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Pickers Paradise #2 Online Auction

Sat Mar 18 - 05:00PM

St Louisville, Saint Louisville, oh Click to Map

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Pickers Paradise #2 Online Auction St Louisville, Ohio

Ends March 18th 5pm Pick Up March 19th 12pm-6pm

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David Wyeth, Auctioneer

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505 White Hutch approx. 29" W x 12" D x 68.5" H - damage on the bottom shelfs

506 Wagon Seat approx. 40.5" L x 18" D x 12" H 

507 Holiday Decorations: Fall and Winter

508 Box of 6 U-D-S Permanent Anti-Freeze Ethylene Glycol Base Tin cans and original box

509 John Deere Cast Iron Gear Box Cover NO. Z1051-H

510 John Deere Cast Iron Hub Covers, wheels mower parts

511 John Deere Cast Iron Hub Covers, wheels mower parts

512 Toolbox with tools: Seed planter, clamp, screwdriver, scissors 

513 Pipe wrench's

514 Primitive Block Planes

515 Shears, Garden fork, Antique Hand drill

516 Trash oil waste U-Iderwriters Laboratories. INC. NO.833413 approx. 19" H

517 Vintage Shopping Cart

518 Wood box, White shutters, Round picture frame and rectangle picture frame

519 Wood box, Iodine - Chilean Nitrate Sales Corp, Origin Chile approx. 19" W x 13" H- with a small crack on the side

520 Soda Crate Stand/Organizer from Vintage Pepsi Wood Crates 

521 Wood Organizer approx. 68.5" H x 19.5" D x 41.5" W 

522 The Midland Grocery Co. Parkersburg, W. VA -1 Gallon Clarion Cider- Vinegar glass bottle, antique wood farm bucket with a wood handle, and Galvanized pail approx. 9" T 

523 Vintage Match Holders and bird decorations

524 At Ease 1962 presents The One Hundred and Forty-Eighth Battalion of Linsly Military Institute, Linsly Institute, Wheeling, VA 

525 Assorted Dishes and metalware, Genuine Pewter Tray

526 Everlast Forged Aluminum Cups NO. 987

527 IXOYE Luggage with Joe White, Konakuk, and Kanakono Indianans Enabled on the side of the luggage, damaged on the corner 

528 A Questor Company Creative Tinkertoy NO. 150 Evanston, Illinois

529 7-Clear Drinking Bottles; Frosties, Mason's Root Beer, Spring Hill Beverages, Nehi, Patio, Old Coldny Beverages

530 Vintages Lot of Matchboxes

531 2-Ohio License plates Expire '85

532 2-Ohio License plates Expire '91

533 2-Ohio License plates Expire '97

534 2-Ohio License plates '72

535 2-Ohio License plates 1965

536 2-Ohio License plates Expire 4/78, 79, 80

537 2-Ohio License plates 1962

538 2-Ohio License-Truck plates 1963

539 2-Ohio License plates Expire 4/78, 79, 80

540 2-Ohio License plates 1972

541 2-Ohio License plates 1973

542 2-Ohio License Farm plates 1962

543 2-Ohio License plates 1962

544 2-Ohio License plates 1971

545 2-Ohio License plates 1973

546 2-Ohio License plates 1962

547 2-Ohio License Farm plates 1960

548 2-Ohio License plates 1962

549 2-Ohio License plates 1967 and 1969

550 2-Ohio License plates 1962

551 2-Ohio License plates 1963

552 2-Ohio License plates 1973

553 2-Ohio License plates 1970

554 2-Ohio License plates Expires 1986

556 2-Ohio License plates 1967

557 2-Ohio License plates 1974

558 2-Ohio License plates 1968

559 2-Ohio License plates 1971

560 2-Ohio License plates 1966

561 2-Ohio License plates Expire June 20, 6-21, 1-06 Ohio 

562 2-Ohio License Plates 1968 & 1970

563 2-Ohio License Plates 1957 & 1958

564 2-Ohio License Plates 1965

565 3-Carbide lanterns, Cheese box, door latch

566 Cast Iron Skillet NO.5 and Cast Iron Skillet Unknown NO. and sad Iron 

567 3-Grass seeders: Cyclone 

568 Hand saw, barn drill, trivet, screw jack, hand drill

569 2-Cast iron skillets Wagner Ware Sidney -0- NO.1/0535with lids-D 58-need cleaned up

570 4-Cast iron skillets  NO. 8 ,Kregge-  needs cleaned up 

571 White Medicine Cabinet-wall cabinet with mirror, Cow bull Mounted horns

572 2-Cast iron skillets- needs cleaned up

573 Sunbeam Circular Saw Model 72-works, Buss Fuse display 

574 Tap and die set and case

575 Assorted Dishes and metalware

576 White Shutters

577 Toolbox with tools and hardware

578 Conduit bender 

579 Assorted dishes, plates and bowls, WM Rogers NO.366, Rogers Silersmiths,  Designed and produced by The Special Order Department The Cowell & Hubbard's Co.

580 Cypress Gardens- Super Grooved, Wooden Water Ski, 3- Orange Life Jackets, and 2- blue life jackets

581 Clipboard with box and calculator, pink tote,2-pairs of scissors, Vari-line Printing kit  stamp, Viking stamp

582 Vintage Bell System Made by Western Electric Pink Corded Phone, Oil lamp, missing lamp, tin, 2 memorable plates: Sesquicentennial Newark Ohio 1802-1952 & 1802-1952 Davidson House, tea strainer set, silver plated serving ensemble, 

583 Silverware 2-Small Spoons, 1 Large Spoon, 1 Large Fork, 1 Small Fork Sant Andrea, Caesars Palace

584 2-Green Pottery, 1 has a hole in the bottom- Coloring is coming off

585 3-Tan and Brown Pottery 

586 Viking Stainless Steel Picnic Water Jug with water spout

587 Antique Pottery Stoneware

588 Coffee Grinder, Mr. Coffee maker, The Iced Tea Pot maker by  Mr. Coffee, Keurig 2.0 Filers-2, coffee pots

589 Enamel pie plate, galvanized pie plate, enamel lid

591 Wood cutting boards, wood tongs, spatula, Large serving spoon, meat grinder, ice cream scoop

592 Cheese Cutters, forks, spatula, apple peeler, ice bucket, assorted lot

593 Advertising: The Columbus Dispatch Alarm Clock, Beer Nuts Peanuts tin, Fulton NO. 8101 Wine opener, Florida bottle opener, Fort Pitt Special Beer opener, Goodyear Tire knife, and Union Leader Tobacco Tin

594 Assorted Baking: Muffin pans, aluminum bread loaf baking pans, cake pans, cookie sheets

595 Metal Milwaukee Christmas Tree Stand

596 Vintage Large Canning Enamelware Stock Pot Blue, Ball Mason Salt, and Pepper Set, Canning Jar opener, Canning jars with plastic lids in box

597 Vintage Tools: open-ended wrenches, brush, hammer, pipe wrenches, oil can, ratchet

598 6-Square Hinged Boxes

599 Pie pans, milk strainer

600 2-Pottery Stoneware

601 2-Pottery Stoneware

602 Antique Pottery Stoneware

603 Silverware-12 Forks

604 Butter spreader- new In package, rolling pin, ice cream scoop, Pampered Chef Measure, Mix, & Pour, with box, serving spoon, Antique Meat tenderizer, Vintage Rotating Wheel Meat tenderizer, spatula, tray

605 Measuring cup, St. Patty Day cookie cutter, bowls, lids for Casserole dishes, Cookie cutters

606 Cumberland Milk Crate and Milk Glass Jars

607 Milk Crate, Metal Cube Box, Vintage Kitchen Craft Aluminum Cookware

608 Proter cable Drill- needs cord & Milwaukee Electric Drill - tested works Serial NO. 54-23441

609 Misc. hardware: Driver Bits, Staples, screwdrivers, indoor timer, vice, Skodco Hack Saw blades

610 Assorted lot: Staples, Ice Scraper, Utility Knife, candle snuffer, a box of screws, horseshoe, bulldog picture hangers

611 Piston Ring Expander, Garden tools, scissors, screwdriver, hardware

612 Steel Wool Grade NO.1 Medium Pads-New in the package, Concrete Tools, Trowels

613 All glass: Phone not included, Canisters, Fido, Made in Italy, bowls, glasses, cups, oil lamp, vases with marbles, bottle opener, Mr. Ed Coffee Cup, measuring cup, lock

614 HotHand-Hand Warmers, 3-Ameristep Grizzly Tree Step-6 Pack, 4" Step Area, Orange Safety Tabagon, Orange Safety Vest, Strato- Flare NO. 219 in case, lock, orange road flares in box

615 Pyrex and Corning Pie Plates and Milk Bottles

616 2- Armstrong, 1-Whitall Tatum, 1- Brook field-Glass 3-Clear and 1- Green Insulators 

617 12-Hemingray Insulators

618 5-Kids play tins: The Zeropck CO. Cincinnati Ohio, Fresh Peaches, Tootsie Roll Pops

619 Cuisinart Mini-Prep Plus Processor - In the box, and Vintage Vitantonio Mfc. Co Cleveland Ohio NO. 3 Pizzelle Waffle Iron Maker

620 Stacks of Apple boxes, Travel Iron with cord- in the box, Grandmothers/Hummingbird Decoration: Hummingbird is broken, bell, ring holder, lazy Suzan, hummingbird suncatcher, birdhouse windchime

621 3-Casters 

622 Road King Automotive V-belt NO.43013, Wheel horse Approved Belt Part No. 7430. Wheel Hose Belt Part NO. 1578., Chewing Gum Remover, Krylon Glowing Spray Paint, Red/ Orange NO633, Craftsman Hold- Downfor bench saws, radial, arm saws, and jointers

627 Assorted Size Rivets and tools

628 Clear Glass Jars: Cheomulsion- For Coughs, Warranted Flask, Rv Pierce MD., Syrup of Hyrophosprites Fellows

629 Clear Glass Jars and bottles: Lozenger Bottle, Baby Bottles, Atlas E-Z Seal, Peanuts Jar

630 Brown Glass Bottles Wine bottle, Fischer Glass Bottle , Whiskey bottle

631 Clear Glass Bottles: Warranted Union Made Full Quart, Guaranteed Full 1/2 Pint

633 Green Glass Bottles and green Vase

634 4-Clear Glass Bottles: 3: Medicine Bottle, 1: Great Seals Bottle, Newark, Ohio, and Small NO X EMA NO7 Blue Glass

635 Italian Decanter, Clear Mogen David Pure Cherry Wine Glass Bottle, Clear Pepsi glass Bottle, Tru Ade Clear glass bottle, Coca-Cola Dresden Green Glass bottle, Medicine bottle 

636 Rustic Watering Can and White Enamel Bowl

637 45 -Piece Tap and Die Set, in the box- missing a couple of pieces

638 Rockwell Power tool division, Series NO.46-201 Serial NO.1708263

639 Artisan Chisel Set Tools - some are damaged-in wood box

640 Group of Tins: Wards Riverside AF Additive Free Motor Oil Tin, Unico Permanent Anti-Freeze Tin, Cleaner Tin, and Royston Roybond 70 Tin

641 Group of Tins: Ward Grease: Has Contents, Quaker State: Has Contents,  and 3- Unico Permanent Anti-Freeze Tins only

642 Assorted lot: Westinghouse Miniature Light bulbs,  Straight Steel Wire Nails, Sheaffer's Permanent Blue Black Skrip NO.24-Full, Fels-Naptha Soap-Full, Westinghouse Auto Bulbs & 2 tins

643 Assorted Tins: Fidelity,Pullman,Gold Eagle Sta-Bil,  Sunoco Breake Fluid, Polish Metal Liquid, Standard Oil seal: Some have contents

644 Castrol Motor Oil, Pennzoil Motor Oil, Quaker State Motor Oil, Mobil Motor Oil, Wolf's Head Super Duty Motor Oil: all Empty 

645 Hair Clippers-3 - Work -White: Wahl Clipper Corp:  Model SC, Black Sunbeam: Model 80, Vintage Chic Electric Vibrator Morris Struhl Cat NO. 495M

646 Vintage Hair Shears, Vintage Razors, Vintage Barber Knifes 

647 Vintage Schick Super clippers in case, Vintage Norelco hair dryer, Vintage Norelco clippers in case

648 Tin Toy Train

649 Black Train Locomotive U.S.A. MARX

650 Vintage Metal Toys: Truck, Yellow Car-Line Mar Toys, Gold Car Corci Toys James Bond Aston Martin DB5,  Diecast Semi Truck Cab Tootsie toys NO.24, and Orange Toy bus

651 Die Cast Replica 1918 Ford Model T Runabout Bank 1991 Season's Greetings on the side  and The Ertl Co. Advertising Diecast Amoco Delivery Truck Replica Ford 1917 Model T Van

652 Vintage Metal Toys:  Green Bus Matchbox Series NO. 74 Daimler bus Made in England, By Lesney, White Car Dinky Toys Meccano LTD Made in England, Patent Number 920534  Ford Mustang 151, Yellow and Red Towing Service Trailer, Red Towing Truck- missing some paint- Tootsie toy Chicago, USA, and Allied Can line long distance moving boxed towing trailer

653 3-Tin Cars: 1-Jet, 1-Taxi, and 1-Volants Parfum Peche Car

654 2-NIB Cars: Richard Petty- Sounds of Power Scale 1/87 NO.3060, & ERTL Vintage Vehicles 1947 International K-12 Semi-Cab NO.29580, Copyright 1988

655 Acme Mint Green NO. 1-133 NO.5, Made in USA, Blue NO. 3, Yellow, Green, Red Truck and Flatbed Trailer

656 2-Vintage Tootsie Toy Made in China Aerial Ladder Firetruck and Tootsie Truck Fire Truck Copyright 1970 No.5

657 Vintage Plastic Toys:  Train  NO. 350-1, 350-4 350-2, Acme Trains Made in USA, Truck Made in USA, and Cars

658 Vintage Plastic Toys: Cars Keystone, Made in USA, Plasticville USA, USA NO. 353, USA, and trucks, Lapin Product, Made in USA, Pyro, Made in USA,

659 Vintage Toy Miniature Radio Flyer, Vintage Gargoyle Mobiloil Miniature Truck,  and 1915 Chevrolet Metal Car Bank 

660 Group Vintage Matchbox 1979 White Green Model T Ford Die Cast Model Car, Tootsie Toys Blue Mercedes

661 Group Vintage Matchbox Major Pack NO.1 BP Autotanker-Made in England By Lesney, Corgi Juniors, Hot Wheels Spoiler Sport

662 Group Vintage Matchbox Corgi Toys Chevrolet Corvette Sting Ray, Standard Oil Company Red Crown The New Red Crown Gasoline Toy Truck, Motorcycle Toy

663 Longaberger 1999 Basket- No Damage, and Halloween Basket 

664 Halloween Lot

665 Placemats and runners Halloween, Fall, Easter, flowers

666 Halloween Lot: 2 Towles, 2 Pillows, 2 pictures, Longaberger napkin

667 2nd Secqual B Longaberger 2 pint Basket - No Damage, and 2 liners

668 Vintage Advertising 2- Lumber Town, Wickes Lumber Nail Aprons and plain nail apron

669 Solid Wood Door approx. 28" W x 80" H x 1.5" D, with chips 

670 Solid Wood Door approx. 28" W x 80" H x 1.5" D

671 4-Blue Ball Canning Jars with Zinc lids -One is NO.7

672 Yellow Pepsi Crate: A.W.P. Cases, 3 Newport, ARK. 86

673 4; 3: Atlas Mason Jars, 1: Mason's Patent 1858- with Zinc lids

674 Jar without lid and with Thunder Bomb packets

675 Black Wrought Iron Chair with wood seat approx. 36" H  and wood stool approx. 23.5" H

676 Mechanical Action Hydraulic Dump Truck Toy approx. 7.5" W

677 All Pictures: Comics: Porky Pig, Copyright 1941, 1942, By Leon Schlesinger 

678 Freckles and the Lost Dimond Mine, Copyright 1935-36 by NEA Service, INC., Copyright 1937 By Stephen Slesinger, INC.

679 Tailspin and the Tommy, By Sky Bandits, Copyright 1938, By Stephen Slesinger, INC. - Binding is damaged 

680 Tim McCoy in The Westerner,  Copyright 1936, By Tim McCoy, Retold by Eleanor Packer, From the Columbia Motion Picture 

681 Flame Boy and the Indians Secret, Copyright 1938, By Stephen Slesinger 

682 George O'Brien and the Hooded Riders, Copyright 1940, by Whitman Publishing Company

683 Denny the Ace Detective, Copyright 1938, By Dick Adair, Illustrated by Henry Muheim

684 Junior Nebb on the Dimond Bar Ranch Copyright 1938, By Sol Hess

685 G-Men on the Train, Copyright 1938, By The Saalfield Publishing Company

686 Jim Starr of the Border Patrol, Copyright 1937, by Stephen Slesinger, INC.

687 The Desert Eagle Rides Again, Copyright 1939, By John W. Finney, Illustrated By Samuel Nisenson-small damage to the top of the binding

688 SOS Coast Guard, Copyright 1936, By Stephen Slesinger  The binding is ripped 

689 Bob Stone The Young Detective, Copyright 1937, By Chester Weil - The binding is ripped

690 Cowboy Lingo, Boy's Book off Western Facts, Copyright 1938, Written and Illustrated by Fred Harman By Stephen Slesingler, INC

691 Johnny Forty-Five, Copyright 1939, By The Saalfield Publishing Company, Griffin

692 Vintage Tyco View-Master 3D Slide Viewer with a reel Bugs Bunny and Porky Pig, and Vintage Comics in Action box with Humorous Everyday Assortment Cards 

693 Gobbles TY Beanie Baby Copyright 1999

694 Wood Table with 2 Drawers approx. 59" L x 29.75" H x 33.5" D 

695 Metals and Tins with metal boxes Cole-Steel, Register

696 Crude Iodine Chilean Nitrate Sales Corp., Origin Chile wood box

697 Stratford Springs Beverages Wood box, Phone Woodsdale NO.970, approx. 10" W

698 White Wood box approx. 15" W

699 Dwight's Soda Wood box- Cow Brand Soda, 60 LBS Net Weight approx. 9" T x 19" W 

699a Ceramic Turkey Fall Decorations Ceramic Man and Woman 

700 Ceramic and Resin Halloween/fall decorations

701 Longaberger Divided Bat plate-ND

702 1 Gallon Simmons Kant Leak Oil Can, and small red oil can

703 Fall and Halloween Decorations: Pumpkin Wreath, Happy Halloween sign, pumpkin sign,  scarecrow

704 Halloween Decorations: Wall art, bag

705 Acme Dairy Wood Box NO.2-57 approx. 15"W 

706 Wood Pepsi Box NO.83 approx. 12.5" D

707 Vintage Burns Stainless Steel 6- Knives in wood box, Blade Made in England

708 Acme Dairy Deposit Clear glass Bottle and Clear Glass Deposit Milk Bottle 

709 Gay Toys INC. Plastic yellow and red dump truck Item No. 620, and A Renwal Product No.39 Made in USA, plastic red car with yellow seats and a blue driver

710 Vintage Trinkets: Jewelry: Necklaces, pins, earrings 

711 Westclox Scotty pocket watch, not running, winds easily Model NO. 90002 Made in USA

712 Westclox DAX pocket watch, No Crystal Face cover attached, Not running, NO.1533431, NO. 1709146, NO. 1848520 Made in USA

713 Elgin Pocket watch, Not running, Made in USA

714 Elgin Pocket watch, Not running, Made in USA

715 Scotty pocket watch clock, Not running, Model NO. 90001 Made in USA

716 Vintage Costume Jewelry lot: Group of Necklaces, chain, Bracelets, earrings

717 Costume Jewelry 4- Necklaces

718 Toy Trailer, Hot Wheels Car: Yellow Jacket, Mattel INC, 1988 Thailand Chevy Stocker, NO. 6 Matchbox Allis-Chalmers Motor Scraper: Series King Size, with King Size Series NO.8 Trailer, Made in England by Lesney, Red Midge toy Pat. 2775847

719 United Dairy Wood box approx. 19" W x 11.5" D

720 Toy Vehicles: International Red Tractor, and Green Trailer: The Ertl Co. Dyersville, Iowa 52040, Made in USA, NO.74-7650

721 Toy Vehicles: Matchbox Fire Engine Fire Dept. NO. 8, The Ertl Co. Hawaiian Trooper 1980 Chevrolet Dicast Car, Good Year Racing Diecast car CPG Prod. Corp. 1980 Cinci, Ohio, No. 1027 Made in Macao, Purple Tonka Sparkly car Made in USA NO. 57020, Brown diecast car, Green diecast car  CPG Prod. Corp.1980 NO.1027 Made in Hong Kong

722 Toy Vehicles: Ray Co. Rascal NO.800 Gorgi Juniors Toy metal blue roller, Matchbox NO.14 out of 100 GMC Wrecker Mattel Wheels- New in the package, Bell Helicopter Racing NO. 64  Action Car- in a plastic package, Matchbox Toy Copyright 1980 Excavator Made in Thailand, Diecast Goodyear NO.22 Copyright CPG Production Copyright 1980, Kenner Prod. No.1027 Made in Hong Kong, Yellow Earthshakers Dumper Copyright 1970 Mattel INC. Mexico 

723 Toy Vehicles: Hot Wheels Pontiac  Malaysia Copyright 1998 Mattel, INC., Corgi Juniors Whizz Wheels Ford D 1000 Pat App 3396/69, Racing NO. 63 CPG Prod. Corp.1980 Kenner Prod. Cinti. NO. 1027 Made in Macao, Flame Out Diecast Car Kidco 1979 Made in Macao, Dark blue diecast car CRG Products Corr. 1981 Kenner Prod Cinti Ohio,  Dizzy Lizzy, Made in Hong Kong, Bell No. 10 Yellow Racing Diecast Car Hot Wheels Rock Buster Mattel Inc. Hong Kong, Good Year No. 63 Racing diecast CPG Prod. Corp. Copyright 1980 No. 1027, Made in Macao

724 Toy Vehicles: Vintage 1970 Tootsie Toy Red metal and Plastic Semi Truck Cab, Matchbox Quicksilver No.406606 Lesney Products USA Copyright 1982 Made in Hong Kong, Street Boss Copyright 1981, CPC Production Corp. Made in Hong Kong, Corci Toys Ford Mustang Fastback 2+2 Made in GRTS. Britain, Mercury Cougar K17 Toy Cars Made in GT. Britain, CPG Prod. Corp Copyright 1980 Green Toy Car NO. 1027 Made in Hong Kong

725 Toy Vehicles: Corci Toys  Chevrolet Corvette Sting Ray Made in Gt. Britain, Hot Wheels Car Copyright Mattel Inc. 1986, Malaysia white car, Hot Wheels Big Chill Snowmobile Copyright 1995 M.I. Malaysia, CPG Prod. Corp. 1980 NO. 1027 Made in Hong Kong, Jet Screamer Copyright CPG Prod Corp, 1981, Made in Hong Kong, and CPG Prod. Corp. Copyright 1981 Made in Hong Kong Cam Rammer

726 Toy Vehicles: Vintage Tonka Red  Diecast Semi-Truck, No trailer, Fire Chief Red Bronco Tootsie Toy, Buddy L Pepsi Delivery Semi Cab- NO trailer toy, White Bronco Rescue, and Foden Dump Truck Matchbox Series King Size, Made in England

728 Toy Vehicles: Vintage Tootsie toy Amc Gremlin Vintage Car red Made in the USA, Yellow Water Truck Tootsie Toys  Made in the USA, Foden Dumper Truck Matchbox series, King size Made in England By Lesney, Tonka Semi-truck-no trailer NO.55010, and Yellow Tiny Tonka Dozer 

729 Toy Vehicles: Black Nighthawk USAF plane, Red International 5088 Tractor-missing front wheels, and trailer,  Red Tonka Tractor NO. 311002-2, and Marines Matchbox Lesney Prod, & CO. Copyright 1975 airplane SB15 Phantom F4E Made in Macau

730 Toy Vehicles: Red Diecast Airplane, Thunderbird Rocket ship USA, Matchbox 2007 Mattel INC. Thailand Baja Bandit NO. MB731, Vintage Mickey Mouse Toy Die Cast Toy Car Walt Disney Productions NO. PD-5, Solido Made in France Chaparral 2F NO.169, 1/43, 5/68

731 Toy Vehicles: Tonka Red Fire Truck, Yellow Jeep Tootsie toyo Made in USA, Blue Car made in China, Semi-Truck-no trailer Tootsie Toy, 1970 Chicago USA and Tonka Dump Truck

732 Toy Vehicles: Atlanta Motor Speedway  NO.11 -NIB, Vintage Yellow Toy Buggy L Dune Buddy Buggy Car Pressed Metal Made in Japan, Tonka Fire Truck and Ladder Trailer, 2- Locomotive Southern Pacific NO.9725 with 1 box

733 Toy Vehicles: toys and wheels, International red tractor, disk, toy plow, broken pieces and parts

734 Toy Vehicles: Bicycle, Tonka semi-truck-no trailer, Fire truck ladder trailer, Red semi-truck-no trailer Tootsie toy Copyright 1970, Yellow Tonka concrete truck, and Yellow toe truck 

735 Toy Vehicle: Vintage Marx Cattle Livestock Trailer NO.303 SAB written on the bottom - missing a wheel 

736 Toy Vehicle: Vintage Tonka Blue pick-up truck NO.11062

737 Toy Vehicle: Vintage Marx Wind up tin toy, missing the front wheels 

738 Toy Vehicle: Vintage Blue Trailer Structo Steel Co.

739 Toy Vehicle: Vintage Tractor with man and loader Mfd. By Lansing, Iowa, USA

740 Toy Vehicle: Vintage John Deere Farm Equipment Made in USA

741 Toy Tractor: Vintage Cast-iron Red Tractor

742 Toy Tractor: Red Trailers: broken TootsieToy Made in USA, plow toys, -Missing pieces and parts

743 Toy Vehicle: Tonka Blue Jeep without wheels with truck bed

744 House-shaped tin canisters: Lilian Venon 1984, Made Exclusively in Hong Kong Tea from China, LV NO. 4505 Copyright 1988, Container Made in England,

745 San Francisco Cable Car Powell and Mason Sts. Car NO.514

746 Vintage Ny-Lint toys green Tractor missing front wheels and red Trailer approx.8.5" D

747 Toy Vehicles: Red K2 California Semi Hauler NO.359 Made in Hong Kong- No trailer, Matchbox Superfast Yellow Crane Truck Made in England-Copyright 1976 Lesney Prod. & Co. LTD.,  Red snow- Trac Matchbox Series NO. 35 Made in England BY Lesney, 4- Wheeler, Red truck Majorette Bernard Ech 1/100 Made in France, black semi-hauler -no trailer Made in China 

749 Toy Vehicles: Gold Car Lock-ups Copyright 1982 Kidco.Inc. Made in Macao, Orange Car Hot Wheels Made in Malaysia Copyright 1996 Dodge Sidewinder, Purple Hot wheels car Copyright 1992 Mattel INC. Made in Malaysia, Black car lock-ups Copyright 1982 Kidsco Inc. Made in Macao and Gold Semi-Hauler, no trailer Matchbox Copyright 2008 Mattel INC.NO. MB756 MBX Motor Home

750 Toy Vehicles: Hot Wheels Mattel INC. Copyright 1974 Hong Kong, NO. MC 03, Copyright 1994 Mattel, INC. Hot Wheels Made in China, Maista Ferrari No. 348tS Made in China, Z No. D76 1984 Corvette, Racing Champions INC. Copyright 1991 Made in China

751 Cast iron Horse and buggy with a driver- Missing wheel 

752 Toy green wagon The Ertl, Dyersville, Iowa 52040, Made in USA, NO.2705

753 Robeson Hammered USA Steak Knife 

754 Case's Tested XX Butcher Knife

755 Vintage Nylint Fire Dept. 33 Toy Ladder Truck approx. 25" Long

756 Vintage Ertl  International Red Metal Semi-Truck- NO Trailer

757 Vintage Box of American Bricks- Red and yellow

758 Master Mix: Master Blend Dairy Conc. McMillen Feed Burlap Bag

759 Ful-O-Pep Sweet 16 Dairy Feed 100 LBS. Burlap Bag-small hole on the side and front

760 Holy Bible; Old and New Testament Present to James, Robert, and Linda Johnson, Aug. 30, 1955, Pictorial Family Bible; Printed in USA

761 Wood Stool approx. 10" T x 7" D- with blue paint on the side 

762 Vintage Toy Jeep Made in Japan

763 Vintage Toy An Original Fisher-Price Magnetic Chug-Chug Engine Made in the USA

764 Blue Bicycle Tradewind, yellow truck, Turbo NO. 12 Racing Car, Yellow Racing Car with the driver, and 2 other cars

765 Vintage Toys: 1998 Monte Carlo, Race car NO.5 Made in China, Helicopter, Matchbox Series NO. 9 Blue Trailer Made in England By Lesney, Hydraulic Excavator NO. P318, Red Car Made in China, Dil copyright 1988 Made in China, Made in China  NO. 45MHZ, Axles, and NASA  Rocket Transporter

766 Vintage Mickey Mouse Alarm Clock- Walt Disney Productions, Made in Japan

767 Salt and pepper shakers

768 Vintage Advertising Furrow, Lumberjack, Somerville, Hugh M. Woods, Atchison Leather Products Nail Apron

769 Genuine Mahogany NO. 123Coffee table Imperial approx. 18.5" H 

770 Group lot: Popeye miniature book, Kids play red iron, red hat,  Alex NO. 27313-P0005396 kids play fire truck, and little baby in blue

771 Vintage Toys: Plastic sections of Fence and Toy  Cultipacker NO.50

772 Hose spray nozzle, spindle out of a chair, wrought iron piece , metal hooks

773 Elephant Coffee Cup approx. 5.5" H

774 Match holder: Wall art

775 Vintage White Wall Match holder 

776 Vintage 6-Coke/ 13 Olympic Winter Games Lake Placid: 1980 Clear Glass Bottles

777 Vintage 7-Pepsi Clear Glass Bottles

778 Vintage Group of Glass Bottles 5 Green Coca-Cola Bottles and 1 Clear Coke/Big Bear Glass Bottle

779 Star Toy Cap Gun Made in USA

780 Vintage Boxes of Safety Matches: Old Locomotive, Bull and Bear, Rosebud Matches, Aeroplane Brand, Bulls Eye 

781 Vintage 1940s WWII Sunglasses  Blue Tinted Glasses Lenses 

782 Antique Crystal Door Knobs

783 Vintage Fairloom Adjustable  Dress form Bust Adjusts 1-4 Sections approx. 8.5" W

784 Primitive Farmhouse Wood Chair with matching pitcher

785 Galvanized night light box-works

786 Wood tool tray, green and Vintage Clear Glass Bottles

787 Point Blank Camo Vest Size X-Large: Chest 45"-49" 

788 Body Armor Camo Vest Size Small: Chest 33"-37"-Serial NO. AF17021, Date of MFG. 1/2003

789 Genuine Bull Durham Smoking Tobacco Tin Sign approx. 11" W

790 Orphan Boy Smoking Tobacco, Fine Carolina Tin Sign approx. 12" W

791 Ephemera: Belknap Stove and Grill paint tin, Filers for Royal Demuth Pipes Box, and Mellin's Food glass jar

792 Point Blank Camo Vest, Clark, Size Small, Chest 33"-37", Serial NO. AF 2-633F

793 Ephemera: Golden Wedding Full Quart, Amber Glass Mrs. Butterworth NO.4300, Vintage Glass Jar, and Clear Seltzer bottle

794 Soda Water, Coca-Cola, Williamsport PA Clear Glass Bottle 

795 Group of Glass Bottles: 5- Clear Glass Bottles: Cow Power, Masons, Give me your tired your poor your huddled masses, and 1- Green Ginger Ale Glass Bottle

796 Advertising: Wolverine Shoe Grease pin, Genuine Durham Smoking Tobacco, and Vintage Tiddledy Winks Cardboard toy box

797 Advertising: Group of bottle openers: Milwaukee's Favorite Premium Beer, Wiedemann's Fine Beer, Quality Beer Dist., INC. Dayton-Hamilton, Seven Up, Bohemian Royal Amber

798 Advertising: Group of bottle openers: Quality Beer Dist. INC. Dayton- Hamilton, Vaughan USA- NOT for resale, The Stroh Brewery Co., Pabst Blue Ribbon-Not for resale, Coca-Cola, The Biltmore Hotel, Los Angeles, G&J. Dairies INC.

799 Advertising: Bottle opener: Have a Coke, button hooks, Bottle opener Canco, shoe horns: Vestal- Elyria, Ohio

800 Advertising: Bottle openers: Wiedemann's Wine and beer and button hooks

801 Vintage Brass Hurd Detroit, USA, Padlock NO. G3407 and Key 

802 Vintage Yale Theyale& Padlock NO.324 and key

803 Vintage B.I.R. ILCO Padlock NO.1193 and key NO. 1193

804 Vintage 3- Padlocks Yale, and Abloy  and 1 key

805 Skeleton keys: Fisher Skeleton Key, padlocks, and keys

806 Souvenirs: War Department, Camp Atterbury, Indiana, Pennsylvania Rubber and Supply Co., Columbus 3, Ohio, Pennant Zion Nat. Park Utah-tore , and St. Joseph's Hospital W. Va. Postcard, and Lock 18- Ohio River, Between Marietta, Ohio and Parkersburg postcard

807 Advertising: Group of Bottle openers: The Burger Brewing Co. Cincinnati, Ohio, Indian Head Beer and Ale, Buffalo N.Y., Ekco, Chicago, USA, Carling Vaughan USA, Leisy's, Seagram's

808 Advertising: Vintage: King Ale bottle opener, Tru-Ade bottle opener, Wiedemann's Fine Beer bottle opener, G.S. Coal, Co. bottle opener

809 Advertising: Coca-Cola bottle opener, button hooks, Swim away belt cover, Vintage Japanese theme whistle, yellow

810 Advertising: Vintage : John Glenn for U.S. Senate pin, War Chest I Gave pins, Ashbrook pin, Glenford Steam, and Antique Power Show Aug. 9-10 1975 and Early Button Hook

811 Silverware: Forks, spoons, butter knives W. F. Rogers MFG. CO. and Aristocrat silver plate

812 Vintage Centennial Mechanical Pen and Pencil Set-in box, Hairspring Compass-Germany

813 Vintage 1970 Raggedy Ann Bobby-Merrill Co. Paper Doll and clothes with Child's hand mirror vanity white plastic without mirror

814 Vintage: Yeck Herible Hanger Iron, radiator anti-rust, Starter Drive Spring No. B-11375, Seal tight spark plug connector- All products have contents

815 Vintage 2-Apple baskets and a Vintage McDonalds Drinking Glass

816 Braided Synthetic Light Load Ace Hardware Rope, Fishing line, Monofilament Line, and Nylon Casting line

817 Records: Columbia: The Rosary, Charles Harrison No. A2212, Put on your Slippers and Fill up your pipe, M. J. O'Connell NO. A2163, Blue Bells of Scotland, by Howard Kopp, NO. A1687, Little Mary Phagan, Al Craver, NO. 15031-D, Shadows, and Dreams, Martin, and Roberts, NO. 8062-B, Blue Bells of Scotland, Howard Kopp, NO. A1687

818 Records: Victor: The Virginians NO. 18965-A, Fritz Kreisler No. 64824, Tom Waring NO.21164-B,Paul Whiteman and his Orchestra NO. 18882-B & 18940-A, Glen Miller and his Orchestra NO. 27934-B, The Virginians NO. 18895-B, American Quartet No. 17704-A, International Novelty Orchestra NO. 18882-A

819 Records: Victrola and Victor:  No. 64974, Phillip Gordon NO. 64644, John McCormack NO. 64181, Harry Lauder NO. 60105, United States Marine Band NO. 18768-B, Will Oakland and American Quartet NO.16646-B, NO.17100-B

820 Group of Vintage Glass Bottles 

821 Group of Drinking cups, Tumblers Set No. 6,  Antique Child's thermos 

822 Group of Glass Bottles and Jars: 1-Brown Whiskey Glass Bottle, Green Glass Bottle 

823 4- Glass Bottles and Jars: 1-Sanford's Ink Glass Jar, 1 Even flow Baby Bottle

824 Glass Bottles 6- Clear Glass Bottles and 1 Green No. 10 Mason Jar

825 Beer Stein is Handcrafted expressly from Anheuser Busch. INC. NO. 43598- damaged and decorated bowl 

826 Halloween Decorations and decoration plates

827 New Testament Psalms, Copyright 1941 by National Publishing Company, Geology of Knox County by Samuel I Root, Joaquin Rodriguez, and Jane Forsyth Columbus 1961: recipe book, Will Rogers postcard, the Modern Approach Home Service Department, Ohio Power Company

828 Pottery: Brown Beanpot McCoy Ovenproof USA NO. 342, Made in England teapot NO. 1293, and 2 tone bean pot Ovenware

829 Halloween and fall Decorations

830 Garden Halloween and a Turkey garden holiday flags, Happy Halloween Table runner 

831 Halloween Decorations: Wall art, candy dish, Boo Candle holder, Pumpkin decoration

832 Fall small Trees, work- needs shaped

833 White birdhouse, Happy Easter signs, Wood birdhouse, a white candle, and Small Crock with lid

834 Table: Gray and white -custom painted approx. 54" L x 24" W x 30" T 

835 Fall Decorations and 2 Curtain rods

836 Garden Galvanized sign

837 2-Ohio State Tissue holders square and rectangle 

838 Shutter Decoration with pip berries and a crow

839 Christmas Decorations: Snowman Shutter, Santa, Christmas Camper, artificial flowers, and pines and birdhouse 

840 Advertising Group lot: Yardsticks: Lancaster Police Department, Rice Hardware, The Peoples Bank, Myers, Bob Miller Realty

841 Very Sturdy Green Picture Table approx. 48"L x 16" W x 30" H NO. M14, ES

842 Display Case approx. 29" L x 19" W x 4" H- Back is scratched up

843 Vintage lot: Radio Steel Chicago Air King approx. 9" across 2- tires, GE fan cover, vintage dust pan

844 Galvanized Chicken feeder

845 Group lot: toolbox tray with handle and tools

846 White vanity approx. 24" W 

847 Vintage Skyway Luggage Co. USA

848 Toy Red Tractor and Ertl Wagon Made in USA

849 Toy Red Tractor Ertl and Allis Chambers Ertl Wagon Made in USA

850 Cast Iron horse piggy bank

851 Vintage Army Jeep with driver NO.62651

852 Vintage toy New York Central Lines crane and yellow tractor missing front wheels

853 2-Vintage Red toy tractors: 1-Farmall and wagon, a toy horse, and Mickey Mouse jack in the box

854 Table approx. 31" W x 32" D x 18.5" H 

855 Seed bag,  Bread Bag Charleston, W. VA, Burlap Master Mix bag, Burlap Standard Middling bag

856 Vintage Loft Ladder, assorted joist hangers, anchor, trouble light works

857 7 Up empty box- heavy duty

858 Wood Pepsi Box

859 2-Tissue boxes: Ohio State and Steelers

860 Rook Parker Brothers INC. Copyright 1909,1910, 1912, 1913, 1916, 1917, 1919, 1924 by Geo S. Parker , Stardust Miniature Plastic coated playing cards, Oop Game

861 My Better Homes and Gardens Cookbook Copyright 1930,1937, 1938, by Meredith Publishing CO.  And Riley's Songs of Friendship Copyright 1885, 1887, 1888,1890,1892,1893,1894,1900, 1903,1908, 1913, 1915 By James Whitcomb Riley 

862 Kids books: Here we are Three Years Old, Leo The Lop( Tail Two), Leo the Lop, Little Lost Kitten, Chatty Cathy, Paint with Water, Little Mouse on the Prairie, It's o.k. to say No!

863 Vintage Periodicals 

864 Vintage Farming Periodicals and informal pamphlets

865 Johnson Coshocton, Ohio 422-4438 notepad holder

866 Group lot: Apple ornaments, clown figurines, kite rope, oil can, clock, ashtray, serving spoon with holes, marbles

867 3-Clear glass bottles: One Quart Milk Glass, Acme Dairy Bottle

868 Cast Iron Weather vain and hanging scale

869 Blue Enamel Coffee pot, decorative Milk Jug, wire basket, silver pot

870 Sold Metal Signs, No Hunting Signs, Stratton Metal Signs, and One Kiss From you Blows me away with snowman sign

871 Claps able music stand The Hamilton NO. 600 Made in USA and Zithers/ Harp antique musical string instrument 

872 Group lot vintage child's toys: toy cars and trucks, motorcycles, toy bike rider, toy train car, toy ladder, toy rocking chair

873 Group Smurfs: Schleich 1980 Peyo Made in Hong Kong, Schleich 1978 Peyo Made in Hong Kong NO. 3, 1994 Applautt Schleich Divwe and CO. INC. Made in Portugal NO.3, Peyo Bully NO.6  W Germany, Schleich Copyright 1980 Pevo Made in Hong Kong W. Bernie Co. Peyo No. 5961 Schleich NO.3

882 Vintage Barn doors

883 Vintage Barn doors and gates

884 Gate and shelves

885 Antique Myers barn hay trolly pully farm tool Rainay 1203 NO. H-248

886 Antique barn hay trolly pully farm tool NO. 40T

887 Antique barn They Ney Mfg. Co.  Barn hay trolly pully farm tool 137 X

888 Buggy Steps

889 Vintage Headlights

891 Vintage Tins Band-Aid tin box, Curad Plastic Bain aid box, Harness Preserver tin, and Fuji Microfilm Positive NO. 211-09

892 Cutter or slicer 

893 Group lot: scoop, meat grinder, enterprise meat chopper

894 Vintage Headlights and tail lights 

895 Vintage tools: Saw, hinge, corn knife, oiler, wrench

896 Group Hardware: Roofing nails, grease gun, barn spikes

897 Group handsaws

898 Group Vintage tools: open-end wrenches, Anchor Handi-Wire, Screwdrivers, chain binder, square

899 Coffee cups, Fly swatter, lot of vintage kitchen utensils: forks, spoons, ice cream spoon, pizza cutter

900 Group vintage tools: hammer, pipe wrench, stud sensor

901 John Deere seed box from planter  and  belt pully

902 Group lot: Pulleys, hinges, and clevis

903 Group pots with some lids

904 Hardware

905 Principal tin sign

906 Feeder ends, Vintage feeder, Roto has power egg Made in USA

907 Birdhouse 

908 Vintage Vent Covers

909 Vintage hook, jar organizer, shelf bracket 

910 Horseshoe-doorknocker

911 Vintage Doorknobs

912 Vintage Doorknobs

913 Vintage Doorknobs

914 Vintage Doorknobs

915 Vintage Doorknobs

916 Vintage Doorknobs and Cabinet latches

916a Vintage Doorknobs and Cabinet latches

918 2-Benchvices: 3.5" Sears

919 Cooper Tire and No Smoking Signs 

920 Box of Nails 

921 2-Christmas Tree Stands

922 Vintage Perfection Smokeless Oil Heater  Trademark Rec. U.S. Pat. Off NO. 530

923 Sad Iron, and Griswold 7" Damper

924 Spades, hand saw, ax handle, Galvanized bucket, concrete pins, rope block

925 Vintage Fruit baskets

926 Vintage Fruit baskets

927 Wood Crate, Wood boxes: Johnny Smoker, Build it yourself, and Factory NO. 3 State of Ohio 

928 Vintage Wood box Brooks Building Co. Clicquot Club Trade Mark Registered approx.22.5" L

929 2- Vintage Wood Boxes: 1 box says Westinghouse Electric 

930 Coca-Cola Wood box 

931 Group Wood boxes: Barbagelat

932 Wood divided box and Krums Wood divided box

933 Old Milwaukee Beer metal sign in the shape of guitar 

934 Vintage hubcaps: Volkswagen, Plymouth Division, Chevrolet, Pontiac Tempest

935 Single Tree Evener bar, Galvanized pail, long-handled vintage curved pitched fork

937 Divided tray and 4 galvanized pans

938 Group Vintage tools

939 Group Vintage tools

940 Razor blades, calm shell hose repair, barn hinges, light switch cover, combination lock

941 Hinges and hardware and, pulleys

942 2-Ford Deluxe hubcaps 

943 Group lot: Steering Wheel, Small Wheels, Vintage Chevrolet radio, blue funnel 

944 Vintage Concrete tools, clamp, hammerhead, Old Hickory Knife, 

945 Metal Star, bucket, vintage doorknobs

946 Lead sinker molds

947 Vintage Horseshoes, two-row planter, rusty Vintage hedge trimmers

948 Light pole and lamps

949 Kills Flies Mosquitoes- Pump Sprayer

950 Organizers, Sunbeam Drillmaster in case, metal toolbox with contents

951 Pepsi-Cola Wood Crate box

952 Coleman Water jug and Thermos Bottle No. 2234

953 Lockbox, Ho Ho Ho sign, Bucket of hardware, Vintage Troxll Bicycle seat, mouse and rat traps

954 Metal box NO. A52, and Range Door 

955 Vintage Bowls, plates, Serving plate,   Serving Bowl: Franklin Made in USA, Vases, Ball Canning Jar, Votive Candleholder, golf balls

956 Metal Toolbox with small engines parts inside: Briggs and Stratton

957 New Composition, Cast iron dinner bell with yoke and clapper

958 Long Handle tools, hoe, shovel, handsaws, hay knife

959 Galvanized Group lot: Gutter brackets, buckets

960 Galvanized Divided organizer and red organizer with drawers

961 White sink, Vintage Ice cube tray, bowls

962 Wood Cornice

963 Level, handsaw, rug beater, 2-hey knives, weed chopper

964 Vintage Craftsman Drill Display Tray

965 Bottles with bail cap tops, buckets, and bottle capper

966 Wall Paper Table

967 Craftsman Metal Toolbox with contents: concrete tools, stapler, clamp, toggle bolts, screws

968 Branding Iron- CSA

969 Scissor Jack and Railroad Jack-3 Ton

970 Syrup spiles

971 Small tote without with Locks, corks, pencils 

972 Rope Block 

973 Group lot: First in Ohio picture Newark Advocate, sm. Paintbrush, Tap, and wrench set, wood box, insulators

974 Penn Electric and Sign Co. Columbus, Ohio, 3 drawer side table

975 White shutters

976 White and brown shutters

977 Birdhouse baskets, pumpkin decoration, blue box, whisk, toy slide, spring, winter, summer, and autumn wall decorations

978 3-Kwikset Security No. 665: 3 RCAl Rcs BBpkg deadbolt double cyl NO. 96650-432- NIB

979 Crown molding/ Cornice

980 Crown molding/ Cornice

981 Galvanized/Metal Roofing tiles

982 Galvanized/Metal Roofing tiles

983 Galvanized/Metal Roofing tiles

984 Sears/Craftsman Scroll Saw Model NO.113.2355011, Serial NO. 95312P0826-works

985 Table legs, shelf with brackets

986 Glass Clear Bottles and Glass Canister 

987 Group lot: 2-step ladder, Vintage Stool- ripped apart, vintage fan, Vintage box with lid

988 Scrap lot: Trash can top, fan, broken, bucket, scales

989 Enterprise Grinder, meat chopper 

990 Bordens milk crate and parts of a pitcher pump

991 Luggage Cart

992 Duralast creeper, Dayton Fan Duty A.C. Motor 3M590 MFG. NO. C82-8, Ford nameplate for tailgate , Hi-Lift Model HL-485 Farmer Jack NO. 10 T

993 Group panel windows

994 Vintage Ohio License plates : 1920, Farm 1966, and 1949 Trailer 

995 Coke Machine Panels/Parts 

996 Group Cow Bells

997 Box of hardware: nails, straight line chalk line reel, carpenter's square 

998 Stainless serving tray, Holly Matic Corporation Hamburger Mold Jr. Mold Ser. NO.85347, and round chopping block

999 Tin serving Tray and cake tins

1000 Vintage Farm Cultivator Wheel tiller 16-point head/rotary-hoe wheel and Aluminum kitchen vintage pot


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