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2 Sessions: Coins, Currency and Books

Mon Jan 30 - 02:00PM

643 Kriner Road, Chambersburg, PA Click to Map

Gateway Gallery Auction Inc.

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Phone: 717-263-6512

License: AH001982

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Public Auction Live & Online

Coins, Currency & Books

Will sell at GATEWAY GALLERY AUCTION located at 643 Kriner Rd, Chambersburg, PA on:

Monday, January 30 at 2 PM

Online bidding available at 

COINS Sold at 5 PM: (300) lots including capped bust half dollars; Franklin half dollars (many PCGS/ANACS graded); commemorative silver dollars; Indian cents; large cents; proof/mint sets; series 1899 one dollar silver certificate; series 1923 one dollar silver certificate; commemorative half dollars; Morgan dollars; Confederate notes and much more. Coin listing below

BOOKS Sold at 2 PM: Approximately (150) lots of books including many Eric Sloane; local histories (Franklin County, Lemasters, Rt. 30 toll ledgers); nice selection of Lincoln books (some of the less common titles) and ephemera. Book listing after coins

AUCTIONEER’S NOTE: This coin sale includes approx. 100 lots of Capped Bust Half Dollars along with high grade Franklins. This is a unique coin sale, Don’t Miss It! Coins available from1 PM sale day for inspection. Will begin Session I with Books at 2 PM followed by Coins at 5 PM. Coins and book catalog on website or call (717) 263-6512 or (800) 315-3265 to request listing. Online requests for condition reports must be made prior to day of sale.

Preview Sale Day from 1 PM

Live Online Bidding will begin at 2 PM!

Bidders using our website to bid online:

At 2 PM online bidding will go live for Books, at 5 PM will go live for Coins. You can watch us, hear us and bid competitively against other bidders in REAL time. If you left absentee (pre-bids) they will be executed by our clerking staff. If you are online streaming the auction and are out bid, you have the ability to bid again as the lot is sold. Remember to bid quickly!

Bidders using HiBid to bid online:

All bids placed on HiBid are absentee bids. They will be downloaded into our clerking system at 2 PM on Monday. The auctioneer will execute those bids competitively between in house, other absentee bidders, phone bidders and live online bidding. 

TERMS: Cash. Visa/MC/Discover accepted. In house bidders & online bidders using our website subject to 15% buyer’s premium discounted to 10% for cash or approved check. Live auction with live webcast stream bidding available through our website. Absentee and pre-bids accepted. Online pre-bidding available on HiBid. Statements made day of sale take precedence.

CONDITION & GRADING NOTE: All items sold as-is, where-is, with no guarantee. Buyers are responsible to satisfy themselves as to condition of items. Every effort will be made to assist bidders, however YOU are the sole judge of condition.


1              (8) Rolls of Pennies: (4) rolls wheat cents; (4) rolls 1943 steel cents

2             (2) Cents: large cent, 1830 (AG); Indian cent, 1899 (VF-XF)

3             (5) Lincoln Cents: 1909; 1909 VDB; 1910-S; 1911-D; 1913-D (F) (VF) (F) (F) (VG-F)

4             Liberty Seated 20¢ Piece: 1875-S (G)

5             (13) V-Nickels: 1897-1912-D (G)

6             (3) Buffalo Nickels: 1913, type 1; 1920-S; 1924-D (XF) (VG-F) (F-VF)

7             Assorted Coins: 2¢ piece, 1865, (G); (4) buffalo nickels, 1915, 1918, 1919, 1926, (G-VG); steel cent, 1943, error Lincoln cent; Jefferson nickel, 1960-D, error; (1) roll of buffalo nickels, 1930-1937; (1) roll of Jefferson nickels, 1939-1961-PDS

8             Jefferson Nickel: 1950-D (MS)

9             Liberty Seated Quarter: 1891 (XF+)

10          (4) Barber Quarters: 1909-D; 1913; 1915-D; 1916-D (G)

11          (2) Standing Liberty Quarters: 1925; 1926 (VG)

12          (5) Washington Quarters: 1953-S; 1955; 1955-D; 1964; 1964-D; (MS)

13          Walking Liberty Half Dollar: 1916-D, obverse (G)

14          Walking Liberty Half Dollar: 1916-S, obverse (G)

15          Walking Liberty Half Dollar: 1919 (G-VG)

16          Walking Liberty Half Dollar: 1919-S (VG)

17          Walking Liberty Half Dollar: 1921-S (VG)

18          Peace Dollar: 1923 (AU)

19          (4) Eisenhower Dollars: 1971, 40% silver (UNC); 1971-D (AU); 1973-S (MS); 1776-1976 (AU)

20          (4) Proof Sets:   (3) 40% year sets, 1965, 1967, 1969; 1971

21          Assorted Coins: Lincoln cent, 1964; Jefferson nickel, 1964; Roosevelt dime, 1964; Washington quarter, 1964 (Proof); Washington silver quarter, 2007-S Utah (Proof); Washington silver quarter, 2007-S Montana (Proof); 40% silver Kennedy half dollar, 1966, 1968-D, 1969-D (AU-BU)

22          Complete Book Jefferson Nickels: 1938-1961-D, w/ the (11) silver war nickels

23          (8) $1 Washington Silver Certificates: (2) 1935-A; 1935-C; (2) 1935-D; 1935-E; 1935-G; 1935-H

24          Capped Bust Half Dollar: 1807 LS, 50/20 (G)

25          Capped Bust Half Dollar: 1808 (F)

26          Capped Bust Half Dollar: 1808 (NGC XF Improperly cleaned)

27          Capped Bust Half Dollar: 1809 XXXXEdge (VF+)

28          Capped Bust Half Dollar: 1809 (NGC XF improperly cleaned)

29          Capped Bust Half Dollar: 1811 Punctuated Date (VG)

30          Capped Bust Half Dollar: 1812 2/1, SB (G-VG)

31          Capped Bust Half Dollar: 1814 4/3 (VG-F)

32          Capped Bust Half Dollar: 1817 S/Leaf (F)

33          Capped Bust Half Dollar: 1818 (F)

34          Franklin Half Dollar: 1949 (ANACS MS 64)

35          Franklin Half Dollar: 1949-D (NGC MS 64)

36          Franklin Half Dollar: 1949-S (ANACS MS 63)

37          Franklin Half Dollar: 1950-D (ANACS MS 63)

38          Franklin Half Dollar: 1951 (NGC MS 65)

39          Franklin Half Dollar: 1960 (PCGS PR 67)

40          Franklin Half Dollar: 1961 (PCGS MS 64)

41          Franklin Half Dollar: 1961-D (PCGS MS 64)

42          Franklin Half Dollar: 1962 (PCGS MS 64)

43          Franklin Half Dollar: 1962-D (PCGS MS 64)

44          (2) Medal of Honor Commemorative Silver Dollars: 2011-S (UNC); 2011-P (Proof)

45          (2) USO Silver Dollars: 1991-D (UNC); 1991-S (Proof)

46          (2) American Veterans Disabled Soldier Commemorative Silver Dollars: 2010-W (UNC); 2010-W (Proof)

47          (2) Commemorative Silver Dollars: 2002-W (Proof) US Military Academy Bicentennial; 2002-P (UNC) Salt Lake City Olympics

48          (2) Korean War Memorial Commemorative Silver Dollars: 1991-D (UNC); 1991-P (Proof)

49          Capped Bust Half Dollar: 1813 (ANACS EF45 cleaned)

50          Capped Bust Half Dollar: 1819 9/8 (F+)

51          Capped Bust Half Dollar: 1819 (NCS XF improperly cleaned)

52          Capped Bust Half Dollar: 1820 20/19 SQ2 (F-VF)

53          Capped Bust Half Dollar: 1821 (XF)

54          Capped Bust Half Dollar: 1822 (F-VF)

55          Capped Bust Half Dollar: 1823 B/3 (VG-F)

56          Capped Bust Half Dollar: 1824 4/1 (VF)

57          Capped Bust Half Dollar: 1825 (XF)

58          Capped Bust Half Dollar: 1826 (VF)

59          Franklin Half Dollar: 1951-D (NGC MS 64)

60          Franklin Half Dollar: 1951-S (NGC MS 65)

61          Franklin Half Dollar: 1952 (NGC MS 65)

62          Franklin Half Dollar: 1952-S (NGC MS 65)

63          Franklin Half Dollar: 1953-S (NGC MS 65)

64          Franklin Half Dollar: 1957-D (PCGS MS 65 FBL)

65          Franklin Half Dollar: 1958 (PCGS PR 65)

66          Franklin Half Dollar: 1958-D (PCGS MS 65 FBL)

67          Franklin Half Dollar: 1960 (PCGS MS 64 FBL)

68          Franklin Half Dollar: 1960-D (ICG MS 64 FBL)

69          (2) 5-Star Generals Commemorative Silver Dollars: 2013-W (UNC); 2013-P (Proof)

70          (2) US Marshalls Service 225th Anniversary Commemorative Silver Dollars: 2015-P (UNC); 2015-P (Proof)

71          (2) Star Spangled Banner Commemorative Silver Dollars: 2012-P (UNC); 2012-P (Proof)

72          (2) National Community Service Commemorative Silver Dollars: 1996-S (UNC); 1996-S (Proof)

73          (2) Marine Corps 230th Anniversary Commemorative Silver Dollars: 2005-P (UNC); 2005-P (Proof)

74          Capped Bust Half Dollar: 1821 (ANACS VF 30 cleaned)

75          Capped Bust Half Dollar: 1822 (NGC XF improperly cleaned)

76          Capped Bust Half Dollar: 1826 (XF)

77          Capped Bust Half Dollar: 1827 7/6 (VF)

78          Capped Bust Half Dollar: 1827 SB/2 (VF-XF)

79          Capped Bust Half Dollar: 1828 SB/L8 (XF+)

80          Capped Bust Half Dollar: 1828 CB/K2 (XF+)

81          Capped Bust Half Dollar: 1829 (VF-XF)

82          Capped Bust Half Dollar: 1830 S/0 (XF)

83          Capped Bust Half Dollar: 1831 (XF)

84          Franklin Half Dollar: 1954-S (NGC MS 65)

85          Franklin Half Dollar: 1955 (NGC MS 65)

86          Franklin Half Dollar: 1957 (ANACS MS 65)

87          Franklin Half Dollar: 1957 (NGC PF 67)

88          Franklin Half Dollar: 1958 (NGC MS 65)

89          Franklin Half Dollar: 1954 (PCGS MS 64 FBL)

90          Franklin Half Dollar: 1954-D (PCGS MS 64 FBL)

91          Franklin Half Dollar: 1955 (PCGS PR 66)

92          Franklin Half Dollar: 1956 (PCGS PR 67)

93          Franklin Half Dollar: 1956 (PCGS MS 65 FBL)

94          Capped Bust Half Dollar: 1824 (NCS XF improperly cleaned)

95          Capped Bust Half Dollar: 1826 (ANACS XF-45 cleaned)

96          Capped Bust Half Dollar: 1827 SB/2 (VF+)

97          Capped Bust Half Dollar: 1827 CB/2 (VF)

98          Capped Bust Half Dollar: 1832 (XF)

99          Capped Bust Half Dollar: 1833 (VF-XF+)

100        Capped Bust Half Dollar: 1834 LD/LL (XF+)

101        Capped Bust Half Dollar: 1834 SD/SL/SS (XF)

102        Capped Bust Half Dollar: 1835 (AU)

103        Capped Bust Half Dollar: 1836/1336 (XF)

104        Franklin Half Dollar: 1959 (NGC MS 65)

105        Franklin Half Dollar: 1959-D (NGC MS 65)

106        Franklin Half Dollar: 1959 (NGC PF 66)

107        Franklin Half Dollar: 1961 (NGC PF 67)

108        Franklin Half Dollar: 1962 (NGC PF 66)

109        Franklin Half Dollar: 1952-D (PCGS MS 64)

110        Franklin Half Dollar: 1953 (PCGS MS 64)

111        Franklin Half Dollar: 1953-D (PCGS MS 64 FBL)

112        Franklin Half Dollar: 1953 (PCGS PR 65)

113        Franklin Half Dollar: 1954 (PCGS PR 66)

114        (2) Infantry Soldier Commemorative Silver Dollars: 2012-W (UNC); 2012-W (Proof)

115        (2) US Army Commemorative Silver Dollars: 2011-S (UNC); 2011-P (Proof)

116        Capped Bust Half Dollar: 1829 (ANACS XF45 cleaned)

117        Capped Bust Half Dollar: 1831 (ANACS AU50 cleaned)

118        Draped Bust Half Dollar: 1807 (F)

119        Capped Bust Half Dollar: 1808 (F+)

120        Capped Bust Half Dollar: 1809 (VG)

121        Capped Bust Half Dollar: 1810 (VF)

122        Capped Bust Half Dollar: 1811 L8 (VF+)

123        Capped Bust Half Dollar: 1812 (XF)

124        Capped Bust Half Dollar: 1814 (VF+)

125        Capped Bust Half Dollar: 1813 (VF-XF)

126        Franklin Half Dollar: 1963 (NGC PF 66)

127        Franklin Half Dollar: 1963 (NGC MS 65)

128        Franklin Half Dollar: 1963-D (NGC MS 65)

129        (2) WWI Centennial Commemorative Silver Dollars: 2018-P (UNC); 2018-P (Proof)

130        Capped Bust Half Dollar: 1817 Punctuated date (F)

131        Capped Bust Half Dollar: 1818 (VF-XF)

132        Capped Bust Half Dollar: 1819 (F)

133        Capped Bust Half Dollar: 1820 SB/K2/LD (F)

134        Capped Bust Half Dollar: 1821 (F)

135        Capped Bust Half Dollar: 1823 broken 3 (VF-XF)

136        Capped Bust Half Dollar: 1824 (VF)

137        Capped Bust Half Dollar: 1825 (XF)

138        Capped Bust Half Dollar: 1829 (NCS XF improperly cleaned)

139        Capped Bust Half Dollar: 1831 (ANACS XF 40 cleaned)

140        Franklin Half Dollar: 1948 (PCGS MS 64 FBL)

141        Franklin Half Dollar: 1948-D (ICG MS 64 FBL)

142        Franklin Half Dollar: 1950 (PCGS PR 63)

143        Capped Bust Half Dollar: 1826 (XF-AU)

144        Capped Bust Half Dollar: 1827 SB/2 (XF-AU)

145        Capped Bust Half Dollar: 1827 SB/2 (VF)

146        Capped Bust Half Dollar: 1828 SB/2, L8 (AU)

147        Capped Bust Half Dollar: 1829 9/7 (AU)

148        Capped Bust Half Dollar: 1830 L/0 (AU+)

149        Capped Bust Half Dollar: 1831 (XF)

150        Capped Bust Half Dollar: 1832 (ANACS AU 50 cleaned)

151        Capped Bust Half Dollar: 1833 (XF)

152        Capped Bust Half Dollar: 1836 (ANACS AU50 cleaned)

153        American Legion 100th Anniversary Commemorative Silver Dollar: 2019-P (Proof)

154        (2) National Law Enforcement Officer's Memorial Commemorative Silver Dollars: 1997-P (UNC)

155        Draped Bust Half Dollar: 1806/5 (ANACS VG8 cleaned)

156        Capped Bust Half Dollar: 1807 L/S (F-VF)

157        Capped Bust Half Dollar: 1812 (VF+)

158        Capped Bust Half Dollar: 1814 (F)

159        Capped Bust Half Dollar: 1817 (VF+)

160        Capped Bust Half Dollar: 1823 Ugly 3 (VF-XF)

161        Capped Bust Half Dollar: 1824 4/1 (VF-XF)

162        Capped Bust Half Dollar: 1825 (XF)

163        Capped Bust Half Dollar: 1827 7/6 (VF gouge marks back)

164        Capped Bust Half Dollar: 1836 (ANACS EF 40)

165        Franklin Half Dollar: 1950 (PCGS MS 64 FBL)

166        Franklin Half Dollar: 1951 (PCGS PR 64)

167        Franklin Half Dollar: 1952 (ICG- PR 65)

168        Capped Bust Half Dollar: 1819/18 (ANACS EF 40 cleaned)

169        Capped Bust Half Dollar: 1822/1 (NCG VF improperly cleaned)

170        Capped Bust Half Dollar: 1827 SB/2 (XF)

171        Capped Bust Half Dollar: 1828 SB/2, L8 (XF+)

172        Capped Bust Half Dollar: 1832 (VF)

173        Capped Bust Half Dollar: 1833 (XF)

174        Capped Bust Half Dollar: 1834 (XF)

175        Capped Bust Half Dollar: 1835 (XF)

176        Capped Bust Half Dollar: 1836 (XF)

177        Capped Bust Half Dollar: 1836 (XF)

178        American Legion 100th Anniversary Commemorative Silver Dollar: 2019-P (UNC)

179        National Law Enforcement Officer's Memorial Commemorative Silver Dollar: 1997-P (Proof)

180        Capped Bust Half Dollar: 1812 (VF+)

181        Capped Bust Half Dollar: 1812 (VF+)

182        Capped Bust Half Dollar: 1818 8/7 S/8 (XF)

183        Capped Bust Half Dollar: 1818 (F)

184        Capped Bust Half Dollar: 1823 (XF)

185        Capped Bust Half Dollar: 1824 4/4 (XF)

186        Capped Bust Half Dollar: 1827 SB/2 (XF+)

187        Capped Bust Half Dollar: 1834 SD (XF+)

188        Capped Bust Half Dollar: 1834 SD (XF-AU)

189        Capped Bust Half Dollar: 1836 (XF)

190        US Veterans Commemorative Silver Dollars: Three Coin Set, 1994-P (Proof)

191        US Veterans Commemorative Silver Dollars: Three Coin Set 1994-W (UNC)

192        Edward VIII Coins: 1936, including New Guinea, Fiji Islands, British East Africa, British West Africa, Jodhpur, Kutch; + some silver

193        (45) Canadian Large Cents: 1858-1920 (VF-AU)

194        Lot of Saddam Hussein Stamps, etc.: stamps; currency; coins; + deck of Iraqi Most Wanted cards

195        Currency, Stamps, etc.: (2) 1976 $2 uncut bills; sheet 13¢ centennial stamps; 4¢ March 3, 1962 Project Mercury stamped envelope

196        Assorted Coins & Tokens: all foreign

197        Mint Set: 1955

198        (66) Buffalo Nickels: 1913-1938 (G-XF)

199        Book & Autograph: "A King's Story", 1951, illustrated, w/dust jacket, jacket has some damage; autographed slip for the book from the Secretary of Duke of Windsor

200        (2) Madame Alexander Dolls: McDonald's; + electric lamp

201        Large Cent: 1835 (H36) (F)

202        Large Cent: 1840, SD over large 18 (F-VF)

203        Large Cent: 1845 (F-VF)

204        Large Cent: 1846, TD (VF)

205        Large Cent: 1853 (F)

206        Large Cent: 1854 (G)

207        Flying Eagle Cent: 1858, SL (VF)

208        Flying Eagle Cent: 1858, LL (G)

209        Indian Cent: 1859, CN, V1 (F)

210        Indian Cent: 1860, CN, V2 (F-VF)

211        Indian Cent: 1864, L (F-VF)

212        (22) Indian Cents: 1865-1900 (G)

213        (5) Quarters: (1) standing liberty quarter, no date; (4) Washington quarters, 1937-D, 1941, 1942, 1952-D

214        Assorted Coins & Tokens: buffalo nickel, 1936, (VG); (6) Eisenhower dollars, (2) 1971, (2) 1972, (2) 1976; (5) tokens

215        (4) Special Mint Sets:     (2) 1966; (2) 1967

216        (2) Mint Sets: 2010 P/D

217        Proof Set: 2013, 14-piece

218        Draped Bust Half Cent: 1804 P4/SW (VG-F)

219        Draped Bust Half Cent: 1808 (VG)

220        Draped Bust Large Cent: 1802, NR (G)

221        Draped Bust Large Cent: 1807/6 (G)

222        Large Cent: 1822 (G)

223        Large Cent: 1828 LND (VG)

224        Large Cent: 1831 (F)

225        Large Cent: 1836 (F)

226        Large Cent: 1837 (F)

227        Large Cent: 1838 (F)

228        Large Cent: 1849 (VF)

229        Large Cent: 1854 (VF)

230        Flying Eagle Cent: 1857 (VF)

231        Flying Eagle Cent: 1858, SL (VF)

232        (2) Indian Cents: 1862, CN; 1863, CN (G)(VG)

233        Indian Cent: 1864, NL (F)

234        (2) Indian Cents: 1875; 1906 (G)(AU)

235        Silver 3¢ Piece: 1852 (VG)

236        Nickel 3¢ Piece: 1865 (F)

237        Nickel 3¢ Piece: 1866, DDO (G-VG)

238        Nickel 3¢ Piece: 1881 (F)

239        (2) 2¢ Pieces: 1864; 1865 (G-VG)

240        Shield Nickel: 1867, without rays (F)

241        Shield Nickel: 1868, has pitting (VF)

242        V-Nickel: 1883, NC (AU)

243        (3) Buffalo Nickels: 1913, V2 (VF); 1930 (VF); 1938-D (VF)

244        Buffalo Nickel: 1931-S (F)

245        Seated Half Dime: 1853, W/A (G)

246        Seated Half Dime: 1857 (G)

247        Seated Dime: 1891 (F)

248        Lincoln/Grant One Dollar Silver Certificate: series 1899, (Napier-McClung), (F)

249        Washington One Dollar Silver Certificate: series 1923, (Spielman-White), (VG)

250        Washington One Dollar Silver Certificate: series 1928-A, (Woods-Melon), (F)

251        Washington One Dollar Silver Certificate: series 1935-A, Hawaii (Julian-Morganthal), (F)

252        Liberty Seated 20¢ Piece: 1875-S (G-VG)

253        Liberty Seated Quarter: 1853 (VG)

254        Liberty Seated Quarter: 1862 (F)

255        Liberty Seated Quarter: 1877 (VF)

256        George Washington One Dollar: 2007, missing edge lettering, mint error (NGC MS65)

257        Jefferson Two Dollar Note: series 1917 (Spielman-White) (VG)

258        Lincoln Five Dollar Silver Certificate: series 1934-D, (Clark-Snyder) (AU)

259        Hamilton Ten Dollar National Currency: series 1929, (1st National Bank of Pittsburgh, PA), (VF)

260        Hamilton Ten Dollar Silver Certificate: series 1934-A (Julian-Morganthal), (VF)

261        Chambersburg & Bedford Turnpike Road Company Two Dollar: 1818 (VG)

262        Standing Liberty Quarter: 1917, variation 1, (VF-XF)

263        Standing Liberty Quarter: 1930 (F)

264        Washington Quarter: 1932-D (G-VG)

265        Columbian Exposition Half Dollar: 1893 (XF)

266        Monroe Doctrine Centennial Half Dollar: 1923-S (VF-XF)

267        Stone Mountain Commemorative Half Dollar: 1925 (VF+)

268        Booker T. Washington Commemorative Half Dollar: 1947 (XF-AU)

269        Carver/Washington Commemorative Half Dollar: 1952 (AU)

270        Two Dollar Confederate Note: second series, June 2, 1862, #29837, Richmond, T-43 Judah Benjamin (Fair)

271        Five Dollar Confederate Note: September 2, 1861, #148144, Richmond, T-36 ceres on cotton bale (Fair)

272        Five Dollar Confederate Note: September 2, 1861, #48109, Richmond, T-37 sailor/bales of cotton (VG)

273        Ten Dollar Confederate Note: September 2, 1861, #8244, Richmond, T-28 ceres & commerce (VG)

274        Twenty Dollar Confederate Note: February 17, 1861, #90944, Richmond, T-69 Nashville Tennessee capitol, series 4/1 (G)

275        Fifty Dollar Confederate Note: February 17, 1861, #43052, Richmond, T-66 Jefferson Davis, 1st series (F)

276        Morgan Silver Dollar: 1900-O (MS)

277        Morgan Silver Dollar: 1901-O (XF)

278        Morgan Silver Dollar: 1902-O (XF)

279        Large Cent: 1849 (F)

280        Roosevelt Dime: 1955-D (PCC MS68)

281        Roosevelt Dime: 2001-S (Proof)

282        Bar Cent: (XF)

283        (5) Error Coins: (2) Lincoln cents; (2) Roosevelt dimes; Jefferson nickel

284        (2) Rolls Westward Journey Nickels: 2005-P&D, (mint rolls)

285        Roll Lincoln Cents: 1960-D, small date (UNC)

286        Canadian Cents: (1) roll

287        Washington One Dollar Silver Certificate: series 1935-C (VF)

288        (2) Washington One Dollar Silver Certificates: series 1935-D, E (F)

289        Washington One Dollar Silver Certificate: series 1935-F (F-VF)

290        Piggy Bank: full of coins

291        (11) Bicentennial First Day Covers w/Medals: (5) 1973; (6) 1976

292        (13) Bicentennial First Day Covers w/Medals: 1974

293        (15) Bicentennial First Day Covers w/Medals: 1975

294        (8) Bicentennial First Day Covers: 1972

295        (13) Bicentennial Medals in Sealed Packs: (2) 1972; (3) 1973; 1974; (7) 1975

296        (21) Bicentennial Medals in Cases: American Revolution

297        (12) Harley-Davidson Pins: assorted, in display sleeve

298        (2) Lights: #71 Lionel lamp post, box damage; #430 miniature street light, H&H, box damage

299        Assorted Lot: (2) John Alden advertising pocket knives; Wright & Co. advertising pocket knife; World Radio Lab advertising ruler; Martha Custis Chapter #342 masonic tape measure; Nascar kids Earnhardt wrist watch in case; Dale Earnhardt #3 pocket watch w/chain, in box

300        Swiss Army Pocket Watch: image wrist watch seal of the President of the US, no box 


1b           Frederick County Land and Estate Deeds: late 1700s-early 1800s, over 100 items

2b          Railroad Stock Certificates: most 1900s, few 1800s, many others, 75+ items

3b          Civil War Paper: some Gettysburg, 20 items

4bTraylot Paper and Ads: photos, valentines, etc.

5b          Memoirs: Sherman, Gen. W.T., 1892, maps, 2 vols.

6b          Resurvey of the Maryland - PA Boundary of Mason-Dixon Line: 1909, large fold out map and one in pocket, binding is loose

7b          Atlantic Salmon Fishing: Phair, C., 1937, Derrydale Press, illus., limited edition, review copy in d.w.

8b          North American Shadows: Foreman, H., 1952, signed

9b          History of Little Cove: Foreman, H., 1967, signed

10b        (2) Harry Foreman Books: Amberson Valley, 1968, signed; Fort Loudon, 1970, signed

11b        (2) History Books: Fort Loudon, Foreman, H., 1970, signed; First Rebel, Swanson, N., 1937, illus.

12b        (3) History Books: History of Greencastle, Conrad, W.P., 1971, signed; History of Chambersburg, Hutton, A.J., 1930; History of Monroe County PA, Keller, P.B.

13b        History and Directory of the Boroughs of Adams County: 1880

14b        Assorted Books: (6) titles, Garis, H., all in d.w., 1930s; Cock the Mouse and Little Red Hen, Piper, W., 1928; Our Gang; Donald Dave, Stone, R., many color plates

15b        (3) History Books: Political Text Book for 1860; Slavery in the Territories, 186; Through Five Administrations, Gerry, M., 1910; + (2) others

16b        Assorted History Books: History of the Cumberland Valley PA, Donehoo, G., vol. 1, 1930; PA Volunteers, Bates, S., vol. 5; East Broad Top Railroad; + (1) other

17b        (4) Family History Books: Jolliffe Family of VA, reprint, 1/150; Valentine Hollingsworth Descendants; Jacobite Family; In and Around the Loop, Hutton, J., (4)

18b        (5) Genealogy Books: Land Grants of Madison County VA; 1790 Census of VA; King William County Cemeteries; Stafford County VA Census; VA Wills Before 1799

19b        (13) Genealogy Books: Lancaster County Virginia Wills, 1959; Marriages of Northumberland County VA; Marriages of Old Rappahannock and Essex County VA; Marriages of Louisa County VA; + (9) others in wraps

20b        (11) Genealogy Books: Orange County VA Will Book, 3 vols.; Virginia Land Grants; + (7) others in wraps

21b        (6) Genealogy Books: Frederick County VA Deed Books; Hopewell Friends History, Frederick County VA, 2 vols.; Shenandoah Valley Pioneers History of Frederick County VA; + (2) others

22b        (11) Genealogy Books: Fauquier County VA; Augusta County VA; Madison County VA; Clarke County VA; Culpeper County VA

23b        (6) Genealogy Books: Old New Kent County, Harris, M., 1977, 2 vols., Culpeper County VA; Loudon County VA; Louisa County VA; + (1) other

24b        (3) History Books: Culpeper, A History, Scheel, E., 1982; Churches of Culpeper VA, Thomas, A.; + (3) others

25b        (5) History Books: High in Old Virginia's Piedmont, Gott, J., 1887, signed, dw; (2) Fauquier County VA; History of Madison County VA; History of Rappahannock VA

26b        (5) History Books: Frederick county VA History, Ebert, R.; German Element in Shenandoah Valley, Wayland, J.; History of Orange County VA; Gordonville VA History; + (1) other

27b        (3) History Books: When War Passed This Way, Conran, W., 1982, dw, singed, inscribed, 1st ed.; Irwins and Harrsons , Bowers, D., dw, signed; Mercersburg in War Times, Harbaugh, signed

28b        Glory Land: Conrad, W., 1983, signed

29b        (11) Civil War Books: Encounter at Hanover, dw; JEB Stuart books; others

30b        Report of the Post Office and Post Roads: 1835, rebound

31b        (17) History Books: History of Virginia and Area; some HR and wraps, some signed

32b        (5) History Books: Robert Dinwiddie, Koontz, L., 1941, illus., fold out map; Handgun Stopping Power, Marshall, E., 1992, dw; + (3) others

33b        (4) Local History Books: Fort Loudon Sidelights, Foreman, H., 1970, signed; History of Grindstone Hill; Recollections of Chambersburg, Cooper, J. + (1) other

34b        Old English China: Hodgson, W., 1913

35b        (3) Antiquarian Books: German Prayer, London, 1853, letter w/description; German Psalms/Hymns, references church in Chambersburg, 1860, leather binding loose; Lieber Gamlung, PA 1814, leather w/clasps

36b        Beers History of Franklin County PA: 1887, illus., 1/4 leather, little loose

37b        Medical Men of Franklin County: Thrush, A., 1928

38b        Civil War Books: PA at Gettysburg, 1904, illus., 2 vols.; PA at Chickamauga and Chattanooga, 1897, illus., 3 vols., 1/4 leather

39b        Great Invasion: Hoke, J., 1888, illus.

40b        Light of Parnell: Appel, J., 1916

41b        (2) Woodworking Books: Craftsmen of Franklin County PA, Bowers, W., 1984, signed; Carpenters and Joiners Notes, Bowers, W., 1990

42b        Men of Mark of Cumberland Valley: Nevin, A., 1876, illus.

43b        (2) Local History Books: Notes on Franklin County History, Finafrock, J., 1942; Medical Men of Franklin County PA, Thrush, A., 1928, binding loose

44b        Royer Family in America: Francis, J.G., ND, illus.

45b        (2) Family History Books: Huber-Hoover Family History, Hoover, H., 1928; Rotz Family, Miller, R.

46b        (7) History Books: History of Old River Brethren (2 copies); + others on Brethren and Presbyterians, etc.

47b        Reminiscences of The War: Hoke, J., 1884

48b        Atlas of Franklin County PA: 1868, color, binding loose

49b        Beers History of Franklin County PA: 1887, illus.

50b        Poetical Works of Henry W. Longfellow: 1881, illus., 2 vols., large, leather

51b        (6) Civil War Books: Andersonville, McElroy, J., 1899, 2 vols., wraps; Civil War in the U.S., Schmucker, S., 1865; + (3) others

52b        (7) Local History Books: Kittochtinny Papers, vols. 9, 10, 11, 13 (2 copies), 15, + vol 9 hardbound

53b        Holy Bible: 1891, raised binding, leather

54b        (6) Local History Books: Old Mercersburg, 1949 & 1987 (5 copies); Education in Mercersburg, Klein, H.M.

55b        Local Pamphlets: Colonial Defenses of Franklin County, 1899; many others, mostly Franklin County, 1800s-1900s

56b        Light of Parnell: Appel, J., 1916

57b        (11) Local History Books: Franklin County History; 1949 Directory; Missing Person, Deadly Pursuit, signed; John Brown; Irwins & the Harrisons; Lemasters; + (5) others

58b        (2) History Books: Our Wester Border, McKnight, C., 1876, binding loose; Life of George Washington, Headley, J.T., 1853

59b        Children's Book: Ten Little Colored Boys, Henry Gonder, 1942, illus.

60b        (9) Local Books: Pictorial History of Franklin County, vol 1 (3 copies); Missing Person; + (5) others

61b        Martyrs Mirror: Van Bright, T.J., illus., 1886, leather, binding loose

62b        Beers History of Franklin County: 1887, illus.

63b        Beers History of Franklin County: 1887, illus.

64b        (2) Light of Parnell: Appel, J., 1916, illus., 1986 signed, both have loose binding

65b        (2) Family History Books: McCullough family, 1740-1912, illus., 1916, some tears; Meyers family, 1818-1970, w/written updates

66b        (9) Local Books: Reminiscence of Lemasters, Garns, J.A., 1940, illus.; (5) History of Lemasters PA, Etter, E., illus., 25B, 34B; + (3) pamphlets

67b        Beers History of Franklin County: 1887, binding and some pages loose

68b        (3) Civil War Books: Andersonville, McElroy, J., 1899, cover damage and some page damage; Lincoln & Men of War-Times, McClure, A.K., 1892, illus.; I Knew Jesse James, Turilli, R., 1967, illus., paperback

69b        (4) Antiquarian Books: German religious text, 1647, w/morning and evening prayer, some illus., leather loose, binding loose; German Hymnal, 1876, illus., leather bound; German Bible, Sheppards, T., 1762, leather bound, binding has some damage; German Bible, leather bound, binding loose

70b        (3) Books: Diseases of Cattle, 1904, illus.; History of Studebaker Corp. 1852-1923, Ershine, A.R., 1924, illus.; N.Y. Abstracts of Wills, vol 1665-1707, 1892

71b        (2) Local History Books: York & York County, Hawkins, C.A., Landis, H.E., 1901, illus., some loose pages; Notes of Franklin County History, Finafrock, J.L., 1942, illus.

72b        (2) Books: Little Nel, Gough, D., Bard, J., signed, 2000, illus.; The Boys Book of Indian Battles, Alles Brothers, 1860, illus.

73b        Minutes of Montgomery Creamery Co-Op Association: 1899, held at Franklin School House, Montgomery Township, Franklin County

74b        (6) Local Store Ledgers: 1823 Mercersburg, others to 1895

75b        (3) Store Catalogs: Unito, 1912; Pittsburgh Muzzleloader, 1911; Good Cot, 1933 (all have damage)

76b        (2) Local Ledgers: Montgomery Mills

77b        Washington County Store Ledger: 1832, w/witness lists, etc., + other legal notes

78b        (3) Local Ledgers: S. Hoover, 1846; J. Byers, 1847; E. Strite, 1909

79b        (25) Chambersburg & Bedford Turnpike Company Ledgers: Gates at Mountain, McConellsburg, Westend, Bedford, Rayshill, Waverly, St. Thomas, East Everett, 1st Gate West ?, etc., 1800s, mostly report sheets from 1897, 1898, 1900; + handwritten "Rates of Toll" by H. Hill, manager, has been mended

80b        Assorted Lot: local and religious

81b        Assorted Lot: Local papers

82b        (2) Books: World's Fair Art Book, Olschki, Leo S., Men at Work, Varvier, Luanne

83b        (2) Books: History of US, Ridpath, J.C., 1877, illus.; Catalog of Coins, Tokens & Medals, 1912

84b        (2) Books: The PA College Book 1832-1882, Breidenbaugh, E.S.; W.H. Tipton Photos, illus., binding loose, some photos loose

85b        WWII Manual: Aircraft Recognition Pictorial Manual, Aircraft Supplement #1, FM 30-30, 1943

86b        (3) Books on Lincoln: Life on the Circuit with Lincoln, H. Whitney, 1940, DW; Face of Lincoln, J. Mellon, 1979, DW; Words of Lincoln, O. Oldroyd, 1895, illus.

87b        A Reporter's Lincoln: W. Stevens, 1916, 1/600 c

88b        (3) Books on Lincoln: Women Lincoln Loved, W. Barton, 1927; Mary Wife of Lincoln, 1928; Funeral of A. Lincoln, 1865

89b        (5) Books on Lincoln: A. Lincoln, R. Basler, 1946, DW; A. Lincoln, 1902, J. Barret; (3) others on Lincoln

90b        (3) Books on Lincoln: A. Lincoln, C. Bissett, 1923; A. Lincoln, C. Coffin, 1892; Life of A. Lincoln, I. Tarbell, 1896, illus.

91b        (3) Books on Lincoln: Lincoln memorial, O. Oldroyd, 1882; Lincoln and His Cabinet, C. Dana, 1899, 1/500 c.; Speeches of A. Lincoln, 1860

92b        (3) Books on Lincoln: Lincoln, J. Bollinger, 1944, signed; Life of A. Lincoln, T. Holland, 1866; Lincoln's Kalamazoo Address Against Extending Slavery, 1941, DW

93b        (5) Books on Lincoln: A. Lincoln and the Illinois Central Railroad, E. Sunderland, 1955; A. Lincoln, R. Strunksy, 1914; (3) others on Lincoln

94b        (8) Volumes: Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln, 1953 + Index

95b        (6) Volumes: A. Lincoln the War Years and Prairie Years, C. Sandburg

96b        (5) Books on Lincoln: Lincoln's Gettysburg Address, C. Moore, 1927, illus. 1/440 c; History of Lincoln's Springfield, P. Angle, 1950; (3) others on Lincoln

97b        (6) Books on Lincoln: President Lincoln, W. Townsend, 1933, (2) Vols.; Boxed, W. Barton; Life of A. Lincoln, I. Tarbell, 1924, (4) vols.

98b        (3) Books on Lincoln: A. Lincoln, E. Hertz, 1931, (2) Vols, DW; Lincolns and The Lincolns, H. Smith, 1931

99b        (2) Books on Lincoln: Gems of Lincolniana, J. Tirrell, 1965, 1/300 c; A. Lincoln and His Books, W. Barton, 1920

100b     (3) Books on Lincoln: A. Lincoln, J. Hill, 1920; Men of War Times, A.K. McClure, 1892; Memory of President Lincoln, 1865

101b     (4) Books on Lincoln: Lincoln Goes to NY, A. Feeman, 1960, DW; Story of Lincolns Murder, G. Bryan, 1940, DW; Man Who Killed Lincoln, Pr. Storm, 1939; (1) other

102b     (4) Books on Lincoln: Lincoln in Photographs, C. Hamilton, 1963, DW; Photographs of A. Lincoln, F. Meserve, 1944; (2) others about Lincoln

103b     (6) Volumes: Lincoln War Years and Prairie Years, C. Sandburg

104b     Books on Lincoln: A. Lincoln, A. Shaw, 1929, (2) vols; another set; (2) others about Lincoln

105b     (2) Books on Lincoln: Diary of A. Lincoln, M. Scott, 1913; Life of A. Lincoln, G. Bancroft, 1866

106b     Books and Paper: Journeys of A. Lincoln, W. Coffeshall, 1865 (2) copies; (1) other and some paper

107b     (10) Books: Abraham Lincoln

108b     (10) Books: Abraham Lincoln

109b     (11) Books: Abraham Lincoln

110b     (6) Books: Abraham Lincoln

111b     (5) Eric Sloane Books: Reverence for Wood; Diary of An Early American Boy; Museum of Tools, DW, Box; Cracker Barrel; Second Barrel, DW, box

112b     (4) Eric Sloane Books: I Remember America, DW; America's Barns and Covered Bridges; An Age of Barns (2) copies

113b     (5) Eric Sloane Books: America, DW; Legacy, DW; Spirits of 76, DW; America Yesterday, DW; Sketches of America's Past, DW

114b     (5) Eric Sloane Books: Vanishing Landscape, DW; Museum Tools, DW; Diary of Early American Boy, DW; Little Red School House, DW; ABC Book of Early America, DW

115b     Eric Sloane Books: Return to Taos, DW; American Barns & Covered Bridges, DW; Do's and Don'ts, (2) Vols, box; Americana, (3) vols, DW, box; School Days, (2) Vols., box

116b     Eric Sloane Books: Cracker Barrel, DW; Second Barrel, DW, box; ABC Book of Early Americana, DW; Little Red School House, DW; Dairy of An Early American Boy, DW

117b     Eric Sloane Books: Almanac & Weather Forecaster, DW; Folklore of American Weather, DW; Books of Storms, DW; America, DW; Seasons of America's Past, DW; Weather Book, DW

118b     Eric Sloane Books: School Days, (2) Vols, box; Americana, (3) Vols, DW, Box; Spirits of '76, DW; Sketches of America Past, DW; America, DW

119b     Eric Sloane Books: Cracker Barrel, DW; Second Barrel, DW, Box; Return to Taos, DW; Museum of Tools, (2) copies, DW; Legacy, DW

120b     Eric Sloane Books: I Remember America, 71, 1st, DW; Age of Barns, DW; America's Barns and Covered Bridges, DW; (1) other wraps

121b     Eric Sloane Books: Museum of Tools, (6 copies, 4 in DW)

122b     Eric Sloane Books: For Spacious Skies, 1st, DW; Clouds, Air and Wind, (2 copies, 1 is 1st edition); Weather Book, DW; Almanac, DW; (2) others in wraps

123b     Eric Sloane Books: I Remember America, DW; Eighty, 85, 1st, DW; Natural History of Barns, Bound; (2) others in wraps

124b     Eric Sloane Books: Diary of An American Boy, DW; Museum of Tools, DW; Cracker Barrel, 1st, DW; Second Barrel, DW

125b     Eric Sloane Signed Book: Look at the Sky, 1970, DW

126b     Eric Sloane 1st Edition: Museum of Early American Tools, 1964, DW

127b     Eric Sloane Books: Recollections, 78, DW; ABC Book of Early Americana, 1st, DW; Diary of Early American Boy, DW

128b     Eric Sloane Books: Seasons of America Past, 58, 1stm DW; Sound of Bells, 66, 1st, DW; Book of Bells, 64, 1st, DW

129b     Eric Sloane Books: American Barns & Covered Bridges, DW; Vanishing Landscape; DW; America Yesterday, DW, box; Museum of Tools, DW; Spirits of 76, DW; Do's and Don'ts, 2 in box; (4) in wraps, box

130b     Eric Sloane Books: Eighty, 85, 1st, DW; Recollections, 78, 1st, DW; Diary of Early American Boy, 62, DW

131b     Eric Sloane: Age of Barns, 1st, DW, signed

132b     Eric Sloane Books: Museum of Tools, DW, (3) copies; Cracker Barrel, DW; Spirits of 76, DW; (3) others

133b     Eric Sloane: Folklore of American Weather, 63, 1st, Dw; Look at the Sky, 61, 1st

134b     (3) Books: Cracker Barrel, 1st, DW; Second Barrel, DW; Museum of Tools, DW; Eric Sloane Bibliography, D. Mawdsley, wraps

135b     Eric Sloane Books: Vanishing Landscape, 55, 1st, DW; Recollections, 1st, DW; Second Barrel, DW

136b     Eric Sloane Books: Museum of Tools, DW (3 copies); Spirits of 76, DW (3 copies); (1) other in wraps

137b     Eric Sloane: Seasons of America's Past; 58, 1st, DW, signed

138b     Eric Sloane: Diary of an Early American Boy, 62, 1st, DW; Reverence for Wood, 65, 1st, DW

139b     Eric Sloane Books: Vanishing Landscape, 1st, DW; Mr. Daniels & the Grange, 68, DW; Sound of Bells, 1st, DW

140b     Eric Sloane: Seasons of America's Past; 58, 1st, DW, drawing and signed

141b     Eric Sloane Books: Vanishing Landscape, DW, 1st; Cracker Barrel, 1st, DW; Museum of Tools, 1st, DW

142b     (3) Books: Weather Book, DW; Your Wings, A. Jordanoff; (1) wraps

143b     Eric Sloane Books: Museum of Tools, 1st, DW; Cracker Barrel, 1st, DW; Weather Book, DW 


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