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Carlson Aircraft Liquidation Auction

Wed Apr 24 - 06:00PM

51028 State Rt. 14, East Palestine, OH Click to Map


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Auctioneer ID#: 1357

Phone: 724-847-1887

License: AY002064

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Preview: April 23rd, 3:00 - 6:00 PM

Ends: April 24th, 6:00 PM

Removal: April 26th, 11:00 - 6:00 PM 

51028 State Rt. 14 East Palestine, OH 44413


15% Buyers Premium applies

Lic #AY 002064

Carlson Criquet Airplane - for more info email 
Skycycle Airplane - for more info email 
Jig to build Sparrow 2 Fuselage - Jig Connector for Sparrow 2 - Experimental Plane 
Jig Connector for Sport Special Fuselage 
Cassette Fuselage - Approx. 14ft long 
Fuselage - Approx 15 ft long, 52in Tall, 41in Wide 
Fuselage - Approx 15 ft long, 48in Tall, 41in Wide 
Fuselage - Approx 6 ft long, 41 in Tall, 6 ft Wide 
Plane Parts 
Wood Culver Propeller - 72in - 72/43 - 4488 
Wood Propeller - 48in 
Niagara M & T Works Manual Brake - Bender 41 in. L. X 10in.W. X 10in. D. 
ENCO 30 Milling & Drilling Machine Model# 105-1110 Serial# 5135 107 in. L. X 32in. W. X42 in. H. 
Central Machinery 3 in 1 Rolling Machine- Item # 43353 48in. L. X 28in. W. 56in. H. 
Atlas Press Company Quick Change Lathe 60in. L. X 29in. W. X 53in. H. 
Dayton Multi Directional Sander 28in. L. 18in. W. X 56in. H. 
Large Manual Brake - Bender 108in. L. X 24in. W. X 46in. H. 
KOBALT 60 Gallon Air Compressor With Airline And Valve 23in. W. X 20in. Diameter X 65in. H. 
DAYTON Hanging Electric Space Heater 14in. L. X 11in. W. X 13in. H. 
Tradesman 8in. - 5- Speed Drill Press Model # 8050 - Serial # 046080 
Delta ShopMaster BS 100 Bandsaw 11.5inL. X 20in. W. X 30in. H. 
DAYTON Multi Sander With Extra Belts 15in. L. X 24in. W. X 21in. H. 
Bench Grinder Stand With Shrink And Stretch Vises 10in. L. X 11in. W. X 36in. H. 
Welding Cart With Tanks Gauges And Goggles 
Central Machinery Horizontal/Vertical Metal - Cutting Bandsaw Item # 93762 43 in. L. X 12 in. W. X 54in. H. 
Craftsman 5.0 16 Gallon Wet Dry Vacuum With Attachments 
Central Machinery 4.5in. Metal Cutting Bandsaw 43in. L. X 14in. W. X 54in. H. 
Dunlap Drill Press With Craftsman 1/3 Horsepower Split Phase motor 18in. L. X 8in. W. X 28in. H. 
Craftsman 14in Band Saw - 1 1/2HP - 6in Cutting Depth 
Dayton- 3 Ton Arbor Press Model # 32949 18in. L. X 8in. W. X 24in. H. 
Craftsman 1/2 Horsepower Grinder With Stand 16in. L. X 11in. W. X 47in. H. 
Porter Cable 6in. Bench Grinder With Stand 15in. L. X 11in. W. X 42in. H. 
Chicago Electric 10 in. Compound Miter Saw With Laser Guide 
Makita Portable Cut Off Saw - 355mm 
2 Adjustable Stand Rollers 
Central Machinery 10 inch Disc Sander - Bench Type Bench 30 in X 60 in 
Wood Tool Chest - Craftsman Tool Chest - Comes with Tools 
Craftsman 15 1/2 inch Drill Press 
Craftsman 15in. Drill Press Fully Adjustable 
Central Machinery Horizontal/Vertical Metal Cutting Bandsaw 42in. L. X 16in. W. X 54in. H. 
General Hydraulics 12 Ton Shop Press 
Buffalo 2 Ton Shop Crane 
US General 4 Drawer Roller Cart 38” x 34” x 28” 
Aero Industries Roller Tool Cart and Contents 44 in x 19 in x 27 in 
Craftsman Toolbox with Contents 43in 
Craftsman Multi Drawer Roller Tool Cart and Contents (Tools / Parts) 44 in x 14 in x 27 in 
Heavy Duty Engine Stand 
Heavy Duty Engine Stand 
Model Airplane - Approx 4 ft - Remote Control Capability 
Model Airplane - Approx 4ft - Remote Control Capability   
Model Airplane - SIG Piper J-3 CUB - Remote Control Capability 
Model Airplane - Approx 5ft - Remote Control Capability   
Model Airplanes - 3 Various Sizes - Remote Control Capability 
Model Airplanes - 2 Various Sizes - Remote Control Capability 
Model Airplanes - 3 Various Sizes - Remote Control Capability 
Model Airplanes - 2 Various Sizes - Remote Control Capability 
Vintage Accordion - with Case - Made in Italy - 0098 
33in x 30in Wooden Bi Plane Frame 
Acro Mils Parts Storage Box - 25 Sectioned Parts Box 
34.5in Tall Rotational Steel Jig 
Contents of Two Shelves Including Lag Screws - Nylon Ties - Adel Clamps - All For Plane Accessories 
Contents of Two Shelves Including Oil Filters - Grommets - Rivets - All For Plane Accessories 
Contents of Two Shelves Including Toggle Bolts - Roofing Nails - Flat Washers 
Contents of Two Shelves Including NAV Lights - Gasket Mater - Hose Clamps 
Contents of Four Shelves Including Shank Nails - Turn Buckles - Cords and Remotes 
Contents of Two Shelves Including Hole Saw Bits - Paddle Bits - Sanding Drums 
17 Spot Parts Storage Box - 15in x 6.5in 
Contents of Three Shelves Including 2 Cylinder Exhaust Kit - 20A Alternator 
Shelving and Brackets 12 in x 46 in Wood Shelves 
20in x 7in x 15in 64 Sectioned Blue Parts Storage Box 
20in x 7in x 15in 64 Sectioned Blue Parts Storage Box With Contents 
20in x 7in x 15in 55 Piece Sectioned Blue Parts Storage Box With Contents 
Miscellaneous Parts Storage Box With Screws 
20in x 7in x 15in 64 Sectioned Blue Parts Storage Box 
Assortment of Metal - Airplane Struts, etc 
Two Cylinder Engine Heads 125 H.P.L 
Two Cylinder Engine Heads 125 H.P.L 
Four 125 H.P. Lycoming G.P.U Pistons 
Assortment of Gaskets and Push Rod Tubes 
Assortment of 4130 Aircraft Steel 
Two Nine Foot Compression Oil Line Hoses - Hoses - Auto Inner Tubes - Plastic Container 
Shelf of Contents Including J3-PA20 Parts - Hinge Brackets - J3 Wing Kit Hinge Sets 
Contents of Shelf Including Aileron Hinges - Riblets - Aileron Flap Caps 
Contents on Shelf Including Tie Down Set - Phenolic Pieces - Brackets 
Lycoming 0-435 Engine 
All Contents In Wall Storage Including Various Sized Air Craft Hardware and Metal 
Assortment of Metal Tie Down Anchors 
Split VW Two Cylinder With Timing Chain and Bosch Starter 
All Contents In Wall Storage Including Various Sized Air Craft Hardware 
Sheet Metal Airplane Parts 
Beverly Chicago Shear - 12in x 4in x 40in 
Assortment of Aluminum Tubes, Right Angle Aluminum Sheets, and Aluminum Pipes 
Assortment of Airplane Tubing - Mostly all 12ft. 
Assortment of Various Tubing for Airplanes 
Assortment of Aluminum Right Angle Sheets for Building Ailerons 
Jigs for Wing Spars 
Assortment of Jigs, Airplane Tow Bar, 2 Airplane Fuel Tanks, and More 
Wooden Shelf - 13x89x53in. - CONTENTS SEPARATE 
Assortment of 64in Aluminum Ribs 
Various Ailerons 
Assortment of Wooden and Aluminum Wing Spars 
Assortment of Various Airplane Tails 
Assortment of Hardware including, Nails, Screws, Clamps, Touch Up Lube, and More 
2 Airplane Ribs 
2 Airplane Ribs 
2 Airplane Ribs 
2 Airplane Ribs 
4 Various Aircraft Ribs 
Metal Shelf with Contents, Including Airplane Parts such as Steering Springs, Latches, Piper Pulleys Wing Kit, and Airplane Radiator - 15x42x87in. 
2 Airplane Ribs 
Assortment of Various Metal Tubing for Airplanes 
Metal Shelf with Contents including Spray Paint, Rope, Yarn, and More 
Assortment of Airplane End Jigs 
10ft. L. Cardboard Tubing Assorted Widths 
Table w/ Stainless Steel Top 27 in x 19 in x 26 in 
Plastic And Aluminum Lawn Chairs 
3 Wooden Saw Horses 2ft. L. X 25in. H. 
Wood Adjustable Ladder 20 ft 
Fire Place Set 
Craftsman Shop Vac - 6.0 HP - 170 Blowing MPH - 16 Gallon 
Miscellaneous Wood and Metal Airplane Parts 
6 Aluminum Wing Spars 
Assortment of Various Sized Aileron Ribs 
Assortment of USA 35B Mod Various Sized Aluminum Aileron Ribs 
Assortment of Airplane Ribs 
Assortment of Spars 
Assortment of Airplane Flap Butts 
Assortment of Airplane Ribs 
Standard 35b Ribs 
Assortment of Airplane Ribs 
Assortment of Airplane Ribs 
Assortment of Nose Ribs 
T. V. Tray Tables 
Green Dining Chairs - Igloo Coolers- Wood Desk Chairs 
Bar Stool’s- Computer Chairs 
Sheetrock (3 pcs) 1/4in x 4ft x 8ft 
Fuel - Water Separator, Copper Tube, Block Forms, Sheet Metal 
Rubber Tubes, Weather Stripping, Reflective Insulation 
Steel Cart With Garbage Can Full Of Baskets Cart Measures 30in. D. X 24in. W. X 43in. H. 
Steel Drill Bits Sign, Brackets, Sheet Metal, Paper, Three Ring Binder 
Work Bench 10 ft x 31 in x 34 in 
Miscellaneous Steel and Sheet Metal 
Trug, Whetstones, etc 
Files and Rasps 
Miscellaneous- Magnetic Angle Finder, Nuts & Bolts, etc 
Central Pneumatic Air Riveter MSI Pneumatic Tools Air Riveter 
Aluminum Plates and Forms 
Miscellaneous Wire 
Sears Craftsman 90• Angle Drill Head Kit 
Metal Stands (2 pcs) 
Plastic Sheeting 
Oscillating Stand Fan 2 Extension Cords 
San-Blast Part No. 3500-600 Sand Blasting Regulator Valve 
Steel Tool Box Miscellaneous Parts 
Wing Forms and Parts 
Miscellaneous Parts, Fuel Float, Fuel Tank Jigging 
Contents on Shelf 
Miscellaneous Parts, Extension Cords, Wood Forms 
Contents on Shelf 
Contents on Shelf 
Allen Keys - Pry Bar - Files 
Pgh. Tool Kit In Case 
Assorted Box End Wrenches 
75 Inch Long Section of Fuselage for Experimental Airplane made of Fiberglass 
Assorted Box End Wrenches 
Large Sockets And Ratchets 
Magneto Timing Light 
Craftsman Sockets And Ratchets 
Saws - Hacksaws - Hammers- Chanel locks 
Adjustable Height Table w/ Wheels 40 in x 20 in x 26 in (Current Setup) 
Pipe Cutter - Hammers - Mallet - Axe 
18in. Pipe Wrench 
Mobile Rivet Hand Squeezer 
Wood Chisels 
Allen Wrenches- Gauges Assortment 
Globe- Master Large Box End Wrenches 
Craftsman Box End Wrenches 
Box End Wrench Assortment 
Socket Carriers With Sockets 
Hand Drill - Pipe Wrenches- Bolt Cutters 
Robot Guns - Pliers - Crimpers - Tin Snips 
Mallet Assortment 
EA-82 (70)HP Motor Serial Number 625726 on Dolly 
Crockpot- Fry Daddy- Stir Crazy 
Assortment of Tools including, Pliers, Bolt Cutters, Levels, Staplers, Snippers, Packaging Tape Tools, Utilitech Floodlight, Brushes, and More 
Pipe Wrench- Crescent Wrench Assortment 
A 72x30x29 Inch Folding Table with Wood Top 
A Folding Table 72x30x39 Inches Wood Top 
A Wooden Cabinet 48x24x36 Inches Plus Contents on and in 
Approximately 10 Carboard Tubes 9 Inches Wide by 11 Feet Long 
Vinyl Toped Tent 8 by 20 Feet 
6 ft Wooden Folding Table 
9 Inch Grease Gun with 3Refill Tubes 
3 Older Electric Hand Drills Black an Decker, Chicago,and a Skill 1/4 Inch Drills 
2 Aluminum Fuel Tanks about 4 Gallons Each 
A 36 Drawer Parts Container Springs Brass Screws Bearings 
2 Parts Containers all are parts For Aircraft Maintenance 
Niqabs Airfryer mod.36001 
6ft Weather Vein - 2 Outdoor Lights 
A Table Storage Cabinet With 4 Folding Tables Mops and Brooms on Side 33x33.5x103 Inches 
Adjustable 3 Speed Fan 
4 Electric Base Board Heaters 4,5,6, 8 Foot In Working Condition. A Vintage Coleman Cooler 25x16x16 Inches 
Airplane Steel 
Adjustable Work Lights 
Assortment of Tools - Wrenches - Files - Sockets - Heat Gun - Screw Drivers and More 
Vintage American Racer Sled 
Shark Upright Vacuum mod.NV351 31 
3 Wooden Step Ladders two 5 ft. a4 Foot and a 2 Step Kitchen Ladder 
Portable Work Bench Wood and Metal 18x20x28 Inches 
Contents Hanging on Wall Levels Bolt Drivers 
Hanging Tools - Hack Saws - soldering Gun - Googles and More 
3 Work Lights 
12ft Long Work Table contents not included must be removed after 4:00 on removal day 
Longster Tank 
Contents of Left Bottom Shelf Including, Gear Puller, Copper Tube, Router, and More 
Contents on Right Side of Bottom Shelf, Craftsman 1 Horsepower Router and Scrap Wood 
Weller Model 601 Rotary Tool and Drill Master 4.8v Cordless Screwdriver, and 2 18v Drill Master Battery Chargers 
2 Pneumatic Hammers and Air Hammer Bits 
Drill Doctor Model 250 Drill Bit Sharpener 
Air Riveter, Flashlight, and Assorted 18V Drill Master Drills 
Bronze Cowboy Statue 
Box of Poly Liner, Insulator, and More Cloth 
2 Hand Saws 
Box of Daffodil Bulbs and Plastic Bucket with Chain 
Dremel Set, Stanley Block Planer, and Craftsman Table Top Vice 
Chief Table Top Vice 
Assortment of Right Angles, Levels, Yard Sticks, and Rulers 
Box of Pneumatic Grinders and Brushes 
3 Crowbars and 2 Flashlights 
C-Clamps and 2 Tarps 
Box of Various Quick-Grips and Clamps 
AMT 2-Ton Bottle Jack 
1 Surge Protector and 2 Extension Cords 
1 Corelle Dish Set, 1 Corelle Dinner Set, and Country China Paper Plate Holder 
2 Door Wall Cabinet 
Staples Blade Guard Paper Shredder 
Assortment of Blankets and Plastic Liner 
Buttoneer Tool - Honeywell Mini Fan - Stapler - Radio Shack Digital Clock 
28in Plastic F-MPGI Model Air Plane 
10in. Table Saw/Sander Table 
ShopVac 16 Gallon Wet/Dry Vac 
ShopVac Hang Up Pro Vacuum - 4.5 HP 
Assortment of Various Wood Jigs 
Work Bench - 18x26x29.5in. - CONTENTS SEPARATE 
Central Machinery Bead Roller Kit Item #34104 
Portable Metal Hardness Tester, Double Flaring Tool, and Metal Round Hole Punch Tool 
Cable Tensiometer, Drill Index, Tap Extractors, and Radius Gauge Set 
Assortment of Various Sized Tube Benders 
3 Pneumatic Nibblers 
Assortment of Metal and Rubber Hammers and Mallets - Metal Hatchet 
Black and Decker Rotary Power Cutter and Pneumatic Gauges 
Metal Framed Wooden Seat Shop Stool 
Two Metal 55 Gallon Barrels - Plastic 55 Gallon Barrel - Two Storage Totes - Plastic Garbage Can 
ShopVac Hang Up Pro Vacuum - 4.5 HP 
Work Table 16ft x 4ft x 3ft 
Contents on Shelf - Cardboard Tubes, Misc Wood, Cardboard 
Drill Bits 
Contents on Shelf - Sandpaper, Sanding Discs, Lubricants, Window Bolts 
Roll of 2ft Wide Bubble Wrap 
Saw Blades, Battery Suspension Hanger 
Hobbico Deluxe Power Panel 
Glassware - 6 Vases, Container, Decanter w/ 4 Glasses 
Craftsman Belt / Disc Sander 2/3 HP, 4 x 36 Belt, 6 in Disc 
Sheet Metal 
Polaris Starter Motor 
Sheet Metal 
Assortment of Sheet Metal 
Assortment of Sheet Metal 
Sheet Metal 
Assortment of Sheet Metal 
Assortment of Sheet Metal 
49in x 9in x 6in Wood Shelf Letter Holder 
Sporting Goods - Volleyball Equipment, Badminton Equipment, Croquet Set 
Invacare Walker 
Shelf and Contents Plastic Tarp, Drop Cloths, Paint Supplies 
Shelf and Contents Miscellaneous Painting Supplies and Equipment 
Coleman Lantern - Party Size Coffee Serving Pot 
(3) Coffee Makers 
Miscellaneous Pots & Pans 
Oster Buffet Server / Warming Tray 
Hamilton Beach 18 qt Roaster Oven 
Contents on Shelf - Miscellaneous Household Items 
Steel Shelving 12ft x 8ft x 2ft 
Contents of 2 Shelves - Miscellaneous Household Items 
Miscellaneous Household Items Contents of 2 Shelves 
Plexiglass 32in x 48in panels Plexiglass 48in x 48in 
Storage Boxes w/ Miscellaneous Nuts and Bolts 
Cold Chisels, Stamps, etc 
Miscellaneous- Paint, Lubricants, Propane, Adhesives 
Miscellaneous Wire and Cable, Cans of Linseed Oil 
Miter Box & Saw, Miscellaneous Metal 
Rasps, Files, Drill Bits, Visor, Hand Tools 
Clock, Belt, Saw Blades, Disc Pads 
Motorola Airboy and Headphones 
Saw Blades, Sanding Discs, Belt 
Steel Cabinet and Contents Manuals, Magazines, Drill Bits 
(2) Hoses and Nozzle 
Flip Filters Paper Airplane Forms 
Two Three Inch Flat Vices 
Foot Press by Ariess MFD Co.KoKo Mo Ind. no.500A 
Plane Parts Approx 7ft 
Vintage Planer 48x24x36 Inches 
8 Fuel Canisters 
Elliott Samson Sheet Metal and Bar Cutter Mod.3R/5 
Older Wooden 20 ft. Extension Ladder 
Wing braces Elaron Metal Sections For Aircraft Fuselage 
Capacitor Starter Motor mod.5K435N by Dayton 
Glazed Pot 18 Inches Wide by 19 Inches Tall 
Various types of Metal Parts for the Skyjet Aircraft dose not include Scales 
68 Inch Long Airplane Propeller Severe Crack on One Side A 20473 Y. (69 L 46) TC 802 
4ft Wooden Bench 36x21x44 Inches 
Approx 12 Fuel Canisters 
Scrap Airplane Motor and 8ft Wings 
Gravely Commercial 430 Mower 
Various Lance and With of Wood for a Skyjet Aircraft 
New Century Wooden Scale on Wheels 24x33x42 Inches 
79Inch Long by 28 Inches Wide Round Jig for airplane Fuselage 
Vintage Metal Scales on Wheels 36x26x44 Inches 
Sears Craftsman Miner Saw 
Airplane Parts - 2 Totes - 36x22x26in Cabinet 
Older Wooden and Metal Scale on Wheels 24x36x44 Inches 
7ft Vintage Wooden Wings 
Vintage Metal Scales on Wheels 
96 Inch Tall Piece of Balsa Wood used to Skin Aircraft 
5ft x 3ft Cabinet 
Sheet Metal - Airplane Parts - And Scrap 
Approx 15 Fuel Canisters 
8 Fuel Canisters 
8 Fuel Canisters 
8 Fuel Canisters 
8 Fuel Canisters Approx 6 Gallon 
10ft Wings 
Plastic Chairs 2 Barrels and Other Scrap 
Plow Approx 7ft 
Air Plane Wings Approximately 12ft and Other Scrap 
Aluminum Rods 
6ft Roller 
5 Saw Horses 
2 Projector Screens 
Oreck Vacuum 
2/30in Saw Horses 2/36in Contents Not Included 
6ft Clothing Rack 
Adjustable Parts Dolley 
Black and Decker Sander - Craftsman Hand saw 
2 Rolls of Plastic Wrap 
5 Tape Measures 
SkilSaw - Drill 
Black and Decker 1/2 Standard Drill 
Black and Decker Deluxe Saw - Drill 
2 Drills and Makita Grinder 
Pipe Clamps 
Hack Saws 
Paper Roll Holder With Paper 2ft. L. 
An EZ Hold Clamp with 2 Craftsman Clamps no.3701 
2 EZ Hold Clamps 
Adjustable Mechanics Seat 
Wooden Cabinet 28x14x29 Inches 
Assorted Furniture Dollies 
39 Inch Long Magnetic Wand 
Aluminum Folding Stools- Timber Tote Auto Utility Hooks 
A Quick Grip Clamp and 2 Craftsmen Clamps 
RCA CC850 Camcorder With Case 
A End Table 28x12x21 Inches 
2 Dustin Hand Saws Fine Cut and a vintage Arrow Stapler 
2 Tables on Wheels Each 96x24x36 Inches 
Drill Dr. Drill Bit Sharpener 
Large C Clamp - Rigid 24in. Pipe Wrench 
2 Boxes of Assorted Candles 
Gibraltar Ceader Series Mailbox Post 
Realistic AM/FM Stereo Radio Cassette Recorder 2ft. L. 
Gibraltar Cedar Chalet Mailbox 
Condensate Pumps - Tow Hitch With Lights 
A Small Box of Thanksgiving Decorations, A Christmas Cookie Jar and Towels 
3 Lamps Arranging in Size from 16 to 41 Inches Tall 
A Square Shooter 2 Polaroid Camera with a Kodak Easyshare Printer Dock 
Craftsman 71/4in. Circular Saw 
1 Quick Grip and 2 Ez Hold Clamps 
Craftsman 3/8 in. Drill With Stand- Craftsman Jigsaw 
3- Electric Sanders 
Covered Cake Cover and a Bacon and Egg Ring Set 
C Clamps Assortment 
3 Oven Proof Bowls 8,10,and 12 inches with a14 Inch Aluminum Bowl 
Corkboard 22in. L. X 20in. W. - 5pc Frame Set 
House Beautiful White Wine Stemware NIB 
Shelfing Unit Metal 144x25x48 Inches 
Rival Fold Up Electric Food Slicer Terra Cotta Garlic Roaster 
Anchor Hocking 121/2 oz. Brandy Snifter Glasses 
Electric Angle Grinder 
An igloo Paper Cup Dispenser a Vintage Veg- o- Matic a Hand Crank Grinder 
Foldable Wine Rack - Maywood Weather Station- Optical Fiber Light 
Aluminum Roaster 20in. L. X 12 in. W. 
Assorted Glassware 
Aluminum Roaster - Frying Pan With Lid 
Assorted Mixed Glassware 
K- Tel Knitter - Sewing Patterns- Sewing Items- Suction Cups 
2 - Pelouze Scales 12in. Square 
Anchor Hocking Newport Design Beverage Set 
Pots - Pans - Roaster - Lids 
Oster Crepe Maker - Mirro Cookie Pastry Press - Wooden Rolling Pin - Vintage Scale 
George Forman Electric Grill - Kitchen Selectives Crockpot 
Westinghouse Electric Roaster 18in. L. 
Fabric- Buttons - Lace - Sewing Items 
KEROSUN Omni 105 Kerosene Heater- Lasko 20in. 3 Speed Box Fan 
Picture Frame Assortment 
Vintage Dial Telephone 
Laundry Basket Full Of Easter Decorations 
Vintage Mirror- Shoe Shine Kit - Copper Art - Spice Rack - Candle Holders 
Vintage Folding Chairs 
Steel And Upholstered Folding Chairs 
Colombian 1045 Vise 
Thermal Resources Electric Heater 
Wooden Work Bench 5ft. L. X 2ft. W. X 34in. H. Bench Only Must Be Removed 5pm On Removal Day 
Lasko Oscillating Fan - Small Oscillating Fan 
Aviation Books and Magazines 
52in High Filing Cabinet 
70x36in Display Cabinet 
Contents of Cabinet - Badge bases - Front Parts - and Other Airplane Hardware 
3 Family Radios 
12in Long Model Airplane 
Approx 74x36x12in must be removed after 4 on Removal day Contents Not Included 
Contents of Shelf - Aviation Books & Magazines 
Contents of 3 Cabinets Erasers - Sandpaper - Alcohol - Wipes - Sign Bond and More 
Approx 74x36x12in must be removed after 4 on Removal day Contents Not Included 
Contents of 3 Cupboards - Resin - Electrical Things - Aircraft Ignition - VHS - Compass 
Contents Above and Below work Table such as Airplane Parts - Blue Prints - Work Light - sign Bond - Twine and More 
Contents of Cupboards - Aircraft Books -and Folders - Model Wing - Kodak Film - Blueprints 
Aircraft Blueprints 
Extension Cord Reel 
49x3614in Cabinet with Contents - Money Box - Shredder - Speaker - Records - Files - Pencil Sharpener 
2 Filling 5ft Cabinets With Contents with Aviation Files 
Wooden Board with Nose Ribs and Win Ribs 
Aircraft Film and Slides 
Extension Cord Reel 
Approx 31x40x30 Office Desk 


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