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Sun Aug 14 - 09:00PM

7500 E Main St, 7500 E Main St, Reynoldsburg, Oh Click to Map

Kevin Burchett, Auctioneer

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Online Auctionin Reynoldsburg Ohio 43068

Kevin Burchett, Auctioneer


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HIGHLIGHTS: Revolutionary War Era Muzzle Loader, Relic Firearms, Pistol Components, Civil War Swords (Collins), German S & K, WWI Sword, Fencing Foils. Vintage Bicycles, Vintage Dental Tools & Cabinet, Machinist Chest, Edison Cylinder Phonograph, Piano Stool,  Antique Wooden Showcase, Costume Jewelry, Antiques, Sleigh Bells, Wooden Bowl, Foot Warmers, Pond Boat, Cottage Awning, Tobacco Tins, Zippo  Lighters, Bottles, Matchbook, Hudson Advertising, Carriage Lantern, Barn Lanters, Ammo Boxes, Pocket Knives, Tredle Sewing Machine, Quilting Frame, Newark, Granville and Buckeye Lake Items. Licking County Yearbooks, Large groups of Heisey Glass. Schnitzler and Kirschbaum of Soligen Germany.


 Gallery Auction at 7500 E Main St Reynoldsburg. Ending Sunday August 14th @ 9pm. Pick-Up Monday. Kevin Burchett, Auctioneer 614-866-8668

 17 more items recently added: (scroll down to see the catalog from item #1.)

A Navy Post banner from a Torpedo testing range. Has a splash of paint or similar on it.

Item - 178

Three new boot clip pocket knives. All in excellent condition.

Item - 179

"Don't tread on me" metal sign and three pocket knives as picture. All in very good condition.

Item - 180

A very handy 'crash cart' that was used in writing auctions in this building. A huge amount of supplies can be held in the surrounding baskets. The casters all work and lock when needed.

Item - 181

Two handy dollies in this lot. The orange dolly folds into a four-wheel cart and is in good condition. The red dolly needs at least one tire replaced maybe both.

Item - 182

A paratroopers Hatchet, pocket knives, file and stud finder, bucket of old hardware including a glass door knob.

Item - 183

A large lot located downstairs including: a fire extinguisher, two magnetic mechanics part bowls, hair-pin style vintage furniture legs, industrial Machinery legs, hardware, pocket knife and a solid brass Winchester dealers plaque. 

Item - 184

A working Kirby vacuum located downstairs.

Item - 185

A new sealed Fantasia VHS tape, Three Little Golden Books and school supplies as pictured. Locate downstairs.

Item - 186

A solid wood antique high chair in good condition. Could use a coat of paint or a coat of polyurethane.

Item - 187

To pharmaceutical-grade glass countertop inserts from an old drugstore in Newark Ohio. This is Pharmacy grade non-porous glass. Some damage to one as pictured. The reverse side is not as polished as the surface, perhaps it was to keep it from sliding or perhaps to hold glue. No glue residue at all. This is the kind of glass that topped the drawer shelf on old cash registers. 

Locate downstairs.

  Item - 1

A vintage dental chest and dental tool/ equipment seemilngly having  belonged  to Dr Haber of Niagara Falls NY.

This weighty dental chest is loaded in every door with tools needed for cleaning, repairing and ambulatory dental work. Date these tools (and phone number) to the 1930's -1940's.

Case is with lock-and-key and in good working order. 

Item - 2

Edison portable cylinder phonograph with horn. Good condition, complete as pictured. It is wound but not currently working. 

Item #88 is a flat full of Edison Cylinder records that would play on a phonograph like this. 

Item - 3

Beautiful old chippy paint on this hand-made solid wood pond boat. Seems like this was a young persons favorite object when visiting her grandparents Buckeye Lake summer cottage. The sail boat looks complete with mast, jib and 2 sales. How fun to it would be to restore this vintage boat. This is the kind of object that Country Living magazine does an entire layout around. 

 The Canvas awning has a spot to be cleaned as pictured but the rest is very clean.. 20' 4". There is not a sun faded spot. Is all washed blued cotton canvas. It is and looks vintage. With1/2"  brass grommets accross the top every 18".  It 8s 24" from the top to the bottom of the scalloped edge. How could you ever copy this vintage canvas fabric!

The additional photos are just examples of similar awnings on more modern homes. The houses and buildings are not included. 

Item - 4

Auctioneers note: This relic or the seller and her family have no connection to the swords in this catalog.

I believe this gun may have been made by John Young in 1776 for the State of Virginia. This was a target gun or a sharp shooters gun used with a stand (at times) to support the barrel as it weighs 25lbs or more.

Many old flintlocks were converted to cap & ball around the 1830's and through the Civil War as guns were very  scarce. Enlisted men were encouraged to bring what ever guns their family owned. Some mountain men brought grandads flintlock. This gun seems far to heavy to convert for hunting purposes. A gun capable of firing nearly a mile may have found its place on the Civil War battlefield. 

This musket has been passed down from a Confederate Soldier that fought at Gettysburg. His unfortunate story is told in the photos below. As W. VA. succeeded from Virginia he was treated as a turncoat and lost his home at the hand of the new States government. 

No way to know if this 25 lb cannon fired in Gettysburg but it was the only gun the soldiers grandchildren were handed as the the story of loss was recalled for the next 3 generations. 

You be the judge. This relic remnant will sell to the highest bid. 

No shipping. Pick up in Reynoldsburg. Preview this week by appointment. 614-866-8668.

Item - 5

Gun parts. All relic weapon parts. The Bushnell scope is included. No shipping. 

Item - 6

Collins & Co model 1850 foot officers sword worn during the Civil War Era. 

Feel free to preview the items by appointment this week. 614-866-8668. Please view the photos and determine the condition for yourself. The photos are an important part of the description. 

The following information has been gathered from sources found on the internet. Of particular value was the information seen on the site 

This is a high profile sword with tremendous documentation made available by collectors and historians alike. Regarding the manafacturer: 

"Collins, an ax and edged tool manufacturer since 1826, had its facility located in Canton, CT and in 1861 and 1862 produced blades and some complete edged weapons of the highest quality. It is said their products were equal, and often superior, to the workmanship of the best sword makers of the time. Collins’ blades appear on swords and sabers by different assemblers and retailers in both dated and undated configurations."

Item - 7

This sword is marked S & K on the ricasso and FW 47 with a crown mark on the reverse. Schnitzler and Kirschbaum of Soligen Germany.

GOOGLE SEARCH: Original source unknown. "During the period of the 1840s through the 1860s, the German firm was one of the most respected importers of sabers to the United States. They had contracts for both cavalry and artillery sabers. S&K received the first U.S. Ordnance Department contract for the model 1840 cavalry and artillery sabers in 1840 and again for additional sabers in 1847..

John Walter reports that no S&K-marked weapons are known from the period after 1864-65. He speculates that the partnership spilt up.. This would confirm that any saber with the S&K ricasso or blade back stamp is a Civil War or earlier dated weapon."

Please research this weapon and verify facts for yourself. No shipping.

Preview available. Call 614-866-8668 to make an appointment. 

Item - 8

A vintage Prince Albert Tobacco tin advertising an Old-Timer pocket knife for only $2. Also in this lot is an Old Timer pocket knife with a broken blade, seven miscellaneous pocket knives and three antique corn shuckers.

Item - 9

A vintage Buddy L  pressed steel pickup truck. Ford 1958/59 step-side. See the photos for condition. The other old diecast are included.

Item - 10

Early 1960's Modern Toy Made in Japan battery operated street car. Please photos for condition. 

Item - 11

A NASCAR race-track-worn tire from of the Hendricks Racing Teams cars. With Certificate of Authentication. 

Item - 12

An old oil can by Nyoil and a brass steam whistle. Both from the latec1940's. 

Item - 13 Wonderful antique coffee grinder signed 'New Brighton Conn' made by the 'Franco American' and Logan company of New Brighton Connecticut. It just dosnt get better than this 150 year old coffee mill, straight from the Licking County home that used it for years and years. In all original condition! Look at the worn smooth coffee grinds drawer in excellent condition. This grinder has never been  painted, urethaned, broken or repaired! 

I would bet you couldn't find a more ornate iron casting on an original condition coffee mill in all of Licking County. This unit is clean!

Remember the humorous scene in Dancing with Wolves' where the cowboys were waiting on the infuriating mule driver doing the grinding, counting precisely the number of turms required to create the perfect cup?

Item - 14

A brass & metal kerosene buggy or carriage lamp with the red dot on the backside. Excellent condition as pictured. 

Item - 15

Two old enamled porcelain outdoor lamp shades and a  newer indoor metal shade. The enamled fixtures match exactly. 

These are the kind of shades we remember hanging above the gas pumps at old filling stations. 

Item - 16

A wonderful grouping of curious metal items saved by a family with a good  eye for collecting. 

You can always use an open metal Omar can around the shop. This can probably held reloading equipment.

An advertising item offering a ride in a new Hudson courtesy of the local Hudson dealer. 

Granville called their football team the Blue Aces. A proud parent of a player saved this license plate topper long after the senior game. 

Who remembers what exactly Sears did for "happy time" service?

Is the other item a military candle stove?

This a fun group! I'm glad these neat items were preserved and not tossed into a land fill!

Item - 17

A very nice looking tredle sewing machine by Singer. The accessories pictured are included. The belt is broken but can be replaced via a Google search for this model number. 

Pretty golden-oak case with 4 ornate drawers. It is highly unusual to find the owners manual still with the foot propelled sewing machine. This is the first time this Singer has been outside of the original family that purchased it. No rust, no rot, no bug nests from long term storage. You'll be proud to own this unit!

Item - 18

State of Ohio paper on canvas map. Some roughness as pictured. This old college map is dated 1920. 

Item - 19

Solid cherry was the wood-of-choice by this cabinet maker to create the beautiful machinist chest seen here. 

Five drawers with knobs, over a 6th hidden drawer that will only open with the removal of the 5th. Brass corners, brass hinges and handles were excellent choices to pair with the deluxe cherry. 

The front panel was not located.

These make great display cases for vintage jewelry, old watches, lighters, marbles or even fishing lures.

What would you store in this handmade cabinet? 

Item - 20

These aithentically old stairs were used as a  photographic display in my warehouse for the past 16 months. The 2x4 legs can screw off for transportation to shows or to be placed in an antique shop/mall. 

These were on loan until the day came that I could no longer use them. 

Credit going to, and thank you given to KS & BS! They were perfect! 

Item - 21

Three interesting 'collected' architectural elements for the home or garden. The blue one is a metal topiary, the white one is weighty chalk casting with an amazing old style finish. The smallest is painted wood. 

This decor would look smart on a mantle, on a high shelf in a large room with a high ceiling or even on the front porch for a splash of whimsy. 

Item - 22

Vintage three tiered side table / stand. Made 9f mahogany with a glass top. 

Item - 23

This crystal chandelier has been hanging from the wharehouse ceiling for many years. It was left behind from 3 antique shops that occupied this building years ago. It is nearly complete, a few crystals will need replaced but the gentilyley curved glass arms are intact. We know nothing more. 

It will be hanging till you arrive to remove it. I will help, or bring a friend. I have a good ladder that can be used. Come see it this week by appointment. 614-866-8668 

Item - 24

Painted with a decoupage top surface. This is a 1960s server or sideboard made for a small dining room. On casters, this item can be used in any room in the house.

Item - 25

An antique chair and a vintage chair. The taller vanity chair is a little wobbly but can be glued and tightened for a better seat.

Item - 26

A very nice 125 year old showcase with many drawers on the back to conceal supplies, hardware or inventory.

A free standing, rear access showcase. In all original condition, original glass.

Item - 27

Late 1950s Huffy bicycle. This boy's bicycle is found in very good condition and won't take much effort to be road-worthy once again.

Item - 28

Objects from rural Licking County life in the 1800's. 

A single tree from the barn, a boot jack from the mud room and a beloved old wooden bowl, a staple in the kitchen of rural homes for 200 years! 

Item - 30

German beer stein depicting the great warrior Arminius. I could not find this same stein on the internet. The lid has been somewhat repaired.

Item - 31
These 2 items were of vital importance to homes from times before the Civil War to the first quarter of the 20th Century. Turning in to a cold bedroom far away from the fireplace was made easier with the portable warmth of the hot water crock bottle. Filled with boiling water, the smooth surface of the well insulated bottle would last for hours under handmade quilts in a featherbed.
The problem of staying warm in a horse drawn buggy was remedied by the second device of vital importance in a Victorian household. Slide out the coal tray, place a few glowing embers or clunkers in the box and you'd have portable heat on the way to church or even over the river and through woods. 
Item - 32

Seven larger size medicine/ bitters bottles. The Dr Watkins jar is with its original paper box. The nice Koenig coffee jar with double-sided embossing is from Cincinatti Ohio. 

Item - 33

Eight medicine tins/jars/box from an old Granville Estate. The Wooster advertiser from Newark is a tape measure. 

Item - 34

Twenty-six Prince Albert Tobacco tins. All from the early 1970's with UPC codes.

Item - 35

Nine larger size loose-leaf Prince Albert Tobacco tins. Three with lids. 

Item - 36

A travel size suitcase with 3 bags and a jar full of clear marbles. 

Item - 37

Four vintage feed sack marble bags with play marbles as pictured. Included is one large steel Industrial ball bearing.

Item - 38

Grouping of antique wooden blocks. These are actually darker than they appear in the photos.

Item - 39

For small antique spice jars made in Germany.

Item - 40

Faux scrimshaw, a toy frontiersman rifle, fillet knife, an automobile coin Bank and a jar of cast-off marbles from a glass house.

Item - 41

A 20 inch composition doll in good condition. She could be restrung, or just leave her alone and appreciate her beauty! The extra clothing was found lovingly folded and preserved with the doll. No markings were located. 

I'm proud to say that this doll was carefully stored in a correct fashion and in a safe place. You won't be disappointed by stains or foul odors. Stored incorrectly and these old dolls become brittle in the cold and loose color in the heat. She has certainly been loved!

Item - 42

Made during the peak of porcelain manafacturing at the very beginning of the 20th Century. This made-in-Germany bowl in excellent condition, with outstanding color!

Item - 43

Sad Iron and iron trivet. The handle is signed Wapak. Wapak was established n 1903 in Wapakoneta OOhio.i

Item - 44

A shaving kit for a Victorian gentleman. The straight razor is badly damage. The shaving mug is very nice. The old leather razor strap has a snap on it to afix it to a barber chair for quick access. 

Item - 45

Nineteen antique brass sleighbells on remnants of the original leather strap. Its a common practice to hang a section on the inside of a door. Share these with your antique loving friends or restore the strand. I bet there is someone looking for a replacement bell of the right size on eBay right now. 

The antique goat collar is included. This entire lot is fresh from an outbuilding in Licking County. 

Item - 46

Two old barn lanterns, one having a broken globe. Nice color!

Item - 47

Painted label and embossed glass soda bottles. One of the old Coke bottles is marked Newark Ohio. 

The antique bottle corker was probably used for homemade wine. 

This is a good group! 

Item - 48

Nice adjustable organ / piano stool with iron talon and crystal ball feet. The seat is new! It 8s a little wobley. A clamping with fresh glue will do the trick. 

Item - 49

Group of western spurs as pictured. 

Item - 50

Antique field glasses in a leather case and a early 19th century pair of spectacles with the original pocket case. These items are in very good, usable/displayable  condition.

Item - 51

Old Prince Albert tobacco tens and a cigarette roller with an advertisement on the bottom.

Item - 52

Marx Power Grader pressed steel construction vehicle. Good condition. 

Item - 53

Large decorated chop plate fram CZ Austria and a beautifully bound book of Farm Ballads. 

Item - 54

And all natural fiber drum table (very boho) and a selection of 'decorator books' & books of antiquety with attractive boards. 

Item - 55

A blue and white mottled graniteware pan along with a  selection of lovely old books.

Item - 56

A retailers portion of curtain tie backs displayed on a wrought iron decorators 'garden gate' wall hanging. 

Item - 57

Large Harvest of brightly decorated life-size faux fruits used for display. A pastry rack and Peck baskets are included in this pretty lot.

Item - 58

A pair of wrought iron architectural decorater elements for hanging on a wall, over a window or hanging within a window as pictured in this shop. These would look great hanging on the outside of a 'she shed' or suspended around the deck. Just a splash of charactor for an avant garde decorater.

Item - 59

A barbed wire chandelier with tiny light strands woven-in, a chrome ball light fixture and a large stamped-metal heart for sign painting. What would you paint on this large heart? 

Item - 60

A WWI calvary sabre ( Patton Sword) marked SA 1914 and Marked US on the reverse. Please see photos to determine the condition. You are welcome to preview these swords this week. Please call first so I can plan to be there for you. 614-866-8668. 

Item - 61

A matched pair of antique fencing foils. 

"The three disciplines in modern fencing are the foil, the épée, and the sabre; winning points are made through the weapon's contact with an opponent." 

A graceful sport reaching world recognition when it was added to the Olympics in 1896.

Item - 62

Pair of .30 caliber ammo boxes that can be used for a myriad of purposes. This is the blue and green pair. 

Item - 63

Pair of Army Green .30 caliber ammo boxes ready for action. These make great tool boxes to stow behind a truck seat. 

Item - 64

Antique 2 man saw called a crosscut saw. This one is  in great condition! 

Item - 65

Showing both sides of 5 surface collected arrow & spear points from a Licking County corn field. 

Item - 66

Group of 20 old Prince Albert cans. Date these to the 1960's. All prior to UPC coding. 

Item - 67

This lot offers 4 Zippo lighters. Two of them have boxes.

Item - 68

Two hunting / fishing themed cigarette lighters. Do they look 'unstruck'? 

Item - 69

Six old loose tobacco tins, an empty pipe box, snuff can and a pipe tool. 

Item - 70

Four vintage lighters including a Ronson and a butane  lighter in a red box. 

Item - 71

Ohio State Troopers formal wall Overcoat. Good condition as seen in the photos.

Item - 72

An antiques sign, a peel, a tole painted tray, smudge pot. radio and more. 

Item - 73

Pair of living room side tables with beveled glass tops.

Item - 74

Group of old buttons and a rare amber glass darning egg. 

GOOGLE: "To darn is to stitch up a small hole in a piece of clothing. Instead of throwing your worn-out socks away, you can just darn the holes in their toes. When you darn your socks or sweaters, you use a needle and thread to close small holes in the woven fabric."

Item - 76

This lot just got bigger and bigger as I discovered more.Costume jewelry, rings, books and buttons. That is a ton of jewelry! 

Item - 77

A large assortment of Christmas items including glass ornaments. 

Item - 78

A grape vine ball with Christmas lights, a huge glass ornament, tree-in-a-box, and a glittery metal star wall hangers. 

Item - 79

A round basket full of fused glass art. 

Item - 80

Large print behind glass of a bathing beauty and 2 butterfly prints. 

Item - 81

Good looking neon OPEN sign. On and off with pull chain. Very heavy. Plastic case. The hanger separated from the plastic case and will need a new hanger devised. 

Item - 82

Saxophone. Condition unknown. It has gotten wet and the case may never be right. 

Item - 83

Misc pocket knives and a vintage  PAL cap gun by Kilgore. 

Item - 84

Group of vintage cameras including a bellows camera,  Polaroid and a movie camera.

Item - 85

Very nice real leather camera bag with a Polaroid camera and misc photographic items and user manuals.

Item - 86

Four "coffee table books" on railroads, trains and railroading. 

Item - 87

Your only as good as your reference material. Doll and bottle collecting are covered here as well as an annual price guide for antiques and collectibles. 

Item - 88

Flat full of Edison cylinder records.

Item - 89

A pretty grouping of vintage decorated ch8na and collectors plates.


Item - 91

A matchbook cover collection featuring all Newark, Granville and Zanesville area establishments.

Item - 92

Misc match book covers including the enormous packs and 2 advertising rulers. 

Item - 93

Two match boxes and a magnet from the Evergreens in Granville Ohio.

Item - 94

Group 9f metal objects including an old Soho advertising thermometer, store display fixtures and a set of blinders from a plow horse. 

Item - 95

Two groups of CD's and cassettes in 2 boxes.

Item - 96

A pair of long stem glass bud vases, a laith-turned wooden lamp and a cast metal lamp. A group of wine glasses and collection of vintage kid-leather opera gloves. 

Item - 97

Generous Lot Including: A solid plaster-carved (signed and dated) mother-and-child sculpture, an orange (Lucite type) pepper mill, an art-glass paperweight and more as pictured. Note: The hat boxes are not included. 

Item - 98

An antique cast-iron-base 'lunch counter' stool. Swivels.

Item - 99

Several boxes of unusual glass. The square glass jars (approx  80 in 3 larger boxes and 1 smaller) are often sought after by brides to be used as table decorations.

A box of 1 gallon jars (as pictured) and a small box of 'beeker-bottles' used in a lab. 

Somewhat heavy, some reaching will be required. 

Item - 100

Generous Lot Including: VIntage vitrified China ( Restaurant ware), a wooden stump with composition racoon, a contemporary Mexican style rug, chalk grape cluster, a decorated milk glass lamp and a glass candle lantern. 

Item - 101

One Sawyers View-Master, original box and manual and vintage reels as pictured. VGC

Item - 102

Two 1980s red-and-white viewmasters and reels as pictured. EC

Item - 103 Item - 104

Pair of Sawyer's View-Masters and vintage reels of points of destination across the U.S.

Item - 105

Four milk bottles with embossed labels, a painted and a plain bottle.

Item - 106

Grouping of antique jars and lids. 

Item - 107

Playing card themed box matches, collapsible travel cup, gyroscope in the original box, poker chips and games. 

Item - 108

Alphabet blocks, Tinley Winks, dice game, Jack Daniels playing cards and more. 

Item - 109 Major League Breaking Ball. Endorsed by Jim Rice & Mike Flanagan.

This breaking ball is approximately the same size as a Major League Baseball with a flat side with the engraved company name and location. The breaking ball appears to be made of a hard chalk type substance and was marketed as a training tool for Baseball teams 8n 1976.

Ball Park souvenirs and a player pencil.

Item - 110

New old stock compass, auto harp and a teeny tiny harmonica by Honer.

Item - 111

A King Edward tobacco box made the best school box ever! Mine lasted 2 years in a row back in 5th grade. 

A wooden GHS pin (Granville High School), a pocket magnifier, torpedo pencil, Japan fan, and of course school supplies. 

Item - 112

Grouping of miniatures including a Mickey Mouse baby spoon,, youth spoon, souvenir Coca Cola bottle,. Bitters bottles,, a tiny bisque doll, a metal rake and pick.

Item - 113

Group of Granville High School Year books.

Years 1970, 72, 73, 74, 78 and 79.

These yearbooks / annuals are in good condition. Some will have handwritten dedications or names written on the interior covers as can be expected. 

An opertunity here to show the grandkids just how cool you were back in the day..

Item - 114

The Lickingana annuals covered the large and small school districts in the Licking County area. Some schools did not have a yearbook of their own. 

High Schools in 1944 and 1945 included:

Kirkersville, Johnstown, Hartford, Homer, Alexandria, Granville, Jacksontown, Utica, Pataskala, Etna, Hanover - Tobago. 

Item - 115

Group of Granville High School Year books.

Years 1931, 33 and 1935.

These yearbooks / annuals are in good condition. Some will have handwritten dedications or names written on the interior covers as can be expected. 

An opertunity here to show the grandkids just how cool your parents were back in the day..

Item - 116

Group of Granville High School Year books.

Years 1927, 28 and 1938.

These yearbooks / annuals are in good condition. Some will have handwritten dedications or names written on the interior covers as can be expected. 

An opertunity here to show the grandkids just how cool your parents were back in the day..

Item - 117

Group of Granville High School Year books.

Years 1954, 56 and 1958.

These yearbooks / annuals are in good condition. Some will have handwritten dedications or names written on the interior covers as can be expected. 

An opertunity here to show the grandkids just how cool you were back in the day..

Item - 118

Group of Granville High School Year books.

Years 1957 and 1960.

These yearbooks / annuals are in good condition. Some will have handwritten dedications or names written on the interior covers as can be expected. 

An opertunity here to show the grandkids just how cool you were back in the day..

Item - 119

Group of Granville High School Year books.

Years 1944, 45 and 1948.

These yearbooks / annuals are in good condition. Some will have handwritten dedications or names written on the interior covers as can be expected. 

An opertunity here to show the grandkids just how cool you were back in the day..

Item - 120

Group of Granville High School Year books.

Years 1946, 47 and 1949.

These yearbooks / annuals are in good condition. Some will have handwritten dedications or names written on the interior covers as can be expected. 

An opertunity here to show the grandkids just how cool your parents were back in the day..

Item - 121

Heisey including: Four Crystalite platters and trays. A million uses! Your not serving BBQ on plastic are you? You will love these!

Group of  'Elegant Depression' by Heisey Glass of Newark Ohio. This vintage grouping is in very good to excellent condition. No chips or cracks, however there may be a visible mark from use. Most of these pieces are signed with the diamond H, however not every piece will be. 

Item - 122

Heisey including: A large offering of Colonial relish trays including a divided relish. Do you think those smaller dishes would hold 3 scoops of ice cream, a sliced banana, whipped cream and crushed nuts? 

Group of  'Elegant Depression' by Heisey Glass of Newark Ohio. This vintage grouping is in very good to excellent condition. No chips or cracks, however there may be a visible mark from use. Most of these pieces are signed with the diamond H, however not every piece will be. 

Item - 123

Heisey including: A large grouping of Ridgeleigh pattern Glass. Nothing is better than orange-spice tea in crystal! You gotta try it! 

Group of  'Elegant Depression' by Heisey Glass of Newark Ohio. This vintage grouping is in very good to excellent condition. No chips or cracks, however there may be a visible mark from use. Most of these pieces are signed with the diamond H, however not every piece will be. 

Item - 124

A large grouping of Crystalite by Heisey including the Beta Epsilon Pi platter. 

Group of  'Elegant Depression' by Heisey Glass of Newark Ohio. This vintage grouping is in very good to excellent condition. No chips or cracks, however there may be a visible mark from use. Most of these pieces are signed with the diamond H, however not every piece will be. 

Item - 125

Six Heisey  Colonial berry bowls, 2 Empress divided bowls, relish and a creamer.

This vintage grouping is in very good to excellent condition. No chips or cracks, however there may be a visible mark from use. Most of these pieces are signed with the diamond H, however not every piece will be. 

Item - 126

Heisey including: Large groups of Colonial goblets and champaigns. However an ice cold pineapple martini would work well in any of these. 

Group of  'Elegant Depression' by Heisey Glass of Newark Ohio. This vintage grouping is in very good to excellent condition. No chips or cracks, however there may be a visible mark from use. Most of these pieces are signed with the diamond H, however not every piece will be. 

Item - 127

Heisey including: Grouping of misc Colonial and Crystolite stemware. 

Group of  'Elegant Depression' by Heisey Glass of Newark Ohio. This vintage grouping is in very good to excellent condition. No chips or cracks, however there may be a visible mark from use. Most of these pieces are signed with the diamond H, however not every piece will be. 

Item - 128

Donruss 1981 brick of baseball cards. I can't possibly know if they are complete, but they are well cared for by a downsizing senior.

Item - 129

The art of microbreweries set on aluminum. These are called beer flats. Before small breweries went cheap with paper sticker labels these flats used an offset printing process creating art. Some of these are up to 40 years old. All in excellent condition.

Item - 130

Selling the bicycle rack only. The bike is not included. This bike rack does not need fastened to a wall. It was used indoors for many years. Holds 2 bikes at adjustable heights.

Item - 131

Mini fridge, microwave and TV. All work. Bidder must take them all. Locate 2' from the man door. 

Item - 132

Pretty stretched vinyl print of ladies in a lounge (large). Two vintage 1950's paintings on stretched canvas. Some damage on to the canvas on the old paintings.

Item - 133

Estate items from Upper Arlington.

Original old photograph of a youth baseball team. One of these boys became the Dean of the Moritz School of Law. 

Complete dominoes sets (vintage) and an interesting very contemporary pottery metal-glazed bowl. 

Item - 134

Erector set skyline of New York city. These erector set pieces ( 4 sections) were part of the background in a Hollywood movie starring Jason Alexander as the founder of Gilbert toys in The man who saved Christmas. The tallest section is 40".

Item - 135

Five decorators items. A pastry riser, vintage blue vase, a topiary, metal vase and a super heavy-pottery squatty vase.

Item - 136

Stained glass swag lamp. 

Item - 137

A red counter height chair and an adjustable chrome base swivel bar stool. Both are in good shape.

Item - 138 Item - 139

Beer Signs reference book. Is it old? Is it complete? Is it animated or mechanical? With this book you will know!

Item - 140

Hanging shop light fixture with blacklight tubes. We used this in the shop to spot radiant glass or to investigate potential repairs to pottery and glass. Often the glue used in a repair will glow under a blacklight. 

Anyone selling vintage glass & pottery should examine the items before passing off a repaired piece as being perfect. 

Item - 141

Selling 2 matching indoor HD storage racks/shelving units. Black powder coated steel and black laminated shelves. Both are in EC and very good looking!  They are easy to set up. No tools required but a rubber malletwould make it easy to slide the assembly together.  Currenty dissasembled 15' front you vehicle. 

Assembled they measure 6' tall, 4' wide and 2' deep. 

These were in the Historians home in Pataskala. We will be selling his ephemera and train collections very soon. 

Item - 142

A rack fully assembled in green and chrome. This is from the Licking County Historians home. Everyone that has seen wants it. It seems to be the perfect size. The shelves can be used as baskets or flipped for lipless shelving. He sorted photos on the rack. It hold a ton of merchandise. Locate 9' from your vehicle. 

Item - 143

High-end model railroad buildings in standard scale by Tinplate Traditions. New-in-box. 

Item - 144

Early Erector set. The wooden box is not broken, it simply gave out after carrying 20 lbs for 100 years. The dovetails need replaced. 

Item - 145

Nice metal shop cart. He usedthis cart to wheel his train collection up and down the long Isles of shelving. 

We will be selling the collection this fall.

Item - 146

Two Keen Cutter carpenters saws and an old auction placard. I wonder if these guys did any good? 

Item - 147

A collection of vintage gyroscopes.

Item - 148

Smaller size glass-top table suitable for indoor or outdoor use. 

Item - 149

Outdoor garden elelment perfect for a small space. The interior is damaged. Tbis is ligjt-weight resin. 

Item - 150

Vintage hand-stitched folk art 'crazy quilt' presented in fair condition.

Item - 151

Very nice wide brimmed Sombrero. Not a cheapo wall decoration. This is professional Mariachi level! Very nice!

Item - 152

Large rustic grouping 8ncluding a doll size handmade chair,and much more. 

Item - 153

Grouping of large decorators items including a Shriners fez.

Item - 154

Five nesting hat boxes used for storage. A great way to store-away the gloves and scarves of winter. One box has Crayon on only one side. 

Item - 155

Three metal stars for wall or privacy fence hanging. 

Item - 156

19th Century awards of merit and old photos make up this lot of ephemeral items. 

Item - 157

A very lucrative lot for re-sellers! The enameld case-glass vase is very nice with its rootbeer color exterior and white glass interior. A set of old wooden bongos, fused glass artwork signed by the artist, a slice polished stone bookend and a cosmetologists mannequin. 

Item - 158

A wall hanging soda cap collection, painted iris tray, small framed mirror, and three 'floating seashell diahramas.

Item - 159

Star wars plush babies, ice skates and a wooden newspaper rack for wall hanging. 

Item - 160

Three lamps and a lamp component display fixture. The Atd Deco style mantle lamp is hard to find.

Item - 161

A large amount of household decor including the blue velvet presentation box with band made glass angels and china. 

Item - 162

Basket of decorated china and porcelain from the 1920s 60's. 

Item - 163

Group of 7 cup and saucer sets and misc china.

Item - 164

Group of vintage China including 3 large platter. No chips or cracks. But some will show signs of use. 

Item - 165

Delta Bench Grinder 6” Double Wheel 3500 Rpm 1/2” Arbor Model 23-680.

Item - 166

Free standing weighted sign. Each side has a fill hole at the top for sand or water. This one has 2 gallons of sand at the moment. It can be heavy or very heavy to prevent it from being stolen or knocked over. 

Item - 167

Neon open sign. Very light, hangs easily. Steady on or gradual letters turn on and repeat. Plug-in power pack. VGC. 

Hanging now. 

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