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Sat Apr 01 - 09:00AM

Marty Miller Residence, 7456 County Rd. 97, Belleville, OH Click to Map

Daniel Weaver Auctioneer

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License: 2006000010

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Location: Marty Miller Residence 7456 Co

Rd 97 Bellville, Ohio 44813

Draft Work Horses

Team 5 and 6 yr. old red sorrel Belgian geldings. W.M.T., stripes, white legs, 17.H.

Matched to a T. Very well broke 6 yr. old sired by Mullets Duke - could be a nice

hobby team.

Team 3 yr. old red sorrel geldings. W.M.T., stripes. Both broke to most farm

machinery. Both pulling bred with long tail, white marking - a big working pair.

Team 7 and 8 yr. old red sorrel pulling bred mares. W.M.T., stripes. 1 by

AR.DA.BE. King Rocky; 1 by C.D. Buddy. Matched pair broke to all farm


Team 3 and 4 yr. old red sorrel Belgian geldings. L.M.T., stripes. Good broke -

smaller stocky pair.

Team 5 and 6 yr. old sorrel pulling bred mares. W.M.T., stripes. Broke to all farm

marchinery. Both mares in foal to B.C.R. Tonys Jake. Due 5-20, 5-24

Team 6 yr. old pulling bred mares. L.M.T., stripes. 1⁄2 sisters sired by AR.DA.BE.

Rocky’s Mike. A very quiet team broke for almost anyone.

Team 3 and 4 yr. old sorrel Belgian geldings. L.M.T., stripes. Bill is 4 yr. old - kid

broke to all farm machinery. 1⁄2 brother to Buster - good broke.

Team 3 and 6 yr. old black Percheron mares. 1⁄2 sister by General Don, 6 yr. old in

foal to 17.H. grey Percheron. Both long tails - broke to all farm machinery, also

worked in woods.

Team 2 yr. old dark red sorrel mares. L.M.T., stripes, 1⁄2 sisters, some white legs.

Working this winter - will have some snap.

Team 2 and 3 yr. old light sorrel P.B. mares. 3 yr. old sire 6.T. Finals Kandy Man.

Sire of dam: Elects Buck. Both mares broke.

Team 2 yr. old red sorrel Belgian mares. L.M.T., stripes, 1⁄2 sisters - well started in


Team 3 and 4 yr. old red sorrel 1⁄2 Haflinger/ 1⁄2 Belgian geldings. W.M.T., stripes.

Full brothers broke to farm.

1 yr. old sorrel Belgian colt, W.M.T., stripe. Sire: B.C.R. Tonys Jake. Dam:

AR.DA.BE King Rocky.

1 yr. old sorrel Belgian colt, W.M.T., stripe. Sire: B.C.R. Tonys Jake.

Team 2 yr. old red sorrel Belgian mares, W.M.T., stripes. Both mares pulling bred - a

smaller pair well started in harness.


Pr. 3 and 4 yr. old Friesian/Stdbrd black bay mares. Full sisters, 16’1 H.H. Sire:

Bob P; Dam: Valley Victory - Sierria Cosmo. Both broke single and double.

5 yr. old bay mare reg. Friesian/Stdbrd. Sire: Edison. Family broke.

3 yr. old bay gelding. Sire: Black Jack; Dam: Keystone Savage. Broke.

3 yr. old black mare Friesian/Stdbrd. Top buggy broke.

3 yr. old bay gelding, reg. Morgan. Broke sharp - good head set.

5 yr. old bay mare Garfield/Stdbrd reg.16.1H. Steady traveler. Sire of Dom Armbro

Maneuver. Good broke.

4 yr. old black gelding. D.H.H. / Stdbrd. Top buggy broke.

5 yr. old black gelding D.H.H. / Stdbrd. Buggy broke.


2 yr. old black stud. Sire: Mohigan Hanover; Dam: O.U. Man. Maternal brother

to Man of Oz.

3 yr. old bay mare. Sire: Mind Your Manners. Sharp driving mare.

3 yr. old black mare. Sire: Dover Dan. Lots of drive, first sale, 16 plus H.H.

5 yr. old black gelding, 16 H. T.S.S. Sire: Here Comes Herbie, sire of Dam

Andover Hall. 2nd Dam: King Konch. Good driver, well broke.

6 yr. old bay gelding. Sire: Sebaskin K; Dam by Credit Winner. Good broke in

surrey 1 yr.

4 yr. old black mare. Sire: Sterling Emissary; Dam by Donoto Hanover. Surrey

size - broke for everyone. First sale.

5 yr. old bay mare by Andover No Shim. Well broke - first sale.

5 yr. old bay mare by Andover No Shim. Snappy driver.

3 yr. old black mare. Sire: Creatine; Sire of Dam: Dom Victory Sam. Big good

driving mare.

2 yr. old bay mare. Sire: Perfect Popper; Dam: B Tad The Stud. Broke and


4 yr. old dark bay. Sire: Mcardle. Buggy broke - women can drive.

6 yr. old black mare. Big Bad John. Broke for women.

4 yr. old bay gelding. Sire: Major Starbuck. Dam: Don’t You Forget It. Boys

type, hardcopy papers, first sale.

5 yr. old black gelding. Shark Gesture. Well broke, 95% TS, first sale.

4 yr. old black mare. Sire: Major Starbuck; Dam: Augus Hall. Lots of drive -

boys type, first sale.

4 yr. old black mare. Sire: C.J. Victor. Top buggy broke, first sale.

3 yr. old bay mare. Sire: Nox Seelster; Dam B: Mr. Lavec. Hardcopy papers, first


3 yr. old black mare. Sire: Nox Seelster; Dam B: Dilbert Hanover. Buggy

broke, first sale.

2 yr. old bay gelding, grade. Keystone Cruizer; Dam B: Master Lavec. Broke.

4 yr. old black gelding by son of Fox Borrow Flame; Sierra Dam. Snappy boys


11 yr. old bay mare. Sire: Jail house Jessie; Dam by: Broodway Hall.

9 yr. old black mare. Sire: R.C. Royalty; Dam B: Donarail. Been a brood mare -

back driving again.

4 yr. old black gelding by A.P. Swagger. Well broke surrey horse.

3 yr. old black gelding by Winning Road. Well broke family horse.

6 yr. old black gelding. Family type - trots with the trotters.

3 yr. old bay gelding. 4 whites. By Birthday Hanover. Top buggy broke.

Yearling black filly. Stripe, 2 whites. by Stormin Sierria. Grade stdbrd.

Yearling black colt. Stripe, 2 whites. by Stormin Sierria. Grade stdbrd.

Send Machinery Consignments (open until sale date) to:

Marty Miller, 7456 Co. Rd. 97, Bellville, OH 44813


Daniel Wengerd, 7715 Twp. Rd. 89, Fredericktown, OH 43019

Sale Committee: Eli S. Miller, Vernon Weaver, Alvin Miller 

Farm Machinery Hay Equipment JD 336 Baler good condi; JD 327 Baler good clean condi; JD 14T Baler;

McD #9 Trailer Gear Mower 7 ft Like New original wide wheels original gears; McD #9 reg gear 7 ft w/34” Peachy

Wheels Rebuild; McD #9 reg gear 6 ft Rebuild; McD #7 reg gear 6 ft Rebuild w/Dolly; New Farmers 419G 1 horse

Mower 42” bar w/shaft; NH 56 Rollabar Rake; JD 3 bar side delivery Rake field ready; Hay Rake; Power Line 10 ft

Tedder; New Hillsboro 12 ft Kicker Tedder; Hillsboro 12 ft Kicker Tedder 2 yrs old; Old Style Kicker Tedder; NI 6 Bar

Hay Loader rebuild 2019; NI 35 ft Hay & Grain Elevator w/electric motor; New 20 ft Aluminum Skeleton Hay or Ice

Elevator; 16 ft Aluminum Skeleton Hay or Ice Elevator w/motor mount; Binders McD 6 ft Grain Binder; McD Corn

Binder rebuild 2018; Plows & Tilling New White Horse 715 14” Sulky Plow w/platform & tongue; White Horse 715

Sulky Plow w/platform & tongue; 7 ft Double Disc; McD Cultivator w/s tines & roller shields; JD Cultivator w/s tines

& roller shields; Planters & Sprayer Oliver Superior 13 Hole Grain Drill; IH 2 row Corn Planter w/clutch; Extendo

Boom 18 ft Field Sprayer; Manure Spreaders NI #14 2 wheel Spreader used little since rebuild; NI #10 Spreader

overhauled; NI #10A Spreader on rubber; Aluminum Dump Wagon 4ft x 8ft 17”sides w/torsion axle & 26” wheels;

Fore Cart EZ Trail Fore Cart; 7ft Fore Cart Blade; pallet of new Pioneer parts, plow shears, moldboard, shins,

landslides, plow coulter, spring plow hitch, 3 horse off set.

Horse Related Items Surrey; 2 Open Buggies; new 4’x 6’ Buggy Trailer w/Alum Bed; Poly Pony Wagon

w/shafts; 2 Pony Carts; Steel Tire Shrinker; Log Chains; Lots of new Steel Eveners & Neck Yokes; 3 new sets BIO

Draft Harnesses; new double set BIO crossbred size Work Harnesses; 6 new BIO Buggy Harnesses; 2 single Pony

Harnesses; like new Leather Buggy Harness; new 2 Harness Cabinet; new 3 Harness Cabinet; 10 ft flex shaft

Clipper w/Honda Motor; Oats Crimper

Lots of new items Tack; Halters; Leads; Buckets; Push Brooms; Harness Hooks; Wheelbarrow; Child’s Hickory

Rocker; Garden Hose; Lifetime Tables; Folding Benches; Camping Chairs; Office Chairs; Cast Iron Bells; BB Guns;

Socket Sets; Aluminum Shovels; 2 new Steel Barrel Stands 1 holds 3-55gal drums & 1 holds 2-55gal drums.

Buildings 10 ft x 12 ft Log Hunting Cabin w/small Loft; 8 ft x 12 ft Rectangle Gazebo w/Railing; 20 pc 4’x 8’

sheets Fiberglass

Lawn & Garden 3 ft Cultimulcher; 1 row Potato Planter good condi; new Hillsboro Brush Mower w/Honda; 36”

1 horse Lawn Mower w/shafts; reconditioned Lawn Mowers; Portable Chicken Coop

Household small Hard Coal Stove; rebuild Maytag Ringer Washer.

Paul Keim Mason & Construction Tool Dispersal 2- TS420 Concrete Saws; 2 Stroke Concrete Vibrator;

Brick Carriers; Come along Rakes; Bull Float; Fresno; Form Pins; Transits; Knee Boards; 6’-8’-10’ Straight Edges;

Wheelbarrows; Scaffolding; Thermal Blankets; Hand Tools; 3- Stihl MS193 Saws; 3 Stihl Drills; 4 Gorilla Step

Ladders; Chicken Ladder; 1-20 ft & 1-24 ft Walk Boards; 2-16ft, 2-24ft & 3-32ft Extension Ladders; 2 sets Alum

Ladder Jacks; Roof Jacks; Shingle Shovels; Post Hole Diggers; Drywall Stilts; Drywall Hand Tools; Miter Saw

w/Stand; 2 Table Saws; New 18ft Multi Position Alum Ladder; New Roof Jacks; Delta Folding Miter Saw Stand;

Dewalt Miter Saw w/flex shaft; 13 hp Honda w/reduction gear

Antiques 2- no 1 Stanley Planes; Stanley 220 in box; Pedal Car; 6 Sleds; Hay Pulleys; 7 Railroad Lanterns;

Hay Forks; 2 Weather Vanes; JD Toy Plow; Toy Road Grader; Tin Cans; Cowboy Boot Scrapper; 2 Wooden Levels;

Wood Handle Screwdrivers; Woodriver Chisel Set; Woodriver Mini Laze Set; Plumb Bobs; Checkering Tools; 4

Daisy Butter Churns; Numerous Griswold Cast Iron; Cast Iron Horse & Buggy; Salesman Sample Corn Cutter; Little

Gas Pump; Bouncing Horse; small model McD Threshing Machine; 4 Sausage Stuffers; Little Grinders; Keen

Cutter; Ice Temper; Hand Corn Planter; Ice Tongs.

Signs Voss-tin; Glidden-tin; Streamline-proc; 2 BBL.; Gulf Pride Oil-proc; Mail Pouch Tobacco; Bread Sign-tin;

Roy Rogers Back to School-tin; Blue Labor Tomatoes; Wool Soap; Oliver; Produce.

Note: Consignments open till sale day. Loader available to unload Wed-Thur-Fri before auction & Sat and Mon

for loading after auction. All machinery and small items most be in place by 7 PM Fri. Horses & livestock Sat

morning. Will not sell dogs. Machinery must be removed from site within 14 days. Terms

Cash or good check day of auction or credit card w/ 4% BP

Lunch Stand & breakfast sandwiches to benefit Special Needs School Bake Sale for Mrs

Rudy Raber Family

Auctioneer David Miller Auctions LLC 330 473 3430

Assisting Auctioneers

Daniel Weaver – Nelson Weaver- Elmer Yoder

Arlen Yoder- Keith Beachy


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