ALTERNATE LOCATION IN WALKERTON

5 American Western Arms Longhorn .44-40 6-shot revolver with case, serial L2603

5A Sickle bar Fasthitch 7' bar mower - PICK UP AT ALTERNATE LOCATION IN WALKERTON

6 American Western Arms Longhorn .44-40 6-round revolver with case, serial L2609

6A IH Cub Cadet 782 lawn tractor runs - PICK UP AT ALTERNATE LOCATION IN WALKERTON

7 SKS China 7.62 semi automatic rifle with 3 clips, serial 1615373 - rifle rest not included

7a Duncan phyfe dining table 42x25x30" - PICK UP AT ALTERNATE LOCATION IN WALKERTON

8 Harrington and Richardson .32 5-shot revolver, no serial

9 Harrington and Richardson .32 6-shot revolver, no serial

10 Winchester model 12, 12 ga. pump shotgun, no rest included serial 860987

11 Unmarked Carbide Rifle with clip, rifle rest not included

12 E.M.F. Italy Model 66 Sporting .44-40 lever action rifle, octagon barrel, serial 89264, rifle rest not included

13 Winchester .32-40 Lever action Rifle with octagon barrel and peep sights, rifle rest not included

14 Winchester model 94E .44 Rem mag lever action rifle, serial 5586636, rifle rest not included

15 Winchester Model 1897 12ga Pump shotgun, barrel 17 3/8", serial number 392089, rifle rest not included

16 Smith & Wesson Model 29-2 .44 Magnum 6-shot revolver, serial N4-65807

17 Redfield 20X scope no mounts

18 Tasco scope optical no mounts

19 Weaver k10-03 scope no mounts

20 Large caliber shells and casings

21 French, d'Armes de Saint-Étienne, Bayonet with scabbard, writing on Spine of Bayonet

22 German Weyersberg Kirschbaum & Co, Solingen Bayonet with scabbard and leather encasement

23 Sargent & Greenleaf Steel Gun safe has Combination and key for dial - contents NOT included  30x24x60

24 S&W luger leather holster Monrovia ca.

25 Mossberg 12ga barrel 18 1/2"

26 Mossberg 12 ga 24" rifled barrel

27 Shell Mr. President Souvenir coin collection, 15 coins

30 .44 special reloads, 50ct

31 .500 Smith & Wesson Reloads, 13ct

32 Winchester .45 Colt reloads, 20ct

33 .44 Mag ammo, 100ct new

34 .44 Mag ammo, 100ct new

35 .44 special reload ammo, 100ct

36 .44-40 ammo new, 145ct

37 Ammo assortment inc. .44 mag - 10ct, .44special - 138ct, .45 colt - 11ct all reloads

38 Ammo Assortment inc. .44 mag - 6ct, .44 win - 17ct, .44-40 - 16ct all reloads

39 Ammo .500 Smith & Wesson reloads - 11ct & 4 casings

40 Remington 12Ga 2 3/4” - 17ct, Western Upland 12Ga 2 3/4” - 13ct

41 Wolf .45 Auto 230gr FMJ - 45ct

42 Aguila .22 SniperSubSonic 60 Gr bullets - 44ct

43 Chinasports 7.62 x39 cartridges - 86ct

44 Federal 12Ga 2 3/4” - 11ct, Winchester 12Ga 2 3/4” - 22ct, assorted 12ga rounds - 10ct

45 SUPER-X Winchester 9mm Luger cartridges - 29ct

46 .45 Colt cartridges - 15 rounds, 35 casings

47 Winchester 9mm Luger full metal jacket - 50ct

48 Master .45 Long Colt Hollow Point - 20ct

49 Remington .32 S&W center fire cartridges - 50ct

50 Estate by Whirlpool washer 27x26

51 Maytag Performa electric dryer 27x27

52 Mercury and Roosevelt Dime Collector Books - 10 mercury dimes, roosevelt dimes empty

53 Lincoln Head cent collection book 1941-1965 with 76 coins, Jefferson Nickel Book 1938-1945 with 13 coins

60 Winchester 9mm Luger Target/range full metal jacket - 82ct

61 Ultramax .44-40 RNFP smokeless cartridges - 50ct

62 Super-X Western 12ga 2 3/4” shells - 25ct

63 Aguila .45 Auto cartridges - 50ct

64 Aguila .45 Auto cartridges - 50ct

65 9mm FMJ - 50ct, 9mm Luger - 31ct & 9mm reloads - 50ct

66 CCI .23 hollow point cartridges - 282ct, Winchester .22 Rim fire hollow points - 49ct

67 Winchester .22 Long Rifle Hollow points - 95ct

68 CCI Blazer .45 Auto FMJ cartridges - 39ct, 4 casings

69 .22 cartridge assortment - 211ct

70 PMC 7.62Bx39mm cartridges - 60ct

71 Norinco Chinasports 7.62x39 cartridges - 60ct

72 Norinco Chinasports 7.62x39 cartridges - 60ct

73 Norinco 7.62x39mm cartridges - 60ct

74 Norinco Chinasports 7.62x39 cartridges - 60ct

75 Norinco Chinasports 7.62x39 cartridges - 60ct

76 Norinco Chinasports 7.62x39 cartridges - 60ct

77 Norinco Chinasports 7.62x39 cartridges - 60ct

78 Norinco 7.62x39mm lead core - 17ct & Steel case - 40ct cartridges

79 Stripper clips & 7.62 cartridges - 50ct

80 Lyman Dies, casings

81 7.62 on stripper clips - 50ct, Norinco 7.62x39 steel case - 20ct

82 7.62 on 3 stripper clips - 30ct and assorted 7.62 cartridges - 33ct

83 Hunting Cartridges 7.62x39mm - 120ct, stripper clips, bag

84 .30 Carbine cartridge - 130ct on stripper clips with ammo belt

85 Unopened Federal Classic 12ga rifled slug 2 3/4” - 10 boxes of 5 shotshells each

86 UMC .30 Carbine 110gr L30Cr1 - 450ct

87 Bayonet

88 Marbles in a tin

89 Bullet assortment - approximately 300

90 2-30 round Magazines for Mini-15 rifles and carbines unopened, Mitchell Arms Magazine with .223 approximately 5, unmarked magazine

91 .223 Cartridges - 150ct cartridges, 25ct reloads

92 PMC .223 A/D 5.56mm cartridges - 160ct

93 .223 cartridge assortment - 135ct & 5 casings

94 CCI .250 & .450 primers, Remington 9 1/2 m rifle primers

95 2 Ammo boxes 12x6x16, with belts and pouches

96 3 Early toy Transformers from Popy Go-bots 1982, 83, 84 train engine, scooter, Night Ranger

97 Missle Mist gallon can empty

98 Costume jewelry Necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings, Winnie the Pooh watch

99 Young America .22 double action rim fire revolver in pieces

100 Cups, saucers, glass bowls, stemware, drinking glasses, shakers in cabinet, cabinet NOT included

101 China hutch, no contents included 43x16x64 needs repair

102 Outers varminter rifle rest

103 Velbon 500 tripod, Lakewood heater

104 Glass measuring cups, Tupperware measuring cups, salt shaker and pepper mill, aluminum bowls, ball jar, Corning ware 1 3/4 cup dish

105 Texas ware tray, utensils, contents

106 Farms Lamplight oil lamps

107 Gun hardware assortment

108 Gun cleaning kit, gun clip, gun bolt

109 8” dial caliper

110 Winchester Unprimed shell case, 50, unopened

111 Recoil pad shotgun medium

112 Wood stocks and hand grips

113 Winchester Primers for large rifles, 2600 count

114 Bullet assortment inc. .25 cal, .22 cal in King Edward Cigar Box

115 Primer assortment inc. Winchester, Remington in Dutch Masters Cigar Box

116 Remington Primers 7.5 center fire, 500 count

117 Remington 9.5 M Magnum rifle primers, 1000ct.

118 Radio and TV Tube assortment, capacitors, as shown in pictures

119 Astatic base microphone

120 Silver eagle Astatic base microphone

121 Leather Ammo sash 12ga/.357

122 First Classics Leather Chaps size large

123 2 Leather belts and Oklahoma holster, tool holder

124 San Pedro  leather  belt and holsters

125 Lee powder measure kit

126 Pair of Katana swords

127 Midway model 1292 Tumbler

128 Leather Shooters vest no size

129 Leather belt with .22 Ammo, 12 rounds

130 Nylon  Belt assortment

131 Coors buckle Leather belt and shoulder holster

132 Kodak Brownie No. 2C Camera

133 Lee auto prime

134 Empire Binoculars model 257, 10x35

135 Fox 78 RC engine

136 BSA Deer hunter spottingscope 15-45x50mm

137 Advertising hat assortment

138 Remington Small pistol no. 1 1/2 primers, 9 boxes of 100

139 Winchester primers for small pistol standard loads, 8 boxes of 100

140 Winchester small rifle primers, 9 boxes of 100

141 Winchester staynless primers for large pistols, 6 boxes of 100

142 Brass assortment

143 Lees rifle reloading, expander, charging dies

144 Belt buckle, military patch and insignias

145 Reloading dies, assorted calibers

146 LASER CAST .32-40 cal re load bullets

147 Hornaday  300 gr HP/XTP .430 bullets, approx 50 ct

148 Nosler .44/.300 hollow pt bullets, approx ct 100

149 Re loading supply assortment

150 Reloading Shell reamer

151 Reloading books

152 2 scanner radios

153 Max H RC airplane engine

154 Re loading supplies

155 Re loading supplies

156 Re loading supplies

157 Calrad Microphone

158 Astatic Microphone, Model D-104

159 Tool assortment

160 Barbie doll case with Donny Osmond doll and 1975 Growing up Skipper

161 Ford watch, Zippo lighter, 3 lighters

162 Reloading shot assortment & U.S.M.C. Bag

163 Dremel tool kit

164 Hand tool assortment

165 Sanding drum kit and tool assortment

166 Clamp on desk lamp

167 Sportsman dry box and contents

168 Turner base station microphone, super sidekick

169 Astatic microphone

170 Hornaday Pacific carbide die set

171 History book of Studebaker Corp.

172 Precision gauges

173 Telegraph key

200 File cabinet 2 drawer 25x15"

201 Sony Handycam video 8 and accessories

202 Field gun supply cart

203 Plywood shelf 15x16x60"

204 Framed Xena poster 24x36

205 Hurricane Lamp 17”

206 End table 25x22x20

207 End table 25x22x20

208 Sanyo 55” TV with stand 36 1/2x 20 1/2x 28 1/2", DVDs, candles, remotes

209 Planter and figurine

210 Magazine table 12x24x24"

211 Silk,  Emerson CD player/ alarm clock

212 Books and book rack

213 Winchester ammo box with checker board top 12x18x11"

214 Coffee table 27x48x18"

215 Ladderback Rocking Chair

216 Books, candlestick holders, decor, book case 12x28x72"

217 Lamp stand 11x11x27" with lamp and contents inc. string lights, clock, lamps, decor

218 Floor lamp 57"

219 Floor lamp 68"

220 2 Porcelain figurines carrying pots 13" tall

221 Lamp table  20x56"

222 Step back end table 16x25x20"

223 Wall decor inc. sconces, decor shelf, framed prints, mirror

224 Wicker Swag hanging lamp

300 Lyman scale

301 Chest of drawers 18x60x30" with mirror

302 Electical supplies

303 Hearing protection, cables

304 Realistic alumi-storm lamp

305 Children's toys

306 Night stand 14x18x27"

307 Luggage

308 Walker and ironing board

309 Balsa wood airplane frame 45x38"

310 Remote control airplane 50x38"

311 Remote control airplane fuselage 46"

312 2 Matador Maracas

313 NRA Armed with Pride Hard gun case 30"

314 Field Locker Hard gun case 37"

315 Remote control airplane The Thunderbird 56" span

316 Kadet senior RC trainer airplane model, 78" span

317 Sig Kadet RC beginner trainer model airplane, 57" span

318 Sig super chipmunk RC model airplane, 53 1/2" span

319 Marks  Mustang balsa RC model airplane kit

320 Estes micro RC Sky Ranger airplane, 14" span

400 Mirrored dresser table 18x46x70"

401 Pachmayr gun works case 10x18x14" with Kmart 10x-30x30mm telescope

402 Office supplies

403 Radio alarm clocks, flashlights, office supplies, lamp, misc

404 Office desk 23x78x30" - no contents included

405 Lighted wall hanging, yard sticks, decor, misc

406 HJC Helmut with shield

500 Perpetual Trouble Shooters Manuals volume 6 & 8

501 Popular Science, Radio & Chemistry books

502 History, Radio, chemistry, German, English, The Aeroplane Boys books

503 Mechanical and assorted books

504 Tempo, Heathkit, hallicrafters manuals

505 Chamber’s encyclopedias

506 Secretary 37x13x68, glass cracked, has wear - books NOT included

507 Cabinet 31x19x60 with contents inc. office supplies, books, cords, misc.

508 Black powder and assorted gun powder

509 Reloading and radio manuals

510 Reloading bullets

511 Reloaders, vise, Auto Disk powder measurers and auto prime II, table 37x31x69

512 Heathkit HM-102 Power Meter, organizer and contents

513 Metal organizer with contents

514 300 watts dry dummy load & Plastic organizer and contents

515 Kris 23 Citizens Band 23 Ch Transceiver

516 Wood desk 40x18x29 with contents in drawers only inc. wires, cables, electrical supplies, misc.

517 The Hallicrafters Co model S-38D Short Wave Receiver

518 Grid dip meter, solder, headphones, microphone, miscellaneous

519 Pyramid Gold Series regulated power supply Model No: PS-21K, CB, Peak reading SWR/Wattmeter Model: MFJ-815B, Amplifier Radio frequency AM-1180/GRC

520 Yaesu  FP-757HD power supply, Yaesu FT-757GX II Cat system

521 Hewlett-Packard frequency counter, Realistic CB tester, powerstat

522 MFJ Peak Reading SWR/Wattmeter Model MFJ-B17, Mirage B3016 Amplifier

523 Yaesu VHF/UHF all mode transceiver FY-736R

524 Yaesu HF Transceiver FT-90

525 Ameritron  ALS-600 solid state no tune FET amplifier

526 MFJ Differential T Tuner Model MFJ-986

527 vintage CDE Ham II CD44 transmit/recieve direction control for shortwave or CB, MFJ HF/VHF SWR Analyzer model MFJ-259

528 Heathkit SB-610 monitor scope

529 MFJ Regulated DC Power Supply model MFJ-4030MV

530 the hallicrafters co radio recievers, Model S-40A

531 ALS-600PS, linear power supply for 600 watt ALS

532 Fiction black/white Mini TV and case

533 Electrical parts assortment

534 Organizers 10x6x14 and hardware contents

535 Reference book assortment

536 Reference book assortment

537 Reference book assortment

538 Reference book assortment

539 Reference book assortment

540 Reference book assortment

541 Tool belt

542 Ammo belt

543 Headphones, cords, rug, misc contents of closet as shown in pictures

544 Clarify Low Loss Reciever

545 Wood toolbox with contents 24x11x17 1/2

546 Dresser 30x14x35" with contents

547 Electrical parts assortment

548 Lantern

549 Lighted Asian motif wall decor 14x12"

600 Schwinn ladies bike

601 Daisy Scout bb gun and Daisy Red Rider bb gun

602 Metal yard decoration 24"

603 Coleman gas grill 12x22" Tank is empty

604 Yard tools and contents inc. gas cans, funnels, broom, misc. as pictured in corner

605 Chilton manual,  gun and hot rod magazines

606 Battery charger 6v/12v

607 Stewart clippers

608 Eberle cheese grater

609 Saddlebag, rocker arm nuts and bolts, Automotive misc.

610 Dietz lantern 12"

611 RC airplane engines and parts

612 Hand tools inc. screw drivers, wrench, hammer

613 220v extension cord 8'

614 Screws, power supply, C clamps, misc

615 Standard oil 5 gal can

616 20# propane tank,  full

617 Monarch AireBox fan 20"

618 Hardware assortment as pictured on floor and bottom shelf

619 20# propane tank,  full with heater

620 Metal lockers and contents inc. Bleck & Decker trimmer, shop light, bag chair, garden chemicals, misc. 15x36x64"

621 Come along, creepers, misc

622 Craftsman lawn mower lift

623 Small gas engines

624 Kennedy machinist box and contents inc. tool assortment

625 Airstream Universal automatic battery charger and power supply

626 Light globes, hardware assortment

627 Chain 8’, strap, Buffalo bolt cutter

628 RC airplane engine parts

629 Homelite 4400 watts generator

630 Air Tech heater

631 Superlectric heater, shop light, extension cord

632 Signal Corps Transmitter tuning unit

633 Instrument dash panel

634 Workbench portable

635 Metal toolbox and wrench assortment

636 American DJ Laser-4800

637 Metal toolbox and wrench/tool assortment

638 General Machinery Drill Press

639 Thunderbird Car emblems

640 10Pc combination wrench set metric

641 Center Punches

642 Tool vise

643 2 Vises & metal bench 19x61x35

644 Seth Thomas clock, Zenith TV, lap desk

645 Tools, hardware

646 Cutting torch set

647 2pc tool box on casters with tool assortment

648 Master Mechanic Wet/ dry vac

649 Power tool assortment

650 C clamps, hammers, misc

651 45 record assortment 2 disk case carriers

652 12/2 electrical wire,  250'

653 Rival Crock Pot, Enemal Pot with lid, Meat Grinder

654 Electric motor, transformer, miscellaneous

655 Extension cord, saw

656 Power tools assortment

657 Braided wire assortment, partial rolls

658 Lasko toolbox with heat gun, sander, angle grinder

659 Dayton Grinder

660 Saw blades, 2 Mustang hub caps, hardware, miscellaneous

661 Mallets, hammers, assorted tools

662 3 Remington shot 25lb bags

663 Toolbox and tools

664 Chicago Electric 1/2” impact wrench

665 Lathe chuck, bits

666 Partial anti freeze & bug b gon, tape measure, miscellaneous

667 Gun cleaning supplies, hardware assortment

668 Huot drill index

669 Pulleys, speed square, hardware, miscellaneous

670 Viking messenger, gauges, bits, saw blades, miscellaneous

671 Rope, plastic cap nails, wire brush, miscellaneous

672 Lamp oil, paste, gauges

673 EZ tote with tools, nails, brake monitor, crowbar, saw, cutting blade, miscellaneous

674 Tarp 10x12, funnels, hardware, jack,chemicals, miscellaneous

675 Chemicals, hardware, cords, miscellaneous

676 Winch

677 2 Snowmen Blow molds 17” & 18”

678 Impact tools

679 CI 7 pc flexible socket combination wrench set SAE

680 Starrett gauge, caliper

681 1/2” torque wrench 150ft lb, 1/2” sockets SAE

682 Ashtray stands

683 Wood case  37x12x9

684 Wiring, scrap

685 Tool set in case

686 Gear wrench and hex drivers

687 Econ-o-line Political World map 42x60

688 Amber tiara glassware

689 Porcelain plates and saucers assortment lots of chips

690 Milk glass hobnail pitcher and 4 glasses

691 Black glassware

700 Kennedy Toolbox and contents

701 Lincoln AC Arc Welder

702 Barrel cart 31x19x21

703 Golden Jet 600 boat motor

704 Echo 750EVL Chain Saw

705 Bicycle rear basket

706 Wood toolbox with contents

707 Professional Wide Band Oscilloscope  PS120

708 Zenith manuals and semiconductors

709 Coleman 502-952 Heat Drum

710 Zenith thermistor/Varistor/VDR kit

711 Coleman one burner stove 502-700

712 Coleman 2 Mantle lantern model 220J

713 Brass hammer, sledge hammer M8

714 Double sided axe

715 Mini Automatic chainsaw

716 Homelite XL Textron

717 Atlas push mower with Briggs & Stratton motor

718 RCA, GE, Raytheon electronic tube assortment

719 Utility cabinet 10x12x20 and electrical contents

720 Metal organizer 6x8x6 1/2 and electrical contents

721 Heyer battery charger

722 Mr Heater

723 Baldor Blower

724 Radiator 27x20

725 Westinghouse transformer body 18x15x23

726 Vise 4”

727 20lb propane tank, empty

728 Briggs & Stratton motor

729 Vise 5”

730 Vise 6”

731 Hirth gas engine with variable speed, drive motor is free

732 Single cylinder gas engine, unknown maker

733 Grinder, bench 36x15x35, contents

734 Wards Gasoline engine, engine is free

735 Garden hose, oil pump, miscellaneous scrap as shown in pictures

736 Motorola solid state sprayer, wiring, miscellaneous scrap as shown in pictures

737 Electronic testing unit unknown model 15x21x19

738 Scrap capacitors, miscellaneous scrap as shown in pictures

739 Angle iron, miscellaneous scrap as shown in pictures

740 Squirrel cage fan, galvanized tank, miscellaneous scrap as shown in pictures

741 Contents of crates inc. Rockwell chop saw, pump, fly wheels, miscellaneous scrap as shown in pictures

742 Carburetor assortment, 55 gallon drum empty

743 Electric motors, capacitors, electrical supplies, miscellaneous as shown in pictures

744 Fischer control unit 19x22x36

745 Scrap wood assortment

746 Metal shelf 10x30x49 and contents

747 Contents of workbenches inc. hardware, tools, chemicals, electrical testing equipment - hardware benches not included

748 Contents of crates inc. ceramic insulators, electrical supplies, miscellaneous as shown in pictures

749 Scrap, TV, Wiring, miscellaneous contents as shown in pictures

750 Carburetor assortment, miscellaneous as shown in pictures

751 Aluminum Antennas, Wiring, Hub Cap, Scrap, Contents of corner miscellaneous as shown in pictures, aluminum antennas

752 Engine parts wood crate 36x12x8"

753 Engine stand model 32916 1000lbs

754 Tool assortment

755 Ridgid Pipe bender

756 Corona kerosene heater

757 Kerosun kerosene heater needs wick

758 Wood box 33x10x10

759 Floor Jack unknown tonage

760 Elephant 1 ton chain hoist includes trolley

761 Scrap wiring, miscellaneous as shown in pictures

762 Fans, Electrical, Parts, Miscellaneous as shown in pictures

763 Air Compressor 30 gallon

764 Scrap wood assortment 9” various lengths

765 Welding table 31x20x31 with rough vise 4”

766 Jack, Tools, Light frame, misc. Contents of shelf and wall as shown in pictures

767 Extension cord and hose assortment

800 Pipe benders 1/2" and 1"

801 Bissell Spotbot and Shark vac

802 Coolers

803 Kitchen items

804 Electric motors,  wire,  electronics

805 Character glasses

806 Shotgun casings for reload, plastic, used

807 Electronic tubes

808 Electronic parts

809 Electrical parts

810 Re loading powder assortment

811 Zenith 10" TV and Novatel mobile phone

812 Wood wall phone case 10x20"

813 DOD Votek processor

814 Sylvania service repair case and tubes

815 Marine radio telephone

816 PVC fittings, electrical supplies, misc

817 Electrical supplies

818 Shotgun reload casings, plastic, used

819 Folding chair and boat seat

820 Empty powder tins Electronics, Emerson radio

821 Radio tube assortment

822 Electronic parts

823 Electronic parts

824 Electronic parts

825 Toy box with glassware assortment

826 Polamar 200x transmitter

827 Plastic character cups

828 Record albums

829 Wood parts organizer 28x21x21"

830 Radio tube assortment

831 Microphones inc. Astatic

832 Electronic repair parts

833 Eico signal generator model 324

834 Sonan business radio FM 40

835 Boeing electronic analog computer, model 7000B. #83-43

836 Motorola radio model L41G6B-2 #131

837 Organizer with electronic parts

838 Wood cased tube radio

839 Signal Corps U.S. Army Frequency Meter Set I-129-B, #276

840 Sangamo weston model 301 wave meter test set

841 John Fluke 803D AC-DC Differential Voltmeter #531

842 Radios, Lafayette Telsat-SSB25 DIGICOM 100

843 Heath Solartron CX1441 oscilloscope

844 Panelyzor model SB 12b singer type T-100 oscilloscope

845 Electronic parts

846 C clamps, hand tools

847 Old wardrobe, no contents 39x17x62 1/2

848 Realistic SA-1001 stereo amp

849 Jackson Test Oscillator Model 640

850 Sprague Tel-Ohmike model TO-4 Capacitor Resistor Analyzer

851 Gemtronics GTX-5000 40 Channel CB Transceiver

852 TEMPO ONE SSB transceiver 164192

853 General Redio VARIAC adjustable transformer type 100-R

854 Electronic radio assortment

855 Electronic test equipment

856 Robyn T-123B CB radio tube transceiver

857 Drake ESR 240 earth station receiver

858 ELECTROX battery eliminator model-AR-1 Schauer rectifier

859 Du kane and Mercury microphones

860 Lafayette  Comstat-25A CB transceiver

861 MCS series 3835 amplifier, Model 683-3835-8200

862 CB radio serial #235

863 CB radio model TS 419 A/U

864 GERTSCH model FM 3 frequency meter

865 Oil lamp bases, smoking pipe rack,  misc.

866 Solder guns, graduated weight set, misc

867 Organizer with electronic parts,  GR POT 10K non lin

868 Rand/McNally  commercial atlas and marketing guide,  2-2 drawer filling cabinets

869 Concord PS49 power supply,  microphone

870 Top flite P-40 Warhawk RC model plane

871 HITEC RC control system

872 Lectrotech TO-55 oscilloscope

873 Steel desk  30 x58x30"

874 Collet chuck holding tools

875 MITUTOYO gage block set  grade 2 set #BE1-81-2

876 Radio tubes

877 Metal shelves 10x30x49"

878 Pearce/simpson islander 30TA CB radio

879 Wood boxes,  brown&Sharpe Mfg Co. Empty

880 Electronic parts

881 TEMPO  AC/ ONE Henry radio speakers and transceiver

882 Cigarette advertising lighters

883 RC plane props and parts

884 World globe 12"

885 Zenith broadcast radio with speaker

886 Radios and electronics

887 GBC viewfinder tv camera

888 Book assortment

889 Electronic parts

890 Electronic parts

891 Precision gages, mics, calipers, etc

892 Electronic parts,  magazines

893 Electronic books,  magazines

894 Electronic parts

895 Electronic parts

896 Zenith 9" solid state tv battery pack

897 GE watt meter, soldiers manual, misc

898 Empty cartridge boxes inc. Winchester, misc

899 Electronic parts, capacitors misc

900 Radio tubes

901 Hallicrafter transmitter, RAY 1105 radiophone, misc

902 Microphones

903 SILTRONIX 1011C transceiver

904 National citizen band radio type CRR84028 #11297

905 Radio tubes

906 HICKOK  model 630 tv voltage calibrator

907 PACO model G-30 signal generator

908 POLARAD STU-3B frequency tester

909 Round dining table 42" with 4 chairs

910 Desk chair and stool

911 Cabinet 26 1/2x20x23 with Heathkit signal tracker, condenser

912 Papasan lounge chair frame no cushion, patio chair cushion

913 Display racks racks 60”

913a 6 Plastic Milk crates

914 Magnavox radio

915 Johnson Viking invader

916 Doskocil plastic gun case

917 Zenith VCR

918 Slide in leaf wood table 60x29x31 no contents

919 RC airplane motors

920 Electronic parts

921 Electronic tubes

922 Electronic tubes

923 Wood frame chair 30x29 damaged

924 RC wood Airplane no wings

924a RC wood airplane 52” wing span with damage

925 RC plastic airplane 58” span

926 Electronic tubes

927 Zenith Allegro sound system with speakers

928 Copper wire and tubing, electronic assortment

929 Aviation magazines and Electronics books

930 Table lamp 31”

931 Books

932 RC motors and propellers

933 Television Fiel Strength Meter, Boman MarkII DC power supply

934 3 pc shelving unit 83x15x68, no contents

935 Electronic parts

936 Electronic parts inc. Zenith TV

937 Dremel Scroll saw

938 Micrometer

939 Rubber Mickey mouse 10", novelties

940 Tesla coil, ion fixture and bench

941 Cabinet 21x30x30" and electronic parts inside, contents on top not included

942 RC airplane, 24" span

943 Paper cutter and radiant heater

944 Sportsman dry box with hand tools

945 Radio tubes

946 Organizer with electronic parts

947 C clamp,  hand tools

948 Electronic parts

949 Radio tubes

950 Office supplies

951 Electronic parts

952 Wood desk 34x60x31", no contents

953 Hand tools

954 Tool box and contents

955 Hand tools

956 Chest of drawers 12x22x30" with misc contents

957 Ammo .45 automatic, 100 rounds

958 Ammo .300 savage, 40 rounds

959 Ammo pistol ball .45 cal, 100 rounds

960 Ammo assortment

961 .45 auto ammo - 7 boxes 50 rounds per box in ammo box

962 Ammo bullets assorted

963 Winchester 12 gauge pheasant shells -  9 boxes  25 per box

964 Paper targets

965 .458 Win die, Ammo .458 re loads - approx 25ct plus shell casings

966 Ammo bullets assortment inc. .22 cal - approx 1000ct

967 Wood desk 18x23x25"

968 Radio tubes

969 Beta max cassette recorder

970 Metal stool 20" and wood stool 23"

971 Beta cord VCRs, Zenith tube TV 18"

972 Electronic parts

973 Radio tubes

974 Records

975 Electronic parts

976 Radio assortment

977 Machinist caliper

978 Brass shells, assorted caliber

979 Reloading supplies

980 Brass casings assortment

981 Reloading dies, Winchester .256 mag - approx 140ct

982 Ammo assortment

983 Reload parts and brass

984 Hickok tube tester model 600A

985 Dillon Precision reloading unit

986 Reloading units with dies, as shown in picture

986A Dillon Precision model RL550B reloader

987 Cannelure die tool

988 Reloading dies

989 Reloading bullet assortment

990 Reloading bullets and dies

991 Federal primers - 700 ct

992 Winchester primers large pistol

993 GCI primers for large rifle

994 Reloading supplies

995 Reloading tools

996 Reloading bullets - assorted calibers

997 Reloading brass, shells, misc

998 E load tools

999 Pipe bender 1" rigid

1000 Thompson vacuum

1001 Wet/ dry vac parts, Sportsman dry box

1002 .30 carbide ammo - approx 300 rounds and clips

1003 .45 cal bullets and rounds

1004 Ammo assortment inc. approx 300 .22cal rounds, approx 200 hornet .22cal casings

1005 Winchester 12ga slugs - 250 rounds

1006 Ammo 7.62 - approx 520 rounds

1007 .45cal and .44 cal bullets and brass

1008 Winchester Remington 7mm mag - 17 rounds

1009 Petters .22 LR ammo - 500 rounds

1010 Dynamit Nobel subsonic .22 LR - 500 rounds

1011 .30-06 Federal and Remington ammo - 31 rounds

1012 .44-40 brass and bullet assortment, approximately 100 bullets and 300 castings

1013 .308, .30 cal bullets and brass

1014 12 ga shogun shells and .444 castings misc, plastic ammo  box

1015 .44 brass and bullets, some primed

1016 Gun Parts assortment

1017 DUPONT  smokeless powder keg 12lbs empty

1018 Brass and bullet assortment inc. .32win and .452, some primed

1019 11 ga rifled slugs 2 3/4" - 65 rounds

1020 .30 Mauser ammo - 5ct, brass 100 castings, 7.62 tokarev - 50ct & 10 shot magazine

1021 Speer reloading books

1022 7lbs Lead  approximately

1023 No. 7 1/2  shot 25lbs

1024 Brass .220 swift casings - 300ct

1025 Brass castings assortment inc. .357, .30-30, misc

1026 Used smokeless  power  containers,  most are less than half to empty

1027 .32 long ammo - 30ct, brass casings .256 win mag some with primers

1028 Stinger .22 LR ammo - 200 ct

1029 Super x .22 LR ammo - 500 ct

1030 CCI mini mag .22lr ammo - 500ct

1031 Remington .22 LR ammo - 500ct

1032 12 ga shot shells, boxes are wet, reloads, approximately  100 shells

1033 Brass casing assortment, various  sizes

1034 .38 m41 ammo - 50ct

1035 Wet and damaged ammo and casings, various  sizes

1036 40 - .300 sav ammo reloads Primed castings and brass .44s and 300s misc

1037 .44 mag, .32-20 Ammo,  brass assorted metal ammo box

1038 Unprimed Assorted cartridge cases various sizes,  metal ammo box

1039 Wood 2wheel cart 9x12x33"

1040 Shotgun casings, plastic wads

1041 2 Plastic  ammo boxes, 12 ga Plastic  wads

1042 Coleman cooler

1043 Plastic  Ammo containers

2000 RC airplane, parts, shelving, chemicals, Contents of room as shown in pictures -  buyer assumes responsibility for removal as the area deteriorated

2001 Contents of room as shown in pictures -  buyer assumes responsibility for removal as the area deteriorated


2002 Spreaker tripods


All items are sold AS IS, WHERE IS.

Metzger Property Services reserves the right to reopen an auction if there are technical difficulties, in order to allow for fair bidding. Previous winning bids may no longer be valid in this situation.


Valid Credit Card required for bidding approval. All bidding is in US Dollars (USD). You may pay with Cash, Check, Certified Check, Credit or Debit Card with 4% convenience fee, or Wire Transfer ($25 fee added to each Wire); If you pick your winnings up at our specified time and location for the auction listed above. There is a $5 MINIMUM if you would like to pay with a Card. Any invoices paid with a card that are less than $5 Will Be Rounded Up to Meet the Minimum Requirement.

This auction will have NOT have Sales Tax added to each winning invoice.

This auction will have a 10% buyer's premium added to each winning invoice. 

All titled items will have a $25 Administration Fee. It is the buyer’s responsibility to notify us if the address you registered with is different than the one you want the title mailed to.  All titles are mailed signature required – no exceptions.

If You Do Not Come to The Load Out Time Listed Above, A $10 Convenience Fee Will Be Added to Your Invoice And Your Card On File Will Be Charged For Your Purchase Total Plus The 4% Convenience Fee.

If the card on file declines, a declined card fee will be added, and the buyer will be blocked until payment is received. The minimum declined card fee that is added is $5.00; If You Have More Than One Declined Invoice Within A 30 Day Period, The Declined Card Fee Will Be $50.00 Per Invoice and That Fee Must Be Paid Before Your Account Can Be Reinstated.

If Your Card Habitually Declines, Metzger Property Services Reserves the Right to Charge A $50 Fee per invoice, Even If It Is Outside The 30-Day Window. Your Balance Due Must Be $0.00 Before Your Account Will Be Reinstated.

If a buyer fails to pick up their items during the allotted time, more than 3 times in a month, Metzger Property Services reserves the right to increase the late pick up/convenience fee to a $50.00 charge per invoice.

For out of state buyers with an invoice total of $500.00 or greater, we reserve the right to ask that funds be in a certified form with either a Certified Check, Money Order or Wire Transfer ($25 fee added to each Wire).  We will email you if need to pay in this manner when we send your invoice.

Refunds will not be issued for payment type changes. Please make sure the correct card is on file that you would like charged.

If a buyer has outstanding balances not taken care of, Metzger Property Services, LLC reserves the right to take legal action.  Should that occur, the buyer is responsible for the invoice plus all fees associated with the legal process including but not limited to attorney’s fees, filing fees, court costs, interest and late fees.

Metzger Property Services reserves the right to ban a bidder for non-payment, non-compliance, and/or habitual issues.


Purchaser Must Be 18 Years of Age to Purchase A Long Gun; Must Be 21 Years Of Age To Purchase A Handgun

Notice: The Person Picking Up Transfer Firearms, Must Be the Same as The One on The Invoice, No Exceptions!

All Firearms Purchased by Out of State Buyers Will Be Transferred and Shipped To An FFL Of The Buyer's Choice In Their State At The Buyer's Cost.

No transfer fee will be charged for firearms picked up from the auction site during the load out times above. Firearms not picked up during the scheduled pickup time may be taken to an FFL at Metzger Property Services’ discretion. Buyer’s will be responsible for paying any transfer fees amounted from the FFL.

If a buyer requires shipping for a firearm, they will be responsible for all transfer and shipping costs amounted from the FFL of Metzger Property Services’ choice. 


Pickup will be the following day by appointment only! Your invoice will be emailed to you & will have pickup information and exact loadout times -- Book a pickup time slot via the link in your winning email! ** If you do not receive an email, please check your junk/spam mail! If you are unable to sign up, please call or email the Office to schedule your appointment! 260-982-0238 •

Buyer is required to bring their own packaging, help to load and/or equipment for loading.

Metzger Property Services reserves the right to verify orders by requiring buyer’s signature.

If you request Metzger Property Services to transport your item, there will be a minimum $20 service fee added to your invoice.  We will only transport your items if feasible for us, this is not guaranteed, and you should place bids accordingly.  

Items not picked up within 5 days will be resold at new owners’ expense, even if paid for. Items not paid for after 5 days will be resold. Buyer is still responsible for paying outstanding invoices before being reinstated to bid.

Shipping is available on small lots. Buyer is responsible for paying for items in full prior to being allowed to pick-up or have items shipped. Shipping costs include the cost of shipping plus up to a $10.70 S&H fee per box.  Buyer is Responsible for all Shipping/Handling Charges incurred including fees charged by delivery service for incorrect addresses.

At our discretion, shippable items may go to the UPS store. This may result in higher shipping costs. The UPS Store will reach out to you directly to collect payment. Metzger’s will only collect the handling fee in this case, but you will pay UPS directly for the shipping costs.  Exceptions may apply. 

Auction Listings provided by Although the information published herein is from sources deemed reliable, expressly disclaims any liability for errors, omissions or changes regarding any information provided for this auction. Potential buyers are urged to verify auction date, time, and content directly through the auctioneer's website or by contacting the auctioneer directly. The terms and conditions of the auction may or may not be published in this listing. ALL TERMS AND CONDITIONS AND OTHER ANNOUNCEMENTS MADE THE DAY OF THE AUCTION ARE BINDING AND TAKE PRECEDENCE OVER ANY INFORMATION FOUND HEREIN.