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Sat Oct 22 - 10:00AM

945 Pequawket trail, Route 113, Steep Falls, Me Click to Map

Giguere Auction Co.

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Auctioneer ID#: 13179

Phone: 207-892-3800

License: 00884

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  • 1940's "GEE MISTER" Poster ISTER

    1940's "GEE MISTER" Poster ISTER

  • Caribou For Maine

    Caribou For Maine

  • Early Circus Poster 24" X 36"

    Early Circus Poster 24" X 36"

  • Early Circus Poster 24" X 36"

    Early Circus Poster 24" X 36"

   Saturday, October 22, 2022, 10 A.M.
Wildwood Function Center, Route 113, Steep Falls, Maine

It is said that “All Good Things Come to an End” and so, after over 30 Years in the Auction Business, Giguere Auction  Co. Presents its Final Auction – an Extraordinary  Fall Sporting Auction Event!  This Auction will Feature the Lifetime & Museum-Quality  North American Taxidermy Collection of Lawrence T. Keenan of Wolfesboro, NH.  Every Species of Wildlife that can be Legally  Hunted or Trapped in North America is represented in this truly amazing Collection!  In addition, there will be Many & Varied Quality Guns & Other  Items  from various other Estates & Collections.  Mark Your Calendars & Plan to Join Us!  Following are the Highlights of this Auction as of 9/13/2022.  For  Preview Photos, Please Visit Our Listing at

TAXIDERMY:  (5) Prong Horn Antelope Head Mounts; Armadillo Mount; Montana Badger on Base; Walking Alaskan Grizzly Bear Mount; Alaskan Grizzly Bear Skull; Growling Black Bear Rug; Russian Brown Bear Rug & Skull; Idaho Chocolate Phase Black Bear Mount; Black & Chocolate Phase Black Bear Tanned Skins; Cinnamon Phase Black Bear Shoulder Mount; Black Bear Standing Mount & Shoulder Mount & Small Maine Black Bear Rug; Standing Alaskan Brown Bear Mount on Base & Alaskan  Brown Bear Skull; Yearling Black Bear W/ Trout Mount; Beaver Rug & Beaver Stump; Bison Head Mount; Tanned Bison Lodge Hide & Bison Skull; (2) Peccary Head Mounts; (2) Russian Black Boar Head Mounts; Wild Pig Head Mount; Yukon Mountain Caribou Head Mount w/ B&C Certificate; Northwest Territory Barren Ground Caribou Head Mount (In Velvet); Woodland Caribou Head Mount; Alaskan Barren Ground Caribou Skull Mount; Labrador Caribou Head Mount (In Velvet); Barren Ground Caribou Head Mount; Utah Mountain Lion Rug & Skull; Alaskan Lynx on Base; Bobcat on Wall Rock; Bobcat Half-Mount on Wall Base; Bobcat Rug; Alaskan Lynx Reclining on Twig Display; Utah Mountain Lion on Rock Base; Alaskan Lynx Rug; (3) Tanned N.H. Coyote Skins; Coyote Mount on Base; (2) Coyote Head Mounts; British Columbia 18 Pt. Whitetail Deer Head; Many Misc. Whitetail Deer Heads (8 Pt., 9 Pt., 10 Pt., 11 Pt., 12 Pt., 13 Pt.); Standing Whitetail Deer Fawn Mount; Piebald Deer Foot Gun Rack; (2) 8 Pt. Couses Deer Head Mounts; (2) 8 Pt. Sitka Blacktail Deer Head Mounts; 10X12 Mule Deer Head Mount (w/B&C Certificate); Many Misc. Mule Deer Heads (4X5, 4X6, 5X3, 5X5, 6X5, 6X6); Many Misc. Racks & Drop Antlers (Whitetail, Mule Deer, Couses, Blacktail, Sitka);  6X6 Rocky Mountain Elk Head; 6X6 Tule Elk Head; 6X6 Roosevelt Elk Head; Maine Fisher Mount in Shadow Box Wall Hanging; Fisher Rug; Red Fox Standing on Driftwood; White Arctic Fox on Base; Walking Grey Fox; Red Fox Head & Tail; Red Fox Mount on Wall Rock; (2) B.C. Mountain Goat Head Mounts & Rug; Maine Tree Martin on Tree Fungi in Shadow Box Wall Hanging; Tree Martin Mount on Driftwood Base; (2) Mink Mounts; Canada Moose Rack on Plaque; B.C. Canada Moose Rack on Plaque; (2) Shiras Moose Rack on Plaque; Alaskan Moose Head; Vintage Moose Head Mount; Arctic Musk Ox Mount on Base & Head Mount; Muskrat Mount on Base; Opossum on Wall Driftwood; River Otter Mount on Base; (3) N.Y. River Otter Tanned Skins; Porcupine Mount on Base; Prairie Dog Mount on Base; Arctic Hare; Cottontail Rabbit; Snowshoe Rabbit; Raccoon Mount; Desert Sheep Head; Stone Sheep Head; Bighorn Sheep Head; Dahl Sheep Head; (2) Curly Sheep Head Mounts; Skunk Mount; Flying Squirrel Mount on Wall Plaque; Red Squirrel on Base; Fox Squirrel on Base; Grey Squirrel on Base; Ebert Squirrel on Wall Base; Fox Squirrel & Grey Squirrel Mounts; Long Tail Weasel (Ermine Winter Phase); Standing Alaskan Timber Wolf & Rug; (2) Alaskan Wolverine Mounts on Base (Left Turn & Right Turn); Standing Black Phase Woodchuck Mount; BIRDS--  (2) Flying & (1) Standing Cock Pheasants; Flushing Hen & Cock Pheasants; Flying Pheasant Mount; Exotic Pheasant Mount on Wall Hanging; Alaskan Ptarmigan Mount; (2) Mourning Dove Mounts on Driftwood; Quail & Ruffed Grouse Mounts; (2) Bobwhite Quail Mounts; Turkey Mounts – Eastern, Ocellated (Mexico), Merriam, Rio Grande, Gould, Osceola; (3) Eastern Turkey Fans; FISH & REPTILES--  Very Early Landlock Salmon Mount on Birchbark Plaque Sg. David Footer w/Provenance; 8 Lb. Leaping Steelhead Trout Mount on Plaque Sg. David Footer; Grayling Fish Mount; 8 ¾ Lb. Brook Trout Mount on Birchbark Panel Sg. David Footer; Golden Trout Mount on Panel Restored by David Footer; Greyling Fish Mount on Board Sg. David Footer; Dolly Varden Trout Mount on Board Sg. David Footer;  South American Boa Constrictor Snake Mount; 10’ Florida Alligator Mount; South American Caiman Mount; Large American Snapping Turtle Mount; Large Common Python Snake;  MISCELLANEOUS--  Reindeer Tanned Hide; (5) Misc. Tanned Fur Rugs; (3) Black & Brown Bear Skulls; Lot of Misc. Small Animal Skulls & (3) Bear Penises; Neanderthal Skull (Museum Casting), H. Habills Skull (Museum Casting), Male & Female Gorilla Skulls (Museum Castings); Dinosaur Egg (Museum Casting); Etc. 

 GUNS:  HANDGUNS--  Bersa Thunder 22 Cal. S-A Pistol w/2 Mags.; Bersa Thunder 45 Cal. S-A Pistol; Cobra 38 Spl. O/U Derringer; Heritage BarKeep 22 Cal. Revolver; SCCY Mod. CPX-2 – 9X19mm S-A Pistol w/2 Mags.; SCCY Mod. CPX-2 – 9mm S-A Pistol w/2 Mags.; SCCY Mod. CPX 9mm S-A Pistol;  SCCY Mod. CPX-1 – 9mm Semi-Auto Pistol w/2 Mags., Box & Papers; Taurus PT-92 – 9mm S-A Pistol; Beretta M-Storm - 40 Cal. Semi- Auto Pistol W/ Hard Case & Acc.; Thompson Center Encore Pistol w/12” – 44 Rem. Mag. Cal. Barrel w/Sights; Ruger Mod. GP-100 - 357 Mag. Cal. Revolver; Ruger Old Army 44 Cal. Cap/Ball Black Powder Stainless Revolver w/ 7 ½” Barrel  & Leather Holster; Ruger Mod. P85 – 9mm Semi-Auto Pistol w/3” Barrel, (2) Magazines, Fitted Case & Manual; Smith & Wesson Mod. 29-3 - 44 Mag. Cal. Revolver; Smith & Wesson Mod. 66 – 357 Mag. Stainless Revolver; FEG Mod. 61 – 9mm Short Semi-Auto Pistol w/2 Mags. & Leather Holster; ASM Repro of a US1847 USMR Patent 44 Cal. Colt Cap/Ball Black Powder Revolver w/ 9” Barrel;  Jennings Mod. J-22 – 22 Cal. Semi-Auto Pistol w/ 1 ½” Barrel, Magazine & Holster; 

RIFLES--  BSA 1864 Enfield Snider – 577 Snider Cal. Swing-Over Breech Block Single Shot; Custom (Harry Lawson) 300 Win. Mag. Bolt w/ThumbHole Stock, High Grade French Walnut Carved Stock & Leupold 10X Variable Scope; Custom (Bill Wiseman) 308 Cal. Bolt w/Composite Stock & Leupold Variable Scope; English-Made Mod.-U-9 – 222 Cal. Bolt w/Scope;  Golcher Custom 38 Cal. Black Powder Cap Lock Rifle (Antique); British Enfield 308 Cal. Bolt; Sporterised British Enfield 308 Cal. Bolt; German Mod. 98 Mauser 9X57mm Bolt; Custom Mauser 98 – 8mm Bolt; Plainfield Mfg. U.S. M-1 Carbine 30 Cal. S-A w/Mag.; Remington Mod. 700 – 7mm Rem. Mag. Bolt Rifle w/Weaver Mod. V-8 – 2.5X8 Variable Scope;  Remington Mod. 550 – 22 Cal.  S-A w/Scope; (2) Remington Rolling Block Mod. 1864 – 45 Danish Cal. & 43 Spanish Cal. Single Shot; Springfield Mod.1873 - 45-70 Cal. Trap Door Carbine Rlfle W/ Saddle Ring; Russian 7.65X54 Military Bolt; Russian 7.62X64mm Carbine Bolt; SKS 7.62X39mm S-A w/Combat Exchange Stock; SKS 7.62X39mm S-A w/Scope & Sling; Mosin-Nagant M-9130 - 7.63 X 54R Bolt Rifle W/ Bayonet, Sling & Ammo Pouches;  Savage Mod. 1914 – 22 Cal. Pump; Savage Mod. 99 – 303 Sav. Cal. Lever;  Savage Mod. 99 - 300 Sav. Lever Rifle w/Lyman Tang Sight; Springfield Trapdoor 50-70 Cal. Mod. 1863 Single Shot; Schuetzen (Made by Gebr Rempt- Suhl)  Single Shot 10mm Target Rifle; Thompson Center “New Englander” 50 Cal. Smooth Bore Black Powder; CVA Apex 50 Cal. Black Powder Rifle; Thompson Center “Encore” 45-70 Cal. Single Shot w/Scope; Winchester Mod. ’06 – 22 Cal. Pump; Winchester Mod. 62 - 22 Cal. Pump Rifle;  Winchester Mod. 67A – 22 Cal. Single Shot 22 Cal. Bolt; Winchester Mod. 1894 – 38-55 Cal. Lever; Winchester Mod. 92 – 38-40 WCF Cal. Lever Rifle w/Half Octagon/Round 24” Barrel & Crescent Butt Plate;  Winchester Mod. 94 - 32-40 Cal. Lever Rifle (AS-IS); Savage Mod. 99 - 250-3000 Cal. Lever Rifle; Browning A-Bolt 22-250 Cal. Bolt Rifle W/ Leupold Scope; Yugo Mod. 48 – 8mm Bolt; Marlin Mod. 60 – 22 Cal. Semi-Auto Rifle w/Scope & Mfg. Test Tag; Marlin Mod. 1894 – 38-40 WCF Lever Rifle w/ 24” Octagonal Barrel, Buck Horn Sights & Crescent Butt Plate; Hawthorn Warrior Mod. 820B – 22 Cal. Single Shot Bolt Rifle; 

SHOTGUNS--  Ruger Red Label  20 Ga. O/U Shotgun W/ 5 Choke Tubes, Tool & Snap Caps;  American Gun Co. 12 Ga. Side/Side w/Exposed Hammers; BSE Fox 12 Ga. Side/Side; Belgium Browning A-5 – 16 Ga. S-A; Chinese-Made   12 Ga. Double Barrel; B. Evans 12 Ga. Side/Side w/Exposed Hammers & Demascus Barrels; Fox Sterlingworth 12 Ga. Side/Side; Ithaca Mod. 37 – 12 Ga. Pump; Ithaca Mod. 66 – 12 Ga. Single Shot Lever;  J. Stevens 16 Ga. Single Barrel; Lefever Nitro Special 12 Ga. Side/Side;  Browning Maxus     12 Ga. Pump Shotgun W/ Choke Tubes; Mossberg Mod. 500 RT – 12 Ga. Pump; Mossberg Mod. 500 – 410 Ga. Pump; Parker Mod. VH – 12 Ga. Double Barrel w/28” Barrels;  Winchester Mod. 1897 - 12 Ga. Pump Shotgun W/ Trench Gun Modifications; Remington Mod. 870 – 16 Ga. Pump; Remington Mod. 31-870 –  12 Ga. Pump w/Cutts Compensator Multi-Choke System; Remington Mod. 1148 – 16 Ga. S-A; Remington Mod. 870 – 16 Ga. Pump; SKB Mod. 7300 – 20 Ga. Pump; SKB Mod.100 - 12 Ga. Side/Side Shotgun; Savage Mod. 440 B – 20 Ga. O/U w/Raised Ventilated Rib, Single Selective Trigger & Engraved Boxlock Action; Stevens Mod. 20 Ga. Side/Side; Winchester Mod. 1200 – 12 Ga. S-A w/Slug Barrel & Sights; Winchester Mod. 1893 – 12 Ga. Pump; Winchester Mod. 37 – 12 Ga. Single Shot; Winchester Mod. 12 – 16 Ga. Pump; Habicht 12 Ga. Side/Side W/Raised Solid Rib, Box Lock Action, Light Engraving & Solid Case Colors & Beavertail Forearm;  AMMO & MISCELLANEOUS--  (2) Boxes Fusion & (2) Boxes Federal Premium 300 Win. Mag. Ammo; Misc. Shotgun Shells, Rifle Ammo in Boxes & Ammo; (2) Boxes 357 Mag.; (1) Box 7mm Mauser; (1) Box 30-30 Cal.; (9) Boxes 45 Auto Ammo; (6) Original Rounds of 577 Snider w/Original Box; Keynock 9mm Ammo in Boxes; 4100+ Rounds Winchester 22 Cal. Ammo in Factory Boxes; 2000 Rounds CCI- 22 Cal. Ammo in Factory Boxes; 1400 Rounds Federal 22 Cal. Ammo in Factory Boxes; 2700+ Rounds Remington 22 Cal. Ammo in Factory Boxes; 700 Rounds CCI & Winchester 22 WMR Cal. Ammo in Factory Boxes; 400 Rounds Winchester & Magtech 38 Spl., 380 & 357 Mag. Ammo in Factory Boxes; 270 Rounds Winchester, Federal & Misc. 12 Ga. Shotgun Shells in Factory Boxes; (5) Boxes PPU - 222 Rem. Ammo,  (1) Box 303 British & (1) Box 405 Winchester; (3) Round Gun Floor Stands; (2) Wood Hoppe’s Boxes; Lots More!

BOATING, KNIVES, TRAPS & BOWS:  Man-U-Troll Hand-Crank Trolling Motor; Early Tiger Maple Canoe Paddle w/Center Crest Design; A&F and Early Canoe Paddles; Maine Guide & Native American-Made Canoe Paddles; (2) Lg. War/Freight Steering Canoe Paddles; (2) Lg. 19th C. Push Paddles w/Hand-Forged Iron Tip; (2)Turn-of-the-Century Maine River Log Drive Loggers Push Poles w/Log Hook; Vintage Canoe Back Rest; Vintage Western Bowie Knife w/Leather Sheath; Lg. Marbles Demascus Bowie Knife w/Leather Sheath & Bahco Survival Knife w/Sheath; Marttini & Rapala Fish/Fillet Knives w/Sheaths; Marttini “Lapinleuku” & Hunting Knives; Misc. Knives – Olsenok, Buck, Finnish Bowie, IISAKKI, WhiteTail Hunter, Hoffritz, French Country, Schrade, Colt Sportsman, Chipaway, Roderna Johnson, GC & Co. Mora, Erik Frost, K.J. Rikssen, Frost;  Newhouse Oneida Community No. 5 Bear Trap w/Original Signed Springs; Grizzly No. 6 Bear Trap w/1856 Patent Date; Katana Sword W/ Scabbard; Period Civil War Bayonet w/Scabbard & Belt Buckle; Bear Kodiak Hunter Recurve 60” – 40 Lb. Draw Bow w/Misc. Vintage Arrows; Etc. 

FISHING:   RODS-- Orvis 7' - 2 Pc. "Delux" Impregnated Bamboo Fly Rod W/ Bag/Tube; Heddon “Thoroughbred” 9’-3 Pc.-2-Tip Bamboo Fly Rod w/Bag/Tube; Heddon 8’-2 Pc. Fiberglass Fly Rod w/Heddon Mod. 310 Fly Reel; Phillipson 9’-3 Pc.-     1-Tip Bamboo Fly Rod; Herters  9’-2 Pc. & L.L. Bean 9’-3 Pc.-1-Tip Bamboo Fly Rods; Hardy “Fairchild” 8’-3 Pc.-2-Tip Bamboo Fly Rod w/Bag; Edward Vom Hofe Bamboo Bay Rod; Bangor “Thomas Special” 8 ½’-3 Pc.-2-Tip Bamboo Fly Rod w/Bag; Bangor “Thomas Special” 8’-3 Pc.-2-Tip Bamboo Fly Rod w/Bag; Vintage Round Bamboo 9’-3 Pc.-1-Tip Fly Rod on Round Form Case; William Reid 9 ½’-3 Pc.-2-Tips Bamboo Fly Rod on Wooden Form Case; Montague 8’-3 Pc.-1-Tip Bamboo Fly Rod on Form Case; Dame Stoddard “Optimus” 9’-3 Pc.-2-Tip Bamboo Fly Rod w/Bag/Tube; Hardy Bamboo Boat Rod w/Hardy Fortuna Big Game Reel; 12 ½’-3 Pc.-2-Tip Bamboo Spey Rod w/Bag & (2) Early Wood River Rods w/Bags; St. Croix 9’ – 2 Pc. – 8 Wt. Graphite Fly Rod w/ G. Loomis Fly Reel & Tube; REELS--  Precision-Bilt Mosquito Fly Reel; (9) Vintage Heddon & Misc. Spinning Reels; Wright McGill & Humpfrey’s Vintage Spinning Reels; Orvis Presentation & Battenkill III Fly Reels; (2) L.L. Bean Fly Reels w/Cases; Julius Vom Hofe & Other Vintage Trolling Reels; G. Loomis Fly Reel (NiB);  LURES--  (4) Vintage Leather Fly Wallets w/Flies; Vintage Wood Tackle Box w/ Vintage Plugs/Lures; (3) Metal Tackle Boxes w/Contents; Misc. Salt Water Flies; Vintage Bottle w/Izaak Waltons Favorite Flies; A&F Aluminum Fly Box w/Salmon Flies; MISCELLANEOUS—  Vintage Green Sturdibilt & Falls City Minnow Buckets; (5) Misc. Early Minnow Buckets; (2) Vintage Fishing Creels & Early Leather Rod Caddy; (6) Vintage Fishing Bobbers on Turned Display Bases; Lucky Floater & Climax Floating Minnow Buckets; Vintage Ice Fishing Boxes, Traps & Misc.; Sg. Wallace Hand-Made Canoe Trout Net; Vintage Native American-Made Woven Ash Bait Trap; Early Green Falls Minnow Bucket; Min-O-Life & Lucky Waters Minnow Buckets; Etc. 
ART, ADVERTISING, CARVINGS, BRONZES & DECOYS:  Canoe Paddle w/Painted Brook Trout Sg. David Footer; Maple Mini Paddles W/ Painted Decoration (Leaping Trout, Flushing Woodcock & Footer Special Fly) Sg. David Footer; Painting on Leather “Indian Chief” & Painted Indian Story Pipe;(2) L.E. Prints “Fly Reels” Sg. Arthur Taylor; Oil on Oval Board “Dog with Duck”; Large (45”X35”) O/C “Hunting Dogs” Sg. Jim Hutt; O/B “Red Fox”; (2) Hand-Colored Currier Sporting Prints; Print “Camping on Shore” Sg. Oliver Kemp; Litho “Noah’s Ark”; O/B “Maine Moose” Sg. Earl Morrill;  Fredrick Remington Print; Vintage Maine “Gee Mister” Poster by Klir Beck; Metal State Fish Stocking Sign; Early Winchester Poster; Vintage Lodge & Fishing Signs; (2) Winchester & (1) Remington Gun Posters; Birdseye Maple Oval Panel with Walleye Pike Painting Sg. David Footer; Pine Panel with Brook Trout Painting Sg. David Footer;  Framed/Matted Trout Prints Sg. David Footer;  Wood Carving “Fisherman” Sg. P.E. Taron; Carved Haddock & Perch & Bass (2) Fish Mounts Sg. W.C. Harris; Carved Brook Trout & Landlocked Salmon on Birchbark Panel Sg. Gene Bahr; Turned Burl Wood Vase Sg. AR;  Moose Drop Antler WELCOME Sign; W. R. Franke Custom Rod Sign; L.E. Print “Caribou for Maine” Sg. Mark McCollough & Poster “Caribou A New Beginning” for the Maine Caribou Re-Introduction Project;  Original Bronze “Sheep Hunter” Sg. Fred Boyer; Lg. Original Bronze “Bird Hunter with Dog” Sg. Fred Boyer w/Pedestal Base; Bronze “Hunter with Dog” Sg. P.J. Mene 1897; Bronze “Hunting Dogs” Sg. C. Valton; Bronze Hanging Woodcock on Plaque; Bronze “Upland Hunter” Sg. P. Rigual; “Indian Hunter in Canoe” Sculpture; Cast Metal “The Shooter” Statue; Widgeon Decoy Sg. Elmer Crowell;  DU Canada Old Squaw Decoy w/Medallion Sg. Roger Desjardins; Decoys Sg. Jules A. Bouillet – Drake Bufflehead w/Certificate, Drake King Eider w/Certificate, Goldeneye w/Certificate, Greenwing Teal, Cinnamon Teal, Harlequin Duck; Hen Greenwing Teal Decoy w/Cabela’s Medallion; Ring-Neck Duck Decoy Sg. Leah Jewell; Black Duck Decoy Sg. Dana Sabolewski; Redhead Decoy Sg. Susie Webb; Bald Eagle Carving Sg. Susie Webb;  Goldeneye & Snow Goose Decoys Sg. Susie Thomas; Decoys Sg. Nancy Albro – Drake Mallard, Blue Winged Teal, Shoveler Duck; Decoys Sg. Robert Kelly – Swan, Common Merganser, Grebe; Loon Decoy Birdhouse; Flying Drake Mallard Decoy; Greenwing & Bluewing Teal & Black Duck Decoys; Carved Flying Drake Wood Duck on Driftwood Sg. Casey Edwards; Canada Goose Decoy Sg. Tom Taber w/DU Medallion; Ruddy Duck Decoy Sg. R. Livingston (Decoy Co.); Blue Bill Decoy Sg. C. Fiedler; Drake Wood Duck Decoy Sg. Rick Alley; (2) Mason Black Duck Decoys w/Stands; Drake & Hen Canvasback Decoys w/Stands Sg. L.M.L.; Ruddy Duck Decoy Rig Sg. R. Birck; Drakes & Hens Greenwing Teal Decoy Rig Sg. J. Valatha; (2) Vintage Folding Tin Shorebird Decoys w/Base; (5) L.L. Bean Cork Decoys w/Bag; Etc. 

FURNISHINGS & MISCELLANEOUS:  Moose Leg Table Lamp; Military Rifle Floor Lamp; Carved Leaping Brook Trout Table Lamp; Vintage Twig Coffee Table; Vintage Pinecone Stand; Old Hickory Toy Furniture Rocker & Love Seat; 1918 Toy Porch Love Seat; (4) Early Sg. Old Hickory Kitchen Chairs; Twig Table; Early Twig Stand; Early Round Top Twig Table; Old Hickory Octagonal Side Table; Twig Lamp Table; Old Hickory Hat Rack; Vintage Wicker Chest, Wicker Hamper & Wicker Planter; Early Country Grandfathers Clock;  Framed Streamer Flies by Carrie Stevens & Carrie Stevens Book Sg. by Author; Vintage Circus Posters – Clown, Polar Bear, Tiger, Elephant; Early Framed Photos – “Birch Bark Canoeists” & “Hunters” in Chip-Carved Frame; Vintage L.L. Bean Bear Paw Showshoes; Vintage Indian-Made Snowshoes; Vintage Trail Snowshoes; Birchbark Box w/Birchbark Frames; Moose Call Horn & Dahl Sheep Horn; Primitive Wood Mallet; Moose Foot & Mountain Goat Foot Ashtrays; 30 Gal. Crock;  (2 Pair) Whitetail Candle Holders & Repro Antler Candle Holders; Silver Pheasant Figurine Sg. JB 2483; Ladies Pheasant Feather Box; Lot of Early Hunting/Fishing Badges; Early Ice Fishing Decoy; Early Hand-Carved Toothpick Holder; Early Birchbark Mail Holder; (4) Early Birchbark Containers; Vintage Round Container (Hat Box) w/ Cover; Birchbark Moose Call; Tree Fungi; (2) Large Vintage “Skookums” Indian Dolls; 8’ Gladding Toboggan; Etc. 

PREVIEWS:  Friday, October 21, 2022, 10:00 A.M. – 4:00 P.M.
Saturday, October 22, 2022, 8:00 A.M. – 10:00 A.M.
TERMS:  Cash or Good Check.  NO Credit or Debit Cards Accepted.  
15% Buyers Premium.
LISTING SUBJECT TO ERROR.  5.5% Maine Sales Tax Charged on Bid Price + Buyers Premium.
Buyers Please Bring a Copy of Your Valid Resale Certificate with You!
All Local, State & Federal Firearms Regulations will be Strictly Adhered To.
The Hall Phone the Days of the Preview & Sale is (207) 675-3207.
CATERED.  GPS Address of Hall is 945 Pequawket Trail, Steep Falls, Maine 04085
Absentee Bids will be Accepted & Executed on a Competitive Basis.
Orders of Sale will be Available for Purchase on October 21 & October 22.

For more information, Please call:  Jerry Giguere (Me.Lic. 00884)
at (207) 892-3800 or (207) 233-8724
P.O. Box 1272, Windham, ME 04062
Email:  [email protected]            Website:

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