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Thu Oct 26 - 07:00PM

124 Primrose Alley, Evans City, PA Click to Map


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BHD Auctions LLC Presents
Antiques & Collectibles Auction
Conducted in an Online Only Bidding Format
October 23 Thru 26 2023


Bidding Starts Monday Oct.23 @ 7PM


Highlights – Staffordshire Pottery, Porcelain & Bisque Figurines, Pewter, Art Work, Carved Bone Pieces, Early China, Yellowware, Dolls, Children’s Items, Costume Rings and More 


This is a timed auction with item 1 ending at 7PM on Thursday Oct.26 and an item ending every 10 Seconds there after. Pickup of items is Friday Oct.27 10AM to 1PM and MONDAY Oct. 30 10AM to 11AM & 6PM to 7PM. Location 124 Primrose Alley Evans City, PA. 


Terms – Cash or Credit Card (NO CHECKS) 10% Buyers Premium Applies to CASH Purchases 15% to Credit Cards. NO SHIPPING


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1              PairStaffordshire Spaniel Spill Vases

2             Pair ofEnglish Staffordshire Pottery Spaniel Dogs Blue Bow Chinoiserie

3             StaffordshireFigure of Selim and Zuleika

4             StaffordshireFigural Spill Vase

5             BirminghamOrnate Grape Pattern Silverplate Tea Service w/ Serving Tray

6             SilverplateBasket Circa 1810

7             RogersSterling Silver Bowl - Approx. Weight 5.37 Troy Oz.

8             FarmingtonSterling Silver Weighted Compote

9             EnglishSilver Card / Biscuit Holder - Approx. Weight 3.82 Troy Oz.

10          W&RStoke On Trent Carlton Ware Hand Painted Floral Decorated Biscuit Jar

11          Handmadeby Piob Mhor Scotland Scottish Parade Hat

12          ScottishGordon Highlanders Officers Dirk Companion Knife & Fork

13          ScottishMilitary Long Horse Hair Cantle & Tassel

14          2 StagHandle Magnifying Glasses

15          LetterHolder and Candle Sticks

16          BrassBritish Sailor Bookends

17          AntiqueStoneware Spigot "Shrub" - Age Appropriate Condition

18          RoyalDoulton Motto Jug - Benjamin Franklin Series Ware

19          RockinghamPottery Figural Dog Pitcher w/ Lid

20          Porcelain"The Gorilla" Figurine Circa 1870

21          PorcelainSeated Pug Dog Figurine

22          Pair HandPainted Porcelain Recumbent Hounds Circa 1820 w/ Anchor Mark

23          PolychromePottery Parrot Statue

24          Anthony100% Wool Made In Britain Top Hat w/ Antique Leather Hat Box

25          2Porcelain Figural Match Holders

26          2Porcelain Figural Match Holders

27          3 SmallPorcelain Figurines - Blonde Hair Boy Has Been Repaired

28          BohemianPorcelain Figure German Emperor

29          MeissenPorcelain Monkey Figurine

30          FramedComic Adventures of Mother Hubbard and Her Dog Circa 1830's

31          Small BeadWork Pedestal ?

32          LargeOriental Carved Bone Figure

33          OrientalMan w/ Fish Carved Bone / I***y

34          CarvedBone / I***y Buddha

35          FinelyCarved Chinese Marine I***y (Walrus) Bridge, Mid 20th Century

36          7 CarvedSmall Animal Figures - Bone (1 or 2 May be Resin)

37          2Staffordshire Pottery Seated Spaniels

38          StaffordshirePottery Spaniel Dog Pitcher

39          StaffordshirePoodle w/ Pups Figurine

40          EnglishStaffordshire Dalmatian Dog Figurine

41          AntiqueApothecary Jars In Wood Cases

42          DairyOutfit Co Kings London - Milk Pot Travel Cans

43          EnamelwareCoffee Pots and Creamer

44          Cast IronString Dispenser

45          EarlyPewter Tankard

46          CarvedWood Bear Ink Well and Ashtray

47          AntiqueShip Light

48          CarvedWood Snake Cane

49          ANR MadeIn Austria Scottish Soldier Striker

50          HandPainted Scene Decorated Porcelain Trinket Boxes

51          PorcelainBackan Sobranie Cigarette Box

52          2 EarlySoftpaste Plates - Uncle Toms Cabin

53          Clark'sPure Rye Advertising Plate

54          4 PiecesFloral Decorated Porcelain Including Meissen Teapot

55          OrientalHand Painted Plates and Berry Bowls

56          BlackBasalt Ware Tea Set and Teapot

57          4 PiecesBlue Pearl / Feather Ware

58          5 PiecesGreen Pearl / Feather Ware

59          2 DrawerMahogany Stand

60          BeautifulVictorian Carved Highback Bed

61          PairRenaissance Revival Side Chairs

62          3 CaneSeated Ladder Back Chairs

63          CaneSeated Ladder Back Rocking Chair

64          4 AntiqueBar Stools

65          The SowerArtist Proof Print Signed In Pencil Hal Donnelly 75

66          FramedLithograph Entire de Chateau by Niste

67          Framed OilOn Canvas Cottage Scene Signed Mon Robin

68          2 YellowWare Mixing Bowls

69          StripedYellow Ware Chamber Pot (Chip & Crack) Plus Other Dish

70          2 YellowWare Pudding Molds

71          Small ClayDecorated Jug

72          H.W.Pickers Gill R.A. 1857 "Contemplation" Oil On Canvas Portrait In GoldFrame

73          StaffordshirePottery Wallace Figurine

74          StaffordshirePottery Cavalier King Charles Spaniels on Barrel

75          PairStaffordshire Pottery Cow Spill Vases

76          StaffordshirePottery Cottage House w/ Swans

77          StaffordshirePottery Shepherdess Figure

78          4 SmallPorcelain Figurines

79          BisqueSwan Trinket Box and Small Candle Holder ?


81          20 QualityCostume 14-18K Gold Plated Rings w/ Genuine Stones (Assorted Sizes)

82          30 QualityCostume 14-18K Gold Plated Rings w/ Genuine Stones (Assorted Sizes)

83          30 QualityCostume 14-18K Gold Plated Rings w/ Genuine Stones (Assorted Sizes)

84          30 QualityCostume 14-18K Gold Plated Rings w/ Genuine Stones (Assorted Sizes)

85          30 QualityCostume 14-18K Gold Plated Rings w/ Genuine Stones (Assorted Sizes)

86          10Assorted Wrist Watches

87          LotCostume Necklaces - Mostly Bead

88          AssortedCostume Jewelry Pins

89          AssortedPairs Pierced Earrings

90          CuffLinks, Rings, Pins and More

91          CarvedBone / I***y Oriental Fisherman

92          CarvedBone / I***y Egyptian Themed Pieces

93          CarvedBone / I***y Necklaces

94          CarvedEarrings and Pins

95          MiniaturePicture Frame and Powder Box w/ Reverse Painting - AS IS

96          AssortedSmall Carved Bone / I***y Figures

97          Clam ShellSwan - Gabriell Binazzi ??

98          FlintGlass Candle Sticks and 2 Early Glass Syrups

99          Glass andPewter Oil Lamps

100        DutchContinental Pewter Candle Stick Circa 1650

101        AssortedOriental China

102        WaterfordCrystal Ireland Special Edition 2017 Royal Thistle Vase 13" w/ Certificateand Original Box

103        House ofWaterford Crystal Ring of Kerry 11" Bowl w/ Certificate and Original Box

104        House ofWaterford Crystal Hospitality Bowl 10" Bowl w/ Certificate and OriginalBox

105        FentonMuseum Collection Glass Opalescent Basket w/ Certificate and Box

106        RoyalAlbert Bone China England Provincial Flowers Alberta Rose Tea Set - New

107        RoyalDoulton Platinum Wedding Anniversary Queen Elizabeth & Prince PhillipFigurine Artist Signed w/ Original Box

108        EmpireSterling Silver Weighted Compote

109        SterlingSilver Tea Strainer 1.1 Oz and 800 Silver Cordial 1.2 Oz

110        Vintage DieCut Folding Valentine w/ Honeycomb 11"

111        Cast MetalBase Lamp w/ Glass Prisms and Floral Embossed Shade

112        BaroqueDesign Ornate Cast Bronze Clock

113        VictorianDuplex Made In England Hanging Oil Lamp Chandelier

114        BradleyHubbard (?) Cast Iron Sambo Blinking Eye Clock

115        OG WoodCase Clock w/ American Eagle Painted Glass Door - Case Damage Running

116        2 PorcelainHead Dolls

117        2 PorcelainHead Dolls - 1 Has Body Damage

118        AssortedPorcelain Doll Heads and Dolls

119        2 VintageBisque Dolls

120        AssortedChristmas - Composition Face Santa's, Hard Plastic Santa and More

121        MerryChristmas Advertising Plate and Assorted Holiday Postcards

122        2Composition Easter Rabbit Candy Containers - 1 Has Ear Repair

123        CompositionEaster Rabbit Candy Container (damage) and Celluloid Rabbit

124        Goldsmith'sWeather House and Rooster In Cage

125        MajolicaBanjo Frog Smoke Dish

126        MajolicaCovered Butter w/ Fish Finial

127        MajolicaSardine Box - Small Chip

128        FramedVargas Girl Magazine Centerfold Page - Nude Woman w/ Dracula Cape

129        FramedVargas Girl Print - Nude Woman w/ Black Panther

130        20 QualityCostume 14-18K Gold Plated Rings w/ Genuine Stones (Assorted Sizes)

131        30 QualityCostume 14-18K Gold Plated Rings w/ Genuine Stones (Assorted Sizes)

132        30 QualityCostume 14-18K Gold Plated Rings w/ Genuine Stones (Assorted Sizes)

133        30 QualityCostume 14-18K Gold Plated Rings w/ Genuine Stones (Assorted Sizes)

134        30 QualityCostume 14-18K Gold Plated Rings w/ Genuine Stones (Assorted Sizes)

135        9 Men'sWrist Watches

136        Lot PiercedEarrings

137        Lot CostumeNecklaces - Mostly Bead

138        10 Men'sWrist Watches

139        Fancy BrassHanging Chandelier w/ Matching Wall Sconces and Art Glass Shades (only 3pictured but all are included)

140        OrientalCarved I***y Bone Snuff Bottle

141        Carved BoneAfrican Figural Candle Holder

142        Carved BoneKnife and Blade

143        Carved BoneSmall Display Canon On Wood Carriage

144        8 SmallCarved I***y Bone Oriental Figures

145        Pair StaffordshirePottery Figures "Going to Market and Returning Home

146        StaffordshireFigurine Moses w/ The Ten Commandments Pocket Watch Holder

147        StaffordshirePottery Pirate Figurine

148        StaffordshirePottery Cobbler Figurine

149        StaffordshirePottery Dog Figurine

150        Hand BlownGlass Rolling Pin w/ Colored Inclusions

151        Hand BlownGlass Rolling Pin w/ Colored Inclusions

152        EarlySoftpaste Blue and White Platter and Plates

153        4 AlfredMeakin 3 Piece Blue & White Jesmonade Place Settings

154        3 PorcelainFigurines - 1 AS Found

155        3 Porcelain/ Bisque Figural Match Holders

156        VintageComposition Pull Toy Horse

157        FEWO TightRope Walker Motion Toy w/ Original Box

158        Baldwin TinLitho Egg Laying Hen w/ Eggs

159        AssortedDoll House Furniture and More

160        AssortedWood Doll House Furniture

161        AssortedSmall Display Animals - Assorted Materials

162        Lot ofVintage Children's Books

163        LargeDavenport Gaudy Welsh Platter - Paint Restoration

164        DavenportGaudy Welsh Platter - Crack

165        MajolicaSyrup w/ Pewter Lid England

166        MajolicaPond Lily Cup w/ Saucer - Cup is Cracked

167        MajolicaAsparagus Platter w/ Insert - Hairline

168        2 FramedAudubon Bird Prints - Sharp Tailed Grouse and Key West Dove

169        VintageGlass Liquor Bottles

170        VintageGlass Liquor Bottles

171        5 AssortedBottles

172        2 PairsBrass Candle Sticks

173        6 BrassCandle Sticks

174        2 StripedYellow Ware Mixing Bowls

175        2 StripedYellow Ware Mixing Bowls

176        AssortedPearlware Feather Edge China Pieces - Platters and Plates

177        PrimitiveWood Decoy and Wood Float

178        StonewareJar and Bowl (chipped)

179        StonewareJug, Small Dish and Vessel

180        HeinzBottles and Store Jar - Age ? Believe the Glass Is Old Labels New

181        SmallCarved Display Pieces - Bone / I***y

182        OrientalCarved I***y / Bone Figures - 1 Is Damaged

183        CarvedBalls 1 Has Pedestal

184        Bone /I***y Handled Items

185        Bone /I***y Hors d'oeuvre Forks and Chopsticks

186        20 QualityCostume 14-18K Gold Plated Rings w/ Genuine Stones (Assorted Sizes)

187        30 QualityCostume 14-18K Gold Plated Rings w/ Genuine Stones (Assorted Sizes)

188        30 QualityCostume 14-18K Gold Plated Rings w/ Genuine Stones (Assorted Sizes)

189        30 QualityCostume 14-18K Gold Plated Rings w/ Genuine Stones (Assorted Sizes)

190        30 QualityCostume 14-18K Gold Plated Rings w/ Genuine Stones (Assorted Sizes)

191        AssortedWomen's Bracelets

192        10 LadiesWrist Watches

193        AssortedClip On Earrings

194        Men's TieClips and Cuff Links

195        AntiqueChilds Hand Crank Victrola - Running (Missing Set Screw For Needle)

196        GreenStrawberry Majolica Plates Wedgwood - 1 has chip

197        H&CoHand Painted Porcelain Fish Platter w/ Old Staple Repairs

198        3Dimensional Ship Mount - F. Nale

199        3 FramedLudlow Chicken Prints

200        PairStaffordshire Spaniel Dog Figurines

201        Pair ofEnglish Staffordshire Pottery Cat Figurines

202        2 EnglishStaffordshire Cow Creamers

203        StaffordshireFigure of Empress Eugenie and the Prince Imperial

204        PolychromePottery Parrot Statue

205        Needle WorkVictorian Era Boy w/ Dog In Frame

206        VictorianFloral Motif Beadwork


208        SignedWatercolor Branegan Shore Scene

209        Oil OnBoard Bridge Scene and Ship Watercolor

210        Carved WoodCompote and Collapsible Shelf

211        LaliqueParis Canette Figurine w/ Original Box

212        Beadwork LadiesHandbag w/ German Silver Clasp

213        SterlingSilver Spoon - Approx. Weight .5 Oz.

214        Pair ofSkin Covered Table Tennis Paddles Circa 1890

215        7 BrassHorse Collar Medallions / Fobs

216        VintageUmbrella / Parasol

217        KonzertSalon Jubeltane Made In Germany Harp

218        CarvedOriental Figures

219        SmallCarved Oriental Figures and Lamp Finial

220        2 Pair Bone/ I***y Shakers

221        6 CarvedElephant Figures

222        MiniatureCarved Animals and Basket

223        Carved Bone/ I***y Jewelry

224        AssortedCarved Bone / I***y Pieces

225        Bead WorkSouvenir Pieces

226        BeadedHandbag, Coral Trinket Boxes (for lack of a better noun) and Small Box

227        Lot ofAssorted Sewing Items

228        Little BowPeep Box and Other Sewing Materials

229        Assorted PinCushions

230        SmallBisque Dolls

231        Doll ShadowBox and Celluloid & Plastic Dolls

232        AssortedDolls Including Baitz

233        FramedLithograph by E. Forbe 1876 Artist Signed In Pencil

234        PaintedWood Beauty Shop Sign

235        PaintedWood Zephyr Car Wall Hanger

236        4 FramedPinup Girls - Zoe Mazert, Peter Driben

237        AntiqueThistle Pattern China

238        ThistlePattern China - Teapot, Cream & Sugar and Covered Vegetable

239        Yellow WareBanded Mixing Bowls and Plate

240        ThumbprintArgus Pittsburgh Glass Pieces

241        2 FramedLithographs

242        FramedOriental Block Print

243        AssortedBlue and White China

244        AssortedEarly China Pieces

245        LusterWare, Brown Transfer Ware and Other China

246        StripedPitcher, Creamer and Mug

247        AssortedFloral Decorated Cups and Saucers

248        2 PiecesBlenko Art Glass

249        AdderleyChelsea China Assorted Pieces

250        AssortedGlass Compotes

251        PittsburghFlint Glass Decanters and Stein

252        AssortedGlass Decanters / Bottles

253        Carved Bone/ I***y Oriental Figures w/ Logs - As Found

254        CarvedLetter Openers

255        AssortedCarved Bone / I***y Pieces

256        Carved Bone/ I***y Elephants and More

257        Carved Bone/ I***y Monkeys and Figures

258        CarvedButton Hooks, Letter Opener and Display Plaque

259        AlaskanCarved Horn Cribbage Game

260        Pewter CandleSticks, Mugs, Plates, Etc.

261        PewterPlates, Mugs, Candle Sticks, Etc.

262        AssortedEarly Glassware

263        Clear GlassCompotes and Bowls

264        AssortedEarly Clear Glass

265        MedicineBottles, Milk Bottle and Glass Canning Jars w/ Zinc Lids

266        Silverplateand Pewter Teapots and Victorian Egg Warmer

267        AssortedGlass Goblets

268        WaterfordHoliday Heirlooms Mr. & Mrs. Claus Candy Jar - New In Box Still ShrinkWrapped

269        GrandBasket Country Woven Collection Maspeth NY

270        RoyalAlbert England Old Country Rose Gold Tea Set New In Box

271        3 NormanRockwell Inspirations In Porcelain Figurines w/ Boxes

272        BlackAmericana Doll and Tops Tury Doll

273        5 AssortedDolls

274        4 Bisqueand 1 Composition Doll

275        Doll HouseFurniture and Krueger Doll

276        AssortedChilds China

277        AssortedChilds China

278        ChildsSilhouette Hand Painted Nippon Tea Set

279        BisqueFigural Match Holder

280        Bride andGroom Figures - Assorted Materials

281        WickerSewing Stand

282        Bead Workand Assorted Beads

283        3 Cards w/Fabric Trim

284        Tokens,Pins and Basket

285        Childs ABCPlates and Brush & Powder Boxes

286        VictorianScrap Books and Dutch Boy Paint Cardboard Sign

287        Built-RiteDoll House, Little Bo-Peep Puzzle, Animal Cards and Wood Peg Soldiers

288        7 VintageCameras - Kodak, Spartus, Argus, Etc.

289        Scroll CutVictorian Wall Mirror

290        IronstoneCovered Vegetable, Bowl and Casserole

291        CherFarewell 2002 Tour Poster and Print

292        2 ArtistSigned In Pencil Lithographs

293        North HillsArea Map

294        PaintedWood Sign The Pretzel Mill w/ Iron Bracket

295        AssortedCostume Jewelry Rings

296        Bracelets,Necklace Sets and More

297        ReadingGlasses and More

298        2 FramedPortrait Engravings - Samuel Wylee

299        Made InItaly Accordion

300        PrimitivePainted Wood Shelf w/ Modern Corbel

301        FramedWhite Gyrfalcon and Clapper Rail Bird Prints

302        AssortedArt and Metal Tray

303        FramedLudlow Rooster / Hen Prints, S.W. Meade Watercolor and Zoological Gardens Litho

304        30 QualityCostume 14-18K Gold Plated Rings w/ Genuine Stones (Assorted Sizes)

305        30 QualityCostume 14-18K Gold Plated Rings w/ Genuine Stones (Assorted Sizes)

306        30 QualityCostume 14-18K Gold Plated Rings w/ Genuine Stones (Assorted Sizes)

307        GenuineAustrian Crystal Figures w/ Boxes and Angel

308        WaterfordCrystal Shamrock Ornaments and Tree

309        LenoxCrystal Bells

310        KirklandSignature Nativity Set and Hallmark Santa Claus Ornaments

311        ColecoCabbage Patch Kids Ancita Dawn Doll In Original Box

312        Mickey& Minnie Mouse, Kermit & Miss Piggy and 2 Pinocchio Dolls

313        AssortedVehicles Including Die Cast

314        TerryBradshaw Photo Collage Autographed, Willie Stargell Statue and Clemente Mug

315        AssortedHummel Goebel Figurines w/ Boxes

316        Wash Bowland Chamber Pot Plus a Picture Frame

317        2 BoxesVintage Shiny Brite Glass Christmas Ornaments

318        AssortedGlass Christmas Ornaments

319        Shiny BriteGlass Christmas Ornaments & Others

320        VintageChristmas Candles, Nativity Pieces and More

321        3Christopher Radko Harley Davidson Themed Glass Christmas Ornaments w/ Boxes

322        3 ChristopherRadko Harley Davidson Themed Glass Christmas Ornaments w/ Boxes

323        3Christopher Radko Harley Davidson Themed Glass Christmas Ornaments w/ Boxes

324        2Christopher Radko Harley Davidson Themed Glass Christmas Ornaments w/ Boxes

325        RiddellReplica NFL Full Size Football Helmet w/ Original Box - Atlanta Falcons

326        RiddellReplica NFL Full Size Football Helmet w/ Original Box - New York Jets

327        RiddellReplica NFL Full Size Football Helmet w/ Original Box - Detroit Lions

328        RiddellReplica NFL Full Size Football Helmet w/ Original Box - Dallas Cowboys

329        RiddellReplica NFL Full Size Football Helmet w/ Original Box - Indianapolis Colts

330        RiddellReplica NFL Full Size Football Helmet w/ Original Box - Seattle Seahawks

331        RiddellReplica NFL Full Size Football Helmet w/ Original Box - Buffalo Bills

332        RiddellReplica NFL Full Size Football Helmet - Green Bay Packers *Wrong Box

333        RiddellReplica NFL Full Size Football Helmet w/ Original Box - Rams

334        RiddellReplica NFL Full Size Football Helmet w/ Original Box - Tampa Bay Buccaneers

335        RiddellReplica NFL Full Size Football Helmet w/ Original Box - Cleveland Browns

336        RiddellReplica NFL Full Size Football Helmet w/ Original Box - New York Giants

337        RiddellReplica NFL Full Size Football Helmet w/ Original Box - Minnesota Vikings

338        RiddellReplica NFL Full Size Football Helmet - Pittsburgh Steelers NO BOX Scratches

339        RiddellReplica NFL Full Size Football Helmet w/ Original Shipping Box - JacksonvilleJaguars

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