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Vintage Toys, GI Joe, Redline Hot Wheels & More!

Sat Feb 11 - 10:00AM

643 Kriner Road, Chambersburg, PA Click to Map

Gateway Gallery Auction Inc.

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License: AH001982

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Public Auction In-Person & Online

Vintage Toys, Redline Hot Wheels, GI Joe & More

Will sell at GATEWAY GALLERY AUCTION located at 643 Kriner Rd, Chambersburg, PA on:

Saturday, February 11 at 10 AM

TOYS: (471) Cataloged lots including sealed 1960s Redlines in blister packs; Johnny Lightening in blister packs; Hot Wheels in blister packs; Matchbox in orig. packs; Aurora Cigarbox w/orig. boxes; Hot Wheels Rrrumblers Mean Mountain w/orig. box; 1960s GI Joe action figures in orig. box; GI Joe outfits in orig. packaging; vintage model kits (many NIB); Mattel Sizzlers Road Chase set in org. box & other Mattel matchbox play sets; Corgi & Dinky toys; Johnny Lighting Mechanics Garage w/orig. box….too much to list. Complete catalog listing below

UNCATALOGED: Large number of uncataloged traylots of toys including race car parts, track, miniature toys, empty toy boxes, modern Hot Wheels and much more.

AUCTIONEER’S NOTE: Great vintage toys including New Old Stock (NOS), New in Box (NIB), and unused. Online requests for condition reports must be made prior to auction day. Cataloged items begin promptly at 10 AM. Uncataloged traylots sold after catalog items - no online bidding for uncataloged traylots. Complete catalog online - Printed catalog upon request. Stream online bidding through our website OR Invaluable/AuctionZip.

Preview Friday, February 10 from 3 – 5 PM

TERMS: Cash. Visa/MC/Discover accepted. In house bidders & online bidders using our website subject to 15% buyer’s premium discounted to 10% for cash or approved check. Invaluable/Auction Zip bidders subject to 20% buyer’s premium discounted 15% for cash or approved check. HiBid bidders (online through HiBid is absentee bidding only) subject to 15% buyer's premium discounted to 10% for cash or approved check. Absentee and pre-bids accepted. Statements made day of sale take precedence. 

CONDITION & GRADING NOTE: All items sold as-is, where-is, with no guarantee. Buyers are responsible to satisfy themselves as to condition of items. Every effort will be made to assist bidders, however YOU are the sole judge of condition.

 1             (4) Aurora Plastic Snowmobiles: Ski-Bob, used, some discoloration on chrome flashed plastic

2             (6) Matchbox: (3) Matchbox 900, TP-19, TP-26, TP-29; (3) Matchbox Hitch 'n Haul, 01-03-29, 01-03-32, 01-03-07 (in blister packs)

3             (6) Matchbox Two Packs: TP-11, TP-12, TP-13, TP-14, (2) TP-15 (in blister packs)

4             (7) Korris Kars: (2) '56 Classic Bird; (3) Corvette Sting Ray; (2) Turbine Racer (in blister packs)

5             (8) Korris Kars: (3) '56 Classic T'Bird; Turbine Racer; (2) Ford Lotus; Corvette Sting Ray; "Twister" Hot Rod (in blister packs, pack windows have cracks)

6             (3) Mattel Thingmakers: (2) Creepy Crawlers; Mini Dragons Maker

7             (5) Aurora Speedline: (2) flexible track; roller bumps; sling shot starters

8             Aurora 2 in 1 Criss Cross Race Set: #6905 in original box, box has some damage, cars are in box

9             Johnny Lightning Stunt Track: in original box, box shows some wear, #4001-0011

10          SSP 4-N-1 Racing Set: #36901, box has been opened, some wear on box, complete

11          Johnny Lightning 5-Jump Set: box has been opened, car in box, box has wear, #4021-0011

12          Aurora Cigarbox City Speed Track: #6432, used, box shows some damage

13          Sizzlers Laguna Oval Set: #65129, Japan, box opened, car shows use, box has some minor staining

14          Mattel Hot Birds: (4) Hot Birds Flight Deck, #6069, in original box, unopened; (4) Hot Birds Planes, cloud hopper, star grazer, ski gull, marching bird, all in blister packs, some packs show cracks and some cardboard loss

15          (4) Space Models: (2) Apollo Spacecraft, Revell; Star Trek Space Ship Set, AMT; Space Buggy, Monogram (boxes opened, but contents appear complete)

16          (2) SSP World's Fastest Big Racers: #8970, missing one stabilizer; #8950 (both in orig. boxes)

17          (4) Johnny Lightning Stunt Track: curved track set; loop the loop; (2) straight track sets (boxes unopened)

18          (3) Johnny Lightning Tracks: single drag strip with timer, box opened; single drag strip, w/car, box sealed; jet powered speed track, box sealed

19          (5) Hot Wheels Sizzlers: fat track scramble-start; fat track post pak; giro della morte; ricaricatore; sizzlers II super charger (all boxes opened)

20          Johnny Express Troop Carrier: Topper Toys, appears complete, box opened

21          (5) Foreign Hot Wheels: nonstop doppel-s-kurve und servobiemse; super-tankstelle; doppel-blitz-starter; gt super rennmotor; nonstop tankstelle (all boxes have some damage and are opened)

22          (2) Monogram Models: S'cool Bus, #6781, not assembled, open boxes

23          Jo-Han Model: Chrysler Corporation Turbine Car, #GC300-200, not assembled, box opened, box shows some wear

24          Monogram Model: 1958 Ford Thunderbird, #PC89-198, in sealed pack, some of pack is loose in box, box shows some wear

25          Monogram Model: Red Baron, #PC205-170, shrink wrapped, some shrink wrap is loose

26          (4) Cragston Wild Wings: PBY Catalina; Douglas AS-DC3; Spirit of St. Louis; Ford Tri Motor (all in blister packs, one pack is loose)

27          (10) Cragston Wild Wings: including Beechcraft Super 18; Vickers VC-10; British Spitfire; Sopwith Camel; Boeing 727 Whisperjet; Boeing 707; Russian MIG-21; British Buccaneer; Israeli Mirage; Japanese Zero (all in blister packs)

28          Mattel Sizzlers: Ontario pista larga, #5605, appears complete, box opened

29          (4) Monogram Models: Hellcat; Dauntless; Helldiver; Avenger (models not assembled, all boxes opened)

30          (4) Monogram Models: Hellcat; Wildcat; Corsair; Catalina (models not assembled, all boxes opened)

31          (3) Monogram Models: Piper Tri-Pacer; Douglas DC-3; Goshawk F11C-2 (boxes shrink wrapped)

32          (3) Thingmakers: Fun Flowers maker pak, sealed; (2) Thingmaker Machines, boxes opened

33          (7) Models: Curtiss Helldiver; Super Sabre; Albatross; Bearcat; De Havilland; Douglas; Kitty Hawk (unassembled, boxes opened, some boxes have damage)

34          (28) Johnny Toymaker Kits: (2) truck molds; (14) motorized chassis; (3) motorized boat; (3) speed accessories; Jaguar XKE accessory; fire engine; Mustang; truck (most boxes opened, some have damage)

35          (8) Aurora Cigarbox Cars: Stingray #6101; Ferrari Berlinetta #6102; Ford GT #6105; Ford J #6104; Lola GT #6106; Dino Ferrari #6111; Chaparral #6114; McLaren Elva #6117 (all in boxes)

36          (5) Aurora Cigarbox Cars: Mako Shark #6103; Toronado #6108; Thunderbird #6110; Dino Ferrari #6111; Formula 1 Ferrari #6122 (all in boxes)

37          (5) Aurora Cigarbox Cars: Toronado #6108; (2) Riviera #6109; Thunderbird #6110; Mustang Convertible #6118 (all in boxes)

38          (3) Aurora Cigarbox Cars: Thunderbird #6110; (2) Camaro #6115, one has rough box (all in boxes)

39          (4) Matchbox Superfast: (3) SF2 loop sets; SF1 speed set (boxes opened)

40          (4) Matchbox Superfast: SF3 curve & space leap set; (2) SF4 double loop race set; SF5 double track race set (all have cars, in boxes)

41          (5) Assorted Cars: Tonka telephone truck; Dinky Bell police Helicopter; Tot friction car, Japan in; (2) Ideal Mini Motorific, Plymouth GTX, Ferrari Special (all in boxes)

42          (12) Marx Mini Blazers: Jaguar #1; Wrecker Truck #4; Jeep #2; Ford GT #8; (2) Chaparral #3; (3) Porsche; (3) Jeep #2 (all in blister packs)

43          (9) Mini Marx Racers: (4) 500 type double blister packs; (3) 500 type single blister packs; (2) 500 type bag packs

44          (7) Assorted Cars: Electric Whiz King motorized #114; Tootsie toy rodeo cowboys #2825; Edison Fokker DR1 1917, #1102; Mini Marx Porsche, pack cut off (all in orig. packages)

45          (27) Aurora Speedline: all barrel jumps, #6876, all in sealed packs

46          (12) Mini Marx Blazers: (4) Porsche; (4) Jeep; (2) Jaguar; Ford GT; Chaparral (in blister packs)

47          (12) Mini Marx Blazers: (3) Jeep; (3) Porsche; (3) Chaparral; Jaguar; Ford GT; Wrecker Truck (in blister packs)

48          Clipper Crazy Racers: "CE Beuk Bug Buggem", VW Beetle w/decals, in orig. box

49          (2) Toy Guns: Safety Dart Gun Set, Knickerbocker, in orig. box, box has some staining; Zebra automatic pistol, Rayline, w/extra pack of ammo, in orig. pack

50          GI Joe Action Soldier Accessory: duffle bag 7523x120, w/manual & label on front, Hasbro, 1964, sealed

51          GI Joe Action Soldier Accessory: mess kit 7509x100, w/manual & label on front, Hasbro, 1964, pack has small tear in wrapper at bottom, otherwise sealed

52          GI Joe Action Soldier Accessory: tent camouflage 7511x100, w/manual, label on front, 1964, sealed"

53          GI Joe Action Soldier Accessory: helmet set 7507x100, w/manual, label on front, 1964, Hasbro, sealed

54          GI Joe Action Soldier Accessory: helmet and small arms 7526x120, manual, label on front, Hasbro, 1964, sealed

55          GI Joe Action Soldier Accessory: machine gun 7514x120, manual, label on front, Hasbro, 1964, pack has small tear in wrapper at bottom, otherwise sealed

56          (3) Toy Guns: Li'l Cowboy double holster gun set; Reliable Bird Target Game; Park's Fanner Dart 'n Cap Gun (all in orig. packaging)

57          (7) Assorted Toys: Popeye road repair trucks; Popeye shore patrol set; Miniature Motorboats; Coast to Coast Airline Railway; Cars & Trucks; + one other (all in orig. packaging)

58          (6) Assorted Toys: (3) Ringo target boats, packaging is torn on all; (2) Kellogg's motorized fireboats; snowmobile (all in orig. packaging)

59          Mattel Shootin' Shells & Box: display box, 1958, box has minor wear and creasing; pack w/shells, 1958, sealed

60          (3) Johnny Eagle Packs: rifle cartridges; magumba rifle bullets; rifle bullet tips (all in orig. packaging)

61          (3) Mattel Bullet Paks: #637, 8-all metal play bullets, sealed"

62          (7) Foreign Hot Wheels: Gran Primio Della Montagna, no cars, box opened; Todesfahrer-Kreuzung; Rrennplite; Zwei Steilkurven; Todes-Spiralie (all w/boxes)

63          (17) Matchbox Superfast Cars: mod rod; Jeep hot rod; gruesome twosome; baja buggy; iso grifo; beach buggy; (2) guildsman 1; capri; (2) police car; (2) pininfarina; fire chief car; slingshot; (2) carabo (all w/boxes)

64          (7) Matchbox Cars: GMC tipper truck; fire pumper truck; Merriweather fire engine; Lamborghini mora p400; Ford group 6; Mercedes 300 se coupe; pininfarina (all w/boxes, some boxes have damage)

65          (5) Matchbox Cars: (2) streakers, include harry hustler, alfa carabo; (5) rolamatics, include piston popper, badger, fandango, hot rocker; turbo fury (all w/boxes)

66          (25) Matchbox Superfast Cars: includes boat & trailer; setra coach; (6) foden concrete trucks; (2) freeman inter-city commuter; 8-wheel crane; formula 1 racing car; draguar; iron fairy crane; (3) pony trailer; (2) Dodge dumper truck; unimog; 8-wheel tipper; (2) daf girder truck; dodge crane truck; Porsche 910 (all w/boxes, some boxes have damage)

67          (11) Matchbox A Moko Lesney Cars: including roller; dennis fire engine; cement mixer; Austin A50; karrier bantam 2-ton; saracen carrier; Morris J2 pickup; Army ambulance; scammell breakdown truck; flat bed trailer; WH; bedford tipper tuck (all w/boxes, some boxes have damage)

68          (41) Matchbox Superfast Cars: hairy hustler; AMX javelin; flying bug; fork lift truck; the landrover; hondarora; road dragster; Lamborghini marzal; rod roller; mod tractor; big banger; Lamborghini countach; racing mini; volks dragon; Maserati bora; Datsun 126X; soopa coopa; stingerod; siva spyder; tyer fryer; dragon wheels; Ford group 6; stretcha fetcha ambulance; pi-eyed piper; chop suey; articulated truck; citroen SM; Dodge Charger MK3; tanzada; woosh n push; blue shark; freeway gas tanker; Saab sonett III; Mazda RX 500; jumbo jet; hoovercraft; toe joe (all w/boxes, some boxes have damage)

69          (36) Matchbox Superfast Cars: mercedes truck; mercedes trailer; stake truck; lotus europa; (4) dodge wreck truck; iso grifo; (3) horse box; volkswagen camper; rolls royce silver shadow; ford cortina GT; GMC tipper truck; mack dump truck; (3) lincoln continental; open diplomat; (2) cattle truck; ford GT; refrigerator truck; (5) daf tipper container truck; dodge charger MK III; cadillac ambulance; BMC 1800 pinifarina; trailer caravan; daf girder truck; office site truck (all w/boxes, some boxes are damaged)

70          (36) Matchbox Superfast Cars: (4) Dodge wreck truck; iso grifo; (2) horse box; (4) Lincoln Continental; (2) cattle truck; Ford GT; (5) daf tipper container truck; Landrover truck; office site truck; Greyhound coach; (13) grit spreader; standard Jeep (all w/boxes, some boxes have damage)

71          (38) Matchbox Cars in Carrying Case: cars include coach, grit spreader truck; E type Jaguar; Chevrolet Impala taxi; ippax refuse collector; Dodge wreck truck; commer bottle float; Mack dump tuck; Studebaker; Lark wagonare; Claas combine harvester; s&s Cadillac ambulance; Mustang; Mercedes 300SE; jumbo crane; refuse truck; Rolls Royce silver shadow; MG 1100; Triumph T110; Ford Corsair; scammell snow plow; Aveling-Barfrod tractor shovel; Jeep; tractor shovel; Case tractor; Ferrari; pipe truck; Landrover Safari; Mercedes truck; STE hut truck; snow-trac; Lotus; Mercedes trailer; Volkswagon camper; Landrover fire truck; trailer caravan; 1911 Renault; Foden cement mixer; Foden IST sugar container (some cars have paint loss)

72          Matchbox Truck: car transporter M-8, Farnborough Measham Car Auction Collection, NIB

73          (3) Matchbox Cars: Ford Zephyr 6, #33; Volkswagen; #34; commer pickup MKVIII, #50, box has damage (all w/boxes)

74          (3) Matchbox Cars: hillman minx, #43; commer pickup MKVIII, #50; wolseley 1500, #57 (all w/boxes)

75          (3) Matchbox Cars: Muir Hill dumper, #2; Caterpillar tractor, #8; Pontiac convertible, #39 (all w/boxes, some boxes have damage)

76          (10) Zylmex Dart Wheels Cars: Porsche; Fortuna; hurricane; tornado; chaparral; Lotus Ford F1; repco; Ferrari; one other (in blister packs, some are opened, some have damage)

77          (9) Efsi Cars: Landrover police; Mercedes shell; (2) Ford transit sernam express; (2) Porsche 911-S; BRM; Brabham; Lotus (all in blister packs)

78          Efsi Revwheels Cars: Citroen dyane; (4) T-Ford 1910; (3) T-Ford 1919; (2) Ford transit; Citroen break; Mercedes; (2) Ford transit; Mercedes 28 OSL; (2) Porsche 911-S; Mercedes 250SE coupe; BMW 2000CS; (2) race cars (all in blister packs)

79          (4) Thingmakers: (2) creepy crawlers, (1) missing two molds, (1) missing goop; fun flowers; fighting men (all opened and used)

80          (2) Aurora Flashback Racing Sets: (1) set has cars, both sets are used and boxes show wear/damage

81          (3) Sizzlers Fat Track Big "O" Race Sets: (1) set complete; (2) sets missing cars, all boxes are open and have some damage

82          (10) Mattel Plastigoop: in sealed packs, some packs have cardboard creasing and tears

83          (7) Thingmaker Molds: (3) creepy crawlers; creeple peeple; fun flowers; (2) pfiffikus, German (all sealed packs, some cardboard has minor damage)

84          (2) Thingmaker Accessory Kits: Tarzan; Superman (both have minor wear to packaging, both packs sealed)

85          Thingmaker Accessory Kit: Skeletons, pack is sealed, some minor bends in cardboard

86          (4) Aurora Race Sets: xlerators flying eight, w/cars; (2) 2 in 1 stunt & drag race set (w/boxes, boxes show wear/discoloration)

87          Mattel Hot Wheels Factory: hot wheels factory missing pusher, stick, brush, paint, 2-way helper, open, used, box has damage; indy trail plus pak, missing (1) mold, unused, box open

88          Assorted Toys: Mattel Western World Injector, w/ (8) molds, directions, used, not complete; vac-u-form airplanes, unopened; bottle of Liqua-bug, unopened; Fighting Men plastigoop, sealed

89          Hot Wheels Sizzlers: (21) assorted cars, all used, w/ (4) empty packs, parts; high-winder, unused; power pak; power pit (all boxes open, have some wear)

90          (6) Zoomer-Boomers: silly slick gift set, unused; (2) power boosters, appears to be unused; quick change, NIB; hot rod, NIB; motor case, used, no box

91          (2) Ducati Hot Wheels: both 996SPS, 1:10 scale, NIB

92          (5) Hot Wheels Cases: collector's race case, stores (48) cars; (2) rally cases, stores (12) cars, one case missing decal; (2) super rally cases, stores (24) cars (all appear to be used)

93          (5) Car Cases: (2) Johnny Lightning, each holds (15) cars, one has cracks; (2) Mattel miniature cars carrying cases, one has some damage; Matchbox home display case

94          (2) Aurora Speedline Sets: 2 in 1 stunt & drag race set, unused, boxes opened, some damage to boxes

95          Snowmobile Competition Racing Set: Eldon, has snowmobiles, missing trees, box has damaged and is taped, used

96          Mattel Sizzlers Road Chase Set: no cars, opened, box has wear

97          Hot Wheels Rrrumblers Set: Mean Mountain, no motorcycles, opened

98          Hot Wheels Road Trials Set: complete, used, box has some damage

99          (3) Corgi: The Flintstones, Fred's Flyer, Barney's Buggy, Wilma's Coupe, in blister packs

100        Space: 1999 Model: alpha moonbase, Fundimensions, shrink wrapped, wrap is torn

101        (3) Race Sets: Trik-Trak Road Rally; Mini Motorific Speed Trial; SSP flying finish action set (all boxes open and have some damage)

102        (6) Mattel Sizzlers: (2) fat track curve paks; (2) fat track strip paks; stunt loop pak; fat track scramble start (all boxes have some damage)

103        (3) Race Tracks: Johnny Lightning curved track set; Matchbox Superfast SF3 curve and space leap set; SF2 loop set (all boxes have some damage)

104        (7) Mattel Hot Wheels Tracks: gran toros speed strip set; 'chute pak; gran toros racing pak; hot wheels hot strip track super pak; hot strip track pak; danger changer 2-pak; hot wheels hot strip pack (all boxes show some damage)

105        (5) Hot Wheels Accessory Paks: half curve; full curve; trestle; alzapista; il giro della morte (all boxes show some damage)

106        (2) Johnny Toymaker Sets: starter set; triple track set, missing guide pins (both used)

107        Marx Sets & Accessories: super speedway action set, box has damage, used, complete; (2) instant speedway action set, box damage, used; drag strip, box is taped, complete, unused; loop the loop speedway, box damaged, complete; looping rennbahn, box damaged, complete; clover leaf 10"", w/Mercury, NOS, box is taped; big curve super booster speedway, opened, NOS, box has damage and is taped

108        Mattel Play Pak & Thingmaker: super thingmaker, opened, unused, box has some damage; fun flowers playpak, opened, unused, one piece missing, some box damage

109        (2) Matchbox Motorway: #12 motorway, NIB, sealed; #12 motorway, opened, complete

110        Heisse Rader: Ontario, w/cars, NOS, opened, some box damage

111        (3) Hot Wheels: stunt action sets, w/sealed boxes

112        (4) Car Sets: Johnny Lightning power compressor, Topper Toys, opened, NOS; (2) Johnny Lightning super loop sets, Topper Toys, used, complete; Park-A-Matic, Questor, #7000, opened, NOS

113        Hot Wheels: pop-up service station, w/car, small crack at turn button in plastic

114        (8) Hot Wheels: 1968-1975, 30 years limited edition, in boxes

115        (8) Hot Wheels: 1968-1975, 30 years limited edition, in boxes

116        (22) Johnny Lightning Cars: assorted

117        (6) Johnny Lightning Cars: all redlines

118        (11) Mini Marx Super Speed Cars: (3) Ford GT; (2) Camaro; (2) Jaguar; (2) Uno Ferrari; Volkswagen; Ford J (all w/boxes)

119        (4) Marx Electric Lightrucks: bulldog tanker; dump truck; fire truck; + 1 other (all have some box roughness)

120        (3) Aurora Kits: speedline hop-up kits

121        (6) Marx Blazers: (2) mini marx blazers, in sealed pack, 1 pack has torn plastic; (4) champion brade blazers, includes Jaguar, Ford GT, Ford J, Lola GT (in blister packs, some damage to cardboard)

122        Space: 1999 Action Figure: Doctor Russell, in orig. packaging, cardboard has some tear at top and bends, partially opened at bottom, tape on back

123        The Rookies Action Figures & Car: Terry, Chris, Mike, all in orig. boxes; official police car, in orig. packaging

124        Hot Wheels Redline: Grand Prix series, Lotus Turbine, in blister pack

125        Hot Wheels Redline: Grand Prix series, Porsche 917, in blister pack (cardboard creased)

126        Hot Wheels Redline: Grand Prix series, Ferrari 312P, in blister pack (cardboard creases, plastic cracked)

127        Hot Wheels Redline: Grand Prix series, Brabham Repco F1, in blister pack (plastic cracked)

128        Hot Wheels Redline: Grand Prix series, Lotus Turbine, in blister pack (plastic cracked)

129        Hot Wheels Redline: Splittin' Image, in blister pack (plastic cracked)

130        Hot Wheels Redline: 57 'Bird Classic, in blister pack

131        Hot Wheels Redline: Custom Corvette, in blister pack

132        Hot Wheels Redline: Silhouette, in blister pack (creases, tears, plastic cracked)

133        Hot Wheels Redline: Torero, in blister pack (creased)

134        Hot Wheels Redline: The Spoilers, Evil Weevil, in blister pack (cardboard split on bottom left corner)

135        Hot Wheels Redline: The Spoilers, Heavy Chevy, in blister pack (cardboard split on bottom corners)

136        Hot Wheels Redline: The Heavyweights, Fuel Tanker, in blister pack (roughness and creases)

137        Hot Wheels Redline: The Heavyweights, Team Trailer, in blister pack

138        Hot Wheels Redline: Italian, Lotus Turbine, in blister pack

139        Hot Wheels Redline: California Customs Miniatures, Mutt Mobile, in blister pack (creases, pencil writing on back)

140        Hot Wheels Redline: The Demon, in blister pack (some creases)

141        Hot Wheels Redline: Custom Continental Mark III, in blister pack (plastic cracked)

142        (2) Hot Wheels Redlines: Splittin' Image, in blister pack, one car has engine loose (plastic cracked on one)

143        Hot Wheels Redline: Swingin' Wing, in blister pack (plastic cracked)

144        Hot Wheels Redline: Classic '57 'Bird, in blister pack

145        Hot Wheels Redline: Whip Creamer, in blister pack (plastic cracked)

146        Hot Wheels Redline: Rolls Royce Silver Shadow, in blister pack (plastic cracked, cardboard is rough)

147        Hot Wheels Redline: Twin Mill, in blister pack (plastic cracked, cardboard creased)

148        Hot Wheels Redline: Grand Prix series, Lotus Turbine, in blister pack (plastic cracked)

149        Hot Wheels Redline: Paddy Wagon, in blister pack (cardboard creased)

150        Hot Wheels Redline: Sugar Caddy, in blister pack (plastic cracked, cardboard rough)

151        Hot Wheels Redline: Spittin' Image, in blister pack (plastic cracked)

152        GI Joe Action Figure: Action Marine, 1964, #7700, w/hat, boots, original box, paperwork (some stickers missing)

153        (2) GI Joe Action Marine Equipment: helmet set; communications set (1964, both original packaging, one cellophane ripped and missing helmet sticker)

154        GI Joe Action Figure: Action Marine, 1964, in dress blues, w/rifle, shoes, some paperwork and stickers, no original box

155        (2) GI Joe Action Soldier Equipment: ski patrol, 7527x180; tent camouflage, (both have helmet stickers, both have original packaging)

156        (2) GI Joe Action Soldier Equipment: helmet set; combat sandbags, (both have original packaging, neither have helmet sticker)

157        GI Joe Action Figure: Action Sailor, 1964, #7600, w/hat, shoes, dog tags, original box (stained)

158        GI Joe Action Sailor Accessory: Sea Rescue accessory pack, 1964, cardboard has tears

159        GI Joe Action Sailor Accessory: Life Preserver, 7611x180, 1964, in original packaging

160        GI Joe Action Sailor Accessory: Scuba Tanks, 7606x120, 1964, in original packaging, cellophane has tears

161        GI Joe Action Sailor Accessory: Shore Patrol, 7616x120, 1964, in original packaging, helmet sticker has tear

162        GI Joe Card Game: Whitman, in original cases, one pack is sealed

163        (2) GI Joe Action Soldier Accessories: rain poncho; helmet set, (both in original packaging, neither have helmet sticker)

164        Johnny Eagle Red River Wall Hanging: w/rifle, pistol, and bullets

165        (7) Husky Models: #6; #7; #8; #12; #14; #17; #29 (in blister pack, one has been opened)

166        (27) Bottles Plastigoop: assorted sizes and colors, unused

167        Model: Hasegawa Gruman F6F-3/5 Hellcat, box opened, contents sealed

168        (9) Coloring Books: (3) Hot Wheels; Johnny Lightning; Superman; Batman; Flipper; (2) GI Joe (all unused)

169        (6) Puzzles: (5) Hot Wheels; Johnny Lightning

170        (5) Payton Ranchland: in sealed packs

171        (6) Packs Plastic Soldiers: all Army soldiers, (2) packs are Plasticraft, all in original packs

172        (4) Packs Plastic Soldiers: All Army soldiers, all in original packs

173        (3) Packs Toy Solders & Accessories: mobile shell firing 105 Howitzer; soldier combat unit; combat troops, Plasticraft, etc., all original packs, one has damage to cardboard

174        (3) Toy Soldier Sets: US Armed Forces, Dell, some wear, opened; Combat Attack set, Hasbro, opened; Battle case, Mattel, used

175        Flintstone Rolling Point Game: Post Cereal, opened, w/game directions, & track

176        (6) Walt Kelly Animal Characters: Pogo Possum, Porky Pine, Churchy LaFemme, Albert Alligator, Beauregard Hound, Howland Owl (all 1969)

177        (3) Johnny Lightning Customs: Hairy Hauler, red; Twin Blaster, red; Hairy Hauler, purple (all in blister packs)

178        (4) Corgi Rockets: Aston Martin; MacDonald's truck; Morgan Plus 8; Todd Sweeney (all in blister packs)

179        (17) Marx Warriors of the World: (2) Joe Dixon; (2) Hawk Myers; (2) Flip Marbles; (3) Bill James; Harry Byrd; Jim Palozzo; Dan Warner; + (5) with no boxes, used (all others in original boxes)

180        (4) Corgi Rockets: Marcus XP; Carabo Bertone; GP Beach Bunny; Jaguar XT6 (all in blister packs)

181        (13) Mattell Cars: (9) California Custom packs, w/collectors button only; (4) Grand Prix Series, w/collectors button only (no cars, blister packs opened)

182        (7) Marx Cars: (2) super speed flyers, Disney; fun on wheels; Disney fun on wheels (all in blister packs)

183        (5) Muky Transporters: (4) in original pack, some plastic loose and cracked; one car is loose

184        (4) Corgi Rockets: Carabo Bertone; Mercury Cougar XR7; Merced3es 280-5L; Holmes wrecker (in blister packs)

185        (5) Mini-Marx Die Cast Trucks: north point petroleum; crane truck; boat transporter; road construction truck; stake truck (in orig. packaging)

186        (5) Muky Cars: #25; (2) #27; #19; #28 (all in original boxes/packaging)

187        (5) Matchbox Superfast: car transporter, #11; Citroen M, #51; Lamborghini Marzal, #20; Mercury Commuter, #73; tune-up kit, #SF-22 (all in blister packs)

188        (9) Mattel Plastix: assorted colors, in original packaging, some packs have litho loss

189        (8) Mattel Plastix: assorted colors, in original packaging, one pack has top corner torn

190        Mini-Marx Die Cast Metal Car: Disney Racer, Mickey, in original packaging

191        Matchbox Car-Ferry: G7, Heron, w/cars, w/original box

192        Mattel Chopcycles Sizzler: #5629 Blown Torch, in original packaging

193        Mattel Sizzler: #5879 Flat Out, w/box

194        Matchbox Series: hay trailer, #40, in blister pack

195        Matchbox Series: pony trailer, #43, in blister pack

196        Matchbox Series: Dodge dumper truck, #48, in blister pack

197        Hot Wheels Rrrumblers: Road Hog, in blister pack

198        Hot Wheels Rrrumblers: Roamin' Candle, #5883, in blister pack

199        Hot Wheels Rrrumblers: Rip Snorter, in blister pack

200        Johnny Lightning: jet power, Flying Needle, in blister pack

201        Johnny Lightning: jet power, Glasser, in blister pack

202        Johnny Lightning: jet power, Wedge, in blister pack

203        Johnny Lightning: jet power, Screamer, in blister pack

204        Johnny Lightning: jet power, Monster, in blister pack

205        Johnny Lightning: jet power, Screamer, in blister pack

206        (4) Corgi Rockets: Morgan Plus 6; Porsche Carrera 6; pit stop kit; pit stop and lube kit (all in blister packs)

207        (4) Muky Coleccion: #25; #27; #29; #31; #33 (w/boxes)

208        (4) Hot Wheels Packs: Custom Racing Pak, #4369, in blister packs

209        (6) Zee Toys Firebirds: space missile, USA, blue; space missile, Star 55, orange; Firebird 3, USAF, yellow/red; Firebird 3, USAF, white/black; Firebird 1, USAF, silver; Firebird USAF, white (all in blister packs)

210        (4) Mattel Sizzlers: Sizzlers II include Chevy Camaro II, #9380, some finish loss, The Vantom, #9378, some finish loss, #9384, some finish loss; Sizzlers Night Ridin' Dark Shadow, #2353 (in blister packs)

211        (2) Toy Cars Accessories: Aurora Xlerators, #2607, opened, used; Johnny Service, Topps, #6801-0001, used

212        (2) Corgi Rockets Tracks: #2071, Jetspeed Circuit, w/car, open, NOS; #2058, Race-Abatic Speedset, no car, opened

213        Aurora Xlerator Slotless Electric Racing Set: Montgomery Ward, complete, opened

214        (2) Play Sets: Zoomer-Boomer Parkway Tower, opened, unused, box has some damage; Ideal Boaterific Marina and Boat Basin, unused, opened, roof cracked, box has some damage

215        (2) Aurora Racing Sets: 2-1 Stunt & Drag Race Set, opened, no cars, missing parts; Flashback, opened, unused, some box damage

216        Corgi Rocket Jetspeed Circuit: #2071, opened, NOS

217        Corgi Rocket Grand Canyon Speedcircuit: #2075, opened, NOS

218        Hot Wheels Redline: Grand Prix series, Lotus Turbine, in blister pack

219        Hot Wheels Redline: Splittin' Image, in blister pack, cardboard has creases

220        Hot Wheels Redline: Mongoose vs. Snake, Mongoose, in blister pack

221        Hot Wheels Redline: Grand Prix series, Ford MK IV, in blister pack, cardboard creased, plastic cracked

222        Hot Wheels Redline: Custom Charger, in blister pack

223        Hot Wheels Redline: Splittin' Image, in blister pack

224        Hot Wheels Redline: Silhouette, in blister pack, cardboard creased, plastic cracked

225        Hot Wheels Redline: California Custom Miniatures Special Delivery, in blister pack, cardboard creased, plastic cracked

226        Hot Wheels Redline: Splittin' Image, in blister pack, cardboard creased, plastic cracked

227        Hot Wheels Redline: Grand Prix series, Lola GT70, in blister pack, writing on front, cardboard creased, plastic cracked

228        Hot Wheels Redline: 36 Ford Coupe Classic, in blister pack, cardboard creased, plastic cracked

229        Hot Wheels Redline: Turbofire, in blister pack, cardboard creased, plastic cracked

230        Hot Wheels Redline: Torero, paint scratches, in blister pack, cardboard creased and dirty

231        Hot Wheels Redline: Splittin' Image, in blister pack, cardboard creased and dirty

232        Mattel Rrrumblers: Revolution, #5949, track rack loose, in blister pack

233        Mattel Rrrumblers: Choppin' Chariot, #5948, in blister pack, plastic cracked, cardboard creased

234        Mattel Rrrumblers: Mebetoys, in blister pack, plastic dented

235        Mattel Rrrumblers: Straight Away, #5872, in blister pack, cardboard creased, plastic cracked and opened

236        Mattel Rrrumblers: Roamin' Candle, #5883, in blister pack, plastic cracked

237        Hot Wheels Rrrumblers: Roamin' Candle, no rider, in bag

238        (3) Aurora Speedline Cars: Cigarbox Lola GT, in blister pack, plastic cracked; (2) Cigarbox McLaren Elva, in blister packs, (1) plastic dented, (1) plastic melted, cracked, as is

239        Aurora Super Speedsters: 3-pack, in blister pack, store sticker on front

240        (6) Aurora Speedlines: Mangusta, #6120, missing back wheels, paint loss; Thunderbird, #6110, paint loss; (2) Toronado, #6108, (1) has broken apillars, (1) has large wheels; Ford XL-500, #6107; Riviera, #6109, paint loss

241        (5) Aurora Speedlines: Sting Ray, #6101, paint loss; Formula 1 BRM, #6126, paint loss; Cobra, #6113; Lola GT, #6106, paint loss and scuffed; Cougar, #6116

242        (6) Aurora Speedlines: Riviera, #6109, paint scuffed; Lola GT, #6106, paint scuffed; Formula 1 BRM, #6126, paint scuffed; Dino Ferrari, #6111, paint scuffed; Camaro, #6115, paint scuffed; Mako Shark, #6103, paint loss/chips

243        (3) Aurora Speedlines: Stingray, #6101, in blister pack, creased, store sticker on front, plastic cracked; AC Cobra, #6129, in blister pack, plastic cracked, sticker on plastic; Toronado, #6108, in blister pack, plastic cracked

244        (4) Aurora Speedlines: (2) McLaren Elva, #6117, in blister pack, (1) partially torn from cardboard, both have store stickers; Mangusta, #6120, in blister pack; Stingray, #6101, in blister pack, plastic cracked, sticker on cardboard

245        (4) Aurora Speedlines: Cougar, #6116, in blister pack, cardboard torn, plastic cracked; Stingray, #6101, in blister pack; McLaren Elva, #6117, in blister pack, plastic dented; 1 other in blister pack, plastic cracked

246        (4) Aurora Speedlines: (2) Mangusta, #6120, in blister packs, both have plastic cracked and cardboard torn, (1) has writing on front as well; (2) others in blister packs, (1) has store sticker, both plastic is cracked

247        (4) Aurora Speedlines: McLaren Elva, #6117, in blister pack, plastic cracked; Formula 1 Honda, #6125, in blister pack, plastic cracked, store stickers; Cougar, #6116, in blister pack, plastic cracked; Ford XL-500, #6107, in blister pack, plastic cracked

248        (3) Johnny Lightning Challengers: Wasp; The Whistler; Flame Out (in blister packs, cardboard creased)

249        (3) Johnny Lightning Challengers: Flame Out; The Whistler; Super Twin Engine Dragster, redline (in blister packs)"

250        (3) Johnny Lightning Challengers: Vulture; Double Trouble; Mod Maverick (in blister packs, cardboard creased)

251        (3) Johnny Lightning Challengers: Slingshot; T.N.T; The Whistler (in blister packs)

252        (3) Johnny Lightning Challengers: Stiletto; Flame Out; Turbine Special X-200, redline (in blister packs)

253        (3) Johnny Lightning Challengers: Baja; T.N.T.; Slingshot (in blister packs)

254        (3) Johnny Lightning Challengers: T.N.T.; Frantic Ferrari; Smuggler, redline (in blister packs)

255        (3) Johnny Lightning Challengers: Triple Threat; Sand Stormer; Super Twin Engine Dragster (in blister packs, one has corner torn, one has staining)

256        (9) Matchbox Series Cars: 8-wheel crane, #30; Studebaker Lark Wagonare, #42; Cadillac D8, #18; Ford Galaxie, #50; Land Rover Safari, #12; Jaguar MK10, #28; Caterpillar D8, #8; Ferret scout car, #61; Snow-trac, #35

257        (11) Lesney: Fomite trash tender, #63; Caterpillar D8; Harley Davidson, #66; Triumph T110, #4; Pickard removal van, #46; Commer bottle float, #21; Foden cement mixer, #25; Albion Chieftain, #51; Ford Fairlane police car, #55; tv service van, #62; Karrier Bantam 2-ton, #37

258        (11) Lesney: Commer ice cream canteen, #47; Tippax refuse collector, #15; Euclid dump truck, #6; Morris J2 pick-up, #60; Lambretta TU175, #36; Ford Fairlane police car, #55; Weatherall hydraulic; Drott excavator, #58; Pontiac convertible, #39; ERF 60G truck, #20; + one no name or number

259        (11) Lesney: fire engine, #9; Euclid, #6; Scammell snow plough, #16; Ford Angilia, #7; Austin A50, #36; Jeep Gladiator, #71; Karrier Bantam 2-ton, #37; Harley Davidson, #66; Pontiac convertible, #39; Triumph T110, #4; + one no name or number

260        (11) Johnny Lightning Redlines: (3) Custom El Camino; (3) Custom Ferrari; (4) Custom Dragster, two are missing plastic bubbles, and have bent wheels; Mako Shark (all used and have some paint loss and wear)

261        (5) Hot Wheels: (4) California Custom, includes (2) Classic '57 'Bird, Splittin' Image, Classic Nomad; (1) Spoiler Nitty Gritty Kitty (all are missing collector's button, blister packs opened)

262        GI Joe Footlocker: #8000, has plastic tray insert, opened used

263        GI Joe Action Soldier Accessory: machine gun, w/manual, no helmet sticker, cellophane torn

264        GI Joe Action Soldier Accessory: helmet set, w/manual, missing helmet sticker

265        GI Joe Action Soldier Accessory: snowshoe set, w/manual, missing helmet sticker

266        GI Joe Action Soldier Accessory: communications set, no helmet sticker, cellophane torn, no manual

267        GI Joe Action Soldier Accessory: tent camouflage, w/manual, no helmet sticker, cellophane torn

268        GI Joe Action Soldier Accessory: pistol, belt, grenades, etc., w/manual, no helmet sticker, cellophane torn

269        GI Joe Action Sailor Accessory: shore patrol set, w/manual, no helmet sticker, cellophane torn

270        GI Joe Action Sailor Accessory: scuba accessories set, no helmet sticker, w/manual, includes orange face mask, black Scuba fins, knife with scabbard, and depth gauge

271        GI Joe Action Sailor Accessory: scuba tanks, w/manual, no helmet sticker, cellophane torn

272        GI Joe Action Sailor Accessory: Navy seabag, w/manual, no helmet sticker, cellophane torn

273        GI Joe Action Marine: #7700, w/paperwork, hat, etc., box opened, no stickers

274        GI Joe Action Pilot: #7800, w/paperwork, hat, etc., box opened, box has stains and small tears

275        GI Joe Action Sailor Accessory: life ring, 7627x100, w/manual, in original packaging

276        GI Joe Action Soldier Accessory: ski patrol, 7527x180, w/manual, cellophane torn

277        GI Joe Action Soldier Accessory: helmet set, 7507x100, w/manual, cellophane torn, helmet sticker in pack

278        GI Joe Action Soldier Accessory: sand bags, 7508x100, w/manual, cellophane torn

279        GI Joe Action Sailor Accessory: deep sea diving equipment, #7620-16, open box, in cellophane wrap

280        (5) Matchbox '71 Superfast: Ford GT, #41; Mercedes 230SL, #27; racing mint, #29; beach buggy, #30; BMC 1800 Pininfarina, #56 (in blister packs)

281        (5) Matchbox '71 Superfast: Dodge Charger MKIII, #52; Formula 1, #34; Porsche 910, #68; Mercedes 230SL, #27; Lamborghini Miura, #33 (in blister packs)

282        (5) Matchbox '71 Superfast: beach buggy, #30; Porsche 910, #68; Lamborghini Marzal, #20; Dodge Charger MKIII, #52; Iso Grifo, #14 (in blister packs)

283        (5) Matchbox '71 Superfast: Mercedes 230SL, #27; Formula 1, #34, stains on blister pack; (2) Hot Rod Draguar, #36, one blister pack is opened; Road Dragster, #19, blister pack opened (all in blister packs)

284        (11) Johnny Lightning: (2) Triple Threat; (2) Parnell Jones; (2) Sling Shot; (2) Flame Out, tow ladder broken; (2) Stiletto; Custom Ferrari (all have wear)

285        (11) Johnny Lightning: (2) Triple Threat; (3) Stiletto; (2) Flame Out; (2) Sling Shot, one wheel bent; Leapin' Limo; Frantic Ferrari (all have wear)

286        (11) Johnny Lightning: (2) Flame Out, ladder broken; (2) Stiletto; (2) Leapin' Limo; Sling Shot; Mad Maverick; Triple Threat; Baja; Double Trouble (all have wear)

287        (10) Hot Wheels Redlines: (7) Custom Volkswagen; (3) Python (all have wear)

288        (10) Hot Wheels Redlines: (8) Heavy Chevy; (2) The Demon (all have wear)

289        (10) Hot Wheels Redlines: (6) Classic '32 Ford Vicky; (4) Classic '57 'Bird (all have wear)

290        (10) Hot Wheels Redlines: (5) Silhouette; (3) Classic Firebird; (2) Sand Crab (all have wear)

291        (10) Hot Wheels Redlines: (4) Classic '31 Ford Woody; (3) Turbofire; (3) Splittin' Image (all have wear)

292        (10) Hot Wheels Redlines: (4) Jet Threat; (2) Ford MK IV; (2) Grass Hopper; Snake; Mongoose

293        (10) Hot Wheels Redlines: (4) Swingin' Wing; (2) Classic '36 Ford Coupe; (2) Custom T-bird; (2) Rear Engine Dragster (all have wear)

294        (10) Hot Wheels Redlines: (3) Custom Camaro; Torero; Ford J-car; Heavy Chevy; Beatnik Bandit; custom AMX; Evil Weevil; Custom Fleetside (all have wear)

295        (11) Hot Wheels Redlines: Sweet 16; Mutt Mobile; Indy Eagle; Light My Firebird; Whip Creamer; Paddy Wagon; Deora; Classic Nomad; Seasider; What 4; Sidekick (all have wear)

296        Corgi Rockets World Champion Racing Speed Set: #2079, open, complete, box has some damage

297        (5) Johnny Lightning Racing Accessories: lap counter, opened, NOS; single drag strip, complete, used, box damaged; single drag strip w/timer, used, complete; double drag strip, used, complete; fore leaping set, used, no car, box torn

298        Assorted Cases & Sets: Hot Wheels 12-car collector case, used; Aurora cigarbox carrying case, used; Marx big curve booster super speedway, used, no car, box damaged; (2) Matchbox motorway #12 set, one sealed, cellophane torn, one opened NOS

299        (3) Hot Wheels Redlines: California Custom, Splittin' Image, w/collector button, in blister packs, plastic is loose and cracked

300        Hot Wheels Redline: Heavyweights, dump truck, in blister pack

301        Hot Wheels Redline: 2-pack, Turbine Indy Eagle, in package

302        Hot Wheels Redline: California Custom, Classic '57 'Bird, redline, in blister pack

303        Hot Wheels Redline: California Custom, Classic '57 'Bird, redline, in blister pack

304        Hot Wheels Redline: California Custom, Swingin' Wing, redline, in blister pack

305        Hot Wheels Redline: Grand Prix series, Lotus Turbine, in blister pack

306        Hot Wheels Redline: Grand Prix series Shelby Turbine, in blister pack

307        Hot Wheels Redline: Exclusive Racing Car series, Shelby Turbine, in blister pack

308        (5) Johnny Lightning Challengers: (2) Turbine Special X2000; Triple Threat; (2) Super Twin Engine Dragster (in blister packs)

309        (6) Johnny Lightning Challengers: (2) Turbine Special X2000; (3) Super Twin Engine Dragster, one blister pack w/plastic cracked; Stiletto (in blister packs)

310        (6) Johnny Lightning Challengers: (2) Flame Out; Jaguar XKE; Stiletto; Sling Shot; Al Unser Indy Special (in blister packs)

311        (6) Johnny Lightning Challengers: (2) Flame Out; Smuggler; Sling Shot; + two with no names (in blister packs)

312        Assorted Toys: Mini-Marx auto transport, NOS, box opened; snow mobile, NOS, box opened; Cherilea #2625 Commando Kayak, NOS, box opened, box has some damage; Mini-Marx catapult starter strip, w/cars, box opened w/some damage

313        Toy Guns: sling shot rocket pistol, platz in plastic; (3) space water guns, in cellophane packs; moon water guns, in cellophane packs; metal pop-G38 cork pistol, out of package

314        (7) Marx Blazers: (2) Lola GT, has wear; Chaparral, bag sealed; Jeep, bag opened, taped; Volkswagen, bag sealed; Porsche, has wear, no windows; Lola GT, has wear, no windows

315        (4) Assorted Hot Wheels: Extras, '56 Hi-Tail Hauler; Flying Colors motorcross 1; 30 Year 1973 Commemorative Sweet 16, redline; 30 Year 1969 Commemorative Twin Mill, redline (in blister packs)

316        (10) Johnny Lightning Rally Patches: Al Unser; Twin Blaster; Mean Machine; Hairy Hauler; Tough Turbo; Hip Holiday; (3) Race with the Winners; World's Fastest (in blister packs)

317        (6) Hot Wheels Redlines: (2) Snake II; Custom Firebird; Custom Volkswagen; (2) The Demon (all have wear)

318        Hot Wheels & Johnny Lightning: Hot Wheels include Mustang Stocker, Fuel Dragster Snake, Fuel Dragster Mongoose (all have wear); Johnny Lightning include Double Trouble, Baja; Stiletto (in sealed plastic bag)

319        (3) Sizzlers: Boss 302; Revin' Heaven; + (1) other, all have wear

320        Corgi Car: Ford Thunderbird, #2145, box opened, box has some damage

321        Dinky Car: Corvette Stingray, #221, in original packaging, top of the box has some minor damage

322        Corgi Car: James Bond Aston Martin, #271, in original packaging, box has small tear

323        (2) Hot Wheels: Mebetoys, Silhouette, #6616, no box, (1) has some wear

324        Politoys: Porsche, #10, open plastic case

325        Mattel Bruciapista: Porsche Carrera 10, in box, box opened

326        (5) Toy Cars: Matchbox forklift truck, #15, in box; Mebetoys '56 Hi-Tail Hauler, #9647, in box; Tomica Ford Continental Mark IV, #F4, in box; Woolworth Peelers, Thunderbird, #7103, in blister pack; + (1) other in unopened package

327        Etch-A-Sketch: Ohio Art, #505, packaging opened, used

328        Vintage Metal Cars & Trucks: (2) car transporters, w/ (4) cars, some paint loss; Manoil red rocket car, #706, some paint loss

329        Hot Wheels Redline: California Custom Miniatures, Mutt Mobile, in blister pack, cardboard has some creases and tears

330        Hot Wheels Redline: The Spoilers, Heavy Chevy, in blister pack, cardboard has some wear

331        Hot Wheels Redline: The Spoilers, Light My Firebird, in blister pack, cardboard is creased

332        Hot Wheels Redline: California Custom Miniatures, Silhouette, in blister pack, one end opened

333        Hot Wheels Redline: California Custom Miniatures, '57 'Bird, in blister pack, cardboard creased

334        Hot Wheels Redline: California Custom Miniatures, Twin Mill, in blister pack, some minor wear to cardboard

335        Hot Wheels Redline: California Custom Miniatures, '57 'Bird, in blister pack, cardboard has some wear

336        Hot Wheels Redline: California Custom Miniatures, Splittin' Image, in blister pack

337        Hot Wheels Redline: California Custom Miniatures, Custom El Dorado, in blister pack

338        Hot Wheels Redline: California Custom Miniatures, Indy Eagle, in blister pack

339        Hot Wheels Redline: California Custom Miniatures, Sand Crab, in blister pack

340        Hot Wheels Redline: California Custom Miniatures, Porsche 917, in blister pack

341        Hot Wheels Redline: California Custom Miniatures, Porsche 917, in blister pack

342        Hot Wheels Redline: California Custom Miniatures, Classic Nomad, in blister pack, cardboard has some damage

343        Hot Wheels Redline: California Custom Miniatures, Continental Mark III, in blister pack

344        Hot Wheels Redline: California Custom Miniatures, Jack Rabbit Special, in blister pack

345        Hot Wheels Redline: California Custom Miniatures, Porsche 917, in blister pack, cardboard is creased

346        Aurora Xlerators: 3-piece banked curve set, box is damaged/opened; 2-piece 15" radius curve "A", in original packaging; 9" terminal track, w/sides, #2728, in original packaging; 2-piece 15" radius curve "B", in original packaging, one pack has damage; 2-piece 12" radius curve "B", in original packaging; (2) 2-piece 9" radius curve "B", in original packaging; (2) powerpulse controls, NOS, in original boxes; (2) wall paks, NOS, in original boxes; 4XL Chapparal, in blister pack, no directions; service parts (front wheels and axles), in blister pack; rear engine dragster, used; + slot car poster, stickers, etc.

347        (3) Hot Wheels Race Sets: Mongoose & Snake drag race set, used, no cars, box has damage; stunt action set w/collector's case, used, complete; double dare race action set, used complete, some box damage

348        (2) Foreign Hot Wheels Sets: Heisse Rader, #11-9160, blitz-starter-rennbahn, opened, missing car, box has some damage; Brucia Pista, #6280, la corsa a sfida diretta, opened, unused, no car, box has damage

349        (9) Heisse Rader Accessories: todes-spirale; (2) zwei 90 degree steilkurven; (2) start-und-zeit automatik; sprang-brucke; (3) packs that include (2) doppel-bruckenpfeiler, (3) bruckenpfeiler, (3) verbindungselemente (all in original packaging)

350        (2) Hot Wheels Racing Accessories: Big Belter and Matchmaker, unopened, some staining on box; Dual Lane Lap Counter, unopened box

351        (9) Hot Wheels Racing Accessories: hot strip track pak, unopened box; daredevil loop, in unopened box; jump ramp pack, pack has small tear in plastic; trestles pack, pack has small tear in plastic; competition pak, in unopened box; bridge-3-pak, in unopened box; starter mechanic, in unopened pack; joiner pak, in blister pack; sizzlers u-turn pak, unopened box

352        (3) Collector's Catalogs: (2) 1967 Matchbox, tears, wear, (1) page loose used; 1968 Matchbox, used slight tears, wear; GI Joe official gear and equipment manual, tape marks, small tear

353        (2) Joystra Cranes: battery operated, used

354        Siku Crane: Siku Super Series Autokrane #4310, with box, open out of box

355        Civil War Plastic Soldiers: Lot of Civil War soldiers and artillery, plastic

356        (2) Toys: Klasgo Magic Mill, used, with box; Canelon mechanical merry-go-round #1569, used, windup needs adjustment

357        Liebherr Model Crane: LTM 1060/2, with box, item has been out of box

358        Western Toys: (2) Marx Tin Bar-M-Ranch House, (1) has some paint loss and dent; (1) US Metal Toy Davy Crockett wagon; (1) Stage coach, has some dents; Lot of assorted cowboys, Native Americans, horses, etc. plastic figures; wooden bridge

359        Model Truck: Putzmeister BRF-52/5, with box, item has been out of box, box shows some dents

360        (4) Aurora Accessories: (1) Daredevil Obstacle corse ass. #1593, box open, box stained; (1) 9" Two lane crisscross roadway pair #1524-198, box open, box has damage; (1) 9" Radius Speed Corners #1597, box open; (1) Spiral Roadway Support #1594, box open, box torn

361        Model Crane: Demag AC335, box open, item out of box, used

362        R/C Helicopter: Panther R/C Helicopter, used, with instructions

363        Model Crane: Catteneo crane, used, no box

364        (2) Lincoln Log sets: With Wheels, J.L. Wright, open boxes, boxes are torn and rough

365        R/C Helicopter: Yiboo #S113G UJ415 r/c helicopter, with box, opened box, used

366        (2) Norscot Engine Models: (2) CAT C15 ACERT Engine, Norscot #55139, NIB

367        US Flags and Poster: (47) Metal flags of US States, with display poster, poster has stains, (2) flags missing

368        (3) Kenner Building Sets: (3) Girder and Panel #72050, open boxes, used

369        (3) Building Sets: Kenner Set #8 Motorized Girder and Panel and Bridge and Turnpike building set, open, used; Ideal #3358-9 Skyscraper Building Set, open, used; American Brick Blocks, used

370        (2) Norscot Engine Models: (2) CAT C15 ACERT Engine, Norscot #55139, NIB

371        Scalextric Slot Car set: C1095 GT Interactive + RMS, sealed inside box

372        Scalextric Slot Car set: C1091 Pony-Car Wars Trans-Am Series, sealed inside box

373        Scalextric Slot Car set: C1074T NASCAR Speedway, open box, not sealed

374        (2) Toy Sets: Racing Champions #01166 Jeff Gordon, sealed in box; Excite #10345 Deluxe Combat Action Set, sealed in box

375         (17) Matchbox NASCAR Transporters: (12) Matchbox 1994 Super Star Transporters Series II, in box; (3) Matchbox 1995 Super Star Transporters Series II, in box; (2) Matchbox 1997 Super Star Transporters, in box

376        (24) Matchbox NASCAR Transporters: in boxes

377        (3) Matchbox NASCAR Transporters: #4713 The Silver Bullet, in display case; #1772 Bud Racing, in display case; #1233 Bud Racing, in display case

378        Scalextric Slot Car: Starsky & Hutch Ford Grand Torino 1976, original packaging

379        Scalextric Slot Car: C2490 Cateram 7 Gulf No. 1, in original packaging

380        (2) Scalextric NASCAR Slot Cars: #C2373 #21 Elliott Sadler, in original packaging; #C2444 #20 Tony Stewart, in original packaging.

381        (2) Scalextric NASCAR Slot Cars: #C2374 #2 Rusty Wallace, in original packaging; #C2348 #12 Jeremy Mayfield, in original packaging

382        (2) Scalextric NASCAR Slot Cars: #C2347 #96 Andy Houston, in original packaging; #C2371 #99 Jeff Burton, in original packaging

383        (2) Scalextric Slot Cars: #C2577 Chevy Camaro 1969 V/J Racing #72, in original packaging; #C2574 For Motoring Boss 302 70 street car, in original packaging

384        (2) Scalextric Slot Cars: #C2525 Chevy Corvette C88 in white, in original packaging; #C2573 Chevy Camaro SS street car, in original packaging

385        (2) Scalextric Slot Cars: #C2399 Chevy Camaro 1969 No. 6, in original packaging; #C2566 Chevy Corvette L88 1969 #1, in original packaging

386        (2) Scalextric NASCAR Slot Cars: #C2597 Chevy Monte Carlo J. Gordon #24, in original packaging; #C2594 Roush Ford Taurus M. Kenseth #17, in original packaging

387        (2) Scalextric Slot Cars: #C2503 Chevy Corvette L88 1972 #48, in original packaging; #C2656 Ford Mustang 69 Stark Hickey Ford, in original packaging

388        (4) Dinky Toys: #963 A.E.C. with flat trailer, in original pack; #279 Aveling-Barford Diesel Roller, in original pack, open, damaged roof; #439 Ford D.800 Snow Plow and Tipper Trailer, in original box, box has damage; Ladder Truck Fire Escape, no box

389        (3) Dinky Toys: #963 Road Grader, open box, box is rough; #963 Road Grader, no box; Shovel Dozer, no box, used

390        (8) Matchbox Toys: #K11 DAF Car Transporter, no box; #K18 Ford LTS tractor, used, no box, missing end gate; #K8 Caterpillar Tractor, no box; Ready Mix Concrete truck, no box; #K30 Unimog, no box; #K27 Avis Ford A Series, no box; #K139 Tipper truck, in original packaging, pack damaged

391        (2) Grove Models: (2) NZG #256 Grove Manlift, open, out of boxes

392        (2) Grove Models: NZG #149 Grove RT760, open, out of box, lever bent; NZG #152 Grove Crane, no box

393        (4) Winross Trucks: (2) Giant Food Stores, no boxes; (2) UTZ Quality Foods, no boxes

394        (4) Winross Trucks: H&H General Excavating Co. 25th Anniversary, no box; Wege Hard Pretzels, no boxes; Hampton Fire Company, no box; Kraft, no box

395        (4) Winross Trucks: UTZ Quality Foods, no box; UTZ Potato Chips, no box; Brushtown Community Volunteer Fire Co., in box; Hanover Shoe Company, in box

396        (3) Winross Trucks: Bill Elliott #9 Coors Racing, no box; Bobby Hamilton #68 Country Time, in box; J.D. McDuffie Racing, in box

397        (3) Matchbox Toys: CS-7 Muir-Hill, in original box; K-39 Snorkel Fire Engine, in original box; K-5 Muir-Hill Tractor and Trailer, no box

398        (4) UPS Trucks: (1) UPS Feeder Truck, in original package; (2) Package Cars, no box; (1) Package Car, in original box

399        (4) Construction Toys: Volvo Dumper 5350, no box; Euclid R32, no box; Siku 230PS, no box

400        (4) American Logs: (2) #805, open used; #815, open used; #825, open used

401        (4) Toys: (2) Tinker Toy, open, used; Gilbert #10021 Erector, open, used; Lincoln Logs Set 5C, open, used

402        (2) Corgi Helicopters: (2) Unsung Heroes AH-1J Cobra Marine Corps, in original package, opened

403        (2) Corgi Helicopters: Aviation Archive AH-1G Cobra Attack Helicopter The Crystal Ship, in original box, opened; AH-1G Cobra Attack Helicopter The Crystal Ship, not in original box, opened

404        Corgi Helicopter: Aviation Archive UH-1B Huey Aviation Co. US Army Vietnam, in original box, open

405        Eldon Slot Car Set: Road Race #9805, used, open, with cars, box has some damage

406        (3) Corgi Tanks: Legends M48A3, in original pack; (2) Legends German PzkPfw V Ausf. G Panther, in original pack

407        (3) New Roy Helicopters: Sky Pilot Dauphin HH-65A, in original box; Sky Pilot UH-60 Black Hawk, in original box; Sky Pilot Boeing CH-47 Chinook, in original box

408        (3) New Roy Helicopters: Sky Pilot UH-60 Black Hawk Mede-Vac, in original box; Sky Pilot AH-64 Apache, in original box; Sky Pilot HH-60J Jayhawk, in original box

409        (4) Kool Toyz: (3) Sets of 3 Die Cast Planes, in original pack; (1) Set of 3 Die Cast Planes, in original pack

410        (2) Corgi Helicopters: Aviation Archive UH-60A Blackhawk "Double Vision" Last Airborne Div Iraq Desert Storm #AA35901, open box; Aviation Archive Boeing Vertical 4C-47A Chinook Prototype US Army Trial 1961, #AA34203, open box

411        (2) Corgi Helicopters: Aviation Archive UH-60L Blackhawk 5th Battalion 101st Aviation Regiment #US35902, open box; Boeing-Vertical Chinook HC-1 RAF Gulf War 1991, #AA34204, open box

412        Matchbox Service Station Set: Matchbox G9 Service Station Set with A1 accessory pack, some box damage; (2) A1 accessory pack, one missing lights and man; #25 BP Petrol Tanker, used; (2) #32 BP Petrol Tanker, used, paint has loss

413        (2) BP Toys: (2) Build Your Own BP Model Service Station, open box

414        (2) Scalextric Slot Cars: #C2576 Ford Mustang 69 #1, in original pack; #C2655 Ford Gran Torino LM 1976 #90, in original pack

415        (2) Scalextric NASCAR Slot Cars: #C2595 Roush Racing Ford Taurus K. Bush #97, in original box; #C2598 Hendrick Motorsports Chevy Monte Carlo J. Johnson #48, in original box

416        (2) Scalextric Slot Cars: #C2508 Chevy Camaro 1970 Joe Chamberlain #76, in original box; #C2502 Chevy Corvette L88 1972 #57, in original box

417        (2) Scalextric Slot Cars: #C2575 Chevy Corvette L88 GM Test Car, in original box; #C2574 Ford Mustang Boss 302 1970 Street Car, in original box

418        Scalextric Sport Slot Car: #C2578A Ford GT 40 Le Mans 1966 #59, in original box

419        Scalextric Sport Slot Car: #C2437A Ford Mustang 70 #16 Limited #2308, in original box

420        (3) Monogram Cars: Greenwood Corvette Spirit of Le Mans 76 #85-4863, in original box; Greenwood Corvette Riverside 75 #85-4857, in original box; Greenwood Corvette Spirit of Sebring '76 #85-4855, in original box

421        (4) Models and Banks: Ertl US Mail Tractor Trailer, used, no box; Ertl #9855 Martin's Chips, in original box; Ertl #9856 Martin's Chips Step Up Van Bank, in original box; Ralstoy 22 UTZ Step Van, no box, used

422        (3) Toy Trucks: (3) Tekno Ford D800 flat bed trucks, no boxes

423        (2) Construction Toys: Joal Dynapac CC232 vibratory roller, in original box; Joal Volvo BM L160 high lift, in original box

424        (2) Construction Toys: Joal Akerman EC200 #160, in original box; Joal Volvo BM L160 compactor #240, in original box

425        Joal Toy Truck: DAF XF430/95XF, no box

426        (4) Scalextric Accessories: #C636 Grand Stand, in original box; #C639 Pit Stop, in original box; #C641 Goodyear Bridge, in original box; #C642 Control Tower, in original box

427        (2) Schylling Tin Toys: Dick Tracy Classic Tin Riot Car with authentic siren sound, in original box; Fire Car Classic Tin Car Series with friction motor and authentic siren sound, in original box; both modern

428        (2) Britain’s LTD Farm Toys: #9564 Elevator, in original box; #9563 Hay Baler, loose from box, original box

429        K-Line Rail Roadster Vehicle: in original box

430        (3) Armored Personnel Carriers: Russian, original boxes, some damage

431        (3) Corgi Toys: #1102 Crane Fruehauf bottom dumper with Berliet cab unit, in original box, box has damage; #1127 Simon Snorkel Fire Engine, in original box; #1156 Volvo BM 860 S with Rapier mixer, in original box, box has some damage

432        (2) Norscot CAT Models: #55096 CAT 320C L Hydraulic Excavator, in original packaging; #55180 CAT 140H Motor Grader, in original packaging

433        (2) Norscot CAT Military Models: #55111 140H Motor Grader, in original packaging; #55110 D8R SII Military Track-Type Tractor, in original packaging

434        (2) Norscot CAT Military Models: #55111 140H Motor Grader, in original packaging; #55110 D8R SII Military Track-Type Tractor, in original packaging

435        (2) Norscot CAT Military Models: #55111 140H Motor Grader, in original packaging; #55112 6236 Elevating Scraper, in original packaging

436        Carrera Slot Car Set: #30110 Evolution Pro-X Digital Racing set, open, in original box

437        Carrera Slot Car Set: #25575 Evolution Winged Warriors Racing set, open, in original box

438        Carrera Slot Car Set: #25902 Evolution Muscle Car Showdown, open, in original box

439        Carrera Slot Car Set: #25330 Evolution James Bond 007 Goldfinger, open, in original box

440        (5) Carrera Track Accessories: (2) #20611 2-1/3 straight track, in original box; (2) #20612 2-1/4 straight track, in original box; #26953 Extension set track, in original box

441        (2) Carrera Accessories: #21100 Grandstand, in original box; #21101 Grandstand Extension, in original box

442        (3) Carrera Accessories: #21104 Pit Stop Lane, in original box; #21105 VIP Floor, in original box; #21109 Set of Figure Mechanics, in original box

443        (2) Carrera Accessories: #21101 Grandstand Extension set, in original box; #71590 Electronic Lap Counter, in original box

444        (2) Carrera Slot Cars: #25467 Aston Martin Vanquish James Bond 007, in original display package; #25737 Ford Mustang convertible James Bond 007 Goldfinger, in original display package

445        (2) Carrera Slot Cars: #25743 Corvette Sting Ray S S4Ever, plastic case cover broken; #25738 Mustang Convertible James Bond 007 Thunderball, plastic case cover broken

446        (2) Carrera Slot Cars: #25488 Chevy Camaro SS396 Limited Edition, plastic cover cracked; #25712 Camaro SS396 SCCA 1973, plastic case cracked/broken

447        (2) Carrera Slot Cars: #27141 Ford Mustang GT, in original display package; #25429 Corvette Sting Ray 427 1967, plastic case cracked

448        (2) Carrera Slot Cars: #25742 Plymouth Road Runner DaimlerChrysler 2004 No. 79 1970, in original display case; #25740 Ford Torino Talladega No. 98 1969, in original display case

449        (2) Carrera Slot Cars: #25482 Pontiac GTO 66 Main Street's the place, in original display package; #25466 Pontiac GTO 66 Custom, in original display package

450        (2) Carrera Slot Cars: #21755 Ford Mustang GT Highway Patrol, in original display case; #25719 Plymouth Superbird DaimlerChrysler 2003 No. 7, in original display case

451        (2) Carrera Slot Cars: #25744 Ford Mustang GT Liberty Eagle, in original display case; #27139 Ford Mustang, in original display case

452        (2) Carrera Slot Cars: #25489 1956 Ford Thunderbird Gothbird Limited Edition, in original display case; #25465 1956 Thunderbird, in original display case

453        (2) Carrera Slot Cars: #27140 Ford Mustang GT 1967, in original display case; #27139 Ford Mustang, in original display case

454        Carrera Slot Car: #25463 Hemicuda 1970, in original display case

455        Carrera Slot Car: #25464 Chevy Camaro SS396 1969, in original display case

456        Carrera Slot Car: Sound of Motors Ford Mustang GT 350, battery compartment has corrosion

457        Carrera Slot Car: #25739 Torino Talladega Champion 1969, in original display case

458        (23) Corgi Military Toys: (2) M60A1 Med Tank; Semi-Track Rocket Launcher German; King Tiger German Heavy Tank; (18) Sand Bag Sections; Centurion Mk III British Tank; all used, no boxes

459        (13) Assorted Plastic Cars, Trucks, Etc.: (1) WannaToys, (1) Plasticville, others

460        (22) Animals: (13) Assorted Rubber Farm Animals; (3) Cellulose animals; (2) plastic fish; (4) glow in the dark sharks

461        (5) Toys: Modern friction Airplane; Tin Litho friction car, used; Tin Litho car, used; Tonka Cement mixer, used; Marx truck, used

462        (2) Norscot CAT Models: 365BL shovel, no box; 5080 shovel, no box

463        (2) Norscot Models: 1928 Caterpillar 2-ton, used, sprocket cracked; Grove ATS 540 crane, no box

464        (10) Toys: (8) Tootsie toys - (5) trucks, (2) cars, RV, all used, some paint loss and dents; (1) Manoil, some paint loss, used; (1) other not signed, used

465        Assortment of Play Service Station Parts: used

466        (3) Corgi Toys: #1102 Crane Fruehauf bottom dumper with Berliet cab unit, in original box; Truck X210 Meal Hauler, no box; Diamond T620 Semi-flat #56301, used, no box

467        (5) Corgi Toys: JCB 110B crawler loader, no box, used; Volvo BM 860 TC Cement Mixer, no box, used; Whizz Wheels Bertone Shake Boggy, no box, used; trailer, no box, used; trailer, no box, used

468        (2) Corgi Trucks: (2) Diamond T620 Semi-flat with oil drums #56301, no boxes

469        Corgi Truck: Renault Premium Hauler James Irlam & Sons LTD, no box

470        (6) Corgi Junior Toys: (2) Scania LT145 Dump trucks, no boxes, used; (1) Car Transporter trailer only, used, no boxes; (2) 2514 Skip truck and site cement mixer, one with original pack, one no pack; Leyland Truck Coca-Cola, no box, used

471        (2) Toys: Monogram Mancuso Corvette #76, #854864, in original box; Forces of Valor US 82nd Airborne with medic #93000, in original packaging


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