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  • Trilobite sterling tie tac

    Trilobite sterling tie tac

  • Sterling mid century earrings Mexico

    Sterling mid century earrings Mexico

  • Oval milk glass lithopanes

    Oval milk glass lithopanes

  • Garnet Czeckslovakian pin /star

    Garnet Czeckslovakian pin /star

Lot: 10 - Trilobite sterling tie tac

Fossil trilobite sterling tie pin or could be used as a collar pin- really good detail on this pin - about 2/3 inches and great craftsmanship.

Lot: 12 - Opal sterling pendant

Sterling cabochon opal pendant- large bail for chain to go through easily- stone is polished in the middle showing really nice colors. About 5/8 inches high.

Lot: 13 - Sterling mid century earrings Mexico

Marked sterling ridged sterling mid century Mexican earrings- about 1 3/4 inches

Lot: 14 - Oval milk glass lithopanes

2 oval lithopanes milk glass antique with figural motif- about 4-5 inches and condition is fine.

Lot: 15 - Garnet Czeckslovakian pin /star

Antique star brooch with garnets Bohemian with moon around star center -about 1 1/2 inches - nice condition.

Lot: 16 - Blue topaz vermeil cross pendant

Central blue topaz vermeil- gold over sterling cross pendant- nice condition-about 1 1/4 inches.

Lot: 18 - Labradorite oval pendant

Polished cabochon labradorite rectangular rounded corners pendant- great color and design on this natural stone-about 1 inch long.

Lot: 20 - Tiger eye - turquoise stone braclet

Beaded bracelet with tiger eye spheres and howlite or turquoise spheres - about 6-7 mm spheres. -Nice condition.

Lot: 23 - Vintage dog pin with stone eyes

Vintage gold tone dog pin with red eye- about 1 1/2 inches- nice cute pup.

Lot: 25 - Turquoise sterling pendant

Turquoise polished nugget asymmetrical stone pendant- nice dark turquoise with good sheen- about 1 3/4 inches high

Lot: 26 - Amethyst vermeil pendant-

Amethyst cut gemstone set into vermeil pendant- nice design and condition looks good- about 1 - 1 1/2 inches high.

Lot: 27 - Citrine mineral specimen crystal

Citrine mineral crystal specimen showing gold color with crystalline structure - about 3-4 inches.

Lot: 28 - Inlaid onyx turquoise sterling band

Inlaid sterling band with turquoise and onyx stones- nice older ring- possibly Mexico

Lot: 30 - Onyx braclet skull head bead

Graduated onyx braclet with skull carved head larger bead in center of braclet - nice condition and on stretch material to fit most

Lot: 31 - Trilobite specimen detailed fossil

Fossil trilobite specimen on matrix - about 3 inches plus - good eye detail and shows the fossil in good form.

Lot: 32 - Buffalo bone carved pendant

Carved detailed buffalo head pendant- cow bone with nice deep carving - showing hair texture.. About 2 1/3 inches high.

Lot: 33 - Quartz specimen stone polished

Quartz stone with polished side - powerful healing stone- prized by some as most powerful healing stone - about 1 7/8 inches

Lot: 35 - Labradorite pendant- blue/green

Labradorite polished cabochon stone set into pendant-nice bail and about 1 1/3 inches high

Lot: 36 - Meteorite sterling ring

Swedish meteorite sterling ring - good conditin and about size 5-6 - well made and about 1 million year old specimen

Lot: 38 - Fordite polished stone/onyx rim

Fordite polished stone asymmetrical with onyx rim around this colorful unusual stone- about 1 3/4 inches and condition is good.

Lot: 41 - Ammonite fossil /matrix round base

Ammonite polished round circular base / trivet for hot items on table - could be used in many ways. Great condition and solid fossil material.

Lot: 42 - Bone carved bear pendant

Hand carved bone - camel deep relief bear head - good detail and condition looks excellent -about 1 1/2 plus inches high.

Lot: 43 - Turquoise American Indian sterling ring

Vintage American Indian ring with oval shaped cabochon stone polished and in good condition-About 3/4 inch long and nice setting.

Lot: 44 - Vertebrae fossil specimen

Whale vertebrae fossilized specimen as shown - about 5-6 inches high and pictures show its condition.

Lot: 45 - Roman glass sterling gemstone pin - pendant

Exquisite Roman glass gemstone pin pendant in irregular shape with ancient glass in rainbow colro and amethyst gemstone accent- nice condition and about 1 1 /2 inches.

Lot: 46 - Turtle family bone plaque

Oval camel bone carved polychromed turtle family on this oblong drilled bone - could be used as a pendant or hung on a wall as decoration- good condition and well carved.

Lot: 48 - Sterling vintage American Indian turquoise pin

Oval bar pin American Indian design with central turquoise - nice quality and in good condition -about 2 inches long.

Lot: 50 - Sterling picture jasper bracelet

Sterling cuff bracelet with central oval picture jasper stone polished and in nice condition- simple but elegant bracelet in good condition

Lot: 53 - Sterling cuff bracelet designer

Unusual bracelet in sterling with multiple wide sterling bands designed into unique modernistic bracelet- good condition.

Lot: 54 - Lapis sphere pendant/hands hold sphere

Pendant with hands holding lapis lazuli sphere - great condition and about 1 inch high-

Lot: 55 - Sterling marcasite necklace vintage

Marcastite sterling pendant on chain with initial in center- looks like J and in nice conditon- chain is approx. 18-20 inches and is in nice condition.

Lot: 56 - Quartz drilled specimen- girl carved

Unusual quartz drilled pear shaped piece with girl carved on reverse - about 1 1/2 inches - condition and quality is fine.

Lot: 57 - Italian custom dresser box -coral/onyx

Dresser box hand made Italian with wood lining- hinged cover - pale ivory coral and onyx make up this one of a kind box- great condition and about 10 inches across.

Lot: 58 - Sterling Mexico pearl signed pin/pendant

Signed and marked Mexico - 925- Sosa pearl pin pendant - vintage in good condition - a very classic round brooch- elegant -abouyt 1 5/8 inches.

Lot: 59 - Shark tooth fossilized megaladon

Nice megaladon sharks tooth specimen with good detail on partial edge of this tooth- a great collectors item found in the S. Carolina rivers that connect into the ocean..

Lot: 60 - Sterling vintage clear stone bracelet

Straight line clear stone bracelet- possibly white sapphires in great condition with good clasp and condition looks good.

Lot: 61 - Rainbow ammonite fossil specimen

Opalized ammonite specimen-iridescent material in shell - possibly from Canada possible 400 million years old

Lot: 62 - Lapis butterfly marcasite pendant

Pendant with lapis lazuli cabochon center in butterfly with marcasites around- good condition and about 1 inch high.

Lot: 63 - Cuff bracelet copper coral

Copper brass cuff bracelet with coral cabochon stones - good condition

Lot: 65 - Sterling cross onyx/ MOP

Mother of pearl onyx sterling cut out cross- large bail and good condition- about 1 1/3 inches

Lot: 66 - Carved sterling pendant/phallic symbol

Carved gemstone phallic sympbol with sterling top/pendant- about 1 1/3 inches - nice condition.

Lot: 67 - Vintage Nehru jacket - 40 R

Gold color lined Nehru jacket vintage size R 40 in nice condition- cleaned and no tears or damages found - all buttons present

Lot: 68 - Sterling cuff bracelet designer

Filigree wire sterling large braclet - wide in middle- about 2 1/2 inches- condition looks good.

Lot: 69 - Shark tooth megaladon partial

Ancient megaladon fossil tooth showing partial tooth as found in rivers of S. Carolina-4 1/2 - 5 inches

Lot: 70 - Labradorite tonque gemstone sterling pendant

Large tongue labradorite polished pendant with sterling gemstone cap with bail- very nice condition and about 3 inches long- good craftsmanship-

Lot: 71 - Meteorite sterling pendant-

Meteorite sterling pendant- about 1 inch- from Sweden

Lot: 74 - Garnet massive sterling cross

Sterling cross encrusted with garnets -about 4 inches long and in very nice condition.

Lot: 77 - Moonstone sterling ring cabochon

Oval cabochon moonstone ring- good conditon

Lot: 80 - Smoky quartz crystal on stand

Smoky quartz crystal specimen on black metal stand -about 5 inches high and good condition.

Lot: 82 - 3 arrowhead pendants napped

3 napped arrowhead pendants - each about 1 1/2 inches - good condition.

Lot: 83 - Agate reversible pendant druzy

Agate in caramel color with white center and druzy in center- nice big pendant and can be worn both sides-about 2 inches

Lot: 86 - Sterling vintage Mexican ring

Sterling ring marked Mexico, Taxco , sterling with wide band design and cut out areas with spheres inside- unique and condition is fine,

Lot: 87 - Cobalt glass scarabs- five

Dark blue cobalt color oval glass scarabs about 1/2 inch and with nice quality craftsmanship-

Lot: 88 - Sapphire heart vermeil pendant

Sapphire gold over sterling heart pendant about 7/8 inch in size- nice condition with 7 matched blue sapphires.

Lot: 90 - Sliced specimen calcite mineral

Split mineral specimen- believe it is a calcite specimen with nice structure and details- about 3 inches and condition looks good.

Lot: 91 - Bone carved bison head

Carved bison head with deep 3 dimensional relief - bone appears to be fossilized camel one and size is about 2 1/3 inches.

Lot: 92 - Agate freeform pendant smoky quartz beads

Smoky quartz necklace with freeform agate large pendant - good condition and about 20 inches total

Lot: 93 - Hayley Lever signed etching nautical

Signed Hayley Lever(1876-1958) etching on copper plate titled Drying the Nets - Size is about 5 x 8 and provenance is Clayton Liberatore Galleries, Bridgehampton, NY.

Lot: 94 - Pin up girl cards Earl Moran

2 Earl Moran Pin up blotter cards- 1940's as shown -about 4 x 6 inches

Lot: 95 - Dragon pendant bone carved

Hand carved dragon pendant detailed pendant from cow bone -about 3 inches and condition is good.

Lot: 96 - Erotica oriental book vintage

Older oriental book erotica panels that unfold when open and come back together to book form -about 5 x 7 inches total.

Lot: 97 - Black/white wood ring MOP/onyx

Unique ring about size 7 with half mother of pearl white and half black onyx face- about 1 inch across and condition is excellent

Lot: 98 - Abalone mother of pearl buckles

Mexican mother of pearl , abalone and onyx inlaid buckles - oval about 2 inches long in nice condition.

Lot: 99 - Bone carved skull head

Hand carved skull cow bone face- with hole through head for possibly hanging on chain or on display - good condition and about 1 1/3 inches

Lot: 100 - Hayley Lever signed etching nautical

Hayley Lever etching drypoint titled Sardine Boats- Low Tide- Brittany - size 6 x 8 inches Edition 20 - Clayton Liberatore Galleries , Bridghampton, NY

Lot: 101 - Filigree silver buckle fancy vintage

Detailed filigree silver belt buckle with intricate design about 7 inches acrossor a bit more as shown in pics- good condition and an antique accessory.

Lot: 102 - Agate druzy ring with dark center

Square top agate druzy ring with lots of sparkle in the druzy center of this natural custom ring- about size 6-7 and condition is fine.

Lot: 103 - Agate triangular ring massive

Large agate triangular ring with metal bezel and druzy center- about 1 3/4 inches across - condition is nice.

Lot: 104 - Coral strand beads drilled

Green/brown coral strand beads- oval irregular shapes about 1 inch each.

Lot: 105 - Hayley Lever etching Cornwall England harbor

Hayley Lever (1876-1958) etching on copper plate-Menagessey Harbor, Cornwall England Plate 66 Edition 18 and size 12 x 9 7/8 inches- nautical etching as shown- hand written information on front and on reverse.

Lot: 106 - Clear quartz crystal formation

Quartz Crystal formation as shown- - hard crystaline mineral composed of silica and is about 5 inches high

Lot: 107 - Antique snuff box custom

Oblong custom made snuff box in dark natural material -about 3 inches and condition is appropriate for age.

Lot: 108 - Massive coral necklace graduated

Very long big coral necklace as shown - 42-45 inches long with large beads in center as shown - can be used individually or as a big necklace.

Lot: 110 - Agate evil eye bracelet

Agate onyx evil eye polished black/white agate shaped into circular beads with onyx in between- stretch bracelet and about 3/4 inches wide- good condition

Lot: 112 - Oil painting Mexico dated mid century

Framed oil painting of Manzanilla Mexico dated 1940's and vibrant bright colors scenery with trees/sky - with Zaces written on back corner.

Lot: 113 - Turquoise nugget necklace sterling

Sterling turquoise nuggets - beautiful blue color necklace- about 20 inches long and condition is good.

Lot: 114 - Vintage horse brasses-2

2 brass horse decorative brasses -about 2 inches diameter and good conditon

Lot: 116 - Vintage sewing kit- scissor/thimble

Cased sewing kit including miniature scissor and thimble

Lot: 117 - Hematite long necklace strand

Hematite necklace with tassel on the end- about 24 inches - tassel could be removed - great condition.

Lot: 118 - Fossil partial jaw/teeth

Rhino small partial jaw from Badlands with teeth on one side- early partial fossil and in good condition - about 4 x 5 1/2 inches

Lot: 119 - Baroque grey pearls - knotted

Knotted grey black pearls baroque with nice sheen -approximately 18 inches

Lot: 120 - Terra cotta clay figural head

Antique clay decorative head- likely from old Spanish building

Lot: 121 - 5 seashell rings- mother of pearl

Collection of 5 custom carved shell rings - some conch and others mother of pearl- nice condition

Lot: 122 - Illuminated manuscript large format

Large illuminated manuscript page - probably from Book of Hours as shown. 2 sided - condition is good for its age.

Lot: 124 - Elephant jade? Pendant carved

Gemstone jade- jadeite? Elephant carved pendant-about 1 inch .

Lot: 125 - Peru enamel bird sterling pin

Vivid color enamelled unusual bird pin marked Peru and sterling - about 1 1/2 inches across

Lot: 126 - Carved statue turtle family coral

Hand carved one of a kind turtle family 3 dimensional - nice condition and detail . Approx. 2 2/3 inches across.

Lot: 127 - Lapis sterling ring dark blue

Cobalt blue gold flecks sterling ring round and super color cabochon -about 1 inch across top -approximate size 7

Lot: 129 - Scorpion lucite handle- cane?

Nice large scorpion encased in lucite or clear resin and about 5 inches long- could be mounted on base or cane/umbrella handle .

Lot: 130 - Sterling vintage devil head ring

Large sterling vintage devil head ring- horns and detailed grotesque face- good condition and about size 9- - nice teeth and great design. One of a kind

Lot: 134 - Leah Fairbanks blown bead

Hand blown designed grape/floral bead -vibrant glass colors and designed with hole to be able to hang or display-about 1 1/2 inches- conditon is good.

Lot: 135 - 2 millefiore glass bead Italian pins

Petits vintage micro mosaic brooch with glass beads- floral - exquisite design with beautiful bright colors- each one is superb and in fine condition- about 1 1/2 inches on round pin.

Lot: 136 - Key key ring marked on back-

Older key ring- looks like sterling but don't see marks- possibly Mexican and in good condition

Lot: 138 - Sterling vintage butterfly enamel pin

Aqua blue and green filigree sterling butterfly pin about 2 inches high- looks like it is in nice condition.

Lot: 140 - Czeck garnet antique pin star

Garnet star vintage pin brooch in great condition about 1 1/3 inches across - well matched stones with vibrant ruby color

Lot: 141 - Bead collection glass multi color

Collection of beads in glass with all different colors- each bead about 1/2 inch - good condition.

Lot: 142 - General Dreyfus medal original box

1906 General Dreyfus French Medal in original box as shown- very detailed medal in nice condition-signed.

Lot: 143 - New Haven compensated pocketwatch

Old compensated New Haven pocketwatch in good condition second hand on the face- watch ticks when wound.

Lot: 144 - Opal carved fish in matrix

Carved one of a kind custom fish opal in matrix- great condition and about 1 inch

Lot: 146 - Coral fossil specimen polished

Nice dome shape ancient fossil coral highly polished on one side giving you a great pattern and opposite side is natural coral-about 6-7 inches

Lot: 147 - Brass roller desk calendar

Brass anqitue roller desk calendar showing day, date, and month - about 2 inches high and 5 inches long marked on base Park Sherman company

Lot: 148 - Fossil prehistoric mosasaur tooth

Morrocan fossil mosasaur dinosaur tooth in nice condition- about 4 inches long

Lot: 149 - Ace Ice cream dipper vintage

Antique ice cream dipper stainless steel marked Ace - stainless steel- good condition and has flip handle to push out ice cream

Lot: 150 - H. Winograd sterling signed repousse box

Henryk Winograd (1917-2008) artist , noted silversmith signed box - rosewood box with silver repousse horse/soldiers inset plaque in cover of this lined hinged box. Box is about 5 x 7 inches and is in great condition.

Lot: 151 - Ox Baker signed 9 x 11 photo

Ox Baker signed photo - motto - I like to Hurt People- known for his heart punch- professional wrestler/actor.

Lot: 152 - Sterling pearl earrings

Sterling white pearl earrings - nice size - about 7 mm and in good condition

Lot: 153 - Dr. Arcane signed photo

Swamp Thing Dr Arcane signed photo Mark Lindsay Chapman 9x 11 in good condition-

Lot: 154 - Sterling filigree sunflower pin vintage

Old large sunflower filigree gold/sterling pin - about 5 inches long and a real beauty.

Lot: 155 - Double sided razor strop cased vintage

Vintage cased razor strop as shown in nice condition- about 10 inches long and initialled on bone handle

Lot: 156 - Handy Andy pocketwatch vintage

Antique open face Handy Andy pocketwatch with original tag from New Haven clock company showing it was repaired years ago. Watch is ticking-

Lot: 157 - Herringbone flat sterling chain

Sterling flat herringbone chain- approx 20 inches and condition is excellent- bright and ready to wear

Lot: 158 - Sterling custom amethyst crystal hinged pendant

Custom designed signed pendant -double stone with hinged design- crystal amethyst on top and cabochon jasper set into triangular setting . About 2 1/2 inches and condition is nice- the back has special heart cut out and initialed as well as marked 925 on back.

Lot: 159 - 3 Canadian paper currency 5 dollars

Paper currency 5 dollar Canadian bills from Bank of Canada - condition as shown

Lot: 160 - Peacock Nolan Miller pin signed

Nolan Miller signed large peacock pin with blue stones set into body plus large pearl in feet- great piece and condition is nice.- Approx 2 3/4 inches

Lot: 162 - Sterling gold wrap bangle

Unusual bracelet in sterling with gold color wire wrapped around - nice bracelet with a unique look.

Lot: 163 - Cinco Pesos 5 - Banco Cenral de Chile

2 pieces of paper currency marked Banco Central de Chile 5 cinco pesos with Higgins pictured. Condition is good and you can study pics for details.

Lot: 164 - Triple heart sterling pin/stones

Triple heart sterling heart bar pin with 3 heart clear stones set into this pin- about 2 inches across and condition is good.

Lot: 165 - Green tumbled healing stone

Green polished stone- possibly bloodstone- about 1 inch across and nice condition

Lot: 166 - Hickok signed vintage anchor tie bar

Anchor nautical tie bar with signature on back - Hickok - nice vintage piece

Lot: 167 - Quartz crystal natural stone

Quartz crystal with flecks of black in this natural specimen-about 2 inches and natural

Lot: 168 - Copper cuff bracelet wrapped

Copper bracelet cuff motif noted for healing qualities - looks nice and can be adjusted to work on a small wrist or a slightly larger one.

Lot: 169 - Quartz crystal point

Clear crystal quartz wand- used to amplify energy and cleanse.-about 1 1/2 inch high

Lot: 170 - Emerald ring vintage

Estate emerald ring with 3 bright green emeralds and surrounded with diamonds - nice condition- about size 6

Lot: 171 - Lourdes vintage corkscrew root handle

Vintage collector cork screw made from root and polished to make a great handle- marked on corkscrew- about 7 inches high and condition is good.

Lot: 172 - Turquoise sterling pendant nugget

Nugget turquoise bezel set pendant with large bail - good conditon and about 1 3/4 inches

Lot: 173 - Petrified wood branch polished

Ancient petrified wood limb sliced and polished on the end- great colors - natural and about 2-3 inches in diameter-

Lot: 174 - Carved jasper skull drilled

Drilled colorful jasper skull with good colors and natural design in the stone- about 1 inch across- good condition

Lot: 175 - Banco Central de Bolivia - 2 paper currency

Simon Bolivar pictured on this money/paper currency from Bolivia - 2 bills - condition is as shown in photos

Lot: 176 - Eight vintage watch bands

8 vintage wrist watch bands- mostly leather and new never used with original old prices on the bands-

Lot: 177 - Quartz healing stone- 2 pieces

2 natural quartz specimens as found each about 1 1/2 inches

Lot: 178 - Banco Central de Chile 50 cincuenta pesos

Mint Banco Central De Chile 50 Cincuenta Pesos with picture of Pinto - very clean paper currency. Looks like it was never used.

Lot: 179 - Polished green stone- cube

Nice green polished rock specimen- probably agate -about 1 inch and condition is nice

Lot: 180 - Quartz skull pendant- clear

Clear quartz carved pendant skull head- about 1 inch across - good condition and nice large bail.

Lot: 181 - Chrysoberyl trillion cut gemstone

Well polished chrysoberyl cut gemstone - trillion and nice stone- good condition

Lot: 182 - Inlaid box antique with original key

Inlaid domed box with great detail and craftsmanship - original key and inlaid name on top . Very nice condition and size is about 8 x 6 x 4.

Lot: 183 - Jasper graduated necklace suite

Multicolor jasper stone graduated tongue shape drilled beads to be used as you like- could be one necklace or made into whatever your imagination tells you. Good condition.

Lot: 185 - Malachite green nugget specimen

Dark - light green malachite large specimen showing beautiful patterns in this natural mineral specimen- about 5 inches and condition is very good- wonderful vibrant color

Lot: 187 - Polished petrified wood slab

Polished slice of petrified wood tree - browns/tans all natural in this slab from an ancient tree- large piece as shown and condition is good.

Lot: 188 - Miltons Paradise Lose illustrated by Dore

Antique Gustave Dore illustrated book Milton's Paradise Lost published by Henry Altemus- Philadephia.Book binding is a bit worn as well as the book cover.

Lot: 189 - Trilobite fossil specimen Moroccan

Trilobite specimen fossil from Morrocco as shown - about 3 plus inches- arthropods

Lot: 190 - Vintage watch bands- eight bands

8 Vintage watch bands- most never used or sold in mint condition. Leather for the most part - great for replacing your bands

Lot: 191 - Mollusk clam fossil specimen

Nice blue/grey clam mollusk fossil specimen- good condition and about 3-4 inches

Lot: 193 - Drilled banded agate beads

Sphere banded agate beads strand in black/white-about 16 inch length and condition is fine

Lot: 195 - Ammonite fossil drilled beads

Strand of ammonite fossils polished on both sides and in great shape- graduated sizes with the largest over 3 inches

Lot: 199 - Pink tourmaline specimen in matrix

Pink tourmaline crystals in matrix- nice specimen about 2 1/2 inches- strong pink rose color on the crystals.

Lot: 201 - Black tourmaline mineral specimen

Large black tourmaline specimen as shown - about 2 1/2 - 3 inches across and nice shape- is a protective stone-

Lot: 203 - Antique horse teeth -

Old horse teeth specimen- about 2 3/4 inches high - condition looks pretty good for age

Lot: 297 - Banded agate large discs drilled

Strand of banded agate black/ white discs beautifully polished and great colors -unique and spectacular - each bead about 2 inches across

Lot: 298 - Malachite bead knotted necklace

Malachite beads knotted necklace in good conditoin- beads are dark to light green about 10 mm . Approximately 18 inches

Lot: 424 - Couroc Inlaid mid century mouse bowl

Black bowl with inlaid mouse in the center made by Couroc - California company designed this unique piece-about 9 inches across

Lot: 425 - Amber Venetian Murano glass goblet

Beautiful gold amber glass goblet- Italian Murano in great condition - hand blown and about 8 inches high

Lot: 445 - Burled wood desk /pen box

Mint box burled maple wood with cover and place for pen inside this desk box - excellent condition and about 8x 5 x 2 inches

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