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Annual New Year Antique Auction - Day 2

Sat Dec 30 - 10:00AM

907 E. Kansas Ave, Greensburg, KS Click to Map

Brown Auction & Real Estate

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Phone: 6207232111

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    Miniature Lamp

  • Miniature Lamp

    Miniature Lamp

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401 Amberina Inverted Thumbprint 8.5"h pitcher

402 Vaseline glass 6.5"h cov. candy dish with gold enameled floral design on lid
403 Victorian Diamond Quilted Mother of Pearl yellow satin glass miniature oil lamp
404 Pink satin glass Drape design miniature oil lamp
405 Art Glass amber decanter with blue applied feet and stopped
406 "Harlem Valley Gun Club" 9.5"h decanter with mrkd. Sterling silver overlay hunting scene
407 Blue crystal etched glass cruet with amber handle and stopper
408 Blue opalescent Sheldon Swirl kerosene lamp font with colorless base 
409 White opalescent kerosene finger lamp, Daffodil pattern
410 Art Deco amber communion 7.25" decanter (no stopper)
411 Art Glass amber 9" pitcher with applied blue handle
412 Bohemian Czech cased cut to cranberry 6" pitcher
413 Bohemian ruby red cut-to-clear 7 pc. liquer set
414 Bohemian ruby red cut-to-clear 4 pc. liquer set
415 (3) Crackle glass 3.5"h creamers
416 Vaseline glass 7" cov. dish 
417 Mrkd. Heisey square cov. butter dish, etched pattern with orange rim coloring
418 Art Glass 7 pc. water set, amethyst with blue applied handles              
419 Bohemian Peloton glass 13" pitcher, clear with cobalt threads
420 Carnival Glass Northwood Acorn Burrs 9" pitcher, amy.
421 Carnival Glass Northwood Peacock at the Fountain ftd. orange bowl, cobalt
422 Carnival Glass Northwood Poinsettia/Rib 8.5"d ftd. bowl, amy.
423 Carnival Glass Hattie 8.5"d bowl, clambroth
424 Carnival Glass Fenton Captive Rose 9.5"d plate, cobalt
425 Carnival Glass Millersburg Hobnail spittoon whimsey, fiery amy.
426 Libbey Maize 6.5" vase
427 Mary Gregory cranberry pull down hanging oil lamp - sweet!
428 Hobbs Rubina Verde Hobnail bowl  
429 (2) Sheldon Swirl kerosene lamps with colorless base
430 Crystal decanter with heavy silver overlay design
431 EAPG Applesauce 12" tall kerosene lamp
432 Victorian pickle castor, Vaseline glass Daisy and Button jar in silverplate holder and tongs
432.1 Victorian pickle castor, cranberry opalescent Hobnail jar in James Tufts ornate holder and tongs
432.2 Victorian pickle castor, Vaseline glass Daisy and Button with V ornament jar in silverplate holder and tongs
433 Clear opalescent miniature oil lamp with heavy detailed silver filigree
434 Miniature oil lamp with embossed leaf branches and beaded corners, nutmg stain on milk glass
435 Art Deco bright red ftd. rose bowl with floral design silver overlay
436 Tiffin black satin glass bowl with handpainted cardinals
437 Tiffin blue satin glass 3.5"h mayonnaise or condiment bowl with ladle, enameled dainty white flowers
438 Tiffin green satin glass 8" vase, colorful handpainted daisies, gold trim
439 Tiffin black satin glass 10.5"h vase with lattice or diamond pattern
440 Tiffin clear satin 11" vase with handpainted flowers and gold highlights
441 Tiffin Peacock Products floral coralene black satin glass covered bowl, paper label
442 Tiffin black satin glass 6.5" vase, Iris pattern
442.1 Tiffin amber satin glass 6.5" vase, Iris pattern
442.2 Tiffin black satin glass 6.5" vase, Iris pattern
443 Tiffin blue satin glass tray with embossed dancing nymphs
444 Tiffin yellow satin glass 9.5"h candlesticks with handpainted orange flowers
445 Art Glass 8" vase - Tiffin shape, almost a brown slag glass coloring 
446 Fenton Rosalene 6.25" vase in swirl pattern
447 (2) Fenton Rosalene figurines: 6" angel; 7" young girl
448 Fenton cranberry opalescent Hobnail large basket
449 (3) Miniature Tiffin favor baskets - pink, blue, clear
450 Fenton Vasa Murrhina blue and green spatter basket
451 Fenton blue opalescent Spanish Lace 11" pitcher
452 Depression Glass 10"h green pitcher with lid
452.1 Depression Glass 10"h pink pitcher with lid
453 American Brilliant Cut Glass 9" pitcher, signed
454 American Brilliant Cut Glass 8" pitcher 
455 American Brilliant Cut Glass 12.5"h decanter with stopper
456 (2) Fenton opalescent 4.5 pitchers: Hobnail, blue; Thousand Eye, vaseline
457 (2) Blue opalescent Fenton Hobnail 5.5"h pitchers
458 (2) Fenton Coin Dot 8" pitchers, blue opalescent and solid green
459 American Brilliant Cut Glass 6.5" squatty pitcher
460 American Brilliant Cut Glass 9" pitcher     
461 (2) Fenton opalescent Coin Dot syrup pitchers, cranberry and blue
462 (2) Fenton opalescent Coin Dot syrup pitchers, cranberry and white
463 (2) Fenton Hobnail syrup pitchers, cranberry opalescent and amberina
464 Art Glass rose opaline miniature oil lamp with green applied leaves and feet
465 Art Glass pink and white swirl peppermint stripe miniature oil lamp, 8" tall
466 Art Glass Rubina Crystal pickle castor with applied stippled floral decoration, silverplate holder and tongs
466.1 Art Glass cranberry Inverted Thumbprint pickle castor with great handpainted bird and floral decoration, ornate holder and tongs
467 Art Glass Rubina Crystal Inverted Thumbprint 7" pitcher with tightly twisted applied collar/handle
468 (2) Art Glass Inverted Thumbprint 5" pitchers, amberina and amber with blue handle
469 Pink satin Artichoke pattern miniature oil lamp
470 Blue satin glass Drape design miniature oil lamp
471 (3) Small crystal perfume bottles with Sterling silver overlay designs
471.1 Art Nouveau Loetz 6.5" green iridescent vase with applied rigaree
472 Vaseline opalescent peg oil lamp
473 Victorian Diamond Quilted pink satin glass miniature oil lamp
474 13" tall lamp with reverse handpainted shade, base mrkd. Muncie, IN - works and pretty!
475 Greentown Chocolate Glass cat on hamper cov. dish
476 Tiffin amberina satin glass ftd. bowl with floral design
477 Tiffin cobalt satin glass 6.5"h console bowl with scrolled handles
478 Tiffin black satin glass 7"h compote with nice silver overlay motif
479 Tiffin green satin glass 7"h vase with nice silver overlay
480 Tiffin clear satin glass 9" vase, handpainted colorful bird on branch
481 Carnival Glass Fenton Stag and Holly large ftd. bowl, cobalt
482 Carnival Glass Northwood Daisy and Plume 3-ftd. rose bowl, green
483 Carnival Glass Fenton Thistle Banana Boat bowl, green
484 Carnival Glass Fenton Rustic 10" vase, cobalt
484.1 Carnival Glass Four Pillar 10" vase, aqua opalescent 
484.2 Fenton lavender opalescent 10.5" stretched rib vase
485 Carnival Glass Northwood "Dreibus Parfait Sweets" advertising plate, amy.
486 Carnival Glass Fenton Birds and Cherries dbl. handled bonbon, cobalt
487 Carnival Glass Fenton Butterflies/Wide Panel dbl. handled bonbon, green
488 Carnival Glass Fenton Butterfly and Berries master berry bowl, cobalt
489 Carnival Glass Northwood Hearts and Flowers 8.5"d bowl, ice blue
490 Carnival Glass Fenton Thistle 8.5"d bowll, green
491 Cranberry opalescent Swirl miniature oil lamp
491.1 Blue opalescent Swirl miniature oil lamp
492 Blue opalescent Striped miniature oil lamp
493 Mrkd. Handel 6" humidor with handpainted stag and doe scene, figural pipe lid finial
494 Mrkd. Handel 5" humidor with handpainted hunting dog, figural pipe lid finial
495 Victorian Peachblow 12 pc. wassail or punch set, handpainted floral design
496 Tiffin black satin glass 6"h bowl with silver overlay motif
497 Tiffin black satin glass 6"h bowl, vertical stripes
498 Pair of Tiffin black satin glass 6.5"h candlesticks with gold trim
499 (2) Tiffin black satin glass 8.5" vases with gold trim
500 Black Ebony glass 6.5" humidor with Sterling airplane in clouds lid decoration, paper label
501 Mrkd. Handel 6" humidor with handpainted golf scene
502 Wavecrest biscuit/cracker jar, handpainted blue flowers surrounded by embossed design
503 Mrkd. Wavecrest 3.5" dresser box, handpainted flowers, gold metal feet
504 Hobbs Rubina Verde Hobnail kerosene lamp
505 Cranberry Inverted Thumbprint pickle castor in ornate quadruple plate holder
505.1 Cranberry Inverted Thumbprint pickle castor in ornate quadruple plate holder + tongs
505.2 Cranberry Inverted Thumbprint pickle castor in ornate Aurora silverplate holder + tongs
505.3 Mrkd. Wavecrest dresser box, dark green and white with handpainted pink roses on lid
506 American Brilliant Cut Glass large cheese keeper
507 American Brilliant Cut Glass 8.5" pitcher 
508 American Brilliant Cut Glass 7.5" hour glass shaped pitcher
509 Vaseline glass 9.5" pitcher
510 Victorian 9" Spatter pitcher, deep red and white with silver mica flecks
511 Blown glass 12"h pitcher, dark olive green
512 (2) Pink Depression ice buckets
513 Art Deco cordial set: chrome tray with (6) cobalt shot glasses
514 (4) Hazel Atlas Rest Well nesting green depression mixing bowls
515 Art Glass 4" cobalt cabinet vase with Sterling silver overlay
516 American Brilliant Cut Glass 10.5"h decanter with stopper
517 American Brilliant Cut Glass 4"h x 9.5"d bowl
518 American Brilliant Cut Glass 9.5" pitcher
519 Art Deco green depression bowl
520 West Virginia Glass (paper label) tumble up
521 EAPG Florette (Quilt) 4 pc. condiment set, pink
522 C.F. Monroe Mt. Washington salt and pepper set in ornate handled holder
523 Majolica "Tobacco" humidor, Indian Chief
524 Indian Chief humidor
525 Consolidated Phoenix Glass Custard tri-colored 7" Katydid  ovoid vase
526 Carnival Glass Northwood Raspberry 7.5" milk pitcher, amy.
527 Carnival Glass Northwood Drapery rose bowl, aqua opalescent
528 Carnival Glass Northwood Hearts and Flowers 6" compote, cobalt
528.1 Carnival Glass Northwood Hearts and Flowers 6" compote, marigold
528.2 Carnival Glass Northwood Hearts and Flowers 6" compote, aqua opalescent
529 Carnival Glass Northwood Grape and Cable compote cov. candy dish, amy.
530 Carnival Glass Northwood Sunflower/Meander ftd. bowl, amy.
531 (3) Fenton opalescent kerosene lamps, matching bases
532 Art Glass pickle castor in quadruple plate holder with paw feet, + tongs
532.1 Art Glass pickle castor in silverplate holder with lion head's feet
532.2 Northwood Royal Ivy pickle castor in ornate silverplate holder with tongs
533 Miniature white milk glass Reclining Elephant oil lamp
534 Blue satin glass Diamond Quilted miniature oil lamp
535 Pink satin glass 9" miniature oil lamp, heavy embossed pattern
536 (2) Fenton opalescent 8" Hobnail baskets: blue and white with lavender crest
537 (2) Fenton opalescent Wildflower 7" baskets, teal and pink
538 Fenton blue topaz overlay 7" basket, handpainted white flowers
539 (2) Fenton opalescent Hobnail 7" baskets, pink and blue
540 Fenton amber 7.5" basket with handpainted flowers
541 Rubina Verde miniature oil lamp in swirl design
542 Art Glass 5.5" green vase with silver overlay thistle design
543 Loetz Art Glass 3" cabinet vase with Sterling silver overlay, irid. gold
543.1 Loetz Art Glass 3.5" cabinet vase with Sterling silver overlay, irid. green
543.2 Art Glass 4" cobalt cabinet vase with Sterling silver overlay
544 Art Glass Diamond Quilted butterscotch satin glass miniature oil lamp with clear applied feet
545 Cranberry opalescent Coin Dot miniature oil lamp, Beaded Drape
546 Mrkd. Handel 8" 6-sided humidor with hinged lid, textured green finish
546.1 Mrkd. Handel 8" square shaped humidor with hinged lid, texturized green finish
547 Mrkd. Handel 6" humidor with hinged lid, man/woman and cart pictoral
548 Yellow satin glass Basket Lamp, 7.5" tall
549 Green satin glass miniature oil lamp, heavy embossed pattern
550 Phoenix Glass Wild Geese oval vase, brown background with milk glass design
551 Roseville Futura 616-6" jardiniere, gray coloring
552 Roseville Rosecraft Panel 2.25" x 5" bowl, green
553 Mrkd. Weller Etna jardiniere, 9.5"
554 Early Roseville Owl 7" pitcher
555 Roseville Blackberry 571-6" vase
556 Pair of Roseville Bleeding Heart No. 6 bookends, pink
557 Roseville Moderne 299-6" bowl, blue
558 Roseville Tuscany 71-5.25" vase, pink
559 Roseville Cremona 352-5" vase, pink
560 Roseville Fuchsia 891-6" vase, brown
561 Chinese porcelain 14" vase 
562 China Blue fine porcelain 16" vase with lid
563 Oriental 12" vase with peacocks
564 (2) Blue and white stoneware 8" jugs, embossed hunting dogs scenes
565 Abraham Lincoln decorated stoneware 8" pitcher
566 Mrkd. Flemish Jugs 9" pitcher, Tavern scene
567 Phoenix Glass Daisy 9.5" vase, pearlized on rose
568 Czech Art Glass 13" vase, brilliant yellow with applied green handle forms
569 Art Glass 10.5"h pitcher in bright multi-colored swirl pattern, gold mica flecks
570 Mrkd. Royal Doulton Lambeth 3-handled 7h mug/stein with mrkd. Sterling rim
571 Cranberry opalescent kerosene lamp, metal base
572 Cranberry opalescent ribbed swirl kerosene lamp with figural stem
573 Art Glass miniature oil lamp, cranberry and white opalescent stripes on clear background, clear applied feet
574 Rainbow Swirl Optic Art Glass miniature oil lamp - Rare!
575 Vaseline cut-to-clear 14.5" decanter with stopper
576 Mrkd. Weller Barcelona 9" vase
577 Weller Woodcraft 3.5"h x 8"d bowl, fruit
578 Van Briggle 4" round vase with 4 buttresses alternating with embossed flower
579 Van Briggle 4" vase, raised stems and swirling leaves design, green
580 Van Briggle 4.5" vase, raised stems and swirling leaves design, green
581 Roseville Moss 637-5" flower pot and saucer, pink/green
582 Roseville Mostique 622-7" jardiniere, gray
583 Mrkd. Weller Flemish 7" wall pocket
584 Mrkd. Weller Utility Ware color banded cov. jar, 4.5"
585 Roseville Ferella 497-4" vase, tan
586 Mrkd. Weller Forest pillow 7"h vase
587 Roseville Cosmos 357-10" basket, blue
588 Roseville Gardenia 610-12" basket, green
589 Weller Art Pottery 7" jardiniere, handpainted floral design
589.1 Weller Art Pottery 8" jardiniere, handpainted floral design
590 Roseville Pine Cone 747-10" vase, brown
591 Van Briggle 8" vase with embossed design, brown with green highlights
592 Van Briggle 3-Indian heads 11" vase, mulberry with blue highlights
593 Van Briggle Lorelei 12" vase, turquoise
594 Weller Dickens Ware (2nd Line) 5.25" pillow vase 
595 Mrkd. Weller Chase 6.5" lidded vase
596 Maize kerosene lamp with clear EAPG base, golden satin glass
597 Pink satin miniature oil lamp, Beaded Drape
598 Art Glass ribbed swirl pattern miniature oil lamp with applied leaf feet
599 Pink satin glass miniature oil lamp with artichoke shade
600 Signed L.C. Tiffany-Favrile 13.5" gold aurene vase
601 Roseville Pottery script dealer sign, blue, 
602 Roseville Silhouette 783-7" fan vase, Nude, tan
603 Pair of Roseville Pine Cone 1-4" bookends, blue
604 Roseville Blackberry 572-6" vase
605 Roseville Foxglove 52-12" vase, pink
606 Roseville Fuchsia 350-8" basket with attached flower frog, brown
607 Roseville Futura 425-8" Hexagon Twist vase, rose
608 Roseville Coxmos 372-10" console bowl, blue
609 Roseville Dahlrose 364-6" vase
610 Roseville Pine Cone 709-10" vase, blue
610.1 Roseville Pine Cone 709-10" vase, brown
610.2 Roseville Pine Cone 709-10" vase, green
611 Porcelain 11"h dbl. handled vase, embossed flowers and leaves
612 Blue and white Oriental 16" floor vase
613 Blue and white Oriental 14" vase with dragon heads handles
614 Blue and white Oriental 24" floor vase
615 Lenox 16" Georgian pattern vase with gold trim
616 Mlary Gregory-type 8" cranberry vase
617 Mary Gregory 9" pitcher
618 Etched crystal 8" pitcher with silver overlay
619 Mrkd. Heisey 2-tier hostess dish with Sterling silver overlay
620 Mrkd. Heisey octagon-shaped serving bowl with silver overlay
621 Tiffin amberina satin glass 4.75"h bowl 
622 Tiffin clear satin glass 4"h compote with colorful parrot and foliage
623 Tiffin black satin glass large bowl with handpainted parrots and flowering branches
624 Tiffin cobalt satin glass 10.5"h ftd. candy jar with lid, gold trim
625 Tiffin black satin glass 9" vase with gold coralene Popppies
625.1 Tiffin yellow vaseline satin glass 9" vase with coralene Poppies
625.2 Tiffin black satin glass 9" vase with handpainted Poppies
626 Tiffin green satin glass 5" compote with silver overlay design and rim
627 Tiffin orange satin glass 8"h lamp with butterfly designs - works!
628 Pair of Tiffin black satin glass 6" candlesticks, cats
629 Pair of Tiffin cobalt satin glass 6.5" candlesticks with gold trim
630 Pair of Tiffin amethyst satin glass 6.5" candlesticks
631 Lalique France frosted crystal drinking sparrow bird sculpture
632 Lalique France frosted crystal sparrow bird figurine, head in wing
633 Lalique France frosted crystal sparrow bird figurine looking up
634 Lalique France frosted crystal sparrow bird figurine
635 Lalique France bird bell with teardrop clapper
636 Swarovski figurine, "Seal"
637 Swarovski figurine, "Parrot"
638 Swarovski figurine, "Playing Seal"
639 Swarovski figurine, "Polar Bear"
640 Swarovski figurine, "Walrus"
641 Humidor with dog portrait, brown w/silver rim, 5" tall
642 Mrkd. Handel 8" humidor with portrait of sailor, browns
643 Mrkd. Handel 8" humidor with portrait of 3 dogs, browns and greens
644 Figural elephant with howdah kerosene lamp base, 5.5", mrkd. R.D. 10261
645 Figural parakeet on branch kerosene lamp base, 6.5" tall, mrkd. PS L
646 Large Van Briggle console bowl with acorn flower frog, turquoise
647 Weller 3-frogs flower frog, maroon
648 Van Briggle 10" vase, long embossed leaves and flowers
649 Van Briggle 4" vase, embossed Butterflies, maroon
650 Van Briggle 6" vase, embossed flowers, green
651 Weller Forest 8" vase
652 Weller Muskota kneeling woman, 6"
653 Pair of mrkd. Weller Barcelona 2" candleholders
654 Pair of mrkd. Weller Florala 3" candleholders
655 Mrkd. Weller Water Lily flower frog, unusual blue color
656 Roseville Wisteria 641-15" vase
657 Roseville Sunflower 1265-7" wall pocket
658 Roseville Pine Cone #498 match stick holder, blue
659 Roseville Fuchsia 1282-8" wall pocket, blue
660 Roseville Jonquil 323-7" basket
661 Mt. Washington 6" vase decorated with bird on enameled branch, clear frosted applied feet
662 Art Glass 8.5" vase, green to cranberry irid. coloring (somewhat of a Loetz look)
663 Consolidated Glass 9.5" pink pitcher in Guttate pattern
664 Blue opalescent satin glass Reverse Swirl bowl
665 (2) Amberine glass pcs: Wide Panel bowl, 3"h x 11"d; Honeycomb design 5.5"h compote 
666 Carnival Glass Morning Glory 13.5" vase, bluish purple
667 Carnival Glass April Showers 11" vase, green
667.1 Carnival Glass Beaded Bull's Eye 11" vase, amy.
667.2 Carnival Glass Fine Rib 11" vase, cobalt
668 Carnival Glass Northwood Greek Key and Scales 3.5" dome-based bowl, green
669 (2) Carnival Glass Daisy and Plume 6" ftd. rose bowls, green
670 Carnival Glass Northwood Acorn Burrs 6 pc. berry set, amethyst 
671 American Brilliant Cut Glass 9"h pitcher
672 American Brilliant Cut Glass 4"h x 8"d bowl
673 American Brilliant Cut Glass 10" pitcher
674 American Brilliant Cut Glass 11.5' decanter with stopper
675 Heavy Crystal 11"h decanter with stopper and lockable mrkd. Sterling hinged lid
676 Art Glass ribbeed Tortoise Shell pattern 9" pitcher
677 Art Glass Spatter 9" pitcher, ruby red with white opalescent 
678 Fenton white opalescent Coin Dot 9.5" pitcher
679 Cranberry spatter glass 8" pitcher
680 Yellow and white spatter glass 8.5" pitcher, Reverse swirl pattern
681 Riverside Ranson Vaseline glass 5 pc. water set
682 Handblown Spatter glass 14"l rolling pin
683 (3) Fry Ovenglass 1916-9" pie plates and (1) 1939-9"
684 (2) Pyrex pcs: 5" squatty teapot and 8" coffee pot, older Pyrex mark
685 Riverside Ranson Vaseline glass 4 pc. water set
686 Riverside Ranson Vaseline 4 pc. table set
687 (2) Depression Glass biscuit/cookie jars, 7" tall
688 American Brilliant Cut Glass 11" decanter with stopper
689 American Brilliant Cut Glass 10.5" tankard
690 American Brilliant Cut Glass 6.5" pitcher
691 Lalique France Coppelia Rose dresser box with brass-plated hinged lid frame
692 Signed Lalique France Deux Fleurs perfume bottle
693 Signed Lalique France "Antilles" Glass (Grape Cluster) ftd. bowl
694 Mrkd. Waterford Crystal Cube Block clock
695 Pair of Lalique French Art Glass Cygnes Swans mirror sculpture centerpiece, head up swan meas. 9.5"h x 7.5"d x 12"l, head down meas. 7"h x 7.5"d x 14"l
696 Swarovski figurine, "Hummingbird in Flight"
697 Swarovski figurine, "Sail Boat"
698 Swarovski figurine, "Puffins"
699 Swarovski figurine, "Grizzly"
700 Swarovski figurine, "Grand Piano with Stool"
701 Roseville Pine Cone 848-10" vase, blue
702 Roseville Ferella 497-4" vase, brown
703 Roseville Cherry Blossom 625-8" vase, brown
704 Weller Burntwood 8" vase, flowers
705 Mrkd. University of North Dakota 4.5" bowl, bluish and green
706 Niloak Mission Swirl 5" vase
707 Weller Claywood 9" vase, grapes and leaves
708 Roseville Futura 385-8" Pleated Star vase
709 Roseville Orian 733-6" vase, turquoise/tan
710 Roseville Monticello 558-5" vse, tan
711 Roseville Cameo 5"h x 9"d planter bowl decorated with cherubs, putti, acanthus leaves and Grecian columns
712 Weller Turada/ Owens Pottery Cyrano? 8" jardiniere 
713 Weller Muskota fisher boy on fish bowl base
714 Weller Forest 7" pitcher
715 Weller Hobart Lavonia 11" nude female figurine vase
716 Porcelain figural 18" vase, Victorian woman and flowers, maker unknwon
717 Cranberry Inverted Thumbprint pickle castor in ornate Meriden silverplate holder with tongs
717.1 Mt. Washington blue cased glass pickle castor in ornate holder with tongs
718 (2) Art Glass syrup pitchers: amber Inverted Thumbprint; Rubina
719 Miniature oil lamp, heavy silver swirl base with blue opalescent Swirl shade
720 Pink satin Mother of Pearl Diamond Quilted elec. kerosene lamp with ornate applied feet - works!
721 Fenton Cranberry opalescent Hobnail 8" pitcher
722 (2) Ruby red condiment bowls in ornate metal handled holder
723 EAPG ruby stain creamer and spooner, Triple Triangle pattern
724 Custard Glass 7 pc. berry set with colorful handpainted floral designs
725 EAPG Vaseline opalescent Jewel and Flower 8.5" pitcher
726 Tiffin green satin glass 11"h basket
726.1 Tiffin amberin saatin glass 11"h basket
727 Tiffin-shaped bright blue condiment bowl with clear ladle, 4" tall
728 Tiffin blue satin glass bowl with flared rim, 4"h x 9"d
728.1 Victorian Art Glass sharply fluted amber compote on gold plated floral embossed stand, 11.5" tall x 11"d
729 Tiffin black satin glass 7" lamp with coralene poppies
730 Tiffin black satin glass 3"h x 12"d console bowl with silver overlay flower and branches
731 Tiffin blue satin glass 9.5"h dbl. handled vase with Art Deco silver overlay design
732 (2) Tiffin black satin 6.75" vases with great Iris silver overlay design
733 Tiffin black satin glass 6"h pedestal bowl with diamonds pattern and gold trim
734 Tiffin vaseline satin glass Poppy bowl/vase with flower frog insert, 6" tall
735 Tiffin green satin glass 7" vase with silver decorations and rims
736 Tiffin amber satin glass 5"h bowl on attached pedestal ftd. base
737 Tiffin black satin glass 5.5"h twisted pedestal bowl, handpainted Parrot 
738 Tiffin clear satin glass reverse handpainted Parrot 7.5" compote
739 Tiffin pink satin glass 8-sided dresser box with handpainted florals on lid
740 (2) Tiffin #151 candlesticks in cobalt with sailing ships design, 8.5" tall
741 Roseville Mostique 222-8" low bowl, gray
742 Roseville Futura 381-6" Beer Mug vase
743 Weller Hudson 12.5" vase decorated with large ragged edge flowers
744 Mrkd. Teco 2" miniature vase
745 Roseville Carnelian (Glazes) 6.25" vase, rose
746 Roseville Pine Cone 850-14" vase, blue
747 Mrkd. Weller Silvertone 12" vase
748 Roseville Wincraft No. 259 bookends, green/yellow
749 Roseville Fuchsia 348-5: bowl, brown
750 Pair of Roseville Wisteria 1091-4" candleholders
751 Mrkd. Weller Dickensware, 2nd Line, 14" vase, stag being chased scene, artist signed 
752 Mrkd. S.A. Weller (in script by hand) Greenaways 8.5"h x 9.5"d jardiniere, windmill scene
753 Mrkd. Roseville Rozane 15" vase, Velasque portrait 
754 Weller Louwelsa 5.5" spittoon, floral decorated
755 Unusual-shaped spongeware 9" flask?
756 (2) Mrkd. Buffalo Pottery "Buffalo Hunt" platters
757 Mrkd. Buffalo Pottery "Buffalo Hunt" 6.5" pitcher
758 (3) Mrkd. Buffalo Pottery 9.25" plates, Game birds
759 Mrkd. Buffalo Pottery Cinderella 6.5" pitcher
760 Mrkd. Buffalo Pottery Holland/farmer's wife 6" pitcher
760.1 Mrkd. Buffalo Pottery Robin Hood 8.5" pitcher
760.2 Mrkd. Buffalo Pottery Deldare "Ye Lion Inn" 9.75" pitcher
761 Western Stoneware Old Sleepy Eye Flemish 8.75" vase
762 Monmouth Western Stoneware Sleepy Eye 9" pitcher
763 Sleepy Eye green stoneware 7.5" pitcher - Hard to find in the green!
764 Dresden porcelain 10.5" bride lace figurine 
765 Sleepy Eye stoneware 5" x 6" butter crock
766 Miniature oil lamp with heavily embossed silverplate ftd. base with yellow and white swirl design shade, 7.5" tall
766.1 Miniature oil lamp with heavily embossed silverplate ftd. base with blue opalescent Nailsea shade, 9" tall
767 Phoenix Glass 17.75" umbrella vase in Thistle pattern, blue and milk glass
768 American Brilliant Cut Glass 14" kerosene lamp
769 Victorian cased glass bride's bowl/basket in ornate holder, artist signed
770 Victorian amberina pickle castor with unusual handpainted fruit decoration, ornate holder with figural bird + tongs
770.1 EAPG Waffle pattern sapphire blue pickle castor in Simpson Hall and Miller silverplate holder + tongs
770.2 Amberina Hobnail pickle castor in ornate Meriden quadruple plate holder + tongs
771 Mt. Washington 7" vase with clear applied handles and coralene floral decoration
772 Glossy yellow 8.5" 4-sided miniature oil lamp with clear applied feet
773 Fenton lime opalescent Coin Dot 8.5"h vase
774 Silver plated, heavily embossed base with floral decoration miniature oil lamp with blue and white swirl shade
775 White opalescent glass miniature oil lamp with applied blue shell feet
775.1 Cut Glass 10" Chalice vase, Hobstars and cross-cut diamonds dominate
775.2 Bohemia Crystal Cut canoe-shaped bowl, 6.5"h x 12"l x 7.5"w, original gift box
777 Tiffin black satin glass 8.25" vase silver overlay design
776 Tiffin black satin glass 8" vase with colorful Art Deco design
778 Tiffin amberina satin glass console bowl with open works edge
779 (2) Tiffin green satin glass vases with silver overlay decorations
780 Pair of Tiffin green satin 3.25" candleholders with handpainted parrots
781 Swarovski figurine, "Elephant"
782 Swarovski figurine, "Hippo"
783 Swarovski figurine, "Beaver"
784 Swarovski figurine, "Rhino"
785 Swarovski figurine, "Large Penguin"
785.1 (2) Mrkd. NAO (by Lladro) Swan vases, 7"h x 8.5"l
786 Signed Waterford Crystal Clarion 5.5"h square bowl
787 (4) Signed Lalique France Crystal Yseult oval salt cellars
788 Lalique France frosted crystal Leda and the Swan figurine
789 Lalique France frosted and clear crystal Madonna figurine
790 Lalique France frosted and clear Eagle head paper weight
791 Roseville Pine Cone No. 1 wall shelf, blue
792 Roseville Futura 382-7" Telescope vase
793 Roseville Foxglove 965-7" vase, pink
794 Roseville White Rose 991-12" vase, pink/green
794.1 Roseville White Rose 991-12" vase, blue
795 Roseville Fuschia 901-10" vase, brown
796 Burley Winter Pottery #43 6" dbl. handled vase, pink drip glaze
797 Brush McCoy Art Pottery #050 brown onyx 6" vase
798 Pottery 5" vase, brown drip glaze, maker unknown
799 Jug mrkd. Belgium #2114 (attributed Wasmuel)
800 Unm. blue pottery bowl, 3"h x 8"d (has a Newcomb look but unsure of maker)
801 Roseville Roseraft 8.5"d low bowl, burnt orange
802 Roseville Carnelian I 335-8" vase, blue
803 Roseville Pine Cone 908-8" vase, blue
804 Roseville 6" fan vase, spongeware-like glaze
805 Roseville Futura 393-12" Four Ball vase
806 Roseville Bushberry #45 flower frog, blue
807 Roseville Moss #24 flower frog, tan
808 Roseville Rozane Pattern #44 flower frog, ivory
809 Weller flower frog (maybe Warwick)
810 Roseville Matt Green 2 pc. bouquet holder, 4"d
811 Tiffin black satin glass bowl atop a separate base, gold floral decoration and trim
812 Tiffin black satin glass bowl/vase with open works rim
813 Tiffin black satin glass 6.5"h vase with silver overlay design of geese flying over trees
814 Tiffin pink satin glass 4"h condiment bowl with ladle, handpainted flowers with gold trim
815 Tiffin green satin glass 8"h cov. candy dish, handpainted floral design with gold trim
816 Tiffin clear satin glass 8"h cov. candy dish, handpainted floral design with gold trim
817 (3) Tiffin green satin glass pcs. with handpainted parrot design
818 Tiffin black satIn glass 11" vase with silver overlay motif
819 Tiffin cobalt satin glass 6"h bowl/vase with  gold trim
820 Tiffin black satin glass embossed Poppy 10.5" vase
821 Swarovski figurine, "Blowfish"
822 Swarovski figurine, "Butterfly Fish w/ Coral"
823 Swarovski figurine, "Penguin Mother with Baby"
824 Swarovski figurine, "Deer"
825 Swarovski figurine, "Baby Dolphin"
826 Swarovski figurine, "Parrot"
827 Swarovski figurine, "In Love - Bert and Berta"
828 Swarovski figurine, "Medium Swan"
829 Swarovski figurine, "Cobra"
830 Swarovski figurine, "Frog"
831 Fenton Family Signature Series 9"h basket, white milk glass wsith sweetbriar plum overlay with handpainted flowers
832 Fenton Family Signature Series 8.5"h Trellis basket, white opalescent with lavender edge and flowers
833 (2) Fenton melon-shaped 7.5" baskets with handpainted flowers
834 Fenton Burmese 8" basket with handpainted floral design
835 Fenton opaline satin Open Heart Arches spiral optic basket, 8.5"
836 (3) Fenton Hobnail 6.5" baskets, different colors
837 Fenton Rosaline flower petal-shaped 6.5" basket
838 Fenton cobalt Rib Optic 9" basket with spruce green edge and handle, handpainted flowers
839 Fenton French opalescent ribbed 8.5" basket with cobalt edge and handle, handpainted flowers
840 Fenton Burmese 7.5" basket with handpainted flowers
841 Roseville Pine Cone 1321 ice lip pitcher, blue
842 Roseville Gardenia 617-10" ewer, gray
843 Roseville Foxglove 418-4" bowl, green
844 Roseville Freesia 125-10" vase, blue
845 Roseville Silhouette 787-10" vase, Nude, red
846 Roseville Dahlrose 179-8" console bowl
847 Roseville Tuscany 171-6" bowl, gray
848 Roseville Pine Cone 322-12" console bowl, blue
849 (2) Van Briggle Native American wall plaques, maroon: Big Buffalo and Little Star
850 Van Briggle large pot with embossed leaves design, maroon, 6"h x 11"d
851 Van Briggle 6.75"h vase with embossed flowers, Mtn. Craig brown
852 Van Briggle 5.5"h vase with embossed flowers, turquoise
853 Van Briggle figural Owl lamp, 9" tall - works!
854 Pair of Van Briggle Dragonfly bookends, dark maroon
855 Weller Glendale 9" vase, Love birds
856 Mrkd. Weller Louwelsa 14" tankard, Indian portrait
857 Mrkd. Weller Glendale dbl. bud vase wall pocket, yellow bird and nest
858 Weller Burntwood 9"h x 9"d jardiniere, great birds in flight scene
859 Weller Glendale 6" vase, bird by water and reeds design
860 Mrkd. Weller Hudson Light 9" vase, Lily of the Valley floral design
861 Panel Optic blue opalescent Art Glass miniature lamp with clear applied base
862 Kerosene lamp - vaseline 3 dolphins base with clear Ring Punty, Sawtooth Eye and Leaf font
863 Kerosene lamp with amy. wheel engraved design font, brass stem and marble base
864 Cast metal figural young girl kerosene stand lamp, cranberry overlay cut-to-clear font, black painted marble foot
865 Kerosene lamp - clear font with swirl white opalescent and cobalt design, brass stem and marble base
866 Milk glass miniature oil lamp with embossed flowers and leaves, green vertical stain
867 White opalescent Coin Dot finger lamp with black base
868 Cranberry opalescent Snowflake finger lamp
869 Miniature oil lamp - gold embossed metal base with yellow opalescent Diamond Quilted Mother-of-Pearl shade
870 Apple green embossed satin miniature oil lamp, white cased lining
871 Fenton Rosaline 7" basket with handpainted lavender flowers
872 Fenton Rosaline 7.5" basket
873 Fenton Charleton Collection 9.5" blue basket with white edge and handpainted pink roses
874 Fenton Rosaline 9" ftd. basket, threaded pattern
875 Fenton Vasa Murrhina 9" cranberry basket
876 Mrkd. Weller Velva 6" vase, unusual green glaze with gold
877 Mrkd. Weller Louella 6.5" vase, blue with handpainted flowers
878 Weller Hobart 3" x 9" console bowl with nude flower frog 
879 Brush McCoy frog, 6"l x 3.25"h
880 Mrkd. Weller Coppertone frog with lily pad vase, 4" tall
881 Mrkd. Door Pottery Arts and Crafts Lizard paperweight, 3.75"l
882 Mrkd. Door Studio Pottery 9" vase, goldish brown background with darker brown abstract trees
883 Roseville Ivory (Tinted) 13"l  wall pocket, Matt Green shape
884 Roseville Ivory (Tinted) 10"l  wall pocket, Matt Green shape
885 Roseville Creamware (Fraternal Societies) 206-4" planter
886 Roseville Pine Cone 713-14" vase, brown
887 Roseville Dahlrose 6"h x 12.5"w window box
888 Roseville Early Pottery green monkey bottle, 6" tall
889 Roseville Majolica "Ye Olden Time" 4.5" jug, blended greens
890 Roseville Art Pottery Buffalo coin bank, blended green and brown glaze
891 Roseville Pine Cone 912-15" vase, green
892 Roseville Blackberry 570-5" vase
893 Roseville Sunflower 4.5" vase
894 Roseville Futura 344-5" hanging basket
895 Roseville Morning Glory 269-6" vase, white
896 Roseville Pine Cone 427-8" bowl, brown
897 Roseville Rosecraft Panel lamp, Shape No. 293-8", brown, fruit and leaves
898 Roseville Mostique 73-5" bowl, gray
899 Roseville Blackberry 567-4" vase
900 Roseville Pauleo (Decorated) 17" vase, handpainted flowers on purple and green lustre background - hard to find piece!
901 Roseville Wincraft 241-6" vase, tan
902 Rosevile Orian 739-9" vase, turquoise/tan
903 Roseville Rozane Royal (dark) 940-9.5" pitcher, golden yellow flowers
904 Roseville White Rose 390-8" bowl, brown/green
905 Roseville Snowberry 1TK-10" ewer, green
906 Roseville Moderne 790-7" bud vase, turquoise
907 Roseville Gardenia 666-8" wall pocket, tan
908 Roseville Carnelian I 167-12" x 9" bowl, blue drip on pink
909 Niloak Mission Swirl 8" lamp
910 Roseville Rozane Pattern 159-6" cornucopia, blue
911 Roseville Pine Cone 114-8" pillow vase, green
912 Roseville Cameo 3.5"h x 7"d planter bowl 
913 Mrkd. Weller Knifewood 8" humidor, hunting dogs scene (believe the lid is a marriage)
914 Mrkd. Weller Glendale 16" console bowl with flower frog
914.1 Pair of mrkd. Weller Glendale 2.5"h candleholders
915 Weller Lebanon 10" vase, oxen and workers in-relief
916 Roseville Jonquil 4" jardiniere
917 Mrkd. Weller Zona 7.5" pitcher
918 Hull Bow Knot B13-13" dbl. cornucopia, blue/green
919 Hull Bow Knot B-7-8.5" vase, pink/green
920 Weller Lebanon 9.5" vase, bulls in-relief
921 Roseville Foxglove 5-10" ewer, pink
922 Roseville Vista 9.5" wall pocket
923 Roseville Cormos 955-10" ewer, blue
924 Mrkd. Weller Barcelona 9.5" dbl. handled vase
925 Weller Cactus 5" horse
925.1 Weller Cactus 5" standing boy holding basin
926 Brush McCoy bull planter, 5"h x 6"l
927 Pr. yellow figural birds flower frog, Mrkd. R3
928 Miniature Roseville 3"h white vase, paper label
929 Roseville Futura 626-6" jardiniere, brown
930 Roseville Pine Cone 112-7" bud vase, brown
931 Sweet miniature pottery jardiniere, dancing nude babies, 2.75" tall
932 Mrkd. Weller Louwelsa 2.5"h cabinet vase, yellow flower
933 Roseville? Apple bank, tan, 2.5"h
934 Van Briggle high gloss brown pottery donkey, 3.5"h x 4"l
935 Van Briggle high gloss black pottery elephant, 3"h x 4"l
936 Weller Louwelsa large kerosene or oil lamp decorated with spider mums, artist initials ER
937 Weller Louwelsa large kerosene or oil lamp decorated with flowers
938 Mrkd Weller Glendale circular wall pocket, bird with nest
939 Weller Glendale 9" wall pocket, bird feeding babies
940 Mrkd. Weller 5"h pot with slightly raised fish design
941 Mrkd. Weller Zona Kingfisher 8.5" pitcher
942 Mrkd. Weller Blue and Decorated Hudson 9.5" vase
943 Mrkd. The Western Stoneware 10.5" jardiniere set on 4 feet in the form of a tree trunk
944 Mrkd. Weller Louella 3.5"h bowl
945 Weller Souevo 7" hanging basket with Whirling Logs designs
946 Mrkd. Weller Bonito 17" console bowl with flower frog
947 Early Roseville Creamware smoker set with Native American Indian
948 Roseville Mostique window box, brown
949 Roseville Pine Cone 338-10" basket, brown
950 Mrkd. Weller Blue Ware 8.5" jardiniere
951 Roseville Pine Cone 804-10" vase, blue
952 Roseville Dahlrose 365-8" vase
953 Roseville Wincraft 286-12" vase, green/brown
954 Roseville Snowberry 1FH-7" vase, blue
955 Roseville Pine Cone 910-10" vase, brown
956 Roseville Pine Cone 842-8" vase, green
957 Roseville Pine Cone 906-6" vase, blue
958 Roseville Wincraft 267-5" wall pocket, green/brown
959 Roseville Mostique 73-7" bowl, gray
960 Mrkd. Weller LaSa lamp, vase meas. 9" tall
961 Weller Flemish 4.5"h tub
962 Unm. large jardiniere with colorful embossed autumn foliage designs, maker unknown 
963 Van Briggle 2"h pot, maroon
964 Van Briggle maroon rabbit paperweight, 2.5" x 3.5"
965 Van Briggle 2.5"h pot, grayish green
965.1 Van Briggle 9" vase with embossed leaves, Ming blue
966 Van Briggle 4.75" vase, green/blue
967 Van Briggle 4"h vase with embossed flower, maroon
968 Van Briggle 4"h vase with embossed flowers and eaves, ming blue
969 Van Briggle  2.5"h tulip-shaped vase, ming blue
970 Van Briggle 3"h vase, embossed Butterflies on 4 sides, maroon
971 (2) Weller Patricia duck planters, 2.5"
972 (4) Mosaic Tile turtle boxes, 3 have covers, different colors
973 Pottery frog on black base flower frog, 4.5"d
974 Pottery figural frog flower frog, red, 
975 Shawnee Pottery Swan flower frog, blue, 4.5"h

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