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Wed Jul 13 - 06:00PM

617 Roosevelt Rd., Walkerton, IN Click to Map

Metzger Property Services

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Auctioneer ID#: 2004

Phone: 260-982-0238

License: AU10200057

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Bid now through Wednesday, July 13, 2022! Lots begin ending at 6:00 pm!
Pickup at 617 Roosevelt Rd, Walkerton, IN 46574 on July 14, 2022 - Loadout will be in the afternoon, by appointment only!



100 Griswold No. 273 Cast Iron Crispy Corn Stick Pan
101 7” Griswold Cast Iron Reversible Steel Spindle Damper
102 Griswold No. 10 Cast Iron Muffin Pan
103 Griswold No. 8 Cast Iron Skillet
104 Griswold No. 6 Cast Iron Skillet
105 Griswold No. 7 Cast Iron Skillet
106 Wagner Ware No. 3 Cast Iron Skillet
107 10 1/4” Cast Iron Griddle
108 No. 10 Cast Iron Pop Over Pan
109 Favorite Piqua Ware No. 3 Cast Iron Skillet
110 Griswold No. 8 Cast Iron Skillet
111 Griswold No. 273 Cast Iron Crispy Corn Stick Pan
112 Griswold No. 9 Cast Iron Griddle
113 Griswold No. 273 Cast Iron Crispy Corn Stick Pan
114 Griswold No. 10 Cast Iron Popover Pan
115 Wagner Ware -0- Square Nickel Skillet - 1103 D
116 Dark Brown Stoneware Jug
117 Glass Pickle Jar
118 No. 3 Crown Crock With Chip
119 Carnation Milk Wood Crate - 12x20x9
120 Land O Lakes Metal Tray
121 Old jar with marbles
122 Wooden Egg Crate
123 Hygeia Egg Ranch Egg Carton
124 3 Star No 830 Nut Grinder
125 Porcelain and Glass Knick Knack Assortment
126 Hazel Atlas Hen On Nest
127 Avon Hen on Nest
128 Amethyst Hen on Nest
129 Hygeia Egg Ranch Egg Carton
130 Wood Scoop and Corn Husking Pegs
131 Paper Dispenser
132 Wood Arrow sign 5 1/2x 13 1/2
133 Wood Blue Goose Sign 13x6
134 Wood Big Mc’s Yuma Pak Sign 8x13 1/2
135 Wood Rosy Grapes Sign 6x13 1/2
136 Borden’s Cheese Wood Box 12x4x4
137 Blue Label Cheese Wood Box 11 1/2x4x4
138 Blue Label Cheese Wood Box 11 1/2x4x4
139 Advanced Cheese Wood Box 11 1/2x4x4
140 MSA Gasfoe Respirator Tin
141 Cast Iron Bee Hive String Holder
142 Humpty Dumpty Egg Crate
143 Keystone grinder
144 Le Cody Toasted Pie Plate, Square Tube Cake Pan and Muffin Pans
145 Ward Baking Company Cake Tin
146 De Luxe Grinder
147 Enameled Ware Coffee Pot
148 The New Era Potato Chip Tin
149 Sunshine Biscuits Wood Crate 13 1/2x21 1/2x11
150 Betty Crocker's Bisquick Baker Cookie Sheet
151 Smith-Phillips-Fenix Ironstone Chamber pot
152 Galvanized Egg crate 12x12x12 1/2 - 12 Dozen
153 Basket with Double Swing Handles 14x20x4
154 Copper Spittoon
155 None-Such Coffee Bean Grinder
156 Picnic basket
157 Dilling & Co Confections Tin
158 Bachman Carmelized Cocktail Stix Tin
159 RKO Bottlers Wood Crate
160 Pepsi Wood Crate
161 Coca-Cola Wood Crate
162 Galvanized Watering Can
163 Galvanized Watering Can
164 Bird Cage and Stand
165 No. 3 Crock Jug
166 Little Brown Crock Jug
167 Crock Jug With Chips
168 2-Rotary telephones
169 American Family Wood Soap Crate 16x20x8
170 Stoneware Jug
171 Iced Tea Crock Drink Dispenser With No Lid Or Tap
172 Brown Crock jug
173 Boat Anchor
174 Kraut Cutter with box
175 Slaw cutter
176 Slaw cutter
177 Kraut cutter with box
178 Kraut Cutter with box
179 Advertising Yardsticks, Indiana
180 Advertising yardsticks
181 Advertising yardsticks
182 Advertising yardsticks
183 Advertising yardsticks
184 Tole Painted Umbrella Stand
185 Westinghouse Fan - Works - Cord is Rough
186 Cheese box
187 Vintage Suitcase
188 Vintage Suitcase, Hinges Unattached
189 Kenmore Fan - Untested - Cord Damaged
190 Westinghouse 3-Speed Fan - Untested - Cord Damaged
191 Handy Breeze Fan - Works
192 Zero fan works
193 Hand Blown vase
194 Galvanized Watering Can
195 Step stool 16x9 1/2x8
196 Magazine rack
197 Wood wagon wheel with damage
198 Metal tray
199 Wellsville China Co., Wellsville, Ohio - Floral Celery Dish
200 Yellow Ball Jug Pitcher
201 Ivory Fire King Batter Bowl
202 Hand Decorated 22Kt gold teapot
203 Crock bowl
204 6” Yellow Ware Bowl
205 3 pc Crock Bowls, Wear - Possible Hairline Cracks
206 McCoy Flower Basket
207 UHL Pottery Pitcher - Has Crack
208 McCoy Planter
209 McCoy vase
210 Green Hen on Nest
211 Hen on Nest
212 Green planter
213 Green Planter
214 Pacific Miniature Green Cornucopia Vase
215 McCoy Double Pink Tulip Vase
216 Planter with crazing
217 Made to Measure Clothes metal display 25x13x18
218 Plant stand with planters
219 Drink mixer
220 Mr. Bartender Product, Inc. Stainless Steel Cocktail Shaker
221 Royal Doulton Pearly King Toby Mug - D 6760
222 Toby mug
223 Royal Doulton Happy John Toby Jug
224 Royal Doulton Long John Silver Toby Jug - D 6335
225 Toby Mug
226 Toby Creamer
227 Royal Doulton Pearly Queen Toby Jug - D 6759
228 Old Salt Staffordshire HMS Cheerio Toby Creamer
229 Royal Doulton Old Salt Toby Jug - D 6551
230 Pearl China Co. Hand Decorated 22kt Gold Teapot
231 Aladdin Glass Lily of the Valley Lamp
232 Green planter
233 Stanfordware Planter #264
234 16x13 Framed & Signed painting
235 Green pottery dish
236 Iridescent green pitcher with 22kt gold trim
237 Green dish with crack and crazing
238 Footed Jardiniere McCoy #612
239 3 footed yellow rose bowl vase
240 Green Cornucopia Planter
241 McCoy Log Planter with Frog
242 Green bowl with crack
243 Royal Haeger Kneeling Antelope Planter
244 Ornate Framed Antique Photograph
245 Wall Pocket
246 Double Hanging Matchbox by Eagle Glass
247 Cast Iron Match Safe with Striker
248 Noritake Vegetable dish and platter with holder
249 Wood match safe double
250 Dog Salt and Pepper Shaker Assortment
251 Cat Salt and Pepper Shaker Assortment
252 Dog with Fire Hydrant Salt and Pepper Shaker Assortment
253 Pig Salt and Pepper Shaker Assortment
254 Vegetable Salt and Pepper Shaker Assortment
255 Fruit Salt and Pepper Shaker Assortment
256 Oriental Salt and Pepper Shaker Assortment
257 Oriental Salt and Pepper Shaker Assortment
258 McCoy Planter
259 Porcelain wall hanging
260 Oil lamp
261 Brush USA Planter Girl
262 McCoy Rustic Line Grapevine Vase
263 Pressed glass basket with Greek Key Design
264 Porcelain napkin holder
265 Chalkware figurine with chips
266 Chalkware figurine with damage
267 Hurricane lamp
268 Scalloped Mirror 13x21 and easel
269 Picture
270 Charles Meakin chamber pot
271 Czechoslovakian Canister and Spice Set
272 Tablecloths, Table Runners & Doilies
273 Tablecloths, Table Runners & Doilies
274 Tablecloths, Table Runners & Doilies
275 Tablecloths, Table Runners & Doilies
276 Tablecloths, Table Runners & Doilies
277 Tablecloths, Table Runners & Doilies
278 Tablecloths, Table Runners & Doilies
279 Tablecloths, Table Runners & Doilies
280 Tablecloths, Table Runners & Doilies
281 Tablecloths, Table Runners & Doilies
282 Tablecloths, Table Runners & Doilies
283 Tablecloths, Table Runners & Doilies
284 Tablecloths, Table Runners & Doilies
285 Tablecloths, Table Runners & Doilies
286 Tablecloths, Table Runners & Doilies
287 Salt and pepper shakers
288 Salt and pepper shakers
289 Salt and pepper shakers
290 Tray
291 Animal Salt and Pepper Shaker Assortment
292 Chicken Salt and Pepper Shaker Assortment
293 Salt and Pepper Shaker Assortment
294 Bird Salt and Pepper Shaker Assortment
295 Salt and Pepper Shaker Assortment
296 Salt and pepper shakers
297 Cat Salt and Pepper Shaker Assortment
298 16x12 Potato Harvest Picture
299 Paperweight
300 DAR Memorial Continental Hall plate and Rose decor
301 Joe Rice Paperweight 1989
302 Paperweight
303 Niagara Falls Paperweight
304 St Petersburg Paperweight
305 Blenko paperweight
306 Chippewa Falls, WI Paperweight
307 Dresser lamp
308 Beveled Mirror on adjustable stand
309 Fenton Hobnail Colonial Amber Cat Head Slipper
310 Fenton Hobnail Colonial Green Cat Head Slipper
311 Fenton Hobnail Milk Glass Cat Head Slipper
312 Blue Opalescent Hobnail Cat Head Slipper
313 Fenton Hobnail Colonial Blue Cat Head Slipper
314 Etched Lucite Mirror
315 Teacups, saucers and stand
316 6 pc Vanity Set
317 USA Porcelain Planter
318 Southern Girl Planter with chip and crazing
319 Picture
320 Vanity tray
321 Fenton Daisy Button Ruby Cat Head Slipper
322 14x18 Signed picture
323 20x12 Tin with mirror and hangers
324 Aluminum basket with rose pattern & utensils
325 2 ring frosted 8” vases
326 Glass fruit
327 Shawnee corn queen creamer
328 Corn King Shaker
329 Shawnee corn king creamer
330 Shawnee Corn King 40 oz Pitcher
331 Planter
332 6 1/2” vase
333 3 Tulip vases iridescent green with gold trim
334 McCoy basket
335 Apron assortment
336 Ivory soap sacks
337 Victrola record assortment
338 Rotary wall phone
339 Wilton Cast Iron Trivet and Iron Trivets
340 Wilton Trivet, cast iron and iron trivets
341 Coffee Grinder
342 Coffee bean dispenser
343 Juice King
344 Metal Cherry Blossoms Drink sign on wood 9x36
345 Bark Cloth
346 Suitcase
346a Map assortment
347 Dodge Advertising
348 Chrysler advertising
349 Studebaker Advertising
350 Montgomery Ward Motor, Mopar and Bump Air Guards Advertising
351 Buick Advertising
352 GE Clock Radio
353 Koontz Lake sign, Tie rack and tie
354 Bolo ties
355 Bolo ties
356 Bolo ties
357 Hammond Mantel Clock wood mahogany
358 Gillette razor with case
359 Bottle
360 Shaving mirror, brush and razor
361 Staffordshire shaving mug and Gillette razor
362 Fuller Shaving Brushes
363 Bottle
364 Beveled mirror with antique beaded edge frame
365 Wittnauer pocket watch
366 Shaving mirror with brush and wood dish
367 Cuff links and tie clip with tie
368 Father picture
369 Shaving mirror, brush and dish
370 Oil Lamp
371 Handpainted Nippon Vase
372 Floor lamp 57”
373 Duck Planter
374 Enamel over brass vase
375 Telechron clock Mohogany with inlaid maple
376 Green Table lamp no shade
377 Mirror 28x19
378 Picture
379 Reverse painted tie holder
380 Famous Authors picture
381 Painting 17x14
382 Dark green planters
383 Hall Open Front vase and planters
384 Imperial basket and dark green planters
385 Hull planter, Haeger planter and green ashtray
386 USA Flower Frog Pottery
387 USA planter
388 2 Royal Copley 6 5/8” Ivy Footed window boxes with crack and crazing
389 Hull Footed basket
390 Bossons Character Head
391 Planter California
392 Iron bookends and Book assortment
393 Royal Copley 4 1/2” and 8 1/8” Footed vases
394 Royal Copley 4 1/2” Ivy Footed vase
395 Royal Copley 4 1/2” and 7 1/8” Ivy Footed vases
396 Metal bread box
397 Boat oars
398 Raspberry Cookie Jar
399 Black Americana print 17 1/2”x12”
400 Picture
401 Quilts
402 Needle Tuft blanket
403 Electric Irons and clothes pins
404 Double wash tub
405 Aluminum cake carrier and molds
406 Aluminum 3 tier server and nut dish
407 Fire King bowls and cup
408 Etched glass teapot
409 7” Mixing Bowl
410 Gay Time McCoy pitcher cookie jar
411 Blue Gourmet Coffee pot
412 Mulligan Longaberger Dog Biscuit Canister
413 Electric mixer/measurer
414 Blue Enamel Mixing Bowl
415 Universal potteries pitcher with crazing
416 Pottery planter
417 Pink McCoy Planter
418 Pink McCoy Planter
419 Pink McCoy Planter
420 Pink McCoy Planter
421 Pink Brush Planter
422 Pink McCoy violet pot and saucer
423 Pink USA Planter
424 Teal Pitcher
425 Glass vase
426 No 5 Pink Ovenware Bowl and White Hull Bowl
427 USA Pottery vases
428 White Opalescent Diamond cut 12” vase and top hat vase
429 Royal Haeger Peacock Vase
430 10 1/2” Enamel Coffee Pot cream with green trim
431 Enamel Teapot white with black trim
432 2 Glass Coffee pots with stand warmers
433 2 Enamel coffee pots
434 Enamel Coffee Boiler
435 Abingdon Vase
436 Enamel Coffee Boiler
437 Enamel commode
438 Enamel pans white with red trim
439 Large enamel pot white with red trim
440 Enamel sauce/dippers pans white with red trim
441 Enamel tray, plates, pan white with blue trim
442 Enamel pot and dipper white with red trim
443 Enamel refrigerator dishes with lids white with black trim
444 Enamel sauce pans white with black trim
445 Enamel wash pan white with blue trim
446 Enamel pots white with black trim
447 Enamel plates and bowls white with black trim
448 Enamel pitcher white with black trim
449 Enamel wash pan white with black trim
450 Enamel Frying Pan with lid White with blue trim
451 Cognac Ashtray and USA ashtray
452 Kruegers Club House Cured in wine Cigar box 17 1/2”x4”x6”
453 Ashtray and Lighters
454 Ashtray, lighter and pipe bowls
455 Pipes, stand and ashtray
456 Ice bucket, mixer and pitcher
457 Colanders, stand and coffee pot
458 Aluminum bowls
459 Aluminum candy dish, 3 tiered server and covered dish
460 Everlast square tray and aluminum tip trays
461 Marx metal doll house
462 Marx Metal doll house with Mickey Mouse Nursery
463 It Happened To Jane movie advertising and ashtray
464 Daily Bread Man Praying Picture
465 2 Rotary Telephones and 2 Blue Books of Phone numbers
466 Croquet game
467 Child’s porcelain set and Knowles Wizard of Oz plate
468 Ring toss game
469 Paper mache rabbit planter
470 Child’s Stool and toys
471 Toy guns and Straw cowboy hat
472 Metal clown game
473 Shirley Temple jewelry box
474 Happy Ham Wood Toy and Cadillac Toy Company Magazine
475 Doll
476 Cloth masks
477 Picture and Lake Maxinkuckee
478 Wood Highchair
479 Bark Cloth assortment
480 Bark Cloth assortment
481 Bark Cloth assortment
482 Bark Cloth assortment
483 Bark Cloth assortment
484 Fabric assortment
485 Bark Cloth assortment
486 Train Slides
487 Family, other, Train Slides
488 Train Slides
489 Train Slides
490 Train Slides
491 Train Slides
492 Moody’s Railroads 1938 Book
493 Moody’s Rating Books Railroad Investments 1922
494 Pennsylvania RR Metal oil can with damage
495 The Railway and Locomotive Historical Society books 1947-1956 not every year
496 The American Heritage History of Railroads in America books
497 Science of Railways Encyclopedia, guns not included in lot
498 Locomotives of the Chicago & North Western Railway and Portraits of the Rails books
499 Railway Carmen’s Journal from 1940’s, 1950’s and 1960’s assortment, and Brotherhood of Maintenance Journal
500 Railway Carmen’s Journal 1950s and Brotherhood of Maintenance Journals
501 June 1869 Travelers Offical Railway Guide printed in 1969 and 1958 Norfolk and Western Railway Calendar
502 Santa Fe Conductor Badge
503 Picture of a Typical UnionPacific Wood Burner From Burner from the Golden Era 1869
504 Motion Train lamp, lights up, but the motion portion is stuck
505 Canadian National Railways Time Table 1968 &1969
506 Train Schedules assortment from 1968-1975
507 Train Schedules assortment from 1960s & 1970s
508 Train Schedules assortment from 1960s & 1970s
509 Train Schedules assortment from 1960s & 1950s
510 Train Schedules assortment from 1960s & 1970s
511 Train Schedules assortment from 1960s & 1970s
512 Train Schedules assortment from 1960s & 1970s
513 Lionel Train instructions and tracks
514 Railway Age magazine 1929
515 Railway Age magazine 1928
516 Railway Age magazine 1925
517 Railway Age magazine 1926
518 Electric Railroads of Indiana 1959 and Trains magazines 1940s
519 Charts of Illinois Waterway and Indiana maps
520 Diesel Engines book assortment
521 History of Wisconsin Central book 1941 and train and coach Time table
522 Arlington Dresse Lantern
522a Indiana Harbor Belt Railroad Calendars
523 The Chief Railway Time Tables 1932
524 Lionel train catalog
525 Fun & Thrills American Flyer and Erector catalog
526 New York Central Line Dinner Menu, train postcard, and Newspaper clippings
527 Chrysler Advertising
528 Aero Willy’s Advertising
529 DeSoto Advertising
530 Dodge Advertising
531 Kaiser Virginian Advertising
532 DeSoto Advertising
533 Chevrolet Advertising
534 Ford Advertising
535 Chevrolet Trucks Advertising
536 Dodge Advertising
537 Studebaker Advertising
538 Dekalb Commercial Truck Line Advertising
539 Hudson, Dodge, Henry J Vagabond  and Packard Advertising
540 Plymouth Advertising
541 Chrysler Advertising
542 Chevrolet Advertising
543 Hudson Hornet, Kaiser Virginian and Packard Advertising
544 Pontiac advertising
545 GMC Advertising
546 Rolling Pin, Jar Lifter, Fork, whisk, beater
547 Green Handle ladle, hammer, whisk, masher and spatula
548 Juicer, canister and cookie cutters
549 Hats and gloves
550 Hats and gloves
551 Hats and gloves
552 Hats and gloves
553 Hats and gloves
554 Fire King 2qt mixing bowl and beater
555 Funnel and salt and pepper shakers
556 Tin Jar filler and Haeger Bowl
557 Sunkist Reamer
558 Sadler Porcelain teapot
559 Fire King 3qt mixing bowl
560 Nut grater and potato masher
561 6 Handpainted tumblers
562 Plas-Tex Refrigerator Pitcher and Plastic Knife holder
563 Large Clown Reamer
564 4 Rio Ribbon Bands 9 1/2 oz tumblers
565 Juice pitcher and 40oz chiller
566 Tiara Pitcher
567 Amber glass candle holder
568 Tiara cups, saucers, salad plates and dinner plates
569 Amber tray, decanter and 8 Stemmed cordials
570 Petal ware dessert plates
571 Petal ware cups and saucers
572 Petal ware dinner plates
573 Petal Ware Sherbet cups and bowl
574 Petal Ware Cereal Bowl
575 Petal ware soup bowls and saucers
576 Petal ware platters
577 Hammond Cathedral style clock
578 Choppers
579 Glass fruit
580 Canisters
581 Copper Tea kettle
582 Copper Tea kettle
583 Bluebird canisters
584 Glass reamer and glass refrigerator dish
585 Jadeite reamer
586 Green vase
587 5 glass tumblers
588 Green reamer
589 Chopper and sifter
590 Van Camp Hardware & Iron co Scale
591 Cookie cutters
592 Rooster Jadeite
593 Green Coffee Canister
594 Hand mixer
595 Enamel teapot
596 Bread box
597 Food ricer
598 Sieve and pestle
599 Wooden masher
600 Canister and cookie cutters
601 Sail Boats 86oz Pitcher
602 Green and Yellow flower pots
603 Copper Tea kettle
604 Copper and Brass tea kettle and copper cup
605 Copper tea kettle
606 Copper coffee pot
607 Pottery bowls, Made in USA
608 Cottage Cheese jar
609 Cottage Cheese jar
610 Cottage Cheese jar
611 Anderson Erickson Dairy milk bottle
612 Bowman Dairy Milk bottle
613 2 Homer Laughlin plates and Calendar plate
613a Enamel wash pan
614 Potato masher, canister holder, and handle
615 Enamel sauce pan and cup
616 Cherry Pitter
617 Granite ware skillet
618 Granite ware sauce pan
619 Griswold 5” damper
620 Stove handles
620a Peeler
621 Enamel ware pan and strainer
622 Grater and enamel muffin pan
623 Enamel lids, Diamond 6” damper and enamel ladle
624 Enamel sauce pan and wash pan
625 Enamel pot with bail
625a Acorn stove handle
626 Enamel roasting pan
627 Enamel collander
628 Dough bowl 35x14
629 Enterprise Meat Chopper No. 10 and Universal No. 1 Chopper
630 Mar-crest pitcher and bowl
631 Tea leaf plate and platter
632 Mar-crest Cookie jar
633 Sanford’s Ink Eraser and Child’s scissors
634 Tin
635 Honey pots
636 Rooster planter and small crock
637 Custard cups with crazing
638 Hull gravy boat and butter dish
639 McCoy soup mug, Hull plate, brown serving bowl, plate and salt shaker
640 Hull bowls and handle bowl
641 McCoy cookie jar
642 Hull plate and pie rack
643 Hull Oven proof ice jug
644 Fire King loaf dish, creamer, sugar, custard cups and baking dishes
645 Mar-crest bowls
646 7” bowl with lid
647 Hall Rose White sani-grid shakers
648 Hall Rose white sani-grid Jug
649 Hall Rose White tab handled casserole
650 Hall Rose White Bowls
651 Hall Rose Parade Sami-Grid sugar and creamer
652 Hall Rose Parade Bean pot with lid with crack on handle
653 Hall Rose Parade 9”salad bowl
654 Hall Rose Parade tab handle casserole dish
655 Hall Rose Parade Bean pot with tab handled
656 Hall Rose Parade Mixing bowls
657 Westinghouse refrigerator dishes made by Hall
658 Hall Rose Parade 9” bowl
659 Hall Rose Parade cream and sugar
660 Hall Rose Parade 3 cup teapot
661 Hall Wildfire Radiance Jug and a lid
662 Hall Phoenix water server
663 Hall Mount Vernon Coffee percolator
664 Westinghouse refrigerator dish made by Hall
665 Hall Orange Poppy custard cups
666 Hall Orange Poppy mixing bowls
667 Hall Orange Poppy pitcher and bowl
668 Pressed glass compote
669 Electric Percolator cream with gold trim
670 Lamp with Raspberry hand painted shade
671 Leonard Silverplate 4 coasters
672 CPCE pitcher with crazing
673 Decorative serving bowl
674 Noritake Glendola china set, made in Japan
675 Gunsmith pictures and trapping pictures
676 Panther lamp no shade
677 Pressed glass vase
678 Butter dish with cover
679 Waverly celery dish and square pressed dish
680 Pressed glass covered pedestal dish
681 Pressed glass syrup and bowl
682 Pressed glass bowl
683 Blown art glass vase
684 Compote covered dish low
685 Butter dish with cover
686 Butter dish with cover
687 Pressed glass cruet
688 Pressed glass covered dish
689 Wooden box with mesh screen
690 Western Winchester framed poster 41x27
691 Fish mount
692 Indian bust
693 Chief Paint and vanish thinner
694 The Union Metallic Cartridge box
695 Ship Lantern
696 Tom-Tom Drum
697 Bob StClair Carnival glass Toothpick holder
698 Bob StClair Carnival glass Toothpick holder
699 Indian head toothpick holder
700 Roseville Fish Planter No. 389 and pressed glass fish plate
701 Brass bookends
702 Glasbake 7 pc set
703 Vase, hatchets and bubblegum cigar box
704 Old Sleepy eye Pitcher
705 Buckskin cleaner, Git um dust cloth and souvenirs
706 Small vases
707 Small vases
708 Fishing reels, lure and bait box
709 Fishing creel, net and puzzle
710 Sorensen Grain Co Advertising Thermometer
711 Starke County and Rainbow advertising thermometers
712 Prichard Welding Advertising Thermometer
713 Decorative plates
714 Alcan Shotshell Wads
715 Native American items and Royal Cauldron Ridgewood plate
716 Glass and 1 ceramic insulators
717 Westinghouse Lightning Arrester Autovalve
718 Fish Lo-K-tor
719 Vagabond & Martin Fishing Reels
720 South Bend Bait Company & Pflueger Fishing Reels
721 No. 1924 Direct Drive by Shakespeare, Pflueger Supreme & Wards Sport King Fishing Reels
722 Fishing reels
723 Fishing reels - inc. Shapleigh's Black Prince No. SD74, Shakespeare Intrinsic No. 1903, Trophy De Luxe 66 by Ranger
724 Gunsmith advertising pictures
725 Gunsmith Advertising Pictures
726 Gun and Hunting Advertising Pictures
727 Gun and hunting advertising pictures
728 Green handled Rolling pins
729 Green handled Rolling pins
730 Cream of Wheat Black Americana advertising and fishing net
731 Edmund and Ladd beaters
732 A & J Beater
733 A & J Beater
734 A & J Beater
735 A & J Beater
736 Androck Beater
737 A & J Beater
738 Delphite Blue Cherry Blossom Berry Bowls
739 Termocrisa bowl and frosted glass tumbler
740 Fired on blue Newport sugar and cream
741 Griffiths Spice jars
742 Hand painted jucice glasses
743 Modern tone cream, sugar, salt and pepper shakers
744 Modertone Platonite Hazel Atlas style plate, saucers, cups, cream and sugar
745 Fire King Blue Sapphire pie plates, Custard cup, casserole with lid has chips and fry lid marked 1938
746 Pyrex measuring cups, Fire king Bowls, plates and Hazel Atlas creamer
747 Spry measuring cup, Fire King Bowls, Miller Flour Measuring cup and juice decanter


Valid Credit Card required for bidding approval. All bidding is in US Dollars (USD). Cash, Visa, Master Card, Discover, American Express, Wire Transfer ($25 fee added to each Wire). $5 MINIMUM if you would like to pay with a Card. Any invoices paid with a card that are less than $5 will be rounded up to meet the minimum requirement. Statements made sale day take precedence over all other printed materials. Your credit card on file will not automatically be charged following the auction. You may pay with cash, check or card (4% convenience fee for any type of card) when you pick your winnings up at our specified time and location for the auction listed above. IF YOU DO NOT COME TO THE LOAD OUT TIME LISTED ABOVE, YOUR CARD ON FILE WILL BE CHARGED FOR YOUR PURCHASE TOTAL PLUS THE 4% CONVENIENCE FEE. There will be a $5 DECLINED CARD FEE added if the card on file must be charged and declines.

Items not picked up during the scheduled load-out times will be charged a $10 convenience fee (per invoice) for delayed pickup.

If you do not come to the load out time/day listed, your card on file will be charged for your purchase total plus the 4% convenience fee. 


If your purchase must be hauled by Metzgers, there will be a minimum of a $20 service fee added to your invoice.

Buyer is required to bring their own packaging, help to load and/or equipment for loading.

Items not paid for after 10 days will be resold.

Items not picked up within 10 days will be resold at new owners expense, even if paid for.

Pickup will be in the afternoon on July 14, 2022 by appointment only! Your invoice will be emailed to you when the auction closes and will have pickup information and exact times attached! Book a pickup time slot via the link in your winning email!

** If you do not receive an email please check your junk mail! If you are unable to do so call the Office to schedule your appointment! 260-982-0238.

Shipping is available on small lots. Buyer is responsible for paying for items in full prior to being allowed to pick-up or have items shipped. Shipping costs include cost of shipping plus a $10 minimum S&H fee . Buyer is Responsible for all Shipping/Handling Charges incurred including fees charged by delivery service for incorrect addresses. For out of state buyers with an invoice total of $500.00 or greater, we may ask that funds be in a certified form with either a Certified Check, Money Order or Wire Transfer ($25 fee added to each Wire).   We will email you if need to pay in this manner when we send your invoice.

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