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EJ's February 10th Coin Auction

Fri Feb 10 - 12:00PM

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EJ'S Auction & Appraisal

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Auctioneer ID#: 33527

Phone: 623-878-2003

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  • (7) PCGS Graded U.S. Quarters

    (7) PCGS Graded U.S. Quarters

  • (3pc) ANACS & SGS Graded U.S. Vintage

    (3pc) ANACS & SGS Graded U.S. Vintage

  • (5) SGS Graded U.S. Quarters

    (5) SGS Graded U.S. Quarters

  • (7) NGC Graded U.S. Pennies

    (7) NGC Graded U.S. Pennies

Lot: 5001 - (7) PCGS Graded U.S. Quarters

2002-p Ms66, 2001-d Ms64, 2002-p Ms65, 2000-p Ms65, 2008-s Pr69. Tm6932 Zh

Lot: 5002 - (3pc) ANACS & SGS Graded U.S. Vintage Coins

Features An 1889 Indian Head Penny, 1973 D $1/2 & 1976 Bicentennial Uncirculated Eisenhower Dollar Coin. Tm6932 Zh

Lot: 5003 - (5) SGS Graded U.S. Quarters

2004-p Ms70, 2004-d Ms70, 2005-s Pr70, 2004-p Ms70, 2004-d Ms70. Tm6932 Zh

Lot: 5004 - (7) NGC Graded U.S. Pennies

2009 Ms65, 2009-s Pf69, 2005-s Pf69, 2006 Ms66, 2009-d 2009 Ms66, 2006-s Pf69. Tm6932 Zh

Lot: 5005 - (8) SGS, NGC & ANACS Graded U.S. Nickels

1999-s Pf69, 1962 Pf66, 2008-s Pf69, 1989-s Pr70, 1985-s Pr70, 1961 Pf66, 2004-p Ms70, 1979-s Pr70 . Tm6932 Zh

Lot: 5006 - (7) SGS Graded U.S. Nickels

1995-s Pr70, 1964 Pr70, 1960 Pr70, 1966, 1980-s Pr70, 2004-p Ms70, 2004-d Ms70. Tm6932 Zh

Lot: 5007 - (4) ICG Graded U.S. Dimes

1973-s Pr70, 2005-p Sp69, 1971-s Pr70, 1977-s Pr70. Tm6932 Zh

Lot: 5008 - (7) ICG Graded U.S. Buffalo Nickels

2005-p Ms67, 2005-d Ms67, 2005-d Sp69. Tm6932 Zh

Lot: 5009 - (6) NGC Ultra Cameo U.S. Silver Quarters

2000-s Pf69, 2002-s Pf69, 2006-s Pf69. Tm6932 Zh

Lot: 5010 - (7) Scs Graded U.S. Nickels & Quarters

2004-p Ms70, 1978-s Pr70, 1976-s Pr70, 2004-d Ms70, 2004-p Ms70, 1977-s Pr70, 1999-s Pr70. Tm6932 Zh

Lot: 5011 - (6) PCGS & NGC Graded U.S. Nickels

1963 Pr67, 2013-s Pr69, 1964 Pr66, 2004-s Pf69. Tm6932 Zh

Lot: 5012 - (7) Graded U.S. Quarters

2013-d Ms65, 2013-p Ms65, 2007-p Ms69. Tm6932 Zh

Lot: 5013 - (7) ICG Graded U.S. Nickels

2005-d Sp69, 2004-s Pr69, 2005-d Sp69. Tm6932 Zh

Lot: 5014 - (7) Graded U.S. Dimes, PCGS, ICG, ANACS

1971-s Pr68, 1981-s Pr69, 1970-s Pr70, 1950 Ms65, 1979-s Pr70, 2002-s Pr70, 1963-d Ms64. Tm6932 Zh

Lot: 5015 - (7) PCGS Graded U.S. Quarters

2013-p Ms65, 2013-d Ms64, 200-8 Pr69, 2008-s Pr69, 2010-s Pr69, 2011-d Ms66, 2011-p Ms66. Tm6932 Zh

Lot: 5016 - (5) SGS & NGC Graded U.S. Pennies

1973-s Ms70, 2004-d Ms70, 1963 Pf67, 1971-s Pf67, 1971-s Pf67, 1971-s Pf66. Tm6932 Zh

Lot: 5017 - (6) PCGS, ICG & ANACS Graded U.S. Pennies

2010-s Pr69, 2006-s Pr69, 2004-s Pr69, 2009-p Ms67, 2005-d Sp69, 2005-p Sp69. Tm6932 Zh

Lot: 5018 - (6) SGS & ANACS Graded U.S. Pennies

2002-d Ms70, 2005-d Ms70, 2003-d Ms70, 2009-d Ms67, 1960-p Pr70, 1957-p Pr70. Tm6932 Zh

Lot: 5019 - (7) Graded U.S. Quarters & Dimes Coins

2005-d Sp69, 2000-s Pr70, 2000-s Pr69, 2009-d Ms64, 2000-s Pr69, 2002-d Ms65, 1968-s Pr66. Tm6932 Zh

Lot: 5020 - (7) PCGS Graded U.S. Quarters

1971-s Pr65, 1972-s Pr67, 1977-s Pr68, 1976-s Pr68, 1969-s Pr68, 1993-s Pr69, 1970-s Pr68 Tm6932 Zh

Lot: 5021 - (7) PCGS Graded U.S. Quarters

2008-s Pr69, 2007-p Ms67, 2008-s Pr69, 2003-p Ms65, 2003-s Pr69, 2006-s Pr68, 2007-p Ms66. Tm6932 Zh

Lot: 5022 - (6) PCGS & IGS Graded U.S. Quarters

2004-d Ms70, 1999-s Pr70, 1999-s Pr69, 2007-p Ms69, 2001-s Pr68, 1999-s Pr70. Tm6932 Zh

Lot: 5023 - (7) PCGS Graded U.S. Lincoln Pennies

2009 Ms66, 2009 Ms65, 2011-s Pr69, 1945 Ms65, 2009-d Ms66, 1942-d Ms65, 1962 Pr67. Tm6932 Zh

Lot: 5024 - (4) ICG Graded U.S. Sacagawea Dollar & Nickel

2003-p Ms67, 2002-p Ms67, 2004-s Pr69, 2003-d Ms67. Tm6932 Zh

Lot: 5025 - (5) ICG Graded U.S. Nickels & Quarter

2005-p Sp69, 2004-s Pr69, 2005-d Ms67, 1964 Pr68, 1954-s Ms65. Tm6932 Zh

Lot: 5026 - (6) ANACS Graded U.S. Pennies

2009-s Pr70, 2009-s Pr70, 2017-s Eu70. Tm6932 Zh

Lot: 5027 - (7) SGS Graded U.S. Quarters

1999-s Pr70, 2004-d Ms70, 2005-s Pr70, 2004-p Ms70. Tm6932 Zh

Lot: 5028 - (7) IGS Graded U.S. 1st Day Issue Quarters

2007-d Ms69, 2007-p Ms69, 2007-d Ms69. Tm6932 Zh

Lot: 5029 - (7) PCGS Graded U.S. Quarters

2000-d Ms63, 2001-d Ms64, 2001-p Ms66, 2000-d Ms65, 2001-d Ms66, 2000-d Ms66, 2000-d Ms66. Tm6932 Zh

Lot: 5030 - (7) PCGS Graded U.S. Quarters

2001-p Ms66, 2001-p Ms66, 2000-p Ms66, 2000-p Ms66, 2001-p Ms65, 2000-p Ms64, 2000-p Ms66. Tm6932 Zh

Lot: 5031 - (7) NGC Graded U.S. Coins

2005-s Pf69, 2005-s Pf69, 2000-s Pf69, 2006-s Pf69, 2000-p Ms66, 2009-p Ms69, 2000-s Pf69. Tm6932 Zh

Lot: 5032 - (6) U.S. Graded $1 Coins

2008-d Ms68, 2006-d Ms66, 2000-p Ms68, 2001-s Pr69, 2001-p Ms68, 2010-s Pr69. Tm6932 Zh

Lot: 5033 - (7) 2006-07 NGC Graded U.S. Half Dollar Coins

2006-d Ms67, 2006-d Ms66, 2007-s Pf69, 2006-p Ms67, 2006-p Ms67, 2006-d Ms67, 2006-d Ms66. Tm6932 Zh

Lot: 5034 - (6) Graded U.S. Dollar Coins

2007-p Ms70, 2001-s Pr70, 2014-d Eu69, 2005-d Ms66. Tm6932 Zh

Lot: 5035 - (7) Graded U.S. Dollar Coins

2007-d Ms67, 2007-d Ms65, 2007-p Ms67, 2001-s Pr70, 2007-p Ms67, 2007-s Pr70. Tm6932 Zh

Lot: 5036 - (6) PCGS Graded U.S. Dollar Coins

200-d Sac Ms65, 2001-s Sac Pr69, 2003-s Sac Pr69, 2008-d Andrew Ms68. Andrew Jackson & Sacagawea Dollars. Tm6932 Zh

Lot: 5037 - (6) NGC Graded U.S. Dollar Coins

2007-s Pf69, 2006-d Ms66, 2001-s Pf69, 2007-s Pf69, 2007-s Pf69, 2007-s Pf69. Tm6932 Zh

Lot: 5038 - (5) NGC Graded U.S. Dimes

1976-d Ms66, 2011-s Pf69, 2006-p Ms66, 1999-s Pf69, 2006-d Ms67. Tm6932 Zh

Lot: 5039 - (5) NGC Graded U.S. Dimes

1967 Ms67, 1964-d Ms66, 1998-s Pf69, 1999-s Pf69, 2002-s Pf69. Tm6932 Zh

Lot: 5040 - (8) ICG Graded U.S. Sacagawea Dollar Coins

2000-s Pr70, 2001-s Pr70, 2002-d Ms67, 2000-p Ms67, 2002-s Pr70, 2001-s Pr70, 2001-s Pr70, 2001-s Pr70. Tm6932 Zh

Lot: 5041 - (7) PCGS Graded U.S. Silver Dimes

2001-s Pr69, 2000-s Pr69, 1968-s Pr68, 1978-s Pr69, 1992-s Pr68, 1971-s Pr68, 1978-s Pr69. Tm6932 Zh

Lot: 5042 - ICG Graded Complete $1 U.S. P&D 22 Coin Set

Sacagawea Dollars. Features Dimes, Quarters, Pennies, Nickels & Half Dollars. Tm6932 Zh

Lot: 5043 - (6) Graded U.S. Quarters / Coins

2000-s Pr70, 1964 Pf67, 1962 Proof Pf67, 1964-d Au55, 1948-d Ms63, 1936-d F12. Tm6932 Zh

Lot: 5044 - (7) PCGS Graded U.S. Half Dollar Coins

1964 50cent, 2007-d 50cent Ms69, 1981-s 50cent Pr69, 1993-s 50 Cent Pr69, 1966 Ms65, 1999-s Pr68, 1973-s Pr69. Tm6932 Zh

Lot: 5045 - (4) Graded Error Coins 2005 P Bison Ms64

"5 Legged Bison" Error, 2007 $1 Inverted, 2007 $1 Double Mint Error Ms65, Pre-1982 Penny Blank Planchet. Tm6932 Zh

Lot: 5046 - (3) 1945 ICG-AU55 Graded U.S. 50 Cent Coins

All In Sealed Display Cases. Tm6932 Zh

Lot: 5047 - (5) 2004-s ICG Graded U.S. Silver Quarters

Pr69 Dcam 2004-s. Tm6932 Zh

Lot: 5048 - (2) ICG Graded Silver Eagle Dollar Coins

Ms69-2000 & Ms70-2005. Tm6932 Zh

Lot: 5049 - (3) ICG Graded U.S. Silver Eagle Dollar Coins

Ms69 1989, 1995 & 1999. Tm6932 Zh

Lot: 5050 - 1999-2009 Gold P & D State Quarter Set w/ Chest

All coins layered in 24K Yellow Gold. Chest has some minor scuffing, Stands approximately 6in x 9in x 11.5in. Tm6932 H

Lot: 5051 - 7th Anniversary Heroes Of Pearl Harbor Silver Coin Set

.999 Silver Proof 2016 Issue Coins From The Bradford Exchange Mint. Case Has Some Light Scuffs. Tm6932 Zh

Lot: 5052 - American Mint Limited Edition U.S. History Of Gold Coins

Set Includes (5) 24K Gold Layered Proof Commemorative Coins. Tm6802 Zh

Lot: 5053 - (4) Large 24K Gold Layered Commemorative Coins

Each has a diameter of approximately 4in. Tm6802 Zh

Lot: 5054 - (5) Commemorative 24K Gold Layered Coins

Each Measures Approximately 2.75in In Diameter. Tm6802 Zh

Lot: 5055 - (4) Large 24K Gold Layered Commemorative Coins

Each Measures Approximately 2.75in In Diameter. Tm6802 Zh

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