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Nat Amer Pot, Baskets & Jewelry

Tue Aug 23 - 02:00PM

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Barry S. Slosberg Inc

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Auctioneer ID#: 1132

Phone: 215-425-7030

License: AU-1487-L

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  • Donald J. Chittick Decoy

    Donald J. Chittick Decoy

  • "HBS" Signed Duck Decoy

    "HBS" Signed Duck Decoy

  • Pr Ardell Waterfield Decoys

    Pr Ardell Waterfield Decoys

  • 2 Duck Decoys

    2 Duck Decoys

 Bid in Person or Online Through Live Auctioneers or Invaluable

Tuesday Aug. 23, 2022 at 2 PM

Barry S. Slosberg, Inc.

3455 Edgemont Street

Philadelphia, PA 19134

Bid in Person or Online Through Live Auctioneers or Invaluable

Native American, Pottery, Baskets & Jewelry, fine gold Jewelry, Decoys, Primitives, Dansk, Antique to MCM Furniture & Accessories, Oriental Rugs. More!

Native American-One Owner Collections:

* 80+ lots of silver jewelry: Squash Blossom necklace, bracelets, rings, pins, etc. with turquoise,

   coral, bear claw, Margot De Taxco, Plata de Jalisco, Pennino, Zina, etc. 

* 60+ lots 19th to20th C. pottery, *50+ lots baskets, plus totems, blankets and rugs.

Miscellaneous: 19th C. cobalt decorated stoneware by L.C. Paul, Courtland, Nortons Co., Goodwin, etc. primitives, eagle weathervane, Western saddle, Deco fish bowl on stand, brass birdcage on stand, 19th C. Salesman’s sample cast iron stove, copperware, microscopes, stereopticon, vintage Featherweight sewing machine, carriage and mantel clocks, Columbia phonograph, antique slag glass lamps. More!

* Heavy gold bracelets, Tiffany diamond & other rings.

* 100 vintage to contemporary decoys & shorebirds, many signed.

* Pair Art Nouveau 24” bronze figural compotes.

* Louis XV marble cassoulets, marble busts.

* Oriental porcelain, woodblocks & watercolors, furniture.

* Contemporary Art pottery collection; Dansk & Capco enameled iron cookware; Dansk

  “Santiago” dinner service. More!

Paintings & Graphics: 19th – 20th C, W.E. Baum, John E. Berninger, Jorge Dumas, Antonio Telse, H. Hoberts, Boris Zenic, Fred Hugo, Fred W. Hauptle, Thomas Cornell, R. Del Noce Senior, Italian School. More!


* 18th / 19th C. Q.A. tilt top tea table, Chippendale Highboy, Federal gilt pier mirror, Pr French

   Empire style pedestals.

* Victorian: Unique open corner cabinet, marble top step down dresser.

* Oak: Ice box, “S” roll top desk, jelly cupboard, table & chairs, library tables.

* MCM: L’Isolo Italy modern chandelier; chair sets by Norman Cherner, Azcast, Carlo Pessina

   & others; Isamu Noguchi style coffee & end table; Lane table set; 5 Pc MCM wall unit;

   Widdicomb, Drexel & Lane BR & DR sets & pcs; floor & table lamps.

* Contemporary: Baker 1970 Mastercraft brass & glass DR table, Natuzzi leather sofa, Dixie

   campaign style BR set, designer mirrors; Italian 8 pc DR set, Oriental & QA style chair sets,

   Italian Provincial marble top commode; Oriental rm & throw rugs, Garden furniture. More!

Terms: Payment through Stripe, PayPal, Live or In Person Cash/CC. 22% Buyer’s Prem

 Inspection: Is Encouraged By Appointment Only! Or  12 Noon Auction Day,

Call to Schedule. 215-425-7030

Barry S. Slosberg, Inc. Auctioneers/Appraisers AU-1487-L

3455 Edgemont Street, Philadelphia, PA 19134   215-425-7030



Lot: 3001 - Donald J. Chittick Decoy

Donald J. Chittick Decoy, marker signed on underside "1986", "Drake Mallard" preening, carved and stained wood, glass eyes, 13"l. CONDITION: Very good.

Lot: 3002 - "HBS" Signed Duck Decoy

"HBS" Signed Duck Decoy, signed on underside, stained wood, glass eyes, mid 20th C, 12"l. CONDITION: Areas of expansion splits, nicks and gouges.

Lot: 3003 - Pr Ardell Waterfield Decoys

Pair Ardell Waterfield decoys, signed on underside, green heads with glass eyes and painted wood bodies; joined together by a rope,7 1/2"l. CONDITION: Very good.

Lot: 3004 - 2 Duck Decoys

Two Duck Decoys, includes: (1) wood, unknown maker red, black and white duck with two inset lead cylinders on underside; painted tack eyes, 14"d, 1 1/2', plus (1) hard rubber painted decoy with marker signature "Barker", 13 1/2"l, both mid to late 20th C. CONDITION: wood duck has scratch on tail, head swivels, hard rubber duck has paint wear and paint loss

Lot: 3005 - Earl Hughes Signed Decoy

Earl Hughes Signed Decoy, signed on underside "1933", black and white painted wood mallard, glass eyes, 13 1/2"l. CONDITION: Good, light paint wear.

Lot: 3006 - Earl Hughes Signed Decoy

Earl Hughes Signed Decoy, signed on underside, 1939, Mallard in green, browns, black and white painted wood, glass eyes, 13"l. CONDITION: Very good, light paint wear.

Lot: 3007 - Pr Vintage Merganser Decoys

Pair Vintage Merganser Decoys, maker's mark, "C" incised on underside, painted wood, outstretched necks, glass eyes, early to mid 20th C, 19 1/2"l. CONDITION: good, used, with expansion joint areas; dings and abraisions.

Lot: 3008 - Vintage Pintail Decoy

Vintage Pintail Decoy, incised "ROD" maker's mark on underside, painted wood, glass eyes, early 20th C, 16 1/2"l. CONDITION: Good, used, areas of paint wear.

Lot: 3009 - Signed Duck Decoy

Signed Duck Decoy, incised "Oufon (?) 92", speckled painted gray and white wood, painted eyes, 19 1/2"l. CONDITION: head swivels, good

Lot: 3010 - Canadian Goose Decoy

Canadian Goose Decoy, black and white painted wood, preening, glass eyes, 13 1/2"l, 7 3/4"h, mid to late 20th C. CONDITION: Very good, used

Lot: 3011 - Red Head Drake Sleeper Decoy

Red Head Drake Sleeper Decoy, lower Susquehanna River, circa 1880-90; hammered led weight on underside, 11"l. CONDITION: Expansion splits, paint loss, dings and abrasions.

Lot: 3012 - 2 Duck Carvings on Base

Two Duck Carvings on Base, carved and painted wood, glass eyes, one is preening, split log base, late 20th C, 8 1/4" x 11 1/2" x 11 1/2". CONDITION: Very good.

Lot: 3013 - H & J.M. Signed Decoy

Harold and James McAllister, Gasonville, MD, "Surf Scoter antique reproduction original from Connecticut shore 1890", black and white painted wood, 16"l. CONDITION: Very good, minor wear.

Lot: 3014 - 4 Small Signed Decoys

Four Small Signed Decoys, includes: Andy Anderson 6 1/2" preening swan; Herb Daisey Jr. 7" Canada Goose; David and May Price 1984 Drake Mallard 6 1/2" and John Jugoylia? 4 / 29 /01, 6 1/2" Mallard. CONDITION: Very good.

Lot: 3015 - Canvas Covered Swan Decoy

Canvas Covered Swan Decoy, unknown maker, possibly North Carolina, canvas over wire frame, painted wood head and base, 16"l, 8"h, early 20th C. CONDITION: Good, used, weathered.

Lot: 3016 - Canvas Covered Duck Decoy

Canvas Covered Duck Decoy, unknown maker, red, green, gray and white paint, canvas over wire frame, 12 1/2"l, early to mid 20th C. CONDITION: Good, used, weathered

Lot: 3017 - Canvas Covered Duck Decoy

Canvas Covered Duck Decoy, Lee Waterfield signed in ink on underside, black and white spotted paint, canvas over wire frame, wood head and base, mid 20th C, 8 1/4"l. CONDITION: Very good, weathered

Lot: 3018 - Stephen A. Schetter Duck Decoy

Stephen A. Schetter Duck Decoy, signed on underside - Mallard 1983, fine feather incising, with paint, glass eyes, 11 3/4"l. CONDITION: Very good.

Lot: 3019 - Chris Boone Signed Decoy

Chris Boone Signed Decoy, marker signed on underside"Chris Boone 07", Drake with green head and brown and white painted wood body, leather strap at neck with string and lead weight, 11 1/2". CONDITION: Very good.

Lot: 3020 - Signed Duck Decoy

Signed Duck Decoy, illegibly signed in ink on underside - Bob Nelson?, black, white and gray painted wood, tack eyes, early 20th C, 11 1/2"l. CONDITION: Used, losses around neck, paint wear.

Lot: 3021 - Edward Gosinski Small Decoy

Edward Gosinski Small Decoy, incised signature on base "Saratoga 1974", small scale black and white painted wood duck decoy, glass eyes, 8"l. CONDITION: Very good, light wear.

Lot: 3022 - CWW Stamped Decoy

CWW Stamped Decoy, by Charles Waterfield, pintail with turned neck, painted wood, applied eyes, lead weight on underside, early 20th C. CONDITION: Paint wear, expansion split at spine and around neck.

Lot: 3023 - Handmade Goose Decoy

Handmade Goose Decoy, honey stained wood with fine carving, glass eyes, filled composition base,early to mid 20th C, 20 1/2"l, 10"h. CONDITION: Very fine, used, expected nicks and bruises, matting under decoy loose

Lot: 3024 - Canadian Goose Decoy

Canadian Goose Decoy, primitive chisel carved wood with attached long neck and head, black and white paint, mid 20th c, 16"l, 13"h. CONDITION: expansion split separating paint at base of neck, otherwise minor wear.

Lot: 3025 - Vintage Cork Decoy

Vintage Cork Decoy, gray, brown and black paint, yellow bill, glass eyes, wood panel base with string attached lead weight, early to mid 20th C, 17 1/2"l. CONDITION: good, used.

Lot: 3026 - Vintage Scooter Decoy

Vintage Scooter Decoy, wood, black with white painted tail, lead weighted base, early 20th C, 18 3/4"l. CONDITION: Expansion splits, ding on head.

Lot: 3027 - S. Achomski Signed Decoy

S. Achomski Signed Decoy, canvas back,1978, incised and painted wood, glass eyes,red marker signature on underside, 16 1/2"l. CONDITION: Loss to tip of beak, scattered holes.

Lot: 3028 - Swan Wood Carving

Swan wood carving, illegibly signed on underside, swimming swan with painted body, late 20th c, H17 1/4" x L17". CONDITION: Very good.

Lot: 3029 - Pr Hand Carved Wood Shorebirds

Pair Hand Carved Wood Shorebirds, long-billed Dowitcher? hand painted on round wood dowel,3 1/2" x 6 1/2" x 2 1/8" each on natural wood base (cut tree branch) approx. 2 1/2"d x 1 1/2"h, unsigned, glass eyes. CONDITION: Some paint loss on each, paint crack on neck of one.

Lot: 3030 - 2 Wood Shorebird Carvings

Two Wood Shorebird Carvings, unsigned, includes: varnished natural wood with glass eyes, on wood shaft and base, 6 3/4"l, 7 3/4"h, (varnish loss on tail), and a painted bird on wood shaft and base, 9 1/2"h, 6"l. CONDITION: Good, unless noted.

Lot: 3030A - 2 J(oseph) Novalis Signed Birds

Two J(oseph) Novalis Signed Birds, Bordentown, NJ, circa 1970s, includes: brown bird, finely carved and painted wood, glass eyes, metal legs, upon a driftwood tree stump, mounted on a circular wood base; 7 1/2"h, 5 1/2"w, and a tufted titmouse handing from the side of a tree 8"h, 6"w. CONDITION: Brown bird very good, titmouse with loss to its tuft.

Lot: 3031 - 2 Carved Shore Birds

Two Carved Shore Birds includes: Art Weihrey signed natural wood carving, signed on underside, on brass wire legs upon a chiseled wood platform, 6"h, 6"l, and an "R.S.T." signed on underside, stained wood with glass eyes, brass wire legs and driftwood base, 11"l, 6 3/4"h. CONDITION: Good.

Lot: 3031A - Bill Hickson Wildfowl Carving

Bill Hickson Wildfowl Carving, signed on underside along with business card, M.D. feeding "Green Heron", intricately carved and painted, glass eyes, metal legs, driftwood base, 8" x 4 3/4" x 4 1/4". CONDITION: Very good.

Lot: 3032 - 2 Tin Shore Birds

Two Tin Shore Birds, unsigned, painted sheet metal on metal rods, mounted into driftwood slabs; 7 1/2"h and 8 1/4", 7"l. CONDITION: Areas of paint loss, one bird pointed beak tip missing.

Lot: 3032A - Bill Faix Bird Carving

Bill Faix Bird Carving, signed (Wm Daix) and incised on underside, "2000" Northeast, MD; "Indigo Bunting", blue bird with wire legs on driftwood, 6 1/2"l, 2 3/4"h. CONDITION: Good.

Lot: 3033 - T.S. Signed Shore Birds

T.S. Shore Birds, signed on underside of bird, carved and painted wood sleeping bird, metal shaft, driftwood base, 5"l, 5 1/4"h. CONDITION: Very good.

Lot: 3033A - John H. Webb Jr. Signed Birds

John H. Webb Jr. Signed Birds, signed on underside 1971, two carved and painted shore birds, with wire legs on oak base, 5 1/8" x 2 1/4" x 3". CONDITION: Good.

Lot: 3034 - F.M. Kilburn Carved Owl

F.M. Kilburn Carved Owl, signed on underside, Waldoboro, ME, "Screech Owl", painted and carved wood, glass eyes, metal legs, driftwood base, 5 3/4"h, 4"l. CONDITION: Good.

Lot: 3034A - Cast Iron Flying Duck

Cast Iron Flying Duck, painted drake mallard, mounted on a metal bar and wood plank, "1930", 7" x 6" x 4". CONDITION: Good, holes in plank.

Lot: 3035 - L. Chen Signed Hummingbird

L. Chen Signed Hummingbird, signed on underside June 1998, a carved and painted hummingbird feeding on a flower, oval wood base; 7" x 8" x 5". CONDITION: Very good.

Lot: 3035A - 5 Small Shore Bird Carvings

Five Small Shore Bird Carvings, carved and painted wood, includes: two red birds on driftwood 3 3/4"l; a Canada goose on driftwood, 5 1/4"l and three other birds all in "As Is" condition. CONDITION: Both very good.

Lot: 3036 - Marsh Ducks Carving

Marsh Ducks Carving, unsigned, two small painted wood ducks - one flying and one swimming along side an artificial reeds, wood base, 12 1/2"h, flying bird 5"w. CONDITION: Repaired wing on flying bird.

Lot: 3036A - 3 Signed Small Decoys

Three Signed Small Decoys, molded and painted composition; includes: Mayers 12-21-92 woodchuck drake 6"; L. King 11-11-86 pintail drake 5 3/4" and B. Stegina 8 - 24 - 84 woodchuck drake 5 3/4". CONDITION: Very good.

Lot: 3037 - Wood Fish Carving

Wood Fish Carving, unsigned, one side with chiseled features, the verso unfinished, mounted on wood shaft and base, 11"l, 6 3/4"h. CONDITION: Good.

Lot: 3037A - 3 Carved Wood Duck Decoys

3 carved wood duck decoys, (1) 5 3/4" x 2", signed Bob Biddle, Chincoteague, Va. 1991, plus (1) 5 3/4" x 1 5/8" and (1) 6" x 1 5/8", both signed Bob Biddle. Condition: good

Lot: 3038 - Miehne Signed Fish Decoy

Miehne Signed Fish Decoy, carved and painted wood with tin fins, "1997", mounted on wood shaft and base, 8 1/2"l, 4 3/4"h. CONDITION: Good, used.

Lot: 3038A - Pair of Lead Ducks

Pair of lead ducks, paperweights, hand painted, each signed Capt. Harry R. Jobes, Aberdeen, Md. 4 1/2" l. x 2" h. each. Condition: good

Lot: 3039 - 3 Carved WoodFishing Lures

Three carved wood fishing lures, all hand painted including: (1) amazing rare catfish lure, signed Bob Ester, with glass eyes, metal fins + whiskers, 1st half 20th c., 6 3/4" l, x 3 1/2" w x 2 3/8" h; plus (1) articulated wood fish with leather fins, 9 1/4" l. x 1 1/2" w, and fish weighted with metal fins 6" l x 4" w. CONDITION: good, minor wear, good, articulated fish with old glued area on head.

Lot: 3039A - 4 Small Signed Decoys

Four Small Signed Decoys, hand painted and carved wood; includes: three by Chuck Jobes Havre de Grace, MD, two redhead hens 1998 and old squal drake 2000; plus M.A. Rack, Canada, Loon; from 5" to 6 3/4". CONDITION: Very good.

Lot: 3040 - W.(alter) Oler Signed Wood Pecker

W.(alter) Oler Signed Wood Pecker, Beach Haven, N.J. signed under tail, carved and painted wood upon a half round driftwood base, 9 3/8" x 6" x 5". CONDITION: Very good.

Lot: 3040A - 3 Wood Carved Canadian Geese

3 Wood Carved Canadian Geese, signed L. Granmer, all approx. 5 1/4" l. Condition: good

Lot: 3041 - 2 Carved Wood Ducks

Two carved wood ducks, signed E.C.S., $ 1/2" l. x 2" w each. Note: Rare size as these are the size of hatchlings. Condition: good

Lot: 3042 - Thomas Gatman Sea Bird Carving

Thomas Gatman Sea Bird Carving, signed on underside, a carved and painted wood, American Avocet with glass eyes, metal legs upon a driftwood base, 14" x 10" x 8". CONDITION: Very good.

Lot: 3042A - Vintage Owl Carving

Vintage Owl Carving, unsigned, single piece softwood carving with highly detailed carved and painted feathers and spread wings; glass eyes, bone carved beak, metal claw feet, mounted on a later wood and marble base, early 20th C, 12"h, 7 1/4"l, 4"w. CONDITION: Very fine.

Lot: 3043 - Coleman Signed Carved Wood Duck

Coleman Signed Carved Wood Duck, two tone wood carving with line and black dot eye decoration, signed Bill Coleman, Warton, MD, on bottom, 2 1/8" x 13 1/2" x 3"h.(front is lower then flat bottom (meant to over hand). CONDITION: Very good.

Lot: 3044 - "W" Signed Flying Bird Carving

"W" signed Flying Bird carving, painted wood, tin wings, wire rod for hanging, early to mid 20th c, 13 1/2" x 10 1/2" x 3". CONDITION: Weathered, with areas of paint wear.

Lot: 3045 - Hand Carved Wood Shorebird

Hand Carved Wood Shorebird, long-billed Curlew ? hand painted on round wood dowel, 6" x 13 1/2" x 4 1/4' on a natural round wood base, 3 1/2"d, overall 13 3/8"h, no signature, glass eyes. CONDITION: Very minor scratches, beak comes loose from head.

Lot: 3046 - Cedar Goose Carving

Cedar Goose Carving, unsigned flying goose with overall etched feather designs, painted beak, glass eyes, supported by a wire rod on free form cedar base, 10 1/2" x 9" x 8". CONDITION: Good.

Lot: 3047 - Hand Carved Wood Shorebird

Hand carved wood shore bird, stained wood on round wood dowel, 4 1/2" x 11 1/2" x 2 7/8" on natural cut branch base, 5", unsigned, glass eyes. CONDITION: Some minor roughness at tail and around dowel hole at bottom.

Lot: 3048 - Hand Carved Wood Shorebird

Hand Carved Wood Shorebird, Sandpiper, hand painted on round wood dowel, 10 1/2" x 5 1/2" on matching painted wood base, 2 5/8" x 4" x 5/8", overall 10"h, unsigned, may be under felt at bottom of base. CONDITION: some small areas of paint loss on bird and base, otherwise good.

Lot: 3049 - 3 Carved Shore Birds

Three Carved Shore Birds, all on round sticks on round natural wood 2 1/4"d x 1 1/4"h bases,all sand pipers, all with glass eyes, 7 1/2" - 9"h. CONDITION: Natural splits in wood bases, end of beak of one bird broke and colored. in.

Lot: 3050 - Hand Carved Wood Shorebird

Hand Carved Wood Shorebird, hand painted on round wood dowel, 6 1/2" x 10" x 1" on natural drift wood base, 3" x 9 1/4", unsigned. CONDITION: Small paint flake on tail, otherwise good.

Lot: 3051 - Stone Carved Hawk

Stone Carved Hawk, signed illegibly on bottom, painted stone, glass eyes, 5 1/4"h, 3 3/4"l. CONDITION: Very good.

Lot: 3052 - Carved Shore Bird, Signed

Carved Shore Bird, Signed, hand painted Willet? on driftwood stand, signed Y. Cherry at bottom, 15" x 8 1/2" x 9 1/2"h, with glass eyes. CONDITION: Small paint fleck on beak and back feathers.

Lot: 3053 - Carved Hawk on Driftwood

Perched Carved Hawk on Driftwood stump, holding captured snake, 9 3/4" x 5 1/2" x 14 5/8"h on a rectangular wood base, 5 7/8" x 1"h, no usable signature, may be under drift wood, with glass eyes. CONDITION: Two small paint flakes on right talon, other wise, very good.

Lot: 3054 - Hand Carved Wood Shorebird

Hand Carved Wood Shorebird, oyster catcher, hand painted on round wood dowel, 6" x 13" x 4" on wood (faux shell) base with open faux shells, stamped W. Weeks on bottom, glass eyes. CONDITION: Very good, no issues.

Lot: 3055 - Hand Carved Wood Shorebird

Hand Carved Wood Shorebird, hand painted on metal rod "leg", 3 1/2" x 19" x 2 1/4" on natural driftwood base, 19"l, unsigned, glass eyes. CONDITION: Missing one metal rod "leg" at front, some surface rust and ware on "leg", otherwise very good.

Lot: 3056 - Hand Carved Wood Owl Signed

Hand Carved Wood Owl Signed, hand painted on natural wood rock form, 5" owl, 5 1/8" wood rock form on oval wood base, 5 1/4" x 7", burnt in signature GM on bottom, glass eyes. CONDITION: Very good.

Lot: 3057 - 3 Bird Carvings

Three Bird Carvings, includes: (1) "WET" signed flat pine flying shore bird with movable wings, on wood legs and base, 15" l. x 6" h. (1) primitive shore bird 9 3/4" (missing base), weathered and (1) stained wood shorebird on metal rod with wood base, 10 1/2" l. x 11 1/2" h. Condition: primitive shore bird, poor, missing base, weathered, stained wood shorebird, missing beak, otherwise good , minor wear

Lot: 3058 - Lg Hand Carved Wood Shorebird

Large Hand Carved Wood Shorebird, long-billed Curlew, hand painted with carved feet and talons, 10 1/2" x 3 1/4" x 13 1/2'h, on a natural wood branch cut slab, 5 1/2" x 9 1/4" x 2"h, illegible signature on base, glass eyes. CONDITION: Missing top of front left talon, split in back of right talon, some roughness to talons, very minor scratches and wear.

Lot: 3059 - Flying Shore Bird

Flying Shore Bird, unsigned, carved and painted wood on black wood rod and base, 10" x 11 1/4" x 7 1/4". CONDITION: Good.

Lot: 3060 - Carved wood Shorebird

Carved wood Shorebird, unsigne3d, carved and painted in black and white, glass eyes, wood shaft on oak base, 9"h, 10 1/2"l. CONDITION: Good.

Lot: 3061 - "B" Signed Shore Birds Driftwood Base

"B" Signed Shore Birds, signed under small bird; two carved and painted wood on wood shafts upon a driftwood base, 12" x 7 1/4" x 5 1/2". CONDITION: Beak on large bird is a metal nail replacement; half of wood beak on small bird is missing.

Lot: 3061A - Vintage Penguin Carving

Vintage Penguin Carving, unsigned, single piece of wood carving with black and white painting, early 20th C, 11 3/4"h. CONDITION: Very fine, light paint wear commensurate with age.

Lot: 3062 - 4 Repro Pre Columbian pottery Pieces

4 reproduction pre Columbian pottery pieces from Central and South America including: (1), signed (E M), 3 leg vase, 7"diam. x 10" h., plus human Effigies, (1) with three figural legs, marked R.E.P / AUT / KNAI / DICX (?) 8 1/4"diam. x 6 1/2"h and male and female effigy containers, unsigned, 6" h. + 5 3/4" h. Condition: minor wear, good

Lot: 3063 - Assorted Native American Pottery & Other

Assorted Native American Pottery and Other including: (1) unsigned pottery bowl with center bird figure, 7"d, (1) signed (Mathew Frered) stoneware plate 8 3/4'diam., (1) signed (Sally) pottery bowl, 5"d x 3"h, (1) terra cotta Ocarina, face form with painted bird decoration on reverse, 4", (3) small pottery figures, duck, signed (Jemez NM) 3", storyteller, signed (A.L.) 2 3/8" and (1) unsigned storyteller, 2", plus (1) small pottery elephant figure, 3" x 2 1/2" h, (1) tall hand painted wood figure, 1 1/4" x 12"h., plus hand painted conk mushroom fungus, Indian Village scene, found on Mount Desert, Me, signed Tiniki 91, Penobscot, Me. CONDITION: Very good.

Lot: 3064 - 4 Native American Pottery Pots & Bowls

4 Native American Pottery Pots & Bowls including: bowls - (1) signed Inasayi © 94 #5 Silent Sands bowl, 6 1/2" diam. x 2 1/2" h. and (1) unsigned, 4 3/4" diam. x 2 1/2" h., plus pots - (1) blue pot, signed, Vanessa Charez, Acoma New Mexico,5 3/4" diam. x 1 1/2" h. and (1) signed Mexico Caplos, 5 1/2" diam. x 5" h. Condition: good, minor wear

Lot: 3065 - Carved Wood & Other Australian Pieces

Carved Wood & Other Australian Pieces including: pair of hand painted clapping sticks, 12 7/8" l x 1 3/8" diam. Two boomerangs, (1) hand painted, 18 1/2' l. and (1) with stickers - Australian Made and Australian Catalog Co. 17" l., (3) hand carved lizard & other figures in wood 11 7/8" l., 14 1/2" l. and 4" x 7 1/2", plus (1) Aboriginal hand painted Terra Cotta dish 5 1/2" diam. x 1 1/8" h. with Certified Authentic labels on bottom. Condition: good, minor wear

Lot: 3066 - Moche Pottery Effigy Jar

Moche pottery Effigy jar, bird form signed Moche "Huaco" (Peru), approx 800-1200 AD. 5 1/4" diam x 6 3/4" h. Condition: good, minor wear

Lot: 3067 - 19th c. Carved Pottery Jar

19th c. Carved Pottery Vase, with Fox head and tail, plus Raven and Bird design painted geometric jar, nicely modeled and painted, rounded bottom storage jar Southern N. M., Museum Quality 6 3/4" diam. x 6 1/4" h. CONDITION: Fox head has chips on nose and ears and minor chips around eyes, some minor paint loss.

Lot: 3068 - 2 Hopi Pottery Pieces

2 Hopi Pottery Pieces including: (1) nicely painted Hopi tapered pot with bird decorations, signed Manuel Olivas, 5" diam. x 5 3/4" h. and (1) squat bowl, illegibly signed Francyce Rodregez (?) on bottom, 7 3/4" diam. x 5" h. 2nd half of 20th c. Condition: chip to rim on tapered pot, otherwise good.

Lot: 3069 - 4 Southwestern Native American Pottery Pieces

Four Southwestern Native American pottery pieces including: (1) etched bear, signed Mitchell Blackhorse Dineh, (Navajo) with Kokopelli design, 5" l. x 3 1/4" h., (1) unsigned cornucopia form handled piece, 4 1/2" x 3 1/2" x 3 3/8", (1) bowl signed Acoma by P. Patricia, 2 3/4" diam. x 2 1/8" h., plus (1) bowl signed F.C. Jemez, 2 3/4" x 2 3/8" h. all later 20th c.. Condition: F.C. bowl has chip and some paint loss on rim, other pieces very good.

Lot: 3070 - Three Southwestern Native American Pottery Pieces

Three Southwestern Native American Pottery Pieces, all unsigned including: (1) wedding vase, 5 1/2" x 3 3/4" x 6" h., (1) vase, 3 1/8" diam. x 4 1/4" h. and bowl, 2 7/8" diam. x 2 3/4" h. Condition; good, no chips or cracks

Lot: 3071 - Three Santa Clara Black Pottery Pieces

Three Santa Clara Black Pottery Pieces including: (1) nice pottery storage pot with old paper label Tonita Families sea seven p. 99 and round lable, Kotcock 11/97 circa 1930, 4 3/4" diam. x 3" h, (1) Primitive wedding vase with feather design, signed Josatila (?) Martinos, 5 1/2" x 4 1/2" x 9" h and (1) small carved vase, signed Cg, 3 1/2" diam. x 4" h. CONDITION; wedding vase has chips on rim of openings, small carved vase has paint loss on rim and some spots on vase, otherwise minor wear

Lot: 3072 - Unsigned Native American Polychrome Storage Pot

Unsigned Native American Polychrome Storage Pot, round bottom, painted abstract designed, early to mid 20th c. 7 3/4" diam. x 5 1/2" h. Unknown location. CONDITION: minor scratching throughout

Lot: 3073 - Signed Fanny Nampeyo Polychrome Pot

Fannie Nampeyo signed polychrome pot, featuring "Flying Duck Feather design. NOTE: one of the greatest artist of her day, Collections include the Smithsonian Native Museum. 8 1/4" diam. x 5 3/4" h. Early to Mid 20th c. CONDITION: slight areas of paint loss, minor scratching all around. This does not distract from the beauty of this piece.

Lot: 3074 - Early 20th c. Unsigned Pottery Pot

Early 20th c. Unsigned Pottery Pot, unusual pot with geometric and vegetable designs. Four corners region of the United States. Pre 1930, rounded bottom 6" diam. x 7" h, comes with stand. CONDITION: visible scratch, minor paint loss, otherwise in good condition.

Lot: 3075 - Large Acoma Painted Jar

Large Acoma New Mexico painted jar, signed Evelyn Ortiz, Acoma N.M. on bottom, 10 1/2" diam. x 8 3/4" h. Beautiful Geometric patterns. Condition: some minor roughness on bottom rim, otherwise very good, no chips or cracks

Lot: 3076 - 5 Southwestern Pottery Pieces

Five Southwestern painted pottery pieces including: (1)heart shaped covered box, signed Mela Tenorio, 5 3/4" x 5 1/8" x 2 5/8", (1) vase signed, M. Sena, Acoma, N.M. 3 5/8" x 2 1/4" x 3" h. and (1) vase signed Acoma N.M all Acoma pottery, plus (1) vase signed R. Jemez, 4 3/8" diam. x 4" h and (1) vase signed Irene, Tiqua 87, 5 1/2" diam. x 4 3/4" h. all post 1950. CONDITION: some minor roughness or paint loss along rim of Jemez piece, otherwise very good, no chips or cracks

Lot: 3077 - 5 Southwestern Pottery Pieces

5 Southwestern Pottery Pieces including: Two wedding vases, (1) signed V. Tufoya, Jemez N.M. 4" diam. x 6 1/2" h. and (1) signed Alberta Shando, Jemez N.M., 2 3/4" x 3 1/2" x 5" h., plus Three small pots (1) signed G. Patricio, Acoma N.M., 2 1/2" diam. x 1 7/8"h., (1) signed Arlene Mahoothy 79, 3 1/2" diam. x 2 1/8" h. and (1) signed Alberta Shendo, Jemez N.M., 3" diam. x 2 1/8" h., all later 20th c. Condition: small areas of paint loss on openings of smaller wedding vase, very minor spots of paint loss around rims of a few others otherwise very good, no chips or cracks

Lot: 3078 - Signed Hopi Pouring Bowl

Signed Hopi Pouring Bowl, nice older bowl, signed Old Oralbi, Ariz., T. Burton, Hopi, nicely painted bowl with "U" shaped pour spout. 4 1/4" diam. x 2 3/4" h. Condition: very good.

Lot: 3079 - 19th c. Native American Slipper Cup

19th c. Native American Slipper Cup, nice as ound with painted geometric design, Northern Arizona, 19th c., 4" w x 2 3/4" h. CONDITION; one side cracked and glued, chip and some paint loss to the rim

Lot: 3080 - 6 Assorted Pieces of Acoma Pottery

6 Assorted Pieces of Acoma Pottery, various geometric designs including: (1) vase with Kokopelli design, illegibly signed L..yn, Jemez, on bottom, 4" diam. x 5 1/2" h., (1) handled pitcher, signed Acoma, N. Mex., 3 3/4" x 4 3/4" h., (1) vase, signed Acoma, N.M. Frances Concho, 3 3/4" diam. x 3" h., (1) unsigned pot with candle inset, 4" diam. x 2 1/4" h. plus two miniature pieces, vase, signed S. Chino, Acoma, 1 3/8" diam. x 1 1/2" h. and unsigned bowl, 7/8" diam. x 9/16" h. Condition. handled pitcher has some roughness around rim, otherwise minor if any wear

Lot: 3081 - 3 Acoma Pottery Pieces

3 Acoma Pottery pieces, nice small examples including: (1) early bowl, signed Acoma N.M. (may be 19th c.), 4 3/8" diam. x 2 3/4" h., (1) bowl, signed Acoma N.M., 1st half of the 20th c. 5" diam. x 3 1/2" h. and (1) bowl, later 20th c., 4" diam. x 2 3/4" h. Condition: 19th c. bowl was broken and repaired, 4" bowl has chip and paint loss throughout, all have some wear with age.

Lot: 3082 - Navajo Carved Pottery Pot

Navajo Carved Pottery Pot, extremely intricate carved Navajo pot, fired and then carved black to terracotta, Totem Bear with turquoise button, signed Donna T. Dine. 8 1/2" diam. x 6 1/2" h. Condition: very good.

Lot: 3083 - Navajo Pottery Pot

Navajo pottery pot signed, Yazzie, Navajo, '88' U.S.A., beautiful multicolor design. 9 1/2" diam. x 5 1/2" h. Condition: very good

Lot: 3084 - Southwestern Native American 19th c. Cooking Pot

Southwestern Native American 19th c. Cooking Pot, nice double handled terra cotta cooking pot, may be 19th c. 8 1/2" diam. x 7 1/4" h. Condition: small dots of paint loss throughout

Lot: 3085 - 3 Pieces Southwestern Pottery

3 Pieces Southwestern Pottery including: (1) Hopi polychrome pot signed Marla Dashee 4 3/4" diam x 3 3/4" h, (1) Terracotta storage jar, signed Star Line 8" h x 5 1/4" w. and (1) wedding vase, unsigned. 6 1/2" x 8 3/4", later 20th c.. CONDITION: all good, no chips or cracks

Lot: 3086 - Northern New Mexico Brown Storage Jar

Northern New Mexico Brown Storage Jar, rounded bottom storage jar with painted geometric design, pre 1950, 7 1/2" diam. x 9" h with stand. Condition: good, no chips or cracks.

Lot: 3087 - Native American Pottery & Other

Native American Pottery and Other, some signed including: Kachina doll, 9 3/4", signed Lynn Kechome, two signed pottery Storytellers, (1) R C Jemez, 5 3/4" h. and (1) Leonard Tsosie / Jemez, 6" h., small pottery bowl, black with geometric decoration, 3" diam. x 2 1/2" h., two miniature handled baskets, 1 3/4" and 2 3/4", plus four miniature pottery vases and bowls, 1" - 1 3/4" (two bowls and wedding vase signed). CONDITION: Kachina missing item in hands, small black pottery bowl has line crack, paint chip on foot of larger storyteller.

Lot: 3088 - 4 Cachiti - Zuni Pottery Storytellers

4 Cachiti - Zuni pottery Storytellers including: artist signed - (2) woman storytellers, one signed D. Ellstage, Mt. Z "92", 5" h. and one signed Rufina Trujillo, 4 1/2", with (1) frog storyteller signed Martha Arquero, 5", plus (1) unsigned woman storyteller, 4" h. beautiful collection, post 1950's. CONDITION: minor paint loss on 5" signed piece, unsigned piece has handling wear.

Lot: 3089 - 4 Assorted Native American Carvings

4 assorted Native American carvings from Arizona including: horn carved Shaman, 3 3/4", carved stone bear with attached turquoise piece, 2 3/4" l., stone carved beaver with attached turquoise and coral pieces, 3 3/4" l., plus stone carved squirrel, 2" h., circa 1980's. Condition: Good

Lot: 3090 - Van Briggle American Indian Plaque

Beautiful blue Van Briggle Plaque of a Native American woman, made for El Paso County Pioneers Museum, 3 3/4" x 5 3/4". Condition: Good

Lot: 3091 - Pair of Van Briggle American Indian Plaques

Pair of American Indian man and woman Van Briggle plaques, brown color. 5 1/2" h. x 3 3/4" w. each Condition: Good

Lot: 3092 - Small Native American Dolls

Early 20th c. Native American dolls on cradle boards, composition heads, vintage fabric. CONDITION: some wear from use

Lot: 3093 - Skookum Doll

Early Skookum doll, celluloid face 7" h. CONDITION: Fair, some minor push in to face, minor wear

Lot: 3094 - 2 Native American Dolls

Native American dolls nice older fabric, composition heads. 6" h. and 6 1/2" h.. CONDITION: some wear from use

Lot: 3095 - American Indian Porcelain Tobacco Jar & Bank

American Indian porcelain Tobacco Jar & Bank, early 20th c. covered Native American Tobacco Jar, 7" h x 4 1/2" w, with American Indian Chief head form bank, made in Japan, from Maine 1932, 3" x 3 1/2" x 4" h. Condition; tobacco jar has small stain between T and O on lid, small paint fleck back right rim of jar, some minor paint loss around coin slot on back of bank.

Lot: 3096 - Large Painting on Stone Dreamscape

Large Dreamscape painting on stone, featuring Kachina figures, signed R. Booqua, (Zuni Artist), 23" w x 16" h. irregular shape. CONDITION: Small chips to edge as expected.

Lot: 3097 - Native American Sand Painting

Native American Sand Painting, central figure doing Harvest Dancing for crops, with corn stalk and other outer decoration, novisible signature may be under mat, matted in wood frame, 11 3/4' x 11 3/4" (site), 17 1/4" x 17 1/4" frame. CONDITION: Small crack in glass under frame edge on left middle, otherwise very good.

Lot: 3098 - Northwest Coast Carved Pelican

Northwest Coast 36" tall carved Pelican from found driftwood, glass button eyes. pre 1950's. CONDITION: a few nicks, left wing has cracks

Lot: 3099 - 3 Totem Poles

3 Mid century totem poles, one signed Chief Johnson Ketchikan Alaska, 8" h. (1) 18 1/2" h. x 4" w, plus newer totem, illegibly signed, 1977. Condition: Good

Lot: 3100 - Large Totem Pole

Large tourist totem pole, last part of the 20th c. 6" w. x 20" h. CONDITION: missing wings and paint loss .

Lot: 3101 - Tinglit Bear Totem Pole

Tinglit Bear Totem pole 17 1/2" h. x 4 1/2" w. at base, nice carving, 19th c. Still has traces of original paint, this would be a house totem. Excellent carving CONDITION: Good, for age, usual paint loss.

Lot: 3102 - 2 Russell Natural Wood Turquoise Inlaid Pieces

2 Russell natural wood turquoise inlaid pieces, John M Russell including; Beautiful sculptured natural round wood vase signed - John M Russell 1994, Boxelder Burl, Oak Burl, Tulipwood, Turqoise (on base), 6" diam. x 2 1/2" h) and natural wood sculptured slab, 8 5/8" x 9 1/2" h. on wood block base, 3 1/2" x 7 3/8" x 1 1/4" h. (10 3/4" overall height), attributed to John M. Russell, both inlaid with turquoise Condition: both pieces very good

Lot: 3103 - 5 Wood Bowls most signed

5 Wood Bowls including: (live wood) edge bowls, (1) signed - Juan R Maten, "07", Walnut, 12 1/4" diam. x 6 1/2" h, (1) unsigned bowl, 5 1/4" x 5 3/4" x 2" h. and (1) signed - A Broochearts, Walnut, 2013, plus bowls with no (live wood) edge, (1) signed - The Wooden Forge CH 715 Bigleaf Maple, 7 1/8" x 8 1/4" x 3 1/2" h. and (1) stamped - Hand Crafted by Rick Facemyer, 3 3/8" diam. x 1 1/2" h. Condition; very good

Lot: 3104 - 2 Wall Hangings

Two wonderful colored South American wall hanging / rugs with geometric designs. 45" x 62" and 45" x 65". CONDITION: Loss of fringe otherwise good

Lot: 3105 - Navajo Rug Brown, Rust & Beige

Navajo geometric design rug, mid-century. 31 1/2" w x 71 1/2" l. CONDITION: Slight condition loss on border of about 1/2" it does not distract from overall design.

Lot: 3106 - Navajo 4 Swastika Corner Rug

Navajo four Swastika corner rug, natural vegetable dyes in rust, black, white and yellow, features geometric figures on border, and a diamond form center, circa 1900 - 1920, 73" x 139". CONDITION: Very good, used condition with small spotting, colors are bright.

Lot: 3107 - Navajo Blanket

Navajo Blanket, Southwestern design, in stripes, Greek key and center diamond, 4.4' x 8', mid 20th c. CONDITION: very good.

Lot: 3108 - Mexican Blanket & Cover

Mexican Blanket and Cover, includes:(1) rows of Thunderbirds on a white filed, 3.11' x 6.4', some small dirt areas, and (1) cover with four embroidered Mexican figures between patterned bands on a yellow field, 4.7' x 4.3'; both mid 20th c. CONDITION: Good.

Lot: 3109 - Egyptian Pictorial Kilim

Egyptian Pictorial Kilim wool, depicts a village scene with figures and animals, mid 20th c. 2.9' x 3.10'. CONDITION: Very good.

Lot: 3110 - Turkish Kilim

Turkish Kilim, with American Indian style, hieroglyphs, on a maroon ground with conforming blue borders, early to mid 20th c, 3.9' x 5.8'. CONDITION: Very good.

Lot: 3112 - 3 Inuit Stone Carvings

3 Inuit stone carvings including: Duck, 4 1/4" x 4" h., Seal, Canada paper label, signed 85 © BE30 FO6 E J, 5" x 3 1/4" h., plus Bird on rock slab, with paper label - CO-OP 13766 Simata Killiklee, 4 1/4" x 7 1/2". Condition: bird is somewhat loose on rock base, otherwise good

Lot: 3113 - 3 Inuit Stone Carvings

3 Inuit stone carvings including: Owl on rock form base, signed Keith Rita Willis, 2 1/4" x 4 3/4" h. Penguin, 4" x 4 1/2" h. and Bird, illegibly signed 97 67421, 2 1/2" x 4"h., post 1950. Condition: bird has two small chips on lower beak, otherwise very good.

Lot: 3114 - 3 Inuit Carved Fisherman

3 Inuit carved fisherman including: Two with inset bone carved faces - (1) stone carved, signed Bekoa Look, holding two pearls, 3" x 3 1/4" h. and (1) Nephrite jade, 2 1/4" x 2 1/4" h. (missing spear and small pearl), plus (1) carved stone fisherman, Signed DIMU, 4 3/4" x 3 7/8" h. (broken spear), post 1950. ONDITION: stone fisher man has broken spear and small areas of wear, jade piece missing spear and small pearl, scratch on front, otherwise in good condition.

Lot: 3115 - 19th c. Inuit Stone Carving

Extremely rare 19th century Inuit carving of an otter and a fish, signed E Evalake 5 83. NOTE: Fish carvings are extremely rare, for every 1000 Bear carvings you will find a fish. A Museum find. CONDITION: Chips on fishes tail repaired foot and tail

Lot: 3116 - 3 Inuit Stone Carvings

3 Inuit stone carvings, beautifully carved Dolphin, 8 1/2" x 4" h., Walrus, signed Ross Parkinson 5116, 5" l. x 4 1/2" h., 2nd part of 20th c., plus Shore bird on stone slab with cloverleaf decoration on front of slab, 3 3/8" x 2 1/4" x 2 5/8" h., 1st half of 20th c.. CONDITION: minor wear to ends of dolphin fins, surface scratches on back of walrus, bird sits loosely on slab, otherwise minor wear

Lot: 3117 - 2 Inuit Stone Carvings

2 Inuit carved Stone including: (1) swimming duck, signed Janet Sirseir? 1983, 6 3/4" l. and (1) duck feeding on the shoreline, signed Dh © 76 5-52768, 4" x 4" h., well carved examples, post 1950. Condition: larger duck has chip at end of beak.

Lot: 3118 - 3 Inuit Carvings

3 Inuit carvings including: carved whale bone - very detailed hunter on canoe with catch of a seal, with detached paddle, 7" l., carved moose antler featuring dog sled team, signed Creston, B.C., 5 1/4" l., plus carved duck, signed C.M. Kokucuk, Common Goldeneye 6-90, 1 5/8" x 2 1/2" x 1 1/8"h. CONDITION: Slight chip to canoe otherwise good condition.

Lot: 3119 - Seven Assorted Inuit Pieces

Seven Assorted Inuit Pieces including: nice sweetgrass and quill basket, with info card, Peltier 1978 4" diam. x 2" h; wood totem pole, signed EN 2006, 1 1/2" w x 8 1/2" h,stone carving - Mother with child, 2 3/4" w x 4 1/4" h, nice polymer seal carving, signed John Perry © 81, 7 1/2" l. x 2 1/2" h; small carved seal with paper label - Wolf Original, 3 1/4" w x 2 1/2" h, plus small carved seal, unmarked, 3" h. and carved horn male figure, 2 1/2" h. Condition: all pieces good to very good

Lot: 3120 - 2 Inuit Stone Carvings

2 Inuit stone carvings including: carved stone elephant seal, signed - Joe Stewart + Clement Takumjeny, Lower Kalskag City (Alaska) zip 99626, 4 3/4" x 3 3/4", plus carved stone walrus with white marble, unsigned, 4 3/4" x 3 1/2" h. Later part of the 20th century. CONDITION: very good, larger seal missing xxxx.

Lot: 3121 - Eskimo Stone Carving

Eskimo Stone Carving, heavy stone carving of a hooded male. Post 1950. Condition: Good

Lot: 3122 - 2 Northwest Coast Stone Carvings

2 Northwest Coast Stone Carvings, Amazing jumping whale stone carving signed by Joe ITTUK ALAK, 4 3/4" x 4 3/4" , plus small seal carving,3 1/4" h., post 1950. Condition: Good

Lot: 3123 - 3 Carved Stone Figures & Box

3 Carved Stone Figures & Box including: stone Eskimo carving, made in USSR, Apt - 615 (on bottom), plus Soapstone pieces - carved Eskimo, signed Frank (on bottom), 4" h. and round lidded box, 3 3/4" diam. x 1 1/2" h. with paper lable on bottom Crafted in Canada by DIMU, post 1950. Condition: Good

Lot: 3124 - Stone & Other Covered Native Amer. Pcs

Stone and Other Covered Native American Pieces, including: hand painted shale piece with animal in blacks, browns and white, 3" x 5", two scrimshaw animals (bone), curved deer figure, 2 3/8" x 1 3/4" and fish, 1" x 2 3/4", Northern Canada c. 1920, two stone abstract figures, one with face, 4 1/4" x 5 1/4"h, signed Promise on bottom and one 4 1/2" x 8 3/4", plus carved black horn figure, 2 1/4" x 2 1/2" x 3 7/8"h. CONDITION: Minor, if any wear.

Lot: 3125 - 3 Handmade Baskets

Three Handmade Baskets, including: (1) Nantucket woven basket with tree limb handle, double bowl, 10 1/2" x 11" x 13 3/4"h with attached Nantucket tag, one Appalachian Mountain basket by Darryl Arawjo, splint basket with fold down handle, 13"d x 8"h with tag loose in basket, plus one double handled open weaved basket, 12 3/4" x 15" x 7 1/2"h. CONDITION: Normal wear from use, small pamphlet split

Lot: 3126 - 3 Nantucket & Other Baskets

Three Nantucket and other Baskets, including: one Nantucket woven basket with tasseled leather strap handle, with card (in basket) style No. 7130003, 10" x 8 1/4"h, plus two other Nantucket style baskets, both woven with woven handles, 10" x 9 1/2"h and 15" x 15"h. CONDITION: Sight wear to inside of smaller Nantucket style basket, otherwise, very good.

Lot: 3127 - 9 African Baskets & Gourd

Collection of African basket including: set of 3 nesting baskets 14" - 18" diam., oval basket 14" diam. x 5" h., covered domed Morrocan basket, 7" diam. x 8 1/2" h., covered domed Morrocan basket 6 1/2" diam. x 7" h., Ghana dish clay & straw 12" diam., geometric basket 9 1/2" diam. x 4" h., curled basket 8" diam. x 2 1/2" h., plus carved gourd water vessel 7 1/2" diam. x 5 1/2" h. CONDITION: good - very good

Lot: 3128 - 2 Baskets for Grain

2 Baskets for grain, larger one for separating grain, other for holding grain for planting, Southwestern United States, 14" l. x 12" w. x 2" h, and 8 1/2" diam. x 4 1/2"h, both with geometric design, 19th c. CONDITION: larger basket has rim wear and loss with fading, other has minor wear

Lot: 3129 - Native American Corn Basket

Native American coiled corn basket, 1st half of the 20th c., nice geometric design. 12" diam. x 10" h. CONDITION: Good.

Lot: 3130 - 6 Miniature Baskets

6 Miniature baskets, nice collection of miniature baskets including: N.E. coast, mid west and southwest Native American. 2 1/2" to 3 1/2" wide. Condition: Good

Lot: 3131 - Navajo Sifting Basket

Navajo Sifting basket, large Navajo corn sifting basket with geometric design. 18 1/2" diam. x 3 1/2" h. 1st quarter of 20th c. CONDITION: faded with use, some damage, especially on rim and base.

Lot: 3132 - 4 Navajo Coiled Flat Baskets

4 Great coiled Navajo flat basket with geometric designs, 1st half of the 20th c. 12 1/8" - 14 3/4" diam. Condition: Good

Lot: 3133 - Navajo Kachina Doll signed

Navajo Kachina doll, 16" tall large, well constructed Kachina War God. 2nd half of the 20th c. signed under base - Ahote (origin) R. Largo. CONDITION: normal ware to attached pieces, detached from base

Lot: 3134 - Large Navajo Basket

Large Navajo Wedding basket with bride and groom surrounded by their guests and Dowry. 19th c. 17 1/2"w x 3/4"h. Amazing color and design. A museum piece. CONDITION: Loss to rim as in normal usage.

Lot: 3135 - 3 Finely Made Baskets

3 finely made baskets, one covered small storage basket with 2 nicely decorated small baskets with geometric designs, early part of the 20th c. Southwest United States. 4 1/4" diam. x 1 1/4"h, 5 1/4 diam. x 1 1/2"h., 6 1/2" diam. x 4" h covered basket. Condition: Good

Lot: 3136 - Navajo Coiled Basket Signed

Coiled Navajo basket, circa 1920, signed on back of basket - American Indian Deft with illegible signature. CONDITION: Some loss to edge.

Lot: 3137 - 2 Navajo Coiled Baskets

2 coiled Navajo baskets, smaller one with sunflower design 8" diam. x 1 1/2" h., larger one 13 1/2" diam. x 2 3/4" h., geometric design. 2nd half of the 20th c. Condition: Good

Lot: 3138 - 3 Southwestern Baskets

3 Southwestern baskets from Arizona / New Mexico area, early 20th c. 4 1/2" diam.. x 2 1/2" h., 6 3/4" diam. x 1 1/2" h and 4 1/4" diam.. x 3" h. CONDITION: Larger basket has areas of wear and loss on rim, middle size has minor rim wear

Lot: 3139 - Navajo Wedding Box

Beautiful Navajo wedding box with Sunburst design. Interior is still bright with color. Late 19th c. 10 1/2" diam. x 3 1/4" h. CONDITION: Some string loss and looseness with some repairs

Lot: 3140 - Tarahumara Indian Miniature Basket

Miniature basket woven by Tarahumara Indian woman from the Copper Canyon region of the Sierra Madre mountains of Northern Mexico. 4 1/2" diam. by 3" h. Condition: Good

Lot: 3141 - Tinglit Covered Basket

Beautiful Tinglit what not covered basket, featuring a school of whales, late 19th century, amazing construction skills. Museum piece. w 4 1/4" x h 2". CONDITION: some minor edge seperation at rim, otherwise good

Lot: 3142 - 19th c. Navajo Basket

19th c. Navajo basket, extremely fine small coiled, Shepherd design, Museum quality, 3" diam. x 1/2" h. Condition: very good, some areas of very minor fraying on edge

Lot: 3143 - 19th c. 4 Corners Baskets

19th Century, 4 corners basket, for sorting pine nuts, bottom retains beautiful bluish stain. Nice geometric pattern. 8 3/4" diam. x 3" h.. CONDITION: one spot of separation damage on rim, some color loss.

Lot: 3144 - 2 Papago Baskets

2 Papago baskets, wonderful Papago Native American baskets larger one sunburst design, smaller on flower design. 13 1/2" diam. x 2 1/2" h, and 8 1/2" diam. x 2" h. Condition: Good

Lot: 3145 - 2 Native American Baskets

Two beautifully constructed ridged Native American 19th c. baskets, very tight weave. 6 1/2" diam. x 2 3/4" h.; 5" diam. x 1 1/4" h. CONDITION: smaller basket has areas of rim wicker loss and is missing beads, larger basket has areas of damage and separation to rim.

Lot: 3146 - Wheat Sheaves Design Basket

Beautifully constructed wheat sheaves design basket, from the Northern Plains, 1st quarter of the 20th century. 5 1/2" diam. x 3 1/2" h. CONDITION: Some areas of minor loss and fraying on rim, retains wonderful stain

Lot: 3147 - 4 Covered Baskets

4 covered baskets, nice collection of Native American miniature baskets from various locations in the United States 1st half of the 20th c. 2 1/2" to 4 1/2" diam.. Condition: Good

Lot: 3148 - Flat Tinglit Trivet

Flat Tinglit trivet, amazing Museum quality Tinglit trivet, with whales chasing humans in boats, mid 19th c. or earlier. Also with 2 Great Eagles. 8" l. x 7" w. Almost flat. Condition: Excellent for age.

Lot: 3149 - Rosabel Sylestine, Coushatta Indian Basket

Rosabel Sylestine, Coushatta Indian Basket, nice artist basket, 2nd half of the 20th c. 7" w x 6 1/2" h. with lid. Condition: Good

Lot: 3150 - Northwest Coast Covered Basket

Nice Northwest coast covered basket, early 20th c.7 1/2" diam. x 7" h. Condition: Edge splits with minor fraying on rim, otherwise good

Lot: 3151 - Mi'kmaq Covered Basket

Mi'kmaq covered basket, Amazing Native American Mi'kmaq covered basket, early 20th c. CONDITION: Still has traces of original green stain, good condition.

Lot: 3152 - Navajo Marriage Bowl

Navajo Marriage Bowl, nice marriage basket multicolored featuring bride and groom at feast table. 1st half of the 20th c. 12 1/2 diam. x 2" h. Condition: Good.

Lot: 3153 - 3 Native American Baskets

3 Native American Baskets, nice covered storage basket w 9 1/2" x h 3 1/2" with 2 smaller baskets, Hoi and Navajo. pre 1950's. Condition: Good

Lot: 3154 - N. W. Coast Basket

19th century multicolored North West Coast Basket, made of different woodland materials. Extremely fine weave, aprox 6"w x 4"h. CONDITION: Misshapen as to very fine weave.

Lot: 3155 - Large Southwestern Sweetgrass Basket

Large Southwestern Sweetgrass Basket, 16" diam. x 3" h., mid-century. Condition: very good

Lot: 3156 - Northern Plains Basket

Northern Plains Basket, large geometric Northern Plains basket,. 1st half of 20th c. 16" diam. x 6 1/2" h. Condition: Good.

Lot: 3157 - 4 Pr Sterling & Amber Earrings

Four Pair Sterling and Amber Earrings, Mexican, consists of honey and cognac colored amber stones. CONDITION: Very good vintage.

Lot: 3158 - 4 Pr Sterling & Turquoise Earrings

Four Pair Sterling and Turquoise Earrings, pierced Navajo and three Mexican screw back. CONDITION: Vintage good, natural wear and tarnish.

Lot: 3159 - Mexican 925 Abalone Bracelet, Butterfly Pin

Mexican 925 Abalone Bracelet, Butterfly Pin, double row bar links wit abalone inlay, Eagle 1, 7 1/2" length, 1/2" width hook & eye closure. Signed JBF Butterfly pin with abalone inlay. 1 3/4", 1 1/4" x 1 1/2". .74ozt. CONDITION: Very fine, vintage patina and wear.

Lot: 3160 - Mexican 925 Leopard Skin Jasper Bracelet

Mexican 925 Leopard Skin Jasper Bracelet, 3/4' oval links with Leopard skin jasper cabochons. Marked Mexico, 9 25, TJ - 40 missing safety chain. CONDITION: Fine, vintage wear and tarnish.

Lot: 3161 - 4 Pcs Amber Jewelry

Four Pieces Amber Jewelry, unmarked silver, two rings and two pendants, three honey amber and one butterscotch. CONDITION: Fine vintage, normal tarnish and wear.

Lot: 3162 - 7 Assorted Sterling Belt Accoutrements

Seven Assorted Sterling Belt Accoutrements, one Olsen Nolte buckle, one sterling Mexican tip and other pieces. 2 ozt. CONDITION: Fine vintage, tarnish

Lot: 3163 - Native American Silver Watch Band

Native American Silver Watch Band, unmarked, two horse shoe forms with rope edges, applied scroll work and bezel set turquoise and coral stones; a rectangular clasp has applied leaf and scroll design; approx. band length, not including watch is 5.25"; includes a "On-Time talking atom" watch, quartz movement. [13] CONDITION: Worn, watch needs battery, working condition unknown.

Lot: 3164 - 4 Pcs Southwestern Silver Pins, Etc.

Four Pieces Southwestern Silver Pins, Etc, two Warrior pins with turquoise, onyx and abalone inlays Mayan sun calendar pin Danny's, Thunderbird mini letter opener. CONDITION: Vintage, normal wear and tarnish.

Lot: 3165 - 5 Pcs. Southwest Jewelry

Five Pieces Southwest Jewelry, two Zuni Thunderbirds with inlay, one turquoise ring size 5 1/2, one shell shape ring size 7 1/2, one 2" length cross with turquoise. CONDITION: Very good, vintage patina and wear.

Lot: 3166 - 2 Vintage Native American Buckles

2 Vintage Native American Buckles, (1) E. OHMSATTE, Zuni, mother of pearl, jet, malachite, coral, lapis and (1) turquoise, mother of pearl & coral mounted on copper. CONDITION: Very good

Lot: 3167 - Mexican 950 Modernist Choker

Mexican 950 Modernist Choker, artist signed, 950, Eagle 2. MCM. nine curved bar links 1 1/2" each. 13 1/4"l. hook and eye closure. 1.53 ozt. CONDITION: Very good, vintage MCM patina, wear and tarnish.

Lot: 3168 - Mexican Copper / Brass Modernist MCM Necklace

Mexican Copper / Brass Modernist MCM Necklace, appears to be malachite or green onyx stones, attrib. to Casa Mayn, hand made MCM, 6 3/4" pendant, 2 3/4" and 1 3/8", 22" chain, marked Mexico. CONDITION: Fine vintage MCM, natural patina and wear, small scratching and marring.

Lot: 3169 - 2 Vintage American Indian Bolo Ties

Two Vintage American Indian Bolo Ties, sterling silver, tested, both with woven black leather, one with black leather, one with sterling ends the other with metal ends, includes: a 1 1/4" x 1 1/2", slide with 8 x 12mm oval turquoise and applied bird? design; the other in relief carved lightning rod and key motif, 1" x 1 3/8", mid 20th C. [8] CONDITION: Used, tarnished, leather tear at end of one tassel.

Lot: 3170 - 3 Pr Sterling Ball Earrings + 4 Odd Pcs

Three Pair Sterling Ball Earrings plus four Odd Pieces, marks JCR, eagle stamp, 524. one clip on and one screw back. four odd earrings with turquoise, onyx lapis, one pair missing one amethyst, .95 ozt. CONDITION: Vintage tarnish wear, four odd earrings, one pair missing amethyst.

Lot: 3171 - Zina Sterling Bracelet & Taxco Ring

Zina Sterling Bracelet and Taxco Ring, heavy 1 1/4" wide Zina hinged bangle, curved rectangle shape. 3.64 oz. 2 1/2" across inside, V spring closure. One ding on outside. Taxco, Mexico, sterling ring, 6.5 size. .62 ozt. Total 4.25 ozt. CONDITION: Very fine vintage, normal wear and tarnish, one ding in bracelet.

Lot: 3172 - 2 Fetish Necklaces

Two Fetish Necklaces, one with turquoise bar links, animal and warrior fetishes and peacock drop. 10", 1" drop. one Zuni fish fetishes in assorted stones turquoise, mop, etc. Sterling clasps, heishi beads. 16". CONDITION: Very fine, vintage.

Lot: 3173 - Vintage NA Agate Silver Cuff Bracelet

Vintage NA Silver Cuff Bracelet, oval agate stone approx. 32 x 22mm set in triple band, 2 1/2" across inside, 1 5/8" opening, 1 ozt. CONDITION: Very good vintage, slightly off.

Lot: 3174 - 2 Silver & Turquoise Cuff Bracelets

Two Silver and Turquoise Cuff Bracelets, Mexico 925 is / two turquoise blocks, 2 1/4" inside across, 1 1/2" opening, .67 ozt. Zuni style with inlaid turquoise multi stone pcs. with fish and birds motif. 2 1/4" across inside, 1 3/4" opening 1.37 ozt. Total 2.04 ozt. CONDITION: Very good vintage.

Lot: 3175 - 3 Pcs. Ethnic Jewelry

Three Pieces Ethnic Jewelry, copper tribal bangle bracelet - 2 1/2" x 5/8"; copper belt buckle and Alpaca Mexican cuff bracelet with inlaid abalone. CONDITION: Good vintage.

Lot: 3176 - Plata de Jalisco 925 Mexico Buckle

Plata de Jalisco 925 Mexico Buckle, raised long horn steer, inlaid abalone mosaic, chaised design. 3 1/2" x 2". Stamped markings. CONDITION: Fine vintage, tarnish and dirt on inside.

Lot: 3177 - Bronco Buster Belt Buckle

Bronco Buster Belt Buckle, silver plate horseshoe, corral and cowboy scene. 3 1/8" x 1 7/8". CONDITION: Good, vintage wear, tarnish.

Lot: 3178 - Rectangular Silver Native American Buckle

Silver Native American Buckle, marked BDT, sterling, 77. 3" x 2" with turquoise, coral and leaf design. Gadrooned edge. 17.7 DWT. [3] CONDITION: Very good vintage, tarnishing.

Lot: 3179 - Silver Navajo Belt Buckle Buffalo Nickels

Silver Navajo Belt Buckle, three buffalo nickels, stag head, turquoise with coral. 3" x 2 1/2". Nice patina. CONDITION: Good vintage, tarnish.

Lot: 3180 - 2 Sterling Urn Pins

Two Sterling Urn Pins, 1 6/8" Moss, 1 1/2" Taxco. .37 ozt. CONDITION: Fine and good vintage normal tarnish and wear.

Lot: 3181 - 2 Mexican Sterling Pins

Two Mexican Sterling Pins, one Siesta Saguaro Park, resting by cactus plant. two - Taxco abstract monkey bird, three eagle mark. CONDITION: Very fine vintage.

Lot: 3182 - Taxco sterling & Brass Pin & Bracelet

Taxco sterling and Brass Pin and Bracelet, 3" x 2 3/4" tree with brass birds and leaves, hinged bangle with brass buckle closure 2 1/4" across, 1/8" wide. 1.1 ozt. CONDITION: Fine vintage, normal wear and tarnish.

Lot: 3183 - Mexican Sterling Bracelet & Scent Bottle

Mexican Sterling Bracelet and Scent Bottle, scent bottle with ruby glass top 1 1/2" x 1 1/4". with Amethyst stones. Amethyst clamper cuff bangle. CONDITION: Good vintage.

Lot: 3184 - 2 Sterling Southwest Pins

Two Sterling Southwest Pins, one Navajo with oval turquoise, one Mexican with rectangular chrysoprase green stone free form setting. .58 ozt. CONDITION: Good vintage, normal wear and tarnish, turquoise had rough edge.

Lot: 3185 - Mexican Silver Double Parrot Pin

Mexican Silver Double Parrot Pin, one large and one small parrot connected with chain. Sterling with green onyx bodies, 2 3/4" and 1 1/2". CONDITION: Good vintage.

Lot: 3186 - Silver Pin & Earrings w/Peridots

Silver Pin and Earrings w/Peridots, 3" .925 geometric angular pin with onyx and faceted peridot, pair of wire earrings with drop and cabochon peridots, 1 1/4" length. .48 ozt. CONDITION: Fine vintage, normal tarnish and wear.

Lot: 3187 - 2 Pr. Sterling Hoop Clip Earrings

Two Pair Sterling Hoop Clip Earrings, one with four mounted turquoise cabochons, illegibly signed, one half hoop clip marked Mexico 9 25. 1.87 ozt. CONDITION: Fine vintage, normal tarnish and wear.

Lot: 3188 - Mexican Sterling Deer & Heart Pin

Mexican Sterling Deer and Heart Pin, 3 1/2" deer with turquoise eye. Double heart pin 2" x 2 1/2". .81 ozt. CONDITION: Very good vintage, normal wear and tarnish.

Lot: 3189 - Pr Mexico 925 Multi Stone Earrings

Pr Mexico 925 Multi Stone Earrings, amethyst, carnelian, etc. hanging ps dangles from screw back with carnelian cabochon. 1" length. CONDITION: Good vintage, tarnish.

Lot: 3190 - Pr. Navajo Orange Turquoise Earrings

Pair Navajo Orange Turquoise Earrings, geometric plaques of reddish orange spiny oyster, sterling gadrooned edges, pierced wires. CONDITION: Very fine.

Lot: 3191 - 5 Southwestern Jewelry Pieces

Five Southwestern Jewelry Pieces, Navajo bar pin with turquoise stones, turquoise ring, turtle ring with turquoise inlay, two rings with Indian chiefs. .5 ozt. CONDITION: Good vintage, normal wear and tarnish.

Lot: 3192 - 4 Mexican & Southwest Silver Necklace

Four Mexican and Southwest Silver Necklace, one with abalone inlay, one arrowhead, one buffalo nickle, one rough leaf. CONDITION: Very good vintage.

Lot: 3193 - 2 Vintage NA Turquoise Rings

Two Vintage NA Turquoise Rings, oval turquoise in incised mounting, size 10. Rectangular turquoise incised with triangular and shell motifs. Size 8. .79 ozt. CONDITION: Very good vintage.

Lot: 3194 - Taxco Mexico Hinged Inlaid Bangle & Odd Earring

Taxco Mexico Hinged Inlaid Bangle and Odd Earring, turquoise, malachite, fool's gold and other stones. 2 1/2" across inside, 3/8" - 1/2" width. 1.59 ozt. Earring has multi gemstone inlay, .37 ozt. pierced, 1 1/2' across. CONDITION: Very good, vintage wear and tarnish.

Lot: 3195 - Fritch Bros. Sterling & 10k Buckle Set

Fritch Bros. Sterling and 10k Buckle Set, four piece set rope and floral design, approx. 1 ozt. 10k embellishments. CONDITION: Fine vintage, natural patina.

Lot: 3196 - 3 Mexican Sterling Dangling Cluster Rings

Three Mexican Sterling Dangling Cluster Rings, turquoise, coral and pearls, adjustable size, eagle 2, .925. CONDITION: Very good, vintage, patina and tarnish.

Lot: 3197 - Sterling Turquoise Pin Pendant

Sterling Turquoise Pin Pendant, crushed turquoise inlay, looped frame with 5 dangle pendants, 1 1/2" diameter, 1/2" pendants, .42ozt. Stamped Mexico, 925, etc. CONDITION: Very fine, vintage wear and patina.

Lot: 3198 - Margot de Taxco Silver Bow Necklace

Margot de Taxco Silver Bow Necklace, 14 1/2" choker, delicate beading, fancy hinged links. Eagle 16 and des number 5346. 77ozt. "V" spring portion of clasp missing. Retails $700.00. CONDITION: Very good vintage, V spring part of clasp missing.

Lot: 3199 - Sterling & Tiger Eye Cuff Bracelet & Ring

Sterling and Tiger Eye Cuff Bracelet and Ring, bracelet has three tiger eye inlaid pieces (some blemishes), marked sterling Taxco Eagle 3. 1.4 ozt 2 1/8" across, 1 1/8" opening, 7/8" width. Size 6 silver ring with 3/4" block tiger eye, .18 ozt. CONDITION: Good vintage, normal wear and tarnish, some blemishes on stones.

Lot: 3200 - 2 Native American 925 Turquoise Rings

Two Native American 925 Turquoise Rings, vintage, one-feather and shell motif with two turquoise stones, size 10 1/2. one-large ovoid turquoise set with six balls on one side - size 10. Total 1.99 ozt. CONDITION: Very good vintage, one natural crack across center of ovoid stone.

Lot: 3201 - Unmarked Silver Tribal Necklace & Bracelet

Unmarked Silver Tribal Necklace and Bracelet, 7 1/2" and 28" length, stamped Navajo design on links. Total 1.04 ozt. CONDITION: Very good, vintage patina and wear.

Lot: 3202 - Modern Mexican Cuff Bracelet

Modern Mexican Cuff Bracelet, oxidized and raised abstract shapes, 2 1/4" across inside, 1 1/4" opening, 2" width, 2.73 ozt. CONDITION: Good, slight bending.

Lot: 3203 - Mexican Sterling Blue Topaz Necklace

Mexican Sterling Blue Topaz Necklace, 15" chain with three square mounted blue topaz stones. CONDITION: Very fine vintage, normal tarnish and wear.

Lot: 3204 - Silver & Turquoise Native American Bracelet

Silver and Turquoise Native American Bracelet, cuff bracelet signed L. Daye, four nugget turquoise stones, stamped design. One stone cracked. 2" width, 2 1/4" inside across, opening 1". 36.7 ozt. CONDITION: Good vintage, some scratching on surface, one stone cracked, tarnished.

Lot: 3205 - Sterling Navajo Necklace

Sterling Navajo Necklace, turquoise and coral stones, feather design, 16" plus 2 1/2"drop. Oval and circle link chain. .34 ozt. CONDITION: Very fine.

Lot: 3206 - Yellow Calcite Beads Silver Necklace

Yellow Calcite Bead Silver Necklace, unmarked silver, 2 1/2" and 1 1/2" long black beads. 25" length. CONDITION: Very fine vintage, normal tarnish and wear.

Lot: 3207 - CJ Navajo Sterling Naja Necklace

CJ Navajo Sterling Naja Necklace, .925 CJ. All sterling, Naja has inlaid turquoise mother of pearl, etc. geometric design! 20" curb link chain supports two reeded barrel connectors to the Naja. 1.8 ozt. CONDITION: Very fine.

Lot: 3208 - Asst. Mexican & Nat. American Charms Necklace

Asst. Mexican and Nat. American Charms Necklace, 22" silver chain with eleven charms with abalone, onyx, turquoise, etc. and 1" earrings with coral. CONDITION: Very good vintage, normal wear and patina.

Lot: 3209 - Mexican Silver 4 Plaque Links Bracelet

Mexican silver 4 plaque links bracelet, floral star motif, 1 3/4" square plaques. 7" length. 2.32 ozt. CONDITION: Very good, vintage patina and wear.

Lot: 3210 - Mexican Silver Bracelet w/Green Stones

Mexican Silver Bracelet w/Green Stones, 3 Greenish Yellow 25 x 16mm cabochon stones set in 3 large Art Nouveau style carved links, 1 1/2" width, 6 1/2" length, hook missing from closure, needs repair. 2.24ozt. CONDITION: hook missing from closure, good, vintage patina & wear.

Lot: 3211 - Native American Old Pawn Cuff Bracelet

Native American Old Pawn Cuff Bracelet, heavy twisted wire design. 1" wide, 2 3/8" inside across, 1 1/4" opening. 2.47 ozt. CONDITION: Good vintage patina and wear.

Lot: 3212 - Nat. American 900 Coin Silver Cuff Bracelet

Native American 900 Coin Silver Cuff Bracelet, finely stamped geometric and arrow motifs, thunderbirds on ends. 1 5/8" wide, 2 1/2" inside across, 1 1/4" opening. CONDITION: Fine, vintage.

Lot: 3213 - Nat. Amer. Stamped Cuff Bracelet

Native American Stamped cuff bracelet, unmarked silver, fine stamping, center triangles, arrows, birds, horses. 2"wide, 2 1/2" across, 1 1/4" opening. 1.87 ozt. CONDITION: Very fine, vintage patina & wear.

Lot: 3214 - Sterling Nat. American Cuff Bracelet

Sterling Native American Cuff Bracelet, four rows stamped twisted rope motif. 1 1/2" inside across, 1 1/4" opening. Stamped sterling. 2.28 ozt. CONDITION: Fine, vintage.

Lot: 3215 - 900 Coin Silver Nat. American Cuff Bracelet

900 Coin Silver Nat. American Cuff Bracelet, fine stamped sun center, arrows, geometrics and thunderbirds. 1 1/2" wide, 2 1/2" inside across, 1 1/8" opening. 1.89 ozt. CONDITION: Very fine, vintage patina and wear.

Lot: 3216 - Nat. American Silver Cuff Bracelet

Native American Silver Cuff Bracelet, three rows detailed stamped design and two rows twisted chain. 1 7/8" wide. 2 1/2" inside across, 1 1/4" opening, 2.59 ozt. CONDITION: Very fine, vintage patina and wear.

Lot: 3217 - Native American Old Pawn Cuff Bracelet

Native American Old Pawn Cuff Bracelet, heavy twisted wire design. 1" wide, 2 3/8" inside across, 1 1/4" opening. 2.44 ozt. CONDITION: Good vintage patina and wear.

Lot: 3218 - Native Amer. Sterling Cuff Bracelet

Native American Sterling Cuff Bracelet, oxydized geometric design, tapered 2 1/4" - 3/4". 2 1/2" inside across, 1" opening. 1.56 ozt. CONDITION: Fine, vintage patina and tarnish.

Lot: 3219 - Mexican 20 Centavo Coin Bracelet

Mexican 20 Centavo Coin Bracelet, 20 Centabo coins linked together with thin wire links, internal hook closure, 7 1/2" x 1". 2.3 ozt. CONDITION: Very good vintage.

Lot: 3220 - 900 Silver Peruvian Warrior Bracelet

900 Silver Peruvian Warrior Bracelet, seven panels of Peruvian Warriors, 7 1/8" x 2" wide, stamped Welsch, picture of Llama and 900. CONDITION: Very fine, vintage.

Lot: 3221 - Mexican Sterling Boho Bracelet

Mexican Sterling Boho Bracelet, Boho design panels connected with eight long link rows, internal hook fastener. 7 1/8" x 1 1/8". 1.08 ozt. Stamped Mexico and illegible letters. CONDITION: Very fine vintage.

Lot: 3222 - Mexican 925 Dot Design Bracelet

Mexican 925 Dot Design Bracelet, multi row design, marked 925, Mexico, 7 3/4" length, 2 1/2 width, 3.05 ozt. hook and eye closure. CONDITION: Very good vintage, c. 1940s.

Lot: 3223 - Boho Ethnic Tribal Style Necklace/Belt

Boho Ethnic Tribal Style Necklace/belt, silver over copper oval medallions with mosaic turquoise coral, red wood beads, blue clear beads, silver beads and cord. 28" overall length. Ovals are 2 1/2" x 2" and six are 1 3/4" x 1 1/4". CONDITION: Good, vintage.

Lot: 3224 - Navajo Cuff Bracelet

Navajo Cuff Bracelet, turquoise and coral, feather and ball motif, triple heavy tapered band 1 3/4" - 1/2". 1.79 ozt, 2 1/2" inside across. CONDITION: Very fine, vintage patina.

Lot: 3225 - Silver Native American Bear Claw Buckle

Silver Native American Bear Claw Buckle, large oval buckle signed AV. 3 3/4" x 2 3/4". 5 oval red coral stones, center turquoise, bear claw, stamped feather and floral design, 31.8 ozt. [20] CONDITION: Very very fine, see photos.

Lot: 3226 - Mexican Sterling Beaded Link Bracelet

Mexican Sterling Beaded Link Bracelet, "S" or seahorse shaped links with heavy beading, 1 5/8" width, "V" spring clasp, marked on button on clasp. 7 1/2" length, 2.92 ozt. CONDITION: Very good, vintage patina and tarnish.

Lot: 3226A - Pr. Sterling Tribal Mask Bracelets

Pr. Sterling Tribal Bracelets, 9 Native mask 7/8" links, hook and eye clasps, whirling log symbol on between links. 7 3/8" length, 3/8" width. 026 ozt. CONDITION: Very fine, vintage patina and wear.

Lot: 3227 - Large Royston Turquoise Child's Cuff Bracelet

Large Royston Turquoise Child's Cuff Bracelet, unmarked Navajo, triple tapering band 1" - 3/8", 42 x 26mm turquoise shell side mountings 1 7/8" inside across, 7/8" opening, safety chain 2 3/4". 1.38 ozt. CONDITION: Very fine vintage patina and wear.

Lot: 3228 - Mexican 925 Yellow / Green Mottled Bracelet

Mexican 925 Yellow / Green Bracelet, three tapering bands 2" - 1/2". Mottled green / yellow abstract unknown material center, 1 3/4" x 1 1/2", marked Mexico, 925, TC - 216. 2.26 ozt. 1 1/2" opening. CONDITION: Very fine Modernist. Normal patina.

Lot: 3229 - Vintage Sterling Pennino Cuff Bracelet

Vintage Sterling Pennino Cuff Bracelet, lizard snake motif, 1 /18" wide, 2 1/4" across 1 1/4" opening. 2.32 ozt. Sterling, Pennino ©. CONDITION: Very fine, vintage patina.

Lot: 3230 - Vintage Sterling Pennino Cuff Bracelet

Vintage Sterling Pennino Cuff Bracelet, lizard snake motif, 1 /18" wide, 2 1/4" across 1 1/4" opening. 2.41 ozt. Sterling, Pennino ©. CONDITION: Very fine, vintage patina.

Lot: 3231 - Mexico Silver Amethyst Cuff Bracelet

Mexico Silver Amethyst Cuff Bracelet, heavy wide cuff bracelet with 18mm diam. cabochon amethyst, stamped Mexico, silver, artist's initials ? CMA. 2" center medallion with four corner balls, deeply chaised. 2 1/4" across inside, 1 1/4" opening. 2.51 ozt. CONDITION: Very good, vintage tarnish and patina.

Lot: 3232 - Silver Navajo Cuff Bracelet

Silver Navajo Cuff Bracelet, 3 stones, Sonoran gold turquoise? stamped arrows, whirling log symbols, unmarked silver. CONDITION: Center stone appears damaged but it's not. It's the Sonoran gold turquoise, good vintage patina & wear.

Lot: 3233 - Silver Cuff & Bangle Bracelets

Silver Cuff and Bangle Bracelets, 1"w bangle marked made in Mexico and silver, three rows beads. 1"w cuff is unmarked, bead and Greek key design, 2 1/4", inside across, 1" opening. 2.76 ozt Total. CONDITION: Good, vintage patina, wear and tarnish.

Lot: 3234 - Navajo Bracelet & Bear Ring

Navajo Bracelet and Bear Ring, ring sterling, signed 93©, size 9. Cuff bracelet with turquoise raised stone, floral, leaf and feather motif. 2" across inside. 1 1/4" pendant drop, 1" opening, .99ozt. CONDITION: Vintage good, natural patina.

Lot: 3235 - Mexican Silver 4 Plaques Bracelet

Mexican silver 4 plaque links bracelet, floral star motif, 1 3/4" square plaques. 7" length. 2.74 ozt. CONDITION: Very good, vintage patina and wear.

Lot: 3236 - 900 Silver Peruvian Bracelet

900 silver Peruvian bracelet, 2" wide plaques with Incan Chief, llamas, warriors and suns. 7" length. 3.59 ozt.

Lot: 3237 - Vintage Navajo Squash Blossom Necklace

Vintage Navajo Squash Blossom Necklace, sixteen turquoise stones of fine spider web matrix, signed on tips of the Jaja MH (Mike Harrison?), 14" length from closure to tip of Naja, squash blossoms are 1 1/2"length. CONDITION: Very fine, vintage.

Lot: 3237A - 18K Rose Gold Bangle Bracelet

18K Rose Gold Bangle Bracelet, Florentine and zig zag design, 2 1/2" inside across. Stamped 750, 1/8" wide. [18] CONDITION: Very good, preowned, slight bend.

Lot: 3237B - 2 Gold & Diamond Rings

Two Gold and Diamond Rings, includes: (1) 14k. yellow gold, with a row of six round cut diamonds (one missing), approx. 20 pts TW, size 3 1/2 and (1) 14k. yellow gold band, with three bezel set round cut diamonds, approx. 15 pts TW, size 4 1/4, 2.5 DWT TW. [9] CONDITION: Very good, used, one diamond missing.

Lot: 3237C - 14k YG Diamond Encrusted Earrings

14k YG Diamond Encrusted Earrings, star, leaf and loop design, French clip pierced style, 1 1/4" length, each pendant has opening to hang pearl or stones. 4.1 DWT. [16] CONDITION: Very good, preowned.

Lot: 3237D - Tiffany & Co. Gold & Diamond Ring

Tiffany & Co. Gold and Diamond Ring, 18k yellow gold, two parallel bands, one plain gold , the other with 30 pave set round diamonds, approx 1+ cts TW, 5.5 DWT, size 5 3/4. [5] CONDITION: Very good, used

Lot: 3237E - Tiffany Gold & Diamond Band

Tiffany Gold and Diamond Band, 18k yellow gold with ten bezel set round cut diamonds, approx 50+ pts TW, 3.2 DWT, Tiffany pouch, size 4 [10]. CONDITION: Very good, used.

Lot: 3237F - 14K TT Diamond Initials Ring Bracelet

14K TT Diamond Initials Ring Bracelet, letters M, M and B encrusted with pave set diamonds in each. Fancy 6" double herringbone bracelet with "M" and 2 1/2" Gucci style mariner flat link chain connecting to "M" and "B" ring size 6 1/2 with guard. 14.9 DWT. [8] CONDITION: Very good preowned.

Lot: 3237G - 14K YG Slide Chain Wristwatch

14K YG Slide Chain Wristwatch, Lucerne watch 17 jewels covered w/center carved female cameo, other slides hold cameo and abalone cameo, pearls, coral, asst, gemstones, tiger eye, etc. 7" length, 1 1/4" width at watch, V spring clasp and safety chain, total 68 DWT watch not running. [11] CONDITION: Vintage modest wear, surface dings and scratches on back.

Lot: 3237H - 14k YG Chunky Charm Brecelet

14k YG chunky charm bracelet, 7 1/2" rope, hearts & looped links, 5/8" width, six 14k charms w/gemstones. Pierced heart basket with gemstones & pearls - 1" x 1 1/2", airplane on Florentine plaque 1" x 1 1/4", dated 6/8/64; ballerina on circle charm with pearls & stones - 1 3/4" diameter; heart with 6 birthstones, cruise ship "Bon Voyage" in concave plaque, pearls and red stones, 6/2/53, 1 3/8" diameter, ball charm with leaves and multi gemstones 1 1/4" diameter; Tree of life both sides with pears stones 1 1/2" diameter, pierced edge. 82.2DWT. [1] CONDITION: Very fine, vintage

Lot: 3238 - English Silver Fish Serving Pieces

English Silver Fish Serving Pieces, Sheffield sterling 1889 - 90 touch marks, CA. S.D. maker's mark, on band and caps of handles, engraved silver plate blades, includes: 10 1/2" fork, 13 3/4' knife and 15" fish server. CONDITION: Slight tarnish, fork with hair line cracks on handle.

Lot: 3238A - Sterling Silver Group

Sterling silver group includes; 3 piece hallow handle carving set; 2 1/4" x 2 1/4" deco monogramed compact 3 1/4" pump scraper; Tiffany 7" monogramed brush; 2 3/4" brush; match holder; 2 1/4"d cut glass hair receiver; and a glass powder jar with unmatching repousse sterling and mirrored lid. CONDITION: Very fine, used condition.

Lot: 3239 - Ralph Lauren Glass Pitcher & Tumblers

Ralph Lauren Glass Pitcher and Tumblers, includes: a deep ruby blown glass, 10 1/2" pitcher with Ralf Lauren Czechoslovakia label and thirteen unsigned amethyst blown glass 4 3/4" tumblers with gilt borders. CONDITION: Very good.

Lot: 3240 - Alexandrite Stemware Set

Alexandrite Stemware Set, Tiffin- Franciscan fountain, Alexandrite color, includes: 8 - 6 1/8" champagnes and 7 - 8 1/4" wines. CONDITION: Very fine.

Lot: 3241 - Carlo Moretti Design Vase

Carlo Moretti Design Vase, illegibly signed on base "88", heavy clear glass wrapped in an applied mat orange glass band; purchased for L'Isola, Venice Italy, 12 3/4"h. CONDITION: Excellent, few light rub marks on orange banding.

Lot: 3242 - Robert M. Dane Studio Glass Sculpture

Robert M. Dane Studio Glass Sculpture,No. 303, 1991, three section multi colored and clear abstract sculpture with open vase type top, 21 1/2"h, b 1953. CONDITION: Chip on center clear glass section on top edge corner, also chip on onyx glass base top edge corner.

Lot: 3243 - Michael David / Kit Karbler Sculpture

Michael David / Kit Karbler Sculpture, Contemporary art glass, signed and numbered 086115; layered multi color glass with open center,frosted, cut and polished outer edges, housed between two white granite slabs, 15"h, 10"d. CONDITION: Very good,some minor glass rubs.

Lot: 3244 - (Ed) Nesteruk Art Glass Sculpture

(Ed) Nesteruk Art Glass Sculpture, signed on base, 109-84, born 1941, a faceted corner three sided tapered form in clear, cranberry, yellow, orange and amethyst,12 1/4"h. CONDITION: One small scratch and one interior imperfection (shatter mark).

Lot: 3245 - John Max Art Glass Vase

John Max Art Glass Vase, signed on base, 1996, blown glass vase in modernistic Millefiori design with multi colored glass blocks and circles, 9 1/4", top 7"d. CONDITION: Very fine.

Lot: 3246 - Murano Glass Elephant

Murano Glass Elephant, amethyst to clear glass, elephant standing on two legs, upon a bubble infused ball, original faded paper label, mid 20th C, 14 1/4"h. CONDITION: Very fine. No issues identified.

Lot: 3247 - 3 Studio Art Pieces

Three Studio Art Pieces, includes: Art glass covered jar from Berni Enterprises, Inc. Kentucky, with polished beveled glass and blown opalescent and amethyst glass bowl and handles, 5 1/2"d, 6"h, a Bryan Hopkins, slip cast porcelain translucent vase, bark textured and ribbed design, 6 3/4", and a Kosta Boda No. 49222 blue to clear glass, 7 7/8" vase artist signed Goran Warff. CONDITION: Very fine.

Lot: 3248 - Conch Shell Form Accent Lamp

Conch Shell Form Accent Lamp,opalescent glass with a painted red swirl, electrified, mid 20th C, 6"h, 8"d. CONDITION: Good. Working cond.

Lot: 3248A - 3 Orrefors Crystal Animals

Three Orrefors Crystal Animals, clear crystal, includes: camel 4 1/4"l, 3 3/4"h; hippo 4"l, 2 3/4"h; gorilla 4 1;/8"h, 2 1/2"l. CONDITION: Like new.

Lot: 3249 - Northwood Carnival Glass Pitcher & Tumbler

Northwood Carnival Glass Pitcher and Tumbler amethyst iridescent carnival glass,peacock at fountain pattern, 8 3/8"h, plus a Dugan amethyst carnival glass stork and rushes pattern, 4"h tumbler. early 20th C. CONDITION: Very fine.

Lot: 3250 - 3 Art Glass Goblets

Three Art Glass Goblets, signed "Ram", signed "Ram", two dated "97", modern design hand blown in multi colors and designs, 22"h, 22 3/4" and 20". CONDITION: Very fine.

Lot: 3251 - Contemporary Signed Art Glass Vase

Contemporary Signed Art Glass Vase, signed on base rim Willia Maria ? 1985, multi colored case glass, 14" tall vase with applied milk glass rim. CONDITION: Very fine.

Lot: 3252 - 2 Santini Sculptures

Two Santini Sculptures, marbelized composition, one signed and one with paper label, depicts semi nude standing Roman maidens, 16"h and 16 1/4", 20th C. CONDITION: Some discolorization, 16" with hair line crack on her cheek.

Lot: 3253 - Marble Bust Sculpture

Marble Bust Sculpture, head and shoulder bust, white marble of a Classical Lady with long hair draped over her right shoulder, black marble base, 19th C, 10 1/4"h. CONDITION: Very fine.

Lot: 3254 - Marble Bust Sculpture

Marble Bust Sculpture, half bust white marble of a Classical lady with bonnet, black marble base, 19th C, 12"h. CONDITION: Very fine.

Lot: 3255 - 2 Marble Architectural Elements

Two Marble Architectural Elements,includes: Ancient Roman Warrior style bust, bracket with lion crested helmet and mask medallion; sets upon a black marble pedestal, 9"h and a sculptured female face surrounded by flowing hair, 4 1/2" x 4 1/4" x 4 1/4", 19th C. CONDITION: Bracket has a chipped nose, black base has been added.

Lot: 3256 - Victoria Jewelers Scale

Victoria Jewelers Scale, by Henry Troemner, Phila., 1/2 oz capacity. No. 190B,walnut incised case with glass framed hinged lid over a granite top with twin nickle plated cups, level and indicator; height adjusting brass knob and legs, 13 1/4" x 6" x 7 3/4", plus mahogany stand holding seven brass troy ozt weights and six tin gram weights. CONDITION: Working, used, scratches and areas of finish wear.

Lot: 3257 - 2 Grand Tour Sculptures

Two Grand Tour Sculptures, includes: Napoleon's Place Vendome Column on white marble base, circa 1860, 11"h and a 19th C, Dore bronze Phoenix Bird sculpture on a black marble base, 8 1/2"h. CONDITION: Column missing sculpture of Napoleon at crest, also missing pins to hold fencing to marble, bird has a bent upper beak.

Lot: 3258 - Antique Stereopticon & Slides

Antique Stereopticon and Slides, wood stereopticon with felt covered eye chamber and screw detachable handle, plus 83 - 7" x 3 1/2" slides depicting tourist scenes from Germany, Paris, France, etc. Most cards describe scene in language of country depicted, five cards are 6 1/4" x 4 1/4", are circa 1890s picture cards. CONDITION: Very good, used cond.

Lot: 3259 - Antique Purse & Hats

Antique Purse and Hats, includes: a butterfly and scroll embroidered cloth fold up purse, 8 1/2" x 8 1/2", a satin and lace work bonnet, and a folding top hat from Brooks Brothers NY, Made in England by Herbert Johnson. CONDITION: Edge wear to top hat, bonnet with areas of satin wear and tears and losses.

Lot: 3260 - 2 Royal Vienna Chocolate Pots

Two Royal Vienna Chocolate Pots, floral and village painted designs with sculptured red floral bad finial lids, 19th C, 7 3/4" and 7 1/4". CONDITION: Gilt wear, one very tiny rim chip on each lid.

Lot: 3260A - 2 Craftsman Made Containers

Two Craftsman made containers, includes: (1) burl wood flying saucer shaped box with lid, 4 1/2" d x 2" h and (1) bird's eye maple pocket cigarette case with 14k y g (tested) Imperial Russian military emblem on hinged lid 3 3/4" x 3 1/4" x 3/8", early 20th C. CONDITION: Very good, used cond.

Lot: 3261 - Chateau Mouton Rothschild 1985,Pauillac, France,

Chateau Mouton Rothschild 1985,Pauillac, France, 750 ML. CONDITION: No issues identified. All wine is from a local estate and is being sold “AS IS” with no guarantee as to quality or potability. Local Pick-Up ONLY /// Cash, Paypal or CC. NO SHIPPING IS ALLOWED.

Lot: 3262 - Mermaid Carved Meerschaum Pipe

Mermaid Carved Meerschaum Pipe, partially nude swimming mermaid with coral wreath and fish carvings, 7"L, mermaid 3 1/2"h. CONDITION: Very fine,appears to have never been smoked.

Lot: 3263 - Dalvey Voyager Clock and Compass

Dalvey Voyager Clock and Compass, Scotland, stainless steel Hunter case with brass bezel and hands, illustrated interior, battery operated, includes: original fitted case and papers; plus Short and Mason Litenite compass in nickle finish cast, patent April 20-1915. CONDITION: Clock, very good, used, with slight tarnish, working condition unknown, no battery, compass is working, with surface wear to case.

Lot: 3264 - Antique Brass Carriage Clock

Antique Brass Carriage Clock, brass and beveled glass case with folding handle, brass keywind movement; porcelain Roman Numeral dial, 19th / 20th C, 3" x 2 1/2" x 4 1/2", includes two keys and original leather covered box. CONDITION: Currently running but not guaranteed; tarnished brass, right side glass panel chipped in upper corner, wear and leather losses to box.

Lot: 3265 - Classical Bronze Covered Urn

Classical Bronze Covered Urn, a sculptured seated man finial on the relief scroll work lid, upon a conforming relief cast scroll work and wreath base, with lion mask handles, 20th C, 16 1/2"h. 10"d. CONDITION: Tarnished.

Lot: 3266 - Steindorff Microscope

Steindorff Microscope, #640496 with four objectives, mounted in revolving nose piece, 4, 10,40 and 100 x) in fitted wood case with key, cleaning tissues and solution. CONDITION: Working.

Lot: 3267 - Olympus BH Series Microscope

Olympus BH Series Microscope, Trinocular head with wide field 10x projection eye piece, five objectives mounted in revolving nose piece, 4, 10,20, 40 and 100 x, sliding light dimmer on bottom side, comes in fitted wood box with two extra lamps #1278, light polarizing microscope set cat. No. 31 - 52 - 62 - 75, Fisher brand super frost /plus microscope slides sample pack, lens cleaning tissues and solution, all in boxes, with plastic cover and instruction manual. CONDITION: Working.

Lot: 3268 - Singer Featherweight Sewing Machine

Singer portable Featherweight electric Sewing Machine, model 221-1, in fitted black leather ? covered case with instruction manual and accessories, circa 1930s case, 13" x 12" x 8". CONDITION: Excellent, running condition; wear to case, missing handle.

Lot: 3269 - Assorted Signed & Unsigned Pottery Pcs

Assorted Signed & Unsigned Pottery Pcs, including: two bowls, 6 3/4"d x 4 1/4"h and 6 1/4" x 3"h, and 4"h pitcher, all signed JM, two face mugs, one artist stamp at bottom of handle, 4"h, cat signed Cox, plus unsigned cup tea strainer, 6 3/4"l, juicer, 6 1/2" and bulbous form teapot, 9"l. CONDITION: Spout broken off teapot, otherwise normal wear.

Lot: 3270 - Assorted Signed Pottery Pieces

Assorted Signed Pottery Pieces, including: 12"l handled pot (Carol Leary), deep covered handled pot, Flameware, Dick stadley (paper attached to inside bottom), bird finial handle on lid, 8"d double handled lidded bean pot - counter point pottery, Ross Miller (card inside), MJ signed 9 1/2" spoon and 2"d cup dish, plus unsigned 132 3/4" spoon. CONDITION: Very good, no chips of cracks.

Lot: 3271 - Assorted Signed Pottery Pieces

Assorted Signed Pottery Pieces, including: small round bottom mirror hanging piece, with desert decoration, 5 3/4" x 15 1/2" and rock from box, 4" x 7" x 1 1/2"h, both with stamped mark (four 7s an crescents over line) at bottom, pocket planter, 6 1/4" x 7 1/2"l,signed Jimmy on back, figural candlestick, incised mark on inside bottom, 11"h,tubular vase with swirl and line decoration 6 1/2"h x 2 1/2"d (impressed ash on bottom). CONDITION: Very good, no chips or cracks.

Lot: 3272 - Assorted Signed & Unsigned Pottery Pcs

Assorted Signed and Unsigned Pottery Pieces, including: signed - two Londa pieces, lidded jar, 6 1/2"d x 7 1/2"h and lidded pasta jar, 4 3/4"d x 10 3/4"h, handled batter bowl with spout signed (backwards K, IC) on bottom, approx. 9 1/2"d x 6"h, plus unsigned glazed abstract bird form tea pot, applied handle with cork in larger back hole, 4 1/2" x 6 1/2" x 8"h. CONDITION: Over all, very good, no chips or cracks.

Lot: 3273 - 2 Artist Signed Pottery Teapots

Two Artist Signed Pottery Teapots, including: ribbed side brown and yellow with side handle, bird finial top lid, 8 1/4" x 9 1/4" x 8 1/4"h, stamped Dick Studley at base, plus tall ribbed side, light brown and beige, 5" x 8 3/4: x 8 1/2"h, signed Hirsch 4-8 on bottom. CONDITION: Crack in top extending portion of Hirsch tea pot, otherwise very good.

Lot: 3273A - 2 Sandra Johnstone Pottery Teapots

Two Sandra Johnstone Pottery Teapots, 1936-1991, well known potter and teacher, studied under Voulkos and Soldner, California pottery including: bulbous form with stone, line and dot design, 8" x 7"d x 8 3/4"h, plus slant form with foliated mineral grain design, 11 1/4" k x 3 1/2"w x 7 7/8"h,both with applied handles and spouts, both signed on bottom. CONDITION: Excellent, no chips or cracks.

Lot: 3274 - MCM Sculpture & Bowl

MCM Sculpture and Bowl, veined onyx cube with gilt metal "X"s and ":O"s, Tick Tac Toe game, 4" x 4" x 4", and sandstone ? free form shallow bowl, 11" x 6" x 1 1/2". CONDITION: Very good, used.

Lot: 3275 - 16 Art Pottery Pieces

Sixteen Art Pottery Pieces, all signed (Dorothy W. and Karen) "Faul", Pa 20th C, various glazes includes: 9 1/4" vase, fourteen assorted size bowls, 2 1/4" to 5" Hg. and a 4 3/4" and a 4 3/4"h, covered jars. CONDITION: Very good.

Lot: 3276 - 9 Studio Art Pottery Pieces

Nine Studio Art Pottery Pieces, all with monogramed makers mark "AL"?, various glazes, includes: two covered tea pots, large squat vase, three vases, 4 1/4" to 7"h, 9 1/2" deep bowl, two cups, 20th C. CONDITION: Very good.

Lot: 3277 - 3 Artisan Pottery Figures

Three Artisan Pottery Figures, including: witch on broom, 11" including thatched broom with hanging pottery cat (whistle), 2 1/4", signed hand painted nun, stamped inside base, Made in Spain with monogrammed signature, 12"h, plus signed woman with open kitchen cupboard, signed Simi on back, 12 1/2". CONDITION: Small paint flake on back left elbow of nun.

Lot: 3278 - Art Pottery Tall Vase

Art Pottery Tall Vase, base signed illegibly, brown and white glazed stoneware with textured body and shaped rim, late 20th C, 22 3/4"h. CONDITION: Very good.

Lot: 3279 - 2 Artisan Pottery Planters

Two Artisan Pottery Planters, including: purse form pocket planter filled with dried flower, illegibly signed on back, 8 1/2" x 11" and house form table planter, signed Le Lopez on back, 4 1/2" x 7 1/2" x 11 1/4"h. CONDITION: Overall, very good, no chips or cracks.

Lot: 3280 - Art Pottery Vase

Art Pottery Vase, Venango,Pa, large ceramic flask vase, 2004, cream, blue and brown glazed trees design, 10 1/2"h. CONDITION: Very fine.

Lot: 3281 - Assorted Signed & Unsigned Pottery Pcs.

Assorted Signed and Unsigned Pottery Pieces, including: signed: double handled covered soup tureen, 5 1/2"h x 8"d, signed on bottom Milo Regan, 1974 ?, teapot with spiral twist handle, light green glaze with floral decoration, signed Derry? on bottom, 8" x 11"h, plus unsigned rolling pin, glazed with line decoration, wood handles, 18"l,double handled colander, applied handles and feet, 9 1/2" x11 1/2" x 8 1/2"h, plus spoon, blue decoration over glaze, 10". CONDITION: Very good, no chips or cracks.

Lot: 3282 - 4 Pottery Pieces

Four Pottery Pieces, includes: 5 1/2" green glazed pitcher signed Foy DUF by HF 1950, a slip glazed 9" redware plate monogrammed "BL", a speckled beige glaze covered casserole, signed "AL", and an aqua to black glazed 7" jug, signed "HF". CONDITION: Pitcher with silver loss on rim.

Lot: 3283 - 12 Studio Art Pottery Pieces

Twelve Studio Art Pottery Pieces, assorted glazes and shapes, includes: 15 1/2" candlestick, three vases (2" to 6 1/4"), two mugs; six bowls (2" to 8"d) most unsigned. CONDITION: Very good.

Lot: 3284 - Vintage Providential and Trent Ceramic Tiles

Vintage Providential and Trent Ceramic Tiles, framed Providential tiles, two relief leaf form decoration in brown glaze 6" square each in wood frame, plus, Trent Tile Co. tiles, six square with urn and floral ribbon relief decoration and large quantity of rectangular accent tiles, all green glaze. CONDITION: Glaze chip on left framed tile at edge, a few small edge chips on other (under frame), minor crazing, minor wear and edge paint residue on Trent tiles.

Lot: 3285 - Tiles & Dish

Tiles and Dish, Wildweed Workshop, Denver enamel on copper dish depiction buildings, 8" x 8" and two unsigned pottery tiles painted and glazed with toy soldier with horse and flowers, both 6" x 6", circa 1950s - 60s. CONDITION: Very fine.

Lot: 3286 - 2 Pottery Figural Pieces

Two Pottery Figural Pieces, including: one large bird figural planter with painted floral decoration, 10" x 24" x21"h and small double headed Llama lamp / planter?, footed with leaf and other decorations, 3 3/4' x 6" x 5 7/8"h, both unsigned. CONDITION: Minor paint flaking on ears of Llama, otherwise very good.

Lot: 3287 - Pottery 10 Pc Bean Pot & Bowls Set

Pottery ten piece Bean Pot and Bowls Set, all marked, made in Portugal, inset into corked bottom inserts, including: large lidded bean pot with natural wood finial handled lid, 12"d x 8 1/2"h, with nine bean bowls, 5 1/4"d x 2 1/2" h, plus double handled pottery bean plate, marked VM over E, inset into corked bottom, 6 3/4"d x 1 1/2"h and open work cork block trivet. CONDITION: Very good, no chips or cracks.

Lot: 3288 - Tableware Group

Tableware Group, includes: Prandelli Inox 18/0 teapot, KJAER Gaard design, stainless steel, in cone form with rod handle, 8 1/4"h, plus seventeen Italian new in boxes, reproduction 18th C. flatware Inox 18/10, stainless steel and white faux bone handles, includes: twelve teaspoons, three piece serving set and two piece carving set. CONDITION: Teapot, good, used cond, flatware vintage new cond.

Lot: 3289 - Set Wusthof Trident chef's Knives

Set of German Chef's Knives, seven piece set Ed. Wusthof Dreizackwerk,Trident, Solingen, Germany, #4582, 8", #4606, 5" and #4066, 4 1/2" and 3 1/2" with custom sun carved wood hanging board, 9 1/4" x 13" x 4 3/4" platform. CONDITION: Very good, light if any use.

Lot: 3290 - 97 Pc Dansk Ceramic Cookware Set

Ninty-seven piece Dansk Ceramic Cookware Set, Santiago beige glossy, set includes: nine dinner plates, 10", twelve lunch plates, 8 1/2", ten salad plates, 7", ten demitasse handled cups and saucers, twelve soup bowls, 6", covered butter, 5", five handled coffee mugs, creamer and sugar, one 8"d bowl, one 13 1/4" platter, one 7 1/2h water / coffee pot, two covered pots, 6 5/8"d and 8 3/4"d, twelve cups and seven saucers. CONDITION: Chip on lid and on rim of smaller covered pot, otherwise good, needs cleaning.

Lot: 3291 - Set of 3 MCM Art Pottery Bottles

Set of Three MCM Art Pottery Bottles, West Germany, blue, brown and white textured glazed, graduated sizes from 7 1/2" to 19 3/4"h. CONDITION: Very good.

Lot: 3292 - Coliezione Zani Flatware Set,etc

Coliezione Zani Flatware Set, etc, Italy, teakwood handles, stainless steel blades, five pieces to a place setting includes: twelve 7" forks; twelve 6 3/8" forks; eleven 7" knives, twelve 7 1/4" tablespoons; twenty 4 1/2" teaspoons, plus Zani Formaggera Serie d'olivo teakwood covered box with a 3 1/8"d, interior glass bowl, like new in original box. CONDITION: Good, used.

Lot: 3292A - Dansk Tableware Group

Dansk Tableware Group, includes: stainless steel coffee spoons, one hors d'oeuvre fork, twoblack cast iron spider candelsticks in original boxes, a pair of stainless steel teardrop candlesticks and a pair of Georg Jensen stainless steel, designed by Henning Koppel. CONDITION: Very good, like new, some boxes damaged.

Lot: 3293 - Dansk & Other Cookware

Dansk and Other Cookware, includes: Dansk Koben style brown and white enameled steel, six quart ? covered Dutch oven pot, 8"h without lid, a Dansk sauce pot with teakwood handle, 3 3/4"d, a Dansk 9 7/8"d pan with teakwood handle; an unmarked 7 1/2"d skillet; a West Falia, Germany Fangled rooster 9 quart, 16" x 11 1/2" and a Finel Finland enameled sunburst bowl, 5 1/2"h, 8 1/4"d. CONDITION: Dutch over with chipped bottom; 9 7/8"d Dansk pan with chipped interior, all else in very good like new cond.

Lot: 3294 - Set of Copco Enamel Cookware

Set of Copco Enamel Cookware, Michael Lax Design, Denmark, chocolate brown enameled cast iron including: two skillet pans, 10"d and 12"d (with lid), 6 3/4"d sauce pot (with lid) and 8 3/4"d cook pot, all with teakwood handles, two Paella pans, 9 1/4" x 15" and 14" x 16 1/2" (both double handled), two rectangular casserole baking dishes 6" x 12" and 8 1/2' x 16" (both double handled) and two Dutch ovens, 10" and 11 3/4"d (both with lids and double handled), plus yellow enameled "Frite Pam" (deep fryer) with basket and lid, original box for 12" skillet. CONDITION: Minor enamel flake at rim of fryer other wise no chips or cracks, very good.

Lot: 3295 - MCM Wood kitchen Items

MCM Wood kitchen Items, 34 carved wood serving forks, spoons, whisks scoop, etc, plus Dansk, France, Austria, Mexico and other cutting boards, trays and pepper mill, etc. teakwood, exotic and mixed woods. CONDITION: Very good, used.

Lot: 3296 - 6 Vintage Canning Jars

Six Vintage Canning Jars, includes: Mason's amber glass - patent Nov 30th 1858, 9" jar; Wheaton, NJ apothecary jar with screw top, 9 3/4"; improved "Gen" green glass, 9" jar with glass lid insert; and three ball perfect mason green glass, 9" jars. CONDITION: Very good, used.

Lot: 3296A - Candy & Ice Cream Molds

Candy and Ice Cream Molds, includes: nickle plated iron Santa Claus 20 mold panel 6" x 14 1/2" x 1", two Easter Egg nickle plated: open top seven egg mold 13" x 2" x 1" and hinged six egg modl 8 1/4" x 8" x 2 1/2", a nickle plated iron turkey twelve mold panel 9 3/4" x 22" x 1/2", two embossed rabbit molds 4 1/2" x 8 1/2" and 8" x 9 1/2", a chicken embossed mold 4" x 5" and a Teddy bear mold 3" x 4". CONDITION: Good, used cond.

Lot: 3297 - Toleware Pieces & Wire Basket

Toleware Pieces and Wire Basket, including: large savory sterling enameled nickled steel ware cowboy coffee pot with wire and wood handle, 13 1/4"h, x 10 3/4"d, at base, enameled strainer ladle, 15 1/2"l, 4"d bowl, unmarked 9 1/2" pie tin, plus Oaks Mfg. Co. Inc. wire egg or produce basket. CONDITION: All very good, used, some surface wear.

Lot: 3298 - Shaker Style Lidded Finger Boxes

Shaker Style Lidded Finger Boxes, nest of four steam bent cherry by Beth & Paul Dixon, Orleans carpenters, Mass, from 3 7/8"l to 7"l, includes: pamphlets. CONDITION: Like new.

Lot: 3299 - Primitive Group

Primitive Group, includes: 3 1/4"d butter stamp, two chisel decorated cutting boards, 9" and 11 1/2"l, 10" spoon, 10 1/2" narrow comb, Pa Dutch, painted mini stool, 9" x 3 1/2" x 4 1/2", 1841 dated weaving shuttle, 10 1/4"l, daring egg; twenty-eight pierced brass alphabet stencils, 2 1/4" x 2 1/4", North Western Alfalfa, 60 lb. seed bag, and a wood cheese box, 14 3/4"d, 8 1/4"h. CONDITION: Bag needs cleaning, box areas with expansion split and edge crack; top stenciling difficult to read.

Lot: 3300 - 7 Assorted Yellow Ware Mixing Bowls

Seven Assorted Yellow Ware Mixing Bowls, in graduating sizes including: large batter bowl with spout, raised leaf decorated sides, 11 3/4"d c 5 1/2"h, unmarked, plus 10 1/2"d bowl, blue line decoration at top U.S.A. 10, RRP. Co, 9"d bowl red and white stripes in middle, Watt 8 over ware 8"d bowl ridged sides with blue and stripes, two Oven ware 5 bowls, 5 1/2"d each and a U.S.A. 4 1/2"d x 2 3/4"h, blue and beige stripe. CONDITION: Some minor surface wear form age and use, some normal roughness at bottom.

Lot: 3301 - 8 pcs Vintage Doll Size Glazed Redware

8 pcs Vintage Doll Size Glazed Redware includes: three approx. 1 1/2" pitchers; 2 5/8"d. deep bowl, 3/4" jug and two approx. 2 7/8 Plates, early to mid 20th. CONDITION: Very good, one plate with chip, bowl with glaze loss on rim.

Lot: 3302 - Sgraffito Dish & Fruit Pin Cushion

Sgraffito Dish & Fruit Pin Cushion, green pottery 8 1/4"d, plate with floral sgraffito and crimped rim, 19th C, and a purple velour plum pin cushion with green leaves, approximately 4" x 4", 19th C. CONDITION: Very good.

Lot: 3303 - Sid Luck Signed Face Jug

Sid Luck Signed Face Jug, 1993, streaky brown glazed pottery, white glazed teeth and eyes, applied charcoal glazed eyebrows and mustache, corn cob stopper, 10 1/2" h. CONDITION: Very fine.

Lot: 3304 - Signed Brownware Face Jug

Signed Brownware Face Jug, illegibly pencil signed on base Robert Ang....etc. ?, matted brown glaze pottery with applied lizard, eyes and lips, 20th c, 7 3/4"h. CONDITION: Very fine.

Lot: 3305 - Cobalt / Salt Glaze Crock

Cobalt / Salt Glaze Crock, four gallons, four cobalt glazed flowers, loop handles, 19th C, 11 3/8"h, 11 3/8"d. CONDITION: Two large cracks and chips, held together by a wire band.

Lot: 3306 - 2 Cobalt / Salt Glaze Crocks

Two Cobalt / Salt Glaze Crocks, includes: six gallon Ottman Brox & Co. Fort Edward and an unnamed four gallon, both with twin cobalt flowers, 19th C. CONDITION: Poor, large cracks, chips, glued areas.

Lot: 3307 - Norton & Co. Cobalt / salt Glaze Jug

Norton & Co. Cobalt / salt Glaze Jug, two gallon, Bennington, VT; floral design, 13 1/2", 19th C. CONDITION: Areas of spotted glaze ware, primarily on back side, manufacturers imperfection on handle.

Lot: 3308 - T O Goodwin Salt Glaze Crock

T O Goodwin Salt Glaze Crock, ovoid form with cobalt enhanced loop handles, 7 1/2"h, 7 1/2"d, 19th C. CONDITION: Chips and tiny hairline along rim.

Lot: 3309 - Courtland Cobalt / Salt Glaze Jug

Courtland Cobalt / Salt Glaze Jug, New York, one gallon, two flower cobalt design, 19th C, 10 1/4"h. CONDITION: Thin flake chip on rim.

Lot: 3310 - Cobalt / Salt Glaze Jug

Cobalt / Salt Glaze Jug, one gallon, no makers name, leaf, scroll and dot design, 11"h, 19th C. CONDITION: Very good, small base rim chip.

Lot: 3311 - L.C. Paul Cobalt / Salt Glaze Jug

L.C. Paul Cobalt / Salt Glaze Jug, Blackstone St. Boston, two gallon crock, twin cobalt floral decorator, 14"h,19th C.CONDITION: Two small rim chips, some glaze chips and a ding with spider crack.

Lot: 3312 - 2 Salt Glaze Jugs

Two Salt Glaze Jugs, one and two gallons, no makers markings; the one gallon has two cobalt paint drops, 19th C, 11 1/2"h and 13 1/2"h. CONDITION: Very good, one gallon with one tiny rim flake.

Lot: 3313 - Cobalt / Salt Glaze Jug

Cobalt / Salt Glaze Jug, one gallon, floral cobalt design,10 1/4"h, 19th C. CONDITION: Very fine, two small 1" glaze wear mark on back side.

Lot: 3314 - Cast Iron Cauldron

Cast Iron Cauldron, swing handle, three legs, 19"d, 19th / 20th C, very heavy. CONDITION: Areas of rust on interior legs.

Lot: 3315 - 3 Pieces Copper Cookware

Three Pieces Copper Cookware, includes: large scale 14 3/4"h, teapot with hinged handle and brass knob finial; an antique dovetailed and hammered, 15 1/2"l pot, 7 1/2"d, 4 /1/4"h; plus a dove tailed and hammered 7" pot with iron handle, 5 1/4". CONDITION: Good, used, dings and scratches, worn tin plated interior on one pot.

Lot: 3316 - 7 Antique Irons & Trivets

Seven Antique Irons and Trivets, includes: Sensible No. 5; a 3 1/2" and 3 3/4"l with removable handles; three sad irons from 1 7/8" to 3 1/4", an asbestos 72 - 4 sad iron with removable handle 6 3/8"l; and two trivets. CONDITION: Used, appropriate with age.

Lot: 3317 - Little Eva Cast Iron Stove

Little Eva Cast Iron Stove, salesman's sample size with starburst and gadrooned castings, three cabriole legs, tin chimney, complete, plus four small cast iron pots, etc, late 19th C, 14" x 12 1/2" x 19 1/2". CONDITION: Very good, very light rusting on pots.

Lot: 3318 - Dutch Wood Cookie Mold

Dutch Wood Cookie Mold, relief figure carved soldier with dog, lady on reverse side, 19th / 20th C, 8 3/8" x 23 1/2" x 1 1/2". CONDITION: Very good, one side with insect holes.

Lot: 3318A - Empire Dry Bar No. 2

Empire Dry Bar No. 2, pine, metal rod and cast metal, by American Wringer Co., Inc, R.I., folding adjustable clothing dryer wall mount rack, late 19th C; closed 26" x 8" x 5". CONDITION: Very good, used.

Lot: 3318B - Folk Art Wall Rack

Folk Art Wall Rack, patriotic pierced carved wood marked "News Papers", featuring George Washington portrait, soldiers, eagles, flags, drums, canons, etc., fold down front panel to hold papers, conceals cut outs of Punch & Judy, etc, early 20th C, 21" x 23". CONDITION: Used - as found with a few areas of cut out losses and wear.

Lot: 3319 - Large Brass Jug

Large Brass Jug, brass with copper banding, "C" form handle, 20th C, 21"h, approximately 14"d. CONDITION: Good, some dings and dents.

Lot: 3320 - Copper Wash Tub

Copper Wash Tub, turned wood handles on lid and sides, 29" x 14" x 17 1/2". CONDITION: Very good, light tarnish, few dents and dings.

Lot: 3321 - Eagle Weather Vane

Eagle Weather Vane, embossed sheet copper spread wing eagle on globe with cast brass directional, eagle 15"d, directional 17". CONDITION: Weather, no stand.

Lot: 3322 - Chinese Yueqin String Instrument

Chinese Yueqin String Instrument, lute type in mixed woods, four strings, bone inlays, 20th C, 25"l, 14 5/8"d. CONDITION: Used cond, one string broken.

Lot: 3323 - Chinese Carved Wood Mask

Chinese Carved Wood Mask, soft wood depicting a bearded noble man with cap, 20th, 18 1/2" x 8". CONDITION: Very good.

Lot: 3324 - Persian Painting

Persian Painting, Gouche on ivorine panel depicting a Royal Court scene with musicians and dancers, elaborate border and inlaid frame, mid 20th C, 25" x 19". CONDITION: Very fine. Not examined out of frame.

Lot: 3325 - 3 Japanese Woodblock Prints

Three Japanese Woodblock Prints, includes: two birds with flowers, sight 9 1/2" x 14" in floral incised wood frame, 14 1/2" x 18 1/2", light foxing; Samurai horseman in water, 9" x 6", matted in gold frame, 14 3/4" x 12", and a standing scholar with scroll 13" x 10 1/2", black frame 16 3/4" x 12 3/4". CONDITION: Not examined out of frame, some foxing.

Lot: 3326 - 4 Chinese Gouache Paintings

Four Chinese Gouache Paintings, water color and gouache on pith paper, each depicting occupation and life scenes, all framed under glass includes: 9 1/2" x 9 1/2" looming silk with attendants; 7" x 9" maiden and man with punishment collar; 8 3/4" x 10 3/4" elaborately dressed lady; and 7 1/2" x 17" with four sections of men with lanterns, 19th / 20 th C. CONDITION: The two with ladies are in very good cond. All others with light stains on small tears or punctures.

Lot: 3327 - Framed Japanese Scroll

Framed Japanese Scroll, 19th / 20th C, water color on silk depicting two birds resting on flowering branches, piem and chop marks on upper right; beige silk border; sight 14 3/8" x 48 1/2", black frame 63 1/2' x 20". CONDITION: Small water spots and insect holes on edges of silk border.

Lot: 3328 - Emperor & Empress Paintings

Emperor and Empress Paintings, two Chinese Gouche ? on silk depicting the elaborately dressed seated Emperor and Empress, on a beige bird and floral pattern silk border; sight 34 1/4" x 17 3/4", gilt frames, 48 1/2" x 25". CONDITION: Very fine, not examined out of frame.

Lot: 3329 - Chinese Jewel Box

Chinese Jewel Box, Rosewood with brass trim and lock, fitted red velvet interior, 12" x 6" x 8", late 20th C. CONDITION: Very good, light usage.

Lot: 3330 - Chinese Inlaid Jewelry Box

Chinese Inlaid Jewelry Box, black lacquered with elaborate overall mother of pearl, inlays of urns, birds and flowers, lift mirrored lid, two bi-fold doors concealing interior drawers; two base drawers; 20th C, 20 3/4" x 8" x 15". CONDITION: Used, lacquer damage and poor repair on two top corners.

Lot: 3330A - Chinese Emperor Painted Porcelain Plaque

Chinese Emperor Painted Porcelain Plaque, 19th C. Famille verte, chop marks on top left and bottom right, depicts a seated Emperor with Warrior and Scholar; 11 1/4" x 9 1/2"; red lacquered frame 15" x 13". CONDITION: Very fine, frame with finish losses.

Lot: 3331 - 2 Chinese Porcelain Figures

Two Chinese Porcelain Figures, includes: famille Verte seated Empress leaning on a column, red chop mark on base 18" x 9" x 5 1/2", and a flambe glazed terracotta reclining man with green gourd, plastic 7 1/2" x 14" x 6", plastic oval base, 20th C. CONDITION: Very good, man with broken and blued right leg.

Lot: 3331A - Chinese Porcelain Plaque

Chinese Porcelain Plaque, painted landscape with swimming Koi fish at bottom and the blossoming garden with birds at top, poem and chop marks, 20th C, 29 1/4" x 8 3/4". No frame. CONDITION: Very fine.

Lot: 3332 - Chinese Foo Dog Roof Ornament

Chinese Foo Dog Roof Ornament, green glazed foo dog with one foot on a pierced ball, 19th C, 9 1/2" x 11 1/2" x 5". CONDITION: Floral garland loss on left side, losses on end of tail.

Lot: 3333 - 14 Chinese Medallion Plates

Fourteen Chinese Medallion Plates, includes: two late 19th C, 9 1/2" plates (one with small edge chips), and twelve "Made in China", 8 1/2" plates. CONDITION: Very good, only one 9 1/2" plate with chips.

Lot: 3334 - Chinese famille Rose Goddess

Chinese famille Rose Goddess, a floral painted robed seated goddess on a lotus blossom, holds a gold vase, incised marks on base, 20th C, 16" x 8" x 6 1/2"h. CONDITION: Very good.

Lot: 3335 - Pr Japanese Cloissone Vases

Pair Japanese Cloissone Vases, squat form with long necks, gray and red dragon on black field, embossed mark on brass base, early 20th C, 6 3/4"h. CONDITION: One very fine, one with enamel losses on bottom half.

Lot: 3335A - Italian Inlaid Wood Panel

Italian Inlaid Wood Panel, burl wood veneer with mixed wood inlays of three dancing women, line inlaid border, 20th C, 38 1/2" x 31 1/2". CONDITION: Very fine, very few minor scratches.

Lot: 3336 - Vincenco Trivellato Painted "Coast View" o/c

Vincenco Trivellato Painted "Coast View" oil on canvas, signed lower right, panoramic Italian coastal view, sight 24" x 20". Carved white painted frame, 32" x 27". CONDITION: Very good.

Lot: 3337 - S. Smithson Castle / Landscape Painting

S. Smithson Castle / Landscape Painting, oil on canvas, signed lower right '87, panoramic summer landscape with castle and flying geese, sight 35 1/2" x 21 1/2", distressed wood frame 37 3/4" x 23 3/4". CONDITION: Very fine. No issues identified.

Lot: 3338 - American, Painting - Figure with Candle

American, Painting - Figure with Candle, unsigned oil on canvas, depicts young man burning a paper by candlelight, late 20th C, site 36" x 26", oak frame 37 1/2" x 27 1/4". CONDITION: Excellent

Lot: 3339 - Italian Genre Painting

Italian Genre Painting, illegiably signed lower left E. Ton...? depicts a courtyard fountain with boy holding a rose to givt to one of the lovely ladies, early 20th c, sight 18" x 28", frame 23" x 33". CONDITION: Areas of crazing, frame in poor condition (as is).

Lot: 3340 - Goodwin Country Scene Painting

Goodwin Country Scene Painting, signed Goodwin lower left, possibly Sidney Goodman British 1875-1944, depicts man with cane walking a Country Road, sight 20" x 30", no frame. CONDITION: Very good, restored and relined, some crazing, poorly repaired tears across top.

Lot: 3341 - 19th C, Landscape Painting w/Figures

19th C, Landscape Painting w/Figures,signed illegibly lower right F. Dohick?, oil on canvas, Forrest landscape with stream and two figures harvesting reeds, sight 21 1/2" x 27", no frame. CONDITION: Wear to paint along edges, crazing.

Lot: 3342 - Parisian Street Scene Painting

Parisian Street Scene Painting, signed illegibly R. D....? lower right, City Street scene with young woman in floral hat, she holds books; mid 20th C, sight 16 1/2" x 20", gilt wood frame 22 1/2" x 26 1/2". CONDITION: Crazed dress, noticeable on girls face.

Lot: 3343 - Heman Signed Fruit Still Life

Heman Signed Fruit Still Life, signed upper left ?, David Heman "63", pastel on paper, still life of apples in bowl with stoneware jar, sight 11" x 9", matted in distressed gilt frame 20 1/2" x 19 1/2". CONDITION: Very good. Frame with areas of wear.

Lot: 3344 - Capt. Foulke Ship Painting

Capt. Foulke Ship Painting, signed lower right; oil on canvas, Capt. baymard Fish Foulke 1880-1961, Ny, Pa; a clipper ship on rough waters, sight 21 1/4" x 29", wood frame 25" x 33". CONDITION: Punctures and tears in canvas; frame with finish losses.

Lot: 3345 - Antique Framed Needlework Picture

Antique Framed Needlework Picture, embroidered and painted robed figure seated in a landscape setting with waterfall. He feeds the crows, 19th C, site 18 1/2" x 20 1/2", gilt and birds eye maple frame, 23 1/2" x 25". CONDITION: Very good cond., light wear to frame.

Lot: 3346 - Pr 19th C. Portrait Paintings

Pair 19th C. Portrait Paintings, unsigned, Pa artist, early 19th C, oils on canvas on oval stretchers, depicts half portraits of unknown, well to do man and woman, sight 30" x 30" x 24", in original 19th C, Henry Biester, Phila frames 40" x 35". CONDITION: Needs restoration and cleaning, the man with heavy paint losses, both frames with large losses.

Lot: 3347 - I. Nicholas King Landscape Painting

I. Nicholas King Landscape Painting, signed lower left, oil on canvas, floral garden with archway, sight 24" x 29", carved and gilt frame, 32 3/4" x 37". CONDITION: Very good, frame with gilt losses.

Lot: 3348 - Haddern Coastal Painting

Haddern Coastal Painting,19th C, signed lower left, oil on canvas, a figure on a rocky shore; sight 14" x 26", gilt and carved frame 26" x 38". CONDITION: Some crazing,frame with gilt and carving losses.

Lot: 3349 - Pair Silk Embroidered Pictures

Pair Silk Embroidered Pictures, depicting landscape with water wheel country and ducks, the other a road thru a grove of trees, possibly Chinese for European market, sight 29" x 22", gilt similar wood frames. CONDITION: Very fine.

Lot: 3350 - Ink Signed Floral Garden Painting

Ink Signed Floral Garden Painting, signed lower left, oil on canvas, depicts a home patio with umbrella, table, chairs and an abundance of blooming flowers, mid 20th C, sight 23 1/2" x 29", gilt frame 28 3/4" x 34". CONDITION: Gilt wear and losses to frame.

Lot: 3351 - 19th C. Forest Burning Painting

19th C. Forest Burning Painting, illegibly signed lower right, oil on canvas, a forest of pine trees burning with smoky sky, sight 28" x 40". No frame. CONDITION: Needs cleaning, paint losses along edges and numerous spots on canvas, puncture hole on top center.

Lot: 3352 - Painting of Man with Book

Painting of Man with Book, unsigned oil on canvas, a seated man wearing spectacles is reading a small book, 19th / 20th C, sight 36" x 30". No frame. CONDITION: Large border areas of paint loss, partially attached to stretcher (as is).

Lot: 3353 - Freeland Children Painting

Freeland Children Painting, signed lower left, oil on canvas, lavender and burgandy colors, boy and girl picking flowers in a floral field, sight 20" x 24", gilt frame 27 3/4" x 32". CONDITION: Very good.

Lot: 3354 - Thomas Manning Moore Painting

Thomas Manning Moore Painting, signed lower right, oil on canvas, summer panaromic landscape with mountains, trees and rocky river edge, 19th / 20th c, sight 39" x 30", gilt frame 34 1/2" x 45". CONDITION: Very good, some wear on signature, some losses to frame and twosmall patch repairs to canvas.

Lot: 3355 - 19th C. Tree / Landscape Painting

19th C. Tree / Landscape Painting, unsigned, oil on canvas, old oak tree with grazing sheep and stone wall, sight 26" x 20"; frame 32" x 25 1/2". CONDITION: Some crazing, frame in poor (as is) cond.

Lot: 3356 - 18th C. Italian Still Life Painting

18th C. Italian Still Life Painting, oil on canvas, still life of flowers in a stone vase, sight 14 1/2" x 23", carved wood frame 21" x 29 1/4". CONDITION: Old restoration and relined on newer stretcher.

Lot: 3357 - Farm Scene Painting

H. Beni, Portrait Painting, oil on wood panel, monogram signed lower right, depicts a European farm stead landscape with carriage, figures and chickens, 19th / 20th C, sight 19" x 27 1/2", no frame. CONDITION: Line paint loss across middle right, frame wear along edges, areas of exposed wood grain.

Lot: 3358 - A.E. Evans Pastoral Painting

A.E. Evans Pastoral Painting, English, signed lower lower right, oil on canvas, verso inscribed "Kings Horton Church from the Worcester & Birmingham Canal", depicts fisherman at canal, meadow of sheep, church and other buildings, circa 1878,sight 24" x 16", vintage gilt frame, 31" x 24". CONDITION: Old canvas repair patch top left corner.

Lot: 3359 - Pair of Original 19th Century Wood Engravings for

Pair of Original 19th Century Wood Engravings for Harper's Weekly Winslow Homer and Thomas Nast. The Winslow Homer is entitled "Halt of a Wagon Train", 14 1/2 x 21" Sight, 22 x 27 1/2 " Framed.

Lot: 3360 - Boris Zenic Harbor Painting

Boris Zenic Harbor Painting, Yugoslavia / France1921 Impressionist artist, oil on canvas, signed lower right, depicts on evening harbor scene with sailboat; sight 24 1/2" x 30", carved wood frame 34" x 38". CONDITION: Very fine.

Lot: 3361 - H. Beni Portrait Painting

H. Beni Portrait Painting, oil on canvas, signed lower left, portrait of bearded man with red cap and pipe; early to mid 20th C, sight 16" x 12", gilt frame 19" x 15". CONDITION: Slight crazing, needs cleaning, frame with large losses.

Lot: 3362 - A. Holl? Pastural Painting

A. Holl? Pastural Painting, oil on canvas, signed lower left, possibly by London artist Art Frank Holl 1845, 1888, sheep being herded through and a snowy forest,sight 28" x 15 1/2", wood frame, 29" x 16 1/2". CONDITION: Old canvas repairs and an "L" shape tear on upper middle.

Lot: 3363 - George Jan Dispo, Dutch Cityscape Painting

George Jan Dispo, Dutch Cityscape Painting, oil on canvas, signed lower right, Holland 1922-1973, titled "Steegje Primcenhof Delft", sight 20" x 16", gilt frame, 23 1/2" x 19 1/2. CONDITION: Very good, frame with large gilt losses.

Lot: 3364 - Mills Signed Portrait Painting

Mills Signed Portrait Painting, American Mid-Century artist signed lower left, thickly painted oil on masonite; portrait of young lady, sight 12" x 9", distressed wool and velour frame 17 1/2" x 14 1/4'. CONDITION: Very good.

Lot: 3365 - E. Frank, Landscape Painting

E. Frank, Landscape Painting, oil on canvas, signed lower left, possibly Eugene C. Frank, German / American 1844 - 1914, untitled landscape with cottage, sight 9" x 12", gilt frame, 12" x 15". CONDITION: Crazing to canvas, losses to gilt frame.

Lot: 3366 - Panoramic Winter Farm Scape

Panoramic Winter Farm Scape, cut down oil on canvas, mounted on canvas stretcher, unsigned, American early 20th C, snow covered farm, building, coral and mountains, sight 16" x 31", no frame. CONDITION: Good, no frame.

Lot: 3367 - R. Karol Village Scene Painting

R. Karol Village Scene Painting, signed lower left - "Munchen", oil on wood panel, depicts a Horse and Coach on a village square with lady at water pump, 19th C, sight 6 1/4" x 5 3/4", lacquered frame, 14 1/2" x 13". CONDITION: Very good, frame with areas of lost gilt trim.

Lot: 3368 - Western Landscape Painting

Western Landscape Painting, oil on canvas on board, unsigned, depicts a desert landscape with cactus and mountains, verso with incomplete floral still life painting, early to mid 20th C, sight 17 1/2" x 13", wood frame 19 1/2" x 15". CONDITION: Needs cleaning, frame with wear.

Lot: 3369 - G.M. Signed Genre Painting

G.M. Signed Genre Painting, oil on Academy board, signed on verso "G.M."; depicts a store scene with figures and dogs around a pot belly stove; American 19th / 20th C, sight 18" x 24", wood frame 20 1/2" x 20 1/2". CONDITION: Swelling to center of board, areas of scratched paint losses, frame with areas of finish loss.

Lot: 3370 - Venetian Scene Watercolor

Venetian Scene Watercolor on paper, signed lower right A. Travis...?, canal scene with man on Gondola, sight 11 1/4" x 6 1/4", matted on gilt frame, 21" x 16 3/4", early 20th C. CONDITION: Verso paper backing and frame with water damage and light mold.

Lot: 3371 - H. Rathlisberger, Forest Painting

H. Rathlisberger, Forest Painting, oil on artist board, signed lower left, mid 20th C., Impressionist painting of summer, forest landscape, sight20" x 16", gilt frame 25" x 21".CONDITION: Mold residue on back of artist board.

Lot: 3372 - H. Hoberts, Dutch Cathedral Painting

H. Hoberts, Dutch Cathedral Painting, oil on canvas, signed lower right, Holland 1879 - ?, Impressionist, early 20th C, Street scene with cathedral, faint paper bio on verso, sight 20" x 16 1/2", distress finished wood frame 26" x 22". CONDITION: 1" canvas tear on upper right, slight crazing.

Lot: 3373 - Female Nude Painting

Female Nude Painting, unsigned, oil on canvas, depicts a semi nude seated young woman in a blue / green room; mid 20th C, sight 28" x 20", gilt and carved frame 36" x 27". CONDITION: Very fine.

Lot: 3374 - R. Benton, Western Landscape Painting

R. Benton, Western Landscape Painting, oil on artist board, signed on verso, 1953, Summer American West Landscape with pine trees, lake and mountains, sight 8" x 10", wood frame, 12" x 14". CONDITION: Good

Lot: 3375 - Lang Nelson, Abstract Painting

Lang Nelson, Abstract Painting, oil on board, signed lower left, abstract multi - colored bowl with flowers, sight 20" x 16", wood frame, 22 3/4" x 18 1/2" x 20th C. CONDITION: Areas of raised paint with some losses, water damage to cardboard backing and frame.

Lot: 3376 - 19th C Ark Angel Painting

19th C Ark Angel Painting, unsigned, oil on canvas mounted on board, depicts an Angel dressed in Warrior garb with helmet, sword and shield, sight 11" x 7", silvered wood frame 18 1/4" x 14 1/4". CONDITION: Painting with crazing and small areas of paint loss primarily on the upper left, frame with silver finish losses.

Lot: 3377 - Female Nude Painting

Female Nude Painting, oil on board, illegiably signed and inscribed upper right, depicts seated nude brushing her long hair, sight 7 1/4 x 9 1/2", new gilt frame 10 3/4" x 12 3/4". CONDITION: Good. Not examined out of frame.

Lot: 3378 - L. Cergoli, Italian Coastal Painting

L. Cergoli, Italian Coastal Painting, oil on canvas, signed lower left, depicts Italian coastal scene with distant town, mountains and sailboat, sight 10 1/2" x 14 1/2", wood and gilt frame 15" x 19". CONDITION: 1" V tear onupper right of canvas, areas of mold residue on verso of frame.

Lot: 3379 - Pr 19th C Paintings on Porcelain

Pair 19th C Paintings on Porcelain, signed T Buunicourt ?, gilt field with elaborated standing Renaissance male and female figures and elaborated multi colored borders; sight 14 1/4' x 6", gilt wood frames 15 3/4" x 7 1/2". CONDITION: Very good, areas of gilt wear and few scratches. Not examined out of frame.

Lot: 3380 - 2 Paintings on Porcelain

Two Paintings on Porcelain, each in oval form, depicting the Madonna in different positions, red velour matts in gilt frames, sight 4" x4 1/2" and 3 1/4" x 4", frame 10" x 11", 10 1/2" x 12", early 20th C. CONDITION: Very good, slight wear or losses to frames.

Lot: 3381 - Signed Landscape Painting

Signed Landscape Painting, illegible signature lower right, oil on canvas, depicts country road with birch trees and horse drawn wagon, sight 12" x 16", carved and gilt frame, 20" x 24". CONDITION: Very good.

Lot: 3382 - P.L. Cassard Still Life Painting

P.L. Cassard Still Life Painting, Pierre Leon Cassard - France, Mid 20th C, signed upper right, oil on canvas; abstract still life with bottle and books, sight 16" x 12", painted and gilt frame, 21 3/4" x 17 3/4". CONDITION: Very fine.

Lot: 3383 - Ron Morano Metal Etching

Ron Morano Metal Etching, American artist, depicts two people viewing a vortex, sight 10" x 8", gilt and wood frame 16" x 14". CONDITION: Very fine.

Lot: 3384 - 19th C. Female Nude Painting

19th C. Female Nude Painting, unsigned, oil on wood panel, standing nude holding her long hanging hair, lute at her feet, sight 15 1/2" x 10 3/8", gilt frame 19" x 13 3/4". CONDITION: Very fine, with four old touched up dings on painting, some crazing.

Lot: 3385 - 19th C. Genre Painting

19th C. Genre Painting, unsigned, depicts seated lady with blanket warming her hands, at a candle on a table,sight 12" x 14", antique gilt and carved frame 17 1/2" x 19 1/2". CONDITION: Restored and Relined, utilizing the original stretcher.

Lot: 3386 - L.K. Joritsma Signed Winter Painting

L.K. Joritsma Signed Winter Painting, oil on canvas, signed lower right, depicts European Village with skaters on pond, mid 20th C, sight 20" x 16", carved and gilt frame 25 3/4" x 22". CONDITION: Very fine.

Lot: 3387 - 2 Fred Hugo Landscape Paintings

Two Fred Hugo Landscape Paintings, Ohio, Impressionist artist, signed lower left and lower right, two Summer landscapes with cottages at water, sight 20" x 24", wood carved frames 28" x 32". CONDITION: Very good.

Lot: 3388 - 19th Century Italian Religious Scene

19th Century Italian Religious Scene, O/C, Jesus and his Disciple, Signature Not Visible, 55 x 40", 60 x 45" Framed, Damage Throughout and Dirty.

Lot: 3389 - 19th C Arab Portrait Painting

19th C Arab Portrait Painting, unsigned, oil on canvas, a silhouette portrait of bearded Arab in white garb, sight 18" x 14", gilt frame 22" x18'. CONDITION: Very good, some crazing and small ding on bottom center of painting, some border losses on frame. Not examined out of frame.

Lot: 3390 - 19th Century Austrian Romantic Scene Antonio Telse

19th Century Austrian Romantic Scene Antonio Telser (1861-1942), O/C, SLC, Beautiful Woman playing with 2 Cupids, 39 x 29", 51 x 41" Original Period Gild Frame.

Lot: 3391 - 19th C. Pastoral Painting

19th C. Pastoral Painting, illegible signed lower right, oil on canvas, summer landscape with cottage and grazing sheep, sight 16" x 20", carved and gilt frame 24 3/4" x 28 1/2". CONDITION: Two small ripped canvas spots in center, frame with major losses (as is).

Lot: 3392 - Venetian Canal Scene Painting

Venetian Canal Scene Painting, unsigned oil on wood panel, The Grand Canal with Rialto Bridge Buildings, , Canaletto Venice, sight 11 1/2" x 16", gilt and carved frame 20" x 24", 20th C. CONDITION: Very good, small areas of frame wear.

Lot: 3393 - Fred W. Hauptle, Genre Painting

Fred W. Hauptle, Genre Painting, oil on artist board, signed lower right, Pennsylvania Impressionist, 1898 / 9 -1960 /61, titled "Washday near Doylestown, Pa", verso with paper and penciled artist history, etc. sight 16" x 20". CONDITION: Paper and writing losses on verso of pictures.

Lot: 3394 - Walter Emerson Baum Snowscape Painting

Walter Emerson Baum Snowscape Painting "The Mill at Hosensack", oil on canvas, signed lower left Sellersvill, PA 1884-1956, Pennsylvania Impressionist, titled on verso with artist address labels; purchased by the decedent from the artist; includes: Baum signed postcard receipt dated Jan. 6, 1957, plus two 1950 Fourth Annual Art Exhibition programs by Baum, a signed Seasons Greeting card, 1950s News articles on Baum, and three recent photos of the Mill at Hosensack, sight 25" x 30", original distress painted frame 29 1/2" x 35". CONDITION: Very good, original untouched; frame with areas of wear and small losses, tape on edge of Holiday card.

Lot: 3395 - John E. Berninger, Snowscape Painting

John E. Berninger, Snowscape Painting, "Road near Claussville", oil on canvas, signed lower right, Allentown, Pa 1896 - 1981, Pennsylvania Impressionist, titled in pencil on verso, artist's paper address label on verso, the decedents heirs state it was purchased by the decedent directly from the artist, sight 25" x 30", original distressed frame 31" x 35 1/2". CONDITION: Very good, original, untouched two small areas of rubbing on frame.

Lot: 3396 - John E. Berninger, Summer Landscape Painting

John E. Berninger, Summer Landscape Painting, oil on artist board, signed lower right, Allentown, PA 1896-1981, purchased directly from the artist by the decedent, Pennsylvania Impressionist, "Little Lehigh Creek", depicts a summer landscape with stream, sight 24" x 30", gilt frame 31" x 37". CONDITION: Very good.

Lot: 3397 - Daedalus & Icarus Painting

Daedalus and Icarus Painting, 18th / 19th C, unsigned oil on canvas, sight 16 3/4" x 13", carved frame 23 3/4" x 21". CONDITION: Restored and rebacked painting, some border chipping and over painting of frame. Not examined out of frame.

Lot: 3398 - 19th C Mother & Child Watercolor

19th C. Mother and Child Watercolor, unsigned, a garden setting with standing lady in blue gown and child picking flowers, sight 19 1/2" x 13 1/2", Victorian sand finished gilt frame 22" x 28". CONDITION: Very good. Not examined out of frame.

Lot: 3399 - Anna M. Morrison Landscape Painting

Anna M. Morrison Landscape Painting, signed lower left, oil on canvas, European panaromic landscape with mountains, pasture and figure with cows crossing a wooden bridge, sight 22" x 24", gilt frame 27 1/2" x 29 1/2". CONDITION: Crazing, two paint fleck losses.

Lot: 3400 - 19th C. Female Portrait Painting

19th C. Female Portrait Painting, unsigned oil on canvas, portrait of pretty lady with blue hood with tears from her eye, sight 18' x 14 1/4", 19th C., elaborated gilt wood frame 24" x 21 1/2". CONDITION: Very good. Restored and rebacked painting, small area of gilt loss on frame. Not examined out of frame.

Lot: 3401 - Impressionist Sailboat Painting

Impressionist Sailboat Painting, illegibly signed lower right, oil on canvas, pastel colors of sailboat with homes on shoreline, sight16" x 20", carved and gilt frame 24" x 28'. CONDITION: Very good, some gilt wear.

Lot: 3402 - Thomas Cornell Engraving

Thomas Cornell Engraving, American 1937-2012, pencil signed lower right "Cornell", dry point engraving on Archival paper, "The Triumph of Technology I", 1 . 3/50, 1962; sight 8 3/4" x 17 3/4", matted in metal frame 16 1/4" x24 1/2". CONDITION: Very good, some areas of foxing. Not examined out of frame.

Lot: 3403 - Designer Interior Watercolor

Designer Interior Watercolor, unsigned, a Neo Classical style room with fireplace, fancy double doors, lighting and furniture, sight 10 1/2" x 7 1/2". CONDITION: Very fine, not examined out of frame.

Lot: 3404 - Pr C.H. Piccini Paintings

Pr C.H. Piccini Paintings, signed lower right, oil on gold paper, each with an angel, one with a torch riding lion, the other with a trident upon a dolphin, sight 8" x 8", carved and distressed gilt frames, 13 1/2" x 13 1/2". CONDITION: Very good. Not examined out of frame.

Lot: 3405 - 3 Engravings Thomas Cornell

Three Engravings Thomas Cornell , American 1937-2012, pencil signed lower right "Cornell", dry point engravings on Archival paper, includes: W.T.S. "War is Hell", A.P. 1964 - Civil War General and "Descartes" 60/100, "64", sight 8 3/4" x 5 3/4", matted in metal frames 16 1/4" x 12 1/4" and I.B. Huther? pencil signed dry point portrait of bearded man, sight 11 1/4" x 7 3/4", matted in wood frame, 20 1/4" x 16". CONDITION: Very good, "War is Hell" has areas of foxing. Not examined out of frame.

Lot: 3406 - Raimondo Del Noce Senior Watercolor

Raimondo Del Noce Senior Watercolor, Italian - American water colorist, signed lower left, 23 1/4" x 48" floating single paper sheet; from his "Disappearing People" series; depicts Afghan Buxkaski match with figures and horses; the burlap panel and 31 1/4" x 53 3/4" oak box frame was crafted by Kim Senior wife of Del Noce. CONDITION: Very good, not examined out of frame.

Lot: 3407 - Raimondo Del Noce Senior Watercolor

Raimondo Del Noce Senior Watercolor, Italian - American water colorist, signed lower left, 18" x 42" floating single paper sheet; from his "Disappearing People" series; depicts portraits of two young people watching an Afghan Buzkeski match; the burlap panel and 26 1/2" x 50 1/2" oak box frame was crafted by Kim Senior wife of Nel Noce. CONDITION: Very good, not examined out of frame.

Lot: 3408 - F. Malin Floral Painting

F. Malin Floral Painting, signed lower right (18) "84", oil on board, white roses, sight 22" x 14", carved gilt frame,30 1/2" x23". CONDITION: Very good, frame with losses.

Lot: 3409 - C.M. Ryckman Still Life Painting

C.M. Ryckman Still Life Painting,signed lower right, oil on canvas, Impressionist style, stoneware jug filled with flower alongside a blue jar, early to mid 20th C, sight 24" x 20",wood frame 26 3/4" x 22 3/4". CONDITION: Small areas of paint rubs on canvas, wear to frame.

Lot: 3410 - Pageboy Portrait Painting

Pageboy Portrait Painting, 19th C, oil on artist board,a half portrait of a Renaissance Pageboy with hand to his chin; oil on canvas, sight 8 1/4" x 6 5/8", elaborate gilt frame 11 1/2" x 10". CONDITION: Very good, frame with very minor edge chips.

Lot: 3411 - 19th C. Still Life Painting

19th C. Still Life Painting, unsigned, oil on canvas, peaches and basket, sight 16" x 20", carved and gilt frame 24" x 29". CONDITION: Good, some with carvings and gilt loss (as is).

Lot: 3412 - William H. Emhardt Portrait Painting

William H. Emhardt Portrait Painting, unsigned oil on canvas, portrait of a seated W.H. Emhardt "1901 President 1909, 1874 Secretary and Treasurer, 1901", sight 30" x 25", carved and gilt frame, 41" x 36". CONDITION: William H. Emhardt Portrait Painting

Lot: 3413 - 19th European Landscape Painting

19th European Landscape Painting, unsigned, oil on canvas, panoramic landscape with mountains, pastures, river and cottage; sight 29" x 39 1/4", carved and gilt wood frame, 34" x 44 1/2". CONDITION: Areas of crazing, over painting on bottom right corner. Frame with gilt wear and small corner chipping.

Lot: 3414 - Michel Beret, Poster

Michel Beret, Poster, 1955 lithograph poster for Galerie D'Art Landwerlin; Imp. Des Jobert., sight 21" x 16", wood frame 22 1/2" x 17 1/2". CONDITION: Light foxing, water stain bottom left edge. Not examined out of frame.

Lot: 3415 - 2 Cornell Signed Engravings

Two Joseph Cornell 1-03-1972, Signed Engravings,portraits of bearded gentleman; includes: 32 / 100 and 19/100 editions, sight approx. 19 1/2" x 14 /12", matted in wood frames, 32 3/4" x 26 1/2" and 34 1/2" x 27", early 20th C. CONDITION: Very good. Not examined out of frame.

Lot: 3416 - Impressionist Style Landscape Painting

Impressionist Style Landscape Painting, illegibly signed lower right, oil on canvas, coastal marsh scene with buildings and sail boats, mid 20th C, sight 20" x 24", carved and gilt frame 28" x 32". CONDITION: Very good.

Lot: 3417 - 2 White Cat Paintings

Two White Cat Paintings, unsigned oil on canvas, sight 7" x 9 1/2", elaborate gilt and carved three dimensional frame, 11" x 19" x 3", 20th C. CONDITION: Excellent. Not examined out of frame.

Lot: 3418 - MCM Portrait Painting

MCM Portrait Painting, unsigned, Gouche on artist board, young pig tailed girl in orange dress, sight 17" x 13", oak frame 21" x 17". CONDITION: Good. Slight wear to frame.

Lot: 3419 - 18th / 19th C. Madonna & Child Painting

18th / 19th C. Madonna and Child Painting, oil on canvas, unsigned, depicts Mary seated wih baby Jesus on her lap, sight 12 3/8" x 10", 19th C. Wahut, gilt, painted and carved frame, 24" x 21 1/2". CONDITION: Very fine, restored and rebacked condition. Not examined out of frame.

Lot: 3420 - Jorge Dumas Contemporary Painting

Jorge Dumas Contemporary Painting, Uruguay, 1928 - 1985, oil on canvas, signed lower left, seated man with mandolin, sight 23 3/4" x 23 3/4". CONDITION: Very fine.

Lot: 3421 - Egyptian Wall Plaque

Egyptian Wall Plaque, polychromed plaster in relief cast form, label on verso, "Museum Louvre", 20th C, 31" x 18 3/4". CONDITION: Small edge chip on lower left edge.

Lot: 3422 - Musician Embossed Lithograph

Musician Embossed Lithograph, illegibly pencil signed lower right 1969, titled "Musical #3", 1/20, monochromatic Lady with mandolin, sight 20 1/2" x 16", matted in metal frame 26 1/4" x 21 1/4". CONDITION: Very good. Not examined out of frame.

Lot: 3423 - Castellanos Signed Mixed Media

Castellanos Signed Mixed Media, signed lower right, "1970", ink, watercolor and gouche on paper, bearded man playing guitar, sight 18 1/2" x 12", matted in wood frame 24 1/2" x 18". CONDITION: Very fine. Not examined out of frame.

Lot: 3424 - MCM Lithograph

MCM Lithograph, pencil signed lower left illegiably A. Dorgts? 1940, 22/45, blck mushroom form with three faces, sight 28" x 15 3/4", matted in wood frame 28" x 23". CONDITION: Very good, not examined out of frame.

Lot: 3425 - Bracha Guy Serigraph

Bracha Guy Serigraph, pencil signed lower right B. Guy, 91/295, Israeli artist b 1948, Expressionist print of seated lady in green, alongside a fruit bowl, sight 28" x 44", matted in brown lacquered frame, 39 1/2" x 55". CONDITION: Very good.

Lot: 3426 - 3 Dorothy W. Faul Photographs

Three Dorothy W. Faul Photographs, includes: grapes 9" x 7 1/2" unsigned wood frame 20 1/2" x 17 1/4", Villa with carriage 11 3/4" x 9 1/2", signed "78", metal frame 20 1/4" x 16 1/4', and Ancient ruins 9 1/2" x 12", signed "85", metal frame 20 1/4" x 16 1/4". CONDITION: Very good, not examined out of frames.

Lot: 3427 - 2 Dorothy W. Faul Mixed Media

Two Dorothy W. Faul Mixed Media, Pa artist, one inscribed on verso and titled "Algiers 1963", wood panels with applied masonite abstract cut outs of buildings and people and painting in a singular flat color, sizes 22" x 20" and 21" x 26 3/4". CONDITION: Very good.

Lot: 3428 - Vintage Travel Agency Sign

Vintage Travel Agency Sign, two sided painted sheet metal, hanging sign, "Bon Voyage Travel Agency" with World Globe "Universal", early to mid 20th C., 38" x 28". CONDITION: Good, paint crazing and light color fading.

Lot: 3429 - 2 Carol Summers Signed Posters

Two Carol Summers Signed Posters, one signed in red marker, 16/75. American 1925 - 2016, 20" x 38" mounted on poster board, "Francesco Petraia Citizen of the World", April / May 1964 International Congress and Exposition, unframed, one signed in red marker, 16/75. CONDITION: Very good, slight wear to corners, one with a foam board lacking and scratches.

Lot: 3430 - 2 Kate Spencer Lithographs

Two Kate Spencer Lithographs, St Kitts, West Indies artist, color lithographs pencil signed, includes: "Hater Mellon Lady" 11/50, and "Eric" 31/50, sight 11" x 11", matted in wood frames 18" x 18'. CONDITION: Excellent. Not examined out of frames.

Lot: 3431 - Marcel Signed Courtyard Painting

Marcel Signed Courtyard Painting, signed lower right, oil on board, summer palatial court yard with figural fountain and strollers, sight 24" x 31", gilt wood frame, 29 3/4" x 37". CONDITION: Very good. Not examined out of frame.

Lot: 3432 - American Painting Man In Window

American Painting Man In Window, unsigned, oil on canvas, depicts a man wearing eye glasses peering through the window venetian blinds, 21st C,33" x 23". CONDITION: Very fine.

Lot: 3433 - MCM Ceramic Art Vase / Lamp

MCM Ceramic Art Vase / Lamp, square form with brown and white "X" form glazed designs, vase 17 1/2"h, shade,overall 32"h. [A] CONDITION: Very fine.

Lot: 3434 - MCM Art Pottery Vase Lamp

MCM Art Pottery Vase Lamp, black glazed cylindrical form with painted assorted musical instruments, vase 15"h, overall 27 1/2"h. CONDITION: Very good.

Lot: 3435 - MCM Art Pottery Vase Lamp

MCM Art Pottery Vase Lamp, modified baluster form with green, brown and white glazed stripe and block design, base marked "Reflections", vase 17 3/4"h, overall 32"h, shade. [O] CONDITION: Very good.

Lot: 3436 - MCM Art Pottery Vase / Lamp

MCM Art Pottery Vase / Lamp, vasiform with brown and light turquoise, modified leaf designs, vase 16 1/2"h, overall 29"h, cloth shade.[C] CONDITION: Very good.

Lot: 3437 - 9 Hand Wrought Iron Deer Figures

Nine Hand Wrought Iron Deer Figures, including: six painted flat back, 2" x 6 1/4" x 8 1/4"h, plus three brown rounded, 2 1/2" x 8' x 9 3/4"h, all free standing. CONDITION: Minor, if any wear.

Lot: 3438 - Harman / Kardon Sound Sticks II

Harman / Kardon Sound Sticks II, clear lucite audio system in three parts, includes: two sound sticks, subwoofer and instruction booklet, circa 2010. CONDITION: Very good. Not tested, no box.

Lot: 3439 - Modern Era Wall Sconce

Modern Era Wall Sconce, triangular form, metal, glass and lucite, electrified, 18" x 9" x 6 1/4". CONDITION: Very good, working cond.

Lot: 3440 - Art Deco Table Lamp

Art Deco Table Lamp, nickle finished metal base, opalescent glass mushroom form dome shade, circa 1930s - 40s, 13 12"h. CONDITION: Very good, minor tarnish.

Lot: 3441 - Widdicomb MCM Hutch & Table

Widdicomb MCM Hutch and Table, light mahogany finish, includes: one piece hutch with ten drawers, drop front center with fitted interior and four sliding glass doors, 68" x 63" x 20" and dining room table, 40" x 66". CONDITION: Good, lightly used.

Lot: 3442 - 4 Norman Cherner MCM Chairs

Four Norman Cherner MCM Chairs, walnut laminated with molded contour seats and wood legs,Van Sciver labels, 31"h. CONDITION: Used with areas of finish rubs and wear, one chair with small front seat edge, veneer chip.

Lot: 3443 - Drexel 4 Pc MCM Bedroom Set

Drexel four Piece MCM Bedroom Set, light mahogany, includes: high chest 36" x 45" x 19"; double dresser 56" x 19" x 32 1/2"; mirror and full size 56 1/2"l, book case headboard. CONDITION: Very good, light usage.

Lot: 3444 - 8 Piece Contemporary Dining Room Set

Contemporary Dining Room Set, by Alf and Dafre, Italian, high gloss hard wood with few small inlaid bands, includes: 81" x 43" table with two draw leaves, a two part lighted breakfront with etched glass doors and mirror back, 86 1/2" 22" x 82" and six chairs (four side and two arm) with white cloth seats 42 1/2" with table pads. CONDITION: Very fine, used cond, with occasional scratches or rubs. Small 1" veneer loss on one side corner edge of table.

Lot: 3445 - Contemporary Credenza

Contemporary Credenza, by Alf and Dafre, Italian, high gloss hard wood with few small inlaid borders and chromed trim, four blind doors with interior drawer and shelves, 21st C, 66 1/4" x 21 3/4" x 33 3/4'. CONDITION: Very fine.

Lot: 3446 - MCM Wine Rack

MCM Wine Rack, black painted iron rods with brown leather bottle, support straps, sixteen bottle capacity, 18 3/4" x 10" x 9 1/2". CONDITION: Very good, light usage.

Lot: 3447 - Set of 4 Designer Dining Room Chairs

Set of four Designer Dining Room Chairs, Carlo Pessina design chairs with Dark Wengee semi matt finish veneer, cream snake skin type leather seats 35 1/2"h. CONDITION: Very good, areas of wear and losses on leg edges and few small veneer chips on top rim of chairs.

Lot: 3448 - 4 Pc Contemporary Bedroom Set

Four Piece Contemporary Bedroom Set, by Magnussen Hone, black finished hardwood, features beaded drawers with brass pulls; includes: double dresser, mirror, night stand and a head or foot board with rails, 65 1/2", 57"h. CONDITION: Very used cond, with few small scratches and rubs.

Lot: 3449 - Modern Design Table & Floor Lamps

Modern Design Table and Floor Lamps, includes: a pair of black lacquered wood, aluminum and opaque lucite construction, 61"h and a shaped dark finished wood flat column table lamp with conforming brushed aluminum sides and base, 31"h, both with white cloth shades, 21st C. CONDITION: Working condition, some dings on black lacquer floor lamps.

Lot: 3450 - Pr Modern Style End Tables

Pair Modern Style End Tables, maple fished hardwood, bowed fronts with two drawers on square plinth, 21st C, 24 1/4" x 22" x 24". CONDITION: Both with area of finish wear to tops.

Lot: 3451 - Designer Coffee Table

Designer Coffee Table, green patinated metal construction on eight legs with shaped stretchers, heavy beveled plate glass, cruet top, late 20th C, 54" x 36" x 17 1/2". CONDITION: Very fine.

Lot: 3452 - Architectural Arched Panel

Architectural Arched Panel, relief cast resin panel depicting frolicking putti, late 20th C, 44 1/2" x 20". CONDITION: Very good, light usage.

Lot: 3453 - Pr Deco Style Torche Lamps

Pair Deco Style Torche Lamps, aluminum cone tops on black finished shafts and brass finished circular bases, late 20th C, 65"h. CONDITION: Good, used, working

Lot: 3454 - R. Hargrave Wall Mirror

R. Hargrave Wall Mirror, inscribed signature, 1999, teakwood quarter moon face carved frame, 20th d. CONDITION: Good.

Lot: 3455 - Set 4 Azcast Dining Room Chairs

Set of four Azcast Dining Room Chairs, aluminum reserve chairs with exotic veneered curved panel backs and ostrich skin? upholstered seats, 31 1/4"h. CONDITION: Very fine, very slight wear to wood backs.

Lot: 3456 - Craftsman Stand

Craftsman Stand, welded steel with brown patina with two open rings on three flat rod legs, late 20th C, 30 1/2"d, 13 1/2". CONDITION: Very good.

Lot: 3457 - Artisan Swan Carved Mirror

Artisan Swan Carved Mirror by "Raintree Carvings, Lancaster Co., Pa. 1986, pine frame with carved heart and swan, 28' x 16 3/4". CONDITION: Very good.

Lot: 3458 - Modern Design Floor Lamp

Modern Design Floor Lamp, adjustable height, brushed steel tubular column, square foot, woven white paper shade, Iken, 21 st C. CONDITION: Very fine.

Lot: 3459 - MCM 5 Pc Wall Unit

MCM 5 Pc Wall Unit, maple and white painted pegboard, includes: two free standing sliding door cabinets, 48 " x 16" x 34" and 36" x 12" x 29 1/2", a stacking, open front, two shell cabinet, and a sliding door cabinet, plus a wall mount sliding cabinet, 48" x 9 1/2" x 12", circa 1950s. CONDITION: Used, few scratches and edge wear.

Lot: 3460 - Victorian Step Down Dresser

Victorian Step Down Dresser, walnut, white marble tops, Renaissance style shell, scroll and paneled carvings, tea drop brasses, two short drawers with partially lidded interiors, circa 1870, 85 1/2" x 45 1/2" x 18 1/2". CONDITION: Very good, used cond. Two small edge chips on left marble.

Lot: 3461 - Antique Brass Desk Lamp

Antique Brass Desk Lamp, cranberry glass, crimped edge shade on an adjustable height, counter balance arm supported by a Griffin crested column on stepped base, early 20th C, 22 1/4"h, 16 1/2"l. CONDITION: Very good, some tarnish.

Lot: 3462 - Carved Dressing Screen

Carved Dressing Screen, India, white lacquer painted teakwood with pierce carved leaf and berry paneled design, three folding sections, 20th c, 75 1/2" h, 58 1/2"l. CONDITION: Very good.

Lot: 3463 - Pair of Wall Sconces

Pair of Wall Sconces, scroll turned and cast brass with two etched glass panels, one with a mirror back panel, mid 20th C, 14" x 12" x 6". CONDITION: Very good, light tarnish, one mirror, back panel missing.

Lot: 3464 - Mirrored Wall Pocket

Mirrored Wall Pocket, Renaissance style, antiqued bronzed wrought and cast iron, floral, scroll and acanthus motifs, early 20th C, 25" x 10" x 4 1/2". CONDITION: Very good, used cond., rust and dirt in pocket.

Lot: 3465 - John Stuart Stylized Bedroom Set

John Stuart Stylized Bedroom Set, honey mahogany, Federal style with steel and brass hardware, includes: high chest of drawers, mirror, bureau, full size head and footboard with rails, and night stand, circa 1950s-60s. CONDITION: Good, used condition, some scratches and finish wear and veneer edge losses.

Lot: 3466 - Desk Lamp

Desk Lamp, fish scale carnival glass shade on a brass goose neck arm and brass and copper base, 20th C, 17 1/4"h. CONDITION: Very good.

Lot: 3467 - MCM Glass Lamp

MCM Glass Lamp, textured smoked glass in cylindrical form on brass base, overall 31"h. CONDITION: Very good, light tarnish on base.

Lot: 3468 - 3 MCM Furniture Pcs

Three MCM Furniture Pcs, includes: walnut rolling cart with inset, ebonized wood top, slat base shelf, 16" x25" x 26 1/2", plus coffee and end table set in ebonized wood with wood grained formica tops, coffee 60" x 19" x 15" and end table 26" square, 20 1/4"high. CONDITION: Good, used cond, with areas of ebonized wear.

Lot: 3469 - MCM Sofa

MCM Sofa, oil walnut finished frame, blue cloth upholstery, c 1966, 92"l, 26"h, 30 1/2"d. CONDITION: Small veneer chip on left base of frame.

Lot: 3470 - Pr MCM Arm Chairs

Pair MCM Arm Chairs, teakwood, vinyl straps under black tufted vinyl cushion seats and back panel, 32 1/2". CONDITION: Very good, used, vinyl straps are replacements.

Lot: 3471 - Set 4 MCM Arm Chairs

Set 4 MCM Arm Chairs by Founder's Furn. Co, walnut, caned backs, black vinyl seats, 32 3/4"h. CONDITION: Used with areas of finish wear.

Lot: 3472 - Hotel Baggage Stand

Hotel Baggage Stand, gray painted hardwood, brass label "Hotel Baggage Stand", pat. June 15, 1897, novelty wood works,Anniston, Ala", 22" x 16 1/2" x 23 3/4". CONDITION: Good, used cond, with paint wear and scratches.

Lot: 3473 - MCM 2 Pc Bedroom Set

MCM two Piece Bedroom Set, Lane, walnut with formica tops, includes: double dresser, 50" x 18" x29 1/4", and three drawer chest 32" x 18" x 29 1/4". CONDITION: Good, used cond. Chest with light surface scratches in formica.

Lot: 3474 - MCM Occasional Table

MCM Occasional Table, Parson's form with faux water drop copper and bronze finish, circa 1960s-80s, 48"k, 30"w, 26"h. CONDITION: Very good, some very tiny nicks.

Lot: 3475 - L'Isola Modern Chandelier

L'Isola Modern Chandelier, Italy, "Basilietto" model, designed by Carlo Moretti, six light, aqua to clear glass with lavender glass accents, on brass frame, circa 1996, approx. 43"d, approx. 35"h, includes: extra parts, wiring, diagrams and letters. CONDITION: Very good working cond.

Lot: 3476 - Cut Glass Hall Chandelier

Cut Glass Hall Chandelier, a star and cane cobalt cut to clear glass, 12"d dome with an embossed cone form having applied buttons, approximately 20"h. CONDITION: Very fine. Brass is tarnished, electrified and working.

Lot: 3477 - Antique Spinning Wheel

Antique Spinning Wheel, mixed woods, 26"d spoked wheel, three turned legs, 19th C,40 1/2"h, 42"l. CONDITION: Good, used cond, with some nicks, scrapes, cracks, missing some components.

Lot: 3478 - MCM Glider

MCM Glider, metal rod construction, mauve vinyl strapping, 30" x 30 3/4" x 47 /12". CONDITION: Areas of paint wear and very light rust.

Lot: 3479 - 7 Pc Wrought Iron Patio Set

Seven Piece Wrought Iron Patio Set, includes: two hoop back and mesh work 34 1/4"h arm chairs, two end tables, 18" x 24" x 13 1/2", two tier magazine rack and two rolling tea cars, circa 1950s-60s. CONDITION: Used, areas of paint wear, decorative leaf loss on one end table.

Lot: 3480 - Bell Jar Pendant Light

Bell Jar Pendant Light, blown clear glass with knob base finial, brass band with three scrolled arms and chain, 20th C, 11" h bowl, 6 1/2"d. CONDITION: Very good, light tarnish.

Lot: 3481 - Scroll Carved Wall Mirror

Scroll Carved Wall Mirror, gilt and open work carved frame featuring scrolls, acanthus and shells; beveled mirror, 20th C, 31 1/2" x 45 1/2". CONDITION: Very fine.

Lot: 3482 - 2 Isamu Noguchi Style Tables

Two Isamu Noguchi Style Tables, each with three elements the two mahogany stained interlocking bases and glass tops, includes: 42" x 36" x 18 1/2" coffee table and a 26"d end table. CONDITION: Very fine, used cond.

Lot: 3483 - Natuzzi Love Seat

Natuzzi Love Seat, cream colored leather, two cushion seat and back, tapered wood legs, 80" l, 35"h, 38"d. CONDITION: Very fine, light usage.

Lot: 3484 - 2 Tribal Kalim Woven Pillows

Two Tribal Kalim Woven Pillows, Central Asia, wool, 18" x 18'. CONDITION: Very good with some weave seperation.

Lot: 3485 - 4 Pc Campaign Style Bedroom Set

Four Piece Campaign Style Bedroom Set, walnut with brass hardware and mounts, Dixie Furniture Co. - Campaigner style, includes: two (5) drawer high chests, 48" x 36" x 18 1/2", six drawer lingerie chest, 24" x 55" x 18 1/2", and a two drawer night stand, mid 20th C. CONDITION: Good, used cond. with scratches and areas of light wear.

Lot: 3486 - Desk Lamp

Desk Lamp, pleated clear glass shade suspended in a brass harp, brass base, early to mid 20th C, 15" x 10 1/2" x 7 1/2". CONDITION: Very good.

Lot: 3487 - Baker Mastercraft Dining Room Table

Baker Mastercraft Dining Room Table, 1970s Parson's style brass finish, over wooden frame, beveled glass top and 34" leaf, 43" x 29 1/2" x 71", retail price on sale $8, 700.00. CONDITION: Very fine, used cond.

Lot: 3488 - Set of 6 Queen Anne Style Chairs

Set of six Queen Anne Style Chairs, black lacquered with urn splat backs, burgundy cloth seats, by Tonon Furniture Co. 40"h, 21st C. CONDITION: Very fine, light usage.

Lot: 3489 - Set 4 Chinese Style Chairs

Set of four Chinese Style Chairs, Rosewood, slat backs with relief medallions, plank seats with red silk cushions, 39"h. CONDITION: Very good, light usage.

Lot: 3490 - Gothic Revival Corner Cabinet

Gothic Revival Corner Cabinet, walnut, four sections of open shelves, the ends with Gothic style arches and railings; the center with three long and narrow lift doors, late 19th C, 38"l, 64"h. CONDITION: Very good, center door, area with narrow rectangular finish loss area.

Lot: 3491 - Twin Owl Sculpture

Twin Owl Sculpture, bronze finished composition, "SC" monogrammed mark, two owls on log, 13" x 10' x 5", 20th C. CONDITION: Very good.

Lot: 3492 - Library Step Table

Library Step Table, Federal style, mahogany, three maroon tooled leather steps, modified ogee bracket feet, mid 20th, 16 3/4" x 29 1/4" x 30". CONDITION: Few scrapes, nicks, chips and finish wear.

Lot: 3493 - Federal Period Eglomise Mirror

Federal Period Eglomise Mirror, American, gilt softwood with raised ball frieze over painted and gilt garland panel and eglomise glass panel with buildings and trees, original glass mirror, circa 1790 - 1810, 24 1/2" x 43". CONDITION: Very good, with gilt wear and edge scratches, mirror finish almost completely worn.

Lot: 3494 - Antique Chippendale Highboy

Antique Chippendale Highboy, mahogany in two parts, Bonnet top with finials over one short and four graduated bead edge drawers, fluted corner columns, conforming base with shell carving, shape apron, cabriole legs and ball and claw feet,18th / 19th C, 41 1/2" x 19" x 82 1/2". CONDITION: Small veneer loss areas on crest, expansion cracks on sides of base, replaced brasses, some scratches, interior of drawers varnished; three small areas of accent bead trim loss.

Lot: 3495 - Antique Q.A. Tea Table

Antique Queen Anne Tea Table, cherry, tilting, three board top 33" x 33 3/4" on an urn and ring turned column with tripod cabriole legs on padded snake feet, 18th c, 27". CONDITION: Dry finish with very minor scratches and wear; missing portion of lock mechanism and two slat screws.

Lot: 3496 - Columbia Console Phonograph

Columbia Console Phonograph, mahogany lift lid cabinet with drop front speaker door, flanked by two vertical record doors; side crank; includes: four 78 RPM record albums with records, 32" x 21" x 37". CONDITION: Very good, working cond.

Lot: 3497 - Sculptured Girl Lamp

Sculptured Girl Lamp, bronze finished composition of a seated nude child on rocks, metal column with leaves holds a glass pendant shade, 22"h, 20th C. CONDITION: Very good.

Lot: 3498 - Contemporary Console Table

Contemporary Console Table, mahogany finish, Ogee molded edge top; four slight sabre form legs, 21st C, 36" x 13" x 32 1/2". CONDITION: Very good.

Lot: 3499 - Jacobean Style Footstool

Jacobean Style Footstool, walnut, acanthus carved and turned legs, flat shaped stretchers, floral needlepoint seat, early 20th C, 14" 16" x 13". CONDITIN: Very good, seat sunken in center.

Lot: 3500 - Bamboo Clothes Tree & Rocker

Bamboo Clothes Tree and Rocker, Clothes tree: stick, ball and bent hook top, four bent legs, mid 20th C, 72"h. rocker: bowed crest with bent bamboo spindles, 40"h. CONDITION: Very good.

Lot: 3501 - Rococo Wall Mirror

Rococo Wall Mirror, mahogany, putti, floral and urn carved and pierced oval frame, 19th / 20th C, 48" x29". CONDITION: Very fine.

Lot: 3502 - Antique Roll top Desk & Chair

Antique Roll top Desk and Chair, oil "S" roll top with fitted interior of twelve drawers and cubby holes, double pedestal with raised panel drawers and sides and carved wood pulls, 49" x 36" x 45", plus 45 1/2" h spindle back swivel arm chair. CONDITION: Very fine, refinished condition, with few minor scratches and rubs.

Lot: 3503 - Art Deco Desk Lamp, brass

Art Deco Desk Lamp, brass, a triangular shade with two floral wire work over frosted glass panels; 13 1/2"h, 11"l, early 20th C. CONDITION: Working, wear and tarnished brass, losses to shade wire work.

Lot: 3504 - Reverse Painted Glass Lamp

Reverse Painted Glass Lamp, bronze finished metal base and shade frame with six bent glass reverse painted panels of summer landscapes with houses and streams; early 20th C, 22'h, 18 1/2"d. CONDITION: Metal welding separations at top of glass panel supports.

Lot: 3505 - Oak Desk & Chair

Oak Desk and Chair, quarter sawn oak library table / desk in Empire style with pull out desk drawer with lift lid and ink well, lyre form legs, base shelf 24" x 36" x 30", plus a 38" h, chair with pierced and scroll carved back and caned seat, 19th / 20th C. CONDITION: Very good, refinished cond.

Lot: 3506 - Pr Designer Arm Chairs

Pair Designer Arm Chairs, reed carved fruitwood frames, open arms and cabriole legs, charcoal / brown cloth upholstery, 39"h, 20th C.CONDITION: Very good, used cond., one seat with water stain.

Lot: 3507 - Vintage Western Saddle

Vintage Western Saddle, J.C. Higgins, brown leather with Cane pattern tooling, tin covered wood stirrups; plus a brown velour Essex Deluxe Riding cap size 7 3/8. CONDITION: Used, saddle with scratches, wear and areas of crazing.

Lot: 3508 - Antique Oak Wall Phone

Antique Oak Wall Phone,Kellogg - Chicago mechanism, brass and bakelite components, 19th / 20th C, 14" x 19" x 12". CONDITION: Excellent, refinished, appears to be complete with original parts and in working condition.

Lot: 3509 - Vintage Oak Ice Box

Vintage Oak Ice Box, "Garland" brass manufacturers plate, three paneled doors with original brass hardware, porcelain lined, wire shelves, 28 1/2" x 16 1/2" x 40 1/2". CONDITION: Very fine.

Lot: 3510 - Primitive Style Copper Vase / Lamp & Pitcher

Primitive Style Copper Vase / Lamp, bulbous form lamp with embossed crescent moon and star design, remnants of old tin plating, fitted as electric lamp with pleated paper shade, 36"h, vase diameter 16", plus 13" similar water pitcher with loop handle.. CONDITION: Used, small dents.

Lot: 3511 - Library Table

Library Table, golden oak, single drawer, base shelf, cabriole legs with claw feet, 19th / 20th C, 38" x 25 1/2" x 29". CONDITION: Very good, refinished.

Lot: 3512 - Golden Oak Hall Rack

Golden Oak Hall Rack, applied scroll and bead work, beveled mirror, lift seat, 19th / 20th C, 80" x 35" x 16". CONDITION: Very fine, refinished cond.

Lot: 3513 - Golden Oak Dresser With Mirror

Golden Oak Dresser With Mirror, ribbon and floral carved oval mirror in swivel frame upon a two over two drawer base with brass hardware and locks, late 19th C, 43" x 20" x 71". CONDITION: Very good, refinished cond.

Lot: 3514 - Umbrella Stand & Footstool

Umbrella Stand and Footstool, Arts and Crafts style, oak, rectangular form umbrella stand, 11" square 30"h, and a four leg foot stool with woven, rush seat, 13 1/2" x 11" x 15 1/2". CONDITION: Very good used cond, some light scratches, stand with wood losses on base of feet.

Lot: 3515 - Ginger Bread Shelf Clock

Ginger Bread Shelf Clock, oak, Ansonia brass 1882 patent, time and strike movement, embossed brass plate over dial, 13 1/2" x 5 1/2" x 14". CONDITION: Very good, currently running but not guaranteed.

Lot: 3516 - Slag Glass Table Lamp

Slag Glass Table Lamp, bent carmel slag glass panels on metal frame 18"d, brass finished, acanthus and scroll embellished three light base, 22"h, early 20th C. CONDITION: Very good, working cond.

Lot: 3517 - Antique Jelly Cupboard

Antique Jelly Cupboard, oak and chestnut, shaped splash back over two drawers and two blind paneled doors, late 19th C, 44" x 49 3/4" x 20". CONDITION: Very good, refinished cond. Two wood splits on each corner end of splashback.

Lot: 3518 - Bird Cage on Stand

Bird Cage on Stand, Hendryx USA brass label, brass stand with mushroom shaped brass hanging bird cage with three porcelain feeders and an added carved wood parrot, 68"h, diameter of cage 13", early 20th C. CONDITION: Very good.

Lot: 3519 - Victorian Tool Chest

Victorian Tool Chest, walnut, lift lid with shaped escutcheon panel, scroll work cast iron side handles, bench made dove tailed construction, late 19th C. CONDITION: Areas of finish wear and loss. No interior tray.

Lot: 3520 - Vintage Artificial Plants, Vegetables & Fruits

Dozens of Vintage Artificial Plants, Vegetables and Fruits in single handle wooden weaved basket 24" x 12" x 4". CONDITION: Good.

Lot: 3521 - Golden Oak Table & Chairs

Golden Oak Table and Chairs, includes: 44" x 44" x 29 1/2" extension table with two leaves upon five turned and reeded legs with heavy claw feet; plus six (four sided,two arm) chairs with caned panel backs and brown faux leather slip seats and cabriole legs, 40"h, 19th / 20th C. CONDITION: Very good, refinished cond, very minor scratches.

Lot: 3522 - Art Deco Fish Bowl on Stand

Art Deco Fish Bowl on Stand, pillow form clear glass bowl rests in a painted metal stand with rosettes, barley twist column, pierced cast iron base, early 20th C, 34" x 11 1/2" x 7 1/2". CONDITION: Very good, paint loss and rust on base.

Lot: 3523 - Wrought Iron Plant Stand

Wrought Iron Plant Stand, textured bent rod construction in tree / vine form, circa late 20th C, 72 1/2"h, approx 22"d. CONDITION: Very good. Missing base rod portion of one leg.

Lot: 3524 - Designer Tabouret

Designer Tabouret, black turular iron base in tree and leaf form with gold finished leaves and bird, tripod legs, glass top, 14"d, 24"h. CONDITION: Excellent cond.

Lot: 3525 - Pair Vintage Yellen Style Wrought Iron Plant Trees

Pair Vintage Yellen Style Wrought Iron Plant Trees, crested by three arms with leaf ends. Columns with wide hammered centers, tripod leaf form, legs with penny feet. Early-mid 20th c. Size: 71.5" tall. CONDITION: Crack along center of one leaf, some minor surface rust, due to wear on black paint, otherwise fine.

Lot: 3526 - Antique Chinese Stand

Antique Chinese Stand Rosewood finish, paneled top, scroll relief carved frieze and brackets, 19th / 20th C., 17 1/2" x 22 1/2" x 20 1/2". CONDITION: Very good, areas of finish wear.

Lot: 3527 - Chinese Clothing Garment Rack

Chinese Clothing Garment Rack, Rosewood finished hardwood, features, features scroll and foliate carvings and a pierced carved central panel of birds and flowers; rests on block feet, early 20th C, 64 1/2" x 81 1/2". CONDITION: Very good, used, back portion of block feet removed to account dale, a flush to wall, four holes in base panel were used to support and metal bed frame.

Lot: 3528 - Bird Bath

Bird Bath, painted cast aluminum, two cast birds on rim of shell form top, spiral turned column, pierced base, 20 1/2" x 18" x 38". CONDITION: Weathered areas of paint loss.

Lot: 3529 - 4 Garden Animals

Four Garden Animals, concert, includes: 25" and 18"h standing rabbits, 19" rooster and a 11 1/2" rabbit, 20th C. CONDITION: Weathered.

Lot: 3530 - Pr Art Nouveau Bronze Tazza

Pair Art Nouveau Bronze Tazza, shell cast tops, supported by standing female robed figures, 20th C, 24 3/4"h, 14"d. CONDITION: Very good. Note: very heavy.

Lot: 3531 - Pr French Empire Pedestals

Pair French Empire Pedestals, gilt and ebonized wood and metal, scroll, rosette and floral embellishments, early 20th C, 44 1/2", 14"d. CONDITION: Areas of finish and gilt wear and losses.

Lot: 3532 - Pr Antique Callolettes

Pair Antique Callolettes, Louis XVI style in mottled gray / green marble with bronze mask and floral mounts, 19th C, 20"h. CONDITION: Very good, used cond, tarnished bronze.

Lot: 3533 - Louis XV Style Shelf Clock

Louis XV Style Shelf Clock, by Artem, Italy, brass boulle work on faux tortoise shell finish, acanthus cast brass mounts; figural cast brass and porcelain dial, German key wind, two bell time and strike movement; includes: pamphlet, mid 20th C, 18 1/2" x 11' x 5", weight 15 lbs. CONDITION: Working condition unknown.

Lot: 3534 - Marble Top Bombe Commode

Marble Top Bombe Commode, gray and mauve veined pierced marble serpentine top, over a Bombe form light wood acanthus carved three drawer commode on carved and turned feet, late 20th C, 44" x 22" x 32 1/2". CONDITION: Very fine.

Lot: 3535 - Bokara Throw Rug

Bokhara Throw Rug, brown and cream geometric field and borders 3.4' x5.2'. CONDITION: Very good, light usage.

Lot: 3536 - Modern Design Rug

Modern Design Rug, by Monent, New Wave Collection - 50, 100% wool, fiber, red, black and white block design, 5.3' x 8', 21st C. CONDITION: Very good.

Lot: 3537 - Chinese Mat

Chinese Mat,. two tone Broems with multi color floral field, early 20th C, 34" x 24". CONDITION: Used cond. with edge losses and exposed threads.

Lot: 3538 - Antique Hamadan Throw Rug

Antique Hamadan Throw Rug, overall geometric and floral design with central cartouche, in blues and reds, early 20th C, 4.5' x 3.2'. CONDITION: Areas of old moth damage and thread losses.

Lot: 3539 - Indonesia Feraghan Carpet

Indonesia Fereghan Carpet, 11'9" x 11'6", celery green. [8] CONDITION: Very good, light use.

Lot: 3540 - Aubusson Carpet

Aubusson Carpet, 5'1" x 10'6", by Empire, mauve, reds and greens, floral. [37] CONDITION: Very good, light use.

Lot: 3541 - 2 Oriental Rugs

Two Oriental Rugs, Versailles Collection, hand made 100% wool, includes: 2.7' x 10' and 4' x 6', floral and urn design in beige, reds, greens and blues, late 20th C. CONDITION: Very fine.

Lot: 3542 - Blue Oriental Rug

Oriental Wool carpet, blue ground with overall floral field and multi color corresponding boarders, late 20th c. 9' 2" x 12' Condition; excellent, no noticeable wear

Lot: 3543 - Aubusson Style Room Carpet

Aubusson Style Room Carpet, black ground with floral pastel, central medallion and borders, 8.4' x 11.4'. CONDITION: Very fine.

Lot: 3544 - Peking Style Carpet

Peking Style Carpet, cobalt and pastel patterns and flowers on a beige ground, c1970s, 6' x 9'. CONDITION: Very light wear.

Lot: 3545 - Tabriz Style Carpet

Tabriz Style Carpet, blues and reds floral field on mauve ground, mid to late 20th C, 10.2' x 9.4'. CONDITION: Very good, light use.

Lot: 3546 - Turkoman Runner

Turkoman Runner, beige and black geometric patterns, 3' x 10", late 20th C. CONDITION: Very good, light wear along outer edges.

Lot: 3547 - Heriz Room Carpet

Heriz Room Carpet, multi colored central medallion, spandrels with cream colored border and red ground, 8.3' x 0.7'. CONDITION: Very fine.

Lot: 3548 - Aubusson Runner

Aubusson Runner,pastel flowers on a black field and cobalt border, circa 1970s, 2.6' x 12.1'. CONDITION: Very good, used cond.

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