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  • Michael Jordan & Cal Ripken Stamps,

    Michael Jordan & Cal Ripken Stamps,

  • Early Stamps, USA Mixed Unsearched

    Early Stamps, USA Mixed Unsearched

  • Unsearched Stamps, Mixed USA (1000+)

    Unsearched Stamps, Mixed USA (1000+)

  • Stamps, 200+ Scarce United States

    Stamps, 200+ Scarce United States

Lot: 1 - Michael Jordan & Cal Ripken Stamps, Cards, Covers

Lot includes Michael Jordan first day cover and gold stamp, Michael Jordan cards (3), Michael Jordan Bugs Bunny celluloid card, Cal Ripken first day cover, 7 painted enamel historical U.S. quarters

Lot: 2 - Early Stamps, USA Mixed Unsearched

Lot of 300+ United States postage stamps, a mixed variety of unsearched stamps. Many in sleeves.

Lot: 3 - Unsearched Stamps, Mixed USA (1000+)

Lot of 1000+ unsearched United States postage stamps and 100 foreign stamps for a total of 1100+ stamps.

Lot: 4 - Stamps, 200+ Scarce United States Postage

Lot of 200+ scarce USA postage stamps, most unused and most in blocks.

Lot: 5 - Stamps, 250+ United States Vintage Postage

Lot of 250+ USA postage stamps including 32c (20), 25c (70), D (30) (Forever), 14c (8), 12c (100), 11c (104), 7c (32) and 9 Tax Stamps PA Liquor.

Lot: 6 - Stamps, Vintage United States Postage (425+)

425+ vintage United States postage stamps including (205) 20c and (220) 22c.

Lot: 7 - Stamps, United States Vintage Postage (700+)

Lot of 715 stamps including blocks and unused including (335) 13c and (380) 18c.

Lot: 8 - Stamps, Antique, Various Cents (500+)

Lot of 500+ antique United States postage stamps including 1/2 cent, 1 cent, 1 1/2 cent and 10 cent.

Lot: 9 - Stamps, United States Antique Collectible (600+)

Lot of 600+ USA postage stamps including (300+) 5 cent and 4 1/2 cent stamps as well as (100) 2 cent and 2 1/2 cent; and (150) 3 cent, 4 1/2 cent and 4 cent stamps. Many blocks and strips.

Lot: 10 - Stamps, Antique, 6 Cent & 8 Cent Collection

Lot of 900+ USA antique postage stamps including (400+) 6 cent and (500+) 8 cent stamps.

Lot: 11 - Stamp Collection, Antique US Postage (1000+)

Large collection of stamp sheets holding approx 1500 antique United States stamps in fair to good condition.

Lot: 12 - Postage, Vintage United States Pre-Paid Postcards

100+ United States new pre-paid postcards and envelopes.

Lot: 13 - FDR Mistress Letter, Post Cards & Other Ephemera

100+ total pieces of historic ephemera including a White House letter sent by M. A. LeHand, FDR's mistress in addition to first day covers, stamp envelopes, postcards, WW2 ephemera and more.

Lot: 14 - International Stamp Collection Albums (5)

Lot of 5 postage stamp collection albums, each approx 15 - 25% filled with international stamps.

Lot: 15 - US Postage Stamps, Letters & Coins

100+ misc old stamps that are listed on the envelopes , 25 stamp envelopes and letters and 12 foreign coins.

Lot: 16 - 1971 Jamaica Soul Festival Vintage Ephemera

Lot of Jamaican soul/ reggae/ ska festival ephemera from 1971 including memorandum of the soul festival in Kingston Jamaica by P.R.F. Enterprises and including 2 stock certificates, artist and promotions contract, corporation contract rider with Gladys Knight and the Pips, promotional photos of Jr. Walker and King Floyd, Aug - Sept 1971 Swing magazine that advertises the festival and promotion from Muhammad Ali for the festival.

Lot: 17 - Cigar Bands, Stamps & Ephemera

Albums including cigar advertising stamps, cigar band art stamps, art stamp album and ephemera including sea farming documents from 1973.

Lot: 18 - Stamps, Antique Worldwide Postage (500+)

Lot of approx 500 - 1000 antique and vintage international and United States stamps.

Lot: 19 - Stamp Album with Vintage US Stamps

The All American Stamp Album of United States postage stamps, approx 80% complete. Most stamps seem to be from the 1800s through 1960s.

Lot: 20 - Early Postage Stamp Large Collection

Envelopes of early postage stamps, misc as noted on envelopes. Appears to be a mix of United States and international.

Lot: 21 - Antique Stamp Collection Albums & More

four stamp albums, first day covers (approx 20), early paid postcards (10). There are also sheets including 50 one cent stamps (2 sheets). Most stamps appear to be cancelled in the albums.

Lot: 21A - Native American Themed Decoratives

Lot of 6 Native American themed items including single cast iron Native American and porcelain book ends, cup / flower pot, art pottery mug (some glaze loss), Yellowstone national park figurine doll with canoe and book of "Proven Recipes". See photos.

Lot: 22 - Decorated Delaware Native American Indian Pottery

Early woodlands 30+ pieces of decorated pottery shards found in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania from the Delaware Native American Indian tribe.

Lot: 23 - Native American Delaware Tribe Artifacts

50+ pieces of Native American artifacts collected in Montgomery, Pennsylvania and from the Delaware Native American Indian tribe.

Lot: 24 - Native American Delaware Indian Stone Artifacts

40+ pieces of Native Anerican stone tools collected in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania that were created by the Delaware Native American Indian tribe. Tools including knives, scrapers, thumb scrapers, cutting tools and more.

Lot: 25 - Native American Pottery Shards (100+)

100+ pieces of pottery shards collected in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania from the Delaware Native American Indian tribe. Some pieces are in an antique box with wood burnt design and some pieces are mounted.

Lot: 26 - Montgomery County PA Native American Artifacts

25 Native American Delaware Indian tribe net weights collected in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania.

Lot: 27 - Stone Tools from Delaware Indian Tribe

14 pieces of Native American stone tools from the Delaware Indian tribe. Tools include pestles, celts, scraper, and grinding stones.

Lot: 28 - Native American Nutting Stones & Drilled Weight

14 pieces of Native American Delaware Indian stone tools including nutting stones and large drilled weight. Found in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. The large weight measures approx 6" L. Weight should be considered for shipping.

Lot: 29 - Native American Artifacts, Fossils, Shell & Book

34 pieces including fossils, Native American artifacts, minerals, shell, bone and the book "An Introduction to American Archaeology" by Gordon Willey

Lot: 30 - Pennsylvania Native Am Arrowheads & Scrapers

Framed and mounted eastern Pennsylvania arrowheads and scrapers, possibly Delaware River Native Americans. Reverse of frame is written "Presented to John M. Gockley by his teacher, Jos. H. M. Glaughton Dec 25, 1902."

Lot: 30A - Large Indian / Hindu Watercolor Painting

Large Hindu watercolor painting of on a tiger hunt measuring approx 41.5" x 19" OD.

Lot: 31 - Richard D Schultz (Am, 1915-2007) Landscapes (4)

Four Richard D Schultz (Am, 1915-2007) oil paintings, all signed by the artist and framed. Titles of the paintings include: "Morning Glory", "Move Over For Fall", "Evening Glow" and "Aging Companions". Black framed painting measures approx 11.5" x 9.25" OD. Schultz is a listed Maryland/Pennsylvania artist who studied under the late Walter Emerson Baum in the 1920s-1930s at the Baum School of Art (Walter Emerson Baum), and later studied under Lee Martinet in Baltimore at the Martinet School of Art in the 1940s-1950s and has been exhibited in the local areas.

Lot: 32 - Richard D Schultz (Am, 1915-2007) Landscapes (4)

Four Richard D Schultz (Am, 1915-2007) oil paintings, all signed by the artist, two deep shadowbox style framed and two unframed (one canvas, one board). Titles of the paintings include: "Spring Arrival", Spring Crops", "Burst of Spring", "VA. Farm Memory". Painting on board measures approx 14" x 10". Schultz is a listed Maryland/Pennsylvania artist who studied under the late Walter Emerson Baum in the 1920s-1930s at the Baum School of Art (Walter Emerson Baum), and later studied under Lee Martinet in Baltimore at the Martinet School of Art in the 1940s-1950s and has been exhibited in the local areas.

Lot: 33 - Richard D Schultz (Am, 1915-2007) Landscapes (4)

Four Richard D Schultz (Am, 1915-2007) oil paintings, all signed by the artist, three framed and one unframed on canvas. Unframed painting measures approx 12" x 16". Titles include: "Guppy Pond", "Fall Along River", "Small Cabin by Lake" and "Snow Captive". Schultz is a listed Maryland/Pennsylvania artist who studied under the late Walter Emerson Baum in the 1920s-1930s at the Baum School of Art (Walter Emerson Baum), and later studied under Lee Martinet in Baltimore at the Martinet School of Art in the 1940s-1950s and has been exhibited in the local areas.

Lot: 34 - Richard D Schultz (Am, 1915-2007) Landscapes (4)

Four Richard D Schultz (Am, 1915-2007) oil paintings, all signed by the artist, smallest measures approx 6.25" x 6.5". Titles include "Fall Surprise", "Spring Along Avalon", "Spring Survivors" and "Wild Flowers". Schultz is a listed Maryland/Pennsylvania artist who studied under the late Walter Emerson Baum in the 1920s-1930s at the Baum School of Art (Walter Emerson Baum), and later studied under Lee Martinet in Baltimore at the Martinet School of Art in the 1940s-1950s and has been exhibited in the local areas.

Lot: 35 - Richard D Schultz (Am, 1915-2007) Drawings (4)

Four Richard D Schultz (Am, 1915-2007) framed drawings, all signed by the artist. Schultz is a listed Maryland/Pennsylvania artist who studied under the late Walter Emerson Baum in the 1920s-1930s at the Baum School of Art (Walter Emerson Baum), and later studied under Lee Martinet in Baltimore at the Martinet School of Art in the 1940s-1950s and has been exhibited in the local areas.

Lot: 35A - Richard D Schultz (Am, 1915-2007) Drawings (4)

Three framed pieces (one has two drawings for a total of 4 in the lot) originals by Richard D Schultz (Am, 1915-2007) all signed by the artist c 1980s. The single tree is titled "Squirrel Nest" pencil drawing his inventory #207, the other same size looks like a pencil drawing of a Tiger Lily. The 2 landscapes framed together also pencil drawings, untitled and frame OD 10.5" x 22.5". Schultz is a listed Maryland/Pennsylvania artist who studied under the late Walter Emerson Baum in the 1920s-1930s at the Baum School of Art (Walter Emerson Baum), and later studied under Lee Martinet in Baltimore at the Martinet School of Art in the 1940s-1950s and has been exhibited in the local areas.

Lot: 36 - Richard D Schultz (Am, 1915-2007) Drawings (4)

Four Richard D Schultz (Am, 1915-2007) oil paintings / drawings, all signed by the artist. Largest approx 16" x 20" and titled Study of a Knarled Tree, artist inventory #210. Schultz is a listed Maryland/Pennsylvania artist who studied under the late Walter Emerson Baum in the 1920s-1930s at the Baum School of Art (Walter Emerson Baum), and later studied under Lee Martinet in Baltimore at the Martinet School of Art in the 1940s-1950s and has been exhibited in the local areas.

Lot: 36A - Child's Vintage Tea Sets, Tee Pee & More

Vintage miniature tea sets including 5 plates with daisy (largest approx 6.5" dia), 5 plastic orange plates, Aluminum Specialty Manitowoo Wisconsin orange cup, coffee kettle, two aluminum pots (approx 3" dia) and 2 aluminum baking pans. There is also a Native American teepee with a baby inside and a Lenox Rose Manor small tray.

Lot: 37 - Crazy Quilt Hand Sewn

Hand stitched crazy quilt made with a variety of fabrics. Measures approx 70" x 70". Overall good condition, has some discoloration on reverse and edge has wax/glue like substance. See photos.

Lot: 38 - Antique Keys, Spectacles, Paperweight & More

Antique spectacles, several skeleton keys, small Japanese dog figurine, 4 leather belt buckles, perfume bottle, bronze squirrel figurine, scissors, large glass star paperweight (approx 6" dia) and more.

Lot: 39 - Pearl Style, Vintage & More Beaded Necklaces

Large lot of 40+ costume necklaces, some antique and vintage. There are also a few antique and vintage jewelry boxes and bracelet.

Lot: 40 - Beaded Costume Jewelry

Beaded necklaces, bracelets, brooches and more costume jewelry.

Lot: 41 - Raggedy Ann, Bisque Doll & Cradle

Antique wooden cradle (approx 21" L) with early Raggedy Ann doll (14.5" L)and bisque doll. Bisque doll doll is marked on the back of the neck as "2" above maker's mark that has an A and a B with an X design. She measures approx 18.5" T. Has a detached leg that needs repair. some paint loss and discoloration to the clothing on both dolls.

Lot: 42 - 300 Topps Baseball Trading Cards

300 vintage 1970 Topps baseball cards for various teams.

Lot: 43 - 1971 Topps Baseball Trading Cards (400)

400 Topp's vintage baseball collector trading cards from 1971 of various teams.

Lot: 43A - Pin Backs, Playing Cards, Rulers & Advertising

Lot includes 50+ pin back buttons, 6 decks of unopened playing cards, 25+ advertising rulers, advertising, drawer pulls, thermometers and more.

Lot: 44 - Vintage Telephones (3)

Three vintage telephones including 2 Bell System push button phones and another phone JK-4 made in Japan rotary phone.

Lot: 48 - Vintage Adult Books, Magazines & More

Two books: "Forbidden Art: The World of Erotica by Miss Naomi (1998) and "The Female Form: A Private View and "The Confessions of a Virtuous Wife" printed in Italy. In addition, 2 Playboy magazines from the 1980s and three more adult magazines from the 1960s and more.

Lot: 49 - 17 Pairs of Glasses / Frames

17 pairs of glasses, many seem to have prescriptions.

Lot: 50 - European Silver Plated Trophy Vessel

Silver plated trophy vessel, engraved with coat of arms (likely European). Measures approx 12.75" H.

Lot: 52 - Civil War Bullets & Mini Balls

Civil War bullets and mini balls. Two tags within the group say: "Antietam MD, West Woods, 58 Cal Union" and "Antietam, West Woods, round ball, 54 cal". See photos

Lot: 53 - Vintage Desk & Home Items

Vintage and antique desk items including "Stow-Away", an all metal storage cabinet with small drawers, measuring approx 6" H x 8.25" L x 6" W with original packaging. There is also Dixie Bell antique ice cream mixer top, electrified Eagle desk light (has not been tested) and a Louis Sherry New York Paris advertising tin.

Lot: 54 - Decanters, Pitcher, Stemmed Glasses

Two clear glass decanters with stoppers, green glass water pitcher and two footed champagne glasses (have a etched design). Tallest is one of the decanters at approx 11.25" H.

Lot: 55 - Hand Wrought Knives w/ Figural Handles

Four hand wrought knives with figural handles made with bone and possibly other natural material. Handle design appears to be dragon or eagle. One knife shows oxidation on the blade that is also inscribed "Soy Tu Amigo" on one side and the other side is illegible. Two other knives are marked JLP and the other Jose. The knife with oxidation is the longest at approx 14.5" L. See photos for more details.

Lot: 56 - Brass Candle Sticks, Frog & Tray

Brass items consisting of two candle sticks (approx 9" H), finger candle holder, frog and tray. See photos

Lot: 57 - Antique Cocktail Shakers

Two large drink and cocktail shakers. Largest measures approx 15" H and marked Apollo E.P.N.S. made by Bernard Rice's Sons Inc. There is another marked Jos. Heinrichs Paris + New York Nickel silver (approx 13" H, missing finial), There are also three cocktail shakers with largest measuring approx 9.25" H and marked Meridian International Silver Co made with white metal, Jos. Heinrichs Paris + New York cocktail shaker with chain (missing finial) and another Jos. Heinrichs Paris + New York cocktail shaker made with nickel silver.

Lot: 59 - Salesman Sample / Child Size Antique Metal Stove

Antique metal salesman sample / child's size stove. Measures approx 19" H x 12.75" L x 9.5" W. Unmarked.

Lot: 60 - Dresser Top Antique Shave Mirror

Antique footed shaving mirror with drawer made of veneer wood with wood inlay along the front drawer. Has a leaded mirror that tilts. Measures approx 16" H x 14" L x 7" D. Name possibly "Shields" is written on the back, there is some pencil writing on the bottom that says "Lydia, from her grandmother Lydia Lupton" and possible maker's mark on the bottom center. Some of the silver on mirror has loss. Veneer loss on two corners.

Lot: 61 - Vintage Pot Warmer & Vases

Vintage pot warmer includes warmer with pot that sits on top along with a blue hand thrown pottery vase signed "Sherman" on the bottom along with two modern yellow vases signed Bloomingville. A wooden serving tray is also included. Small blue vase measures approx4" H.

Lot: 62 - Vintage York Barbell & Primitives

Lot includes a York Barbell 7lb weight and primitives. Primitives including tin stars, pulls, meat hooks and more. There is some oxidation on the weight, meat hooks and some others. Stars have a lovely patina. Weight should be considered for shipping this item.

Lot: 63 - Five Hand Blown Glass Net Floats

Five hand blow blue and green glass net floats. One green is marked "Made in England" and the largest of the group at approx 5" dia and the smallest approx 3". All have hand blown glass pontil and in good condition.

Lot: 64 - Blue Glass Hand Blown Net Float

Authentic hand blown blue glass fisherman's net float with knotted rope cover on the ball and large tie off. Measures approx 12".

Lot: 65 - Glass Head / Hat Models (3)

Three hollow glass heads including two black and one green in color. Each measure approx 10" H. Hat holder.

Lot: 66 - 1930 Cast Iron Door Stop, Ship Shape

Decorative cast iron footed door stop ship measuring approx 11.5" H. Dated 1930 on reverse with "Copyright Creation". Has nice patina as seen in photo.

Lot: 67 - Handmade South American Puppets & Framed Art

Three handmade puppets with cone shaped bodies and masks of animals on the faces of the puppets, two hand cut paper cut figures between the glass of a floating frame and three framed Korean masks.

Lot: 68 - Central & South American Ethnic Decorative Items

Large lot of central and South American items including animal napkin rings, bowls, miniature pottery and more decorative items.

Lot: 69 - 19th C Rye Basket & Split Oak Basket

19th century rye basket approx 5.25" H x 12" dia and split oak basket measuring approx 12" H x 17" dia. Split oak basket as found with some damage

Lot: 70 - Small Vintage Leather Lederhosen

Pair of small vintage grey leather lederhosen with heart shaped pockets, zipper on the side. Not marked with a size but complete length measures approx 26" L with adjustable straps. Pants and suspenders possibly for a child or small woman.

Lot: 71 - 19th C Antique Brass Cauldron

Antique 19th brass cauldron marked "Manufactured by the Waterbury Brass Company" and measures 12.25" H x 18" dia and handle adds another 10.5" to height. Normal wear for age.

Lot: 72 - 19th / 20th C Sheet Iron Rooster Boot Scraper

19th / 20th Century sheet iron rooster boot scraper. Measures approx 10.5" H x 13" H x 3" D. Has oxidation as seen in photos.

Lot: 73 - Hooked Rug, Geometric, 19th /20th C

Late 19th / early 20th Century hooked rug in colors red, pinks, grays in geometric design measuring approx 27" x 41". Minimal loss to fringe.

Lot: 74 - Hooked Rug, Geometric, Late 19th / Early 20th C

Late 19th / early 20th Century hooked rug measuring approx 20.5" x 41". Has loss to one long edge as seen in photo. Needs cleaned.

Lot: 75 - Hooked Rug, Floral, 19th / 20th C

Late 19th / early 20th Century hooked rug with flower design measuring approx 32" x 42". Should be cleaned. Wear consistent with age.

Lot: 76 - Hooked Rug, Geometric Design, 19th / 20th C

Late 19th / Early 20th C Hooked Rug with geometric shape with various colors. 35" x 25.5". Loss to the rug.

Lot: 77 - Hooked Rug Late 19th / Early 20th C

Late 19th / Early 20th C Hooked Rug with rectangular design with colors of red, blue, purple and more. Measures approx 26" x 36". Has loss in center (approx 1").

Lot: 78 - Hooked Rug Late 19th / Early 20th C

Late 19th / Early 20th C Hooked Rug with many colors and psychedelic type style. Measures approx 30" x 39". Has some loss to edges and should be cleaned.

Lot: 79 - South American Ponchos / Dresses (4)

Four South American style poncho style dresses with hand embroidered designs around the necks, some with animal design. Some discoloration.

Lot: 80 - South American Fabrics & Clothing Grouping

Group of four fabrics and clothing from South American, possibly Peru. Various sizes and designs.

Lot: 81 - Pennsylvania Dutch Quilt 19th C Hand Sewn

19th Century hand sewn Pennsylvania Dutch quilt with white field and design with shades of green. Measures approx 81" x 83". Has stains and discoloration throughout, some edge loss and one hole in center area. See photos for more details.

Lot: 82 - Hooked Rug 19th / 20th C Folk Art Style

Late 19th / early 20th Century hand hooked rug with folk art design. Measures approx 32" x 47". Has some discoloration and should be cleaned.

Lot: 83 - 19th C Grain Painted Doll Cradle

19th Century doll cradle (approx 12" H x 14" W x 24" D. lined with hand sewn 19th / 20th century signed doll sized crazy quilt. Signed "Mrs. H.S." (approx 22" x 22"). Measures approx

Lot: 84 - Antique German Christmas Lead Figurine Flats

Antique German lead flat figurines with Christmas theme. Trees measure approx 3" tall.

Lot: 85 - Keys & Collectibles, Advertising, Tins

Green Hornet 1966 Greenway Productions Inc 20th Century Fox playing cards, 1975 Warner Bros collectible forks with Tweet and Bugs Bunny, multiple keys, lock, contemporary Mister Rogers peppermint tin, marbles and more.

Lot: 86 - Corona Typewriter in Case

Corona folding and portable antique typewriter that folds away into a case measuring approx 5" H x 11.25" W x 10" D. Possibly No. 3 Corona typewriter. Has not been tested.

Lot: 87 - Traditional Mahjong Game in Case

Traditional Mahjong Game in Case measuring approx 2.5" x 15.25" x 8.25".

Lot: 88 - Mahjong Game in Original Case

Mahjong game that appears to have minimal use and still in plastic wrap. Case measures approx 2" x 15" W x 11".

Lot: 89 - Giuseppe Armani Sea Eagle Statue

Giuseppe Armani eagle flying over the sea, preparing to catch food with talons spread. Measures approx 17.25" H x 15.25" W wing span x 10" D Does not have box..

Lot: 90 - Goebel Hummel Figurines & Mini Hand Carved Walnuts

Two Goebel Hummel figurines, including one boy with binoculars with mark 1955 and 307 on bottom (approx 5" H). Both marked West Germany. There is also a framed Houghton Orville Ohio collection of 5 detailed finely carved walnuts.

Lot: 90A - Hand Carved Antique Walnut Shell Baskets

Finely hand carved mini baskets made out of walnut shells, stored in a framed wooden case (approx 12.75" x 9.75. Largest carved walnut is approx 1.5" L.

Lot: 91 - Two Sterling w/ Gold Overlay Tennis Bracelets

Lot is in great condition, marked .925 on both bracelets. Both bracelets approx. 8" long

Lot: 92 - Sterling & Silver Tone Grouping

Sterling silver items include a thin sterling chain, hollow sterling star charm, and sterling necklace and earring set with glass stones. Also includes a Noah's Ark silver tone bracelet, turtle silver tone earrings, and more. The knotted style brooch is missing 2 stones.

Lot: 93 - Sterling Silver Charm Bracelet, Gold Fill & More

Sterling silver charm bracelet with "a date to remember" with birth date. Approx 21" gold tone necklace with Eiffel tower pendant, approx. 18" gold tone necklace, a long 24K gold plated leaf necklace (approx. 10.5" long), a sterling with gold overlay heart necklace with semi-precious stones (one stone missing), and a "Van Dell" marked 12K gold fill chain with blue stone pendant.

Lot: 94 - Sterling Silver Brooch & Gold Tone Jewelry

Jewelry consisting of a large sterling silver flower brooch with gold wash and amber colored glass accents, trinket box, two gold tone necklaces, two gold tone necklaces with window pendants, black and gold tone bracelet, and earrings. Also included in the lot is a gold tone geode pendant, detached from a necklace. Items have minimal wear.

Lot: 95 - Two Sterling Silver Pearl Bracelets

Two sterling silver and pearl bracelets, one with dolphin charm. Both bracelets measure approx 7" wearable length. Bracelets are in good condition, pearls are genuine.

Lot: 96 - Millefiori Style Necklace, Smoky Quartz & More

Includes a millefiori style necklace (approx , red glass and silver tone necklace, two cocktail rings (one Lia Sophia with smoky quartz), and more designer necklaces, bracelet and earrings.

Lot: 97 - Large Heavy Sterling Herringbone Chain (23")

Sterling Herringbone chain measuring approx. 23" long and approx 5mm (3/8") in width. Chain is marked 925 Milor. Chain is in overall good condition, minimal tarnish, could be cleaned.

Lot: 98 - Sterling, Turquoise & Southwest Style Jewelry

Three rings including one with mother of pearl signed on underside (possibly silver) and two more rings. Also included is a sterling silver feather necklace, pair of earrings with chips of turquoise and coral and more southwestern themed jewelry.

Lot: 99 - Sterling Silver Jewelry + Pawn Silver

Group of sterling jewelry consisting of a pair of possibly Native American pawn silver "Sun" earrings and other sterling earrings including heart, butting rams and a pair with malachite stones. Also included is a 17" sterling twisted rope chain, a sterling "crescent" red necklace, and another sterling twisted rope chain with a Mexican sterling reversible pendant.

Lot: 100 - Sterling Silver Items (Salts, Tongs etc.)

Sterling silver items including a pair of sterling tongs (approx. 3.5"), two sterling salts resembling Georg Jensen pattern (approx. 1.75" diam.), two sterling perfume bottles (approx. 2.25" high)Salts have some wear, tongs have minimal wear. All other items in good condition.

Lot: 101 - Sterling and Other Silver Necklaces & Earrings

Isabella M. Cubic Zirconia sterling silver necklace and earrings set, silver plated cubic zirconia 16" necklace with earrings, sterling silver necklace with "Pray for Us" pendant (approx 16" L), and two sterling necklaces with artisan art glass pendants (each approx 20" L).

Lot: 102 - JBK Quartz Watch, Napoleon Coin & Others

A JBK gold tone stainless quartz watch, a Franc Napoleon the third commemorative medal, a gold tone and a silver tone watch. Coin has certificate of authenticity, all watches have quartz movements, and all items seem to be in good condition.

Lot: 103 - Sterling Silver Jewelry & More

A very heavy sterling silver toggle bracelet (approx. 7.25"), a sterling coin style bracelet depicting a baby angel (marked Italy), sterling hoop earrings, sterling silver 925 bracelet with gold wash holding a charm with amethyst stones and

Lot: 104 - Sterling Silver & Semi Precious Stone Bracelets

Two sterling silver bracelets including one with gemstones such as garnet, topaz, peridot, etc. (approx 7.5" L) with gold wash and another bracelet with abalone (approx 7" L). Good condition.

Lot: 105 - 14K Gold Pearl Necklace & Sterling Lapis Necklace

A 14K gold chain measuring approx. 20" long (total weight including pearl is approx 1.5g) with an encompassed genuine pearl. Additionally, a lapis and sterling silver pendant (approx 0.7" W) on 20" sterling chain. cabochon with stone measuring approx. 0.7" across.

Lot: 106 - Vintage Camera Group

Minolta SLR, Polaroid, Canon Rebel and more. See photos

Lot: 108 - Military Pins, Medals, Patches etc.

Grouping of U.S military items includes U.S army and navy patches, and four military medals.

Lot: 109 - Eisenhower Silver Dollar Collection Uncirculated

Eisenhower silver dollar collection (1971-1974) (1976). Dollars are brilliant uncirculated and in case. Dollars are tarnished.

Lot: 110 - U.S. Proof, York Pennsylvania and Olympics Coins

1980 U.S. Mint uncirculated coin set, United States The Acme Siren Made in England; Bicentennial Silver Proof Set 1776 - 1976; York County Pennsylvania Bicentennial commemorative First Thanksgiving Proclamation; York PA First Capital of teh United States Commemorative coin; One dollar 1984 Los Angeles Olympics, various cuff links / snap studs

Lot: 111 - Vintage Beatles Records

Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band Capitol Records SMAS 2653, and Introducing the Beatles Vee Jay records LP 1062. Sgt. Pepper's in good condition, Introducing the Beatles with some wear on back of jacket and record.

Lot: 112 - Marbles, Pac Man Game, Looney Toons & More

Variety of marbles, working miniature travel size Pac Man game, Looney Toons sports prints and two vintage Native American prints (one frame broken).

Lot: 113 - Playboy Magazines from 1990s-2000s

Lot of 12 Playboy magazines from years 2002, 2003, 2005, 2006 as well as 45th Anniversary Issue and Playboy's Nude Celebrities. Other magazines include Sports Illustrated Baywatch, FHM US, Inside Sports, Gallery, GQ, Maxim and Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition (1996). Fair to good condition.

Lot: 114 - 9 Superman Comics

Grouping of Superman comics from the 1990's in laminate envelopes. Issues are from 1993-1996. Superman: Back from the Dead?! Has three copies; Beginning of Tomorrow #0 of 94; Funeral for a Friend Feb 93; Superman in Action Comics #719 march 96; Year 1 #7 1995 Reign of the Supermen #501 1993 (2 unopened in original packaging), Elseworlds #6 of 94

Lot: 115 - 8 Star Trek Comics

Eight Star Trek comics in plastic protector sleeves in good conditon

Lot: 116 - Spawn and other Comics (10)

A total of ten comic books, including titles Spawn (4), Sergio Aregones Groo (2), Voodoo Zealot (1), Fathom (1), Knights on Broadway (2)

Lot: 116A - Large Copper Kettle Primitive

Large copper kettle primitive measuring approx 10.5" H, base measures approx 10" dia. Flower mark is hammered at the base of the pouring lip.There is a dent on the handle, some oxidation at the base and some on surface

Lot: 117 - Vintage Camel Saddle

Vintage camel saddle with leather seat, brass mounts on wood. Missing one brass finial on top of one arm. Measures approx 15" H x 23" D x 12" W. One leg has some wood loss.

Lot: 117A - Oriental Signed Vase & Lg Creamer and Sugar

There is an early Chinese / Japanese hand painted vase with dotted embossed painted accents, two handle and measures approx 12.25" H. There is very slight crazing around the vase lip and one of the handles. There are also two Nippon lemonade pitchers, each measuring approx 5.5" H

Lot: 118 - 20th C Asian Scrolls (5)

Five 20th Century Asian scrolls.

Lot: 119 - Vintage Snuff Bottles (3) & Clay Teapot

Three vintage snuff bottles with stoppers (2 unattached but included) and a clay Asian tea pot (approx 2.5" H).

Lot: 120 - Vintage Asian Watercolor Scrolls (3)

Two vintage watercolor Asian scrolls with landscape scenes. Both measure approx 8.75" W x 40". Also included is another scroll.

Lot: 121 - Vintage Asian Scrolls (2)

Two vintage watercolor / block print Asian scrolls, one measuring approx 21.25" x 77" L. Condition is as seen in photos.

Lot: 122 - Vintage Asian Scrolls (2)

Two vintage watercolor / block print Asian scrolls, one measuring approx 16.5" W. Both have tears as seen in photo. Condition is as seen in photos.

Lot: 123 - Asian Bowls (2)

Two Asian bowls with marks on the bottom including a light green with crackle glaze and a brown bowl. Largest (green) measures approx 7.75" dia.

Lot: 124 - 20th C Asian Porcelain & Enameled Items, Dragon

20th century Asian porcelain including 12.75" Japanese charger, two enamelware trinket boxes, composite fish and dragon snuff bottle and a dragon figurine (approx 9" H x 7.5" L, has a repair to the right front foot and some loss).

Lot: 125 - 20th C Chinese Bowl & Charger

20th C Chinese bowl & charger. Bowl measures approx 11" dia with a 5" line crack on bottom which is barely visible to the top). Charger measures approx 12" dia with relative wear.

Lot: 126 - Hand Painted Chinese Collector Plates (4)

Hand painted Chinese collector plates with original boxes. Made in the People's Republic of China.

Lot: 127 - Hand Painted Chinese Collector Plates (4)

Hand painted Chinese collector plates with original boxes. Made in the People's Republic of China.

Lot: 128 - Hand Painted Chinese Collector Plates (4)

Hand painted Chinese collector plates with original boxes. Made in the People's Republic of China.

Lot: 129 - 20th C Chinese Scholar Statue

Large Chinese scholar figurine / statue measuring approx 17.25" H. Small hairline approx 1" on belt in back of figure.

Lot: 130 - Chinese 20th C Porcelain Vase

Finely crafted Chinese 20th C vase depicting a man and his wife on one side and a man on his child on the other. Vase measuring approx 14" H. has marks on the bottom. Good condition.

Lot: 131 - 20th C Chinese Vase

Chinese 20th C vase depicting fighting figures on all sides. Measures approx 16" H. Vase has an approx 3" crack inside (barely visible through the top side of neck).

Lot: 132 - Matching Chinese Bowls (2 Pairs)

Two pairs of Chinese bowls. The two teal bowls appear to be in good condition. The red bowls have a 2" line crack on each and one has a flea bite on the rim. Largest bowls measure approx 6.5" dia x 3.25" H.

Lot: 133 - Chinese / Japanese Blue and White & More Porcelain

Pair of blue and white vases (approx 5.5" H), Asian style matte black teapot and a 20th C trinket box with foo dogs.

Lot: 134 - Hand Painted Meissen China

Four pieces of hand painted Meissen China including three 8.5" dia plates and an approx 4.5" dia dish.

Lot: 134B - John B. Taylor Hand Painted Ceramics

Set of hand painted and signed John B. Taylor ceramics including crock syrup container (approx 13.5"), charger (approx 13"), double tiered cupcake fruit stand, pitcher, lidded bowl and small bowl.

Lot: 135 - Brass and Metal Decorative Items

Brass and metal decorative items including an approx 7" x 8" "Swords Into Plowshares" brass plaque made in Emmaus, Pennsylvania #1, brass plate (9.5" dia), pot metal Victorian style plaque, doctor's license plate ornament, Montreal Brewing Company ash tray, Reed & Barton plated child's cup, vintage flask, Philadelphia Music Foundation Award 1987, brass Colonial Williamsburg trivet and a sad iron with Navy anchor on handle.

Lot: 136 - Antique Pennsylvania Political Badges & Ribbons

York Pennsylvania antique political ribbons that appear to be from the 19th Century. Ribbons include Spring Garden democratic Society Organized Aug 1896 York, PA; 1787 York Centennial Sept 23d & 24th; Cleveland and Thurman High hat Club East York; Martin Luther Reception Committee; and 1787 - 1897 centennial anniversary of Waynesboro Sept 1-2. Condition is good for age

Lot: 137 - Vintage Cookie Cutter for Halloween & More Metal

15 antique cookie cutters including some Halloween, transportation and shape themed in addition to a covered gelatin mold marked Kreamea on bottom

Lot: 138 - Antique & More Holiday Cookie Cutters (25)

Lot includes 25 holiday cookie cutters, many antique and some more modern. Christmas.

Lot: 139 - Classic Literature Books (13)

13 antique classic literature books of various conditions including: Nature Series H.W. Chisholm Weighing and Measuring (1877), Poetical Works of Robert Browning, The Personal History of David Copperfield by Charles Dickens (1919), Les Miserables by Hugo, Little Men by Louisa M. Alcott (1899), Little Women by Louisa M. Alcott (1911), The Swiss Family Robinson by Johann R, Wyss, Vicar of Wakefield by Oliver Goldsmith (1877), Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain (1884), The Lake History Stories (1897), Shakespeare, Palmer's The Odyssey of Homer (1891)

Lot: 140 - Antique and Vintage Books (12) incl Pinocchio

12 Misc books in various conditions including: The Secret garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett (1962), Calabria Lucania in Bocca, The Eagle's Mate, The Ne'er do well, Adventures of Pinocchio, A Daughter of the Land and more.

Lot: 141 - Sterling Salt & Peppers, Thimbles & More Misc

Variety of misc items including Garden Silversmiths sterling weighted salt and pepper, another sterling weighted pepper (approx 5" H) Thomas Germany porcelain salt and pepper, porcelain cup, set of antique drafting tools in original velvet box, Boy Scout Diary 1941, Bradbury's Book of Hallmarks, variety of 20+ porcelain and metal thimbles, Ice Follies of 1951 book and porcelain doll. See photos.

Lot: 142 - Matryoshka Russian Nesting Dolls, Brooches & More

Russian Matryoshka dolls or nesting dolls, signed on the bottom. Largest measures approx 5.5" H. Also included are five JJ designer St. Basil's Cathedral (Moscow, Red Square) and two small decorative eggs.

Lot: 142A - Asian Robes, Sashes / Belts

Robe measures approx 60" L with embroidered dragon design on the reverse. Sashes and other Asian dress items including a cream colored with pin stripes and flowers, There is also brown robe measuring approx 37" L, and a red/yellow robe approx 50" L. Contains, Hakodate album with photos, wood and brass opium pipe, 5 coins, Asian comb, red Asian shoes, silk hankies and more.

Lot: 143 - Gettysburg Pennsylvania Souvenirs

Gettysburg Pennsylvania souvenirs including four collector's Redding Co. Civil War dolls with moving eyes, wallets and pouch, silk scarf, banners.

Lot: 144 - Souvenir Gettysburg Vintage Group

vintage Gettysburg inflatable cannon ball, Gettysburg souvenir place mat, plates, souvenir coasters, license plate in shrink wrap, key chains, other Civil War items and more.

Lot: 145 - Gettysburg Cigar Labels, Photo Stamps & More

Gettysburg Civil War souvenirs and ephemera including 2 fans, Gettysburg pea labels, souvenir photo stamp booklets, Gettysburg Scenes correspondence notes, cigar bands and labels, two posters and more.

Lot: 146 - Vintage Gettysburg Travel Guides & Maps Ephemera

Lot of Gettysburg Civil Ware area sights guides, pamphlets, maps and more ephemera.

Lot: 147 - Souvenir Folders of Gettysburg Civil War Landmarks

collectible souvenir folders of various Gettysburg, Pennsylvania landmarks and destinations. There is also a Gettysburg View Master reel and a couple postcards.

Lot: 148 - Civil War Gettysburg Glass Plate Photos & More

Three rare silver glass 4 x 5 photography plates of Gettysburg Civil War scenes in Eastman Kodak Co box (no date) as well as Civil War photo folders and tourist photos.

Lot: 149 - Gettysburg Civil War Memorabilia Coins & Bullets

Misc Gettysburg, Pennsylvania Civil War collectibles including two Gettysburg related ribbons, 1938 75th anniversary battle coins (2),Gettysburg Lucky half dollar, Abraham Lincoln large medallion coin, key chains, three boxes of replicas of famous bullets used during the Civil War (made by Civil War Bullets in Gettysburg) with interpretive literature.

Lot: 150 - Gettysburg PA Civil War Vintage Souvenirs

13 Gettysburg Civil War vintage souvenirs including magnets, Boble lighter, manicure set, ladie's compact, match safe and more.

Lot: 151 - Gettysburg Books & Magazines

Three "Pennsylvania at Gettysburg" books (Vol 1 and Vol 2 (2)). Gettysburg (Frassanito), Gettysburg Sketches (Frederic Ray), , Story of Gettysburg in Pictures, Souvenir Guide to Gettysburg, Gettysburg magazine, Historic Views of Gettysburg (2) and more.

Lot: 152 - Lefton Railroad Depot, Gettysburg Bank & Buildings

Lefton Railroad Depots A Sentimental Journey, which is part of the national treasures Lefton's Roadside USA collection (NIB - box shows minimal wear). Vintage metal Gettysburg National souvenir cast bank for the 175th anniversary 5-31-89 (marked LPW 4-17-39 on bottom, light wear). Five Gettysburg souvenir houses including two hand painted, signed and numbered by artist (L.A. Fox) three from 1991 by the cat's meow.

Lot: 153 - Gettysburg Wooden Souvenir Collection

Large lot of Gettysburg wooden souvenirs including 4 souvenir letter boxes, 3 trinket boxes, 4 small wooden books with postcard type pages and another larger one, model of the Dough Tray from Jennie Wade Museum, Dad's treasure box and two more boxes, wooden toy guns, bow, bank, toy ax, live edge hanging vessel, small bucket (approx 3" H) and more. See photos

Lot: 154 - Sterling Silver Gettysburg Spoons & Desk Items

4 souvenir spoons including three that are sterling silver (approx 51.1g) and an additional spoon; 2 small toy guns, bullet pencil, pen desk holder, souvenir letter openers and more.

Lot: 155 - Vintage Gettysburg Souvenir Jewelry & More

Lot of vintage jewelry souvenirs from Civil War Gettysburg, Pennsylvania including 2 charm bracelets and charms, cuff bracelets, pin, button covers, 2 vintage Buddha pins and more.

Lot: 156 - Vintage Gettysburg Souvenir Ash Trays

Vintage Gettysburg souvenirs including ash trays, trinket box and cup

Lot: 157 - Gettysburg Souvenir Plaques, Ash Trays & More

Three decorative vintage collector plates of Gettysburg Pennsylvania locations made in Japan for Bosselman New York, ash trays, Maisto's Inc Gettysburg salt and pepper, matching tray and knife decoration and more.

Lot: 158 - Gettysburg Vintage Paperweights, Flask & More

Gettysburg Civil War souvenirs including six paperweights, flask and souvenir ax.

Lot: 159 - Gettysburg Vintage Souvenir Porcelain

Vintage porcelain and more travel souvenirs from Gettysburg Pennsylvania locations of the Civil War. Sampling includes iridescent glaze sugar, creamer and vase; 2 Fairway spoon rests; pitcher two matching plates, salt and pepper iridescent glaze boat, shell decoration and two souvenir bells.

Lot: 160 - European Porcelain for Gettysburg Historical Park

10 vintage porcelain items including cream and sugars, cup and vases depicting locations of the Civil War in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. All pieces appear to have been made in Austria, Germany, Bavaria for Gettysburg, PA.

Lot: 161 - German, English & More Porcelain for Gettysburg PA

Gettysburg Pennsylvania souvenir porcelain includes nine piece vintage German blue glazed porcelain table set with creamer, sugar, toothpick holder, small dishes and more. There is also a General Lee Staffordshire England plate and a glass dish.

Lot: 162 - Gettysburg Custard Vaseline Glass Table Items

Gettysburg Civil War souvenir glassware of 11 items including 7 pieces of custard colored vaseline / uranium glass, yellow glass and four additional pieces

Lot: 163 - Civil War Gettysburg Vintage Souvenir Cups

Large lot of Gettysburg Pennsylvania souvenir glasses and cups. Variety of pottery, glass and more. See photos.

Lot: 164 - Vintage Flash Ruby Souvenir Glassware

Large lot of vintage flash ruby Gettysburg Pennsylvania Civil Ware souvenir glasses

Lot: 164A - Vintage Boonton Ware Grouping

Boonton pale yellow pieces include a butter dish, salt and pepper set (with green), 3 serving bowls and a dinner plate. There is a gray platter. Marigold pattern includes 12 dinner plates and a platter. White Boonton includes 5 serving bowls, 12 berry bowls, 10 soup bowls, 12 cups and 5 matching saucers and a platter.

Lot: 165 - Civil War Gettysburg English Porcelain Souvenirs

Souvenir collector's plates with a variety of Blue Willow style Wedgwood and other English porcelain made as souvenirs for Gettysburg PA. Includes collectible plates, cups and saucers and more.

Lot: 166 - Vintage Collector Gettysburg Civil War Plates

Lot of 25+ porcelain plates for Gettysburg Pennsylvania destinations and landmarks. Many made in Germany, Bavaria, Austria and more.

Lot: 167 - Set of Gettysburg Vintage German Plates

Set of 15+ German porcelain plates, trays and more with gilt edges for Gettysburg Pennsylvania destinations and landmarks.

Lot: 167A - Children's Classic Literature & More

Variety of classic literature books, tailored towards children. Sampling includes The Sound of Music, Little Women, The Gingerbread Man, Mother Goose Nursery Rhymes and more.

Lot: 168 - Vintage Magician Ephemera

Misc vintage ephemera with a magician theme including 1949 Louis Tannen's magic catalog; Conjuring for Children by W.W.Larsen (1949), Tommy Windsor's Street Faker Act, Bobby Bernard Magic in Maniature, Chipso the Magician, magazine clippsings and more. Everything has a musty smell.

Lot: 169 - 1950's Vintage Magician Books & Guides

Classic Secrets of Magic by Bruce Elliott (1953), Houdini: The Man Who Walked Through Walls by William Lindsay Gresham (1959), Band-It Card by Hen Fetsch, Wilfrid Jonson's Card Tricks (1952), Wilfrid Jonson's Magic Tricks (1952).

Lot: 170 - Magic Tricks Antique & Vintage Books

Lot of magic books including: Scarnes Magic Tricks by John Scarne (1951) The Magic Wand Magical Review (Oct-Nov 1930) The Modern Conjurer and Drawing Room Entertainment by C. Lang-Neil (3rd ed, 1922), Playing With Magic: How to Entertain Children by Wilfred Tyler (1953). Books have a musty smell.

Lot: 171 - Magic Tricks Vintage Books & Handbooks

Annemann's Miracles of Card Magic, Producing Lighted Cigarettes, Milbourne Christoper's For Stretching a Rope, Great Ovette's Tricks and Illusionettes, Rice's Collection of vintage magic trick handbooks including More Naughty Silks, Pearce's Practical Linking Ring Routine, Ventriloquil Dialogue The Bell Boy and the manager by Val Evans and Turn the Dye Tube by Rice and Van Zandt.

Lot: 172 - Circa 1960 Genii Conjurors Magician Magazines (10)

Ten "Genii: The Conjurors Magazine" from the years 1960 and 1961.

Lot: 173 - Vintage Magician Trick Silks & More

Collection of vintage magician's silks, nested metal pieces (possibly water tubes), glass with ball and directions for Zenith silk and Water Tubes.

Lot: 174 - Vintage Cuna Panama Indian Molas (4)

Four 1960s molas, hand made artwork on fabric made by the Kuna / Cuna Indians of the San Blas islands of Panama in Central America. The four molas with designs of a jazz singer (unknown), fishermen in canoes with fish, cayman / crocodile with fish and a guitar cat. Average size is approx 16" x 14" They are brilliantly colored with bright hand stitched depictions. The word "mola" is a Cuna word meaning "blouse" and used for the front and back panels of their dress.

Lot: 175 - 1960s Panamanian Kuna Indian Molas

Four 1960s molas, hand made artwork on fabric made by the Kuna / Cuna Indians of the San Blas islands of Panama in Central America. Average size is approx 16" x 14". giant fly, moon with women's heads, Shaman head and four warrior faces. They are brilliantly colored with bright hand stitched depictions. The word "mola" is a Cuna word meaning "blouse" and used for the front and back panels of their dress.

Lot: 176 - Jesus & Religious Vintage Cuna Panama Molas (4)

Four 1960s molas, hand made artwork with patterns on fabric made by the Kuna / Cuna Indians of the San Blas islands of Panama in Central America. Average size is approx 16" x 14". Designs include Mary and Joseph with baby Jesus, young woman with flowing hair, crucifix Jesus and starburst Jesus. They are brilliantly colored with bright hand stitched depictions. The word "mola" is a Cuna word meaning "blouse" and used for the front and back panels of their dress.

Lot: 177 - Vintage Panama Molas from Cuna Indians (4)

Four 1960s molas, hand made artwork with geometric patterns on fabric made by the Kuna / Cuna Indians of the San Blas islands of Panama in Central America. Average size is approx 16" x 14". They are brilliantly colored with bright hand stitched depictions. The word "mola" is a Cuna word meaning "blouse" and used for the front and back panels of their dress.

Lot: 178 - Sianala Shamans & More Vintage Cuna Molas (4)

Four 1960s molas, hand made artwork with patterns on fabric made by the Kuna / Cuna Indians of the San Blas islands of Panama in Central America. Average size is approx 16" x 14". Designs include Sianala devil man with incense braziers, winged Sianala Shamans, Kwilen dancers, and men playing saws as musical instruments. They are brilliantly colored with bright hand stitched depictions. The word "mola" is a Cuna word meaning "blouse" and used for the front and back panels of their dress.

Lot: 179 - 1960s Vintage Cuna Molas from Panama (5)

Five 1960s molas, hand made artwork with patterns on fabric made by the Kuna / Cuna Indians of the San Blas islands of Panama in Central America. Average size is approx 16" x 14". Designs include Calu - Ibaki, Sinala with bells and gecko, Shaman with bells, missionary / medicine man with needle and bells and Villanotercer Campeon Mundia wrestlers. They are brilliantly colored with bright hand stitched depictions. The word "mola" is a Cuna word meaning "blouse" and used for the front and back panels of their dress.

Lot: 180 - Vintage Hand Embroidered Cuna Indian Molas (4)

Four 1960s molas, hand made artwork with patterns on fabric made by the Kuna / Cuna Indians of the San Blas islands of Panama in Central America. Average size is approx 16" x 14". Designs include star faces, bird and plant, lizards wearing hats and another with winged man, cat men, lizard man, fish man dancers. They are brilliantly colored with bright hand stitched depictions. The word "mola" is a Cuna word meaning "blouse" and used for the front and back panels of their dress.

Lot: 181 - Hand Woven Vintage Tribal Pattern Belts (10)

10 vintage hand woven belts with tribal patterns from Central or South America.

Lot: 182 - Hand Woven Central American Purses & Scarves

Three hand woven shawls / scarves in sizes approx 34" x 54", 45" x 67", 11" x 104 and five hand wqoven purses and a hand bag. Largest approx 16" x 14". Note that one is a Panamanian Cuna mola purse.

Lot: 183 - Antique Coverlet & Hand Sewn Crib Quilt

Antique coverlet measures approx 76" x 90" (some very minor discoloration). Hand sewn crib quilt measures approx 40" x 65".

Lot: 184 - Vintage Woven Clothing, Fabric & Linens

Variety of misc vintage woven clothing, linens, fabric and more. Includes 9 scarves (some hand woven), hand woven shawl (approx 45" x 85"), bolt of colorful MCM fabric marked Marimekko Oy 1969 Suomi-Finland, six French napkins (marked on tag: Vent du Sud).

Lot: 185 - Antique Christmas Tree Fence

Antique Christmas tree fence with 11 sections measuring 11.5" L x 5" T, 12 posts (approx 5" tall() and 2 gate sections measuring approx 5.75" W x 5.5" tall. Some minor age wear chips.

Lot: 186 - Old Salt Figural Vintage Table Lamp Pair

Pair of Old Salt figural table lamps, approx 31.5" tall. Have not been tested.

Lot: 187 - Cast Iron Bank & Antique Figural Door Stops

Three items including antique hand painted cast iron door stop of a girl holding a basket (approx 9" H, has paint loss, oxidation and age patina), antique hand painted lead door stop of a woman in gown with bonnet (paint loss) and a contemporary cast iron bank in shape of a Victrola.

Lot: 188 - Cast Iron Dog, Squirrel & Stagecoach Door Stops

Four cast iron door stops: stagecoach (15.5" L x 7.25" H), squirrel, dog and another with three dogs. All are unsigned. See photos.

Lot: 189 - Christmas & Easter Holiday Themed Items

Lot of wooden and other holiday themed items including 2 egg boxes, three Polish hand painted eggs, Polish fruit balls, three small decorative nutcrackers, hand painted finger candle and European hand painted elf bowl and more. Bowl measures approx 7.5" dia.

Lot: 189A - 500+ Easter, Christmas, Wildlife & More Seals

Lot of 500+ seals including Christmas, Easter, wildlife stamps and stickers. One small bag of cancelled U.S. stamps.

Lot: 190 - German & Czech Vintage Wooden Figurines

Seven vintage wooden woodsmen figurines, most marked Prague or German Democratic Republic. Many with long pipe measures approx 8.75" tall.

Lot: 191 - Christmas Vintage Nutcrackers, Ornaments

Six nutcracker style hanging ornament / puppets with moveable bodies. The oldest (with raw wood) measures approx 7" L and is marked made in Austria on reverse. There are also a variety of wooden vintage Russ wooden ornaments and a 45 vinyl record of York Pennsylvania Traditional Christmas Carols played on the factory steam whistle at the New York Wire Company.

Lot: 192 - Vintage / Antique Photos & Frames

Seven vintage / antique photos, six are framed. Three are in vintage / antique frames.

Lot: 193 - Union Case & Antique Tin Type Photos

Finely made Union case with rose and oval detail that holds a tin type behind glass of a seated woman and the case has a nice velvet interior, opens and closes well. There is also a second tin type in an oval brass frame. Union case measures approx 2.5" x 3".

Lot: 194 - Quarter Plate Ambrotype in Fine Union Case

Fine antique Union case by A.P. Critchlow & Co. holding an ambrotype of a distinguished young gentleman with beard, in gilt brass spandrel. The case depicts George Washington and his horse greeting three citizens and their dog while traveling. Measures approx 4" x 5".

Lot: 195 - Sterling Antique Brushes, Combs, Mirror

All items are marked sterling including mirror (approx 13.5") (handle is silver plated), handled brush (handle silver plated), small Reed & Barton brush and comb, small Lullaby 1904 brush and comb. There is some loss to the

Lot: 196 - Antique & Vintage Jewelry Boxes (11)

11 antique and vintage jewelry boxes including one metal circular trinket box with anthropomorphic figure on top. Appears to have Asian marks on the bottom.

Lot: 197 - Stick Pin Holders, Decorative & More

early salt cellar with gild accents, wooden rocking ink blotter, 2 stick pin holders (porcelain owl and metal shoe), mother of pearl salt mini spoons, crystal light pulls, metal dustpan and matching brush, perfume bottles and a drawer pull.

Lot: 197A - Cream & Sugar with Gilt Accents

Antique creamer and sugar with gilt accents. Creamer measures approx 5" tall. Also includes three antique purses including two finely beaded pieces. There is also a white crochet shawl.

Lot: 198 - Vintage Brooches (18)

18 brooches including a signed 14K gold filled "mother" pin in box, scarab pin with real jade nephrite and rose quartz, a Christmas tree marked JJ and more.

Lot: 199 - Brooches and Watch (14)

14 pieces including an Anne Klein watch in addition to brooches with names LC (dragonfly), Avante (bell), Smithsonian Inst. (eagle), Monet (gold tone fern).

Lot: 200 - West Germany & More Vintage Brooches (15)

15 vintage brooches including red flower marked West Germany and a Sarah Coventry starfish.

Lot: 201 - Kramer and More Vintage Brooches & Stick Pins (20)

20 brooches and stick pins including names Kramer (jeweled rhinestone pear), Avon (stick pin), Avon (gold tone bracelet), Avon (green parrot)

Lot: 202 - Vintage Brooches & Earrings (12)

12 items including vintage brooches and earrings. Sampling includes a Lisner gold tone brooch, Florenza faux turquoise and faux pearl flower and a gold tone brooch and earring set.

Lot: 203 - Weiss, Gold Fill & More Vintage Brooches (19)

19 vintage brooches including a Weiss strawberry, De-Curtis 12K GF gold tone with rhinestone and Amco 12K gold fill brooch with carnelian and glass.

Lot: 204 - Austrian & More Brooches, Earrings, Necklace

Four items including a colorful rhinestone brooch signed Austria, filigree and glass necklace and a matching brooch and clip earring set.

Lot: 205 - Seed Pearl & More Vintage Necklaces

seven vintage costume necklaces including butterscotch marked "T", Chico's art glass, LCI faux pearl choker, seed pearl necklace with real pearls, LC white and gold balls and OB gold tone Silverton cubes.

Lot: 206 - Two Amber Necklaces

Two real amber necklaces including one with graduated nuggets (approx 22" L) and another signed Napier with curved rectangles.

Lot: 207 - Crystal, Onyx, Garnet, Jadeite & More Necklaces

11 necklaces including clear crystal with 14K gold clasp, real onyx heart and garnet bead necklace, real jadeite beads (tested) marked "C" and more

Lot: 208 - Turquoise, Semi-Precious & More Necklaces (12)

12 pieces incvluding necklaces, pendants and a scarf clip, sampling including P.D. Crown pendant with real dried flowers, enameled dangle parrot, carved tribal horn, P.D. Crown gold and silver tone necklace and bracelet set and a turquoise and semi precious necklace with real tested stones (approx 16" L).

Lot: 209 - Gold Tone & Silver Tone Necklaces

15 gold tone and silver tone necklaces including Trifari black and gold tone twist, OB silver tone and gold tone cross, PD Crown silver tone and gold tone balls, Suin gold tone herringbone and Avon gold tone balls,

Lot: 210 - Gold Tone & Silver Tone Necklaces (11)

11 gold tone and silver tone necklaces including P.D. Crown gold tone, Chaps gold tone and rhinestone, Avon gold tone and more.

Lot: 211 - Rhinestone, Turquoise & More Necklaces (16)

16 necklaces including 4 crystal and glass, 2 real turquoise and stone, one howlite, one mother of pearl. 4 glass, 3 gold tone and damascene (broken clasp).

Lot: 212 - Turquoise & Glass Necklaces (10)

Ten turquoise and colored glass necklaces including one cross with real turquoise, tear drop pendant (real stone, possibly malachite ore). The rest of the necklaces are all glass (one is plastic).

Lot: 213 - Native American & Blue Delft Jewelry

Native American jewelry including sterling feather necklace signed Lady Alice (approx 17" L) has a real pearl), sterling silver necklace and earrings. All turquoise, coral, onyx and bone are real. The Delft brooch and clip earring set are signed Delft on reverse of the brooch. Note: necklace chain is knotted.

Lot: 214 - Turquoise Colored Necklaces (7)

Seven turquoise colored necklaces including 2 real howlite, 3 glass and 2 faux (acrylic).

Lot: 215 - Stone, Gold Tone, Silver Tone & More Necklaces

Group of 16 stone, gold tone, silver tone necklaces and one bracelet, Names include a Kenneth Cole blue sparkle necklace and faux opal marked "C".

Lot: 216 - Vintage Mixed Jewelry Lot

Mixed jewelry lot includes 7 bracelets, 8 necklaces, 3 pendants 5 rings and 4 pins. Notable items include real nephrite jade heart pendant, 12K GF cameo set, Express black rhinestone brooch, Avon gold tone signet ring and more.

Lot: 217 - Fine Beaded Amethyst Necklace

necklace with tassel drop and adorned with real amethyst beads, approx 27" L .

Lot: 218 - Antique & Vintage Bracelets

Antique and vintage jewelry including 19 bracelets and a pair of clip earrings. Highlights include damascene, scrimshaw style, gold tone, silver tone and more.

Lot: 219 - Costume Jewelry Bracelets (19)

19 costume bracelets including 3 that are howlite (no jade) along with gold tone, silver tone, glass and more.

Lot: 220 - Costume Jewelry Bracelets (16)

16 bracelets including one with matching earrings along with gold tone, silver tone and more. There is a Coach signed hinged bangle (authenticity not guaranteed). Note that one bracelet with glass beads needs to be repaired.

Lot: 221 - 40+ Pairs of Costume Earrings

40+ pairs of costume jewelry earrings including a variety of clip, screw back and pierced earrings.

Lot: 222 - Costume Jewelry Earrings (32 Pairs)

32 pairs of costume jewelry earrings including clips, screw back and pierced,

Lot: 223 - Costume Jewelry Lot (39)

39 pieces of costume jewelry including Mickey Mouse pendant, garnet stick pin, 12K GF nephrite jade necklace, Lindenwolds zirconia, Marvella lady bug brooch, dragon brooch with nephrite jade in claw, LIA basket brooch (yellow glass) and donkey signed Spain, Fossil and Seiko watches,

Lot: 224 - Marvella, Porcelain & Gold Tone Jewelry Sets

Three vintage jewelry sets including hand painted porcelain pierced earrings, pendant and ring set (ring size 6.5), gold tone brooch pair, and Marvella faux pearl brooch and clip earring set

Lot: 225 - Micro Mosaics, Brooches & Earrings

Three micro mosaic brooches, 7 other brooches, Whiting & Davis Co. France, painted porcelain cameo brooch and clip earring set, 8 earrings, whippet dog stick pin for German Kennel Clup and a loose stone that tests in the range of topaz.

Lot: 226 - Costume Jewelry Brooches (15)

15 brooches including signed Sarah Cov white flower, TC sisters pin, Judy Lee green star burst brooch with matching earrings, BSK gold tone with white stones and more.

Lot: 227 - Vintage Costume Jewelry Brooches (16)

16 costume jewelry brooches including Vendome butterfly, Avon rose and more.

Lot: 228 - Vintage Costume Brooches & Stick Pins (28)

28 pieces of costume jewelry including antique stick pin, howlite pendant and more.

Lot: 229 - Bakelite Necklace, Brooch & Bangle Bracelet

Three pieces of Bakelite jewelry including a green Bakelite necklace (approx 17" L), butterscotch Bakelite bangle bracelet and brown bow tie style brooch.

Lot: 229A - Bakelite Vintage Bangle Bracelets (10)

Lot of 10 vintage Bakelite bangle bracelets in various hues. See photos.

Lot: 230 - Early Miriam Haskell Necklace

Multi strand early Miriam Haskell pearl necklace with ornate closure. Wearable length approx 17" L. Please note that the clasp has loss as seen in photos.

Lot: 231 - Rings, Bracelets & More Vintage Jewelry

17 rings including class rings with stones that test in the range of ruby and spinel. There is also a mother of pearl butterfly cuff bracelet, silver tone leaf brooch and earring set, Camrose & Kross brooch with original box and more.

Lot: 232 - Amber, Labradorite & Art Glass Sterling Pendants

Three sterling silver pendants with stones including amber, labradorite (approx 2.25" drop) and art glass.

Lot: 233 - Sterling Silver Antique Brooch & More Silver

Seven pieces of sterling silver jewelry including antique dog brooch with C clasp, watch with real turquoise, mother of pearl ring (approx size 5.75), labradorite oval pendant, crystal stud earrings, oval black glass ring (approx size 5) and an angel with a green stone.

Lot: 234 - Sterling Siam Damascene & Coin Silver Bracelets

Two bracelets: Sterling Siam damascene bracelet (approx 6.5") and a coin silver 900 bracelet with figures (approx 7" L).

Lot: 235 - Misc Costume Jewelry

11 pieces of costume jewelry including 7 necklaces, 3 earrings and a brooch.

Lot: 236 - Sterling & More Animal Themed Jewelry

14 pieces of animal themed jewelry including a sterling silver GDS turtle with mother of pearl, sterling owl with marcasite on the body and garnet eyes, 2 mink fur brooches. There are a pair of Betsey Johnson earrings on original hang card,

Lot: 237 - Jade, Garnet, Citrine & More Necklaces

7 necklaces, a bracelet, a watch bracelet, one ring and a marble egg. Necklaces include a gold tone jade, three chunk necklaces including citrine, garnet and aquamarine stones and more.

Lot: 238 - Misc Earrings (33)

33 pieces of misc earrings.

Lot: 239 - Silver Tone Jewelry

Group of silver tone jewelry including 6 necklaces, 8 pairs of earrings and two watches (Gitano pendant, Gruen wrist).

Lot: 240 - Abalone, MOP & Patterned Jewelry

12 pieces of jewelry including abalone, mother of pearl and patterned. There are 2 necklaces, 2 bracelets, 7 earrings and a pendant.

Lot: 241 - Gold Tone Jewelry

Gold tone jewelry including 6necklaces, 2 bracelets (one Citizen watch), 5 pairs of earrings and a pendant.

Lot: 242 - 10K White Gold Topaz Ring

10K white gold ring (size 7.5) with very dark blue and white stones that test in the range of topaz. Weighs approx 2.8g.

Lot: 243 - Sterling Silver White & Black Diamond Rings

Two sterling including with black diamond (size 6.25) and sterling with approx 23 white diamonds (size 10)

Lot: 244 - United States Postage Stamps

USA postage stamps including 50c (12), 33c (60), 32c (80) and 29c (92).

Lot: 245 - United States Postage Stamps

500 stamps, 10 sheets and with 50 stamps per sheet. All 13c stamps.

Lot: 246 - USA Postage Stamps

United States postage stamps including 1997 commemorative set (32c, value $39.95) in addition to 33c (40), 32c (40) and 29c (72).

Lot: 247 - USA Stamps, WW2 Ration & Books

12 full sheets of 5c United States postage stamps (600 stamps total), two WW2 ration books and two books (one Canada, 24 stamps of USA 4c.

Lot: 247A - Stamp / Philatelic Collector Books & More

Cigar box, stamp album with German and other European stamps, 15+ pamphlets, books and more. See photos.

Lot: 248 - Antique & Vintage Postcards (280+)

280+ vintage and antique postcards including 50+ holidays and 230+ real photos, destinations, buildings, bridges and more.

Lot: 249 - 400+ Vintage Postcards

400+ postcards including destinations, buildings, bridges, hotels and more.

Lot: 250 - Antique & Vintage Postcards (360+)

360+ antique and vintage postcards including destinations, real photo, buildings, bridges and more.

Lot: 251 - Vintage Postcards 360+

400+ antique and vintage postcards including destinations and other misc. All are sleeved and previously priced.

Lot: 252 - 400+ USA Postage Stamps & Christmas Seals

400+ stamps including 300+ United states postage stamps - 32c (70), 22c (100), 15c (50), 13c (48), 10c (62), 29c (35) and 54 Christmas seals.

Lot: 253 - 175+ United States Postage Stamps

175+ USA postage stampds including 32c (99), 42c (10), 37c (20), 18c (37), 24c (5), 31c (5), 13c (5).

Lot: 254 - United States 32c Stamp Books

$115 value of USA 32c stamps in small books`of 20 each.

Lot: 255 - York County PA Antique Dog Licenses

70 paper dog licenses from York County, Pennsylvania during the 1920's through 1960's.

Lot: 256 - Stamped Envelopes & Letters

150+ pieces of early 1900's stamped envelopes and letters.

Lot: 257 - Ephemera, Stamps, Correspondence, Greeting & More

50+ pieces of ephemera including letter heads, greeting card, correspondence along with 100+ cancelled US and international stamps.

Lot: 258 - Antique Big Little Books Westerns (7)

Seven Big Little Books, all westerns.

Lot: 259 - Antique Big Little Books (6)

Six antique Big Little Books including Perry Winkle, Foreign Spies, Charlie McCarthy and more.

Lot: 260 - Vintage Comic Book Magazines (15)

15 comic book magazines including Tales from the Crypt, WEB, Blackhawk, Kona, Fighting Marines, Marge's Little Lulu, My Little Margie, Timmy the Timid Ghost, Red Ryder, Wild West, Patsy and Hedy, Combat, Adventures Big Boy and Memin. Most seem to be from the 1950s.

Lot: 260A - American Military History Books & More

American military history books including Army 3rd Armored Division Fort Knox Company A 709th Tank Div, 1863 U.S. Rifle & Infantry Tactics, American Revolution - Morrison, Sherlock Holmes, Oriental Rugs and Trees. Some books have hard cover damage.

Lot: 260B - Aviation & Sailing Books

Lot of 9 coffee table / hard back military aviation books and 2 books on sailing, including some vintage.

Lot: 260C - Food, Environmental, Political Books (8)

Lot of eight food, environmental, and political coffee table / hard back books.

Lot: 260D - Vintage Books subjects Boy Scouts, Religion, More

The Heart of Man A Temple of God or The Habitation of Satan (Theo. F. Scheffer, Printer, Harrisburg), 1931 Boy Scout Diary, 1909 The Bridges Cook Book, "The Words of Jesus" by the American Tract Society and postcards with a variety of subjects (many blank) including World's Fair, war and more.

Lot: 261 - Sterling Silver Turquoise & Coral Jewelry

Sterling silver jewelry including two rings (both size 6), one with real turquoise and another is stone. All turquoise and coral in all jewelry in this lot is real. Other items include watch, turquoise cactus pendant, turquoise cabochon pendant, cuff bracelet, necklace. Several are signed Mexico.

Lot: 262 - EFFY Silver Pearl Necklace Set &

EFFY silver jewelry including a real pearl necklace, bracelet and stud earring set with original box. There is also an EFFY silver flamingo.

Lot: 263 - Sterling Turquoise, Harley Davidson & More Jewelry

8 pieces of sterling silver and Harley Davidson jewelry including necklace with real turquoise, ring (size 7.5) and pendant with real turquoise, black onyx heart pendant, bangle has Harley logo, cuff bracelet may be marked Sarford, lady bug brooch, necklace (not amber stone).

Lot: 264 - Ruby Sapphire, Turquoise, Coral & More Rings

Sterling silver rings including a ruby sapphire (size 7), nephrite jade (size 6), turquoise and coral (size 5.25 and 7), agate (flower ring, size 6), orange glas oval (size 7) and a size 7 ring with 50+ round diamonds and 24 baguette diamonds.

Lot: 265 - Tiger Eye Necklace & More Sterling Silver Jewelry

Six pieces of sterling silver jewelry including a necklace with real tiger eye beads and gold wash over sterling clasp. Measures approx 15" L. Also includes two more necklaces with glass stones, a pair of earrings with safety closure and two rings (sizes 4 and 9.5).

Lot: 266 - Trifari Vintage White Beaded Necklace

Vintage Trifari necklace with name on the clasp. Approx 18" L.

Lot: 267 - Victorian Sterling & Gold Tone Jewelry

Antique Victorian sterling butterfly brooch marked made in Mexico. There is also a sterling adjustable scrimshaw ring, Siam style hinged bracelet and two gold tone necklace and earring sets.

Lot: 268 - 14K Gold Victorian Micro Mosaic Antique Pendant

Victorian 14K gold antique micromosaic pendant with swallow design on blue background. Measures approx 1.25" drop, weighs approx 3.9g.

Lot: 269 - 14K Gold, Diamond Pendants & Earrings

14K white gold cross pendant with 11 small diamonds (drop approx 3/4"), 14K pierced hoops with real garnets, another pair of pierced stud earrings with coral and a pendant of a child with glass stones.

Lot: 270 - 10K Gold, Diamond, Topaz, Spinel, Pearl, Cameo

10K gold pendants including one with blue topaz, 10K pearl and red spinel, 10K real cameo and 10K with real diamond. Cameo is largest at approx 1.25" drop.

Lot: 271 - 14K Gold Clasped Pearls & Stone Necklaces

Double strand pearl bracelet with 14K gold clasp and findings (approx 7" L) and a pink stone necklace with 14K gold clasp and small spacer beads (approx 22" L).

Lot: 272 - 14K Gold & Blue Topaz Necklace & Earring Set

14K gold necklace and earring set with real blue topaz. Necklace measures approx 15.5" L and pendant has an approx 0.5" drop.

Lot: 273 - Cameos, Victorian & More GF Brooches & Bracelet

Five gold fill pieces including two real cameo brooches, Victorian C hinged clasp, enamel bird brooch (slightly bent), another brooch and a jade style bracelet.

Lot: 274 - Tiffany & Co. Sterling Pen & Decanter Label

Two sterling silver Tiffany & Co. items including a ball point pen (measures approx 4.25" L and a decanter tag without engraving (approx 4.25" total length). Both marked Tiffany & Co and in good condition. Both with original pouch and box.

Lot: 275 - Cocktail Jewelry & More Rings (50+)

Collection of 50+ cocktail and other rings, some with real stones (ruby / Sapphire) and another with citrine. Also includes some quartz / crystal.

Lot: 276 - Garnet, Amber, Religious & More Sterling Jewelry

Seven pieces of sterling silver jewelry including four necklaces, brooch and school class pin. The brooch holds real amber, necklace with several garnets (approx 17" L)and a blue necklace with cross pendant (beads test in range of spinel), another cross pendant and a heart locket (doesn't seem to close completely).

Lot: 277 - Beaded Necklaces & Earrings

Beaded necklaces and earring, most necklaces multi-strand and earrings include pierced and clip.

Lot: 278 - Vintage Costume Brooches & Scarf Clips

18 vintage costume brooches and scarf clips including a monogrammed sterling brooch, Mamselle "B" gold tone, hand embroidered owl, ART red glass stone.

Lot: 279 - Antique Hair Combs, Barrettes, Shoe Clips & More

Antique hair combs, shoe clips, barrettes, earrings and more.

Lot: 280 - Antique & Vintage Porcelain

Antique shell vase with scalloped edges marked JP USA on the bottom (approx 7" H), pink McCoy bowl (approx 7" dia), Antique Bavarian covered dish, pig with pickle forks, metal vase, hang measure,

Lot: 281 - Antique Czech, Hand Painted, Glass & Porcelain

Antique porcelain bowl with hand painted farmhouse in the center with gilt edge design (approx 9.5" dia, crazing and age patina), E&R ERPHILA Czechoslovakia floral salt and pepper with holder Stratford, emerald green glass decanter (approx 14" H), blue and white Jackson Custom China Falls Creek, PA bowl, four jadeite scalloped edge bowls (no name), hand made cup and saucer, brown glass turkey covered dish and red fluted vase.

Lot: 282 - Antique Monarch Railroad Lantern & More Primitives

Primitive items including glass red glass railroad lantern marked Dietz Monarch, New York, NY, USA around top and base and Dietz Fit Zall NY USA on the glass (has oxidation, measures approx 13.5" H), coal scoop with Turkish style body and Delft style handles (largest at approx 19.5" L), ice tongs, small gas can, brass handled candle stick.

Lot: 283 - Antique Style Wall Shelf

Wooden wall shelf that has an antique style, but appears to be modern. Measures approx 28" L x 8.5" W. Wooden case with hinged door that opens to shelves and metal design on the sides.

Lot: 283A - Vintage Doilies, Linens & Garments

Vintage linens and garments including 15 lace and misc doilies, 5 lace and knitted table runners (various sizes small to large), Easter table cloth set with 4 place mats and 8 napkins, large lace round table cloth, 3 misc place mats, a multi-colored knitted shawl and other garments including 2 lace, a crochet and a sweated with matching vest.

Lot: 284 - Folk Art Group

Four pieces of art in the folk art style including two pieces with silver highlights (approx 6" x 7" OD), farm house print and a framed tile piece.

Lot: 284A - Antique Squirrel Netsuke & Mouse Trinket Box

Antique netsuke of a squirrel made of natural material and measures approx 1.5" H. There is also a resin mouse trinket box with an acorn (approx 2.5" H)

Lot: 285 - Art After M. Parrish by R. Atkinson Fox & More

Three color prints with neo classical style after Maxfield Parrish. One is signed R. Atkinson Fox in LR corner, circa 1920s, of three ladies, measuring approx 9.25" x 15". There are two additional prints in similar style that have no names.

Lot: 286 - Art After M. Parrish by R. Atkinson Fox & More

Three color prints with neo classical style after Maxfield Parrish. One is signed R. Atkinson Fox in LR corner, circa 1920s, of a seated woman, measuring approx 15.5" x 19.5". There is also another Parrish style print with girl lounging in a field (no name) and a print of a fountain (no name).

Lot: 287 - Abraham Lincoln Books, Book Ends & Art

Brass Lincoln bust (approx 8.5" H) , two cast iron book ends (approx 6" H), Art of Lincoln's "Lincoln Log Cabin" that has his portrait in the corner (measures approx 9" x 15" OD) and a number of books including Memories of President Lincoln (Walt Whitman, c 1800s), A Collection of the Promises of Scripture of The Christian's Inheritance by Samuel Clarke D.D.)Abraham Lincoln's Daily Devotional (Trinity Broadcasting Network), Lincoln's Devotional (1957), Abraham Lincoln (Ketcham, 1901) and more. See photos.

Lot: 288 - Abraham Lincoln Ltd Ed Doc Repro & Brass Easel

Limited Edition of 1,000 reproductions (1993 COA) of this historical Abraham Lincoln document relating to Nebraska and the Irish, Abraham Lincoln President of the United States measuring approx 23.5" x 29.5". Also includes a large brass easel that measures approx 46" H when folded. See information about the print in the photos.

Lot: 289 - Domestic Oriental Rug & Runners (3)

Three rugs including a domestic runner approx 30" x 126", another runner approx 36" x 67" and a domestic oriental rug 48" x 66". All with a cream and blue color palette / field.

Lot: 290 - Indian Woven Rug

Indian rug with red design measures approx 48" x 71". Tightly woven rug, has some edge loss. Provenance: Consignor lived in India.

Lot: 291 - Two Indian Rugs

Two rugs including Indian oriental rug with dragon design 24" x 39" and another Indian rug measuring approx 22" x 39". Provenance: Consignor lived in India.

Lot: 292 - Turkish & Middle Eastern Rugs (2)

Two rugs including Turkish rug with brown field with desig, measuring approx 48" x 71" and a Middle Eastern rug woven with natural fiber and measures approx 44" x 67"

Lot: 293 - Two Middle Eastern Rugs

Two Middle Eastern rugs with red and various hue design. One measuring approx 38" x 51" and the other approx 41" x 67".

Lot: 294 - Tiffany Style 20th C Table Light

Tiffany style 20th C table lamp, measuring approx 24" H from base to top of finial with shade approx 16" dia. Slight peacock feather design. Has not been tested.

Lot: 295 - Tiffany Style 20th C Floral Edged Table Light

20th C Tiffany style table lamp, measuring approx 24" H from base to top of finial with shade approx 16" dia. Floral edged design. Has not been tested.

Lot: 296 - Tiffany Style 20th C Fleur De Lis Table Light

Tiffany style 20th C table lamp, measuring approx 24" H from base to top of finial with shade approx 16" dia. Fleur de Lis design. Has not been tested.

Lot: 297 - Sterling Silver Necklaces & Pendants / Charms

16 pieces of sterling silver jewelry including three necklaces and several pins / charms. All stones in this lot test for glass. Filigree style necklace measures approx 19" L and pendant with approx 3" drop.

Lot: 298 - 10K Gold Amethyst & Blue Topaz Jewelry

Three 10K gold jewelry pieces including bracelet with stones that test for amethyst (measures approx 7" L), 10K gold blue topaz clip earrings and a 10K gold and blue topaz pendant. Clips measure approx 3/4" drop. Total weight approx 13.7g.

Lot: 299 - Sterling Silver Antique Thimbles (10)

Ten sterling silver antique thimbles of various sizes. Some have decoration around the rim.

Lot: 300 - Kirk & Sons, Stieff & More Sterling Flatware

Eight pieces of sterling silver flatware including a small Kirk & Son's fork and a small Stieff fork. Along with those, all are marked sterling.

Lot: 301 - Antique Fountain Pens (5)

Five antique fountain pens including Sheaffer (2) Waterman's Ideal New York Ideal Parix

Lot: 302 - Seven Fountain Pens, Some Gold Filled

Six antique fountain pens with names including Wearever (gold nib), Sheaffer (gold nib), Sheaffer, Parkette, Parker, Esterbrook. There is a gold plated ball point pen.

Lot: 303 - Sheaffer, Waterson, Sterling & More Fountain Pens

Six fountain pens including names and marks Sterling, Sheaffer (3), Arnold, Waterson. Four have gold nibs and the Sterling is marked without nib.

Lot: 304 - Sheaffer, Peter Pan & Vintage Fountain Pens.

Parker 51 with fine extra fine 1550 nib with original case and a monogrammed medallion, Sheaffers Pen and pencil set with original case. Three additional fountain pens including Universal, peter Pan and another unsigned.

Lot: 305 - Advertising & Fountain Pen Collection

There are four advertisement ball point pens, five fountain pens, a baseball key chain, small lighter and pencil and eraser combo.

Lot: 306 - Vintage 30 Advertising Pencil

30 pieces of advertising pens and mechanical pencils,

Lot: 307 - Marlboro, Swiss, Sterling Silver Jewelry & More

Watches including Marlboro with orient case, 30 year guaranteed, Ladies sterling Swiss pocket watch, with gold accent dial, sterling hallmarked case, not running. watch chin fob (FOB ha been repaired). Waltham Pocket / wrist Watches, Citizen (not running). Ladies watches including Timex, Eglin, Helbroz. watches have not been tested.

Lot: 308 - Two Hamilton Wrist Watches

Two Vintage Hamilton Automatic There is a also a Hamilton. Neither watch has been tested for accuracy.

Lot: 309 - 8 Day Travel Clock / Watches

Antique 8 day travel clock / watches. Swiss made Travel clock, runs Apin Watch Co.#48382. case #19481, 15 jewels with Alpine leather box (has wear). Names of others include Men's Bulova, Soreign, DuFonety and Wonen'sHelbros, Caravella and Bulova with Elgin movement.

Lot: 310 - Children's & Disney Watches

Names include Croton, Seiko, Elgin, Timex, Hamilton. Men's watches with names Croton, Seiko, Elgin, Hamilton, Seville and Timex. Ladie's watches Hamilton #9834 (2), Swiss pendant watch with 1920 monogram 15 jewels #4987895, does not run wadswoth referee case.

Lot: 311 - 10 Wristwatches & Pocket Watches

10 wristwatches and pocket watches including names Hamilton, Elgin, Seiko, Orion, LeGant and more. Watches have not been tested.

Lot: 312 - Ladies & Men's Designer Watches (14)

Collection of 14 ladies and men's watches including names Bazzatom Seiko, Michel Kors, Fossil, Citizen, Technos, Topaz, Caravelle, Cort, Accutron

Lot: 313 - Eight Vintage Wrist Watches

Eight men's and women's wristwatched including names Timex, Seiko, Hamilton, Elgin, Croton and more.

Lot: 314 - Bulova, Helbros, Elgin & More Antique Watches

Five wrist watches including 2 Helbros, Bulova blue faced Art Deco (band needs to be fixed), Time , Elgin rolled gold plated (has a chip on corner of crystal). There are also 3 jewelry boxes.

Lot: 315 - Ladies & Men's Wrist Watches

14 watches for men and women including Caravelle, Michael Kors, Seiko, Cort, Accutron, Topaz, technows, Citizen, Fossil, Bazzato.

Lot: 316 - International & USA Currency, Coins, Tokens

Coins and currency lot includes 75+ international, 4 Canadian bills, 1976 USA Proof set, a silver certificate, and 19 tokens.

Lot: 317 - Buffalo Nickel Coin Collection (37)

Collection of 37 USA buffalo 5 cent nickels. All in coin sleeves and dated 1920s through 1930s. See photos for more information.

Lot: 318 - US Antique Buffalo 5 Cent Nickels (37)

37 United States buffalo nickels including 12 in coin pockets and all others are loose. Please see photos.

Lot: 319 - Buffalo Indian Head USA Nickel Collection (153)

153 United States antique buffalo Indian Head nickels.

Lot: 320 - Hunting & Travel Themed Belt Buckles

Nine belt buckles: cars, Harley Davidson, birds, hunting and others. See photos.

Lot: 321 - 13 Zippo Lighters

13 Zippo lighters including card, monogrammed, Marlboro and more. Six have original boxes.

Lot: 322 - 21 Zippo Lighters

21 Zippo lighters, some with boxes. Scrimshaw style, advertising, John Deere and more. See photos

Lot: 323 - Pocket Knives, Hunting Knife & More

Snap-On anniversary kit in box and 11 other knives including souvenir knife with leather sheath (Ideal), Lone Ranger, Space / solar brass knife, hunting knife, Davy Crockett and more.

Lot: 324 - Military Medals, Pins, Badges & Patches

39 military pieces including medals, pins, badges and patches.

Lot: 325 - Pinbacks, Patches, Lighter & Silver Coin Ring

29 pieces of pinbacks, patches, silver ring made from schilling coin, lighter, cross flag on red material and more.

Lot: 326 - Military Medals, Pins, Buttons & More

34 buttons, 4 medals, 2 pins, 1933 car tag, a coin and a buckle.

Lot: 327 - Powder Measure, Press Armband & More

WW2 era "Press" arm band powder measures (big report, James Dixon & Son) "Boy Merica" pocket knife Spalding Whistle Gun Sight First Aid Tins Celluloid baseball pins, mechanical robot keychains dog tags tokens and more

Lot: 328 - Antique G.A.R. & Military Pins

Antique G.A.R pins including 12 USA, 5 Britain, G.A.R. Bar pin, one Ike and 3 misc military

Lot: 329 - Antique Dog Tag Licenses 1910 & Up

1910 and up dog tag licenses, total 26 of various shapes and designs.

Lot: 330 - Military, Mickey Mouse & Cultural Collectibles

Military, Mickey Mouse & Cultural Collectibles including 3 Mickey Mouse, 2 toys, 8 military, a whistle, 5 hard Rock Cafe pins, 5 advertising, tins, pins and more and an antique canteen stopper and an antique bone necklace.

Lot: 331 - Religious Crosses, Rosaries & Medal

Religious crosses, rosaries and more in this 32 items lot.

Lot: 332 - Religious Crosses, Rosaries & Medal

18 pieces in this lot of religious crosses, rosaries and medals.

Lot: 333 - Religious Crucifix Crosses

10 religious items including 7 crucifix, a cross, rosary and saint box.

Lot: 334 - Cuff Links, Tie Tacks, Pins, Fobs

Cufflinks including 37 pairs and 12 loose, 6 tie tacks/pins, 2 pins and 2 fobs.

Lot: 335 - Misc Military Patches, Pins & More

25 misc military items including some early German.

Lot: 336 - Police, Fire & Security Badges

Police, fire and security badges including 4 badges and 1 tag.

Lot: 337 - Badges, Pins, World's Fair and More

30 pieces including turquoise and coral eagle brooch, brass enameled tray, employment badges, tool token, military, celluloid, political, egg timer, spectacles, advertising.

Lot: 338 - Military Pins & Patches

Military Memorabilia including 60+ patches and 19 pins.

Lot: 339 - Military Pins & More

125+ pieces including military pins and more. See photos.

Lot: 340 - Misc Decorative, Musical, Asian & More

Misc lot including glass jade colored sensor, brass Buddah, Russian box, bone Viking, clicker, doll baby, Diamant harmonica, small porcelain mirror and small crystal ball.

Lot: 341 - Vintage Cap Guns (10)

10 vintage cap guns including Hubley (rodeo), "A", Star, Matell, "Cap Gun" and Dyna-mite.

Lot: 342 - Vintage Cap Guns (7)

Seven vintage cap guns including names "H" (pair), Pony Boy, Hubley Flintlock, Hubley Flint Lock Jr, L-H Detective, "K" Hawkeye.

Lot: 343 - Cigarette, Advertising & More

Four cigarette packs and boxes with cigarettes, empty cigarette tin, 4 Kanaya Hotel advertisement stickers, ink pad tin, White Cross thin with contents.

Lot: 344 - Antique Button Collection

Large antique button collection including set of antique glass beetle buttons (16), Bakelite black and white stick twist buttons (12), antique glass eyes, carved Mother of pearl and more. See photos.

Lot: 345 - Antique & Vintage Metal Buttons

Collection of antique and vintage metal buttons, over 100.. See photos.

Lot: 346 - Pennsylvania PRR & Slaymaker Locks w/ Keys

Pennsylvania Railroad and Slaymaker railroad locks with keys. PRR lock works and opens. The WMRY Western Maryland Railway Slaymaker (has proper key, won't open) and a Weed lock (has proper key but won't open).

Lot: 347 - Marble Collection (200+)

200+ marble collection. See photos.

Lot: 348 - Marble Collection (200+)

200+ marble collection. See photos.

Lot: 349 - Marble Collection (200+)

200+ marble collection including Coca Cola marbles in original packaging. See photos.

Lot: 350 - Skeleton Keys (40+)

40+ skeleton keys of various sizes and shapes. See photos.

Lot: 351 - Skeleton Keys (40+)

40+ skeleton keys of various sizes and shapes. There is also a clock key See photos.

Lot: 352 - Keys & More

30+ keys and other items including pocket knife, cigar cutter, letter opener and more.

Lot: 353 - Religious Items

Religious Items including 4 crucifixes, 3 Virgin Mary, brass Jesus and 7 tags.

Lot: 354 - Vintage & Antique Photos (39)

Vintage and antique photos including 4 tintypes, four large photos, 15 cabinet cards and 16 real photo postcards. Total of 39 pieces.

Lot: 355 - Photo & Ephemera Lot

Photo and ephemera include 12 photos, 4 documents and a 1978 baseball magazine.

Lot: 356 - Crystal Candelabra, Wine Glasses, Perfume Bottle

Crystal candelabra with bud vases, pair of cut glass wine glasses, 1910 calendar plate and a perfume bottle. Red wine glass measures approx 8.5".

Lot: 357 - Crystal, Creamer, Finger Lamps, Candy Bowls

"Halls" china creamer, red ware cream pitcher signed "G LaBelle", pie bird (Small chip inside base), crystal covered candy bowl (flea bites on rim), Victorian blue covered candy and 2 kerosene finger lamps (approx 11" H).

Lot: 358 - Antique Country Store Items & Door Bell

Blue graniteware coffee pot (missing glass percolator top), maple syrup tap and tin, antique printer's tray. beer tray with dogs drinking and smoking cigars (has a stain), small clothes rack and a canvas and leather tool bag (Kein tools).

Lot: 359 - Antique Cat Door Stop & Country Store Items

antique cat door stop (possibly Hubley), antique cow bell, antique sad iron, country store cast iron lid lifter, brass front spring scale.

Lot: 360 - York Sulter Tin, Country Market & More Items

York lard tin advertising tin for Sulter Brothers, Ice tea cooler (spout and lid chip), Bennington style brown pot, black and white agate ware (3 pieces), antique meat grinder in box.

Lot: 361 - Cast Iron Skillets & Trivets

Cast Iron Skillets & Trivets including Griswold 11.5", Wagner Sidney 8" #1055C, Wagner Sidney 6" #1053B, 1950 J.Z.H. Pennsylvania Dutch trivet.

Lot: 362 - Powwow Witchcraft, Tin Types, Postcards & More

George Hohman's Powwow of the Long-Lost Friend(linked to the Hex Murders in York County Pennsylvania - 1920s?), two full plate tin type photos identified as Heston & Anne Trout (York County)(both measuring approx 6.5" x 8.5") as well 2 paper frame mats, 2 books and 28 postcards (mostly Niagara Falls).

Lot: 362A - Vintage Bottles & Pottery

3 bottles including one Pyrex for bandages and an another one for applicators, Pensupreme milk bottle, Baberle's Laaer (?) pottery cup or vase (approx 6.75" H) and beer drinking stein with German scene (1/2 L).

Lot: 363 - Antique York PA Beer Bottles & Patent Medicine

11 antique York Pennsylvania for beer and patent medicine. There are 2 beer bottles and 9 for patent medicines. Names include J.M. Hyson M.D. Red Lion PA, J.A. Kopp (2), Wm, Smith and more.

Lot: 363B - Fine 19th C English Oil Lamp

Fine 19th C. brass bottom weighted large pedestal oil lamp with wick and large globe. Measures approx 36" to top.

Lot: 364 - Antique York County PA Bottles

Nine antique York County Pennsylvania bottles including 6 Hutchinson style and 3 beer bottles. Bottle names including Katz, Eagle, Weigle, York City, John J. Boll, Wm, Wiel, Wm Mack, A.C. Boll & Son.

Lot: 364A - Vintage MCM His & Hers Mirrors or Store Display

Pair of mid century mirrors with brass attachments and a wooden base. Possibly used in a store for beauty products but would be great for his and hers mirrors. Each measure approx 34.5" when together. The base of one has some wood color loss.

Lot: 364B - Vintage Ogee Shape Bracket Mirror

OGEE bracket mirror with some loss to veneer, however retains its early mirror.

Lot: 365 - York County PA Antique Advertising Tins

Six York County PA antique advertising tins for Colonial Coffee, P.C.W. Cough Drops, McLaughlin's typewriter Ribbon, Wolfgang's Candy, North York Garage, Pep Pretzels (lid wear). All from York, Pennsylvania, some have wear.

Lot: 366 - Antique York, PA Advertising

Collection of antique York, Pennsylvania advertising including Frey Brothers thermometer, Free's Pure Rye shot glass, Fiirst National Bank of York note clip, H. Free & Co. cork screw, J.A. Walker stoves frying pan cast ash tray, John H. Albright Hanover PA straight razor, Eagle Bottle Works blob top beer bottle, 11 lead animals and a milk opener.

Lot: 367 - Gun Powder, Blasting Cap & More Advertising Tins

Nine advertising items including gun powder, blasting cap, and more antique advertising tins. Names include Dupont, Hercules and more.

Lot: 368 - Antique Nutmeg Grinder & McCormick Spice Tins

11 pieces including a variety of antique McCormick spice tins, bottle, bot and an antique nutmeg grinder.

Lot: 369 - Cut Crystal Knife Rests

Eight cut crystal knife rests of various designs. No damage. Largest approx 4.25".

Lot: 370 - Vintage Peanut Butter Flower Glasses (18)

18 vintage peanut butter glasses with floral flower design. Two sizes including small measuring approx 3.5" H and the large ones approx 5" H.

Lot: 371 - Antique Treen & Wood Items

Antique Treen and wood items consisting of a wood bowl with spoon, covered nut dish, keg .crock tap and shoe stretcher.

Lot: 372 - Papago / Tohono O' Odham Arizona Indian Baskets

Four handmade Papago / Tohono O'Odham (the people of the desert) baskets from the United States. There are two tags included that are signed by the maker and information about the baskets is also included. Basket with handle has some loose material. The Papago reside in over 50 villages on their southern Arizona reservation where they also gather the natural materials for the baskets. The inner coil of the baskets are made of bear grass and the design is harvested either from the soap tree yucca cactus pod of the devil's claw, or the roots of the banana yucca cactus. All colors are natural; no dyes used.

Lot: 373 - Mikasa Vintage Flat Ware

Seven 5-piece vintage Mikasa place settings including dinner knife, dinner fork, salad fork, tea spoon and soup spoon. There is also a four piece hostess set including a table spoon, pierced table spoon, meat fork and gravy ladle. There is also a 9.25" dia Mikasa Nativity Christmas plate with original box. See photos.

Lot: 374 - Antique Leather Folder, Navy Blimp Photo, Spurs

Antique lot including a 1926 U.S. Navy panoramic blimp photo (rolled right, has a small tear), an antique leather document folder and pair pf vintage spurs

Lot: 375 - 1952 Currier & Ives Hardcover "America"

1952 Currier and Ives' "American" hardcover book with a panorama of the mid-nineteenth century scene withy prints in full color with an introduction and commentary by the editor, Colin Simkin, Crown Publishers New York. Includes 80 color lithographs. See photos.

Lot: 376 - Asian & Native American Figurines, Collectibles

Carved wood Native American figurine signed "Henry Draper" 1999. Also include a nephrite jade Asian warrior, Asian carved bone hair pin box and orange branch coral.

Lot: 377 - N. Macha Paintings (2), T. Wilson Photos (2)

Signed and framed artwork including a watercolor and ink painting by Nancy Macha and two photographs by Todd Wilson with city scenes.

Lot: 378 - Misc Costume Necklaces & Earrings

Misc lot of necklaces and many types of earrings.

Lot: 379 - Spanish Brooches, Stick Pin, Shoe Clips & More

27 brooches, pins and more including ship pin and fan pin marked Spain, L'Amy gold tone glasses pin, Bauer sunglasses, sterling silver drop pendant, rhinestone shoe clips, stick pin and more. Pin of lady with feather measures approx 2" L.

Lot: 380 - Animal Themed Brooches, Necklace & More

18 pieces of animal themed costume jewelry including cameo style cat necklace, Barlow scrimshaw style money clip with matching key ring, Stillwater Art ceramic cat brooch, JJ cat with mirror brooch and more. Camel brooch measures approx 2.5" W.

Lot: 381 - Colorful Ladies Watches (11)

11 watches including Helbros with sterling turquoise and coral band, many by Terner and more watches including Andrea Viccaro, Nia Nova, blue and green matching watches and more. The black hinged watch does not close properly. One watch as material loss on strap. See photos. Watches have not been tested.

Lot: 382 - Misc Military, Patriotic, Holiday, Pins & More

Misc items including patriotic USA flag brooch (approx 2.5") and pillow, Christmas pins and other winter related items, shoe clips including a pair with anchors, Franklin Mint key chain, utensil handle brooch and more.

Lot: 383 - 14K Gold Emerald & Diamond Ring

14K gold emerald and diamond ring, approx size 6.5 with 12 round diamonds that border an central emerald). Weighs approx 3.9g.

Lot: 384 - 14K Gold & Sterling Rings (3)

Three Rings including two 14K & sterling, The widest ring is approx size 5 and the thin is approx 7.25. There is also a sterling and turquoise ring, approx size 6.5.

Lot: 384A - 16 Cocktail Rings

16 cocktail rings including a sterling and onyx ring (approx 6.5). There are two bands with diamond chips (band - size 5 and infinite - size 8). Stones test for quartz, amethyst, peridot and more.

Lot: 385 - Christmas Themed Costume Jewelry

Grouping of Christmas themed costume jewelry including earrings, broaches, pins, bracelets and more

Lot: 386 - Native American, Sterling, Turquoise and MOP Jewel

Grouping consists of Native American style pieces including a statement necklace, turquoise stone bracelet, earrings, Mexican Sterling Onyx pendant on an Italian Sterling chain with Sterling Mother of Pearl Flower necklace, and a set of Sterling modernist Mother of Pearl earrings.

Lot: 387 - Vintage Beaded, Brooches & More

Assorted bead necklaces one with red pendant, assorted faux cameo including black and white Coro piece and Victorian style faux Cameo earrings. Jenny B Quartz movement nautical watch and assorted earrings.

Lot: 388 - Sterling Leah Hanna, Footnotes & Nautical Jewelry

Leah Hanna Diamond simulate butterfly earrings, Silver treasures Sterling Cubic Zirconia necklace, Footnotes Sterling silver mother and daughter rings (both size 9). Glass trinket box, silver tone button covers and nautical themed jewelry. All Sterling is in boxes.

Lot: 389 - Three Silver Rings (Abalone, Diamond Simulate)

Sterling Silver Filigree Size 6 with clear stone. Sterling Silver band with clear stones adorning top. Lot also includes Pawn Silver plus abalone flower ring.

Lot: 390 - Sterling w/ Gold Overlay Bracelets & Earrings

Sterling Silver with Gold overlay Ross Simons tennis bracelet and matching earrings, Italian Sterling necklace with gold overlay balls (approx 15" L). Also includes a heavy tri-colored Italian Sterling bracelet (approx 7" L) and a set of sterling with gold overlay lapis and pearl earrings.

Lot: 391 - Box of Christmas Ornaments

Box of Christmas ornaments including a vintage Shiny Brite box with 12 Shiny Brite ornaments; a 1974 decoupage Hummel music/jewelry box (approx. 4" x 5 1/2" x 2") with music in working condition; four 3 1/2" glass Christmas ornaments 2 ice-cream cones, one snowman fisherman, and one owl (owl has it's Macy's $10 price tag); and 6 vintage bubble lights - one is a spaceship.

Lot: 392 - Sterling, Turquoise, & More Jewelry

Tray of sterling, turquoise, and faux turquoise jewelry featuring a 19" Relios Inc. sterling necklace with lapis, carnelian, turquoise, malachite, and coral beads; a pair of 3 piece coral drop earrings; a turquoise and coral cuff stamped AO (1/2" at widest); a beautiful 1 13/16" Relios Inc. sterling cross with center turquoise cabochon with RMT stamp (Roderick Tenerio); an unmarked coral and silver stick pin; a sterling tie tack with inlaid Zuni design; a size 10.25 ring stamped 925 China; unmarked clip earrings with turquoise centers; and much more. 21 total pieces.

Lot: 393 - Religious Jewelry (22)

22 items of religious jewelry featuring a charm bracelet, necklaces, pendants, and medallions.

Lot: 394 - Brighton & Costume Jewelry

Brighton jewelry and Brighton "look alike" jewelry featuring a Brighton charm bracelet, a Brighton "Love" bracelet, a Brighton watch, a pair of Brighton pierced earrings, a Brighton leather wallet/change purse with bag, a Brighton 18" necklace with "Love" pendant, a Brighton bracelet with faceted unakite palm stones, a 35" Cookie Lee charm necklace, a 28" chain necklace with a 2" heart pendant/closure, and more.

Lot: 395 - Black & White Costume Jewelry

Two trays of over 60 pieces of black and white costume jewelry including some made with natural materials.

Lot: 396 - 60 Pieces of Red Costume Jewelry

60 pieces of red costume jewelry including necklaces, bracelets, pierced and clip earrings and more.

Lot: 397 - Casio Digital Watch Collection

Casio digital watch collection featuring 6 watches. Two ladies watches that include Gold Vintage Collection (NIB) and one new white Casio Illuminator. Four men's watches, 2 G-Shock models 3194 and 1545 and two black men's Illuminators.

Lot: 398 - Wittnauer Swiss Men's Watches

Two Wittnauer Swiss men's quartz analog watches, "new in box" condition with boxes and instructions. First watch is a Wittnauer Montserrat 10B03 with date window, sapphire crystal, and all stainless steel. (List price $495) Second Wittnauer is Vintage Retro silver/gold watch model # JV8074.

Lot: 399 - Men's Jewelry Collection

Men's jewelry collection featuring diamonds, MOP, natural stones, sterling silver, gold-filled items. Some marked Anson, Hickok, Correct, Shield, and Swank. Tray has 24 pairs of cuff links, 18 tie bars, and 14 tie tacks. Some F, some with semi precious stones including jade, diamond, onyx, tiger eye, glas and more.

Lot: 400 - Sterling Pins, Earrings, Charms, & More

Sterling jewelry featuring Celia sterling leaf with drop ball earrings, Beau sterling vintage 1 3/8" twisted circle pin, an unmarked sailboat charm, a sterling mushroom charm, sterling figural screw-ons with turquoise belly, 3 vintage sterling monogram pins (one etched E B and the other two E F B), 2 single sterling hoop earrings, onyx and sterling stud earrings, sterling #1 mom pendant, malachite flower stud earrings, onyx and sterling rectangle drop earrings with maker's mark, sterling hoops with open work design, and sterling multi circles drop earrings.

Lot: 401 - Sterling & Stone Jewelry

Sterling and stone jewelry featuring a 24" sterling necklace with 2 1/4" pendant with polished jaspilite stone; a faceted labradorite stone pendant on silver tone necklace; sterling earrings with round flat sodalite, amethyst, green stone (jade?), and lapis; carnelian bracelet; unakite polished drop earrings; 19" Chaps tiger's eye necklace; 18 1/2" lapis necklace; 8" sterling and labradorite bracelet; 24" sterling sepentine necklace with polished malachite heart pendant; 1 5/8" cushion cut carnelian pendant with sterling hinged bale; a polished 1" tourmalinated quartz stone pendant with sterling bale; and more

Lot: 402 - Jadeite Necklace

Beautiful 32" jadeite hand knotted necklace with 8mm round beads and 2cm long six sided beads.

Lot: 403 - Butterflies and Dragonflies

Butterfly and dragonfly jewelry featuring a 34"onyx and snowflake obsidian butterfly necklace with faceted black glass beads, polished quartz beads, and sterling closure; a 3" stainless steel dragonfly pendant accented with rhinestones and faux pearls on an 18 1/2" faux pearl necklace with a 3 1/2" chain extension in original box; a copper enameled 1 3/4" butterfly pin; a 2" mother-of-pearl and rhinestone winged butterfly on a 34" gold tone chain; 2 rhinestone dragonfly pins; a 2 sided emaneled butterfly charm/pendant; and more.

Lot: 404 - Vintage Service & Souvenir Jewelry

Vintage service and souvenir jewelry featuring a WW II Coro sterling "Husband in Service" pin; a vintage sterling enamel Seabees pin; a Dwight D. Eisenhower medal on ribbon souvenir pin; 3 U.S. Capitol souvenir pins 1957, 1958, and 1959; 2 Massachusetts Masons pins; a tie clip with Rockefeller Center medallion; an 1885 seated Liberty dime with jump ring; a pair of cuff links with 1937 and 1941 Mercury dimes; a WW II souvenir tie tack; and a warship with Navy officers emblem pin.

Lot: 405 - Vintage Brooches & Earrings

Vintage brooches and earrings featuring a Lisner 2 1/8" leaf brooch with rhinestone accents, a pair of Weiss clip earrings with pronged light green rhinestones, a pair of Uncas gold tone with pink glass center pierced earrings, a beautiful vintage 1 1/2" multi colored and shaped pronged rhinestone vase with flowers pin (enameled setting), a 2" pronged opalescent star brooch, a 2" flower and leaves pin with teal and blue pronged rhinestones, a 1 3/4" flower brooch with a pronged opalescent oval cabochon center and pink rhinestones, a pair of multi colored (blue) and shaped pronged rhinestone clip earrings, a 2 1/8" gold tone flower brooch with pink and clear pronged rhinestones, a 1 1/2" pinwheel flower brooch with 6 pronged pink rhinestones, and a pair of green rhinestone clip earrings.

Lot: 406 - Vintage Gold Tone Brooches

A collection of 10 vintage brooches featuring a 3" BSK leaf with faux pearl and crystal accents, a 3 1/4" Capri sheaves, an unmarked 2" radiating swirl, a 2 1/2" Gerry's leaf with green enameled accents, a 2" Gerry's 5 segment leaf, a 2" Napier multi strands twisted circle, a 1 3/4" Monet curled leaf, a 2" Monet 4 leaves with center stem, and two more heavy unmarked leaves.

Lot: 407 - Vintage Kramer Brooch & More

Ready for the holidays with a collection of vintage rhinestone jewelry pieces featuring a beautiful Art Deco style Kramer of New York 1 3/4" pronged rhinestone brooch, an unmarked 2 1/8" pronged rhinestone flower brooch, and seven pairs of clip or screw-back pronged rhinestone earrings with the exception of the crystal bow earrings - they are not pronged.

Lot: 408 - Clip & Screw-back Earrings

A collection of clip and screw-back earrings featuring Lisner, Trifari, Monet, Sarah Coventry, Hong Kong, Japan, and many more.

Lot: 409 - Fall Themed Jewelry

Fall themed costume jewelry featuring turkeys, pumpkins, fall leaves, candy corn, a cornucopia, and more.

Lot: 410 - "In the Water" Costume Jewelry

"In the water" 18 pieces of costume jewelry featuring a pair of Kenneth Lane (USA) shell clip earrings, a pair of Trifari clip fish earrings, a fabulous 3 3/4" reticulated alligator pin with green eyes, an AJC 2" school of fish pin, a damascene crab pin, a pewter stylized repeating fish pin, a 7 1/4" linked whale bracelet, origami fish earrings, an enameled sea horse pendant on a 20" chain necklace, and much more.

Lot: 411 - Owls & Birds Jewelry

31 items of avian jewelry featuring a vintage 2" J.J. (Jonette Jewelry) googly eye toucan pin, an Avon googly eyed owl on a branch pin, an Avon reticulated owl pendant on a chain necklace, a Monet hummingbird and flower pin, an ART bird in flight pin, a vintage hummingbird with blue rhinestone eye and real pearl accent pin, a wire bird nest pendant with 3 fresh water pearl "eggs" and bird charm on a 17" silver tone necklace, and much more.

Lot: 412 - Cats & Dogs Jewelry

Tray of cat and dog themed jewelry featuring a vintage sterling Disney dog bone pin with 3 attached charms (stamped Disney, Mexico, and 925 on back), a vintage Monet poodle brooch with red eyes, a 1982 pewter Shetland sheepdog pocket charm, an open work dachshund pendant with rhinestone outline on an 18" silvertone necklace, an enameled Monet cat trinket box, a Hello Kitty necklace, a frosted glass cat pendant on an 18" necklace, 2 reticulated lion pendant necklaces, a Fish & Crown black cat in iris plant enameled pin, a Dart Ind Inc resin lion pin, and more.

Lot: 413 - Antique & Vintage Buttons

Antique and vintage buttons featuring a full card of beautiful Paris 25mm woven buttons (24 count) with fabric shank backs and matching 15mm (7 count) buttons, an original card stock of Czechoslovakia 18mm black glass shank buttons (24 count), 6 cards of mother-of-pearl buttons, a card of Germany US Zone white shank buttons with pressed black design, metal buttons (one inscribed Pennsylvania State Button Society), and more.

Lot: 414 - Vintage Lisner Demi-Parure

This beautiful retro Lisner demi-parure consists of a pair of light blue celluloid tulips with rhinestone accent clip earrings and 16 3/4" matching necklace.

Lot: 415 - Vintage & Costume Jewelry

Vintage and costume black and gold tone jewelry featuring a pair of Kramer chain and paisley shaped clip earrings, a pair of faceted black glass button style clip earrings, a pair of Monet gold tone with center black cabochon pierced earrings, a pair of pronged faceted rectangle glass clip earrings, an unmarked vintage leaf and acorn brooch with wire work, a pair of gold tone swan pierced earrings, and more.

Lot: 416 - Clip & Screw-back Earrings

38 pairs of clip and screw-back earrings featuring Lewis Segal, Richelieu, Trifari, Georgiou, Napier, Marvella, Monet, Avon, Japan, and more.

Lot: 417 - Gold Tone Statement Jewelry

2 trays with 45 pieces of gold tone statement jewelry including necklaces, bracelets, brooches, earrings, and one ring.

Lot: 418 - Vintage Celluloid & More

16 jewelry pieces featuring a 7 1/4" Coro bracelet with faux pearls and celluloid free form brown accents, a pair of Lisner brown celluloid and gold tone clip earrings, a pair of Trifari (1955-69) clip earrings gold tone with chestnut colored circle accents, a pair of Monet gold tone clip knot earrings, a pair of Monet gold tone flame design clip earrings, Italian made Murano (?) glass clip back earrings, brown and tan celluloid clip earrings, 2 stone bracelets, and more.

Lot: 419 - Vintage Rhinestone Jewelry

12 pieces of vintage rhinestone jewelry featuring an unmarked 1 1/2" Victorian pin with faux pearls, rhinestones, and turquoise colored beads; a pair of Weiss exquisite clip earrings with faux pearls, pronged blue and pink rhinestones, and pronged glass turquoise beads; a pair of Coro clip earrings with faux pearls and iridescent rhinestones; a matching unmarked 2 1/4" faux pearl and rhinestone brooch and clip earrings; a child's bracelet with pronged rhinestones; and more beautiful pieces.

Lot: 420 - 14K Gold & Garnet Parure

14 Kt gold and garnet parure includes a 17 1/2" 5 strand necklace, a 7 1/4" bracelet and pierced earrings.

Lot: 421 - Sterling, Vintage, & Costume Birds

Collection of bird jewelry featuring a pair of sterling owl earrings, a vintage "Love Birds" pin with pronged rhinestone bodies and ruby colored eyes, a vintage "jelly belly" bird pin with clear rhinestone accents and blue eye, a Nolan Miller enameled hummingbird charm with rhinestone accents, a Monet rhinestone hummingbird brooch, a 3" heron brooch, a duck pin with scarab belly, and more.

Lot: 422 - Reptile, Frog, & Beetle Jewelry

A tray of reptiles, frogs, and beetle jewelry featuring a vintage 3" Lang sterling komodo dragon pin with matching screw-back earrings, a reticulated and enameled frog pin, a Kenneth J Lane 7 1/4" enameled frog links bracelet, a 1 3/4" Kenneth J Lane enameled wings beetle pin with rhinestone inside body (wings move open and close), a pair of 3" silver tone lizard earrings, and a snake charm.

Lot: 423 - Clip & Screw-back Earrings

48 pairs of vintage and costume clip and screw-back earrings including Coro, Monet, Japan, enameled, pronged rhinestone, and more.

Lot: 424 - Jar of Costume & Craft Jewelry

A plastic snack jar filled with costume and craft jewelry weighs 9.6 lbs.

Lot: 425 - Uranium/Vaseline Glass

9 pieces of uranium glass including an 8" tall pitcher, 3 matching water glasses, a divided relish dish, a desert plate, a candy dish with center handle, a berry bowl, and a footed bowl.

Lot: 426 - 17 Pounds of Jewelry

A 17 lb bag of costume jewelry including bracelets, rings, pins, necklaces, watches, and more.

Lot: 427 - Antique Bracelets & Others

A tray of 5 bracelets featuring a 7/8" wide gold plated antique hinged cuff with safety chain, finely etched leaf design, and inscribed inside RLS to GGE F.M. Co stamp (Finberg Manufacturing Company); a 3/8" wide antique sterling bangle inscribed inside R.K.L. Aug.3, 1905 (slight crimps); a 1/2" sterling hinged bracelet with safety chain marked inside JG MG-52 Sterling Mexico; a 1/4" wide bangle marked Taxco Mexico 2 5/8" dia.; and a 1/8" wide sterling Mexico belt buckle design bangle with a 2 3/16" dia.

Lot: 428 - Sterling, Turquoise, & Onyx Jewelry

Sterling, turquoise, and onyx jewelry featuring an unmarked native design ring with a white center accent size 6.5, a Mexico 925 inlaid onyx cuff (some onyx loss), a sterling open work cuff with a 1/2" set turquoise oval, an unmarked Zuni inlaid turquoise and MOP design ring size 5.5, a sterling Mexico inlaid abalone 1 7/8" pin/pendant, a pair of TF Mexico 925 1" triangle clip earrings with inset onyx, a sterling ring with onyx stone size 7, an unmarked ring with inset turquoise (3/8" at widest) size 5.5, turquoise native pendant (sterling under soldered bale also "E" mark), a size 8 sterling ring with inset onyx design, a pair of sterling pierced earrings with turquoise nuggets, a size 7 ring unmarked with a set oval turquoise stone, an 18" turquoise and liquid heishi necklace with screw closure, Taxco 925 Mexico open work design earrings with turquoise and orange striped quartz, and an unmarked pendant with turquoise dust inlaid design.

Lot: 429 - Victorian & Vintage Jewelry

Victorian and vintage jewelry featuring a beautifully worked Victorian 3" gold tone bar pin with pronged rhinestone accents; an antique 2 1/2" sterling, enamel, and rhinestone bar pin; an antique 1 3/4" etched bar pin; a Sadie Green 1 7/8" open work brooch with a pronged rhinestone and 4 dangles; a vintage gold tone 7" bracelet with six enameled rose design links, a vintage B & N (Bugbee and Niles) 1930 -40 expansion bracelet with MOP heart, enameled flower, and pronged blue rhinestone; a Van Dell 1/20 12 KGF pin with a faux pearl and pronged rhinestones; a 1 1/4" gold tone etched design locket; a Victorian watch fob dangle with a 3/4" faceted purple glass head; and a 48" watch fob chain with a 3/8" slide with tiny pearl accents.

Lot: 430 - Vintage, Sterling, GF, Rhinestones, & More

Beautiful tray of jewelry featuring a vintage 2 1/2" pronged red and pink rhinestone brooch, a beautifully simplistic 3" gold tone stylized lily of the valley spray pin with 5 green colored dangling beads, a vintage enameled Florida pin, a 2" black and silver tone flower brooch, a 1 1/4" antique oval pin with embedded rhinestones and blue enameling (slight enamel loss), a Barclay gold tone rhinestone bracelet, an antique sterling Niagara Falls souvenir pin with enameled blue birds (one bird needs to be resoldered), a 1/20 14 KGF C. Co. locket with hummingbird etched design and 20" chain, a finely crafted 1/20 12 KGF WRE (W.E. Richards) pin and screw-back earrings set with real pearls, and a 6 1/4" gold tone identification bracelet etched Marcy with a pink rhinestone accent.

Lot: 431 - Name Brand Costume Jewelry

Name brand costume jewelry featuring a 7 1/2" Napier rectangle links bracelet, a 16 1/2" Napier gold tone choker necklace, a 24" Napier faux pearl and gold tone necklace, a 2" (including bale) Miriam Haskell open work heart pendant, a heavy 2 1/4" Trifari brooch, a 4" Coro triple bisected circles pin, a 2 1/2" Coro flower pin, a Giovanni brooch with bell shaped flowers, a gold tone flower basket pin with pronged rhinestone accents, a Van Dell 1/20 12 KGF 2 1/2" bow style pin with pronged rhinestones, a matching Trifari 24 1/2" necklace and 7 1/2" bracelet, and a size 6 black celluloid rose design ring.

Lot: 432 - Costume Jewelry

An eclectic grouping of costume jewelry featuring a Coro coin charm bracelet; a 1/20 12 KGF charm bracelet with Illinois charm (Wells Sterling), horse charm (A and Z 1/20 12 KGF), and Indiana charm; a 16" Artistry lariat style necklace; a 16" 1/20 12 Kt necklace with incised scarab pendant; a 3/4" heavy Reed pewter cuff; a Major Stainless Magnetic expansion bracelet; a 1 3/8" lady in profile pendant with 3 pronged red rhinestones; a 2 1/2" painted porcelain brooch; a 2 3/4" gold tone and celluloid rose pin; a 1 3/4" two tone celluloid cameo; a 2 1/2" celluloid silhouette brooch; a 1 1/2" copper enamel bird pin; a "M" monogram disk ring; a gold tone ring with green stone; a 4 1/4" Renoir copper artist palette brooch; a 18 Kt heavy gold electroplate pronged "opal like" glass ring; and more.

Lot: 433 - Sterling, Name Brand, & More Jewelry

Sterling and name brand jewelry including a 7 3/4" JB sterling multi circle links bracelet, an 18" sterling chain with cherry blossom branch pendant, an 18" sterling and amethyst necklace, a 7 1/4" sterling double chain scarab bracelet with semi precious stones, a vintage 7 1/2" sterling bracelet with rectangle green glass cabochons and detailed enamel links, a pair of sterling and pearl drop earrings, a 16" Trifari double leaf choker, a 31" Trifari silver tone necklace, a 7" Trifari serpentine bracelet, an 18" Trifari necklace with shell cameo pendant, a 1 1/2" Krementz open work rectangle pin, a made in Korea celluloid and enamel mouse pin, 2 silver tone Rinc SP Lind bracelets, and more.

Lot: 434 - Sterling Rings

Seven sterling rings featuring a sterling size 8 ring with inlaid opal (3/8" at widest), a sterling size 7.5 rotating square, a 6.5 Mexico sterling ring with oval glass head, a sterling size 6 ring with nice incised design, a size 6.5 PZ 925 Israel ring, a tiny size 2 ring with inset lapis marked "PSCL" 925, and an unmarked size 6 amethyst open heart design ring.

Lot: 435 - Sterling Troll Bead Bracelet

A 7" sterling Troll bead bracelet with fish clasp and 6 charms (3 stamped Troll bead charms).

Lot: 436 - Sterling Troll Bead Bracelet

A 7" sterling Troll bead bracelet with crane clasp and 14 charms (5 stamped Troll bead charms and one sterling Thai bead).

Lot: 437 - 14K Gold Ladies Ring

A size 7.5 14K ladies ring with pink sapphire, aquamarine, purple topaz cut stones. 1.89 DWT

Lot: 438 - Two 10K Gold Ladies Rings

Two 10K gold ladies rings the first is a ruby and diamond size 7.5 (0.90 DWT) and the second ring is a size 5.5 blue star sapphire (0.92 DWT)

Lot: 439 - 14K Gold Opal and Diamond Ring

A 14K gold ladies size 8 ring with center opal and 3 accent diamonds on one side. Approx 2.10 DWT

Lot: 440 - 14K Gold Opal Ring

A 14K gold ladies size 7 ring with opal stone. 1.56 DWT

Lot: 441 - Three Milor Gold Rings

Three Milor gold rings featuring an 18K gold band (1.78 DWT), a 14K white gold satin finished with incised details (1.32 DWT), and a 14K gold ring with black enameling (2.12 DWT). All rings are size 10.

Lot: 442 - 10K Gold Pierced Earrings

Two pair of 10K gold hoop earrings one pair has 9 channel set cut diamonds. 2.00 DWT

Lot: 443 - 10K White Gold Men's Ring

A 10K white gold men's ring size 8 with carved hematite centurian. 3.96 DWT

Lot: 444 - 10K Gold Men's Ring

A 10K gold men's size 10 blue topaz and diamond ring. 3.02 DWT

Lot: 445 - 10K Gold and Diamond Heart Pendant

A 10K gold "mom" heart pendant with 27 diamonds. 1.44 DWT

Lot: 446 - 10K White Gold Diamond Cross

A 10K white gold cross pendant with 46 diamonds. 1.29 DWT

Lot: 447 - 14K Pocketbook Pendant & 14K Necklace

A 14K white gold pocketbook pendant with 23 diamonds on an 18" 14K white gold box chain. 2.32 DWT

Lot: 448 - 14K and Cultured Pearl Necklace

A 28" long 6mm cultured pearl necklace, 14K gold clasp, knotted between pearls, "BL" hallmark inside a square, and beautiful luster.

Lot: 449 - 10K Necklace with Garnet/Diamond Pendant

A 10K white gold garnet and diamond pendant on an 18" necklace. 1.29 DWT

Lot: 450 - 14K Gold Dolphin Necklace

A 14K gold dolphin pendant on an 18" necklace. 1.77 DWT

Lot: 451 - 14K Gold Bead Necklace

A 17" 14K gold graduated bead necklace. 2.76 DWT

Lot: 452 - 14K Gold Herringbone Necklace

An Italian 14K gold 3mm herringbone 18" chain necklace. 2.24 DWT

Lot: 453 - Five 14K Gold Bracelets

Five 14K gold chain bracelets. Four measure 7" long and one measures 6.5" long. 4.89 DWT

Lot: 454 - 14K Gold Necklace with Blister Pearl

A 14K gold 18" rope necklace (has solder repair) with a beautiful luster blister pearl pendant. Chain 2.13 DWT and pendant 1.85 DWT

Lot: 455 - 14K Gold & Pearl Jewelry

14K gold and pearl jewelry featuring an 8" bracelet, a 2" x 1" 3 dimensional pearl crucifix, and a single pearl pendant on a 17 1/2" 14K gold necklace (0.86 DWT total). All three have 14k gold closures or bales.

Lot: 456 - Two 10K Gold Ladies Rings

Two 10k white gold ladies rings. The first is a white gold size 7.5 ring with orange/yellow sapphire with two accent diamonds (1.60 DWT) and the second is a yellow gold size 7 ring with filigree work and small center diamond (0.81 DWT)

Lot: 457 - Two Yellow Gold Rings

Two yellow gold ladies rings. A 14K gold size 7 ring with Wedgwood daisy (approx 2.7g). The second ring is unmarked with possibly a light tiger eye stone (approx 1.7g), size 7 and total weight approx 4.4g.

Lot: 458 - 14K Vintage Ladies Omega Watch

A 14K white gold vintage Omega ladies watch with mechanical winder. Watch runs well and has a small (approx. 5") black cord band. It is in very nice condition for its age. 6.34 DWT

Lot: 459 - Holiday Jewelry

47 items of holiday jewelry featuring a 3 1/4" pronged rhinestone Jesus pin, a pair of Danforth pewter angel earrings, clip and pierced earrings, bracelets, pins, necklaces, pendants, pocket charms, and one ring.

Lot: 460 - Holiday Jewelry

46 pieces of holiday jewelry (some vintage) including an Eisenberg Ice 2" open work tree pin with rhinestones, a vintage circle and poinsettia pin with matching poinsettia clip earrings, a 2" Alpaca Mexico pinecone pin, a Monet stick pin, clip and pierced earrings, necklaces, pins, and more.

Lot: 461 - Holiday Jewelry

33 items of holiday jewelry featuring some vintage pins, an Anne Klein reindeer pin with rhinestone body, pierced and clip earrings, pins, necklaces, bracelets, and one ring.

Lot: 462 - Antique Christmas Ornaments (12)

A box of 12 antique Christmas ornaments. Antique box is stamped Germany. Some metal toppers are stamped Poland and some West Germany. These beautiful ornaments are hand blown and hand painted.

Lot: 463 - Vintage Paper Snowmen

Two vintage paper snowmen decorations. The 16 1/4" table top snowman decoration has an accordion honeycomb tissue paper body, cardboard arms, and stamped "Made in Denmark". The double Japanese lantern style snowman expands to 18", has a black cardboard hat, is painted both front and back, is very delicate, and is finished with a fabric ribbon bowtie. (This snowman is smoking a cigar!)

Lot: 464 - Vintage Steiff "Flossy"

Vintage Steiff "Flossy" the goldfish measures 11" long and 4 3/4" tall. This 51% wool 49% cotton body toy has it's original paper tag, button grommetted tag, and glass eyes.

Lot: 465 - Tray of Marbles and Shooters

A tray of marbles and shooters

Lot: 466 - Glass Frig. Container with Marbles

A vintage glass refrigerator container filled with marbles and shooters.

Lot: 467 - Box of 45 RPM Records

A vintage box of 45 rpm records including Alice Cooper, Elvis Presley, Cher, Don McLean, Seals & Crofts, Vicki Lawrence, Carpenters, Looking Glass, Wayne Newton, Dr. Hook and the Medicine Show, Jefferson Starship, Bee Gees, Sammy Davis Jr., The Jackson Five, Frankie Valli, The Chantels, and many more.

Lot: 468 - First Half 20th C Brass Fireplace Screen

Peacock style fan measures approx 25.5" H x 38" W x 4D while open. Has a griffin brass base design.`

Lot: 469 - Two Wooden Plant Stands

Two wooden plants stands, with largest measuring approx 25.5H Cracks in the central wood is from the production.

Lot: 470 - Ronald Van Ruyckevell American Eagle Bowie Knife

"The American Eagle Bowie Knife" by Ronald Van Ruyckevell, measuring approx 14". Handle depicts an eagle and blade has a mountain scene with flying eagles.. Mounted on frame, approx 21" x 11".

Lot: 471 - Semi-Precious Strands

Various pearl enhanced strands, green hue stone style and findings.

Lot: 471A - Semi-Precious Strands

Various pearl enhanced strands and pink hue glass.

Lot: 471B - Heidi Daus & Other Watches

Heidi Daus colored crystal watch on velvet strap, gold tone Nolan Miller, vintage Lorus Mickey Mouse and another will shell detail.

Lot: 471C - Trifari Vintage Jewelry

Includes 2 Trifari sets, one gold tone and one silver tone and also includes vintage Trifari and stone clips.

Lot: 471D - Sterling Silver Amethyst & Stone Necklaces

Includes an amethyst triple strand necklace with sterling closure and a blue stone necklace with matching earrings and sterling silver .925 findings.

Lot: 471E - Antique Carved & Vintage Knives

Inuit carved bears and other early examples as well as carved and celluloid knives.

Lot: 471F - Sterling, Amber, Stone & Estate Jewelry

Fine sterling silver hot pink to purple blue artisan necklace, gold fill pink marble hue stone necklace, amber stretch bracelet, brooch, pendants and more.

Lot: 471G - Sterling Rainbow Necklace & Vintage Necklaces

Fine rainbow sterling silver cubic zirconia CZ necklace (NIB), and pearl crystal style artisan necklaces.

Lot: 471H - Artisan Designer Sterling Necklace

Multi-strand necklace with purple enhanced pearl and crystal necklace with sterling silver magnetic closure.

Lot: 471I - Artisan Stone Necklace

Triple strand necklace of polished jet, agate and quartz with an ornate crystal and gold tone clasp.

Lot: 471J - Blue Stone Necklace & Strands

Blue polished stone necklace with gold fill clasp along with three strands including raw crystal "wand" shaped strand, polished purple and green agate and one pearl strand.

Lot: 471K - Stone Strands, Pearls & Other Jewelry

Raw crystal wand shaped strand, large agate strand, silver enamel blue fruit earrings and a pearl necklace.

Lot: 471L - Estate Jewelry Selection

Several vintage brooches, pink bead earrings, vintage necklaces, gold tone chain and other pieces.

Lot: 471M - Statement Flower Necklace & Other Jewelry

Large burgundy to red red flower statement necklace with three dimensional flowers, polished pink tourmaline necklace, dyed purple stone necklace, butterfly necklace and more. Costume.

Lot: 471N - Estate Vintage Jewelry

large hand made artisan multi glass necklace, large earrings, bracelets and more.

Lot: 471O - Agate Strands & Clasps

Nine various hue natural agate and bright purple enhanced agate strands with four sterling silver magnetic clasps.

Lot: 471P - Crystal and More Strands & Sterling Clasps

Eight various strands including coral, jadeite style, crystal and three sterling silver magnetic clasps.

Lot: 471Q - Five Pearl & Vintage Necklaces

Five vintage necklaces including pearl, "Vita" gold tone curb link, acorn, and more.

Lot: 471R - Garnet, Amber Strands & More

Multiple strands including garnet, amber, aqua hue type, carved coral design for pendant, earrings and more.

Lot: 471S - Sterling Necklace & Vintage Necklace

Large polished light quartz necklace with sterling silver toggle and azurine style light green necklace.

Lot: 471T - Two Quartz Pearl Necklaces

Triple strand quality pink sand pearl necklace and pink to green hue marbleized hue with pink quartz necklace.

Lot: 471U - Opal & Blue Hued Necklaces

Fine sterling silver blue opal multi strand necklace, blue agate type and blue quartz crystal necklace.

Lot: 471V - Vintage Artisan Bead Necklaces

Jade and carnelian artisan designed necklace along with a yellow and peach colored necklace and Murano glass large charm beads.

Lot: 472 - Coro & Vintage Estate Jewelry

Sampling includes Coro signed circa 1940s gold tone crystal floral necklace and other various necklaces, lucite deer brooch, panther shoulder brooch and other brooches, bracelets, earrings and more.

Lot: 473 - Pearl Necklace Collection

Three semi-precious necklaces to include blue to purple pearl enhanced and sterling silver disk design peridot necklace.

Lot: 474 - Pearl & Geode Strands

Includes large ice geode design, various quartz, baroque shape pearl enhanced, coral weave enhanced (as is) and copper hand hammered toggles.

Lot: 475 - Hot Pink Chalcedony Vintage Strands

Various hot pink to rose multi hue chalcedony strands.

Lot: 476 - Art Deco & Estate Jewelry Collection

Highlights include two large crystal Art Deco brooch and clip, scarab and other bracelets, pearl bracelets and more.

Lot: 477 - Various Semi Precious Strands

Strands include blue to purple pearl enhanced, banded agate, sapphire hue and more.

Lot: 478 - Vintage Green Necklace & Lemon Yellow Strands

Green emerald hue quartz necklace and various lemon to lime strands with toggles.

Lot: 479 - Joan Medeiros, Brighton & Vintage Jewelry

Sampling includes hand crafted quality John Medeiros necklace and earrings, Brighton collection, turquoise style, bracelets, earrings and more.

Lot: 480 - Semi-Precious & Vintage Strands

Various emerald green hue moonstone type, seaweed to other hue strands, sterling copper toggles and more.

Lot: 481 - Czech & Vintage Loose Beads

Vintage in original "Czechoslavakia" machine cut stones, pearl enhanced, art glass and more.

Lot: 482 - Vintage Aqua Hue Strands

Various aqua hue and turquoise hue enhanced strands and vintage toggles.

Lot: 483 - Sterling Pearl & Estate Jewelry

Various pearl style sterling clasp art deco bow brooch, Victorian garnet brooch, "Consul" Swiss circa 1940's antique hidden watch retro bracelet, two pair Trifari, Vendome earrings and more.

Lot: 484 - Moonstone Vintage Necklace

Fine double strand moonstone necklace approx 7" L.

Lot: 485 - Opal and Labradorite Vintage Stones & Strands

Labradorite approx 20+ ctw various Ethiopian opal stones and strands and aqua hue strands.

Lot: 486 - Givenchy Designer Vintage Necklace

Givenchy designer wide curb link gold tone necklace

Lot: 487 - Sterling Joan Rivers & Vintage Estate Jewelry

Sterling onyx CZ bracelet, Joan Rivers tubular necklace, ART slide style charm bracelet, vintage agate collar and other necklaces, brooches, large heart silver tone necklace and more.

Lot: 488 - Swarovski & Stone Necklaces

Sampling includes Swarovski floral necklace, jade and agate design necklace, turquoise pearl and more.

Lot: 489 - Vintage Estate Jewelry

Sampling includes pearl designer, necklaces, cloisonne, various brooch and more.

Lot: 490 - Vintage Watch & Estate Jewelry

Includes Art Deco croton and Elgin watches as found condition, 1940s Elgin in Working Order, several movements (Hamilton, Elgin,Bulova& More, World's Fair and more

Lot: 491 - Hamilton, Elgin, Bulova & More Vintage Watches

Sampling includes Hamilton, Elgin, Bulova, Citizen, Fossil, vintage rosary and more. Most wind ups in as found condition.

Lot: 492 - "Bulova" Accutron Watch

Diamond bezel and face "Bulova" Accutron W.R. 30M sapphire and crystal stainless case. Watch as found in excellent condition. Needs battery.

Lot: 493 - Coro & Vintage Estate Jewelry

Sampling includes Coro signed large purple to hot pink necklace and various other necklaces. heart bow pin, turquoise style cuff bracelet, and more.

Lot: 494 - Weiss, Philip Hulitar Sterling & Vintage Jewelry

Weiss multi-pink rose brooch, Hulitar designer triple strand necklace screw back sterling marcasite earrings, Art Deco Necklace, brooch and more.

Lot: 495 - Vintage Sterling Pearl Jewelry

Sterling silver double pearl screwback earrings and faceted amethyst pearl sterling silver lariat necklace.

Lot: 496 - Bixby Sterling Lee Sands and More

Designer Bixby sterling silver key blue topaz necklace, Lee Sands rose quartz pink pearl necklace and large polished agate banded stone necklace.

Lot: 497 - Weiss, Coro & Vintage Estate Jewelry

Highlights include Weiss square rhinestone pin, Coro gold tone necklace, screwback clear earrings, West Germany set on card, vintage earrings and more.

Lot: 498 - Antique Czech & Vintage Necklaces

Six Czech circa 1890's hand beaded early antique necklaces and various crystal rhinestone multi-hue design necklaces.

Lot: 499 - Rare Alfred Philippe Trifari Brooch

Early rare Alfred Philippe by Trifari circa 1929, eagle patriotic crystal rhinestone brooch with blue cobalt belly. All stones present.

Lot: 500 - Antique Sterling Jade Estate Collection

Highlights include David Andersen gilt sterling enamel bracelet and butterfly pin, jade large well carved floral fruit unmarked gold pendant, Coty porcelain early compact, Art Deco sterling brooch and large duette brooch.

Lot: 501 - Outstanding Estate Jewelry Collection

Highlights include "TKF" Trifari rhinestone crystal necklace, ART three piece set, Weiss blue clip earrings, brooches, art deco, pot metal and more.

Lot: 502 - Lisner and Vintage Estate Jewelry

Lisner green crystal rhinestone necklace with earrings, Lisner red to pink necklace with earrings, Lisner blue circle brooch with earrings, Art Deco clip, mime and other brooches and more.

Lot: 503 - Swarovski & Vintage Estate Jewelry

Swarovski three pairs crystal multi hue earrings and starfish brooch, Laguna clips and large crystal jewelry collection including brooches, necklaces, earrings and more.

Lot: 504 - Pandora Sterling Designer Bracelet

Pandora designer sterling silver with 23 various charms on the bracelet.

Lot: 505 - Native American 14K Gold Sterling Vintage Jewelry

Native American solid 14K gold front etching sterling ring (siz e7.5) marked with bear shape 14K sterling and "Begay" signed gold fill sterling etched town scene bracelet (approx 2.25" x 1.25" wearable interior.

Lot: 506 - Native American Sterling Coral Turquoise Jewelry

Vintage Native American "AR" signed sterling silver turquoise coral nugget hand made bracelet with matching unsigned large turquoise coral ring (approx 7.5) and sterling coral, lapis, turquoise, onyx and malachite inlaid large pendant necklace (approx 18" L). Bracelet as found, some wire loss.

Lot: 507 - Sterling Amber Jewelry

Vintage amber sterling silver well-detailed saxophone brooch (approx 2" L)and two fine amber sterling pairs of earrings.

Lot: 508 - Amber Sterling Vintage Ring

Fine sterling silver long amber with good inclusions elongated ring signed "DDD Mexico" 925. Size 7.

Lot: 509 - Amber Sterling Earrings

Multi-hue amber earrings over 3" in length with turquoise design in elongated large teardrop shape.

Lot: 510 - Estate Sterling Silver, Coral and Other Jewelry

Includes sterling silver and marcasite rose necklace (approx 16") and matching bracelet, Native American silver inlaid band (size 7), long branch coral with 14K bale (approx 2.25" drop), enamel shoe charm, Art Deco chrome necklace and a Native American sterling and turquoise ring (Size 6).

Lot: 511 - Vintage Carved Rose Necklace

Triple strand black stone necklace with large carved white rose.

Lot: 512 - Lapis Necklace & Sterling Turquoise Earrings

Lapis necklace with 14K gold clasp and a pair of sterling silver turquoise pierced earrings.

Lot: 513 - 1926 Peace Dollar Bracelet

Vintage hinted metal bracelet set with a 1926 peace dollar.

Lot: 514 - Judith Ripka Sterling Silver & Other Earrings

Includes a pair of Judith Ripka sterling silver hoop earrings and includes two pairs of Native American silver earrings with various stones.

Lot: 515 - Vintage Pearl & .800 Silver Earrings

Large vintage pearl pierced earrings, set in .800 silver with screw back posts.

Lot: 516 - Lalique Blue Glass Elephant Brooch

Large blue and frosted glass brooch signed "Lalique France". Measures approx 2.5" x 2".

Lot: 517 - Collection of Semi-Precious Strands

Various brown coral, agate (polished, natural coral) strands for necklaces and various jade beads.

Lot: 518 - Large Assortment of Loose Gemstones

Highlights of loose gemstones include peridot, jadeite, citrine, smoky topaz, ruby, sapphire, scarab, aquamarine, onyx, turquoise, cameo and more.

Lot: 519 - Rose Quartz & Pearl Strands

Includes two large polished rose quartz strands and two pearl strands.

Lot: 520 - Large Collection of Brooches & Pins

Include large celluloid fish brooch, several rhinestone and various animal and ribbon pins, Siam (clasp broken), micromosaic, also includes a pair of vintage clip earrings.

Lot: 521 - Sterling and Lemon Quartz Necklace

Sterling and peridot clasp on a necklace with large faceted lemon quartz style beads between jade style beads. There are also small peridot beads on the necklace.

Lot: 522 - Shell, Coral & Other Necklaces

Pink puka shell necklace, polished coral and wood necklace, garnet, glass and other necklaces.

Lot: 523 - Jade & Lemon Quartz Strands

Includes several jade strands in various colors and a lemon quartz necklace.

Lot: 524 - Vintage Watches & Jewelry

Includes several vintage ladies wristwatches and movements, several pairs of cuff links, vintage earrings, pin and much. See photos.

Lot: 525 - Polished Agate and Other Strands

Beige polished agate, turquoise style, shell and other strands.

Lot: 526 - Green Turquoise and Other Strands

Bright green turquoise enhanced strand and two other polished semi precious strands.

Lot: 527 - Chalcedony & Other Semi-Precious Strands

Large polished and faceted blue chalcedony strands and several green hued strands.

Lot: 528 - Various Turquoise & More Strands

Highlights include large cabochon enhanced turquoise strand, green turquoise and a polished green dish shaped strand.

Lot: 529 - Stone, Shell. Art Glass & More Necklaces

Necklaces include a pearl with shell accent, triple strand blue stone necklace (approx 16" L), two glass seed bead necklaces in shades of turquoise blue and iridescent blue / purple as well as a wire wrapped art glass pendant on cord.

Lot: 530 - Colorful Vintage Jewelry

Includes numerous plastic vintage necklaces in pink, orange, carved elephant (approx 20" L), blue disc and several others.

Lot: 531 - Vintage Brooch Collection

Included large red Weiss brooch, large rhinestone butterfly brooch and numerous other antique pins.

Lot: 532 - Pair of Antique Cameo Pins

Two antique carved shell cameo brooches. One is sterling and the other is unmarked.

Lot: 533 - Vintage Crystal Jewelry

Selection of vintage crystal jewelry includes multi-strand and other crystal necklaces and numerous pairs of vintage clip earrings. One pair marked Germany.

Lot: 534 - Large Assortment of Clip Earrings & Jewelry

Includes over 15 pairs of clip earrings in rhinestone, crystal, gold tone, silver tone and a large assortment of holiday jewelry. Names include Weiss, West Germany. Sarah Coventry, West Germany, Star.

Lot: 535 - 30 Pairs of Clip Earrings

Includes gold tone, silver tone, rhinestone, painted and floral clip earrings. Some names include Coro, Amerique, Sarah Coventry, Monet, Giovanni.

Lot: 536 - Coro & Other Vintage Jewelry

Green plastic Coro floral necklace, silver tone Coro "Pegasus" necklace, blue stone and various others. Napier

Lot: 537 - Early Jade Necklace & Vintage Cinnabar

Includes carved jade necklace on green silk cord with tassel detail, also includes a cinnabar necklace with silver clasp (approx 22" L).

Lot: 538 - Vintage Costume Jewelry

Large green rhinestone brooch, jade and gold tone necklace, 2 Victorian beaded necklaces (approx 44" L) , turquoise style necklace with 925 sterling Egyptian pendant, brooches and more. There is a large long flower pendant marked Originals by Robert.

Lot: 539 - Weiss & Other Collectible Costume Jewelry

Green to champagne hued round Weiss brooch, sterling necklace with numerous crystal and rhinestone necklaces and a few pairs of earrings. Also includes a large Monet gold tone brooch

Lot: 540 - Antique Necklaces & Other Vintage Jewelry

Includes necklace and clip earring set marked West Germany, Trifari square link bracelet, silver tone and rhinestone clip earrings, rhinestone bracelet, ring, two rock crystal necklaces and more. The longest rock crystal necklace measures approx 25" L.

Lot: 541 - Vintage Tiara / Crown with Scepter

Includes large circa 1940 crown or tiara with vintage scepter plus assorted jewelry.

Lot: 542 - Eclectic Compacts & More

Includes mother of pearl card case, vintage volute and other compact, vintage eye glasses with case, vintage Chanel #5 pen and pencil, vintage hand mirror and various spoons and jewelry (Bakelite, rhinestone, and cufflinks).

Lot: 543 - 10K Gold and Pearl Jewelry Set & More

10K gold pearl bracelet, necklace and stud earrings, green intaglio earrings, jade, rose quartz necklace and more.

Lot: 544 - Tiffany & Company Sterling Earrings & Chain

Round sterling silver Tiffany & Co. earrings and a return to Tiffany heart charm.

Lot: 545 - Semi-Precious Strands

Large faceted chalcedony strand, green semi-precious and a quartz necklace.

Lot: 546 - Rose Quartz & Pearl Necklace

Various necklaces, pearl, rose quartz, agate and others.

Lot: 547 - Large Assortment of Crystal & Gem Strands

Includes crystal, various quartz, agate, chalcedony and other strands for necklace making.

Lot: 548 - Moonstone & Silverite Strands

Various polished and faceted strands of yellow silverite and rainbow moonstone sourced from India.

Lot: 549 - Collection of Novelty & Other Pins

Includes large selection of gold tone and silver tone pins, colored rhinestones including a bumblebee, various pearl style and many more.

Lot: 550 - Raw Aquamarine and Other Strands

Vary large "raw" cabochon aquamarine strand and a heavy dyed purple agate strand.

Lot: 551 - Jadeite, Agate & Semi-Precious Strands

Includes a variety of semi-precious strands.

Lot: 552 - Estate Costume Jewelry

Signed Trifari white enamel / circle brooch, star bracelet, Monet, vintage copper, large Trifari leaf brooch and much more.

Lot: 553 - 1884 U.S. Springfield Armory Trapdoor Rifle

U.S. Springfield Armory 1884 Trapdoor Rifle marked US A 10 61 on butt end. Model #1884, serial number 545669 on top. 45-70 Caliber Carbine. Marked "U.S. Springfield with eagle and shield. Appears to be monogrammed with 1892 in the wood on the side. Very good condition, complete, spring works.

Lot: 554 - 1865 U.S. Springfield Armory Percussion Rifle

U.S. Springfield Armory model# 1865 percussion rifle, serial number visible, missing ram rod and the lock spring is broken. Marked "U.S. Springfield" with eagle and shield. Has been carved on the side with a symbol. Fair condition. See photos.

Lot: 555 - U.S. Springfield Armory Refinished Trapdoor Rifle

U.S. Springfield Armory trapdoor rifle that has been refinished and nickel plate conversion for color guard parade use. Stock not cut. Measures approx 32" barrel. Excellent condition.

Lot: 555A - Gettysburg Battlefield Map

75th O V. I. Goe, Reprinted by the American Print Gallery Gettysburg measuring approx 32" 44" OD. Slightly loose in frame, some foxing.

Lot: 556 - c. 1860s Military Registers New York & Penn

In plastic protector sleeve is a Military Register Company "H" 1st New York Dragoons, organized August 1862 and transferred to Calvary by special order July 1863. Measures approx 23" x 18.5". The back of the paper has some attempted repair with tape. Also includes Military Register organized at Port Richmond, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania June 1861 by Capt. John R. Haslett. Lithographed by A. Hoen & Co. Baltimore, published by Geo. M. Lanckton Washington. Matted and framed to approx 26" x 30".

Lot: 557 - Wm. Meyer 1860s Military Registers

Color Military Register for Wm. Meyer 1st Regiment Vol 2. Reorganized in front of Petersburg, VA 1864 mustered into the United States at Harrisburg, PA 1861. Lithographed by A. Hoen & Company Baltimore. Framed to 23" x 19". There is also a color military register for Wm. Meyer matted and framed to approx 19.5" x 25.5". Paper has some staining as seen in photo.

Lot: 558 - Henner Collotype & Slocum Sinking Steamer Print

19th C Jean-Jacques Henner (French, 1829-1905) portrait of a woman that may be a collotype. Framed in wooden frame to approx 18.5" x 22.5" that has leaded glass. There is loss to the frame edge as seen in photos. There is some wrinkling on the surface at the top. There is also a print of sinking of General Slocum steamer with attached information on reverse. Dated 1904 - 1912. Framed to approx 22.75" x 26.75".

Lot: 559 - Antique Framed Large Navy Documents

1928 Calvin Coolidge era document signed by the acting secretary of the Navy, framed and matted to approx 21" x 26". Army and Navy Record Co, Harrisburg Pennsylvania April 1915 granting Henry A. Naylor with honorable discharge. Document is framed and has loss to the edges as seen in photo. Document measures approx 28" x 22".

Lot: 560 - Lichten Bros Phila PA Cigar Advertisement Mirror

Lichten Bros advertisement mirror for Lichten Bros Cigars, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Measures approx 22" square. There is some loss to the silver.

Lot: 561 - U.S. Marine Corps Female Advertisements & More

Framed U.S. Military Ready Marine Corps Reserve and original lithograph in plastic protector sleeve, measures approx 14" x 20".

Lot: 562 - Pair British Military & a United States Print

Three framed pieces of artwork including a pair of British Army prints and a United States print. Largest is the pair, approx 22" x 17"

Lot: 563 - Antique Navy, Christmas, Comic & More Magazines

August 9, 1866 supplement to The Boston Sunday Globe, advertising the 1896 candidates for the 1896 Presidential election.

Lot: 564 - Fallschirmjager Spiel Game & Weimer Album

Fallschirmjager Spiel Game in original box, unknown if all pieces are present, but no date can be found (possibly on one of the pieces). There is also a Weimer Album with a variety of postcards. Game shows wear to the box and discoloration. Book in relatively good condition.

Lot: 565 - Vintage Military Uniform Accessories

Variety of military uniform accessories including protective tank mask, canteen, bangs and more. See photo.

Lot: 566 - U.S. Army Stamps for Leather & Utensils.

Two boxes of metal stamps, one holding dies for stamping utensils and another for leather. Each box measures approx 8" x 3.5" x 4".

Lot: 567 - Vintage Military Sheaths, Belts & More Military

8 pieces of vintage military leather pieces including gun sheaths, knife sheaths, belts and more. See photos.

Lot: 568 - Military Calvary Antique Sepia Photos

Three antique sepia prints of military Calvary, being Reid post No. 292 Indiana Division located in Clayton. largest approx 13.5 x7". All in plastic protector sheets. One of the smaller pieces has residue from being matted / framed. All pieces have slight loss to the paper and color age.

Lot: 569 - John Nix, WW2, Veteran Photos & Ephemera

John Nix , WW2 Veteran items includes 60 photos og John Nix in uniform in theater, 52 of him and family, pre and post war, classification cards, 16 postcards and ephemera and 25 misc ships and war theater photos. Also includes a yearbook photo from 1947 with Wix.

Lot: 570 - A.L. Powell (American, 1912 -1978) Painting, Ltrs

Includes letter from hi son Dave Powell about the expedition that inspired the painting and the published article of Pictured Rocks by Morton John Elrod, Ph.D. Framed acrylic paint art on canvas, framed to 33.5" x 29" with lavender hue colors and inspired by the Native American historic pictographs on the walls of a Montana rock face.

Lot: 571 - Vintage Original American Transfer Pictures

Two boards holding antique American Transfer Pictures No. 9002 M&P Co. Made in USA. Each come with their original sleeve.

Lot: 572 - Vintage Advertising Ephemera

Gift Deal promotion to sky-rocket muffets sales Humming rocket ship with paperwork and paper ship, Fischer's Vitamin "D" Bread, Flying Famil 65 piece jig saw puzzle with every can of Cocomalt, Junior Aviator's Special of Giant 22 inch model of th China Clipper including a large China Clipper advertising poster.

Lot: 573 - Dick Tracy Rubber Band Pistol & Targets Punch-Out

Dick Tracy rubber band gun and Dick Tracy Junior Detective set, all with plastic protector sheets.

Lot: 574 - Magic Postcards, Cards & More Comedy Items

Pepsi Cola Defense Bonds, World War 2 themed postcards, 8 uncut magic postcards cards from 1906 and a small uncut "The Hooligans" postcard sheet.

Lot: 576 - Navy, Artistic, Christmas & More Antique Magazines

Variety of books including navy, Artistic, Comic, holiday and more. Titles include: Our Navy 1927 united Artists Libro de Oro de Los Artistas Asiciados 1934-1935 in plastic sleeve Judge Christmas comic 1938 Fortune 1938

Lot: 577 - Space Shuttle Discovery Model

United States NASA Discovery Space Shuttle. Appears to be made of wood with a lacquer finish. Measures approx 14" L. Has some crackling on the lacquer as expect with age. See photos.

Lot: 578 - Vincent Bach Trumpet

Vincent Bach Bundy trademarked trumpet from Selmer Co. with mouthpiece (Box C). Valves intact but one is stuck. It would need maintenance.

Lot: 579 - Painted Cast Iron Grouping

A beautiful painted Cast Iron pheaseant doorstop in good condition standing 12 inches high. Five painted cast irons figures of cops and robbers. Painted Cast Iron novelty turtle ash tray.

Lot: 580 - Nolan Ryan Baseball Card Collection (35)

Assorted Nolan Ryan cards in great condition as seen in photograph.

Lot: 581 - Cal Ripken Jr. and Sr. Cards (19)

Score and Topps Brand Cal Ripken Jr. And Sr. Baseball cards. Most cards in great condition as seen in photography.

Lot: 582 - Jimmy Dean Signature Edition and Tombstone 94,95 C

35 Jimmy Dean Signature Edition and Tombstone 94, 95 baseball cards. Most cards in great condition as seen in photograph.

Lot: 583 - Baseball's Best, Studio, Leaf and Upper Deck Cards

Cards appear to me in great condition.

Lot: 584 - Topps and Milkbone Baseball Cards from Various Tea

Cards in great condition as seen in photograph 36 cards included.

Lot: 585 - Starline and Milkbone Baseball Cards (36)

Cards in great condition as seen in photograph 36 cards included.

Lot: 586 - Baseball and Football Cards from Various Brands (3

Some cards are vintage.

Lot: 587 - 36 Cards from Various Brands Baseball and Basketba

Some cards are vintage.

Lot: 588 - 36 Baseball Cards from Ziploc, Kraft, and Other Br

Some are vintage most are in great condition.

Lot: 589 - Topps Randy Johnson Baseball Cards

Randy Johnson Topps Mariners Cards Topps Company 1990. Condition as seen in photo.

Lot: 590 - Topps Baseball Tom Lasorda, Mike Woodard, and Jeff

Appear to be good condition as seen in photography.

Lot: 591 - Topps Mark Grace Cubs Card (20)

Appear to be good condition as seen in photography.

Lot: 592 - Topps Baseball Two Curt Schillings and a Mark Grac

Appear to be good condition as seen in photography.

Lot: 593 - 1987, 1990 Topps; Willie Randolph, Gus Polidor, an

Appear to be great condition as seen in photography.

Lot: 594 - 1990,1987 Topps Mike Heath, Mitch Williams and mor

Appear to be in good condition as seen in photograph.

Lot: 595 - Topps and Starline Baseball Cards including John S

Appear to be in great condition as seen in photgraphy.

Lot: 596 - Topps Gary Scheffield Jimmy Dean Signature Edition

Appear to be in great condition as seen in photgraphy.

Lot: 597 - Ungraded Topps Kirk Gibson 1981 Baseball Card and

Other cards appear to be in good condition as seen in photograph. Kirk Gibson card sold as is.

Lot: 598 - Three Mitch Williams Topps 1982 Baseball Cards

Appear to be in great condition as seen in photgraphy.

Lot: 599 - Johhny Bench Turn Back the Clock Baseball Card and

Appear to be in great condition as seen in photgraphy.

Lot: 600 - Misprint Tommy Helmes 1990, George Bell, Tim Flann

Appear to be in great condition as seen in photgraphy.

Lot: 601 - Signed Dennis Leonard 1972, Cliff Johnson 1985, an

Appear to be in great condition as seen in photgraphy. All Topps baseball cards.

Lot: 602 - Topps Curt Young, Scott Sanderson, Jeff Ballard, a

Appear to be in great condition as seen in photograph.

Lot: 603 - Topps Willie Randolph 1990 Dodgers Cards (2)

Appear to be in good condition as seen in photograph.

Lot: 604 - Gus Polidor 1981 Angels Topps Baseball Card and Mo

Appear to be in great condition as seen in photgraphy.

Lot: 605 - Spike Owen 1982 and Lee Smith 1975 Topps Cards

Appear to be in good condition as seen in photography.

Lot: 606 - Tony Phillips 1990 Topps Cards (2) and More

Appear to be in great condition as seen in photography.

Lot: 607 - Jimmy Dean Signature Ed. Roger Clemens (3)

Appear to be in great condition, three identical cards.

Lot: 608 - Rinehart Native American Portrait Reprints (2)

Two Rinehart Native American reprints including "#6 Spies on the enemy Crow" and "Ironhawk". Each approx 22.5" x 26.5"

Lot: 609 - Rinehart Native American Portrait Reprints (2)

Two Frank Rinehart Native American reprints including "#6 Spies on the enemy Crow" and "Ironhawk". Each approx 22.5" x 26.5" Includes white whirlwind and chief spotted elk (slightly askew within matting)

Lot: 610 - Rinehart Native American Portrait Reprints (2)

Two Frank Rinehart Native American reprints including "#6 Spies on the enemy Crow" and "Ironhawk". Each approx 22.5" x 26.5" Includes white whirlwind and chief spotted elk (slightly askew within matting)

Lot: 610A - Rinehart Native American Portrait Reprints (3)

Three Rinehart Native American reprints (including #16 and #17 from the advertisement) and the original advertisement poster for the set (in a frame without glass). Each reprint approx 22.5" x 26.5". Frames in various conditions.

Lot: 611 - Leaded Glass Window Pane

Leaded glass window glass pane. Measure approx 19.5" x 35.5" each. All appear to be without cracks. Slight irregularity at leaded glass perimeter.

Lot: 612 - Leaded Glass Window Pane

Leaded glass window glass pane. Measure approx 19.5" x 35.5" each. All appear to be without cracks. Slight irregularity at leaded glass perimeter.

Lot: 613 - Leaded Glass Window Pane

Leaded glass window glass pane. Measure approx 19.5" x 35.5" each. All appear to be without cracks. Slight irregularity at leaded glass perimeter.

Lot: 614 - Lichten Bros. Cigars Gilt Mirror

Ornate late 19th / early 20th century gilt wood mirror with beveled glass (glass may be later than frame). Some minor loss and wear to gilt. Measures approx 36" x 40". Special shipping considerations should be made due to the size, weight and fragility of the items.

Lot: 615 - Original Virgil Sova Framed Pastel Art

Framed original Virgil Sova pastel illustration of a village. Measures approx 32" x 36" OD. Graphite signed by artist in LR.

Lot: 616 - Anna Chrasta "California Street" Litho, Ltd Ed

"California Street" Signed and numbered by Anna Chrasta numbered 15/750, includes certificate of authenticity on reverse 25.5" x 30.5" OD.

Lot: 617 - Jim Buckels Druid's Point Signed Painting

Jim Buckels (American, 1948) Druid's Point signed painting. Nicely matted and framed to approx 32" x 32" and signed in LR. Registration # 04464.

Lot: 618 - Garaldine Girvana Field of Flowers Painting

Geraldine Girvana field of flowers painting, framed to approx approx 39" x 26.5" OD. Signed LR corner.

Lot: 619 - William S. Phillips "If Only in My Dreams"

"If Only in My Dreams" print William S. Phillips with COA on reverse. World War 2 era Christmas time homestead #884/1000. Framed and matted to approx 23" x 38.5",

Lot: 620 - M. Knoedler (1890) Engraving

Late 19th / early 20th Century engraving, possibly French. November 1, 1890 by M. Knoedler, 170 5th Ave, New York. The subject is a man in row boat picking up Victorian woman and her dog. In gilt frame, may need to be re-matted. Measures approx 24.5" x 28.5" OD. Some loss to frame.

Lot: 621 - K. Polary 20th C Oil on Canvas Paris Scene

K. Polary 20th Century oil on canvas of a Paris scene. Framed to approx 18" x 22.25" OD.

Lot: 622 - A. Devity Circa 1950s European Oil Painting

European oil painting on Italian canvas of of European street scene. Circa 1950s, signed A. Devity in LR. Measures approx 23" x 27.5".

Lot: 623 - Large Folio Boughton "Return of the Mayflower"

Large folio "Return of the Mayflower" framed and matted print after G.H. Boughton measuring 33.5" x 44.5".

Lot: 624 - Two Contemporary Wedding and French Prints

Two contemporary prints including a wedding print and a French Florence print. Both framed and matted, largest approx 21.5" x 25.5" OD.

Lot: 625 - Greg Singley Oil Painting on Board, Signed

Signed Greg Singley oil painting on board. Framed and matted behind glass to approx 31" x 53". Features a farm scene with houses and greenery.

Lot: 626 - P. Buckley Moss Framed Art

Two Patricia Buckley Moss prints matted and framed. Canadian goose print and a smaller signed and numbered print #31 / 1000 and dated '84. Largest approx 25.5" x 25."

Lot: 627 - Abstract & Still Life Art Prints

Two prints including abstract signed "K 43" in LL corner and another still life of flowers. Largest measures approx 21" x 26".

Lot: 628 - 19th / 20th C Oil on Canvas, Signed In Verso

Antique 19th / 20th Century oil painting on canvas of a smiling jolly gentleman with an artist's cap. Measures approx 7" x 8", approx 10.5" x 11.5" OD, under glass. Possible signature on back of canvas.

Lot: 629 - Carriage House Art & Mirror

Yellow carriage house framed print along with a mirror. Mirror measures approx 36" H x 21.5" W.

Lot: 630 - Two Antique Style Prints

Two antique style prints, one titled "The Music of Love" (being sold as found) and the other "The Town Cromarty". Both framed and matted and largest measures approx 24" x 29.5".

Lot: 631 - Set of 3 Antique Style Prints by Giles

Series of three matted and framed antique style prints by Giles. Each measures approx 22.5" x 27", all with some water staining.

Lot: 632 - Milena Veliskiva (1971 Czech) Fiber Art Hanging

1971 original wool Milena Veliskiva hand crafted fiber art that hangs from a pole and measures approx 39" x 48", made in Czechoslovakia

Lot: 633 - Antique Dentists Mirrored Placard / Sign

Antique dentist mirror sign. Measures approx 9" x 15". Condition as found in photo.

Lot: 634 - Currier & Ives Prints and Another

Two 19th Century Currier & Ives prints and another one. Two frames are labeled from the collection of Kling Brothers Insurance 13" x 17" and the third is in period frame.

Lot: 635 - Vintage Fayetteville Fireworks Display Poster

Poster for gigantic fireworks display for Fayetteville on Saturday July 4. Measures approx 22" x 14". Mostly contained within plastic protector sleeve.

Lot: 636 - Vintage Cristiani Wallace Bros Circus Poster

Original antique screen printed poster for the Cristiani Wallace Bros. Circus. Measures approx 22" x 14"

Lot: 637 - Mid Century Era Bird Prints

Pair of framed and matted mid century era bird prints. In 50s era bamboo frames. Each measures approx 18.5" x 22".

Lot: 638 - Miniature Christmas Trees

14 miniature decorative Christmas trees. Largest measures approx 13" H.

Lot: 639 - 36 Sleigh Bell Belt

100" L leather belt of 36 contemporary Christmas sleigh bells.

Lot: 640 - Neiman Marcus Exclusive Nutcracker Statue

2000 Neiman Marcus Exclusive nutcracker statue measuring approx 55" H.

Lot: 641 - Large Motion Activated Musical Santa Claus

Two piece large scale molded Santa with motion detector, plays various songs. Approx 50" H. Works well.

Lot: 642 - Early Antique Paper Christmas Nativity Scene

Early antique 3D paper cut nativity scene, framed behind glass. Measures approx 21.5" x 25.5" OD.

Lot: 643 - 6-Foot Ornament Christmas Garlands (3)

Three 6 foot Christmas ornament garlands made of 29 multicolor plastic balls in 5.5" x 8" diameters. 72" L x 8" W x 8"D. Weighs 6.25lbs.

Lot: 644 - 6-Foot Ornament Christmas Garlands (3)

Three 6 foot Christmas ornament garlands made of 29 multicolor plastic balls in 5.5" x 8" diameters. 72" L x 8" W x 8"D. Weighs 6.25lbs.

Lot: 645 - 6-Foot Ornament Christmas Garlands (3)

Three 6 foot Christmas ornament garlands made of 29 multicolor plastic balls in 5.5" x 8" diameters. 72" L x 8" W x 8"D. Weighs 6.25lbs.

Lot: 646 - Owl, Bird, Butterfly & More Christmas Ornaments

17 ornaments including owls, birds, butterflies and more. See photos.

Lot: 647 - Vintage Snow Men Christmas Ornaments (13)

13 glass ornaments, mainly with snowman theme. See photos. Large Mary & Joseph bulb measures approx 5.5" dia.

Lot: 648 - Antique Christmas Baird Clip Ornaments (15)

15 antique bird clip ornaments. Good condition for age. See photos.

Lot: 649 - Antique Clip Bird Christmas Ornaments

16 antique clip glass bird ornaments including parakeets, hummingbird and others. One is missing tail plume.

Lot: 650 - Antique Christmas Bird Ornaments (19)

19 antique glass Christmas bird ornaments including many with clips. There are repairs needed for a couple of wire wrapped ornaments.

Lot: 651 - Antique Christmas Bird Ornaments (16)

16 antique glass clip bird Christmas ornaments and others.

Lot: 652 - Antique Christmas Tree Bird Ornaments (20)

20 antique Christmas bird ornaments with clips. Note that one is double.

Lot: 653 - Antique Christmas Tree Bird Decorations (16)

16 antique Christmas tree bird ornaments, many with clips and some that hang. Some have loss as seen in photo.

Lot: 654 - Antique Christmas Bird Clip Ornaments (16)

16 Christmas glass bird ornaments, many with clips and some that are hung. There is some loss on a few as seen in photos.

Lot: 655 - Antique Christmas Bird Ornament Collection (35)

Lot of 35 vintage and antique bird Christmas ornaments. Includes both hanging and clip ornaments. See photos.

Lot: 656 - Antique Christmas Bell Ornaments (75+)

75+ antique Christmas bell ornaments of various sizes including a small box of Shiny Brite decorations. Lot also includes 2 wooden bells painted and signed Russia.

Lot: 657 - Antique Fish Ornaments (10)

Ten hanging antique fish ornaments, largest approx 4" L. Some paint loss as seen in photos.

Lot: 658 - Christmas Fish Ornaments (11)

11 Christmas ornaments of fish and sea horses. There are a couple of antique and all others appear to be contemporary.

Lot: 659 - Misc Christmas Ornaments (37)

37 Christmas ornaments including some duplicates and subjects including ducks, snowmen, dancers, angels, Santas and more.

Lot: 660 - Misc Christmas Ornaments with Original Boxes (14)

14 Christmas ornaments with original boxes.

Lot: 661 - Christmas Nativity Ornaments (17)

17 Christmas nativity ornaments and others. See photos.

Lot: 662 - Misc Christmas Ornaments (20)

20 Christmas nativity ornaments of various styles and designs. Includes handmade travel destination ornaments, Lenox, Hallmark and more.

Lot: 663 - Wooden Christmas Nativity Ornaments (18)

18 Christmas nativity ornaments, mostly made from wood and one is Wedgwood.

Lot: 664 - Vintage Christmas Tree Toppers & More

11 piece lot includes vintage tree toppers, angels, snowman, Santa and more decorations. There are 4 tree toppers including one European made Shiny Brite. There are also other decorations and ornaments.

Lot: 665 - Christmas Nativity Figures & Ornaments

10 Christmas nativity figures and ornaments. There is also a set of nesting Matryoshka dolls and more. See photos.

Lot: 667 - Nativity Sets & Ornament

Includes 5 nativity sets and 2 ornaments. Materials used including glass, pewter, cast iron and wire.

Lot: 668 - Matryoshka Nesting Dolls, Portable Nativity & More

Lot includes a set of Russian Matryoshka dolls and another decorative, cedar Christmas tree signed Jason Ham and a nativity with barn in which the figurines all fit into for transport.

Lot: 669 - Native American Nativity & Eskimo Nativity

Christmas nativities including one porcelain Native American 5 piece set by Gregory Perillo's "Sagebrush Kids" and a 7 piece composite Eskimo set.

Lot: 670 - Christmas & Nativity Hummel Figurines

Six original Western Germany Hummel Christmas and nativity figurines. The largest (praying) has a chip on her hand. See photos.

Lot: 671 - International Nativity Sets of Clay, Tile & Wood

Seven vintage international Christmas nativity pieces made from clay, tile and wood style from Peru (3 clay), Hawaii (clay), Aruba (Terracotta), St. Thomas (wood), Tanzania (clay), Jovenia (1 southwest) and Lawrence Vargass (southwest).

Lot: 672 - Vintage Christmas Nativity

Vintage nativity Christmas includes three large wood craft dolls signed BLC (approx 10"H), 3 lacquered pieces and carved wood blocks with nativity figurines.

Lot: 674 - Vintage Santa Collection

Ceramic marked Lisa 1992 Wood signed KOZ '99. Artisan cloth Santa signed Valda Tull Resin snow buddies Tallest is 11" high. Very good used condition as seen in photo.

Lot: 675 - Stained Glass Nativity Sets & Others

Collection features three different subjects. Tallest measuring approximately 7 1/2" high.

Lot: 676 - Goebel Nativity Scenes & Hummel Wall Pocket

Tallest measuring approximately 6 1/2" high.

Lot: 677 - Vintage Japanese Christmas Ornaments & Decorations

Tallest measuring approximately 3 1/2" high.

Lot: 678 - Christmas Nativity Books, Ephemera & Tin Santa

Collection of 16 pieces, featuring eight-piece paper die cut Nativity set, three books, two 3D woodcut pieces, one 1963 calendar, one boxed cut-out set, and one ten articulated Santa (19" high).

Lot: 679 - Italian, Porcelain, & Paper Mache Nativity Sets

Collection features five total sets including one German, three Italian, and one hand-painted porcelain. Stable measures approximately 19" high.

Lot: 680 - 3 Christmas Giclee by Fabrice de Villeneuve

3 Christmas Giclee by Fabrice de Villeneuve, each measuring approx 23.5" x 32" OD. All in good condition.

Lot: 681 - Christmas Giclee by Fabrice de Villeneuve & Plaque

Christmas Giclee by Fabrice de Villeneuve & Christmas Plaque. Fabrice de Villeneuve, each measuring approx 23.5" x 32" OD. and wooden plaque measuring approximately 23.5" x 36".

Lot: 682 - Pier 1 "Green Floral Deer Art"

measuring aproximatly 29.5" square

Lot: 683 - Irish Pewter, Cedar, & Carved Wood Nativity Sets

Collection of three Nativity Sets and Cottage signed R. Miller 1987. --Large Carved wood set (measures approximately 11" high) --Irish Poewter set --Cedar Puzzle set

Lot: 684 - Boxed and Loose Christmas Bulbs

Collection of 125+ bulbs all sizes including Shiny Brights, Colby, and others.

Lot: 685 - Native American & Black Bear Nativity Sets

Native American figurines measuring approximately 4" high.

Lot: 686 - Miscellaneous Christmas Bulbs All Sizes

Collection of all size of 300+ Christmas bulbs.

Lot: 687 - Jemez Pueblo New Mexico Terracotta Nativity Sets

Collectionof two Nativity sets. One 14-piece Pueblo New Mexico set signed by C.LS. Jemez. One 7-piece Pueblo New Mexico set signed by Santana Jemez (stable measuring approximatly 3" high).

Lot: 688 - Maria Santina & Cleo Nativity Sets

Set of three Nativity sets, including: --10-piece terracotta set from Brazil signed by Maria Santina. --10-piece painted terracotta set from Mexico --4-piece Native American Mission signed Cleo 1990 --5-piece terracotta First Americans (Joseph figurine measures approximately 4 1/2" high)

Lot: 689 - Mbare South African Nativity Set

Nine piece carved Jacaranda wood Nativity set dated 2002. Figurines approximately 10 1/2" high.

Lot: 690 - Nativity Sets Holcombe & Sarah Attic

Collection of two Nativity sets including All God's Children set by Martha Holcombe with COA and Sarah's Attic set with COA (Joseph figurine measures approximately 5 1/2" high). Christmas.

Lot: 691 - Nativity Sets Valeriano Paz and South American

Collection of two Nativity sets including clay eight-piece Peruvian set by Valeriano Paz (stable measuring approximately 7" high) and South American Tribal Wax Set. Christmas.

Lot: 692 - Nativity Set of Corn Husk, Coconut, & Straw

Total of 27 pieces. Coconut measures approximately 5 1/2" inches high. Christmas.

Lot: 693 - Volkskunst Nutcracker-style Music Box & Others

Collection of three nutcrackers including Volkskunst Steinbach Daisy Organ Grinder with bird cage (measures approximately 9 1/2" high), Mary and Joseph nutcrackers, damaged wood nutcracker, plus wooden Russian-doll style Mary & Joseph ornaments. Christmas.

Lot: 694 - Volkskunst German Christmas Carousel Pyramid

This traditional German India wood Christmas decoration will spin when assembled and a lit candle is placed inside.

Lot: 695 - Ceramic Illuminated Christmas Tree

Large at approximately 18" tall. Three pieces, base, tree, and star. Light untested.

Lot: 696 - Byer's Choice 1988 Nativity Dolls

Includes 9 pieces. Made in 1990 in Chalfont, PA. Tallest measures approximately 10" high. Christmas.

Lot: 697 - Byer's Choice Carolers Figurines

Collection of 4 Byer's Choice Figurines in original boxes including woman with muff, woman with tea pot, and husband and wife with baby. Figurines measure approximately 13" high. Christmas.

Lot: 698 - Historical Byer's Choice Figurines

Set of 3 historical Byer's Choice figurines including doctor, ships's captain, and Ben Franklin. Figurines come in original boxes and measure approximately 13" tall.

Lot: 699 - Byer's Choice Skating, Kids & Cats Figurines

Sset of seven Byer's Choice Figurines including husband and wife skaters (measuring approximately 13" high), boy with candle, girl with nutcracker, toddler with teddy bear, and singing cats. c 1990s

Lot: 700 - Cat's Meow Village Pieces for York City, PA

Set of 32 painted wood pieces featuring York City, Pennsylvania landmark buildings. Tallest approximately 7" high.

Lot: 701 - Cat's Meow Village Pieces York City, PA

Set of 16 painted wood pieces featuring York City, Pennsylvania landmarks. Tallest approximately 6 1/2" high.

Lot: 702 - Cat's Meow Village Pieces

Set of 33 painted wood pieces. Tallest approximately 6" high.

Lot: 703 - Cat's Meow Village Nativity, London & DC Pieces

Set of 11 painted wood pieces with a Nativity set and landmarks in London & Washington D.C. Tallest 11" high.

Lot: 704 - Dickens' Village by Heritage Village Collection

Set of 7 pieces including C.H.Watt Physician, Kings Rd. Post Office, Quilly's Antiques, Victorai Station, Thatchers, Bumstead's Cloaks and Canes, and Victoria Station Platform. with original boxes as seen in photo..

Lot: 705 - Dickens' Village by Heritage Village Collection

Set of 7 pieces including Denton Mill, Wirenbury Baker, Ti Puddlewick Spectacle Shop, Chop Shop, Flying Scott Train, Old Curiosity Shop, and 10 Street Lights. Some with OB.

Lot: 706 - Sterling Clear Light Globes in OB

Set of 8 globe lights, 100 lights each. About 6" in diameter. NIB untested.

Lot: 707 - Sterling Clear Lights Globes in OB

Set of 8 globe lights, 100 lights each. About 6" in diameter. NIB untested.

Lot: 708 - Nativity Pieces of Volcanic Ash, Ceramic & Wood

Set of 6 Nativity sets including ceramic art set by Steffi, ceramic Mary, Joseph and Jesus by G. Thuller, Matt Porcelain set, carved wood Bethlehem set (with damaged hand), Mount St. Helens set made from volcanic ash (stable is approximately 5" high), and a carved wood Buitl Rite Toys set. Christmas.

Lot: 709 - Epoch New Year's Eve Theme Plates & Napkins

Includes 15 plates and napkins. Plates measure 8" in diameter.

Lot: 710 - Large Stuffed Santas & Giant Red Bulb

Two large stuffed Santas with fur ornamentation. Approximately 30" high. Giant red battery-powered light up Christmas bulb. (Approximately 14" in diameter.

Lot: 711 - Shiny Brite Bubble-Brite Candoliers

Set of 4. Each candolier has 9 lights. Approximately 19 1/2" long. Christmas tree decoration. In OB, untested.

Lot: 712 - C. Radko Pillows & Christmas Tree Skirt

Includes five Christopher Radco pillows (three with sparkles, two without). Radco Christmas tree skirt (42" diameter) and needlepoint Christmas tree skirt.

Lot: 713 - C. Radko Christmas Ornaments and Nativity Tree

Two large colorful Christopher Radco Christmas ornaments (15th Anniversary Triple Harlequin Glass Ornament) and Nativity Christmas tree and figurines (some with slight damage) from unknown maker (approximately 18" high).

Lot: 714 - Goebel Nativity Figurines

Six Goebel W. Germany Nativity figurines. Largest approximately 6" high.

Lot: 715 - Large Wildlife Christmas II Santa with Tree

Santa stands with a tree approx 4' 9". His face detachable for safe storage (in bag for protection of beard). Has Faux fur elements and appears to be unused. Comes with original box marked Item 10098.

Lot: 716 - Radko Porcelain Light Up Christmas Tree

Christopher Radco Christmas Tree with two pieces, base is separate and includes a light bulb. Approx 14" H. Untested.

Lot: 717 - Radko Kris Kringle Christmas Jar

Christopher Radko Home for the Holidays decoration / cookie jar. Originally purchased from Bloomingdale's for $300. Approx 18" H with original boxes in fair condition. QD-99626.

Lot: 718 - Radko Wreath 15 Anniversary Wreath

Christopher Radco 15th Anniversary Wreath in original box, item 14530. Approx 24" dia. Christmas.

Lot: 719 - Radko Good Cheer Wreath

Christopher Radko Christmas collectible door wreath, In original box, item 0270090. Wreath of Good Cheer Plaque. Approx 24" dia.

Lot: 720 - Radko 2004 Santa Rolls In Ltd Ed Painting

Christopher Radko collectible Christmas oil painting framed with COA, item # 2010544. Ltd Ed 9 of 500.

Lot: 721 - Radko 1998 Old St. Nick Painting

Christopher Radko collectible Christmas Oil painting in original box, limited edition 50 / 500. Approx 20" x 24", originally $750. Item 98-652-0.

Lot: 722 - Radko 1999 Siberian Santa Painting

Christopher Radko collectible Christmas Oil painting in original box with gilt frame, limited edition 308 / 500 with COA. Approx 20" x 24". Item#005690.

Lot: 723 - Radko 2000 Noel Nicholas Ltd Ed Painting

Christopher Radko collectible Christmas oil painting in original box with gilt frame, limited edition 171 / 500 with COA. Approx 20" x 24". Item # 00-559-0

Lot: 724 - Radko 2001 Merry Christmas to All Painting

Christopher Radko collectible Christmas oil painting in original box with gilt frame, limited edition 102 / 500. Approx 30" x 42" OD. Originally $750. Item# 02-6700-00.

Lot: 725 - Radko 2002 Magical Midnight Delivery Painting

Christopher Radko collectible Christmas large oil painting with gilt frame in original box, limited edition 158 / 500 with COA. Approx 30" x 42" OD. Originally $750.

Lot: 726 - Radko 2004 Christmas Eve Visitor Painting

Christopher Radko collectible Christmas large oil painting with gilt frame in original box, limited edition 33 / 500 with COA. Approx 30" x 42" OD. Originally $750.

Lot: 727 - Radko 1999 Angels on High Painting

Christopher Radko collectible Christmas large oil painting with gilt frame in original box, limited edition 112 / 500 with COA. Approx 30" x 42" OD. Originally $750.

Lot: 728 - Radko 1998 Lighting the Way Painting

Christopher Radko collectible Christmas large oil painting with gilt frame in original box, limited edition 146 / 500 with COA. Approx 24" x 36" ID, 30" x 42" OD. Originally $750. Item# 98-653-0

Lot: 729 - Radko 1999 Christmas Joy Painting

Christopher Radko collectible Christmas large oil painting with gilt frame in original box, limited edition 261 / 500 with COA. Approx 24" x 36" ID, 30" x 42" OD. Originally $750. Item# 96 PG.

Lot: 730 - Lenox Wine Goblets (11) Holly Berry / Holiday

10 oz goblet / wine glasses in Holly Berry / Holiday pattern. Height: 7 1/2 in, Width: 2 7/8 in, Special Characteristics: THICK GOLD BAND. Piece code G10M1. 11 pieces. Christmas.

Lot: 731 - Lenox Iced Tea Goblets (8) Holly Berry / Holiday

16 oz goblet Holly Berry Iced Tea Goblets / Glasses. Lenox Green Holly and Red Berry Design with band of gold trim. Design surrounds the glass. 7 " Tall X 3 1/4" in diameter. Bar Glasses. 8 pieces. Christmas.

Lot: 732 - Lenox Tumblers / Bar Glasses (10) Holly Berry

12 oz Old Fashioned Glasses / Whiskey Glasses / Tumblers, c1990s. Thick gold band. 4" H x 3" mouth. Holly Berry / Holiday pattern. 10 pieces. Christmas.

Lot: 733 - Lenox "Holiday" Plates (40)

Gold rimmed holiday pattern with holly and berries. Lot includes 20 - 10.75" dia dinner plates and 20 - 8" dia salad / dessert / luncheon plates. Christmas.

Lot: 734 - Lenox "Holiday" Pattern Plates, Bowls, Platters

Gold rimmed Holiday Pattern with holly and berries including five 7" dia dinner plates, five 6" bowls, nine 8" dia salad / dessert / luncheon plates, one 12" flat platter and two scalloped edge serving dishes. Christmas.

Lot: 735 - Lenox "Holiday" Pattern Serving Hollow Ware

Gold rimmed Holiday Pattern with holly and berries. Dishes include 13.75" rectangle dish, two 9.75" open vegetable, 13" covered vegetable, and a sleigh shaped / porringer 13.5" L, 8 napkin rings, 5 serving pieces (including one large cake / pie cutter). Christmas.

Lot: 736 - Lenox "Holiday" Pattern Plates, Cups, More

10 gold rimmed Holiday and mixed pattern plates with holly and berries (nine 8" dia and one smaller), 8 Christmas cups, single bullion cup, and a creamer. Christmas.

Lot: 737 - Retroneu Stainless 24K Gold Electroplate Flatware

Holiday pattern gold plated flatware includes 20 pieces of each soup spoon, regular spoon, dinner fork, salad fork, knife. Also 4 serving pieces. 104 pieces with some original paperwork. Christmas.

Lot: 738 - Spode & Lenox Holiday Linens / Large Grouping

Christmas themed linens / holly and berries patterns napkins and tablecloths with Spode 60" x 144" tablecloth (unopened), Lenox unopened tablecloths (4) in original packaging, 64" round tablecloth with 4 matching napkins (gently used), Napkins (gently used) 24 + 8 Spode and 12 Lenox.

Lot: 739 - Spode England Christmas Tree Plates & Bowls (40)

Set of Spode England "Christmas Tree" design plates and bowls. Includes eight each of 10.5" dia dinner plates, 8" dia salad plates, 6.25" dia bread & butter plates, 6.25" dia cereal / oatmeal bowls, 5.25" dia berry bowls. All in good condition.

Lot: 740 - Spode Christmas Tree Punch Bowl, Tray, Ramekins

Spode England "Christmas Tree" design punch bowl with ladle (approx 14" dia x 6" H), wooden framed serving tray (approx 16.5" x 12.5"), set of 8 ramekins (approx 3.25" dia), four trivets and two mugs. All in good condition.

Lot: 741 - Spode Christmas Tree Servers, Salad Bowls & More

Spode England "Christmas Tree" design serving ware including two 15" L serving platters, a 12" dia server, two 9.5" square salad bowls, six 5.25" triangular dishes. All in good condition.

Lot: 742 - Spode England Christmas Tree Oven to Table Ware

Six pieces of Oven to Table Spode England ovenware with Christmas Tree pattern. Includes two 11" square dishes, one 12" square rim dish, one 8" square rim dish, one 15" x 11" rectangular handled dish and a round 7.25" casserole. All in good condition.

Lot: 743 - Spode England Christmas Tree Table Wares

Spode England Christmas Tree pattern items including double tier tray, salt and pepper set, creamer and sugar bowl set, water pitcher / ewer (approx 8.75" H), smaller pitcher / gravy (approx 5" H) ash tray. There is also a pepper mill and a Christmas tree that splits into a salt and pepper set, not marked Spode but possibly manufactured by Spode. All in good condition.

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