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Sat Feb 11 - 09:00AM

100 K Street, Carlisle Expo Center, Carlisle Expo Center, Carlisle, Pa Click to Map

Elmer Murry Auctions INC

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Coins. and Currency Auction Saturday  February 11 2023 at 9 AM Located at 100 K St Carlisle Expo Center This Auction will have examples of Rare Coins and Currency,Having many Proffesionally Graded Examples.It very well be our best Carlisle Auction!! 


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JB1.     Inc 3 Type coins – 1773 Virginia, 1807 Draped Bust and a Classic Head (dateless)



JB2.     43 Indian Head Cents

JB3.     1909 VDB Lincoln Cent

JB4.     1909 VDB Lincoln Cent

JB5.      Lincoln Cent Collection (1909 – 2018) missing only 1909 SVDB, 1922 Plain, 1931-S,and

            1955 DD, with 1909-S (Fine) and 1914-D (VG) Many high-grade coins including UNC &

            PF  Nice set!!!

JB6.     Lincoln Cent Collection (1959-2018) 87 total coins, All UNC & PF

JB7.     12 Rolls of Lincoln Cents – Many UNC and PF cents Inc. 1968-S PF Some BU rolls w/49 coins

JB8.     2 Rolls of Lincoln Cents, 1 – 2008-P and 1 2008-D – Both graded ANACS MS65 RD or better



JB9.     20 V Nickels (1891 – 1912-D) (2)

JB10.   37 V Nickels (1901-1912)

JB11.   51 Buffalo Nickels (1913-1938-D) w/better dates

JB12.   101 Buffalo Nickels (1920-1937)

JB13.   Jefferson Nickel Collection w/11 War Nickels and a GEMBU 1950-D



JB14.   10 Mercury Dimes (1936-1945, All S Mintmarks)

JB15.   Roosevelt Dime Collection (1946-1964) 50 Dimes w/many UNCs



JB16.   19 Barber Quarters (1906-1916-D)



JB17.   1854-O Liberty Seated Half                                                                  VG                  

JB18.   1911 Barber Half                                                                                  G/VG               

JB19.   1917-D & S (Obv) Walking Liberty Halves                                                                      

JB20.   1942 Walking Liberty Half                                                                     PCGS MS61    

JB21.   3 1962 Franklin Halves                                                                         CHBU              

JB22.   3 1962 Franklin Halves                                                                         CHBU              

JB23.   3 1962 Franklin Halves                                                                         UNC, CHBU     

JB24.   Franklin Half Dollar Collection (1948-1963) w/many UNCS                                              

JB25.   2018-S Kennedy Proof Half                                          Reverse Proof  PF70               



JB26.   1879-S                                                                                                AU                   

JB27.   1880-O                                                                                                XF                   

JB28.    1882-O                                                                                                VF-XF              

JB29.   1884-O                                                                                                XF-AU             



JB30.   1885-S                                                                                                F-VF                   

JB31.   1889                                                                                                    UNC                

JB32.   1889                                                                                                    XF – AU           

JB33.   1890                                                                                                    XF – AU           

JB34.   1891-O                                                                                                F – VF             

JB35.   1896-S                                                                                                VG – F             

JB36.   1899-O                                                                                                VF – XF           

JB37.   1900                                                                                                    VF                   

JB38.   1900-S                                                                                                VF                   

JB39.   1901-O                                                                                                XF – AU           

JB40.   1904-O                                                                                                AU                  

JB41.   1889-S                                                                                                VF                   

JB42.   1892-S                                                                                                VG                 

JB43.   1894-S                                                                                                VG                  

JB44.   1903-S                                                                                                F                     



JB45.   1922                                                                                                    CHBU              


JB46.   2021-D (key date)                                                                                PCGS MS67    

JB47.   2021-O                                                                                                PCGS MS69    


JB47b  2021-CC                                                                                              PCGS MS69    

JB47c  2021-CC                                                                                              PCGS MS70    



JB48.   2012-W                                                                                                UNC                

JB49.   2021-W Type 2                                                                                     UNC                

JB50.   2022-W                                                                                                UNC                

JB51.   2021-W Type 1                                                                                     PF                   

JB52.   2022-S                                                                                                PF                   

JB53.   2022-W                                                                                                PF                   

JB54.   2022-W                                                                                                PF                   



JB55.   3 Proof Sets  (1974, 1975, 1976)

JB56.   4 Proof Sets  (1979, 2002, 2004, 2009 quarters)

JB57.   2009 Proof Set

JB58.   3 Items: 1965 sand 1967 SMS,1975 Mint Set

JB59.   1973,1974, Blue Ikes

JB60.   1976 3 pc 40% Proof Set

JB61.   1996 Silver Proof Set

JB62.   2020 Silver Prood Set

JB63.   2022 Silver Proof Set

JB64.   2022 Silver Proof Set



JB65.   1925 Lexington Commemorative Half                                                    F                     



JB66.   1 lb. 1878 Morgan PF 999 Silver Round – Beautiful Piece – Slightly Toned






JR1.     1793 wreath 1 cent This is an excellent looking coin having AU details – Coin has

             Environmental problems. We are selling this coin as problems as is, where is…


JR2.     1799 $1  PCGS VF25

             In our opinion this coin is a much better grade than PGS assigned it


JR3.     1802  PCGS $1  F12  Narrow Date

JR4.     1900  PCGS MS64  $20 Gold Lib.

JR5.     1895  NGC  MS62  $10 Gold Lib.

JR6.     2016  NGC  $50 One ounce .9999 Gold           Buffalo  MS69

JR7.     1998  PCGS $5 Gold 1/10 oz. Eagle

JR8.     2016  Eagle 20th Anniversary 1/10 oz Gold

JR9.     1908 $2.5 Gold Indian                                                                          BU                   



JR10.   1857 Flying Eagle cent                                                                         EF                   

JR11.   1876 Seated dime                                                                                VG                  

JR12.   1866 Three cents nickel                                                                        G                    

JR13.   1853 Half dime                                                            arrows             VG                  

JR14.   1805 Half Cent                                                                                     AG                  

JR15.   1828 Half Cent                                                                                     G                     

JR16.   1900-O scarce Barber dime                                                                  G                     

JR17.   1912 Barber dime                                                                                 XF/AU             

JR18.   1921 Mercury dime – only 1.2 M Minted                                                G                     

JR19.   1875 Seated quarter                                                                             EF                   

JR20.   1859 Seated quarter – Nice, Nice Coin w/toning                                     UNC                

JR21.   1915-D Barber quarter                                                                          VG+                

JR22.   1917 Standing Liberty quarter                                                               VF                   

JR23.   1932 Washington quarter                                                                      BU                   



JR24.   1835 Bust                                                                                            EF                   

JR25.   1899 Barber                                                                                         F                     

JR26.   1938-D Walking Liberty                                                                        VF                   

JR27.   1941-S Walking Liberty                                                             Nice     EF                   

JR28.   1949                                                                                                    UNC                

JR29.   1949                                                                                                    UNC                

JR30.   1963-D ANACS                                                                    cleaned   AU                   

JR31.   1963                                                                                        toned   PCGS MS64    

JR32.   1963                                                                                        Nice!    PCGS MS64    

JR33.   1961                                                                                                    PCGS MS63    

JR34.   1963                                                                                                    PF66 NGC      

JR35.   1962                                                                                                    NGC  PF66     

JR36.   1962-D                                                                                                PCGS MS64    

JR37.   1962                                                                                                    PF                   



JR38.   1998 PCI 100% White                                                                           MS67               

JR39.   2011-S NGC 25th Anniversary early set W, S, W Ultra Cameo reverse      PF (4) coins    

JR40.   2013                                                                                                    NGC MS64       

JR41.   2013-S PCGS  Struck at San Francisco                                                MS69               

JR42.   2014-S PCGS  Struck at San Francisco                                                MS69               





JR43.   1986 1st Year                                                                                        PF                   

JR44.   1987                                                                                                    BU                   

JR45.   1988                                                                                                    BU                   

JR46.   2001                                                                                  Tone spot BU                   

JR47.   2005                                                                                                    BU                   

JR48.   2006                                                                                                    BU                   

JR49.   2011                                                                                                    BU                   

JR50.   2013                                                                                                    BU                   

JR51.   2015                                                                                                    BU                   

JR52.   2016                                                                                                    BU                   

JR53.   2022                                                                                                    BU                   



JR54.   1878-S                                                                                    Nice     BU                   

JR55.   1879                                                                                                    MS60               

JR56.   1881                                                                                                    EF                   

JR57.   1882-CC  GSA                                                                        High    BU                   

JR58.   1883-O                                                                                    High    BU                   

JR59.   1884-CC  GSA                                                                        High    BU                   

JR60.   1883-CC  GSA            Super Investment Coin!                                     BU                   

             w/not only the black holder, but has the shipping package       

JR61.   1885                                                                Near GEM High End     BU                   

JR62.   1884    Better date  Very nice looking original coin A well struck even coin             F+                   

JR63.   1881-S                        A Stunning Coin!                                              PCGS MS64    

JR64.   1884-O                                                                                                PCGS MS63    

JR65.   1885-O                                                                                   Very    CHOICE           

JR66.   1888                            Super nice reverse                                            BU                   

JR67.   1889                                                                                                    PCGS AU53     

JR68.   1895-S                        RARE! Rare Coin in ANY Grade!                      F                     

JR69.   1896                                                                                                    BU                   

JR70.   1903                                                                                                    VF                   

JR71.   1904                                                                                                    CHBU              

JR72.   1921                                                                                                    BU                   



JR73.   1922                                                                                                    BU                   

JR74.   1923                                                                                                    NGC BU           

JR75.   1922                                                                                                    AU                   

JR76.   1924                                                                                                    AU                   

JR77.   1925                                                                                                    NGC BU           

JR78.   1935                                                                            Better date       EF/AU             

JR79.   KEY, KEY, KEY                                                                                  PCGS MS63    

           Very Under-graded by PCGS – Thjis is a Spotless GEM

JR80.   Another Key 1935-S                                                                             F+                   




W1.      Twenty five years presentation set – 15 nice Morgan dollars – 10 nice Peace dollars –

            Total 25 coins

W2.     Hamilton Mint 50 state – 50 1 oz .999 silver ingots – a fine, fine set in wooden display case

            Total 50 oz silver

W3.     4 Brown Package Eisenhower silver dollars

W4.     Partial Mercury dime set – 46 coins

W5.     Super lot US coins, US proof sets – foreign coins & sets – nice lot of foreign paper money

           Fun box!!

W6.     Another super lot, 2 late partial Lincoln Cent albums – Bicentennial Proof set – Sterling

           coins – 1971 IKE Proof,2 Walking Liberty half dollars – bag of Buffalo & Jefferson nickels -

           Bag of foreign & IKE dollar     HAVE FUN!!


W7.     8 IKE dollars – 1923 Peace dollar

W8.     Nice Grab Bag - $15 face US & a few foreign coins – nice value

W9.     5 90% silver Franklin halves


W20.   1934 $100 (C) Philadelphia note – A bag of unsearched wheat pennies & US silver – This  

            A very super fun lot!

W21.   1883 Morgan Dollar & Misc. unsearched coins

W22.   1883-S Morgan dollar & and assortment of unsearched coins

W23.   1889-O Morgan dollar – bag lot of tokens – US coins & foreign tokens – US coins and

            Foreign coins – unsearched

W24.   Unsearched mystery bag – Have Fun!

W25.   1852 $1 Gold                                                                                        AU

W26.   1914 Barber dime  VF; 1908 Barber dime  F; Booker Washington half dollar;

           1902 Morgan dollar

W27.   1929 $100 – Richmond National Note



W28.   1887-S Unusual “S”                                                                               AU

W29.   1885-O                                                                                                 AU




TG1.     1935 Peace dollar                                                        Light Toning     AU/BU             

TG2.     1877 Seated half                                                                                 VG                  

TG3.     1921 Morgan                                                              Toned              BU                   

TG4.     1898 Morgan                                                               Light Toning     AU                   

TG5.     1887 Morgan                                                                                       XF                   

TG6.     1921 Morgan                                                                                       AU                   

TG7.     1884 Morgan                                                                                       BU                   

TG8.     1882-S Morgan                                                                                    AU                   

TG9.     1925 Peace                                                                                         BU                   

TG10.   1921-D Morgan                                                                        BU                  

TG11.   1852 Cal Gold token                                                                            BU                   

TG12.   1890 Morgan                                                                                       BU                   

TG13.   1858 Cal Gold token                                                                            AU/BU             

TG14.   1955 Franklin half – Frosty Super Hi grade – full bell

TG15.   1957-D Lincoln - Double die date

TG16.   1957-D Lincoln            Wide Date Error                                                           BU                   

TG17.   1864 two cent  PCS (2)

TG18.   193 AD silver Roman coin

TG19.   1788 New Jersey Colonial – Fox in Legend   

TG20.   1906 Capitol of Penna – dedication medal

TG21.   Capitol of Penna. – dedication medal 1908

TG22.   1854-O Seated qtr                                                                               VG                  

TG23.   3 Year of the Tiger silver 1 oz. rounds   Bidder’s Choice                                               

TG24.   1911 V nickel               Very High Grade                                               BU                   

TG25.   1884 V nickel               Very High Grade                                               BU                   

TG26.   1894 V nickel               Very High Grade                                               BU                   

TG27.   1912-S V Nickel                                                                                   VG                  

TG28.   1810 Half cent                                                                                     VG                  

TG29.   1932-D and 1932-S quarters (Keys)                                                                               


TG30.   1927-S Seated Liberty quarter (key date)                                                                       

TG31.   “Cal ½ Gold” coin                                                                                                        

TG32.   Lot of4 Lincoln cents – 1957-D and 1958-D                                                                   

TG33.   Heavily toned 1991 eagle                                                                                             

TG34.   1987 Eagle (2)                                    Bidder’s Choice            Toned                          

TG35.   1923 Peace dollar                                                                                                        

TG36.   1922-S Peace                                                                                                              

TG37.   1924 Peace                                                                             Toned                          

TG38.    1984-S Morgan (4)                               Bidder’s Choice                                                

TG39.   1922 Peace                                                                             Toned   UNC               

TG40.   4 Morgan dollars                                                                                                         

TG41.   4 Bags of Mixed coins and tokens       Bidder’s Choice                                                

TG42.   4 Seated dimes – 1875; 76; 88; 91        Bidder’s Choice                                                

TG43.   1857-O half dime                                                                     VG/F                           

TG44.   3 Silver 3 Cent silver – 1852; 1852; 1853                                   VG/CH                         

TG45.   1853 Seated qtr; 1877 Seated quarter                                                                           

TG46.   1868 three cent; 1845 Large Cent lot                                                                             

TG47.   1868 Shield nickel                                                                    VG/F                           

TG48.   1867 Shield nickel; 1894 V nickel lot                                                                             

TG49.   1869 Cal Gold – ½ token                                                                                              

TG50.   1990 Silver eagle (2)                            Bidder’s Choice            Toning                        

TG51.   Quality set of Jefferson nickels                                    Many   BU                               

TG52.   1899-O Morgan High Grade from original roll                                                     

TG53.   1910-S Lincoln cent     High Grade from original roll                 MS62/63 RED              

TG54.   1912-D Lincoln cent     High Grade from original roll                 MS62/63 RED              

TG55.   1893 Columbian Com                                                               VG                              

TG56.   1802 Large cent           Low Grade                                                                               

TG57.   1899-O Morgan High Grade from original roll                                                    

TG58.   1904-O Morgan High Grade                                          Proof like                     

TG59.   1921 Morgans (3)         High Grade      Bidder’s Choice                                                

TG60.   1922 Peace                                                                             BU                               

TG61.   1884 Morgan               Early Counter Stamped 4/8/87                                                  

TG62.   1898 Morgan                                                   Original Toning BU                               

TG63.   1924 Peace (2)            High Grade      Bidder’s Choice Toned                                    

TG64.   1922 Peace                                                                             BU                               

TG65.   1925 Peace                                                                             BU                               

TG66.   1884-O Morgan                                                Toned  BU                               

TG67.   4 Barber quarters                     Lot                                                                              

TG68.   5 1912-D V Nickels                  Lot                                                                              

TG69.   1941Mercury Dime       Very High Grade           Full Bands                                           

TG70.   1807 Large Cent                                                                      AG/G                           

TG71.   1807 Large Cent                                                                      AG/G                           

TG72.   3 Large Cents              Low Grade                                                                               

TG73.   1853 Large Cent                                                                      F                                 

TG74.   1864, 1879, 1906 IH Cents        Lot                                                                              

TG75.   3 Early Canada Lg Cents          High Grade                                                                 

TG76.   1928 President Coolidge Medal                                                                                    

TG77.   2021 Silver eagle                                                                     MS70?                         

TG78.   1985 Engelhard Silver Round                                                                                       

TG79.   2 Silver 999 Buffalo Rounds                                                                                        

TG80.   2021 Silver eagle                                                                     MS70?                         

TG81.   1923 Peace                                                                             BU                               

TG82.   1925 Peace                                                                             BU                               

TG83.   1924 Peace                                                                             BU                               

TG84.   1926 Peace                                                                             BU                               

TG85.   1923 Peace                                                                             BU                               

TG86.   1923 Peace                                                                             BU                               

TG87.   1923-S Peace                                                                          AU/BU                         

TG88.   1922-S Peace                                                                          BU                               

TG89.   1922-D Peace                                                                          AU/BU                         

TG90.   1922 Peace                                                                             BU                               

TG91.   1935-S Peace  Key                                                                                                     

TG92.   1924 Peace                Bidder’s Choice                                    BU                               

TG93.   1921 Morgan                                                               Toned  BU                               

TG94.   1897 Morgan                                                                           UNC                            

TG95.   1889 Morgan                                                                           BU                               

TG96.   1921 Morgan                                                                          BU                               

TG97.   1899-O Morgan                                                Toned  BU                               

TG98.   1921 Morgan                                                                           BU                               

TG99.   1885 Morgan                                                                           BU                               

TG100. 1902-O Morgan                                                                        BU                               

TG101. 1904-O Morgan                                                            BU PL                          

TG102. 1899-O Morgan            High Grade Original Roll                                                          

TG103. Liberty Standing quarter – Partial Book (25 coins)  Old holder                                       




MB1.     1819 Large cent                                                                      VG                              

MB2.     1848 Large cent                                                                      F                                 

MB3.     1849 Large cent                                                                      VF                               

MB4.     1851 Large cent                                                                      F                                 

MB5.     1852 Large cent                                                                      VF                               

MB6.     1856 Large cent                                                                      VG                              

MB7.     1910 & 1910-S; 1915-D; 1920 Lincoln cents           F  VG  VF XF                              

MB8.     1915-S;1915-D; 1930; 1958 Lincoln cents            VG  G  VG  BU                              

MB9.     1892 Barber dime                                                                   XF                               

MB10.   1898; 1899; 1900; 1902; 1903 Barber dimes                              F – XF                         

MB11.   1924; 1905; 1906-D; 1909; 1911 Barber dimes                        F – XF                         

MB12.   1913; 1914; 1914-S; 1914-D;1916 Barber dimes            F – XF                         

MB13.   1920; 23; 23-S; 24; 27-D; 27-S; 28 Mercury dimes                     VG – XF                      

MB14.   1930-S; 31; 34; 36-S; 37-S; 38-D; 39; Mercury dimes                 F – XF                         

MB15.   1940-S; 41; 41-D; 42; 43; 43-D; 44 Mercury dimes                     VF – UNC                    

MB16.   1892 & 1893 Barber quarters                                                    VG – F                         

MB17.   1894; 1895 Barber quarters                                                      G – VG                        

MB18.   1898; 1898-O Barber quarters                                                  VG – F                         

MB19.   1899; 1900 Barber quarters                                                      F – VG                         

MB20.   1902-S Barber quarter             Better Date                              G                                 

MB21.   1904-O Barber quarter             Key Date                                 G                                 

MB22.   1906-O; 1907-O Barber quarters                                               G                                 

MB23.   1908; 1912 Barber quarters                                                     VF/F                            

MB24.   1914; 1914-D Barber quarters                                                  VG/G+                         

MB25.   1915-O; 1916 Barber quarters                                                  F/VG                           

MB26.   1941; 1943; 1944 Washington quarters                                     BU                               

MB27.   1948; 1953; 1954-S Washington quarters                                  BU                               

MB28.   1954-A; 1955-D; 1956 Washington quarters                              BU                               

MB29.   1957; 1957-D; 1958 Washington quarters                                  BU                               

MB30.   1898 Barber half                                                                     VG                              

MB31.   1898-S Barber half                                                                  G                                 

MB32.   1900 Barber half                                                                     VG                              

MB33.   1902-S Barber half                                                                  VG                              

MB34.   1906 Barber half                                                                     VG                              

MB35.   1907-D Barber half                                                                  VG                              

MB36.   1907-D Barber half                                                                  VG                              

MB37.   1908-O Barber half                                                                  VG                              

MB38.   1909 Barber half                                                                     VG                              

MB39.   1912Barber half                                                                      VG                              

MB40.   1912-D Barber half                                                                  VG                              

MB41.   1912-S Barber half                                                                  VG                              

MB42.   1912-S Barber half                                                                  VG                              

MB43.   1914-S Barber half                                                                  F                                 

MB44.   1915-D Barber half                                                                  VG                              

MB45.   1918-S; 1933-S Walking Liberty halves                                     G – F                           

MB46.   1944 Walking Liberty half                                                       BU                               

MB47.   1945 Walking Liberty half                                                        BU                               

MB48.   1948 Franklin half                                                                    XF                               

MB49.   2 – 1955 Franklin halves          Bidder’s Choice                        BU/BU                         

MB50.   1956 Franklin half                    Full Bell Lines                           BU                               

MB51.   1957 Franklin half                    Full Bell Lines                           BU                               

MB52.   1958-D Franklin half                Full Bell Lines                           BU                               

MB53.   1896 Morgan dollar                                                                 BU                               

MB54.   1899-O Morgan dollar                                                              BU                               

MB55.   1904 $242 Gold Liberty                       Nice!                                        BU                               

MB56.   1886-S $5 Gold Liberty                                                            UNC                            

MB57.   1901-S $5 Gold Liberty                                                            UNC                           

MB58.   1909-D $5 Gold Indian             Nice                                         UNC                            

MB59.   1990 $1 Silver Eagle                                                               BU                               

MB60.   1994 $1 Silver Eagle                                                               BU                               

MB61.   2013 $1 Silver Eagle                                                               BU                               

NOTE: Printable Version of Currency available - click on above DOC




GS1.     $1 Ser. 1899Siulver Certificate Black Eagle                                          F

GS2.     $1 Ser. 1923 Last Year of Large Size

GS3.     $1 Ser.  1923 Last year of Large Size Currency - $1 Silver Cert. – Big Blue    G

GS4.     $2 Ser. 1899 Mini Porthole Silver Certificate                                         F

GS5.     $10     Very Hard to Find! Note – LT Note                                            G



LB1.     $1 1935-A Silver Certificate – Hawaii – All Beautiful Crisp Note

LB2.     $1 1935-D Silver Certificate – Star Note                                                AU

LB3.     6 nice $2 Red Seal Notes

LB4.     1934 $ FRN Star Note                                                                          VF

LB5.     $10 1934-A FRN Hawaii Note    Sharp Fold                                           VF

LB6.     1516 Union National Bank – Mount Joy $5 Note Ser. 1902 Signatories: 

             Nissley & Longenecker                       Wrinkles & 2 Pin Holes                         EF

LB7.     1516 Union National Bank – Mount Joy $5 Note Signatories: Nissley & Longenecker

            Nice AU Note



PM1.     Ser. 1886 $1 Red Martha (scarce and hard to find)  Silver Certificate    VF

PM2.     1896 Silver Certificate $1; Ser. 1899 Educational Note A138                  F

PM3.     $1 1914 D4 Cleveland National Note                                                    G

PM4.     $1 1914 D3 Philadelphia National Note                                                 G

PM5.     $1 1917 LT                                                                                         VG

PM6.     $1 Last Year 1923  Super Super Nice Crisp Note – Well-centered Perfect Ink & paper

PM7.     $2 1896 Educational – Very Scarce decent Note – Folds – A little frayed on right

              Edge – Overall Good  VG     2 Silver dollars in Note form!  Very Rare Note!!

PM8.     $2 Mini Porthold Silver Certificate  Ser. 1899  Folded                         F

PM9.     $2 LT Note  Ser. 1917            Folded                                                 F

PM10.   Extremely hard-to-find    $5 Ser.1896 Educational Note                        VG

PM11.   Extremely Rare! $5 Silver Dollars Certificate – Abraham Lincoln Porthole  VG

             Great Note to have!

PM12.   Ser. 1914  7 G $20 FRN                                                          Nice     VF



PM13.   GEM! 65 PPQ !!  PCGS $1 1899 Silver Certificate Black Eagle Note

              Investment Note

PM14.   Hard-to-Find in “65”  PCGS 65  1928 Red Seal $1 US Note  GEM! Investment Note

PM15.   1899 $2 Silver Certificate 63PPQ  Mini Porthole 1800 – Investment Note! UNC




PM16.   Choice UNC 63 $50  1872 Columbis South Carolina – Revenue Bond Script

PM17.   $.50 Fractional – Feb1869  100% Crisp – Crisp Note – Stamped 51 707 Great Note

PM18.   1864 $5 Confederate Note

PM19.   1864 $10 Confederate Note

PM20.   1864 $20 Confederate Note

PM21.   1864 $50 Confederate Note

PM22.   This is a very under-graded PCGS $500 Confederate Note – They say CH/XF45

            Very Historical Note!



PM23.   Eighteen Pence – Printed by James Adams, 1777 “To Counterfeit is Death” –

              The rarest of the Colonial Notes – The First State Delaware – A very fine Investment Note

PM24.   2 Five Cent Fractional Notes

PM25.   #136 Perry County Pennsylvania $1 Note – dated 1834 – Signed by S. Shuman      G/F

PM26.   York County PA Library Stock Certificate – One share – dated 1823

PM27.   An interesting lot of Eastman Business College Notes

PM28.   1928 Crisp $1 Silver Certificate – Funny Back   

PM29.   1935 A $1 Silver Certificate – North Africa                                            F

PM30.   1928 $2 Star Note

PM31.   1929 Crisp Chicago $5 National Note

PM32.   2 damaged Notes $5 1963 Star; 1929 Philadelphia National Note

PM33.   1934 Crisp $5 Silver Certificate

PM34.   1929 Union national Bank – Mount Joy PA $10 National Note – Nissley/Nauman

PM35.   1928 $10 Gold Note

PM37.   1953 $10 Silver Certificate Perfectly Crisp – Bright

PM38.   1928 A Crisp Boston $50 FRN

PM39.   1928 $20 Gold Certificate                                                                    F

PM40.   A super fantastic Leather Hand-Bound Album of Star Notes – All in uncut sheets - $284

              Face – The One-dollar Notes are not stars

PM41.   Sheet of 16 One Dollar Notes in frame




This Lot is not complete – It contains several more High-End Notes – Refer to Photos and List to Post Soon


AZ.     This Note is under graded!! $5 Wood Chopper  1907 PMG CHOICE VF35 A Really Nice Note!!


AZ.     1902 Plain Back S/N R66053113 PPA PMG AU50  CH3939  $10 Wood River Nebraska

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